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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

By David Lightman, McClatchy Washington Bureau (MCT)

WASHINGTON — Republicans seized control of the U.S. Senate Tuesday, mobilizing voter discontent with President Barack Obama across the country and setting up partisan economic and foreign policy showdowns over the final two years of his presidency.

The Republican Party will control both houses of Congress for the first time in eight years. It will be the first time since Obama took office that he will not have a friendly Senate and the first time he’s faced an entire Congress under opposition control.

Leading the Senate will be Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican who successfully crushed Democrats’ expensive bid to oust him. In the House of Representatives, Speaker John Boehner of Ohio could lead the biggest Republican bloc in 65 years.

The two leaders vowed Tuesday to push the Republican agenda quickly and aggressively when the new Congress convenes in January.

“Tonight, Kentuckians said we can do better as a nation,” McConnell said in his victory speech in Louisville. “Tonight, they said we can have real change in Washington. Real change, and that’s just what I intend to deliver.”

Boehner, who has watched Republican bill after bill die for years in the Democratic-led Senate, pledged votes on “commonsense jobs and energy bills that passed the Republican-led House in recent years with bipartisan support but were never even brought to a vote by the outgoing Senate majority.”

Senate Democrats tried to be conciliatory. “The message from voters is clear: they want us to work together,” said Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

Maybe. Voters from coast to coast signaled Tuesday they’re eager for Republicans to act. The party won Democratic-held Senate seats in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia, assuring them of majority control of the Senate for the first time since January 2007. Among the Democratic losses were incumbent senators in Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina.

Other possible Republican pickups loomed in Alaska and in a December runoff election in Louisiana.

Democratic efforts to offset the Republican momentum with gains of their own failed.

In Kentucky, McConnell easily beat Democratic Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. The Democrats had hopes for a Republican seat in Georgia, but Michelle Nunn fell to Republican businessman David Perdue. And in Kansas, Democrats appeared to be counting on Greg Orman, running as an independent against Sen. Pat Roberts, a Republican. Vice President Joe Biden earlier Tuesday called Orman “an independent who will be with us in the state of Kansas.” It wasn’t enough. Roberts held the seat.

Democrats did hold New Hampshire, where Sen. Jeanne Shaheen turned back a strong challenge from former Sen. Scott Brown. And they stopped the Republicans, at least for now, in Louisiana. Since no one got a majority, Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu will face Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy in a runoff next month.

Democrats were defending 21 Senate seats to the Republicans’ 15. Seven of the Democratic seats were in states that went for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in 2012 against Obama. Five elected Republicans, all in states where Obama’s approval rating sank and Democrats tried to put distance between themselves and the president.

Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito will become West Virginia’s first female senator. Other winners included Rep. Tom Cotton in Arkansas, Rep. Steve Daines in Montana, House Speaker Thom Tillis in North Carolina and former Gov. Mike Rounds in South Dakota.

“This is probably the worst possible group of states for Democrats since Dwight Eisenhower,” Obama said Tuesday on WNPR in Connecticut.

In House races, two Democratic incumbents fell: Rep. Nick Rahall of West Virginia and Rep. Joe Garcia of Florida. Rahall, first elected to the House in 1976, was the victim of a GOP surge in a state that’s trended increasingly Republican.

A look at key Senate races:

–Alaska. Sen. Mark Begich, a Democrat, is behind in polls but has a ground game that’s a proven success. His race with Republican Dan Sullivan is likely to be close and perhaps not decided for days.

–Arkansas. Cotton defeated Sen. Mark Pryor, the Democrat. Pyor lost after being hammered for supporting Obama on nine of ten key votes last year, a liability in a state where the president’s approval ratings have hovered around 30 percent in recent polls.

–Colorado. Sen. Mark Udall, a Democrat, thought he could tar Republican Rep. Cory Gardner as a doctrinaire conservative with little regard for women’s rights. That strategy backfired as the affable Gardner retained a sizable following among women.

–Georgia. Perdue won the Republican nomination campaigning as an outsider who would shake up Washington, but Nunn gained by questioning his business record. Democrats had at least hoped no one would get a majority and the race would go to a Jan. 6 runoff. Instead, Perdue got enough to win outright. He’ll succeed Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

–Iowa. Republican Joni Ernst, a state senator, vaulted to prominence earlier this year with her down-to-earth pitch as a mother, soldier and independent. She defeated Democrat Bruce Braley to take the seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Tom Harkin, a Democrat.

–Kansas. The streak continues: No Republican has lost a Kansas Senate campaign since 1932, and though Roberts was seen as out of touch with the state, he was able to overcome the Orman challenge. Roberts worked to define Orman as untested and a closet Democrat, and conservatives who had challenged Roberts rallied at the end to support him.

–Kentucky. McConnell easily topped Democrat Grimes. Democrats once had big hopes of gaining a seat here, but McConnell slammed Grimes as a supporter of Obama policies, which are not popular in the state. Grimes tried hard to separate herself, but among her stumbles was her refusal last month to say whether she voted for Obama in 2012.

–Louisiana. Landrieu faces a Dec. 6 runoff. Two conservatives, Cassidy and Rob Maness, were splitting the anti-Landrieu vote in a state where Obama is deeply unpopular. Cassidy is the likely favorite in the runoff.

–Montana. Republican Daines won the Senate seat easily. Any prospect of a competitive race evaporated when incumbent Sen. John Walsh, a Democrat, dropped out this summer after facing plagiarism allegations. Daines wound up with an easy path to victory.

–New Hampshire. Brown, easily defeated in his 2012 re-election bid in Massachusetts, moved to his vacation home in New Hampshire. He was called a carpetbagger, a label he couldn’t escape.

–North Carolina. Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan lost to Tillis. The race was nasty and costly _ the campaigns aired more than 100,000 ads, according to The Charlotte Observer.

–South Dakota. Rounds won a three-way battle to succeed Sen. Tim Johnson, a Democrat. Independent Larry Pressler, a Republican South Dakota senator from 1979 to 1997, made some inroads but faded

–West Virginia. Republican Capito won election as the state’s first woman senator, defeating Democratic Secretary of State Natalie Tennant in a race that was never considered close.

Photo: Supporters of U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts cheer before he takes the stage at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Topeka, Kan., on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. (Travis Heying/Wichita Eagle/MCT)

257 Responses to Republicans Seize Senate, Set Up Clash With Obama

  1. Well after all, at a time when nearly all of the macro economic indicators are really improved and looking up, who better to turn to than the party that invaded the wrong country and started a depression. I think the mentality of many of the voters last night was…’I want to vote for the Republicans again, but first I want to get kicked in the head by a horse.’

    Must have been the expansion of health care coverage to more Americans that did the Dems in.

      • Once Joni gets to work, she’ll be making a lot of people squeal all right, but not in delight. My wife and I caught the plastic bread bag thing too. She thought that would be what Americans would be turning to for a number of things once Joni got through with them.

        I guess they’ll be changing the highway signs coming into Iowa now. “Welcome to Iowa, where we consider the ability to cut testicles off pigs qualification to be a U.S. Senator.”

        Seriously, who starts off a TV ad saying…”Hi, I castrate hogs.” What’s up with all of these Republican tough guy, shoot-em-up, castrating ads anyway? What are the GOP ads going to be like in 2016 if these were apparently successful? “Hi, I’m (fill in the blank).” “I grew up throwing battery acid in people’s faces.”

          • She knows just how far out there she is. The trick for them anymore is to appeal to their equally extreme nutty base in coded language and imagery while keeping many of their views hidden from the general public. That’s why she was the only candidate in Iowa history that anyone could remember who refused to do the final interviews with the Des Moines Register and other papers. There were a number of questions that she didn’t want to have to answer. She preferred getting tongue baths from the right wing media.

            That she got away with it is really disgusting. You’re seeing more of this now from these tea party nutballs and you’ll see even more of it in the future I’m sure.

          • She is a Koch puppet. I hope the people of Iowa are as strong and resilient as she is because she is going to deliver them to the Koch agenda and they will have to take it for the next 6 years. That is a very long time to do a lot of damage.

      • “We’re going to make them squeal!”–Joni Ernst, Iowa’s newest Republican senator,


        Yes that should really impress the other leaders in the world huh?

    • Those indicators are false. They are manipulated by our corrupt government to give hope to the peons. When did liberals give away their souls to the regime? You seem to believe anything the regime says, which, in itself, is very dangerous for anyone that cherishes freedom.

      • Nah. I don’t believe everything politicians say. However, when the arms-length non-partisan 13 principle statistical agencies contained within the Federal Statistical System that is coordinated with the U.S. Office of Management and Budget and overseen by the Chief Statistician of the United States says something, I tend to listen.

        Judging from your posts, you seem to get your economic data from The World Net Daily and Pat Robertson. I’d go with the pros kenndeb.

      • I see you are enjoying your daily does of paranoia. I know the stock market results are being manipulated by big bad President Obama.

