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Friday, January 18, 2019

Reaction To Trayvon’s Death Follows Familiar Trajectory

For a brief and wondrous moment, America engaged in something akin to a lucid and thoughtful conversation on race, a dialogue sparked by the tragic and unjust killing of Trayvon Martin. Across lines of color, class and political ideology, commentators and ordinary citizens weighed in on the stereotypes and prejudices that may have prompted so-called neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman to follow Martin, a teenager, around a gated community outside Orlando, Fla.

Republicans and Democrats, liberals and libertarians, wealthy and working class joined in criticizing the police for the ineptitude or bias or both that characterized the immediate aftermath, leaving Zimmerman a free man with no charges against him. GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum initially skirted the subject of race but acknowledged a criminal justice travesty that demanded further investigation.

That national unity didn’t last long. It was quickly consumed by an ugly backlash against the idea that racism lingers, that racial bigotry has not been eradicated. The backlash has taken the form of a campaign of character assassination against Martin — as if the young man’s family has not suffered enough.

From leaked reports about his school suspensions to a misidentified photo allegedly showing him in a gangsta pose, the forces of dissension, denial and, let’s face it, racial discrimination have stopped at nothing to try to paint Martin as undeserving of sympathy. In National Review Online, conservative academic Victor Davis Hanson wrote: “Martin is emerging not quite as a model pre-teen, Skittle-eating student with a slight truancy problem, but as a 6-foot-2-inch teen with troubled Twitter allusions to criminal activity, an obscene n-word Twitter ID, and suspensions entailing possible drug use and theft.”

His mother, too, has been vilified in some quarters for seeking to copyright two phrases — “Justice for Trayvon” and “I Am Trayvon” — and accused of trying to profit from her son’s death. She has responded, quite sensibly, that she is trying to protect his memory from exploitation, but that has hardly silenced the critics. Meanwhile, Gingrich and Santorum have claimed that Obama injected race into the case.

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55 responses to “Reaction To Trayvon’s Death Follows Familiar Trajectory”

  1. Sandi1020 says:

    Thank you Cynthia Tucker for making such an honest and succinct statement. There is hope and there is work to be done. And if it is done, then Trayvon will have died tragically, but not totally in vain. For that work to happen, we in America, need to humanly and honestly acknowledge the tragedy. To have total compassion for his family would be a good beginning. It is something every mother and father should be able to understand – the shock if their child went to get a soft drink and some candy at the neighborhood store and was shot dead – that is a cause for grief and consolation.

  2. Helen H says:

    I agree. I have a feeling about all of this. Even if the guy( being a lady, won’t allow me to call him what I want to call him) is brought to jail and tried, I feel they, the powers that be over there, will find a way to let him walk, which might have some of our young people rioting in the streets. Been there done that. Been around long enough to see other things over the years that set our country up in all states, to take it to the streets. When you get my age, not much I haven’t been a witness to. The blacks won’t be happy unless he serves time for murder, not much else will appease. Our youth are not the peaceful marchers of yester years. They are angry and no one seems to be asking the right questions, to get the right answers why. Sometimes it takes a revolution before some will take heed that the youth are sick and tired of being sick and tired. If it is wrong for one color to kill, it is wrong for all. Racism is very much alive and we still have a very long way to go.

  3. glorybe2 says:

    The irrational rush to call the shooter a criminal is disgusting. Yes, it is sad that a young man is dead. And we can be certain that the young man was not the criminal type at all. But young men often do get excited and it seems likely that he did attack his pursuer. Yet it is fairly obvious that no real evidence will ever be available but simply opinions, beliefs and theories, will steer public thinking. Nothing could point to this folly more than the recent Casey Anthony mess. Facts were totally absent. The prosecution offered up endless nonsense and Casey went free after a vast public expense as well as expenses to her and her family. Before an arrest is made real facts and hard evidence must exist. When evidence is absent no penalty should ever be applied. Imagine the absurd difficulty of trying to prove that the shooter was not in fear for his life.

    • EdC says:

      let’s see the guy was told to stand down, he profiled the victum, that was caught on his telephone call to the police, not to mention he was talking Trayvon, not to mention that he snuk up behind Trayvon as caught by Trayvon’s call to his girlfriend, which was verified by the phone company records, as neightborhood watch he was not suppose to carry a weapon, he was ONLY suppose to observe and report. His claim about being in fear of his life is bogas, not about having his head slamed into the sidewalk, not because his nose didn’t appear broken in the arrest clip, but because his skirt was neatly tucked in. After he slamed Trayvon and shot him he got up and tucked his shit in, thinking in his mind what a grat job I’ve killin another n—–. What irration al rush are you talkin about.

