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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Somebody reset the counter that keeps track of the number of days since a Republican made headlines involving rape back to zero.

New Mexico’s House Bill 206 would make it a third-degree felony to abort a child conceived as the result of rape. A woman who didn’t want to conceive her rapist’s baby would be guilty of “tampering with evidence.”

The crime would carry a punishment of up to three years in prison and could implicate the doctor or anyone helps the rape victim secure an abortion.

“Tampering with evidence shall include procuring or facilitating an abortion, (thereby including the victim, physician or anyone else facilitating an abortion) or compelling or coercing another to obtain an abortion, of a fetus that is the result of criminal sexual penetration or incest with the intent to destroy evidence of the crime,” reads the current text of the law.

So in a way, State Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R), who proposed the bill, is pro-choice. Only the choices she offers are: Have your rapist’s child or go to jail.

Republican Senate candidates Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock saw their campaigns go down in flames after they made comments about rape. Akin suggested that a woman couldn’t get pregnant from rape, which would make New Mexico’s law irrelevant. Mourdock suggested that a child who was the result of rape was still a “gift from God.” Both men oppose abortion even in the case of rape — a position shared by former vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan and 9 percent of the country.

Republicans have recently been told that to change the perception of their party, they need to stop talking about rape. This is proving to be more difficult than it sounds.

Turning a woman’s body into a crime scene is outrageous. But the long-term impact of a rape can last a lifetime — 31 states offer rapists visitation or custody of a child that results from an attack. New Mexico, at least, limits the access an attacker can have to the child and the mother after the child is born.

As the so-called “pro-life” movement increasingly shows its true agenda by opposing policies that would prevent abortions — like the Affordable Care Act’s birth control mandate — and supporting policies that increase them — like abstinence education — it becomes clear that their agenda is depriving women of the right to live with the freedom men take for granted.

UPDATE: The author of the bill says she’s “horrified” at how the bill is being interpreted and is now revising it for clarity.

Photo credit: Adam Jones via Wikimedia commons

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  • What class on display by the GOP. Don’t these clowns have mothers, sisters, wives and daughters they could talk too? This is way beyond being tone deaf and is just plain mean. Of course I’m not in the least surprised at their latest dive into the swamp of ridiculous ideas.

    • BDC_57

      Of corse they do the women are second class citizens to them.

      • neeceoooo

        You’re right, I guess this is just part of the”war on women”.

  • charleo1

    It’s evident some people don’t mind a little fascism along with their teeny tiny, Police State.
    But it is fortunate for the rest of us, these types can’t function above a reptilian level. Personally,
    I long for the good old days, when Republicans contented themselves with raiding the State
    Treasury, getting drunk, and playing with the hookers at their big conventions.

  • Landsende

    Are they nuts? Having an abortion would tamper with a crime scene! Just when you think the teathuglicans couldn’t get any more ridiculous or crazy along comes another religious zealot wanting to impose her beliefs on others and make the victim a criminal. It’s time to get rid of these people.

  • There are at least three issues associated with this proposal. (1) Roe Vs Wade is irrelevant, (2) rapists should not be convicted if DNA testing, obtained from a living baby, is unavailable, and (3) the GOP is proposing a kind of government so powerful and intrusive that it can force citizens to do whatever it wishes.

    • old_blu

      And this is the party that wants less govrnment.

      I’ve said it before. If you don’t believe in abortion it is very simple DON’T have one. Other than that it is none of your bussiness.

      • Less government regulating and taxing corporations. More government regulating the lives and taxing the income of regular, middle class people.

        • old_blu

          You and neece are both right.

        • There is a difference between regulation to limit the probability of more ENRON’s, AIG’s and Bernie Madoff’s and government demanding rape victims to carry a fetus to birth. Barring a better way to pay for the things we need and benefit from, taxation is the only option available to pay for Defense, Social Programs, and all the other benefits we get from the Federal and State governments. Bartering and anarchy are not viable options, regardless of whether you are rich, middle class or poor.

        • Sierra111

          SO TRUE! Let the white collar criminals roam freely and raid the incomes of the middle class.

      • neeceoooo

        “Selective” less government.

        • idamag

          Neeceoo, they want less government regulation on business and banks and more regulations on the common person.