  2. The best thing we can do, in the face of defeat, is reflect on what happened, make an effort to understand the reasons for our defeat, and act upon our findings. Looking for excuses, and hoping for a level of
    obstructionism that would destroy the opposition is not going to help us.
    While it is true that our economy is recovering nicely, that jobs are being created, that inflation is low, that the DOW is at record highs, that gas prices are declining, that the real estate market is recovering, that the incidence of Wall Street abuse has been reduced, and that reducing the Federal government deficit by 2/3 is a step in the right direction; the truth is that we ignored a facet of our economy that was of critical importance, not only in the outcome of this midterm election, but a major concern for millions of fellow Americans. That
    is, the fact that millions of American workers have not been touched by the economic recovery, and are struggling to make ends meet.
    The availability of high paying jobs in sectors of our economy, such as the high tech industry and the healthcare industry, does not mitigate the fact that there are many among us who have been left behind. Evidence of this became obvious when Democratic, union members in states like Kentucky and West Virginia voted for Republican candidates, and the passing comment made by Mitch McConnell during his victory speech, when he talked about unemployed miners, most of them union workers.
    Those unemployed miners, and the millions of assembly line workers who have lost their jobs as a result of outsourcing, are one of the most important reasons for the outcome of this midterm election. The GOP seized on our inability to address this issue, and suggested solutions that, while they may not solve the problem, they demonstrated greater interest and concern towards those who are struggling to make ends meet. It doesn’t matter whether or not the reason for the problems that some of our fellow citizens are having is the direct result of their own decisions, the fact that our government is expected to address the needs of all of our citizens, and the perception that the Obama administration has not done that, was a major contributor to this political debacle.
    I hope we wake up from our stupor before it is too late, because what is likely to happen is the exact opposite to what we hope. Instead of obstructionism, what we are likely to see is a Congress willing to negotiate and pursue goals or “solutions” such as corporate tax breaks to encourage our business community to invest at home and build industry that requires large number of semi-skilled workers. The construction of the Keystone XL pipeline will be at the forefront of their agenda, not because they are unaware of the environmental dangers or the fact that only a few thousand would benefit, but because it would demonstrate a level of commitment to help people who are fearful of the future and who have lost the ability to dream.
    The dilemma – and challenge – for us is how to find a way to help those who are out of work, or who had no choice but to accept low paying jobs to support their families, without ignoring goals that are in the best interest of our nation. The real question is not what the GOP controlled Congress is going to do, but how far is President Obama going to go to meet them half way?

    • Dominick what you fail to see is this country is not a party of one. The system simply worked last night. Your side sent an army of media and money into the trenches and they still lost. What does that tell you…. You cannot always have your way.

      1) Judging by the outcome of the voting many felt the economy was not going in the right direction. That was our #1 concern.
      2) Jobs? Part-time and people no longer looking for work. The latter includes us. We make money where we can.
      3)DOW is at record highs because our government is manipulating the currency and the stock market. Read ‘Sovereign Man’ and you will get the real story.
      4) Deficit….Obama had it jacked up so high that by knocking it down a few notches just made him look better.

      Kentucky is largely based in coal and Kagan just would not have worked. Many coal miners interviewed were very concerned about that fact because many went from high paying jobs to nothing.

      Why don’t you explain to me how that pipeline will be the ruination of our environment. Alaska doesn’t seem to have any problems. In fact, the pipeline has only added to the growth of reindeer populations. You explain to me how that pipeline will damage the environment? We haven’t had an oil spill in decades. The only one was in the Gulf and we still believe that was sabotage because it came after Obama gave approval to drill and open up the area.

      ‘Fearful of the future and the inability to dream.’ Don’t think so. Americans, as long as they are not suppressed, will always be dreamers…. If anything your Man put the kabash on that for a time by overemphasizing ideology that was not conducive to the American way of thought.

      At least what I am hearing coming out of the Republican camp is IDEAS. Which I haven’t heard from this stagnant government for a long long time. Now we have to see whether Obama is willing to play ball.

      • Joe,you have to stop telling the truth their heads will explode, they can’t handle it. We have to take baby steps with these people, they are still in recovery from blaming it on Bush or the T~ Party it’s always someone else’s fault.

        • Thanks Dave. That’s just the selfish narcissist way. They don’t want to share and believe they have done nothing wrong:) They just don’t get it. There is no team in ‘I’.

          • Joe, did you see that Mia Love is the first black Republican woman in Congress. They say that we in the Republican party don’t like black people or women for that matter. The problem with our liberal friends is they know so much that isn’t so…Ronald Reagan.

            You will not find that story on the National Memo.

          • Before you get too excited, let’s see which door to the Capitol they make her use. What committees she gets to Chair. Or which part of the lunchroom she gets to eat in, the one for Coloreds, or Whites, like everyone else? I mean Come on! A 98% White constituency, in a Party that rules the Confederate South. Doesn’t get to call itself inclusive, by the election of one, Black Republican woman to the House of Reps.

          • Really? Looks like the majority of the GOP, note emphasis on, Old, would like to roll back the clock to the 50s, and 60s. Maybe even to the 1900s. You know before women could vote. Before Social Security, the 40 hour week. When the monied elite made millions on cheap child labor, and paid wages in company script. Look up Fred Koch, and the John Birch Society. The link between some U.S, banks, and industrialists such as Henry Ford, and the financing of the Nazi Party. Or the shocking similarities between 20th century Fascism, and the guiding principals of today’s Republican Party. You may, or may not agree. But at least learn what you’re supporting.

          • The funny thing is with all of you OLD retired people. Soon you will all be gone and you will be nothing more then a distant memory of how it once was in America.

          • Dave be smug all you want but without these so called OLD people the rest of us would be as ignorant as you. I for one value one’s experiences and witness of history. I like to be informed and history has a funny way of repeating itself in all its ugliness if one is not ever vigilant and aware of the signs of past horrors and be ready to smother that cancer in the cradle should it rear it’s ugly head. Your comments tell me they missed one.

          • So because you weren’t born then, you’re implying that you couldn’t possibly know anything about those things huh. I guess that means you wouldn’t know anything about Christopher Columbus or Jesus Christ either then.

            Look at the changing American demographics DAVE. The old retired people are white conservative Republicans and everyone knows it.

          • President LBJ…”I’LL have those N*****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years. Wait for it………… Lyndon B Johnson Democrat.

          • You have a source for that quote, of course? Speaking of the Southern Confederates after he signed the most sweeping Civil Right Bill, since Lincoln’s Emancipation. What Johnson did say is, “We have lost the South for a generation.” What Johnson did, was essentially to sacrifice an entire wing of his Party’s base. And not for the Black vote. Because the numbers of Black voters in the entire Country, in no way offset the losses in the South. So, why would he do such a thing? Because I believe he seen it was necessary. And, because it was the right thing to do for the Country. So, who’s your hero? And what act of political courage did they do that compares with that?

          • That’s right. The Democrats used to be the racist Party. Byrd said he was wrong, as did George Wallace. And both are dead, but if they were alive today, they would be Republicans. So what do you want me to say on that? That I believe the 98%, pure Party of the White power structure, is still the Civil Rights Party of Lincoln?

          • I wonder if Aunt Tomasina will help the New Georgia Project find the 40,000 new minority voters that they registered and delivered to the Georgia state Republican government on time, only to find that they mysteriously disappeared on midterm voting day.

            Once she’s through with that, perhaps she can help the lower income voters in Texas, who now have to travel at least 3 hours to get their special voting ID that they also have to pay for…on top of the travel costs.

            There are a number of other Republican vote suppression schemes that Auntie Love could help out with after that, but she can start with those.

          • Incredible Dave. So happy for her. She worked her butt off. I heard Utah is entirely Republican. It is a beautiful state with some great people.

            They were saying on the news tonight how happy we all are that the Conservative party is really getting diverse. Think it’s great!…. and you are right…that is a story that will never appear on the Memo. Guess we just have to keep them informed;)

      • America at least has a chance now. With a red Congress, we can now have some ACTUAL inveswtigations into the myriad of scandals that have been blocked or covered up by the blue congress. Perhaps , and I really hope it does happen, there will be some actual criminal charges brought against this regime.

        • What’s going to happen is that this will result in disgust by 2016 and guarantee another Democrat in the White House. 6th year midterms always swing against the President, but what really counts is what happens in 2016. Obama can veto any vile and despicable bills from bigots in Congress, and more importantly: Obama is STILL your leader and STILL black.

          So your best bet is to go back in your trailer and behave yourself. When the pendulum swings back in 2016 you redneck goobers will be more ostracized than ever. Don’t make us send little brown men over to your trailer park to slap some sense into you — we’ll do it if it becomes necessary.

        • Kenndeb, this guy has been more corrupt than Nixon will ever be and, by gum, he will get away with it just because he was ‘the first African American President’ and we had to stuff it because we were ‘racist pigs.’ A fact that is furthest from the truth. I truly wish he could be impeached because of his hatred toward American exceptionalism and because of what he has done to this country, but I also know that he will not just on the merit of ethnicity.

          • Just be prepared for your future, because the days of the Caucasian bigot are over. Bask in the lesser thrill of winning a few races in midterm elections, because Caucasians are well on their way to becoming a minority in this country. Unless the GOP ejects the vile, despicable, worthless Tea-Bigots and learns a new tune, Presidential elections are going to be out of their reach for some time.

            You’d better get your ya-yas out while you can.

          • Mia Love…..Woman and African American.
            The demographics are changing and we couldn’t be happier. Young millennials are largely Repubs.

            Just like racism, climate change and ‘old white males,’ we are tired of your incessant mouths which speak such untruths. Clue for you, we no longer believe you nor do we care.

