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Friday, April 20, 2018

Oct. 16 (Bloomberg View) — Even Senator John McCain has surrendered. A steadfast supporter of immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, McCain essentially acknowledged yesterday in Georgia that his party’s anti-immigration forces have demolished any hope of soon legalizing the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

McCain’s assessment is as unimpeachable as it is irrational. In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he said, “I understand now, especially in my home state of Arizona, that these children coming, and now with the threat of ISIS … that we have to have a secure border.”

Follow that? Immigration reform, including the legalization of millions of immigrants already living in the U.S., is on hold because tens of thousands of Central American children have surrendered to border authorities. Also, because a sadistic army is killing people in Syria and Iraq. McCain, often a summer soldier when the forces of demagogy call, was perhaps too embarrassed to link Ebola to the new orthodoxy; of course, others already have.

It’s hard to see how Republicans walk this back before 2017 — at the earliest. What began with the national party calling for immigration reform as a predicate to future Republican relevancy has ended with complete capitulation to the party’s anti-immigration base. Conservatives are busy running ads and shopping soundbites depicting immigrants as vectors of disease, criminality and terrorism, a 30-second star turn that Hispanic and Asian voters, in particular, may not entirely relish.

“The day after the 2014 election,” emailed immigration advocate Frank Sharry, Republicans will “face a future defined by an anti-Latino and anti-immigrant brand and the rapid and relentless growth of Latino, Asian-American and immigrant voters.”

Sharry is bitter about the Republican rejection of comprehensive immigration reform. And public opinion has turned against immigration in the wake of the border influx of Central Americans earlier this year. But is Sharry’s analysis skewed? There has never been a convincing “day after tomorrow” plan for Republicans if they abandon reform and embrace their most anti-immigrant wing.

Yet it looks as if Republicans have done just that. “Secure the border” is an empty slogan and practical nightmare. But if you’re a conservative politician desperate to assuage (or exploit) what writer Steve Chapman calls the “deep anxieties” stirred by “brown migrants sneaking over from Mexico,” it’s an empty slogan with legs. It will be vastly easier for Republicans running in 2016 to shout “secure the border!” than to defy the always anxious, politically empowered Republican base. Perhaps Republicans in Congress will muster some form of Dream Act for immigrant youth or a visa sop to the tech industry, but they seem incapable of more.

In that case, the path of least resistance — and it has been many years since national Republicans have taken a different route — will be to continue reassuring the base while alienating brown voters. (After six years in which Republicans’ highest priority has been destruction of the nation’s first black president, it’s doubtful black voters will be persuadable anytime soon.) The party’s whole diversity gambit goes out the window. The White Album plays in perpetuity on Republican turntables.

That would be a significant problem if it resulted only in the marginalization and regionalization of the nation’s conservative party. But a racial hunkering down in an increasingly multi-racial nation will not be a passive or benign act. Pressed to the demographic wall, Republicans will be fighting to win every white vote, not always in the most high-minded manner. Democrats, likewise, will have a powerful incentive to question the motives and consequences of their opponents’ racial solidarity.

Immigration has always been about more than race. November’s election will go a long way toward making it about nothing else.

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283 Responses to Republicans Pave The Way To All-White Future

  1. “In that case, the path of least resistance — and it has been many years
    since national Republicans have taken a different route — will be to
    continue reassuring the base while alienating brown voters. (After six
    years in which Republicans’ highest priority has been destruction of the
    nation’s first black president, it’s doubtful black voters will be
    persuadable anytime soon.) The party’s whole diversity gambit goes out
    the window. The White Album plays in perpetuity on Republican turntables.”

    Nuts, nuts, nuts…. The Libs are getting nuttier all the time. Again you alienate yourselves by proclaiming we don’t like Obama because of his brown skin when it is his policies we hate. As far as the Hispanics crossing the border. There are WAY too many under-educated Latinos here. They get all the freebies, housing, milk for the babies, take all the jobs and commit many of the crimes. How do I know this. I live in the most Latino infested state in the union. Gee, I wonder why so many are leaving. Pretty soon they might as well annex this state to Mexico. Whoa! Two hundred and twenty million spent on Illegals. You just don’t get it.

        • And there goes the mental retard with just more nonsensical blather. See my comment to you earlier. Immigrants and illegals did more over the downturn to keep America afloat than any other specific ethnic sector of the country.

          • Why should illegals be rewarded for breaking the law. What is it you don’t understand about illegal?

          • What is it you don’t understand about “rounding them up ISN’T FREE!! The Obama administration HAS IN FACT deported more than 1.5 million ILLEGALS over the past 5 years; focusing their efforts on rounding up and deporting the ILLEGAL WHO HAVE BEEN CREATING PROBLEMS AND COSTING THE U.S. LOTS OF DOLLARS.

            Obama has deported more troublesome illegals in the past 5 years than any 8-year president deported during their two terms.

          • Are you saying since it cost to arrest illegals, we should let them go. Should we let rapist, bank robbers, murderers, go free also because it cost money to catch them? Still wondering what you don’t understand about the word illegal. And why should we reward illegals?

          • Just more stupidity: the vast majority of illegals ARE NOT CAUSING A PROBLEM, in fact, the majority of them are working doing jobs that native born Americans won’t do. And they pay taxes, spend money and during 2013, illegals contributed 18 billion to the Texas economy. Spending loads of money seeking out and deporting these illegals IS PURE STUPIDITY!!

            THEY ARE NOT RAPING PEOPLE, THEY ARE NOT COMMITTING ROBBERIES or doing anything nefarious. IN FACT, illegal aliens commit far fewer crimes than native born Americans. And why?? Because despite you being totally stupid THEY AREN’T!!

            The vast majority of illegals are here to work so they can send money back home to their families. And smart enough to know that if they get caught doing something illegal, they’ll get deported and all that will end. Studies have shown that American cities where the most Hispanics live, and that includes illegals, have lower crime rates than cities with fewer Hispanics.


          • You have absolutely no concept of reality. You make up numbers and studies and believe they are real. You want to pick and choose which laws to enforce in our country. You keep complaining about money spend on law enforcement, but love giving money to food stamps, free medical care, free housing for illegals. If we had more people like you in the 40’s we would all be speaking Japanese or German now.

          • And the lies just keep spewing out of your mouth!!! The Obama administration has concentrated on rounding up the ‘troublesome’ illegals and has deport ed more of those within the 1.5 million illegals that have been deported over the past 5 years, THAN ANY PREVIOUS PRESIDENT DEPORTED IN EVEN 8 YEARS IN OFFICE!! YOU ARE A FLAT OUT LIAR!!!!

          • Sorry!! I know what you’re Googling!! You’re right-wing biased lying through their teeth websites!!!

          • I wouldn’t waste my time with those RWNJ nitwits.

            Only a moron wouldn’t realize that if the Obama administration did as you even remotely suggested, nitwit Republicans in the House and Faux News would have made something like that front page news for months!!! Turning loose illegal immigrants that have been convicted for rape, and other crimes- How idiotic can you be!!! Get real!!!!!

          • Independent1 isn’t about to waste his time reading the truth, he just likes to call people names and yell the loudest with his lies and made up numbers. He is just an example of the tolerant left. They are tolerant of others until they disagree with them. Then it is all name calling and yelling.

          • I find it’s typical of liberals everywhere, on all sites. It is what they do. I even find them on conservative sites doing the same thing.

          • You are correct to ignore ken’s supposed research. He posted an item that stated all mass shooters were Democrats. When challenged he produced a link to some right wing website that listed a number of shooters (actually of the listed shooters hadn’t shot anyone). The site stated all the shooters were Democrats or had voted for President Obama. In researching the list, it turned out 2 were from Virginia where you don’t register with a party affiliation, so not sure how they were deemed to be Democrats. Another was stated to have voted for the president, again not sure how that was determined since a person’s vote ie private. Still another was a registered alien therefore couldn’t register to vote. Kendoll’s reply was to say he believe what he had written, I know the right wing bubble world is hard to penetrate with facts. He just tends to be another angry old man who can’s stand be marginalized.

          • Thanks for updating me on more false leads from kenndeb. I still have a hard time understanding how trolls like kenndeb, Joe Schmoo, itsfun and many others can actually live with themselves realizing that they’re spending hours everyday doing nothing but posting one lie or distortion of the truth after another. How can these people not feel guilty, and even dirty at some point, realizing they’re nothing more than pathological liars??

          • Ken and Joe Schmoe love to keep writing about how this country is going downhill or has become a 3rd world country. I guess that makes them feel that they are of some value, too bad they don’t lie to deal with provable facts and rely on sites like Breitbart & WND for their information. I tend to not respond to these trolls but some times they write such ridiculous trash.

          • You know, shitsfun, you are absolutely right: Why should we reward crime? Let’s send back all of those European immigrants who committed crimes and atrocities along with their anchor babies.


          • Apparently you don’t understand what illegal means either. You just want to call names and say nothing.

          • Sure, I understand illegal — as in illegal European immigrants. That would include you. You may leave now — bye!

          • why would you want to send people to Europe when liberals are pushing for a European style government? I know you want a Mexican style government.

          • You just love to post long list of nonsensical numbers, and regime propaganda, but actually say nothing of any import. Illegals cost us money, and jobs. If they want to be American citizens, they should do it just like EVERY other immigrant group did before. The cost us by being on the welfare rolls. Most are unskilled and can only do work that our kids should be doing. We have little or no need for illegals in this country. Only the liberal mind could justify allowing EVERYONE to come to this country, just by walking across our borders.

          • So you are saying that congress should give the president enough money to round up 11 million illegals and deport them, It should only cost 50 billion dollars up front and then 120 billion to build the wall and 21 billion a year to maintain it. If you think it’s worth it to have the crops go unpicked.

          • Congress should not give anything to the Emperor. They should take care of it themselves, and hopefully will once our government is back in the hands of Americans. We need to secure our borders first and foremost. What it costs to remove the illegals, and to build a wall will be offset by not having to support the tens of millions here or soon to be.

          • Yah right, How would you secure the borders? I would like to know. How much will it cost?
            If every single illegal gets welfare you would only save 1 billion dollars per year, are you will to spend 21 billion dollars to save 1 billion dollars, make sense to me.