          • BDC_57

            They want less government so they do more illegal stiff.

          • neeceoooo

            You’re right, unbelievable

      • BDC_57

        They need Ther heads out of between women legs.

        • Replying to BDC_57 –

          They can keep them there, so long as they are are cleaning the “Number 2” area.

          (If you don’t know what that is, ask a first grader.)

        • InsideEye

          Very descriptive, we all have different tastes, even politicians, Bill and Monica. Maybe if their heads were there they would be quiet.

    • And one of the ‘wishes’ the state would be forcing on the raped woman to incur is an estimated $275,ooo to raise that child to age 18 unless she chose to put it up for adoption. That’s a pretty large monetary penalty to put upon a victim of rape for supposedly keeping some crime evidence.

      • I would assume the rapist would have to give the rape victim permission before being able to put the child up for adoption. Thirty-one states have given the rapists parental rights to allow visitation and custody.

    • As the GOP champions more issues realted to abortion, the party only increases its level of hypocracy: by doing everything they can to suppress abortion while championing starting wars at the drop of a hat that kill thousands of American soldiers only to feed billions of tax payer dollars to their rich defense industry donars and buddies; and also do everything they can to prevent implementing legislation that bans the use of assault weapons that have been shown to kill thousands of Americans each year including our school children, the GOP is being ever more hypocitical. (Just as George and tricky Dick did nothing about the 7 warnings from the CIA that an imminent attack was coming from al Qaeda in 2001 because no corporation would give them a kickback for stopping a terrorist attack; But there would be a big kickback loss to them from banning assualt weapons – suddenly their pro-life agenda is forgotten.)

    • onedonewong

      Hence gun control

    • Progressive Patriot

      Big Gummint if it suits my Repub needs. But if The President attempts to make some recess appointments due to endless filibusters, or calls for a national conversation on common sense gun regulation, he’s called a dictator or facist.
      Don’t limit my constitutional rights, but to heck with yours.

  • these people are all completely Nuts! What in the world is going on, do they have a rubberband tightened around the heads and its squeezing it to hard?? what idiots….

  • This is beyond sick!!!!!! And they call President Obama a Communist????? I call what they are doing is creating a POLICE STATE!!!! Funny the republicans are afraid of communists but not afraid to live in a POLICE STATE!!!!!

  • Why are Republicans so pro-rape, anti-victim?

    • Melda Page

      Because these right-wing men know they are inadequate in every way and have decided that the only way they can retain any kind of power is to abuse every possible woman. And the women who support them, like the one who sponsored this legislation, are either truly evil, totally stupid, or completely brainwashed!

      • BDC_57

        They are all brainwashed why would support them.

    • Lyn Huffstedtler

      Because of the religious attitude they were brought up with concerning sex and women most likely.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      This is the Republican’s way of keeping women in check. Keep them preg so they have to stay at home. Bear children to keep them at home even more.

      This quashes a woman’s freedom of movement and self-identity.

      I mean, if you are a husband or boyfriend? who is power-hungry over women, this is the perfect situation.

      Yes, we abolished black slavery. But, if the Republicans had their way, they’d re-institute black slavery, as well as enslaving ALL women.

      AND, they’re using religion as one way of getting it done.

  • This is so gross. What is wrong with people? They are useless, mindless, soulless CELLS. Punishing the woman for the rape is ludicrous. Will someone please get rid of these brainless idiots who somehow ended up in power? THIS IS MADNESS.

  • neeceoooo

    Speaking of abortion, I think you all need to listen to the story of Carolyn Jones who is a journalist from Texas who elected to have an abortion because of a deformity in the fetus. It is horrifying what she had to go through to complete the procedure. It makes me so ashamed to say I am part of this country. The story is called “We have no choice” and it can be heard through NPR.

  • TSB

    Are the republicans the new Nazi, fascist elitist?

    • idamag

      Getting there.

  • The Daily Snail

    I’m pretty sure this is unconstitutional (not to mention immoral and stupid), and goes against Roe v Wade. Someone call in the Supreme Court if this passes through, please?

  • bckrd1

    “Turning a woman’s body into a crime scene is outrageous. But the long-term impact of a rape can last a lifetime – 31 states offer rapists visitation or custody of a child that results from an attack. New Mexico, at least, limits the access an attacker can have to the child and the mother after the child is born.”