          • Oh yes, that’s why you squeal about Obama every single day — because you don’t care. Now you can lie about why you hate Obama — I’ve heard it all by now and I will still know the real reason when you are finished lying.

            By the way, offering a token black or claiming that you have a black friend as a means by which you try to disprove your bigotry only serves to confirm it.

          • Dude what didn’t you get. You are in complete and udder denial. America is almost completely RED. Did you even bother to look at the map after the election. Not much Blue there.

            If you think I’m lying than you must believe the entire nation is too. Fact is, they are not. It is way to clear that we are FED UP.

            We are tired of your racist idol chatter. I think that is one of the reasons you got canceled out. Maybe you need to watch Condi Rice’s interview on how race was handled in the election. Now who’s lying…


          • Well that’s just amazing — America has turned ‘almost completely red’ overnight!


            This is a midterm election. The incumbent President’s party always loses seats in Congress at this point in the cycle. The majority of the voters just stayed home, leaving bitter, old redneck bigots to vote.

            The interesting thing here is that if redneck goobers were smart, this is where they would leverage this opportunity to show America that they aren’t vile and despicable bigots, and that they can govern for ALL of the people in America.

            But redneck goobers aren’t smart.They are already talking smack about repealing Obamacare — which will not happen. Believing that they won more than they actually did, they will renew their hateful fight against Obamacare, women, the poor, Latinos, gay people — anyone who isn’t a bitter, old, white male or a subservient, bigoted bimbo (like you).

            So America isn’t going to go back in time, or turn suddenly ‘red’. Republicans themselves will help guarantee the next Democratic candidate wins the Presidency in 2 years. They just can’t help it, because they are goobers, and goobers just aren’t smart. They can’t even get along with themselves, and they have nothing to offer Americans, which will become painfully obvious by 2016.

          • Hmmmm….Not only are there now an over abundance of Conservatives in the house but many Governorships went to the Repubs.

            Again, you are in denial. If anything, I see American’s getting smarter. They get it. They see through Obama’s agenda. If your side would have still been so excited about Obama and his ideology, many Liberals would have gotten out and voted, primary or not.

            No one is going to repeal your precious Obamacare, yet if ever. However they do want to make it more affordable for American’s and less problematic for business. They also have no intention of impeaching the man, however; I do think that the honorable thing to do at this point is resign. We already know he won’t. However, there are ways around the President and, since they hold the power of the purse, they can DEFUND him.

            Your fight against women and minorities in the Conservative camp is OVER. If anything the GOP is welcoming minorities and women in for a bright new change and they are taking it. Two new African American REPUBLICAN senators. One in Utah, a woman, African American, Mia Love and the first Southern African American Conservative in South Carolina, Tim Scott. Not only that we have two new Conservative woman senators like Joni Ernst in Iowa to add to the list. 36 year old Tom Cotton won in Arkansas (youngest ever) and 18 year old, Sara Blair elected to house of delegates. LOL OLD WHITE MALES, HUH? I believe they find Republicans refreshing a breath of fresh air away from Obama’s stifling progressive ideology.

            We are well aware that Hillary will most likely win in 2016, but Bill knew how to play ball with a Conservative Congress and actually got things done. This is how it should be. A balance of power. Not a power party of one. It’s supposed to be shared. Get used to it.

            This was a vote against Obama and his policies, however; we will be watching Congress to ensure they do what we elected them to do.

            Conservatives are not the party to go backwards. They are creative and innovative and want to get the ball moving again. If anything your side is moving us backwards with your total social agenda and illegal influx of dummies. Who, by the way are dragging down education and taking all the jobs. Not only that high taxes on business stifles growth and jobs:)

          • The incumbent party losing seats in Congress is nothing new for a 6th-year midterm election. I agree that the GOP gain was larger than usual, but these gains can be (and usually are) reversed in the following election cycle.

            Claiming that the party of bigotry and intolerance winning a few elections means that America is ‘getting smart’ proves that you don’t understand the meaning of ‘smart’. Redneck goobers are some of the least educated and just plain stupid people to ever walk the planet. Everybody in the world understand this, and rednecks are a worldwide joke. The next Presidential election will tell us more about America’s ‘smarts’ when most of the people actually get out and vote. And that vote will be for progressive change, because that’s where America has been heading all along.

            Are you serious about women and minorities in the GOP? It’s perfectly understandable that you would make a big deal out of one or two minorities getting elected on a GOP ticket, because it’s far more common that they run and get elected as Democrats. As for GOP women, I find that they vote Republican for one or more of the following reasons:

            1. They are just plain stupid.
            2. They are subservient bimbos, and they will do whatever the man in their life tells them to do.
            3. They are vile and despicable bigots.
            4. They accumulated some money through cheating, freeloading, and whoring and now they have become greedy and believe that the GOP will help them avoid paying their share.

            EVERYBODY knows that Republican policies are hostile to women. Those who claim otherwise are either misinformed (think Fox News) or lying.

            President Clinton was attacked just as badly as Obama by GOP bigots, so you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. They even tried impeaching him but failed. So why is he so popular today? Because most Americans ignore the shrill whining and despicable lying of bigoted rednecks — that’s why.

            Finally, talking about Republicans and their plans for the economy and education is the most stupid and ridiculous thing you’ve posted yet. Democratic administrations have ALWAYS out-performed Republican ones when it comes to the economy, and Republicans are responsible for just about every decline in the American educational system. Everybody also knows this — even people living in distant countries around the world. The redneck goober — and especially the lying, freeloading, despicable Tea-Bigots — are world-renowned for being ignorant and intolerant (not to mention predisposed to humping their sisters and farm animals).

          • Shame, shame, shame shame shame:

            1. They are just plain stupid.
            2. They are subservient bimbos, and they will do whatever the man in their life tells them to do.
            3. They are vile and despicable bigots.
            They accumulated some money through cheating, freeloading, and whoring
            and now they have become greedy and believe that the GOP will help them
            avoid paying their share.

            This clearly shows what a bigot and racist you really are.

            Democrats have always out preformed Republicans… Nope, there have just been more of your side election. Reagan is one of the most popular and best presidents we have ever had in the modern age. His legacy is set in stone. Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are the worst. Clinton, I give credit to but he came off of Reagan’s shirt tails. If Hillary gets in let’s see how well she fairs.

            How have the Liberals succeeded with our education system? We are like last in the world in reading, 2nd to last in math, and mediocre in Science. What about all those H-241 visa’s? All the money on education and NOTHING to show for it is a Republican caused issue. No way because you Commies run the schools.

            Well, all you queer-liberals are notorious for humping something else. You deserve it. What a crass remark.

          • Obama easily beats Reagan’s questionable legacy for a couple of reasons. First, Obama has outperformed Reagan on the economy even though he inherited a huge mess from Bush. Have a read if you dare:

            Second, Reagan is the hands-down champion of runaway federal spending. In fact, EVERY Republican President since Reagan has increased federal spending faster than EVERY Democrat. Have a read if you dare:

            The only thing that Republicans are consistently good at is lying, which you prove with every lying post of yours. Redneck goobers living in the ‘red’ states are the biggest freeloaders of federal benefits despite their whining about everyone else. Republicans aren’t self-sufficient — they just lie like their lives depended on it.

            Finally, observing vile behavior and abject stupidity isn’t bigotry or racism. You are free to stop being vile and despicable and hating on everyone who isn’t white, but a person can’t change the color of their skin. The vilest, most despicable, most worthless liars and racists on the face of this planet are Tea-Bigots. The only reason for the existence Tea-Bigot Party is racist hate. All of America despises the Tea-Bigots — they are the most reviled group of people in the entire country, with popularity ratings about the same as hemorrhoids or STDs.

            Lastly, don’t blame me for GOP bimbos or inbred rednecks. I have nothing to do with such behavior, and the entire world has long known about it. Yeehaw.

          • Gee, makes me wonder then why Obama is so low on the totem pole and Reagan is on top?

            ….and obviously you really don’t know a damn thing about Conservatives.

            Yawn….tea-bigots is getting old. Just like the ‘racist’ thing. Hmmmm….could that be why you lost? If any one is putting up a puff and stuff it’s you all. You liberal queers are beginning to cuss. What’s the matter….cat got your tongue. Really we are that badly thought off? I guess that’s why some entire Democratic families voted against Obama in this last election?…. and Repubs won across the board. Aw shucks, those politicians in your camp are lying to you again. They are just making you think that the GOP is becoming extinct. Couldn’t tell from this last election. Guess you just got too cocky. I suppose ALL those people in your camp should have voted?

          • I don’t need to look at bigot-maps, although I agree that using colors makes it more easily understood by rednecks. If 10,000 people voted for a Republican and 9,999 voted for a Democrat a color-coded map would show the election as red when it actually half of each. But you goobers keep looking at your color maps if it helps you to understand it.

          • It represents an example for dense people like yourself. Otherwise you wouldn’t understand what just happened.

      • Hey Schmuck “3)DOW is at record highs because our government is manipulating the currency and the stock market. Read ‘Sovereign Man’ and you will get the real story.” are you going to keep pushing h same old bs The Dow, SP 500 and Nasaq at or near their all time highs. You have to stop reading those fantasy websites for your misinformation. According to your paranoid view all of Wall Street I conspiring to control the US dollar and the markets. Keep up the god work, your delusional fantasies are always good for a laugh.