          • I think the security of our country should come first, at whatever cost. Removing those illegals already here would help pay the cost, but regardless, we need to secure our borders. The regime wants to invite them to come across as they will, ANYONE.
            How would I secure the border? Two electrified fences about a mile apart. Between the two fences there would be mine fields, and automated gun turrets. A virtual no-man’s-land, where anything venturing into that area would be destroyed. Cameras and drones would complete the security. I doubt it would take too long before the invasion stops with a system like that. But of course, that will not help when the Emperor tells the border patrol to let everyone in, and personally extends an invitation to anyone and everyone to come across our unsecured borders.

          • So you want the president to break the law that Bush passed on dealing with children at the border. You also would waste money setting up a no mans land that would be useless, it didn’t work for anyone else in the world and would cost trillions to do.

          • What you’re failing to realize, is that according to the CBO who did an extensive study of the situation, found that on the negative side – STATES SPEND VERY LITTLE TO SUPPORT ILLEGALS BEYOND WHAT THEY SPEND FOR THEIR LEGAL CITIZENS!!

            Aside from states like California which has America’s largest population of illegals and spends between 3-5% of its budget, most states spend effectively peanuts – less than .5% of their budgets on illegals.

            But offsetting those expenses, Illegals spend billions of dollars in their local economies, boosting the economy; They also start businesses that boost their local economies and in addition 50-75% of illegals pay income and social security taxes; contributing an estimated 7 billion to Social Security and Medicare, neither of which they can use as illegals, which helps extend the live of SS and cut Medicare’s losses.

          • As Ebola moves into Central America, then into Mexico, just watch the numbers of people walking into the US with the disease.

          • Yeah, Obamacare would be your only hope, you nitwit. We see what the Texas goobers have done for Texas healthcare, yes?

            Go back in your trailer and behave yourself.

        • And they’ve reinforced that desire by refusing to expand Medicaid in 24 Red States, even while knowing that it has been projected that their refusal to expand Medicaid will result in as many as 17,000 people dying premature lives in 2014.

        • When Palin and Bachman refer to “Death Panels” they neglected to tell their followers it was comprised of the GOP legislators at the State and Federal levels.

    • We get it: You are a bigot.

      Everyone knows that your description: “…get all the freebies, housing, milk for the babies, take all the jobs and commit many of the crimes…” actually describes ignorant rednecks best — except for the jobs part. Redneck goobers are the biggest freeloaders in the country.

      I have an idea: Why don’t all of you European immigrants who have become sordid bigots and haters jump into a leaky boat and leave? Then we will have more room for good, non-bigot, non-hating people who actually believe in working for a living. America will be better off, and the rest of us won’t have to put up with you intolerant, hateful, whining and sniveling about OTHER immigrants.

    • You’re just too mentally deficient to get it, aren’t you???

      As WhutHeSaid pointed out, it’s not the liberals in America who are THE BIG TAKERS, it’s clearly CONSERVATIVES!!

      Yup!! actually, more than 80% of welfare and food stamp benefits go to guess who!! REPUBLICAN GOVERNED STATES AND EVEN COUNTIES IN BLUE STATES!!

      Back in 2012, of the 456 counties in America that suck the most welfare (including food stamps) more than 90% of those counties (421) voted for Mitt Ronney in his 2012 failed election!!

      When are you either going to be SMART ENOUGH TO GET IT????

        • No Regime!! I’m long since retired and find it energizing researching HONEST FACTS TO COUNTER YOUR AND YOUR OTHER LYING TROLLS PATHOLOGICAL LIES UPON LIES UPON LIES!!!

        • Oh! And many times, I just keep track of studies that are published via the many news services that I subscribe to. One that came out just this week should interest you – THE STATES WITH THE WORST QUALITY OF LIFE.

          You might guess that I wasn’t surprised when the study found that 9 of the 10 states with the “WORST QUALITY OF LIFE” were Red States – now would you???

          Here they are for you, complements of 24/7 Wall Street:

          The 10 states with the low disposable incomes, high rates of poverty, high rates of homicide and relatively low voter turnout.

          9 of the 10 States withthe worst quality of life are Red States
          Analysis by 24/7 Wall Street
          Disposable income/Percent
          in poverty/Homicide Rate per 100,000/% that vote


        • kenndeb, please, these figures are freely available and are hardly “propoganda”

          What is it that you are really upset about? I don’t buy many of the arguments that you are mad because the President is black, but you clearly are upset. However, you rarely talk about what the root of your anger and frustration is – what is it that is really driving you? And please don’t say things like “socialism, communism, emporer, and regime”: those are all twisted perceptions driven by whatever it is that the root problem may be. What is up?

    • Well, given that absolutely no policies had been proposed or were in place when the “make him fail at any cost” statements began, starting with Mitch McConnell, you’ll understand why we think you are a liar.

      • And the “any cost” hurt our country and the Middle class and the poor. But they claim Obama is not an American. They must be looking at their reflections when they say that.

    • We need to secure the borders, and remove ALL illegals. Why should American taxpayers support those that are already breaking our laws? The regime only wants these illegals to become dem voters, illegal or not. With an open border, all of the WEmperors buds will be coming across, planning the nexrt terror attack on US soil.

      • We need to remove the despicable illegal European immigrants like YOU first.

        You redneck goobers have wonderful trailer parks, more rusty pickup trucks than you can shake a stick at, plentiful cheap beer, and your monthly gubmint benefits — but are you happy? No! You have to whine and snivel and squeal about OTHER immigrants as if they were going to invade your Saturday night beer-fart contests.

        We need good people in this country, so why don’t all of you despicable European immigrant haters go jump off the edge of the Earth? America will be grateful, and we can make room for REAL people who work for a living and don’t hump their sisters.

      • Maybe it’s because illegals and other immigrants not only do jobs that virtually no native born American would do, jobs which help drive the economy. And maybe it’s because, immigrants, including illegals, pay billions of dollars in taxes, including over 7 billion into Social Security, which they can’t even benefit from, an example being that in 2013, illegals in Texas, contributed over 18 billion dollars to the Texas economy.

        It’s only totally illiterates such as yourself, who are too mentally challenged to realize that immigrants, including illegals are a driving force in America – over the past decade, immigrants, including illegals, have actually started more than 30% of the new businesses in America; being one of the biggest sectors of America to truly help America survive.

          • Tell you what!! Why don’t you make that idiotic statement to the hundreds of companies in Alabama who threatened to either leave the state or have to go bankrupt when Alabama enacted the toughest immigration law in the nation that resulted in illegals and even legals fleeing the state!! After all the immigrants fled Alabaman hundreds of Alabama companies claimed they simply could not find people left in Alabama who would do the jobs that the immigrants had been doing, and if Alabama didn’t change their strict law, they simply could not keep open in that state. Needless to say, Alabama quickly changed their idiotic law. And their still trying to figure out how they can enact something similar without getting a similar reaction.

            Also at the time, Mercedes Benz threatened to pull out of the state because the CEO of the American branch of Mercedes claimed Alabama had set such a negative tone against all aliens, that Mercedes no longer wanted to operate in the state. Idiots like yourself need to wake up to the fact that harsh immigration laws could have a devastating negative impact on the American economy.

          • ” Idiots like yourself need to wake up to the fact that harsh immigration laws could have a devastating negative impact on the American economy.”
            We aren’t idiots, but we have already waken up to how bad immigration reform can be. Just look at what we let in illegally, and now he sits in Our White House. We need stricter immigration laws. We need to close our borders to the invasion we now have.

          • Come on!! Tell us all about “HOW BAD IMMIGRATION REFORM CAN BE”. Tell us all the horror stories – come on!! Let’s hear them!!!

            Got some more garbage to make up??????

          • Immigrants aren’t the problem. It’s VILE immigrants like YOU. You need to head straight for the nearest coastline and self-deport your vile immigrant self back to that European shit-hole you escaped from. Perhaps the hangman has forgotten about your family’s crimes by now.

          • You really are a nasty piece , aren’t you? I doubt you can be at all civil, especially seeing you have forsaken your rehab program. Back on the coke again are we?

          • Yeah, I’m the nasty one. You drooling bigots come out here and spew hate continuously against immigrants, the President, black unarmed teenagers who were gunned down, people with different sexual orientations from you (as if it was any of your vile business) — yet it’s ME that is the vile one for calling you out.

            You just don’t get it, do you? Keep acting like an asshole and people will treat you like an asshole.

          • Yeah, guess that’s why , even on this site, people tend to shy away from you. I even remember one of the authors telling you that you needed to tone down your vileness.

          • Yeah, that’s why you have less up-votes than the number of your posts. That means that, on average, less than one person agrees with you every time you post. That’s a pretty dismal record, and the real measure of how other posters see you — aside from them publicly slamming you for your vileness.

          • No, illegals actually start their own businesses – I never said that the only work they did was jobs that Americans wouldn’t do. But they most times don’t have the skills, training or education to take jobs away from Americans. I said earlier that immigrants actually started 30% of the new businesses in America over the past decade.

      • Boy I bet there are secret bases that all the illegals go to to be indoctinated into the Liberal mind set! That has to be it since you are so sure everyone of the illegals will vote! Wait, that would be the voter fraud you are always harping about! Whatever!!

      • kkkennboobs, your irrational fears are showing again. So many lions tigers and bears oh my! You better go buy some more guns for your silly arsenal. And listen to the Beatles white album some more, especially the piece about happiness is a warm gun, oh yes it is.

    • And if there are liberals on welfare and food stamps in the welfare sucking Republican governed states and counties, it’s because of the failed governance of REPUBLICANS!!

      Idiot legislators and governors who 1) WON’T EXPAND MEDICAID, which forces many liberals on reduced incomes to spend so much money on their health care they can’t also afford to buy food; 2) INSIST ON PASSING ‘RIGHT TO WORK LAWS’ that allow employers in their states to pay below a livable wage, 3) WON’T RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE, which like #2 allows employers to pay their help next to nothing; 4) STUPIDLY REDUCED STATE BUDGETS DURING A RECESSION which threw many state employees out of work, slowing their state’s economy which forced more people out of work and FORCED MANY MORE RED STATE RESIDENTS, INCLUDING LIBERALS THAT LIVE IN THESE IDIOT RED STATES, OUT OF WORK AND NEEDING WELFARE AND FOOD STAMPS!!!!!