    I am truly frightened for the women of this country when our so called leaders display such strident behavior against victims of rape. The politicians have no right to tell you what you can and cannot do with your own body. Women are losing their individual rights and we are being returned to chattle status. Truly frightening that this is happening all over the country. And truly upsetting is the statement above that 31 states allow the rapist rights. That is outrageous. Perhaps we should have some of these female legislators raped and forced to give birth and then force them to allow their rapist access to them when ever they want. Then maybe they would not pass this outrageous legislation. I cannot even believe that it is even true but yet it is.

  • highpckts

    How do they think anyone will EVER vote for them again if they keep coming up with this ludicrous junk!! Of all the IMPORTANT things that we face and they do this?? Amazing!!

  • Only another way to abuse the victim.

    • neeceoooo

      Especially if the victim is a women

  • Pi_Boson

    This is yet another example of how sick our society has become. People using assault weapons to kill other people and people attacking victims of rape. WTF is wrong with this picture!?! We care less about people or more about ill-conceived thoughts and actions. Sick. A very sick society.

  • LizGER

    Just another example of insufficient scientific education or awareness. It is absolutely possible to generate a DNA profile from aborted material – yes, it is more tricky than simply swabbing someone’s cheek (not gonna go into gross details), but it IS possible. Training as a forensic scientist I’m all for not tampering with evidence, but I’m also a woman with a heart and to me forcing someone to have a child resulting from rape (two quite lifechanging occurances on their own) is cruel and unnecessary, especially for the ridiculous reason given. No one choses to be raped, let alone get impregnated by such rapist idiot, and while I’m not generally for abortion I’m also not gerenally against it and can fully understand that after the trauma of being raped not everyone is able to stand bearing (& raising) a rapist’s child. Being forced by a third party to keep it in my opion comes pretty close to another (mental/psychological) rape – it forces you do to something you don’t want to. Isn’t that a sick world that incures even more pain and horror onto victims of such heineous crimes (and for wanting to get on with their lifes, too!) instead of working on finding the perp who did it and cause HIM horror for it? (I guess he should be convicted for 2 crimes then: rape and tampering with evidence, because if he hadn’t raped and impregnated the women she wouldn’t have needed to face such a difficult decision, thus he actually facilitated her to abortion. It’s not her fault after all and psychologically surely not an easy decision, so she’s punished enough!)

    What I find even more ridiculous, ignorant and outraging is the “with the intent to destroy evidence of the crime”-line. I’m pretty sure most victims would be relieved if they had evidence leading to a conviction and even if they don’t want a child from a rapist I’m pretty sure they’d get an abortion for other reasons than to “destroy evidence” against the person they’ll be likely to want to see rotting in jail. It’s not the evidence they want to destroy, it’s their lifes they want to try to keep and fix. If someone for whichever reason doesn’t want their rapist to go to jail they don’t even have to report the crime (Now what if they got an abortion? They wouldn’t really be “tampering with evidence” if no one knew there’s been a crime and thus couldn’t be prosecuted.). If they do report it I’m sure they do want justice and are glad for every piece of evidence they can find and wouldn’t try to destroy it. Which by having an abortion they DO NOT.

    So I repeat again, for the purpose of evidential value it doesn’t really matter if a rapist’s child is born or not (unless you have incompetent/unskilled scientists work on the task), but for the vicitim it sure can. It is however absolutely possible to paternity test (which is basically what you’d to with a living child, too) aborted material and therefore this alleged “tempering with evidence” doesn’t in fact temper all too much. It may make a scientist’s job a bit harder, but that’s a risk (challenge!) I’ll gladly take for making a victim’s life easier. (And yes, I do regret that unfortunately for biological reasons the innocent child is always the one who loses, it is another victim.)

    • idamag

      Yes, why would a victim attempt to destroy evidence?

      • InsideEye

        Idamag The Bill is currently stated” with the intent” to destroy evidence in a criminal incident , to help victim or rapist, it is being altered since it is worthless and unnecessary in context.

    • GrannyKits

      They are of course trying to get around the “rape exception”.

  • Down with Republicans!

  • feeeo

    The Republicans are crazy.

  • S-3

    New Mexico – first likely victim of violent revolt & anarchy once wom en discover they no longer have the same rights as men.