    • AAAAAWWWWWW.. Boo Hoo Hoo. 6 years….6years of this unbalance of power and a dictator to lead us. How do you think WE felt. You only have to worry about it for 2 years. Now your side actually has to share. Gee what a concept.

      • Boooooo hoooo…GOP Bulls were all mouth and no action…try that now Joi Boi and see if the country won’t notice that your GOP inaction where it counts most …..won’t bite you bois in your double wides.

        • Sorry, you lost….should send a very LOUD message your way. We are no longer buying what you are selling.

          We’ll see Eleanore….we’ll see….LOL

          • She will kick and scream all the way. She won’t be happy until every American is under the influence of the Emperor. America now has a chance of being saved from liberals like Eleanore, with their failed and flawed policies and agenda. Now we just need to rid ourselves of the rest of the liberals and rinos.

          • No..She won’t. She is an adult…something you smug uglies of the right wouldn’t ever manage to achieve.

            I imagine a Dipshit Inc. member like you hates the “emperor” we vote for twice as much as you’ll hate his emperor in waiting…Cory Booker. If Bonnie Watson Coleman doesn’t seethe your little boy asses Danny boy…and become VP with Hillary.

            Winning an election by stuffing Koch money into it isn’t a win…it’s little bois like pulling a tantrum because everyone disrespects you and knows you are totally incapable of a single minute without hate.
            HE IS President. Stuff up your testicles…if you have any that is.

          • Wow, who’s being the sore loser here? Such adult filth coming from where???? What you also fail to acknowledge is there are many well educated, WOMEN, in the conservative ranks. Join us?

          • There’s a huge difference in being a sore loser and being a woman who fears a lifetime of hard work and struggle will vaporize under the GOP regime. I was a Republican for 33 years. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING you can tell me about the egotistical, conceited GOP today.

            I am not a conservative. I’m a progressive populist. Period. No further discussion from you needed. My choice, NOT yours.

            As for well educated, you obviously didn’t bother to note that the GOP had to win the primaries…How do you explain the imbalance in the number of red states who traditionally vote Republicans to the smaller number of blue states who vote Dem?

            Only as real idiot would expect that 17 red states wouldn’t have a majority in an election vs. less than a dozen blue states.

            As for your conservatism, Conserve in your own backyard on your own time and stay the hell out of my tax dollars.

          • Well, I think there needs to be again a balance because that is what we are. Right now the pendulum has swung tooooo far to the Left (almost communist) and it is beginning to swing to the Right. Too far left and too far right, neither are the best. I think we both know that.

            Again, Libs an I told you so moment. The pendulum always swings back and forth…..

          • We didn’t lose..Now, I intend to stay on my GOP reps asses until they actually do the jobs my taxes pay them to do.

            I loathe men like you. Why? You love to put your big foot on everyone else. Then, you whimper like babies when you own asses are in sling.

            Step out of line and you’ll end up with a very angry mob at your doorstop GOP JOI Boi.

          • Go for it Eleanore. Fair game. Yes and I am so happy to have you off my back. Honestly, I think many Americans are beginning to lose their backaches.

            How many times do I have to tell you, Eleanore, we are not the whiners or whimperers. You are.

            Is that a threat? Shame shame…. You are a sore loser. Don’t even go there, we still have certain amendments to protect our rights:)

  3. Now is an excellent time for Republicans to settle their differences among themselves. A time for establishment guys like McConnell, and Boehner to seek out, “moderate,” T-Party leaders, like Ted Cruz, And finally tackle some of the Country’s most challenging problems, like immigration, our crumbling infrastructure, terrorism, or in a tip of the hat to the T-Party moderates. The elimination of the death panels set up around the Country by the Socialist heretic, Obama. Or other core GOP mandates. Like figuring out how we continue to cater to corporations, and billionaires, with the kind of ludicrous tax structure, trade policies, and wage subsidies they want. And just paid for, by the way, in this the most expensive mid-term, in National history. And still continue to fund the wildly popular wars in the Middle East, and the trillion dollar per annum military. Tough decisions, that will require more than tactics such as threatening a default, or shutting down the gov. to cut education. Both will be necessary, if the run away Socialism that threatens the way of life, and the very freedom of, Charles, and David Koch, Sheldon Adelson, and a bevy of other ultra wealthy hedge funders, and Neocons, is to be stopped. Certainly before millions of others sign up this fall, to receive their Marxists, health insurance, without Plutocratic approval. Can’t you just smell the freedom already?

    • I’m liking the reference to “Apocalypse Now” and the war-mongering Republicans of the Vietnam War era, who loved the smell of napalm in the morning.

      • Yep. Just wait and see what a mess they’re going to make out of running Congress. The secret, that not really so much of a secret, is they fight with each other, more than they fight with the Democrats. All those bills to repeal ACA, and non sense debates on such issues as contraception, and rape. Were just time killers. They had to be there, and had to appear as though they were doing something, and getting along. When the reality is they were incapable of coming to agreement on almost everything else but, “Obamacare,” or abortion. Immigration, infrastructure, budgets, raising the debt ceiling, the farm bill, tax reform, or fixing entitlements such as Medicare. Which before ACA slowed the growth in the costs of healthcare, was estimated to become insolvent in less than 6 years. None of these issues, and many of much less import, the established Party leadership, and the T-Party, were miles apart. And in those times when they had to act, we got the debt ceiling debacle, the credit downgrade, and the gov. shutdown. So this new status should show them off quite nicely, before they get stomped in the Presidential Elections in 2016.

    • The Conservatives came together to vote last night. We hope they will also stick together where it counts.

      Rand Paul had a great idea with regards to outsoucing which, in turn, would also help with infrastructure. They plan to work in tax regulations against business by lowering them.

      Not sure if the government will have to be shut down to finally get a budget. The only one that may prevent that is your Man.

      Most expensive mid-term…..Yes, and how much did the Dems spend to try and unseat McConnell…..WOW! Liberals outspent Republicans…. Goes to show you that it comes down to the job they are doing and what the people in this country want. That’s the American way at work.

      I am anti-war but believe we need a strong military. I believe the cuts were unnecessary.

      You can be cynical all you want….I have been saying this all along….WE JUST DON’T WANT THE KIND OF MARXIST GOVERNMENT THAT YOUR SIDE CATERS TO. We proved it last night…… Remember we live here to.

      • Don’t get too excited. The battle was fought largely in States
        where education has been defunded for decades. And many
        still believe the Earth is flat, and about 6,000 years old. Along
        with other ridiculous claptrap, like Rand Paul is full of good
        ideas to stop outsourcing. What an unmitigated hoot you are!

        • Calling us stupid? I would argue federal government intrusion is exactly what is wrong with our education. Things were better before the Dept of Educ was created. Throwing money at it has not and will not resolve the problem. I would also argue which of us is better educated. At least I grew out of what was spoon fed to me while in school with brains enough to double check what I was being sold.

          • And you know things were better before the Dept. of Ed. because? Or, you’ve been told they’re absolutely terrible now. And it’s all the Federal oversight that’s causing the problem. So the Feds should just send the States the money, and say here it is. This is supposed to go for education. But, spend it however you like. And I’m brainless, and spoon fed? And you’re pretty sure you’ve grown up to be smarter, because you have no doubt Republicans would never think of destroying public education, just because the religious zealots that carry water for them, would sure like all that public money going into their Bible Schools. And certainly not because public teachers are unionized. And unions generally don’t support the GOP. And of course, they would certainly not ever throw American labor under the bus, for political reasons. Just because the overwhelming number of their campaigns are financed by the same people that also want to see every union in the Country dead, and buried. You’re actually very gullible to claim to have attended public school. You do realize Mitt Romney, and George W, Bush attended private schools? And Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Ronald Reagan, and the men who waked on the Moon, went to public school.

        • Again, don’t be so SURE of yourself. This was a clear and simple message and that message was…we HATE Obama’s policies and we loathe what he has done to us. YOU ARE IN DENIAL.

          Everything went Republican even in states that have been Democratic for decades. I am referring to governorships. This was a ‘civil’ rebellion.

          Just face it….you lost and just can’t stand it.
          McConnell even stated this morning that the Senate was dead. They simply did not work. Just collected a paycheck out of the taxpayers coffers, and Harry Reidtard, he didn’t hand anything to King Obummer that he thought he wouldn’t like.

          Sorry, it was not a ripple….it was a WAVE.

          • Come on! Even the extremists are not calling it a
            wave. It was Southern Red, and Western Purple,
            trend. Plus a big dose of propaganda. At least if
            you believe it. Most of the margins were a point,
            point, and a half. On Republican territory! Face it,
            you’re in trouble in ’16. What you hate about Obama
            has nothing to do with, “what he’s done to you.”
            You’re ridiculous.

        • Let’s just see which Republicans are appointed to head committees in the House and Senate. That will be a hoot, indeed. I fully expect a climate change denier to head the science committee, a Koch brothers puppet to head up energy, and maybe one of those crack-pot doctors on the right to “govern” investigations getting to the bottom of Ebola response and research, or suss out problems at the VA and/or with the ACA. Advertisers may start to buy time from C-Span, the hearings led by these geniuses should be so laughable. Let’s see who emerges from this clown show with decent credentials. A whole new tribe of media trainers will be employed to coach witnesses in the skill of dumbing down their answers enough so that the chairmen of committees can understand them.