      • glorybe2 says:

        He was not told to stand down. The cop shop told him that they
        did not need him to follow. They did not tell him not to follow. Like most of the remarks about the supposed guilt of the shooter this remark is off by a mile.
        Yes, it is legal to follow someone. The young man did run. he
        did raise his hoodie as if to conceal being identified. He did in fact struggle with the shooter. The first witnesses to see any part of the event saw the shooter on the boys back pulling his hands into the position he would be handcuffed in if yet alive. The wounds are visible on the back of his head. The grass stains on the back of the shooter’s shirt were noted by officers at the scene.
        As for racial profiling I think that part is partially true.
        There is also age profiling involved. If I see an 85 year old man limping along with a cane I usually take no interest as we all know that the elderly don’t usually commit serious crimes. If I saw a person under 25 that I did not know i would keep an eye as we don’t have that many in my community. If I saw a black man that was between 14 and 25 I would absolutely keep an eye out as we have zero young black men in my complex. That is exactly what the neighborhood watch program asks of us. “Keep an eye out for unusual people or activities.” Call the police if a person looks out of place. We are a single entrance, walled community. The only crime in the 160 homes here in five years was a room mate stealing from his room mate. In the last ten years the only other crimes were an elderly guy punching another elderly guy in the nose and a paper boy stealing tools out
        of the back of pickup trucks. So we have had only trivial crimes in ten
        years and all three were solved within 48 hours.
        We would like to see all communities enjoying freedom from

      • 1AmericanHoney27 says:

        EdC…… You stated the “girlfriend on the phone” said Zimmerman sneak up behind Trayvon. Please explain how she knows this to be for sure… One eye witness said Zimmerman was on the ground with Trayvon over him. Another eye witness stated he saw Trayvon come up behind Zimmerman….. Would the girlfriend be somewhat biased? Eyewitness should trump hear .say or the fact she ASSUMED. We all know what assumed does in any situation.

  4. EdC says:

    The right is still trying to blame Trayvon, still trying to keep Zimmerman from paying his due. His plan was the kill him a n—— no questions asked. Now, he got caught, and they are trying to protect him, politically correct. If justice is not served legally , there will be reporcutions, and counter reporcutions, It is long overdo time that the Republican Ministers, Franklin and billy Graham, and Huckabe step in and quell their gun toating right wing nuts, but I don’t believe they will because it just might hurt their finicial intake from other conservatives who believe that they should have the right to kill anyone who doesn’t go with their way of thinking

    • Yappy2 says:

      From what I understand this was a diverse neighbohood and many black people lived there. What I don’t understand is why black people think for no reason he decided that day to shoot a black person? He had lived 28 years and never shot a black person. Why that day?

      • rustacus21 says:

        …as I previously stated, the ‘community’ of Sanford, also reflects the state itself, which was very anxious to disenfranchise Black, Brown & Jewish voters in 1998 & 2000 elections. Where murders & beatings of non-Whites was historically, routinely unpunished. W/out a knowledge of THAT’ history of Sanford as well, the 1st question can’t be answered…

  5. Twilight says:

    WHY was Trayvon suspended? He had pot RESIDUE in his bookbag?? WHO searched it?? Dogs?? WHY?? Does EVERYONE have their book bag searched EVERYDAY at school?? Pot doesn’t hurt anyone….but guns and knives do!! WHY suspend someone for pot?? It’s TIME to decriminalize drugs – especially pot!! It’s no more harmful than beer. Pres Obama, Bush and Clinton all smoked pot. WHAT IF they were treated like criminals for it??????? STOP the hyprocrisy – decriminalize pot!!! If I my book bag was searched by dogs and I was suspended for pot residue – I would feel a combination of anger, depression and resentment of authority. I am 5’4″ and a white woman – not threatening. However white women who are resentful of authority quite often get verbally abused. I’m just saying – it’s partly the high school’s fault he was killed. It put him at “loose ends”

  6. WE were not there when the shooting happened, and investigation had not yet determined what exactly happened. It certainly IS pertinent what the 17 y old 6 ft 2 inches teenager having his face covered by a hoody was as a student and as a young human being! Just as it is pertinent how toll was the shooter, who claimed to be threatened by the young black hooded man.

    Let’s do not judge until we have all the facts available…

  7. southtexaslawyer says:

    If Zimmerman is a “so called” neighborhood watch person the Travon is a “so called innocent child”. I am a lawyer and know very well the hype being spouted on TV has nothing to do with actual facts or justice. How about letting the investigation go forward without trying to stir up a lynch mob. This is certainly NOT racial (Zimmerman is not white) but nobody talks about the fact that everyone involved was a “minority”. Just like everyone else, I know nothing other than the stuff spouted on TV. If anyone really cares about justice the let the system work without trying to mount a premature lynch mob knowing nothing about the detailed facts. Calling an “expert” in another state is not investigating the facts. JUST SHUT UP and let the legal system work. They are both minorities and here in South Texas Zimmerman might be at a disadvantage for that reason.