    And can anyone believe a BITCH sponsored this noise at all???

    • InsideEye

      Bitchy as in gay bitchy?…I thought that would be alright then. 🙂

  • proposals such as this is really reactionary to certain people that have the strong tendency to speak before they think. Its really immature and usually people grow out of it after their childhood. One of our two major political parties have in recent times become havens for reactionary speech makers and are absolutely hurting themselves into possible extinction.

  • bstockinger

    These people are nuts. The real question is, are the people who vote for these people nuts? If this became law, does it mean that the state would be responsible for the live time care of the evidence (child) since the evidence would have in state custody at all times to prevent tampering with evidence?

    • InsideEye

      The state already takes care of all, the law as written states” with the intent” of destroying any evidence that can be used to exonerate victim or rapist. Hopefully it will not be passed. It is ambiguous as all / most laws are to protect the innocent and so lawyers / judges can be left with wiggle room.

      • LizGER

        I think “taking care” in this sence was more intendend to refer to financial care, i.e. paying for the child’s food, education, housing, etc.. Fair enough, if someone’s not allowed to abort they shouldn’t have to experience financial difficulties because of it and children sure are expensive, not everyone has sufficient funds for that. (Though a child wouldn’t have to stay in state custody forever seeing how at some point it’s DNA will have been tested so it’s not really evidence anymore. However where usually you can keep the evidential exhibits locked up or dispose of them both is obviously not possible for a child, so yeah, the mother shouldn’t have to pay for a child she was forced to keep in the first place.)
        As I said before, this whole reasoning is pointless and ridiculous because DNA can be taken from aborted material, so there’s no reason to force anyone to anything.

        • And the latest estimate I’ve read for the “financial care” of a child to age 18 is $275,000 – quite a penalty to dump onto a woman for caring for a child she doesn’t want.

          • InsideEye

            In phila, and NYC there is a a system to have children and have the government local…usually increase the benefits to the ” single mom”,…these people were actually discussing this and
            Plotting the ROI , I used to be very Liberal until I saw this happening and was almost a party to it in a sense. …2 different cities, the same thing. It seems some young ones would rather have children, live at home for free off the state. I was asked to give a note to indicate a lower salary than the Mom was actually getting, so that she can have subsidized housing. I drove her home one evening and found she had a better place than me. In Boston recently , there were 19000 supplemental assistance cards for food etc, given out and no return addresses to them. It is currently under wraps. There is much of this going on and we are paying for it

          • idamag

            inside, I think you will find that universal welfare reform enacted during Clinton’s time does not allow people to stay on welfare indefinately.

          • Progressive Patriot

            Hope that you took action on this to help the local governments put a stop to the waste, fraud and abuse. I’m reminded or Reagan’s Welfare Queen story that shaped decades of anti-safety net sentiment. The truth is that use of, and need for our social safety nets always rises under Republican and conservative administrations. And there is far more benefit to society than there is abuse. Besides, wasn’t this conversation about rape?
            If we’re going down this road, I’m much more concerned about the limitless corporate and 1% welfare abuses.

          • InsideEye

            Agreed, but one has to report the abuse to an agency that seems part of the corruption. I wish I could go into politics as a wealthy man, incorruptible , and clean things up or at least make abuses known to a fever point so things are changed. It amazes me tht politicians keep stating ” we know there is waste and fraud” yet they do nothing to root it out. The rules are written in the Bills for too much discretion. There is no good investigative journalism any more. Seems reporters are afraid to shake cages, maybe some of the findings are pointing too close to home. We should dissolve congress and start over, and have some public oversight, they seem to forget they are our servants.

          • Progressive Patriot

            I wish you could go into politics as a wealthy man too, Inside…
            I’m sure you’d do your best to clean things up. We sure could use that!
            You could team up with Bernie Sanders of Vermont 🙂

          • Progressive Patriot

            You are so right Inside…
            I think there are still some good ones (Sanders, Warren, Brown in Ohio, Alan Grayson in Florida to name a few), but the cage most definitely needs shaking. Congress will never change until we make them change. As for reporting, Eight Major Corporations own well over 80% of the media. That business needs to be forced to return to the business of News and Journalism to which you refer in your reply. How can we make decisions based on the pap we’re being fed now?