    • It probably does sound nuts to you. Because your Party elite is lying
      to you. And, if they leveled with you, I’ll guarantee, you wouldn’t support them. And whats more, they know it. I realize I’m alienating
      myself from the Right Wing, when I point out their obvious game of
      playing to your biases, distracting you with slogans like,”First secure
      the border.” Because, one, they know you haven’t traveled the length of the border. And, two, that they have no idea how they would do such an impossible thing. That’s if, they wanted to. Which, three, they absolutely do not. In fact, taking all the jobs, because they are illegal immigrants, and because they are illegal, can’t go to the wage, and hour division, or sue, or need to be covered by a healthcare plan, is a Republican’s idea of the perfect employee. And they only get to keep them, if they can keep supporters like you bamboozled. And never allow anything about the current situation to change. And why would they? Sure it bilks the taxpayers, and it exploits the immigrants. So what? Seems to be the question of the Republican elite. It’s your money paying for their dirt cheap labor, not theirs. So, if I make it sound like I think they are making a fool out of their constituents (you,) then now you’re beginning to understand a nutty Liberal. Because, there’s no way they are leveling with you. And that’s only on immigration. We could also talk about the Republican Party’s strong ties with the Chinese Communist. And how the next Asian Trade Policy will give the Communist the ability to circumvent U.S. law.

    • Joe Schmo says ” I live in the most Latino infested state in the union”

      Hmmm, could the implication that Latinos are nothing but pests infesting your home suggest something about your attitudes?

      I think it fair to say that many people would be deeply offended by that specific comment alone – I know I am.

      • Yes, mah, EVERYTHING “deeply” offends you political correctness, “diversity” obsessed, moronic libtards.
        You and your ilk are pathetic.

        • Just saying, if you want people to take you seriously, try not to offend them with arrogant stupidity.

          I won’t be bothering to take you seriously.

          • mah: You won’t bother to take me seriously, not because I could be stupid, but because you do not have the intellectual wherewithal to do it.
            I repeat: you and your ilk area pathetic.

          • I assure you sir, I have the intellectual wherewithal to take on anyone, and the credentials to prove it.

            I simply have better things to do than listen to your angry whining.

            Bye, have a great night.

          • Good night to you too. It’s ok what you are doing: avoiding an argument when you don’t have the facts on your side and, even more so, when you are “deeply offended”.

          • Why don’t you list for us those “manufactured facts” and “liberal fabrications”. I’d really like to see those lists.

            And while you’re at it, how about including honest web sources for all the unadulterated lies that you spew every time you’re on the NM.

            Not RWNJ websites that are FABRICATED WITH LIES UPON LIES, but somewhat bone fide authoritative sources to justify all the garbage that you and your friendly RWNJ trolls spew on the NM!!!!

          • kenndeb, there were no facts raised in Louis’ comment, nor in the comments which preceded it. It was nothing but anger and ad hominem attack.

            Be careful not to display a lack of attention to detail, people take that as a sign of sloppy thinking and poorly developed reasoning.

          • Alright, Louis, now you want to argue facts. Shall we begin with your original post to which I responded, in which Latinos were refered to as an infestation. Fact: that is, prima facia, offensive. No argument holds against that fact.

            Now lets argue the facts in your eloquent response to my comment, and I’ll print it here in full so we can examine it closely. You said “”Yes, mah, EVERYTHING “deeply” offends you political correctness, “diversity” obsessed, moronic libtards.
            You and your ilk are pathetic.”

            So lets take a look, shall we? I’ll grant that those with more liberal perspectives are offended by loutish intolerance. I’ll grant you half a point for that. But then again, I’ll take that half a point back and charge that you, in this comment, displayed far more offense at a reasoned and supported comment than did I.

            Next, you launch into an opinion laced with ad hominems in which you call me, and by extension others, “moronic libtards” and “pathetic. The fact is that those are opinions, not reasoned argument. If you wish to argue facts, you might present a few yourself rather than relying on baseless character assassination.

            So, on the facts, you have no argument. It is not I that shies away from discussion, but you who hides from it by baseless and spineless name calling and derision.

            So, as I said before, I have better things to do than waste my time trying to reason with someone who clearly doesn’t have much familiarity with “reason”

          • I really do this article from LiveScience fits you pretty well:

            Low IQ and Conservative Beliefs linked to prejudice.

            There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

            The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

            “Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood,” he said.


        • Really??? Liberals are all that bad huh!! I gather you’re no Christian because Jesus was clearly a liberal.

          So what are all the damning things about liberals???

          Whatever they are, its a lot better than being a DEVIL WORHIPPING CONSERVATIVE!!!

          • Dependent: You are funny. Dumb, but funny still.
            P.S. – About Jesus being a liberal, that proves that you have a pea as a brain. Read the parable of the talents, you “oxy”moron.

          • You really have no clue what the parable of the talents is all about, do you? It has absolutely nothing to do with being Liberal or Conservative: it was all about how badly we want to get onto Heaven.

            God plants his seed of faith in our hearts depending on how needy we are; and he expects us to do something with that seed of faith to make it grow. Those who worked to multiply that seed of faith, becoming ever more faithful will be rewarded for their efforts; but those who stick that seed of faith somewhere in the back corners of their heart and do nothing to make it grow, will lose everything when Jesus returns.

            Conservatives are by nature lovers of the Devil. Jesus and Paul clearly taught that we should think of others more than ourselves. This is a virtual impossibility for a true conservative, because conservatism is an indication that someone considers how their actions will affect them before giving of themselves to others.

            That’s why GOP legislators always ask “who’s going to pay for this’ before they ever consider voting on even something like allocating funds to help people rebuild from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy.

            And it’s why virtually every Republican legislator has signed a pledge to a rich old man that they won’t vote for a piece of legislation that will raise taxes on the wealthy by even $1; THEY’RE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT WHETHER Grover Nordquist will help them get reelected in the next cycle, than they are about really helping the people who elected them to office.


            Even when Jesus told that rich conservative who came to him asking what it was he could do to better in the eyes of God, those words I just quoted – that little rich conservative couldn’t part with his worldly possessions and why? Because he was a conservative, and his welfare, right then, was more important than helping some else even if later that would get him into Heaven.

            You are just another blind conservatives, exactly like the Pharisees of Jesus time, who can’t see how wrong you are and so far from being anything close to what God would want you to be.

    • Joe Schmo, a perfect representation of EXACTLY what the Republican Party has devolved into!!! A completely offensive individual!!!

    • Joe, why not just admit it? You hate Obama because of his policies and his brown skin . . . and his furrin-soundin’ name and his supposed secret Muslim-fundamentalist Communism and anything else that occurs to you when the moon is full and the corn likker is a-flowin’.

      And I write this as someone who didn’t vote for Obama in the Democratic primaries in ’08 and might not have that November if John McCain hadn’t reached down through the bottom of the barrel for his VP choice in order to pander to all those wingnuts who still hadn’t forgiven him for not saluting the Stars and Bars back in the 2000 GOP primaries.

  2. Between the voter suppression and the lies about the border, the GOP is ensuring not only that it will be all white, but that it will not survive more than the next few election cycles….but by that time they may have so cemented the oligarchy their owners desire we may have lost our democracy permanently.

    • The most fascinating part of their opposition to immigration law reform designed to reduce the need to enter the USA illegally, is the fact that the only amnesty of illegal immigrants in recent decades was granted by none other than Ronald Reagan!

      • I read and follow your post here on TNM, and you are always a voice of reason and intellect! In responding to the likes of JoeSchmo or Kenndeb and a few others, who are always angry, divisive, racist and love to name call, how you maintain civility is a testament to your patience!

  3. Because the GOP sees itself as the house party, they don’t see the urgency of appealing to a national audience. If they win the senate it will be just barely so the strength in the house is their key. So gerrymandered into safe seats candidates can take any extreme position they want to and sill gets votes. Their erosion will come nationally and they are cementing their future presidential candidate into unrealistic positions that will become barriers to winning. Until minority voters start getting active, which they are not, the GOP will still have control of the southern senate vote. Once that dynamic changes it will be lights out for the White Christian party.

  4. Aw, you guys are too hard on the poor whites. They cannot help it, they typically come from states that defund education and have really low literacy rates. I think we should let the South secede and become the Third World Nation they strive to be. I am sick of the South sucking up all our tax dollars and not being able to contribute anything back. I live in ultra liberal California and we get back $1 for every $3 we pay in taxes, and most of the South gets about $3 for every $1 they pay in Federal taxes. It is not right that we should have to support them just because they are stupid.

    • It’s not so much that they are freeloaders and illiterate, rather, it’s the fact that they are so damn mouthy. That and what they do to those poor farm animals, which is just unforgivable.

        • I’ll make you a deal: I will try to be civil to you the day that you decide to butt out of other people’s personal lives and stop trying to force your vile beliefs upon others. Deal?

          • You really are In need of therapy. The only person I see butting into peoples personal lives is you, and no one is trying to force any beliefs on anyone, again, but you. Most people aren’t near as vile as you are.

          • The irony of a man who went as far as wishing the assassination of a U.S. President at the hands of terrorists talking about civility is inescapable. Reading your post about civility reminds me of our government sending election observers to Third World countries after the 2000 election sham.

          • You know the truth is that you took a comment, turned and twisted it, then you determined I had threatened the Emperor. I DID NOT. That was your delusion.

          • I read those posts, and I agree with Dominick. The posts were thinly-veiled murderous hate for a President simply because he’s black. You will lie about it, of course, because that’s what you do. But everyone knows better.

            ANY President deserves some measure of respect — even GW Bush. The fact that you bigots try to demean Obama constantly only ends up demeaning YOU.

          • I actually us to think that all presidents deserved respect until the Emperor started to show that he was not even remotely “presidential”. He is nothing but a ling sack. He hasn’t a clue of what being “president” is, nor will he ever. He is an anti American usurper that needs to be removed from our country.

          • You are a very sick puppy. I disagreed with Reagan and W’s policies, but I never insinuated anything remotely close to what you said – and continue to say. FYI, by definition, a President elected and re-elected by a solid majority of Americans cannot be an usurper. The most extreme ideologues among us consider him so because, in their twisted racist brains, he tarnished the pristine record of presidential portraits. Wake up and smell the coffee. This is not the America of the pre-civil rights era, and there is nothing you can do to change that reality…no matter how hard the Tea Party tries to “take us back” to that sad chapter in our history.

