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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Report Finds Contamination In Most Chicken Sold In U.S.

Report Finds Contamination In Most Chicken Sold In U.S.

New York (AFP) – Almost all of the raw chicken sold in the U.S. contains potentially harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli, according to an analysis by Consumer Reports published Thursday.

The magazine tested 316 raw chicken breasts in 26 states and “found potentially harmful bacteria lurking in almost all of the chicken, including organic brands,” it said.

The analysis found that chicken from the four largest brands (Perdue, Pilgrim’s, Sanderson Farms, Tyson) “contained worrisome amounts of bacteria” and that more than half the chicken breasts were tainted with fecal contaminants that can cause blood and urinary-tract infections.

The research analyzed chicken from major brands, including Wal-Mart Stores, Whole Foods, Kroger and Trader Joe’s.

The magazine’s study was already underway this fall when there was an outbreak of salmonella that government investigators linked to chicken sold by three Foster Farm plants. In that case, some 389 people were infected, the magazine said.

“What’s going on with the nation’s most popular meat?” queried the well-known consumer publication, pointing out that Americans buy an estimated 83 pounds of chicken a person each year.

The magazine said more than 48 million people fall sick each year due to food tainted with salmonella, campylobacter, E. coli, and other contaminants, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that “more deaths were attributed to poultry than to any other commodity.”

The CDC has studied outbreaks from 1998 to 2008.

Bacteria from contaminated chicken is also problematic because it can spread easily through “cross-contamination” in the kitchen if consumers touch other surfaces, the magazine said.

Recommendations for averting contamination include washing one’s hands immediately after touching raw chicken and cooking the chicken to an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

A statement by the National Chicken Council said the Consumer Reports analysis looked at a sample size of only .0004 percent of chicken sold on any given day.

“Americans eat about 160 million servings of chicken every single day, and 99.99 percent of those servings are consumed safely,” the council said. “Unfortunately, this particular statistic was left out of the ‘in depth’ piece recently published by Consumer Reports.”

While bacteria cannot be entirely eliminated, smart handling can ensure food safety, the council said. “All bacteria, antibiotic resistant or not, is killed by proper cooking,” the council added.

Officials with the U.S. Department of Agriculture did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Photo: Stan Honda via AFP

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  • mhp

    I think Boehner should be unemployed right now. He clearly isn’t working too hard. Given the results of what he has brought to the floor of Congress for a vote. Maybe he would understand the plight of people who want to work and through no fault of their own have been unable to find employment.

    • Bill Boltz

      I have always believed that rich assholes like BONER…should not be allowed in politics since he cannot relate to everyday people.

    • Jon Savage

      97 days of work this year?

      & he qualifies as full time not pt – & no benefits like walmart

      • Lovefacts

        Yep. And we the taxpayers are paying him approximately $2,268/each day worked. Nice gig if you can get it. IMO, the Democrats would be wise to use this in their national campaign. Show the number of days worked under Republican leadership and what they’re paid/day. Contrast the Republicans 97 days/year versus the 159 days/year under Democrats in 2009. Heck, even during 2010, an election year, they worked 127 days. Furthermore, if the Democrats want to beat Boehner, then show how many days he spends in Congress versus his district versus golfing–especially out of the US. Golfing will win hands down.

  • irishtap

    I think any daft politician seeking to deny people the small amount provided from unemployment insurance; to pay for the bare essentials of life – try living on it for a few weeks.

    • AttilatheBlond

      “I think any daft politician seeking to deny people the small amount
      provided from unemployment insurance; to pay for the bare essentials of
      life – try living on it for a few weeks.” Or let them live on it until they get real jobs in their precious private sector. Throw the bums out and let them get first hand experience on the difficulty of finding gainful employment in America today.

      • Mark Forsyth

        “Gainful employment in America today” I expect that somewhere there are people who are laughing at that phrase. Since the late 80’s,when corporate America once again broke faith with the American worker over government mandated health benefits,Gainful Employment in the U.S. has been in woefully short supply.Rarely is that fact brought up.Could the reason be that it contains the seeds of a workers revolution?

      • Susan Dean

        Unfortunately, those bums would then get high-paying jobs as lobbyists and do their best to corrupt anyone else elected to Congress.

  • Richard Sloan

    Not only is the contribution of unemployment compensation benefits obviously good for the economy, but with the deficit shrinking rapidly, Boehner’s insistence on setting off the benefit extension with cuts in other programs is plainly irrational. His continued focus on placating the far right in the House at all cost only hurts the economy and the country.

    • Mark Forsyth

      And of course the trade off he wants would no doubt include further cuts to social programs because you know that Boehner and his crew will guard their golden cows of oil,gas,and coal subsidies as well as the bloated Pentagon budget.

  • Arleen Palmer

    The ignorance of this man is unbelievable. These wealthy politicians just don’t get it.
    Wish they had to all live from check to check for a month —a small one at that.

  • Deb McNeil

    If they have the budget for wars, they should FIND the money to support the middle class workers in this country. If you do not support the middle class, the core of this country. Well just take a look at the Romans. They warred their way into bankruptcy and oblivion. Money for the war chest, no money for the veterans, elderly, middle class unemployed, elderly and the children. Need I say more?

    • RobertCHastings

      That is just the point, Deb. They DON’T have the budget for war. The money is not there (and NEVER was) to support the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. These wars have NOT been supported with taxes, but with the assumption of more public debt in the form of the issuing of large amounts of various Treasury instruments that are bought by China and Japan (our two largest foreign debt holders) and the wealthiest of Americans (who hold far more of the debt than our foreign debt holders). The wealth transfer precipitated by this process is the reason for the collapse of the middle class AND for the burgeoning debt.