          • Lyn Huffstedtler

            Not only that, but what about if the woman has complications during the pregnancy? What if she has to stop work because of it? (Not at all a far-fetched proposition either.) Who will support her while she if off work? Why should she have to be off work to carry to term a fetus resulting from a violent attack? Is the rapist going to pay her medical bills? What if she doesn’t abort but the fetus is born severely premature? The NICU bills can run over a million dollars. Who is going to foot that bill? The rapist? The state? Who? Is he going to compensate her for any long-term debilitating medical problems if she suffers from any of them during the pregnancy? Do these nutty people think of any of this stuff in their quest to deny anyone, anywhere an abortion for any reason whatsoever?

          • idamag

            Lyn, and some states allow that vile sociopath into the woman’s life via the baby. The best thing to do, is to give every rape victim the morning after pill.

        • InsideEye

          I meant it as you describe, do dibble in DNA myself, the law is meaningless and un necessary.

    • Good one!!

  • It makes you wonder what kind of people would ever vote for someone like this.

    Sad. Insane. Republican.

  • Sierra111

    They should have added the words, “…until DNA evidence can be obtained. After which, the victim may obtain an abortion if she so wishes.” Otherwise, this is another attack on women!

  • The ideas coming out of the GOP just get better and better. Why is it they only care about you until you are born and then you are on you’re own!

  • garak99

    WTF is it with these Republicans all these Middle Age balding white overweight men feel they need to make decisions for poor uneducated weak girls (that word was on purpose) other than Catholic Priest would back these do do laws ?

    • idamag

      gara, try the word, “bully.” It is easier to attack a scared, pregnant rape victim than crooked banks.

  • Dol5

    I am amazed at the number of crazies out there. Where do they come from? I am tired of people telling me I MUST conform to their ways and beliefs. My ways may be different, but I do not insist that they must agree with me. God made us all different. HELP!

  • What is it with the GOP and women? One would think they didn’t have mothers, daughters or wives.

    There would be no reason to make a rape baby come to term to use as ‘evidence’, the aborted cells would be just as good. After all, all you need is the DNA test, which could actually be done in vitro. This isn’t about ‘saving evidence’ this is nothing but pure misogyny and it’s disgusting.

    Who votes for these Neanderthals?

    • BDC_57

      They would rather go after women then the real problem jobs economy.

  • stcroixcarp

    What does the bill say should be done with the born baby of rape when it is no longer a crime scene? This is creepy beyond belief.

  • why don’t you republicans wake up this is 2013 not 1900 you people are crazy start paying your fair share of taxes

  • geewilly

    Aaaah…the party of smaller, less intrusive government…. only if you are a white, male republican… What has happened to our wonderful country?

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    Oh my God. How can any woman be a Republican? Talk about being on the wrong side in hostile territory. If Republicans don’t hate women they sure do an excellent job of acting like they do. Wow. This is just nuts!

    • idamag

      I would guess that she packs her Bible to an evangelical church twice a week and feel so good about her piety.

  • Dominic, you continue to impress me. What is painfully evident to me is that the push to the far right did not assert itself until Obama became president. Any guesses why? One guess – racism. The GOP of today has a twisted view of freedom for the reasons stated below.

    • InsideEye

      Is racism not over since 100percent of Blacks voted for Obama, …so the remainder had to be white voting and not all were democrats. Racism is being perpetuated by democrats it seems, Republicans gain nothing from it as a platform. It works against them. Was it not Jesse Jackson that said, As he was walking down a dark street in Chiacgo,” I hope the man I hear following me is white” as he turns around…paraphrasing. Harry Reid, saying ” Obama may not be black enough to be president” , Birch Bayh ,Democratic senator, a KKK grand dragon, there are racist in every mix or people that make ” so called racist remarks. This is not a “republican” branding.

  • idamag

    Tampering with evidence? The rape kit gives dna, what evidence? I wonder if the heat, in Texas, addles their brains. I wouldn’t want to give birth to a rapist’s child. How disgusting to punish the victim.

  • I’m pro~life and I don’t support this bill, so your rhetoric propaganda against pro~lifers does not hold true with me. That’s the only problem I have with this article.

    • idamag

      Chris, I like your answer about access to birth control.