    • 1AmericanHoney27 says:

      Everyone keeps saying it was a hate crime. I wasn’t aware that Zimmerman kew Trayvon long enough to form an opinion of like or hate. What is ironic is the fact that everyone has labeled Zimmerman white over looking the fact his own family says he’s multi-cultural. Is it only considered a hate crime when a black on the looking end

    • Roslyn Stith says:

      Being a so called educated lawyer its very rude of you to tell people to shut up. People can voice their opinions if they want. By the way you live in a state that still repects the confederate flag. And yes it can be a hate crime Zimmerman is Hispanic and white. I’ve seen the legal system fail plenty of times whether the person were white or black. So my respect for the legal system is very low. I have attorneys in my family and I just don’t know how any lawyer can defend scum out there.

      • southtexaslawyer says:

        Roslyn the “shut up” was bad can I apologize? The frustration is seeing TV for days and days spout “facts” that are speculative at best and some just made up. Opinions when identified as opinions and not facts are fine… we all have those but I must say my opinion is that this guy made a mistake but there is way too little actual information available from the media. I thought Zimmerman was black for a while but then it finally mentioned he was “Hispanic and “multiracial” whatever that means. It makes no difference except shows the prejudice of those calling this a hate crime. Almost every true crime is “hate or meanness” inspired but that is not the kind of “hate” a hate crime is intended to identify. My point is this is not apparently a giant conspiracy or national plot. It seems some people blew their cool and a tragedy resulted. Happens all the time. I was an oil and gas lawyer not a criminal defense/prosecuting attorney but facts don’t just lie on the top of the ground to be picked up without looking. I did see a cut on the back of Zimmerman’s head. No blood as the report said it was cleaned up. Lets wait for the facts and stop generating a conspiracy where there probably is not one but that is yet to be determined also. Have a good day.

    • joyscarbo says:

      This is SO much about race and it’s not merely because Trayvon Martin is black. It’s an ignorant and over-simplistic statement to say that this situation isn’t racial because it involves two minorities. There is significant racism and racially-motivated bias between minorities. I’ve heard multiple minorities voice degrading stereotypes and predjudices aimed at other minorities. It’s not all “white and black.”
      You don’t have to be “white” to posess the ignorant, stereotyped and predjudiced belief that a black teen, walking alone in a gated community, with his hood covering his head is clearly a threat and up to no good. This reflects what George Zimmerman thought about Trayvon Martin, who identifies himself as a “hispanic.”
      There is evidence that has shown that Zimmerman’s actions were questionable. In the 911 call, Zimmerman tells the police he’s following a black youth and now the youth is running away from him. The police clearly state that he is to stop following this black youth now. This refusal suggests, in my opinion, that Zimmerman had an agenda to pursue and confront Martin. We know that Zimmerman was armed and killed Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s brother went on television and said his brother never followed Martin- that Trayvon actually “stalked” Zimmerman- despite clear evidence to the contrary. It is alleged that Zimmerman engaged is some sort of scuffle with Trayvon. Zimmerman’s brother suggest that Trayvon Martin punched and broke George’s nose and beat his head on the sidewalk, leaving him, “barely conscious.” The video tape of Zimmerman in the Sanford police department following the shooting shows no obvious or overt signs of injury. I am an ER nurse and treated many assault victims and suspects. Injuries to the head and face bleed profusely. I see no evidence of blood on Zimmerman’s clothing. He’s walking with a steady gait and appears to be aware of his surroundings. It’s stated that the police administered “first aid.” Any injury to the head needs to be medically evaluated by a doctor and a Cat Scan of the head is always indicated. Trayvon Martin’s body bore no signs of a violent physical altercation- only the bullet wound that took his life.
      There is enough known about Zimmerman’s actions- including his history of numerous called to 911- that lead me to believe that Zimmerman’s actions were the product of a wreckless vigilante.

      • Yappy2 says:

        Who is the racist now? If you are a nurse in ER, I sure wouldn’t want you treating me. Why? Because I’m not black.

        • joyscarbo says:

          Ahh…but I am not black either…you assume too much.

          • Yappy2 says:

            Where in my statement did I say you were black? …You assume that as an ER nurse that you know more about treating ER patients then DOCTORS, especially other races than black people.

          • joyscarbo says:

            First of all, I’m an American first and I have the right to speak my opinion whether you like it or not.