      • Outsourcing by Rand Paul…read …shift more American jobs offshore…Where the hell is the GOP jobs creation plan?

        • Got it wrong my dear. Bringing jobs home my dear. At least they are starting to get some ideas flowing. Now let’s see how Obama plays the game. He actually has to go to work……and get off the golf course.

          • No he doesn’t. The bigots in this Congress haven’t done anything, and they can’t even get along with each other. Now Obama gets to give them a taste of their own medicine by vetoing every bigoted bill they can conjure up. There’s nothing new here: Obama is still President until 2016, and you bigots will get slapped down again that very year in a big way — even bigoted dizzy sluts.

          • Then who will look like the bad guy? He needs to become more like Clinton and look less like a dictator. This Country was not meant to have a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM. His legacy will be ruined all because of political advantage and that is just what he is trying to do with this influx of illegals…. Corrupt and creepy.

            Your representatives bad mouthing, your media bashing Conservatives, Obama bashing Republicans, calling us ‘racists’ (which is not true) and you trying to degradate us has only backfired. Doesn’t work any longer. If you continue down this path…you will surely fall in 2016.

          • How quickly goobers forget. Clinton was attacked nonstop by the vile and despicable redneck bigots the whole time he was in office. He was even accused of murder by you goobers, for God’s sake. You don’t remember congressional redneck slack-jaws impeaching Clinton? But they lost, of course, because America has more real people than it does rednecks, and most Americans have no time for redneck antics.

            You goobers have been trying everything you can to defeat Obama, but you failed. He’s still President, and he will soon take executive action on immigration. You got slapped down by the black man, and now you have to settle for getting yourself all excited over winning a few midterm elections after doing everything possible to cheat the system by attacking minority voters, because your vile and despicable behavior has put the Presidency out of your reach.

            But the joke is on you, because 2016 is just around the corner, and you vile bigots, racists, and plain old dumbasses can’t behave yourself that long. By the time election day 2016 rolls around America will be primed for another redneck goober slap-down. Count on it.

          • I don’t think you have to worry your little head about the Republicans getting rid of Obama. He has sunk his own ship and I believe that was his intention.

            Bill Clinton was not innocent by any means. No one dares touch Obama for fear of being beaten over the head with the word ‘racist.’

            Voter ID….Look who’s talking. The very people who don’t want it because they don’t want to get found out that the person on the ID doesn’t match the person voting.

            I can assure you that Hillary (hopefully) will never be as bad as Obamaination. Actually, she comes from a Conservative family….very surprised that she switched. Must have been that frickin college indoctrination and, of course, Billy Boy. We’ll see….it’s too soon to predict. From all we have seen of Hillary….her book didn’t go over too well and the people she campaigned for this election lost….. We’ll see….

        • Do you even understand business? Oh that’s right you were a union icon.

          Highest tax rates and regulations against business and Obama helped keep it that way. NOT WORKING.

          Small businesses suffered. For instance, there was a $5 million tax limit on Small business that includes farming. This not only includes cash held, but it also involves assets such as land and equipment. Many family farms were facing the burden of the taxes they had to pay. That means many family farms that had been around for decades would have to sell out. Do you really think that is fair? There is a thing called ‘land poor.’ This is just one example.

      • Cynical is not in the Democratic Party’s DNA. On the other hand, to be Right Winger today, is to be cynical, and defeatist in one’s every deed, and thought. Backward is the proposed direction. As if there has ever been a time, backward, was the direction the people, or the important, consequential leaders of this Country desired to go. Let me tell you something about the Democrats. We realize progress is never easy, and seldom happens all at once. But that it is as inevitable as the rising tide. The seasons predictably change. And just as predictably there will be the staid, and the starchy, the nihilists, and the naysayers. And their last grand hurrah. So, I’d advise you fully take this opportunity to enjoy it while it lasts.

        • Apparently it is. You just proved it does:) LOL, backwards! No that’s what it has been for the last 6 years. A stagnant quagmire demoting American society and quality of life.

          If you continue with this ideology and refuse to come together with the republicans, your side is the side that will remain behind and fail. Conservatives are different than you in that they believe in sprinting forward through ideology, innovation and modernization. Remember many are business people, they are the movers and shakers that spin the wheels of progress. Remember a poor country cannot provide for it’s poor.

          Do you really think insurmountable taxes, poverty because of these taxes and regulations, no jobs, tons of people coming in from all over, outsourcing because of the highest corporate taxes in the world, will save America? I’m sorry, you are sadly mistaken. It’s already backwards, how much further do you want to decline?

          • How much further do I want to decline? I don’t know. You’re the one that keeps voting for policies
            that have clearly failed. What do you suggest Obama, and the Democrats pass, that George Bush
            failed to enact? Since he, and the Republican Congress set corporate taxes. Obama hasn’t raised
            them. What regulations do you, or have you them state they would remove? Any come to mind? No,
            because they never say, do they? God you’re such
            a willing bitch for the shills.

    • When you first said “moderate tea party leaders” my mouth dropped open. Reading further, I now realize your parody… LOL. Good job!

      • No such thing as a moderate T-Partier. Republicans claim they haven’t changed because of the T-Party. So, there used to be centrists Republicans, and moderate Republicans. And some very austere Conservatives, like Goldwater. Now there’s just radical Republicans, and extremist Republicans. And the radical ones are hoping the T-Party don’t see their efforts to try and make government work even a little bit, as being a turncoat.

  4. BLOW OUT! Good riddance to Harry Reidtard as majority leader and Peloser. The Emperor has no longer has clothes. Now let’s see if the Repubs keep their word and get those bills off of Reid’s desk.

    ECONOMY…..ILLEGALS…..OUTSOURCING……INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS…..We have been stuck on skip for toooooo long. Lets hope it moves forward without any backlash from Obummer. He can no longer VETO everything…..

    • So will you be the first schmo to go to TX and demand they stop hiring those “yard workers and maids” who are illegal?

      • You bet your boots.

        1) Economy
        2) Illegal problem

        These were Americas first two concerns. Lets hope that Congress does something to rectify these long standing issues…

        • Whatever a bigoted Congress does Obama can simply veto. He’s still the President, and the bigots in Congress still can’t do anything right. It’s going to be hilarious watching the slack-jawed look of horror and disappointment on bigoted faces when Obama slaps a veto on the first bigot-bill.

        • Sir, you are truly the one misinformed. Here are some facts:

          The economy:

          GDP at 4.6%
          Economic growth at 3.4%
          Unemployment at 5.9%
          The stock market breaking records time after time.

          Over 40 months of economic growth. This president has brought us back from the Great Recession that YOUR village idiot left us in, and now you want to go back to the same policies that caused the problem in the first place. And you expect a different result?! You are truly insane.

          “The illegal problem”:

          This president has hired more border patrol agents and deported more illegals than the last three admins. combined.

          These are facts from the GAO. Indisputable facts that you will never see from Fox news, obviously your only news source.

          You are the classic example of the uninformed and ignorant electorate.

          • This article fits the bill perfectly: Believe me I am far from misinformed. If anyone doesn’t know any better, I would say it is you. You fit the cloned description below quite well:

            “When you ponder the implications of allowing a small group of powerful wealthy unaccountable men to control the currency of a nation over the
            last one hundred years, you understand why our public education system sucks. You understand why the government created Common Core curriculum teaches children that 3 x 4 = 13, as long as you feel good about your answer. George Carlin was right. The owners of this country (bankers, billionaires, corporate titans, politicians) want more for themselves and less for everyone else. They want an educational system that creates ignorant, obedient, vacuous, obese dullards who question nothing, consume mass quantities of corporate processed fast food, gaze at iGadgets, are easily susceptible to media propaganda and compliant to government regulations and directives. They don’t want highly educated, critical thinking, civil minded, well informed, questioning citizens understanding how badly they have been screwed over the last century. I’m sorry to say, your owners are winning in a landslide.

            Thegovernment controlled public education system has flourished beyond all expectations of your owners. We’ve become a nation of techno-narcissistic, math challenged, reality TV distracted, welfare entitled, materialistic, gluttonous, indebted consumers of Chinese slave
            labor produced crap. There are more Americans who know the name of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s bastard child (North West) than know thename of our Secretary of State (Ketchup Kerry). Americans can generate a text or tweet with blinding speed but couldn’t give you change from a dollar bill if their life depended upon it. They are whizzes at buying crap on Amazon or Ebay with a credit card, but have never balanced theircheckbook or figured out the concept of deferred gratification and saving for the future. While the ignorant masses are worked into a
            frenzy by the media propaganda machine over gay marriage, diversity, abortion, climate change, and never ending wars on poverty, drugs and
            terror, our owners use their complete capture of the financial, regulatory, political, judicial and economic systems to pillage the remaining national wealth they haven’t already extracted.

            The financial illiteracy of the uneducated lower classes and the willful ignorance of the supposedly highly educated classes has never been more evident than when examining the concept of Federal Reserve created
            currency debasement – also known as inflation. The insidious central banker created monetary inflation is the cause of all the ills in our warped, deformed, rigged financialized economic system. The outright manipulation and falsity of government reported economic data is
            designed to obscure the truth and keep the populace unaware of the deception being executed by the owners of this country. They have utilized deceit, falsification, propaganda and outright lies to mislead the public about the true picture of the disastrous financial condition
            in this country. Since most people are already trapped in the mental state of normalcy bias, it is easy for those in control to reinforce that normalcy bias by manipulating economic data to appear normal and using their media mouthpieces to perpetuate the false storyline of
            recovery and a return to normalcy.”