    • ALTreality

      You know, most of the GOP’s problems could be solved by two words: Birth Control. Don’t like welfare mothers that keep having more babies and are collecting food stamps? Better access to Birth Control. Don’t like the fact that brown and black people are starting to outnumber old white men as your voting demographic? Birth Control. Want to slow down and eventually stop all abortions? Birth Control.

      Why is this concept so hard for the GOP to grasp? Personally, I think women should stop having sex with all the Right-Wing lunatic fringe Republicans, so maybe we can put these backward thinkers on the endangered species list.

      • InsideEye

        Perhaps, no sexual activity until one is eighteen or twenty one and married, so that children can be properly taken care of , and the man made to support/ pay for his offspring if the woman is not financially capable. Also abortions should be a mandatory requirement if passion drives over our control limit as in China until one reaches the age of reason …..what ever that is. Unfortunately abortion is being used as a post- failed contraceptive solution. This is quite a dangerous procedure. Some may say that abortions are not readily available….not so. Planned ( unplanned) Parenthood is open all day in Brooklyn , 42st and 3rd. They may also perform other incidental like mammograms, and other procedures to fund procedures for our young ones who have no condoms…unlikely in NY since you get one in kindergarten and keep it In your wallet…..I still have mine…. I waited til I got married……a fool I was…..too traditional I guess.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Well, the religious right has done all they can to prevent sex education in our schools, which to me would prevent a lot of these pregnancies.

          IF these parents of these kids don’t teach them, the school system must.

          And BTW, it’s not only kids who need education. Lots of adults don’t use counterceptives either.

          Getting married before you have sex isn’t going to ensure 18 years of support of the child.

          Abortion should be totally available, no matter what age, with no hassles or stigma attached to it.

          Enough of this BS.

          • InsideEye

            As I said abortions should be mandatory for our youngsters, to give them a dose of real life decisions. There used to be classes in high school ..role acting as if one had a family and a child to illustrate the responsibilities required for parenthood……this excercise would be enough to wake up our iPhone mesmerized students. ….possibly to avoid marriage all together….perhaps tha t is why there are later marriages or little at all already…..

    • Progressive Patriot

      Thanks for speaking up Chris. Your sensibility is greatly appreciated. I’m guessing there are a lot more out there like you with similar beliefs and values, than there are the extremists.
      You mentioned “Pro-choice propaganda.” Is there such a thing as pro-life propaganda?

  • jstsyn

    I think we might find better adjusted people in an insane asylum. What is wrong with these people and how do they get any air time? With people like this around they want to ban our weapons? LOL.

  • jon

    Wow .Scary.I think it might be about time for an installment payment on our freedoms.It’s not cheap,cost lots of Blood.

  • This is the republican party talking like this, they should be put in prison they are dangerous to society.

  • latebloomingrandma

    Perhaps the women in NM can countersue for “assault with a biological weapon.”

  • jiggymama

    The GOP/republican party is a cancer to this country.

  • GrannyKits

    All the other Neanderthals. There are waaay too many of them, whether this is because of the education systems (that the Republicans have messed with big time) or what is the question.

  • GrannyKits

    All the other Neanderthals who have refused to evolve. This may be due to the education systems that the Republicans have messed with in a big way.

  • What evidence is being tampered with? The rapist leaves his DNA in the sperm he has left in the woman andwhat ever is needed for that DNA test can be taken right after the rape, which does not abort the material needed to make a baby, They have the evidence they need and if the woman gets pregnant there is no need to make her carry that biogoical matter to term so a baby is born. The woman that introduced this bill needs an education about what it is like for a woman to have to carry a rapist’s child for nine months and give birth to child that was unplanned and unwanted because there are so many people want to interfer with the rights of others. Are they going to jail a woman for years if she miscarries the baby making material because according to doctors when a woman has a miscarriage that is nature’s way of ABORTING the baby to be because there is something wrong with it or the woman is unable to carry it to term. If Republicans sent as much on improving the Country as they do on interfering in Women Health rights we would get back to a better economy and a brighter outlook for the nation.