            Where I come from, nurses are valued members of the medical team. Doctors have the UTMOST repect for nurses as colleagues- equal in their contribution. Doctors don’t lord over nurses or treat them as hand maidens. I’m a college educated professional that treats patients of all ethnicities and religions who respresent the entire socioeconomic spectrum. The poor black from the inner city gets the same high quality care that I give a professional athlete or CEO. I’m proud to say that I have empathy for and provide comprehensive and compassionate care to ALL PEOPLE. You should be so lucky to come into my ER and be treated by myself or one of my colleagues, whether that is a unit secretary, radiologist, nursing assistant, lab technician, nurse or doctor.

      • Rogelio says:

        I don’t think anyone here should play detective. unless you were there and responded to the call you wouldn’t know what was on either individuals person in regards to injuries. All these people asking for justice need to calm down and let all the departments involved do their job and stop listening to the media. There are several murders being committed across the country that are just as tragic or more and they aren’t getting coverage. There are hate crimes being committed and those aren’t getting covered…..

    • annasevern01 says:

      I am also an attorney and I totally disagree. Don’t SHUT UP, speak up for what you believe in. As you, I do not know all the facts, but I do know that a man is walking free after killing another human. I just wonder if perhaps the parents of Treyvon had not spoken up and concerned citizens got together to speak up, where would the investigation be now. Could it have just been swept under the carpet without close investigation? I do not believe in lynch parties, but I do believe in making your voice heard.

      • southtexaslawyer says:

        Ann you are probably right…’emphasis on the word probably but that is the problem! The wild things people say when they have no facts MAke the “rule of law” more important. We have heard cold blood, unarmed child and a million other guesses but the child was bigger than most men and there is a cut on the other guy so I will wait before I’m all for a lynching. People get “dead” for lots of reasons and there should be an Investigation and a trial if
        Justified. No telling what the Flaaw says
        But that should be the important part of the puzzle.

    • Racism is not just a black and white thing. I know that most will say that you have to be in power to be racist, and maybe so based on the definition. If it’s not racism, then it’s a hate crime. He did call us “coons.” There is a growing hatred of Hispanics against blacks. At first I thought that white America was teaching Hispanics hate against blacks. But I now know that there were black slaves in Mexico, so this attitude towards us was brought to America with them. Just because they voted for Pres. Obama don’t mean they like blacks. He is the lesser of the two evils (black vs. repub).

  8. southtexaslawyer says:

    gloryb2 is exactly correct. Check each post and honestly study each “factual assertion” . If you don’t then see how prejudiced and non-factual all of the TV “facts” have been. An example would be: “their child? (6′ 2” child?) went to get a “soft drink and some candy” are you sure that is all? No but that is what the TV guy said… is that hearsay? Zimmerman was stalking (could have said “watching.. as in neighborhood watch”); He was not “in fear for his life”… Oh we know that from what TV tells us right?? Under Floridaas law “he must be in fear for his life”???? Really??? who said that as a Florida lawyer?? and a million more. They could all be correct but we absolutely don’t know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Plenty of unknowns… Can’t the media just pipe down till the investigation is done? Some on here already bad mouth the investigation and it has not been made yet.

    • 113121 says:

      Actually, what we do have is the fact that they let this man go and had no intention of filing charges or doing anything further until people complained. The fact the confessed shooter’s father was some kind of judge and that Zimmerman has gotten off the hook for his previous violence is what drives this for me. I would love for the media to pipe down too however if if does then we have two things happen. The law that is letting these people shoot one another will continue to take it’s toll and Zimmerman a man with a history of violence and now this killing will get off again. You are a lawyer you tell us why we should feel okay when the police and the prosecutor want to hold someone and investigate a killing of a minor in a public place and then they say they are told this law prevents that and the man just walks away. Personally, I now find the entire state of Florida *threatening*.

    • phantomoftheopera says:

      i think the problem here is that the system WASN”T working. it let zimmerman go without any apparent attempt to investigate. it wasn’t until the black community rose up and called it racism did it attract attention! now, maybe the system will work, particularly if those from outside the florida system investigate it. TV did its job–got us involved and aware. they didn’t allow it to be swept under the rug, which florida was apparently trying to do. that said, we all need to check what we hear–on TV, in the media, word of mouth. you even fall into that trap, by asserting that ALL of the facts were predjudiced and non-factual. where did you get your inside information to know that?

  9. montanabill says:

    Cynthia, the backlash is coming simply because not you, not Al Sharpton, not Jessie Jackson, not the Black Panthers, nor any other pundit has the complete picture. Dragging in all the other stuff has nothing to do with this case and serves only to inflame feelings. If the legal system arrives at the conclusion that Mr. Zimmerman cannot, or should not, be charged, your efforts will negate legal due process. Guilty, until you say otherwise, is not beneficial to anyone.