            I’ll let you read the rest:


            I already know this because my parents were LEGAL residents from Europe. I learned about finance and the manipulation and devaluation of the dollar from my father. So sorry to inform you that if China goes through with the Renminbi and Russia follows suit the dollar will be bye-bye and….our stock market:) is also being very manipulated.

            You need to start thinking outside the box. Leave the media of the U.S. by the way side and explore what other countries have to say. Also a good read to stay informed are articles by the Sovereign Man. Simon Black has been saying what my father (who is quite shrewd with his finances) is saying for decades. So don’t be surprised if one day you wake up and a loaf of bread costs $1000.00


  5. Joe Schmo…Not so fast honcho…Do you actually think you’ll get rid of the Dems so you can call this the United States of Republicans?

    Actually, my dad had a favorite saying about enemies, “Keep them in your vest pocket.”

    The GOP may now have all the power they ever wanted. But, there’s a downside to this.

    Now, your GOP has to create a jobs program they refused to do before. And, they won’t be able to stop Obamacare no matter how much Mitch bitches about losing all his funding for his home state.

    They eyes of Dems are upon you…You bois of the blood red party better put your money, not ours, where you mouths have been for 6 years and 2 months..The days of laying ALL blame on Obama is over. Aren’t you happy about that?

    And don’t bother to eye our 401Ks, Wall Street will take that hit. Your GOP will make sure blue staters feed the trough of the red states. To do that, those 401Ks will be the last resource to keep roofs over our kids heads.

    So..Joi Boi….you thought Wowweeeeee “I” got all the power..Oh no you don’t. Now, you GOP bulls step one tiny inch out of line and the nation will be on your asses like white on rice…after all You’ve got all the power and you’d better do something with it besides handing our tax dollars to your wealthy cronies.

    • Considering that it was Reid that blocked each and every bill that did not fit into his agenda, most of what you said is wrong, as usual. You are just worried that your check may be held up, aren’t you?

    • Never said that Eleanore. I have always stated their needs to be balance. It is you that only want it your way. Have to share.

      Honey, according to McConnell, the jobs bills have never left Reidtards desk. McConnell does not want to remove Obamacare, he only wants to make it better and more affordable. Nothing wrong with that.

      Don’t have a 401K. Yes, Wall Street will take a hit although I heard it went up today.. It’s being manipulated just like our dollar and has been for some time. I predict a complete devaluation after China and Russia decide to bypass us. Why not try reading Sovereign Man. You might learn something about money and investing.

      I tend to be more humble than you Eleanore. We will be watching our representatives. No doubt about that. You need to think about the wealthy cronies from your camp who are in your pockets too…

  6. Actually, in every negative, there’s a positive..Now, we on the opposite side of the GOP aisle get to do the same bitching at the GOP bulls as they did for the pasts 6 1/2 years. Notice how they equate winning the Senate to being president of the US?

    Anyone who heard the Mouth of Bourbon KY McConnell’s winning speech last night would have thought he’d been elected president. HE thinks HE is.

    Not on our tax dollars he isn’t.

    • All is fair in love and war:) …..and McConnell didn’t whine. You all are just whining because you LOST for a change.

      Don’t worry so much about your money honey. Conservatives are more into making money….not being taxed to death for our incomes.

      • The problem is, they’re only into making money for those who are already wealthy – that group of Americans who already have more money than anyone in their lifetimes deserved to ever accumulate. You can’t pass the money around when you pass legislation that allows companies to get away with paying below poverty wages, refuses to increase the min wage and does everything in its power to shovel more money in the pockets of folks like Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Bros, the Walton family and on and on.

        • Do you even realize one thing? These people have made even more money since Obama and the Democrats have been in office. On the other hand, the rest of us in the middle class to lower upper class have suffered. No, what you are saying is ridiculous.

          Dude, what don’t you get. The dollar is devaluating, there is little manufacturing, the liberal ginormous environmental debacle has become extreme beyond belief, illegals are taking many of the jobs, and the outsourcing continues largely due high corporate taxes and stringent regulations. There is no sensibility or accountability. No more ‘Hope and Change.’ We need ‘Change and Hope.’

          The Koch’s keep the money in the country. Soros is a globalist he garners his interest worldwide and selfishly for himself.

          Just like we are tired of hearing the word ‘racist.’ We are just as tired of hearing ‘spreading the wealth,’ ‘immigration reform, and ‘corporate greed’ from your mouths…

          By the way proposals on raising the minimum wage have passed in many states. So get off it and be happy for that:)

          • Do you ever look anything up? Honestly, I believe I am much more worldly than you. That makes me more informed. I don’t just live in the American ‘boob tube’ bubble. Nothing I have stated is trash. You are starting to ramble and crumble in your statements….. Sorry, you need to wake up and stop denying the atrocities created by your camp. It is evident by the sweep the election took.

          • So the rich are getting richer under Obama. They were also getting richer under Bush, and under Clinton, before that. So just what is it you think Obama should really do about that? He doesn’t write the tax laws. And, if one is in the Middle Class, or manages, thru their hard work to get there. The quickest way to get knocked out of the Middle Class, is to have no health insurance, or poor health insurance, and have to go into the hospital. On the other hand, if you’re rich, got a big bank account and don’t have insurance. You’re a little poorer than before, but you’re still rich. Do you suppose Mitt Romney, worth about 250 million, is concerned about such things? No. But he would keep the Middle Class, who do need health insurance from obtaining it. Republicans also object to raising the minimum wage. Even though, people working full time at that pay level, often qualify for assistance. Which the Republicans also oppose for the same reason they oppose health reform. They claim they are fighting big gov. When the real reason is very clear. Given their refusals to stop rewarding outsourcing. Stop giving subsidies, to oil companies that don’t need them, or to corporate farms, for which they were never intended, or spending hundreds of billions of dollars each year, building equipment for the military. When the military itself says it neither needs the equipment, nor wants it. While bitching to high heaven about the comparatively minuscule amount of Federal dollars spent on food, to help the minimum wage worker survive. So, big outfits like Walmart don’t have to pay their labor a living wage. So, this is not very complicated. Republicans are opposed to any measure, that doesn’t leave the wealthy holding all the cards, over everyone else, all the time. Why do you suppose they keep labeling every thing they do, everything they stand for as Freedom, or Liberty? Because they’re depending on people like you, to read the outside of the box. And never actually look, to see what’s inside. And again, what do you propose
            Obama do, about this rich getting richer thing? And, how many of the President’s proposals to help the Middle Class, have the Republicans supported? Considered? Allowed, by not filibustering, to come to an up, or down vote? Put on the House docket by Speaker Boehner? Allowed to go to reconciliation by
            Speaker Boehner? The answer is zero.

    • Well he has been pretty much calling the shots with preventing the majority from imposing their agenda and he expects the spineless Dems to keep allowing him to do so.

  7. “Republicans set up clash with Obama”???? They’ve been clashing with him for the past 6 years. They obstructed everything, even their own proposals. They failed to make him a one term President. Now, they can simply remove him from office, one way or another.

    You do need to congratulate them on the way they do business, the business they want to do. Their narrative of him seems to have worked so well that even Democrats were believing it and running from the President, which is why I contributed not one penny to anyone. I’m old and, much as I care about the younger generation raising families, et al, and their children’s future and my country, I’m prepared to accept the consequences because my own needs are not so great anymore. If I get my SS and Medicare taken away, so be it. I’ll be one of many elders hungry and in the streets, sick, when all of my savings give out. The rest of you will deserve what you get, having rewarded the worst of the worst re politicians and governance.

    What does aggravate me last night and this morning, is the assignation by the media and the victorious Republicans of blame for gridlock on this President and Administration and for the stagnant economy and unemployment. I am old but not senile and my memory is still good, short term and long term. I know what Republicans did and did not do for the economy, for the creation of jobs, and I know that they were bound by oaths to each other to do nothing about anything, unless it had a uterus. I know that they were invited to participate in healthcare reform, sat on committees, insisted on their input, and, when input accepted and written into the reform, went before mics and cameras, to town hall meetings, mocked it, distorted it, and voted against it. That’s just one example. I also know that their fiscal responsibility and concern for the deficit led them to shut down the government at a cost of millions of dollars. I know they rejected every offer and invitation to establish any relationship with the President, even non-attendance at State functions.

    It will be somewhat interesting to see if Congressional Republicans will actually show up to their offices and work on meaningful legislation on behalf of the country now that they are in the Majority because they certainly are not motivated when they are not. Their seriousness on their Oath of Office and their motivation and commitment to this country only extends to whether or not they are “in power” and can get any credit for what they do choose to do.

    Maybe, now, we can look forward to the shutting up of their filthy mouths.

    • I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. I’ve a feeling these next two years will be amazing. My prediction is that reconciliation will be used a lot more often to push things through the Senate on a simple majority. Harry Reid will be made to look like both a gentleman and a fool.