          • LOL. Touche. Ah it’s not so bad for poor kenndeb. His/her delusional Obama hatred OCD is probably covered by the affordable care act.

          • No Ken, nobody twisted your words. Even a conservative poster distanced himself from what you said. Had it been a different president, you would have gotten a knock on the door…

          • You see? That’s why people don’t even try to be civil with you. It’s none of your damn business who marries whom, and if you spew bigoted comments you will reap what you sow.

            The current President is black, so you need to accept the fact and stop your petulant whining about it. I can only imagine how you will whine and squeal when we have a female President or a Latino President.

            Stop worrying about other people’s lives. Stop lying about people that you hate because of their skin color. Have the sack to just admit why you hate them rather than lie about it. Are you so ashamed of yourself that you have to constantly invent excuses for your beliefs?

          • Sometimes fate gives you what you wish for, although often not in the way you wish it, so have a care.

  5. Opposition to amnesty and more immigration has nothing to do with race and ethnicity. It is about very real limit to the capacity of this country to provide for people. U.S. population growth is driven almost totally by immigration, and it is unsustainable. We have a finite resource base and we therefore cannot have permanent growth.

    • No one here cares about any reasonable comments. You are a racist because you don’t want to put Americans first before those that are already breaking our laws by just being here.

      • There are a few, but not many. I am sorry to say that many of the people on this site are partisan fanatics. I didn’t think there was anyone worse than right wing GOP’ers in that regard until I saw some of the people on here. Some of them, despite claiming to be progressive, actually say that workers who are unemployed should not be counted just because they haven’t “looked” for a job, whatever that means.

        • I’m fed up with parties, yet I will be backing republicans and conservatives just to try to get this country back on track. I’m always called a liar but I am a registered democrat, and have always voted democrat, but I can not support a totally secret, lawless government that puts near everything and everyone ahead of its people.

          • I understand where you are coming from. I personally don’t see much a difference between the two parties. The are both owned by big business and multinational corporations (and in the case of the Democrats many of them are either very cynical or very stupid in portraying themselves as the party of working people). I think each candidate needs to be evaluated on his/her own merits.

        • Your problem is that you believe you can simply repeat lies ad nauseum until they become fact. It just doesn’t work that way.

          It’s the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the rest of the civilized world who believe that you can’t count people who aren’t looking for work in the official unemployment rate, because those people willingly remove themselves from the workforce by not even trying to find work. The BLS (and the civilized world) isn’t going to change it’s statistical calculations just because an immigrant-hating bigoted European immigrant hates the current black President.

          • Yeah, that’s another reason why you redneck bigot goobers don’t get much respect: You can’t read. Jimmy boy was served up plenty of facts and statistics and refuses to accept even his OWN numbers because the President is black.

          • No, not everyone — just racists. Everyone can spot when there is a legitimate gripe versus racist ranting. Calling the US President things like ’emperor’ or ‘tyrant’ is a dead giveaway.

          • Yeah, and besides — he’s black. We get it already.

            Honestly, nobody cares what you think, just as long as you toe the line. America elected President Obama, and you will just follow the program, boy. Got it?

          • “My” numbers reveal an uemployment/underemployment scenario that is miserable for ordinary people, and I do accept those numbers. If you look at another post I sent your way today, you will see that surveys indicate that most Americans agree with me.

          • Nobody agrees with you except other bigots. The post you cited was a triple-right-wing hack job. Even the numbers you yourself cite from the BLS disprove your argument, although you appear too dense to realize it.

          • That’s actually a very conservative number. I has read it is well over 12%, worst than it was during the great depression. Couple that with the increased number of food stamp recipients, and we are in really bad shape.

          • You idiot. The unemployment rate in 1933 was 25%. It has never gotten that high since, and it’s currently 5.9%. You drooling bigots need to quit worrying about trying to demean the black President and get a life.

          • How can you agree with something that the regime says is not true? You know that only approved government propaganda is allowed on this site.

          • You are a very very hateful and unforgiving soul. So typical of your kind. You need to get over yourself. This country will never be the same and I believe you will take it down a notch with your ideology. Besides if you are a hard worker and have a job then you wouldn’t have gotten there without the fact that this was America and it came from a culture that you hate. Doesn’t make sense…..

          • Nah — I just dislike vile and despicable bigots and racists, so to you I may appear hateful. You are free to see it any way you wish, and I forgive your for your mistake.

          • If people are out of work and want to work and there are more workers than there are jobs, they are unemployed, period. Only in a sheltered bureaucratic environment where people are nothing more than statistics do these people not count.

          • If you want to work then you would be looking for work and therefore counted. Don’t you read the comments you reply too?

          • What if there are no jobs to look for? Many of these people believe that to be the case, and in a way they are right. There are more workers than there are jobs available, so people are going to be left standing when the music stops.

          • The music never stops. If you want a job you have to actively look for one. If you don’t then you are voluntarily unemployed and no longer part of the workforce.

          • They are not voluntarily unemployed. Their experience has led them to conclude (accurately to a certain degree) that there are no jobs available. They are part of the workforce. What are they if they are not? If you are going to say welfare cases, are you then arguing that it is progress that more people have to depend on welfare than before?

          • If you don’t look for a job you won’t find one — ever. I don’t care what their reason is for not looking — no look, no job. If you don’t even look it’s YOUR fault — not Obama’s.

            You failed to produce a single shred of evidence that the economy is worse now than where GW Bush left it. You lost. Have the integrity to accept your failures and move on.

          • You are so ignorant you don’t even make sense. Have you ever heard the term ‘walking in another person’s moccasins.’ Maybe you can relate to that?

          • I suppose you are one of the whining bigots who sits on her ass all day long and complains about the ‘Job Fairy’ never dropping a job in your lap. Well, get off your lazy ass and look for work or just shaddup.

          • If there are more workers than jobs, some workers aren’t going to find jobs–ever. That is the case right now. I never disputed that things are better now than they were in 2009. That does not mean things are good right now though. They are not.

          • There are ALWAYS more people who want jobs than there are jobs. You have to look for a job before you will find one, and sometimes you even have to compete with other job seekers.

            But hey, we get it: The President is black, so all of a sudden what is normal is now a crisis.

            Let me ask you a question: Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder how you ever became such a liar?

          • Okay, that is just plain false. During World War II there were definitely more jobs than workers, for example. The best gauge of job availability is wages and salaries. If they are high and rising across the board, than jobs are plentiful. If they are low and stagnant across the board, as they are now, than jobs are scarce. For specific jobs, yes, we do have to compete against other applicants. However, if people have cutthroat competition to get any job period, that means that are economy is failing to provide for the whole population.

            I also want to point out that not once have I made a contemptuous comment about the President, let alone a racist one.

          • Using a World War scenario doesn’t help your argument at all. First, we are not engaged in a world war, and the unusual confluence of an industrial revolution and a global war that removed much of the labor force from participation cannot be compared with what’s happening today. Even with 10 million US workers missing from the workforce in the latter years of the war, the unemployment rate was STILL never zero.

            Also, wages in the US have NOT been stagnant. Wages have risen every year that Obama has been in office except for 2009, when the average wage fell 1.51%. To help refresh your memory, Bush handed of his economic mess to Obama that year — and he was white.

            Finally, your continuous distortion of the facts in an attempt to make Obama look bad when, in fact, his economic numbers are a vast improvement tells us what we need to know about your motivations. You obviously want very badly to make Obama look as though he has ruined the economy when he has actually saved it from the devastating trajectory it was following from the Bush Administration. It’s not at all hard to figure out why.

          • World War II was not the only time we had very low unemployment. Unemployment was very low and wages were rising in the 50’s and 60’s as well. Also, the Industrial Revolution occurred well before World War II.

            Are you kidding me!!!! Real wages have been at the very least stagnant since 1999, if not declining. They have certainly not improved since 2009. Most of the jobs created since 2009 have been low wage and part time. There is a mountain of information out there to back this statement up. Even the globalist magazine The Economist states this to be the case:

            Finally, there is one question you still have not answered. Obama’s economic policies are basically the same as Bush’s. How can they have ruined the economy under one President and saved it under another?

          • In fact, real wages HAVE risen since 2009, albeit not much. Have a read:

            Here’s another:

            You have been defeated in this debate. Anemic real wage growth is infinitely preferable to losing 600,000 or more jobs per month. The last time that there was any meaningful wage growth was during the last Democratic Administration (Clinton). Quibbling over a few points in wage growth rates is a far cry from seeing millions of Americans standing in soup lines or watching millions of jobs disappearing from the economy.

            In case you missed your own point, Obama wasn’t President in 1999, which is what you are crying about now. That’s 10 years of crying for you, none of which can be attributed to Obama or his policies.

            Further, it’s high time that you stop lying about Obama and Bush having the same economic policies. Obama hasn’t yet started any trillion dollar wars, and the deficit has fallen sharply during Obama’s administration. This is quite remarkable on the one hand, since we were in an economic free-fall when Obama took office. It also proves that mindless austerity measures are proven time and again to exacerbate recessions rather than alleviate them.

            Your original claim was that the economy, specifically the job market, had declined dramatically during the Obama Administration. Every single one of your claims in this regard were thoroughly debunked. The facts show that Obama reversed an economic calamity that was quickly rising to challenge the worst economic conditions ever suffered by this country. The unemployment rate is back to normal levels and all economic indicators are improving by the day.

            You lose. Your argument that Obama has made the US economy worse is blatantly FALSE. Have the integrity to admit that you are wrong — no matter the color of Obama’s skin.

          • Once again, these articles don’t lend much to your argument. Wage gains highest since 2008–that’s not saying much, especially considering that they weren’t good pre-recession either. The other one is from a source that conflicts with government data and is likely overly optimistic. Also, by real wages I mean wages accounting for inflation. They have been flat for years. Here’s yet another report on this: Again, such reports are all over the place. There are not many people who would say that wages are rising right now compared to pre-recession or even before that. Saying the are is denying reality, plain and simple.

            The very numbers you showed reveal that employment levels still have not reached the levels at the beginning of the recession. There is nothing normal about these levels, and they weren’t even that great at the beginning of the recession.