  10. Joseph Kelsall says:

    To me, Zimmerman looks like an inadequate man who got his kicks from his vigilante activities, complete with deadly weapon. What is it with the USA that sees summary justice doled out by anybody with a gun, white skin and a penchant for controlling people? Zimmerman should be taken off the streets for his own good and the future good of possible victims of witless copycats.

  11. Joseph Kelsall says:

    To me, Zimmerman looks like an inadequate man who got his kicks from his vigilante activities, complete with deadly weapon. What is it with the USA that sees summary justice doled out by anybody with a gun, white skin and a penchant for controlling people? Zimmerman should be taken off the streets for his own good and the future good of possible victims of witless copycats.

  12. sleeprn01 says:

    After Barack Obama won the presidential election we were told that because we now have an African-American as president we are now in a post-racial society. But since that time I have seen some of the most hateful bigotry directed at our president. Before he even took office the right wanted to see him fail, after being in office for 1 week he was an ineffectual leader, he has been the subject of a party that would not agree with him even about the color of grass, has been the subject of more death threats in 3 years than President Bush had in 8 years, and probably the worst thing that has happened is the spawning of a political action group that is akin to the Klu Klux Klan, just without the hoods. I’ve seen the Tea Party signs saying impeach President Obama. In my reading of the constitution the only thing that I see President Obama guilty of is GWB (governing while black). With this kind of hatred being directed at the President of the United States, a young black man wearing a hoody doesn’t stand a chance; particularly in a state like Florida with such lax gun laws.

  13. southtexaslawyer says:

    Joy thank you for making my point about ignorant comments made without facts. I need no further proof of that than your last rant. I am out of here because of the absurd stuff that ignores the truth which is obvious: “We don’t have the facts to judge’ and that is all we know right now.

  14. CSW says:

    Look when Obamo got into office I had many friends that are black and voted for him. About 7 or 8 of them refuse to vote for him again. I’ve never seen someone disliked like Obamo in this short of a time. But when you brake nearly all your promises to the people that put you in office,Yes all those dirt bags with money helped,however the people put Obamo in office. I for one will be very happy to see Obamocare gone. I would like to see him gone also. With all the dirty things this man has done to the American citizen in just 3 1/2 years. We can start with the guns to Mexico in exchange for drugs,His buddy Eric Holder should of gone to jail are some place else for that one.The 486 Million dollar scam with the solar company. Obamo signing into the NDAA bill that makes all Americans Terrorist. Then the Peace time Marshall law. Hidden deep down in the Obamocare bill is a mandate making all American citizen to be chipped by March 2013. The list go on and on,like telling Congress he only needs the UN/NATO OK to go to war. Look this guy is a mad man who wants to be the first King of America. If he has it his way there would be No Constitution,No Bill of Rights and every civil Liberty gone for ever. The Sheriff from AZ, Joe A. Has paper work showing Obamo isn’t even a American Citizen. The Problem we have in this nation is Mainstream Media is covering it up. However the Russia news TV stations have been reporting it,The World now knows Obamo isn’t even American. I wish all the crooks in Washington DC,you know like the Senators and Congressmen would Impeach him,,,,

  15. Dan B says:

    What a bunch of bull crap….. I too believe Trayvon Martin was a little gangsta. The 6 foot football player, pot smoker, and trouble maker, thought he would hand it out to someone else. Sorry Trayvon, you screwed up this time. You hurt a lot of people, not just your family, not jus Mr. Zimmerman, but thousands of others too. You helped to increase the hurt and mistrust between races, and you certainly helped to screw up a country with bitterness that was beginning to accept one another… Thanks Trayvon, your a hero in your peoples eyes….Those looking for greed, money, and politcal favor.

  16. CSW says:

    The death of this young man should of never happened. However one Question I have is why would someone even walk though a protected property like this? That comes into Question. I hear the Black Panthers are out looking for this guy Zimmerman. Your I was in the riot’s they had in Detroit in the 60’s when the blacks burned everything. What is a little puzzling is the witnesses said Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman and hitting him in the head. Look if someone was beating me like that and I had a gun,I would of shoot them also. I think if I was black I would be more upset with the black president we have that is out of touch with his own people. He doesn’t care about anyone unless you have money and power.