    • Slow down….true to the Liberal nature, you’re in panic mode. Your good buddy Harry Reidtard kept over 300 bills on his desk. At best you are VERY uninformed. The Conservatives have no intention of removing the worst president we have ever had. Now whether or not he will work with them is another story all together. Just remember if he doesn’t make an attempt, he will go down in history as the most polarizing president in US history.

      Wasn’t the way Repubs did business, don’t you get it….WE THE PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF THIS COMMUNIST. You are being over dramatic. No one is going to take away your SS or Medicare. If anything, Conservatives try to look at benefits for everyone. Their concern is that 18 tril debt. Why don’t you listen to Kasich’s (Ohio-Senate) acceptance speech. It never leaves the poor out.

      Truth is the Repubs had their hands tied by Reidtard and Obummer. Can’t put alllll the blame on them. If anything, Obama isolated them. His remark this morning reported by one of his assistants sounded extremely narcissistic. That proves to me that it was his way or the highway. Don’t worry….the Conservative constituents are watching these newly elected representatives because we elected them to get somewhat past the gridlock we have seen for the past 2 years.

      Now maybe we can start rectifying some of the carnage that has been inflicted by your party on this great Country.

      • Well, now they’ll be no hiding exactly what the Grand Old Plutocrats, stand for. Since their rebirth as the anti-everything, faction of the 1960s, John Birch Society. So I’m going to consider their hands untied, come this Jan. And you along with the rest of the Country can watch this group of, “Fearless Patriots,” in action. Now the Senate, can join the completely useless House, in going about their endless repetition of passing symbolic legislation that confirms, and re-confirm for their high maintenance base. That we hate Obama, in so many ways. And we hate the Democrats for the gridlock they’re creating by not agreeing us. And you think you’re going to be happy. While it would be a remarkable change. It ain’t gonna happen.

        • Oh don’t you worry….we will be watching those ‘fearless patriots.’ We are not convinced things will change…..yet!

          McConnell indicated that the Senate HAS been useless under Harry Reidtard.

          It ain’t gonna happen because Obama refuses to work with Congress. Gonna make him and you all look REALLY bad. Then watch out for 2016….

          • “McConnell indicated that the Senate HAS been useless under Harry Reidtard.”

            What a nerve ‘USELESS UNDER HARRY REIDTARD” When it’s been McConnell whose use of the fake filibuster has been what has kept the Dems from ACCOMPLISHING ANYTHING over the past 6 years contributing to making the Senate “useless”!!!!!!


          • Harry hasn’t obstructed a thing!! Any legislation he’s sitting on that doesn’t have a poison pill, he’s not bringing up to vote for 1 of 3 reasons: 1)McConnell has threatened to fake filibuster it or 2) he knows the legislation favors objectives that the Dems won’t support (just like Boehner does in the House), or 3) he knows in advance that the doesn’t have the votes from enough Dems that together with the Repubs would get 51 votes; a simple majority.

          • By sitting on over 300 bills he is obstructing our political process. He didn’t bring up votes because he feared Democrats may help pass them. He didn’t allow the Senators to make any amendments to any bills. If this has been done, then the House would have been forced to accept the changes or be like dirty Harry and sit on them. This could have changed things around and maybe not so many Republicans would have won election. 51 votes would be enough if they changed to special rules like they did with the ACA tax to pass that.

          • ….and by the way, who was it that didn’t even bother to look at those supposed ‘worthless bills’ that NEVER LEFT HARRY REIDTARDS DESK?

            Things didn’t get accomplished because the whole government was run by a party of one.

          • Joe, I do truly believe you have not the slightest inkling of what’s been taking place in Congress. In the Senate from Jan. ’09-Jan. ’11. Obama had won the presidency, and the Democrats had a majority, 60-40. McConnell filibustered every bill as a tactic. That meant that, in order to close the debate, and submit the proposed legislation for an up or down vote. The Democrats could have not a single member dissent. And the Rs, on McConnell’s orders, filibustered every bill submitted. Not on the bill’s merits, the merits were superfluous. Whether it was the stimulus package, or naming a Post Office, some Republican would call a filibuster. All it takes is one. And since they can do this anonymously, they don’t even need explain why. So the Republicans in the Senate racked up more filibusters in two years, than the combined total of filibusters launched by Democrats, from ’94, when they lost the majority, to Jan. ’09. The Republicans even filibustered bills they themselves had sponsored, when Bush was still President. But had been in committee, or in the pipeline so to speak. So, they were filibustering their own bills! Bills they had been hammering out, and urging Democrats to pass. Now, suddenly it was the case that every Republican in the Senate was opposing their own legislation. Opposing it so strongly in fact, they were refusing to even allow a vote on it. So, if Mitch McConnell thinks the Senate has been useless, he should look in the mirror if he wants to see the culprit who made it that way.

          • If dirty Harry was so worried about filibusters, then why didn’t he change the rules like he did in the Obama health care tax to avoid filibusters?

          • You know what? I wanted him to do exactly that. And, maybe Mitch will completely rip the scab off this sorry excuse for scoundrels in either Party, to hide behind the other Party’s obstructionism. And therefore not have to make a vote on any bill, that might be a bit uncomfortable, explaining it back in their home states. Reid said, one day the Republicans will be in charge. And if I do away with it, then my Party won’t have it. This is one reason the public’s opinion of Congress is lower than just about anything you can think of. That being said, I think the prospects of McConnell striking the filibuster, are zero.

          • Exactly, Politicians do hide behind obstructionism to avoid explaining their votes. I agree McConnell will not strike the filibuster. I believe all the citizens ask is for the Congress to something about the issues instead of ignoring them as they do by sitting on the bills.

          • You know Charleo, we will see how this goes. Remember we will be watching Congress. If what you are saying is true about Congress it will become evident. If Obama is the problem and he veto’s everything that crosses his desk and he passes through this immigration reform by sidestepping Congress, the American public will be extremely mad. He will be poisoning his own well because immigration is #2 after the economy getting worse and ‘amnesty’ is something the majority of Americans DO NOT WANT. They may have gotten elected but they have to show us that EVERYONE wants to play ball. If they don’t, the public will be enraged. They realize that it is no longer about politics. The public means business. It’s about us now not them. The sooner you realize that the better off you will be.

          • My comments on the use of the filibuster, as it relates to the period from Jan. ’09- Jan. ’11 are a matter of Congressional Record, and most definitely true. As is the now infamous meeting of top GOP leaders, on the evening of the inauguration. Where, behind closed doors, and out of the public’s eye. They hatched the conspiratorial plan to use their good offices, and to the best of their ability, paralyze the Central Gov. of The United States. This as a political tactic, in order to put forth the proposition: That One, The American people had made an error in electing Barack Obama. And Two: The Federal Gov. was, too big, dysfunctional, broke, leaderless, and incapable of addressing the challenges of the Nation. And set about manufacturing a new crisis in gov. in order to prove their assertions. All in addition to the multiple crisis’ of a near financial collapse of the Country’s banking system. And the growing crisis of confidence at the global level. That the U.S. would be able to lead the World onto a more stable financial footing, and thereby save their own struggling economies. For it is a fact of life for the total of the remaining sum of the World’s economies. If we, the U.S. goes down, the entire World economy will follow. The point is, this was the fire the GOP was willing to toy with, for their own political gain. And for me on a personal level, I’ll never look at them in nearly the same way again. In my opinion, no one should be rewarded for trying to make an unprecedented crisis worse. And fanatical people willing to go to such lengths, have no business wielding the considerable power allotted them by the Constitution, in this, the most powerful Nation on Earth. Both militarily, and financially. So, I do not know what they will do with their newly restored power. Perhaps, with the additional responsibilities, they will rise to the challenge, and once again reconnect with their adult inner persons. And put away the political games, and govern in the best interests of the Country. I have no doubts as to what those that put them back into a leadership position expect. We’ll soon find out if they can deliver.

      • Now the Pres will be forced to actually make decisions. The bills dirty harry has been sitting on are going to get passed, thus forcing Obama to veto or sign them. The keystone pipeline may be the first. The Pres will have to show his true ideas on energy. Will be very interesting. I believe Obama will not change and still be confrontational. His ego will not permit him to compromise with anyone or anything, but now the country will see he is part of the problem not the solution.

        • It’s going to a real eye opener, alright. But, it is the Republicans that are going to need to make the decisions. You know, figure out what they can agree on amongst themselves. And what they are for. No longer will they be able to hide behind such excuses as Harry Reid won’t bring the bill to the floor. Now Mitch can bring it, and explain it. Boehner can also decide to do his job. And Republicans will get their chance to tell the public why we need the XL Pipeline. What we the people stand to gain from the risk of the real environmental damage. As the pipeline crosses some of our most vital underground aquifers, that provide the water source for a good deal of our crops. We know the oil companies stand to gain. We know China stands to gain from the fuel processed to run their factories. But, after the initial few thousand jobs building it. As few as 60 will be employed in it’s service. What do we actually stand to gain in the long run? And, what do we stand to lose?

          • I’ve seen as few as 32-35 permanent jobs but permanent potential forever for damage to millions including wildlife.

          • Imagine, Republicans that finally found an issue where State’s Rights don’t rule supreme. Corporate

          • I never meant my post to be a debate about the pipeline. My point is the Pres will now be forced to make decisions. Its the job of the House and Senate to bring forward bills and explain them to us. The President can then say yea or nay something he has not had to do. He will be forced to explain his views, not hide behind dirty Harry.