            Actually, Afghanistan was a small operation until 2009 when it was
            greatly stepped up to the same scale as the Iraq war. So, in effect,
            Pres. Obama did initiate a major ground war. Obama made the Bush tax
            cuts permanent in 2013. He pushed three free trade deals through
            Congress in the fall of 2011. He continued the bailouts that began
            under Bush. He pushed the stimulus bill through Congress–such stimuli
            was something that Bush did twice albeit on a smaller scale. He also
            pushes hard for greatly expanded immigration, something Bush did too.
            And deficits reached record highs under the Obama Administration. It is
            only since sequestration went into effect last year that they started
            dropping, and they are still comparable to Bush-era deficits. None of
            this is a swipe at President Obama. These are simple statements of fact
            that demonstrate that the economic policies of the two administrations
            are very similar, rhetoric notwithstanding.

          • Please stop regurgitating your own posts.

            It’s obvious here that you are determined to lie. Bush took a booming economy and turned it into a record-setting economic collapse. Under Obama it has recovered to normal or near normal levels. Why you feel compelled to lie about it is another matter altogether.

            Let me ask you this: Where do you think the US economy would be today if it continued to spiral downward at the rate it was going in January 2009?

          • Our unemployment situation is miserable right now. Even the undercounting U3 rate is still not as good as it was at the beginning of the recession, and it was not great then either.

            Again, you still haven’t told me how economic polices under the last President almost ruined us and the very same polices under the current President have saved us.

            I think the recession ran its course and the actions both the Bush and Obama administrations took had little effect.

          • So, it’s exactly as I guessed: You attribute the economic catastrophe during the Bush Administration to bad luck, and the complete reversal and restoration of all lost jobs that occurred under the Obama Administration as good luck.

            You still haven’t told me how the exact same policies as the Obama Administration — which has NOT had a catastrophic recession — produced an economic Armageddon under the Bush Administration. Please explain how the HORRIBLE economic calamity occurred during one administration, yet the restoration happened under another — both of which you claim to be identical.

            Say, perhaps the Great Recession was the result of voodoo. That at least as good as your theory. You see, with voodoo to blame, we don’t have to even consider trillions of dollars in unfunded wars, derivatives, housing bubbles, overly permissive lending, or political instability.

            No matter what or who you want to blame, from voodoo to little green men from mars — the result is that Bush presided over an economic collapse and Obama presided over an economic recovery. The fact that you disagree with every economist in the world over this point is irrelevant.

          • That is not what I said. What I am saying is that the policies of the current administration, which are very similar to the policies of the previous administration, have not improved the economy significantly. The current administration has tried to prop up the housing market and has continued to fight one of those unfunded wars you mentioned. The recession was a result of a number of economic policies–deficit spending, easy credit, supply-side economics, etc. Those policies have been continued, and they have not significantly improved the economy. There is a very good chance they are setting us up for an even harder fall.

          • The economy not only improved significantly — it improved DRAMATICALLY. Are you trying to claim with a straight face that Bush’s economic Armageddon was just as good or better than the economy is now? If so, there’s no reason to look any further to find out why you have no credibility — the cause has been found.

          • You call 850,000 jobs per month insignificant? That’s the difference between Bush’s last month and Obama’s last month. I’d say that’s a pretty dramatic difference, and so would anyone else except for Obama-haters.

          • Since 2009, not enough jobs have been created to keep pace with (immigration-driven) population growth, let alone make up for the jobs lost in the meltdown.

          • The jobs lost during the Bush economic debacle have been recovered, so stop lying.

            If you are so worried about how immigrants affect jobs, then you need to worry about illegal European immigrant anchor babies like yourself. You should self-deport immediately and take all of your illegal European immigrant family members with you. Illegal European immigrants are taking FAR more jobs away from real Americans than Latino immigrants, and Latino immigrants deserve those jobs more because they are better people.

            If you are having trouble finding leaky boat in which to depart, please speak up. Many real Americans would be happy to provide a boat for you so that you can shove off and make room for good people.

          • I have already shown data that reveals this is not the case; and the jobs that have come back are more low wage and part time–so that cannot quantitatively or qualitatively be considered a jobs recovery.

            How are Latino immigrants better people than than AMERICANS of European descent? They are people, neither better nor worse. Do you think that illegal alien cop killer in Northern California is a better person? I think it is safe to say that those Americans of European descent you hold in such contempt have far more regard and respect for the American Indian cultures in the U.S. than immigrants do. Illegal aliens probably don’t know anything about, let alone care, about North American Indian cultures.

          • No, you’ve done no such thing. All of the jobs that were lost during Bush’s economic horror story have been recovered. Those are the facts, and simply making a claim isn’t proof. Many of those jobs are very good jobs, but then ANY job is better than no job. If you don’t like the jobs that have been created that’s your problem. There are people who want one of those jobs, and because of that they will seek a job and become employed.

            I never claimed that Latino immigrants are better than European IMMIGRANTS (like you). What I DO claim is that a Latino immigrant who isn’t a bigot is a better person than a European immigrant (like you). Latino immigrants a just people like any other immigrant. Most work hard, obey our laws, and care about their families and communities. You, on the other hand, come from a family of illegal immigrants who committed MAJOR crimes, hate our laws (like the 14th Amendment birthright clause), and spew vile and despicable hate for other people (like other immigrants). We don’t need people like this in our country, and it would be best if they were all just sent back.

            Stop talking about Native Americans, because you know nothing about them. Your bigoted hate for REAL Americans is evident in every post. For your information, many more Latinos are either REAL Americans (read: not European illegal immigrants) or have mixed Native (read: REAL American) blood than European crime perpetrators. All of the Latinos that I’ve talked to about the subject know FAR more about Native Americans (read: REAL Americans) than you European crime-lovers.

            The difference isn’t ethnicity or skin color — it’s the vile and deplorable behavior of European illegal immigrant law-hating hate-spewing anchor babies (like you) that make all of the other immigrants more desirable.

          • Those jobs have not all been recovered, see here: Those are the facts. The jobs that have been recovered are disproportionately part time and low wage. That is not a recovery. Need I show you all that stuff that I showed you the other day that reveal the “recovery” is basically nonexistent for 99% of the U.S. population?

            Here are your words exactly: “Illegal European immigrants are taking FAR more jobs away from real
            Americans than Latino immigrants, and Latino immigrants deserve those
            jobs more because they are better people.” Sure sounds like you claimed they are better people to me. If they are illegal, they work hard because they are exploited scabs, the are by definition not obeying our laws (if they have a job, they are more than likely felons as they have committed SSN fraud/theft), and they have more kids than they can afford (often illegitimately)–typically because it is a back door way to get legal documentation (they can use their babies’ legal status to get welfare and claim humanitarian excuses to avoid deportation if caught).

            Those who are Mestizos or full-blooded American Indians are from cultures that are not native to the U.S. and Canada. Therefore, the argument that they have ancestral claim to this land is less valid than that of Americans who are descended from European settlers who arrived between the 16th and early 20th Centuries. Illegal aliens from Latin America or anywhere else could not care less about the American Indians in the U.S., and to think that they do is wishful thinking on your part. They are invaders, and American Indians are just as much in their way as all other Americans are.

            By the way, the 14th Amendment birthright clause was never intended to apply to illegal aliens. It was written to ensure that freed slaves and their children were recognized as citizens so that former slave states could not legislate away their citizenship. To this day it still does not apply to the children born to diplomats and foreign dignitaries. Today, given its original intention, it would not be a great logical leap to exclude illegal aliens, tourists, students, and guest workers from its provisions either.

          • I work too much, unlike people like you who lay around in their sister’s trailer. Get a life, and tell Deb to get one too.

          • Many people who cannot find work have to find innovative ways to make money. Point and case. We are one in that group. In this state, it depends on your skin color. Sorry, this is the honest to God truth. Age and color discrimination run rampant in this state. We need to become a ‘right to work state’ for it to become fair.

          • Only at cross-burnings do people who are voluntarily not looking for work have ANYTHING to do with the economy under a black President. If they look for work and can’t find a job that’s one thing, but those who don’t look are no longer workers.

          • They believe there are no jobs to look for, and in a way they are right. There are more workers than there are jobs right now.

          • Until there are zero jobs available, then those who don’t look for a job are voluntarily unemployed. Are you claiming there are no jobs?

            Give it up — your argument has been thoroughly and totally defeated. The economy is MUCH better than where Bush left it, and is no longer the number one concern of Americans. None of the numbers you cite show anything different. You lost — get over it.

          • They are not voluntarily unemployed. They were forced out of work and have been unable to find another job after months or years of trying, leading them to the conclusion that there are no jobs available. In a way they are right, because there are far fewer jobs than there are workers, and the ones there are now disproportionately low wage and part time. Take a look at this: Looks like Americans are pretty concerned about the economy to me. It might be better now than in 2009, but it is still bad.

          • Just stop your despicable lying. The job openings versus unemployed rate has DRASTICALLY improved from where Bush left it, and is back to pre-recession levels.

            Have a look at these charts from the BLS and see if you can put your bigot-spin on them:

            By *E*V*E*R*Y* measure the economy is leaps and bounds better than where Bush left it, and headed in the right direction. Your constant lying does not change the facts.

          • You did not help you case by posting this. The very first chart they show reveals that 1) there are more workers than there are jobs, and 2) that unemployment is not back to pre-recession levels.

          • Your blatant lying aside, what it shows is that both the ratio of jobs to unemployed AND the unemployment rate are back to pre-recession levels. Your constant lying won’t help you — you lost the debate.

          • Take a look at the first chart. At the beginning of the recession, the number of unemployed persons to jobs openings was about 1.8 to 1. Now it is about 2 to 1. Also, the U3 level was 4.5% at the beginning, and is now 5.9% (and, as extensively discussed, the U3 is a gross understatement of the true unemployment picture). Some improvement, huh?

          • You see? That’s exactly how we know you are a bigot against Obama, because you use the numbers to lie. Bush’s economic debacle left the unemployed-to-jobs ratio at a high point of 6.2 in June of 2009. Under Obama it has fallen a full 4 points as of August 2014. In November we will get the September numbers, and I expect that they may very well be 1.8 or below.

            You are squealing over 0.2 points, and ignoring the fact that Obama lowered this ratio a full 4.0 points from the economic fiasco under the Bush Administration. So even though you are trying to cherry-pick the very best numbers under Bush (because Obama is black, of course) your measly 0.2 point difference proves MY point — not yours.

            Also, the *official* unemployment rate was above 8% and climbing (topping out at 10% as a result of the Bush economic shit-storm) when Obama took office, and has since fallen to 5.9%.