  17. Yappy2 says:

    Where was the outrage when I a 70 year old white woman was mugged by two young black men and left lying on the sidewalk, and when I was left a threatening note at my doorstep that left me trembling. A note that was signed by the accuser. Nothing was done by the police when I called them. Where is the outrage when a black woman can call white women white bitches and other derogortory names at their own residence whenever she likes. Where is the outrage when everyday blacks attack and kill other blacks, and black on black crime is about 90%, and black on white crime is a whole lot more than white on black crime. It doesn’t seem that blacks have respect for their own people lives. When you let your children get killed or shot in the eye by other blacks and do nothing to stop it, how can you say you respect your own peoples lives. You know who the perpertrators are but expect others to risk their lives and turn them in. I would like to see that congresswoman that was ranting on TV walk down the streets of East St. Louis,Illinois by herself at night. I wonder if she would live to tell us what happened to her. Trayvon Martin was not an angel. By the way why was he out running around when he was suspended from school for ten days for having traces of pot in his backpack? Why wasn’t he grounded by his father?This was his third suspention this year. Seems he has trouble following rules. I had 6 children go to public school s and none of them was ever suspended from school, and I did not ever say they were angels. I lost my son at age 17 in a drowning accident, so yes I know the pain of losing a child at tht age.. Of course no one is going to come out and say anthing against Trayvon’s actions before this incident, because you will have Jessee Jackson or Al Sharpton ranting and raving how a little boy was killed, and The New Black Panthers will be looking for you to kill you.
    We have a black president, lots of black people in commercials, lots of famous black people in sports, black actors, blacks in congress, but it is never enoughfor blacks. They won’t be happy until all of the presidents from now on are black,and all his administration is black,all congress is black, all commercials are black, all people in sports are black and all actors are black, even though the population of America is under 25%. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them say all pets should be black.

    • joyscarbo says:

      I’m sorry that you’ve been the victim of a crime. But if it was a white person who mugged you, would you then hate all white people?? You are making statements that are RACIST. Your generalizations about blacks are predjudiced. Your attitude is EXACTLY what is wrong with our country. Many, many black people who have enjoyed any kind of success have gotten to where they are because they have to work many times harder than any white person. But then…you wouldn’t know about that because you’ve never felt the sting of racism. You’ve never been judged soley by the color of your skin. You’ve always enjoyed being part of the majority.

      And by the way…the most vicious serial killers in history? WHITE MEN.

      • Yappy2 says:

        I am not a racist, and don’t hate all black people . I just stated facts. Where was the outrage when I got mugged and threatened, and where is the black peoples outrage when night day after day they are killing and maiming other black adults and innocent young children, like the story I read in the paper where this mother came out of a convenience store with her three year old daughter and the daughter was shot in the eye by a black person. Please tell me how you call that loving your brother. I didn’t even mention in my previous statement that my brother was stabbed by two black men while working in a convience store. He was working there because he lost his job and his new job did not pay enough to support his family and so he took a second job at a convience store. Where was the outrage then? For your information he did not hate all black people either and I don’t judge people solely by the color of their skin. It’s the person inside the skin that matters to me.

  18. I would like to thank Rev. Al Sharpton for having a peaceful justice meeting for Trayvon Martin it was thousands of people that came out. Well done hopefully Zimmerman is charged soon before the anger grows and the peace fades. Zimmerman did kill someone the 911 tapes tell the story the gun the skittles and ice tea it was NOT self defense.

  19. ridemybroom says:

    i am so tired of hearing about this case…zimmerman has already been tried and found guilty by people who know nothing of what went down that night…what a crock !…the media has helped blow this out of proportion i do believe…. and i also think it is possible that travon parents (divorced ) is proffiting off this boys death…they calling the kettle black on this…i just do not believe that travon is as innoncent as they would let us believe…come on now…get hit in the face with a can or bottle of tea its gonna hurt folks…17 yrs old…we all know what that was like…especially if you are black and have divorce parents…whites are the same way…they can be in your face all the time…i know we all used to be like that….and if you dont have a father figure around all the time to help you grow and heal….stuff like this happens…it happens in all families …but more prominet in black families ….i believe there was a scuffle that night and i believe they were both injured…and zimmerman just happned to be the lucky one who lived to tell about it…what i would like to know and see are the photos of travon …i just want to see if he was injured in the face …i think he had no injuries whatsoever…think everything was determined by the gunshot……its sad that we have to sit here and sorta form sides on each of these parties…when both parties are at fault…if travon would have used his head a little more that night…none of this would have happened…if zimmerman hadnt carried a gun that night then it would have been a case of simple assaults and they could have wounded up on some court tv show and that would have been the end of it….if zimmerman is guilty of anything …it was carrying a gun and i think he should be charged for that…altho he did have a permit to carry one…but still he should be charged just to make the case go away and for that reason alone…i dont think he intended to use it that night…i really dont…what i want to emphasise about this case…no one knows the facts…not even the police…not even the parents….not even the girl on the one knows…you all assume and you need to stop judging and assuming what happened cause none of you know ! that’s a fact !
    what i dont get is why people were afraid to go out and help someone in distress…a life may have been saved if someone would have just yelled out the window or their door…if the parents want to blame someone …they should look in the mirror cause they heard the same cries and screams as everyone else did…so lets point our fingers at these people for allowing this to happen and then have a grand jury hearing on them and lets convict them for not caring enough to help …they are truly the ones to blame here…..