  • itsfun

    Our current system is not working. We just keep throwing money at a broken system. I think we should include job training skills with the checks. We could include child care while getting the job training if necessary. We could include employment services during this time. If we can help people get a job, then they lose it by not showing up, or being late every day, or not trying to learn or work, then we should not feel bad about not giving them any more tax payer money.
    What we are doing doesn’t work, Lets try something new. We have nothing to lose except unemployed people.

  • michael piltoff

    It is not to the benefit of the republicans to assist economic growth. They want fear, uncertainty and doubt to permeate America. After the embarrassment of the last Admin, they are fine with “treading water” and making life miserable for Americans because some percentage will believe their anti-Obama platform. After all: hypocrisy/irrationality is the essence of the; “Don’t tread of me Party” that “Treads on Me” …In the 1930s a short, dark haired, dark eyed man in Germany stood in front of a podium telling Germans the Superior Race was tall, blond, fair complexion Arians! Think about it!

    • Bryan Blake

      And Prescott Bush, sire of G H W Bush and grandfather of G W Bush, lost his bank because he was dealing with that short German illusionist turned mass murder. Those of us who know history are condemned to its repetition by the idiots that support tyranny. And we are in fact becoming more and more subject to the tyranny of the money of the 1% as they gut our economy, suppress our wages and push more and more of us toward universal poverty. A vote for any Republican only expedites the evolving tyranny of the 1%!

  • michael piltoff

    We are a “consumption based” economy… their is no socialism, capitalism aspect of the economy.. we consume at the micro level. When consumption slows at the micro level, the macro MUST increase micro consumption. The classification of the program as socialistic/capitalistic/fascist is irrelevant, its the action that is required. The repubs know this, they just do not want capital infused at the micro level, they want it infused at the maco level and claim that it trickles down. They call “trickle down” capitalism, and trickle up socialism. They still use McCarthyism!

  • Jon Savage

    well he is a joke so wheres the shock?

  • Arnold Kirschner

    What everyone is not mentioning is that the USA is now down to 10% manufacturing (maybe less) and we need 20%. Those are the real middle class jobs. Because of our tax loopholes and tax structure with low import tariffs we make it easy and profitable to export our jobs. We practically ask that to happen. Pres. Obama early in the first term requested a modest bill to try and correct some of that abuse as other countries do. The likes of Boehner and McConnell stopped it and anything that could help keep some of those jobs here along with ANY bill that would help like infrastructure repair and high speed rail. Those type of jobs are traditionally done in down economic times and are very good investments and spur growth. What we need is more quality jobs and as long as those two leaders and those that follow them are in office we will have less quality jobs. Vote them out!!

    One more thing, you never hear a word in any of the media about the FACT that the deficit has dropped dramatically since Pres. Obama took office with no thanks to those two Republican leaders and their minions. It is cruel and immoral to cut of UI when it was the fault of the Bush administration and a Republican Congress that created this mess that we are still living with. The Government owes nothing less to the citizens it has harmed and is continuing to do so.

    Another point: With all this Boehner and McConnell talk of the deficit, it has been Republican administrations that run them up and left to Democratic administrations to fix with the Republicans screaming about those deficits. Those two men took part in the deficit we had when Pres. Obama took office. Hypocrisy unleashed!!!

  • Lovefacts

    Republicans don’t care about the 1% but rather the 0.01%. These are the super wealthy who aren’t impacted by a recession or depression. And truth be told, if Reagan hadn’t been so upset by the numbers he saw and changed the calculation of unemployment, the 2009-2010 rate would’ve been over 25%. And that’s a depression by any economists reckoning.

    Unfortunately, Republicans are so locked into their narrow world & economic (and scientific) views that they don’t stop to think. If the unemployed have no money, they have no money to spend. This in turn, costs jobs and the cycle repeats itself as fewer & fewer people go out to eat, watch movies, buy clothes, buy cars, or buy houses. Those unemployed who have loans on cars and mortgages, lose both.

    Which in turn speeds the downward spin. Those renting, are evicted. The costs in housing support, Medicaid, SNAP, and other safety net programs–what there are of them–increase. As our economy tanks, so does the world’s. And what happens whenever countries have economic instability? War. Oh, wait! Could that be what all these fat cats want? War? After all, there’s nothing like war-profiteering to make money.

  • Bryan Blake

    Since we now have only corporate owned media what is not being told to the American public is that our economy and society are quickly moving back to that of The Robber Barons. Their ruthlessness in building their empires and the oppression of their workers through subsistence wages and very often fatal working conditions. If workers rebelled through strikes and unions workers were often met with the brute force of armed private businesses more than willing to use lethal force against the workers. Sometimes the national guard was called in to quell labor uprisings. The bloody history of the labor movement is well documented. Relevant to our times the deliberate and persistent dismantling of labor unions beginning with President Reagan and his assault upon PATCO through his firing of all of their members who went on strike. His firing and replacement of the air traffic controllers with “scabs”, who were ill trained at best, became the banner action which corporations flew in their continuing war against organized labor. The disempowerment of organized labor has been essential to the destruction of the middle class by the 1%. Because labor unions have been severely marginalized middle class jobs have been exported and our economy gutted and wages sent into a downward spiral. Labor Unions negotiate living wages that actually benefit the entire economy and the rich as well. When workers have money to spend beyond a “subsistence level” then all prosper. Union wages lift the wages of all workers, including those who are not union members.

    Now that the middle class no longer has its strongest defender it is easy for the Republicans, on behalf of their extremist capitalist masters, to attack, oppress and dismantle the middle class. Workers are now being funneled into the mass poverty that has existed for much of the history of this country. Not extending unemployment insurance is just another part of their plan.

    John Boehner, as a servant of the 1%, will ignore the fact that a majority of us want to extend unemployment insurance. Unfortunately, HE IS NOT KIDDING!