            Yes indeed these ARE improvements — BIG improvements. When you attempt to cherry-pick the very worst numbers for Obama and the very best numbers for Bush it shows that you trying to manipulate the truth to give the most negative slant on the Obama Administration. Doing this is, of course, the same thing as lying.

          • You expect, but you don’t know. The bottom line is that 5 1/2 years after the recession supposedly ended, we are still worse off than we were at the beginning of the recession. This recovery has only been a recovery for the wealthy, not for the middle and working classes. Besides, it’s not like we were in that good of shape at the beginning of the recession anyway.

            Again, Obama’s economic policies are basically the same as Bush’s. How can they have ruined the economy under the former and be saving it under the latter?

          • Stop lying. Obama has not initiated 2 unfunded major ground wars, and the deficit has been shrinking for years now.

            I know you like to try to pretend that the Bush economic horror never happened, because then you would have to admit that Obama rescued the country from Bush’s unholy economic mess. But it DID happen, and just the fact that Obama reversed one of the worst economic debacles of all time is in and of itself a minor miracle. But on the other hand, he IS black, so I suppose nothing he does will ever receive any credit or thanks from you people.

            Obama presided over a very big recovery from a major recession. No amount of lying will ever change that fact. The economy is better every day much to the dismay of people who spend their every waking moment attempting to find ways to denigrate America’s first black President. You just can’t lie away reality — sorry ’bout your luck.

          • As your own numbers show, we have not recovered from where we were at the beginning of the recession. As I said earlier, getting creamed by three touchdowns instead of six is still getting creamed.

            Actually, Afghanistan was a small operation until 2009 when it was greatly stepped up to the same scale as the Iraq war. So, in effect, Pres. Obama did initiate a major ground war. Obama made the Bush tax cuts permanent in 2013. He pushed three free trade deals through Congress in the fall of 2011. He continued the bailouts that began under Bush. He pushed the stimulus bill through Congress–such stimuli was something that Bush did twice albeit on a smaller scale. He also pushes hard for greatly expanded immigration, something Bush did too. And deficits reached record highs under the Obama Administration. It is only since sequestration went into effect last year that they started dropping, and they are still comparable to Bush-era deficits. None of this is a swipe at President Obama. These are simple statements of fact that demonstrate that the economic policies of the two administrations are very similar, rhetoric notwithstanding.

          • Now you are just lying again. It’s clear to me that you refuse to tell the truth when it comes to the Obama Administration. I know why you do this, and most other readers of your posts do too, but just in case there is anyone out there who doesn’t understand it you should explain why you make every attempt to contort the facts into disparaging claims against the Obama Administration.

            Obama did not start the Iraq war or the Afghanistan war. But since these wars were already started when he assumed office he had to deal with them in a responsible fashion. Likewise, the runaway deficit was fait accompli when Obama took office, as was the horrible economic meltdown threatening to throw the country into another Great Depression — with millions of jobs being lost every year.

            Your real complaint is with the Bush Administration, which took a booming economy and utterly destroyed it. Since Bush is white, however, drooling bigots always attempt to ignore this obvious fact and instead whine about the Obama Administration as if the economic Armageddon of the Bush era never even happened or was somehow the fault of the Obama Administration.

            Tell me, other than Obama’s skin color, what could possibly change the US economy from losing over 600,000 jobs per month to GAINING 200,000+ jobs per month? This is exactly what happened, yet you still claim that Obama’s economic policies are identical to Bush’s. Perhaps what you are complaining about here is just a matter of bad luck then: Bush’s horrible economic collapse was merely a case of bad luck for Bush, and Obama’s rescue of the economy was simply good luck for Obama. Is this what you believe?

            YOU explain why the US economy was headed down the toilet under Bush, and why it recovered under Obama. And recover it has — no matter how much you try to ignore the facts. Let me simplify the question for you, since you have now lied so much that even you must have lost track of your own arguments:

            HOW did the following situation:

            Clinton = Booming economy with federal surplus.

            Turn into:

            Bush = Horrible economy with massively increasing deficits, failed businesses, mass layoffs, GDP shrinking, banking failures, 600,000 per month jobs lost.

            And then turn into:

            Obama = Declining deficits, 200,000+ new jobs per month, declining unemployment rate, healthy GDP growth.

            Please feel free to explain how a booming economy turned into an economic DISASTER. (Hint: It has nothing to do with Obama). Next explain how an economy in DISASTER mode turned into one NOT in disaster mode (Hint: It had nothing to do with Bush).

            These are very simple questions and concepts. Under Bush the US economy became utterly horrible; under Obama this is no longer the case. Anemic wage growth is not the same thing as the DISASTER that occurred during the Bush Administration. What drives you to lie about these very simple facts?

          • The economy has not recovered from the recession. It is better than it was in 2009, but that’s not saying much. We have not restored pre-recession employment levels, which was not very good to begin with, and we haven’t come anywhere near to restoring pre-recession wages, which also weren’t very good.

            Obama’s policies to combat the recession were basically the same as Bush’s, and I don’t think they had much of an effect. I think the decline ran its course and bottomed out, and left us with the train wreck of an economy we currently have. Also, deficits soared under the current administration. They only started declining last year when sequestration was imposed.

            The current administration did not start the Afghan War, but it did take it from being a small, special forces-oriented operation to be a huge counter-insurgency campaign, similar to Iraq. Again, this is another similarity to the previous administration, just in a different country.

            Again, you still haven’t explained to me how Obama’s economic policies are any different that Bush’s, and how what could be so disastrous under one President is so effective under another.

          • Don’t you ever get tired of lying? The deficit has been shrinking ever since 2009, when it reached a high point from the Bush economic debacle. Here are the figures for you:

            2009: 1.559 trillion.
            2010: 1.404 trillion.
            2011: 1.367 trillion.
            2012: 1.134 trillion.
            2013: 691 billion.
            2014: 492 billion.

            So Obama also presided over a major reduction of the deficit, while Bush presided over a deficit explosion akin to a nuclear mushroom cloud. I suppose there’s some reason why Obama shouldn’t be given credit for that either. (Suggestion: He’s black)

          • I’m not cherry-picking anything — you are. I see you failed to include the latest data which is readily available. I’ll provide it in a moment, however, first I’ll give you this link for your pure bigoted enjoyment:


            Now for the real data:


            Note the CATASTROPHIC plunge into the red (deficit) under the Bush Administration after the surge into the black (surplus) under the Clinton Administration. The record deficit was recorded for FY2009, which was Bush’s budget and was in place BEFORE Obama took office.

            The deficit has steadily dropped since Obama took office – that’s a fact. The sequestration is a Democratic AND Republican creation — not just Republican.

            So the plain fact is that Bush took a healthy economy with a federal surplus and drove it into the ground. Obama restored it to BETTER than it was during the Bush Administration — especially the stock market, which has been at an all-time high under the Obama Administration.

            These are all facts. You may admit the utter defeat of your argument now. It’s OK — everyone already knows.

          • While I agree that the wealthy are reaping much of the economic improvement, that’s another issue altogether and has nothing to do with Obama’s policies. In fact, it’s an issue he has tried to address but was blocked on every attempt except for one.

            ‘Most’ of the ‘Bush Years’ don’t count. Bush inherited a surplus from the previous administration — that wasn’t his doing. He quickly obliterated that surplus and presided over the creation of the highest deficit in US history. Obama, on the other hand, began lowering the deficit immediately and has continued to lower it to this day.

            The wealth disparity in this country is a completely different matter, and it’s the Republican Party who favors this destructive arrangement. Any economist can tell you that a thriving middle class is the key to prosperity for the entire nation. Obama would like to do something about this — as would Elizabeth Warren — but alas Obama is black and Warren is a woman. The GOP is far too bigoted these days to cooperate with either one, so it’s up to the rest of the country to force them to toe the line.

          • Again, Obama’s economic policies are very similar to Bush’s, and the wealthy have been the primary beneficiaries of those policies. That is why his party took such a lashing two days ago–they perceived the current administration as having abandoned the middle class. If only the wealthy are reaping the benefits from the “improvement”, that means that for 99% of the nation the economy is still bad.

            Again, the deficits since 2009 have never been higher. Compared to 10 years ago (which were then considered high by historical standards), they have not gone down.

          • I know that you lie often, but now your lies have taken a turn for the ethereal.

            The US deficit in Bush’s last year was $1.413 trillion. For FY2014 it is $483 billion. Under the Obama Administration it has been lowered by 66%. If you can’t understand that 66% is a massive reduction, then you may as well go hang up.

          • As you can see here, before 2013 the deficits under the current administration and the last year of the last one were totally unprecedented. Only with sequestration in 2013 did the deficit start to drop to levels comparable during most of the Bush Administration, which were themselves accurately considered historic highs at the time.


          • The Bush Administration was responsible for the largest deficit in US history. Obama simple inherited this gargantuan deficit, and he’s lowered it every year until, today — when it is 1/3 of the Bush deficit. Why you feel that you must lie about this is incomprehensible until you factor in the fact that Obama is black. Then it makes sense.

            It doesn’t matter how the Obama Administration lowered the deficit — only that he lowered it. Like everything else you’ve claimed, this claim has also been debunked. ALL of your claims have been debunked, and your arguments have all been defeated — some several times over. Have the good sense to admit the obvious and move on.

          • The current deficit is similar to the deficits for seven of Bush’s eight years, which were in and of themselves very large deficits. Until sequestration in 2013, the deficits of the current administration were similar (i.e. not much lower) than that all-time record FY 2009 deficit.

          • So let’s see: What you are saying is that Obama didn’t lower the deficit to the level that is is now until now. Well, duh!

            You aren’t saying anything at all. Obama has been lowering the deficit since he took office — that’s a fact. So far he lowered it 66% from the level it was when he took office. That he managed to do this at the same time that he restored all of the jobs lost by the Bush economic SNAFU is no small feat.

            Here is a link for you that compares Obama’s economic performance with that of Ronald Reagan:

            As you can see, Obama’s economic performance is better than Reagan’s under similar circumstances. And Obama managed to recover from a major depression, restore more than 8 million jobs lost during the Bush economic cataclysm, AND significantly lower the deficit — all at the same time. Reagan couldn’t achieve the same, in fact he more than doubled the deficit before finally lowering a little in his final year.