    • rustacus21 says:

      One of the primary issues, as pointed out in this article, is the fact that adults, in this modern age, are still hiding from the realities of life in America – life that some of us share but most often, by a great many ‘some’ who don’t. My life is enriched by my Black as well as my White friends. We talk frankly, whether separately, or when/if we are able to meet together. It’s not always cordial, but it is, if nothing else, honest. I’ve leaned a great deal about racism from by Black friends, but nothing so much as when incidents such as the murder of this ‘child’ (whether we all agree on this point or not; he WAS some 1’s child – a life ‘STOLEN’ from a loving family) & for what? Suspicion? Anxieties? Pathologies? Ignorance? All these descriptives combined shed lite on the ‘profiling’ of an African American teen that nite, resulting in death. Listen to the tape again, if/when possible & U will hear a man using language not heard xcept on occasions reflecting racial anxiety & fear. Mr. Zimmerman, had he obeyed the 911 dispatcher, would not be in the trouble he’s in, nor would the Martin family be reliving a hellish nitemare of the legacy of Sanford, Florida…

  20. Wow totally amazes me that the people of this country can be so sidelined off the real issues. Race is a problem and will most likely continue to be a problem until we truly practice that all men are created equal. The murder of this young man is not supported by stand your ground law, according to my understanding that law is for when you are being attacked. When Zimmerman followed this young man after 911 telephone operator told him to stay in his car, I do believe it went from standing your ground to I am pissed off and somebody is going to pay. Zimmerman is attempting to hide behind a law that in no way offers him protection as far as I am concerned. What worries me even more is since when has a neighbor hood watch started carrying guns. I do not profess to know what this man’s issues are but the fact that he totally disregarded the instructions given to him by the 911 operator already speaks volumes about his respect for the law and others, it is obvious to me that he has no respect for the law at all. Why, law enforcement allowed him to walk free also speaks volumes about their total incompetence and disregard for the law as well! When he left his car after being instructed not to by the 911 operator as far as I am concerned it went from stand your ground to pre-mediated murder. I also believe the majority of citizens in this country would agree with me as well. I want to be able to defend myself if necessary with deadly force but in no way would I seek out to use deadly force on anyone. This to me is not a case of self defense how can it be self defense when he was following this young man in his car and was instructed to stay in his car???? Had he done as he was told that young man would still be alive today. This is the worst case of miscarriage of justice I have seen in a long time.

  21. It is very sad that someone is able to stalk another person in the name of property protection he saw that the young man was going about his business , but he had to follow him as he was told not to follow by the police . But he proceeds to do so anyway, that is just wrong.And as far as I could see in the photo Zimmerman had no visible signs of any injuries and if his head had been banged on concrete he would have had a injury you cannot hide.I pray that the Martin family can get justice for their sons senseless death.

  22. Yappy2 says:

    The point is that Trayvon Martin is being portrayed as an angel and Geroge Zimmerman is being portrayed as a person that was out stalking young black men to kill them. No one deserved to die but let the investigation go forward and get facts the straight. I wasn’t there and you weren’t there so we don’t really know what happened.

  23. Yappy2 says:

    I too am an American and I too have the right to voice my opinion.

  24. ridemybroom says:

    what tapes you want us to listen to ….the ones NBC spliced up and made it sound like Zimmmerman was saying all sorts of things…NBC is now under investigation for fraudlent intent and race bating millions of americans…go ask them why they keep spreading the lies…!!!

    • rustacus21 says:

      The ‘lies’ began the nite of the murder, when Sanford police (a DOCUMENTED FACT!!!) provided COVER 4 a MURDERER, by not carrying out an already issued arrest warrant for murder. It matters little, after all, what’s on the 911 recording, b/c we all know by know it was undeniably profiling & he had only 1 single intent, by following this young, inexperienced ‘BOY’ – to provoke a confrontation in which he would NEED to use his weapon. “Exerpts” or ‘splicing’; to prove a point, the media does this all the time, but why are Conservatives all bent out of shape about it now? If the words belong to Zimmerman, where’s the fraud – in whatever sequence they were uttered?! They were spoken by the murderer…

  25. james says:

    Are you kidding me?!!?!? Racism will never end, it is a natural occurrence that is born out of ignorance and no matter how hard anyone tries there will always be an idiot out there who stirs up trouble because of a stereotype. Look people the point is if we really want to improve this country, make everyone accountable for their actions. Simple as that. A kid flunks in school (black, brown, yellow, or white) dont pass them off to the next grade. A person shoots, stabs, punches at another it is a ‘crime’, not a hate crime, all violent crimes are a form of hate towards the victim. These simple things are not aimed at race but magically fix the problem because everyone is subject to them. So if this is the answer to the problem why would anyone give another race a leg up in society? Why would there be hundreds of thousands of scholarships for those who match up to a color? Oh and here’s the icing on the cake, why would anyone be accepting of the word n*g**r when it has only ever been used to put an entire race down, especially by members of the ‘black’ community ( I say black not African-American because a continent is not a country, so please those of you who are too afraid to not be politically correct refer to all whites via there continent of origin like Euro-american, Asian-american (yes russia is full of white people and is in Asia))

  26. rustacus21 says:

    For Americans to have the benefit of seeing this tragedy ‘IN FULL”, is the very best way, as this wonderful, prolific writer contends, to put ‘…justice & equality for all…’ as our eventual goal in shaping & crafting an America free of these types of horrors, or the polarizations that emerged, which are clearly from the ‘old world’ of predjudices & biases of the ancient past. Those Americans who are unable to see the world as it exists today, defend the actions of an obviously troubled & deeply conflicted individual, as has been the trend in such instances. The reliance on old-world, primitive thinking, to form judgments based on prejudices is still all too common. My initial frustrations & anger have been tempered now, after realizing there’s no better understanding than pulling away the veneer shielding our full & unobstructed view – no matter how ugly a site it may be. In Sanford, Florida, there are countless families who, for generations, have had to deal w/the ugliness that has been hidden from the rest of the nation. For my part, we owe Ms. Tucker a great measure of gratitude for illuminating a topic, as well as an agenda which, altho familiar, still finds many more Americans shocked at the continuation of its horror. To U Ms. Tucker, w/profound appreciation…

  27. Regardless of what happened, a grown man followed a teenage boy and shot him to death, even after been told not to do so. To our knowledge, the boy committed no crime, and he had the right to “Stand His Ground!” So if Zimmerman got the worse of the fight, he deserved it. This really shines a light on the different treatment in our criminal justice system. We now know that some of America will side with anybody over blacks. We are the illegitimate children of white America, and we have been treated as such. There is no telling how many other blacks have suffered the same fate. Even some of those in the criminal jsutice system might have gotten a raw deal. The Innocent Project is proving that out.

    As a black man with three black sons, I fear for our lives and equal treatment under the law. I was attacked by a white man at a boys scout outing, and no one (all white) came to my defense. I had done nothing wrong. One of the parents challenged me to a fight, but I refused because I was afraid that I would be accused because of my skin color. I believe he was trying to set me up. I had to rise above his foolishness. I wondered what went wrong because I had tutored their daughter in college algebra. They had asked me to be the chaplain for the troop, but I didn’t feel comfortable agreeing to it at the time. I’m glad I didn’t.

    We left the troop because we were being treated differently after this incident. There was some different treatment before this incident because I noticed several instances where the white troops were given special treatment. I said nothing because I didn’t want anyone to think I was using the race card. One of the Hispanic pafrents told me that he noticed a difference in treatment of the blacks and Hispanic scouts. During this same camp mentioned above, the scoutmaster told me that he didn’t know if he would like me. I told him that he didn’t even know me, and that I had done him no wrong. My wife and I are somewhat successful, and I wonder if that has some to do with it his attitude towards me? The other blacks have told me that they have had some problems with these same people. I wonder if similar reactions took place when blacks were lynched, raped, and beaten from 1619 to present-day America? Did mainstream America speak out against such atrocities?

    God will judge all of us, including me, for our sins of comission and omission. Where is the white church in all of tise Travon stuff? They are probably sitting in the same seat they sat in since 1619! If we are truly going to become a “great” nation, all of us must speakout against wrongdoing. I pray that God will grant us grace and mercy while we try to get it right!

  28. joyscarbo says:

    To any and everyone who is reading this, especially if the recent discussions of race have upset you or you have children…

    Watch CNN to see AC 360: Kids on Race, on Saturday April 14, 2012 5p-6pm.

    Stream it if you can…do what what you have to do to watch this. Watch it with your kids and have some meaningful discussions. You’ll be very surprised how our children perceive race. For me, it gave me insight into how the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman situation happened. No matter what your thoughts and feelings on that issue, you should still see this important show.

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