  • Pamby50

    I like at the end of the article as an update, she is horrified that the bill is being portrayed that way & will revise it. Sorry. There is no revision that will change what you meant. Women who are raped must carry to term the baby in order to prove the charge of rape. Well that certainly shuts down Todd Aiken’s assertion that a woman’s body has a way of shuting that whole thing down. That your state is one of the 31 that gives the rapist costodial rights, is insane. Just keep right on punishing the woman at all cost.

    • idamag

      Pam, how about murdouk’s “devine rape.” God meant for it to happen.

  • Lyn Huffstedtler

    They are using this bill and bills like it to incrementally chip away at Roe v Wade. That is the ultimate goal. You notice that they never, ever, ever go after the sexual behavior of males. Only women. And they can’t defend that in this day and age with “well, we have no way of knowing who the father is, but we do know who the mother is”. A simple test now will determine paternity. But these types of solutions are never brought forth by them. It’s as if they want to punish all women for being female.

  • Lyn Huffstedtler

    They are trying to stop people having sex altogether. Birth control to them means that sex is un-coupled from procreation, and that (for them) is a big no-no. They don’t want anyone having sex and not facing “the consequences” for it, ESPECIALLY not women. (See Rick “The Sweater” Santorum)

  • ENetArch

    It is unfortunate. Apparently the only way these laws will be overridden, is by the same method many restrictive gay laws have been overridden, place the law maker or judge in the difficult position of having to argue whats right for themselves, by getting them pregnant. Yes ladies and gentlemen, by tapping my foot in an airport bathroom stall, i am not asking the guy next door to have sex with me.

  • dtgraham

    This is really, really sick. I’m not even talking about the ban on aborting the rapist’s child on the grounds of crime scene contamination (huh?). The jaw dropper was the law allowing the rapist to have visitation rights and parental custody of the child, if he so chooses, in 31 states.

    My wife is big on politics and watches most of the political shows but she’s never followed American politics the way I always have. She only has a cursory understanding of U.S. politics, and I had to spend a considerable amount of time convincing her that this story from the National Memo was actually true. She knows me well and she thought I was pulling her leg. No wonder.

    What kind of sick minds would conceive of laws that would mandate that convicted rapists should have visitation and parental rights of their victim’s offspring after (presumably) serving time? This kind of stuff is Talibanesque or Talibanlight, and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. I can’t believe it. I really can’t.

    • InsideEye

      It is too much freedom, we can not place mentally Ill into institutions, but we can take away a child from a parent who seemingly abuses the child. There is a need to have lay people make Bills or laws and have an impact study made by the “normal”of us , like you and me, of course. We need a benevolent / sensible ,dictatorship for a decade or so.

    • idamag

      That is the most horrible thing, allowing rapists parental rights. What goes on in the minds of those who think up these things?

  • roguerunners

    If there was not a rape kit obtained, collect the aborted fetus for your DNA.
    Problem solved.

  • A woman is raped and you want her to have his baby? Are you kidding? What is wrong with these republicans? Are they on drugs? I think they need to be tested. Start with the brain if there is one.

  • 1bythebrooks2

    The author of the bill is horrified about how it is being interpreted? How about it is being interpreted just as she wrote it and intended it to be! Ludicrous!

  • A Republican female legislator wrote this bill?? My, she has been greatly influenced by the likes of Akin and Murdock, oh yes, and Paul Ryan. Those Republican politicians need to stop focusing on women and what they can and cannot do to/with their bodies. Abortion is a very personal thing to a woman, and to try to force her into carrying her rapist’s child is cruel and unusual punishment!! The guy is the one that needs to be punished for having committed the rape!! But that female Republican obviously has no thoughts on that! Shame on her!! I am not keen on abortion, however, I do not believe a woman should be forced to carry her rapist’s child. Yes, I know, it is NOT the child’s fault yet he/she is the one that pays the ultimimate price.

  • I wonder just how many Republican men would insist their wives and daughters, if raped, they carry the children of their rapists??? I bet they would be knocking down the doors of the abortion clinics to get THEIR wives and daughters “treated” for abortions!!! The Republicans need to stop dictating to women!! It is funny how the Republican Conservatives are so against abortions but most of them are guilty of, oh no, adultery and having babies out of wedlock…….with their mistresses while married. Guess they see that as A-OK?? One of God’s Ten Commandments is, “Thou shalt not commit adultery”, isn’t it?? They are such hypocrites!!