            So every shred of evidence points to the fact that Obama has achieved a near economic miracle. What do you suppose he could have done if he had inherited a booming economy — as Bush did? Now, it’s a fact that the Obama Administration drastically improved the US economy from where it was when he took office. Your arguments are defeated, and all that’s left is for you to finally come clean and explain the reason that you publicly lie about it.

            Well? Explain why you feel compelled to lie about the economic achievements of the Obama Administration.

          • Those jobs have not been restored. I think you need to read these again:







            Does this look like a recovery to you? Apparently the American people agree with me, as evidenced by the election results on Tuesday.

            What I am saying is that the deficit levels, up until sequestration, were similar to those of 2009. They are now similar to what they were during seven of the eight Bush years. In other words, very high deficits. Again, being clobbered by three touchdowns as opposed to six is still being clobbered.

            And again, Bush and Obama’s economic policies are almost identical. How can they have produced disaster under the last President and produced miracles under the current one?

          • So are you saying that losing 600,000 jobs per month is better than gaining 250,000 per month? Perhaps you are saying a $1.4 trillion deficit is better than a deficit of $483 billion? Or maybe what you are trying to say is that -600,000 jobs is really just about the same thing as +250,000 jobs and $1.4 trillion is pretty much equivalent to $483 billion?

            Give it up already — you lost this debate. The jobs lost during the Bush economic apocalypse had nothing to do with Obama, so your complaint should be about Bush. Perhaps you believe America prefers to lose 600,000 jobs per month?

            Winning a few midterm elections (which always happens during a President’s 6th year) doesn’t rescue your failed arguments, but it’s good evidence that you are desperate enough to save your desperate arguments by claiming so. Sorry — the facts speak for themselves. You lost. You did not win. Your claims were all debunked. You were defeated, whupped, beaten, bested. Admit what everyone else already knows.

          • No, what I am saying is that there has been no net improvement since the recession began, and things weren’t so great at the beginning of the recession either. You are aware that Bush’s and Obama’s economic policies are very similar, right?

          • I am aware that the Great Recession happened, and an economic horror story is what Obama faced when he entered office. Recovering from such a mess is a major achievement, and recover he did. Pretending that the Great Depression never happened is nonsense. It did happen, and just recovering from it at the same time as lowering the deficit by 66% is a MAJOR accomplishment. If you can’t admit this you are simply lying, and you need to explain the motivation behind your lying.

          • I am not pretending it never happened. On the contrary, we haven’t recovered (i.e. it is still going on). The deficit is similar to what it was between 2002 and 2008, and that is a big deficit. It was much higher from 2009-2012, and it is only because of sequestration that is has gone down from those astronomical levels.

          • Nonsense. Obama’s sequestration didn’t start until March 2013, and the deficit was already declining. In fact, under the Obama Administration the deficit was lowered 23% ($326 billion) BEFORE sequestration automatic cuts took effect. The deficit was further lowered by $604 billion AFTER sequestration. Sequestration was designed by both Democrats and Republicans, so don’t act like it was somebody else’s doing — Obama was just as much responsible as anyone.

            So Obama was responsible for bringing the deficit down from ‘astronomical’ levels. That’s MY point — not yours. You are trying to claim that Obama didn’t improve the economy — including the deficit — and your argument has been debunked. Obama was President, the deficit declined by 66%. Who else was responsible — the Easter Bunny?

            Economists will tell you that the drastic cuts imposed by sequestration significantly dulled the recovery from what it could have been, and I agree with this view. Had Obama had some cooperation from the bitter bigots in Congress we would in all likelihood be much closer to full employment levels, and real wages could have improved as well.

            So all of your complaints that aren’t totally fictitious can be blamed on the Republicans — First GW Bush and later the vile bigots in Congress. You should be singing Obama’s praises for how much he accomplished with constant sabotage attempts by Republicans and the horrible mess left by a Republican President, but of course Obama IS black — right?

          • The deficits are about where they were in 2007, which is high. Prior to sequestration in 2013, deficits decline slightly from their 2009 high, but not much. They were still much higher than the high deficits of 2002-2008. There has been no net improvement in the economy since 2007 either. What you are doing is taking the absolute worst of this recession, which occurred in 2009, and using that as the starting point. What I am saying is that things were already not great at the beginning of the recession, and there has been no improvement since then. Government economic policies have not changed much since then either.

          • $326 billion in deficit reduction is ‘not much’? I don’t know where you learned math, but where I come from 23% of a huge number is a huge number itself.

            Allow me to explain something to you: Obama’s performance has to be measured by where he started — not where somebody else started. He started with about 1.4 trillion dollars in deficits the second he first set foot in the Oval Office. He reduced that 1.4 trillion dollar deficit by over 2/3, or around 900 billion. That’s a LOT of progress.

            My point is that Obama DRASTICALLY improved the US economy from where it was when he took office. Whether or not the economy was better in 1995 or 1954 makes no difference. Under the Obama Administration the economy has improved significantly from where it was at the start of the Obama Administration. Under the Bush Administration the economy went from a very good place to a horrible mess. Sounds to me like your gripe is with Bush and not Obama.

          • I’m not talking about Obama, except to say that his economic policies are very similar to Bush’s. To most Americans, it does not matter where Obama started. What matters is the mess we are in, and we are no better off now than we were in 2007 (we are actually worse off). The truth is that the years FY2000-2012 saw by far the largest deficits in our history–by far.

          • If you adjust for inflation, 2004 had a higher deficit than now. So you can’t say that we are worse off now — reality doesn’t support your claims.

            Of course you are talking about Obama. You are trying to claim that we are worse off now than during the Bush Administration, which is patently false. And it DOES matter where Obama started, because that’s reality. We don’t get to wipe the slate clean when a new President is sworn in. Instead, we have to deal with the economy that was left by the previous President.

            Any discussion about progress or the lack thereof necessarily has to include a starting point, otherwise progress cannot be measured. So when talking about Obama’s progress we need to measure it against where he started. Under the Obama Administration there was so much progress that if you really cared about the economic health of the US you would be doing cartwheels out of sheer happiness.

            But you aren’t happy at all, oh no. You appear angry that Obama reversed the economic meltdown and drastically lowered the unemployment rate. You don’t seem to like the record profits of US companies or the historic performance of the stock market. You appear to hate the fact that 8 million jobs were recovered.

            Tell us all just what angers you about the economic improvement under the Obama Administration. I know what it is, but I want to hear you say it.

          • The unemployment situation and the debt are all worse than they were in 2007. Things have not improved there. As for the stock market and corporate profits, who cares? Those only help the rich. Most Americans are worse off than they were seven years ago. Bottom line, there has been no net economic improvement since 2007.

          • Bullshit. The stock market affects eveyones 401K and thus their retirement savings. The year 2007 has nothing to do with anything.

            Q. Why do you constantly refer to the year 2007?

            A. You pick this year because you know that it was just before Bush’s economic debacle.

            Q. Why would you do this?

            A. You do it because you don’t want to talk about how bad things were in 2009 and how much improvement there was under the Obama Administration.

            Q. Why wouldn’t you want to talk about how much the economy has improved under the Obama Administration?

            A. You wouldn’t want to talk about it because you don’t want Obama to look like he’s accomplished something.

            Q. Why don’t you want Obama to look like he’s accomplished something?

            A. You don’t want him to look good because you hate him.

            Q. Why do you hate Obama?

            A. You hate him because he’s black.

            You see? There’s your whole argument in a nutshell. You lost the debate, so give up the Obama-bashing already.

          • Okay, I will give you that–you are right about the stock market. However, corporate profits only benefit the rich unless that money is used to create more jobs or raise wages–neither of which has happened or happened only sparingly since 2009. I use 2007 because that is the year the recession supposedly began. There has been no net improvement since then. We’ve gone from bad to worse to bad.

            I am also willing to give credit where credit is due. Obama did have Bin Laden eliminated, something Bush failed to do despite making the “Global War on Terror” the theme of his Presidency. However, when it comes to economics, Bush and Obama have followed very similar policies. Those policies have not improved the economic lot of ordinary Americans.

          • I’ll agree that things could be better, but you have to remember what Obama was handed on inauguration day. Maybe we wouldn’t be better off if he didn’t have to start WAY in the red, but my hunch is that we would. It’s common sense: Start from a good place and you can get to a great place faster than starting from a bad place.

            Obama never had much of a chance with the economy, because cleaning up the Bush mess was a major task. You have to ponder where we could be if Obama really was as bad as the Obama-haters claim. The man isn’t a miracle-worker, and even if he was the rabid Obama-bashers would start opposing miracles.

          • NO! Again, you don’t know what the hell you are saying. I see it everyday and we talk to many who are in the same boat we are. THE ECONOMY SUCKS! The jobs are NOT there.

            You never believe factual information. So stay in your utopian bubble with the rose colored glasses. Small minds never grow because they think they know everything better.

          • No, actually YOU suck — don’t lie!

            You don’t even have a clue what you are arguing about, do you? What’s your point — I mean, other than being an ignorant redneck slut?

          • What an idiot. They don’t get hired because of the color of their skin so they have to think of innovative ways to survive and they do! They are angry but they don’t even complain. Most if they can help it don’t stand there with there hands out. In my state that is the case. You have no idea what you are even talking about. We are some of the people who can’t get hired because of skin color in our state. Isn’t that also a form of prejudice and favoritism?

          • What are you even babbling about, you incredibly ignorant moron? If you don’t look for work then you won’t find a job. Is that too difficult for you? What the hell does that have to do with the color of anyone’s skin? Nothing, that’s what. Idiot.

          • It’s not a case of no jobs, it’s the fact you have to start at the bottom and work your way back up. I was down sized and it took me 6 years to get back to were I was. Most people aren’t willing to start over but the middle management jobs are gone for good.

          • The cure is to ship you sordid, nasty, vile, despicable, racist, bigoted European-immigrant redneck goobers back to whatever European shit-hole you slithered in from.

          • Where exactly did you come from? Mars? You definitely are not an American. Most likely just some kid locked in some basement in India, blogging so you can eat.

          • I’m more American than you could ever hope to be. You are a European immigrant who has over time grown to be so vile and despicable that you hate other immigrants — and yourself.

            I think you vile and rotten European immigrants who have forgotten who you are should go back to your ancestral shit-hole in Europe. With any luck they too have forgotten who you are and what you did that caused you to flee the noose in the first place.

          • I didn’t come from anywhere. I’m a real American. You are a European anchor baby who forgot who you are.

          • Unless you are a native American, which I truly doubt, you came from somewhere else. Now, I know that my great grandmother actually did walk the trail of tears, and yours snuck in from the same European countries you are harassing everyone else about. Talk about lying. You are almost as well versed as your Emperor in the art of lying.

          • In fact, I am a Native American. So while you lie about how your great, great, great grandmother’s second cousin’s neighbor’s friend’s sister was part Native (which I doubt) — I’ll keep pointing out that you are a bigoted European immigrant who forgot who you actually are — or more likely just lied about it.

            Whenever the discussion turns to the vile and despicable things that European immigrants do or have done — suddenly everyone is at least part Native American. I’ve met more blue-eyed, blond Native Americans in my life than real ones — if you get my drift. So save your lies for somebody who doesn’t know any better — not me.

          • Right, because you are soooo believable You lie as easily as the Emperor does.
            I know where I come from, whereas, I doubt you even have a clue what hatched you

          • That’s what happens to pathological liars like you: You start believing that everyone else lies as you do.

          • I’m almost positive as sure as I know that I am ‘totally European’ that you are a Heinz 57 like everyone else. Most Native Americans have some mix. So don’t flatter yourself. Just like my family, they LOST the war in Europe. Your people lost the war here. Do the Europeans harbor any ill feelings. No way. Quite the contrary. Maybe that’s where the difference lies. Since you are bringing race into the mix I will too. Ethnic groups never forgive and forget. Euros forgive, forget and move on….. Just in our makeup. Europeans have lived through many atrocities just like any other group. Indigenous people who have opened casinos in our area are extremely successful and they are helping their communities. White or otherwise. They give back and they are buying back prime property. You see there is a way to get back at the very people you loathe. Through success. Whining on the pity pot doesn’t serve anyone very well.

          • Is that so? Well, as usual you are full of shit. Europeans have the most vile, despicable, racist track record of any group of people on the planet bar none. Also, many Native Nations never fought any war against the United States — in fact, most didn’t. What happened was CRIME, not war — something Europeans a very good at.

            Take those casinos and jam them up your ass. The only people who run those are hand-picked by the US Government so that they will back off land claims cases. Few Natives benefit from any of them — mostly a select group of cronies (usually Europeans ‘blessed’ as Natives by US government officials).

            You really are a clueless, ignorant little slut. Go back inside your trailer and learn to wash before coming out in public. And use soap, for the love of God.

          • I asked this person the same question some time ago and they just refuse to answer it……. We all have some European heritage.

            This person’s rebuff is not all there…..

          • Well, if you want that then you must want to go back to a time when there was no organization, no literacy (because there were not schools), no innovation, no work ethic, nor was there information. If you were a true American then you would understand Western culture and how it shaped the world. The only skills necessary prior to that were hunting, gathering, violence and filth.

            Guess you want a third world country. Well, guess what? You are getting just what you asked for by helping to ruin Western civilization. WE WOULD NOT HAVE COME THIS FAR IN THE WORLD WITHOUT IT. Your biting the very hand that feeds you. If you want to go back to a time when humans were cave dwellers, your wish may very well come true. We only have to look at Country’s like South of the Border and Africa to see what chaos is. If it weren’t for the intervention of many countries in Africa it (It was always us now it is China and the Scandinavian Countries) would be killing itself.

            America was based on European values not from the indigenous survivalists who lived here prior. Nothing against native Americans (they just lost the war) It was what made this country great. I guess you just hate the comforts of what that culture gave to you and that you now take for granted. So why not grab that pony, live in that cave, hunt for that food, gather those plants and ride into your illusionary sunset.

          • Actually, the US government was modeled at least in part on an existing Native government – which goes to prove that you don’t know shit. What the Europeans brought that wasn’t already he was primarily disease, crime, and a tendency to hump their own sisters.

            I’m Native and I contribute a lot to both the economy and society, whereas you are a frivolous, ignorant, bigoted slut.

          • Who rattled your trailer? Humping your sister makes you too bold. Go back inside your mobile palace and sleep it off.

          • They have found a cure, it is illiteracy. And the GOP fights every day to spread it throughout our country.

          • Unfortunately, what you say is untrue. The liberals have two sides. The intellectual ninnies who are so educated or moneyed that they no longer have common sense, and the innocent/ignorant/uninformed whom they use to uphold their agenda. Sad but true.

          • It works just as well for the intellectual plutocrats in terms of harvesting the same kind of voters who willingly vote against their own interests having been exploited by unilateral themes of patriotism and of religious fervor.

          • Yeah, and we all recognize how you goobers increase the family IQ by diving head-first into the shallow end of the gene pool.

          • Maybe Coulter, who coined the phrase and whom you never credit for it, will find the cure and then you can announce it without attribution to her.

      • Sorry, kenndeb, but at least James has a point. I think there are ways to deal with the problems he rightly worries about, but nontheless I respect and appreciate his position.

        I think that you would find many of us are receptive to reasoned discussion as long as you listen as well as you argue.

        • I agree with his reasoning. I think it is one answer on this site that commends common sense. Just how long can we withstand this bombardment. I feel we are already feeling the weight of an over burdened system.

        • Unfortunately, James’ reasoning is flawed. Immigrants are not the problem with population growth. Without immigrants, America’s population would actually be shrinking – which would be a much bigger problem than having it grow. The problems in Europe today are tied a great deal to the fact that their populations are stagnant.

          It’s immigrants that have the American birth rate above the 2.1/couple that is preventing the American population from declining. Without immigrants, our birthrate is about 1.89/child/couple. A real problem for the economy would be a shrinking populace.

  6. I know how to get all the illegals to leave, elect Ted Cruz president and Sarah Palin VP and with in a year there will be no jobs for anyone so they will have to leave. The only problem is that the Mexicans might not like all the illegal Americans coming looking for work.

    • Wonderfully sardonic comment, with, sadly, a truthful element! The picture in my mind of which one of these ego maniacs, Cruz and/or Palin trying to squeeze their over blown ego maniacal heads through the White House doors is a hoot, let alone the oxygen being sucked out of the air within 25 feet of either one of these self appointed, self righteous, morally bankrupt and untruthful nasty demagogues!

    • Democrats have forgotten more about job creation than Republicans ever knew. Reagan and the 2 Bushes were only able to create 20 million jobs in 20 years in office. Carter, Clinton and Obama created virtually double that number of jobs, 39 million plus, in less than 18 years in office.

      • The right likes to believe in myths like if you give money to the rich they will create jobs. The real world knows that it is demand that creates jobs. Our economy is consumer driven. The more money you give the middle class the stronger the economy.

        • Absolutely! As you point out, despite right-wing fantasies, it’s only when more consumers walk in the door, or a company receives more orders from retailers, that jobs will be added. All Reagan’s trickle-down accomplishes is allowing the wealthy to buy more yachts so they can play more, or to stuff more money in their overseas bank accounts.

  7. could someone please explain to me why repubs think that ISIS will slog across the desert with all its dangers when they can get off a plane at JFK or Ohare? Oh that’s right fear fear those dark people

      • and if they are here…they didn’t come across the rio grande moron. They got off perfectly good airplanes at major airports.

          • Another moron who doesn’t know how to spell the word and has no facts to back him up:)

            “Duncan Hunter (R, California) said on Fox News that he learned the information from the Border Patrol, saying “they aren’t flying B1 bombers bombing American cities, but they are going to be bombing American cities coming across from Mexico.”

            Farrell told Steve Malzberg that Mexico is a known haven for terror groups.

            “There’s an ISIS operational element in Juarez. I know that there are frantic efforts to identify exactly where they were and what they were doing,” he said.


            “Mexican Marines were literally kicking down doors, trying to find people, but no one should be surprised by this.

            “There’s a Hezbollah operation in Juarez that’s a counterfeiting operation. It covers a taxi operation as the front end in order to move people, money and counterfeits dollars around.”

            Read Latest Breaking News from
            Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

          • Newsmax is a great source where the dupes gather for the truth as published by the propagandists serving the plutocracy.

          • So why are you here?? All you’re accomplishing is making every independent and liberal who posts on this website more convinced that the GOP are nothing but a bunch of liars and haters and should be loathed even more!!!!!!

          • Actually, I see most of the liberal posters on this site as those that hate, lie, and twist everything to fit into their agenda. Readers of this site, not the rabid jackals that regularly post, should have opposing viewpoints to the lies and propaganda that are spewed from liberals.

          • I know! You live in fantasy land. You really should go down and spend more time at Disney World – you’re always spouting one fantasy after another.

          • Funny thing here, none of the fact checking groups can fined any proof of these clams. Also if this is true why is there no record anywhere of it. Even more interesting is why didn’t the agent stop them?

          • Most likely because your fearless leader tells our people to let them in , just like he tells the border patrol to let people in. Don’t you get it that you are being lied to?

          • Where do you get this crap from, Its the law that lets those children in, a republican law. And I’m glad you see him as a fearless leader.

          • And there you go with more of your RWNJ references. If you believe anyone with an ounce of common sense, trolls excluded, on this blog site is going to believe one word the notorious RWNJ idiot sources of Faux News and Newsmax – you’re clearly showing how much of a MORON!! YOU ARE!!!!

          • Are you really that big an ignoramus to use Faux News and Newsmax to support your idiotic statements???

          • And let’s see you produce evidence of that from some source other than your typical RWNJ reference soure.

          • God, don’t you do any work yourself. Does everything have to be handed to you? Does your regime handler sit with you and tell you what to say? Try google. Use keywords Islamic illegals crossing, that should get you a few. Then try some variations of those words to find more. It really is that simple.

    • There’s another two words that your need to check out in Merriam Webster’s dictionary ‘illegal’ and ‘invasion.’

      There used to be a quota in this country with no freebies offered.

      • If by magic all of those ‘illegals’ disappeared from the country ‘demographics’ would still be the operative word for the problem with the the GOP. Consider that for a moment.

  8. Why all the emphasis on the Southern border? A few years ago they arrested a man coming off the ferry from Victoria,Canada, in Port Angeles, WA with a car full of military grade explosives. The authorities bragged about how their intelligence efforts had stymied the plot. In reality, said intelligence effort consisted of a citizen informing the border patrol after he noticed the terrorist inspecting the explosives in his car on the ferry.

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