          • And your perception is, that Obama never has to make decisions, and plays golf all golf all the time. Or, something like that? I think what you mean is, the sources of information I use, never lists the decisions Obama has made as President. So they can tell you, he not a leader, over his head, don’t know what to do. And just goes around making apologies for America’s success. Isn’t that about the line, of the sources you
            listen to, to form your opinion of Obama as President The facts are, many of the most important decisions Barack Obama made, were things he campaigned on before he was elected President. He said his number one goal as President would be to put Americans back to work. And by April, ’09, his decisions stopped
            the slide of an economy losing 800,00 jobs a month.
            He decided to reform healthcare. And make it impossible for someone to be turned down, regardless of pre-existing condition. He said, he would close Gitmo. A decision in which Congress disagreed. But, it was a decision. Thirdly he said, Wall Street, and the banking sector that ran the economy in the ditch, needed more oversight, and they got it. He said, the economy needs more than just the bankers bailed out. Regular Americans, and state gov. needs a hand. He decided to bail out GM, and Chrysler. And several million people have a job today, because it was the right decision. His call, his decision. He also decided to make a concerted effort to salvage the war in Afghanistan. Pushed for, and signed legislation, requiring equal pay for women, doing the same job as men. Decided DOMA was an unconstitutional law. And ask the Solicitor General to ask the Supreme Court to overturn it. And, it was overturned. Decided to end DADT for Gays serving in the military, and did so. He decided to raise taxes on the ultra rich, .005%. While keeping the Bush tax cuts in place, for 99.95% of the rest, and did that. He also decided to never again discuss, or attempt to bargain with Congress over the raising of the debt ceiling. And decided to put his Presidency on the line, to green light a mission into Pakistan without Pakistan’s knowledge, to eliminate Bin Laden. And did so. He’s also called for public investment, and job creation. Raising the minimum wage, and urged the House to to take up the bipartisan immigration bill, passed in the Senate. Send the final bill to his desk, so he can make a decision on it. How many decisions did you count? Personally, I’d need to look.

          • Put Americans back to work. What is the real unemployment rate. How many have just given up on finding a job. If people are working, why do we have record numbers of people on welfare, food stamps? The health care tax is proving to be very very expensive. Predictions of double digit premium increases this year. He delayed announcing the rates for the coming year before the elections. Hmmm; could it be because the rates are higher and higher. His “transparent” administration passed the health care tax behind closed doors. How many immigration bills are sitting on dirty Harry’s desk? Raising minimum should be passed by individual states, not the federal government. The cost of living is a small bit different in say Montana and New York. He released prisoners from gitmo for a traitor so they could and are now fighting with ISIS and killing more people. His administration is no more than a cover up for crimes his administration has committed the last 6 years. He no longer has dirty Harry to protect from real issues. The people have spoken, they don’t want his polices and lies anymore.
            One day he says the election is about his policies, after losing he seems to have forgotten he said that. Instead he wants to blame the people that didn’t vote.

          • Then say, you don’t agree with his decisions. Not that he hasn’t made decisions. He’s made plenty of them.

          • you’re right. mainly I was talking about the bills Harry Reid has sitting his desk and now Obama may be forced to make decisions on bills he previously could ignore. I’m not saying they are all good bills, but they should see the light of day and let the whole Senate decide if they are bad or good.

          • If the American people wanted the obama policy, they would have voted for democratic candidates in this recent election. The people said overwhelmingly that we need a change in direction for the country.

          • If Americans in all the States had had the chance to
            vote, you’d be exactly right. The last time that happened, Americans re-elected Obama over Mitt
            Romney, by 5 million votes. By a wider margin than
            they elected him, over John McCain, in ’08. That was after the healthcare bill, and the stimulus. And, the unemployment numbers going past .08% to 10.5% when he said, if the stimulus passed, they wouldn’t. All things the Right absolutely eviscerated him for. He signed a Bill to impose more regulations on Wall Street. And the Right said, he was trying to
            wreck the economy. He didn’t, He also didn’t involve us in Egypt’s revolution, where they threw out Mubarack, a long time ally. The Right called him
            feckless, and worse. And my point is, the American
            Public, when all of the people had a say, they re-elected him, by the largest margin since Ronald Reagan’s successful re-election. And his Party got clobbered in his six year mid terms. And I don’t recall a single Republican questioning whether his
            mandate was suddenly being overwhelmingly rejected by the American Public. So, what’s different? Nothing. The battleground States the majority of this mid-term were fought in, voted for Mitt Romney. And of course, lost.

        • Here itsfun is a prelude to what would ultimately happen to the American heartland if the XL pipleand ever gets built:

          Shell has accepted liability for two massive oil spills that have had severe consequences for the economy, health and development of the community of Bodo in Nigeria.

          The wellhead near the village of K-dere, Ogoniland. The crude oil that gushed unchecked from the two Bodo spills which occurred in 2008 has clearly devastated the 20 sq km network of creeks and inlets on which Bodo and as many as 30 other smaller settlements depend for food, water and fuel

          Take a minute itsfun and do a search on Nigeria oil spills – just to get a feel for the devastation that several oil companies have done to Nigeria over the past 40 years – destroying almost 25% of the country.

          Here’s a link for starters (it includes pictures):

          And don’t tell me it won’t happen in America – XL related pipeline spills have already happened over 1 dozen times in America destroying a sizable area of Michigan including a large stream/river.

          • And Chevron spent 3 million dollars to purchase the election in Richland, Calif. so that regulations that would require them to conduct their business in a safer manner, after several explosions and fires, the last one sending 15000 people to hospitals. But, they failed to buy the election of a Mayor and City Council because the people in Richland, Calif may be a bit more brighter and a lot more courageous than many others across this country.


          • Nana, one of the reasons the people of Richland, CA were smart enough to keep Chevron supporters from gaining control there, is because Bernie Sanders educated them on what Chevron was doing. If you haven’t seen it, you may enjoy watching at least part of Bernie on the Moyers & Company show.

            Here’s a link:


          • Thank you for this. Still, some people even with educational information, facts, choose to act in ways that are not in their best interest. The people of Richland are smart and brave enough to do what is best for them.

          • The people of RICHMOND weren’t any smarter or more courageous than anywhere else on election day. The East Bay community is deeply poor and under-employed (unlike its snobbish neighbors to the south in Berkeley or eastward across the bay in San Francisco where Pelosi has funneled obscene amounts of tax dollars, leaving Richmond a ghetto) and entirely Democratic. Of course they are going to continue voting for Democratic candidates that pay them not to work.

            I was there when the accident happened. The exaggerated figure of 15,000 ‘sent to hospitals’ has too many zeros. Most of those that did go to the emergency rooms during the days following the fire at the refinery were afflicted with temporary mild irritation from the non-toxic smoke. Local grass fires had more irritants than this instance. The majority that sought a medical nod did so hoping to cash in on the accident. The word of the week was ‘lawsuit’.

            The refinery has a history of being strong armed by the city and county with outrageous fines that usually went to the uber-liberal city to build new government buildings instead of investing in the crumbling neighborhoods.

            Chevron should be faulted for greasing the palms of sleazy local officials instead of implementing stringent safety standards that could have helped to prevent that particular accident.

          • My post is about the Pres not making decisions. My post is about how the Pres will now be made to actually make decisions? He no longer has dirty Harry to sit on bills. The new Congress will be sending him bills to approve or veto. The pipeline is just one of bills he will now be forced to say yea or nay.

        • If he does that, he will prove his insolence and his legacy will be ruined. Trust me, it’s payback time for the King. He will make his subjects pay and give the illegals amnesty specifically for ‘political gain.’ If he does that the natives will become very very restless and the Dems should be very very worried about 2016. Remember Hillary and Bill spent lots of time in NC and ARK but it still didn’t do any good. Executive actions can be reversed, thankfully.

          • awwww,,,will Joe Schmo have the balls to be the one who does what his GOP Wannabee President McConnell threatened yesterday, “poison the water?” You’re a phony. You sit at a computer like all losers who make their money stiffing everyone else.

          • Eleanore, you have absolutely no way to know how I make my money. I only can say one thing for sure. You are consumed with the loss of your money and freaked out about all the Red states and the poor ‘goobers’ that live there. Well, I suppose after the election, you need to include most of the United States because, in case you didn’t see the map, it has largely become RED.

            LOL,,,,’stiffing everyone!’ Believe me we pay taxes just like everyone else and a good share of it too….

          • Schmomo…I don’t know for certain how you make your money. I only know your blowhard boasting and bragging about HOW much money you have proves how you got it. No customers who bought the line of BS you sold them? Are do you also like to lay claim to the money they spent to buy your line of BS is yours too? No employees you hired and paid anything but living wages to who helped you earn your profits? No tax subsidies you got for your business from the rest of us as taxpayers? tell Schmomo, how is your money not ours too since you can’t earn it without customers, employees and taxpayers? Sorry, but you Big Daddy Warbucks forgot to teach you one thing: NO business EVER survives without help.

            Now…as to why ther are so many more red states…Koch money did exactly what 3 other Robber barons tried to the words of Andrew Carnegie, “buy the government WE want.”

            Try again asshat. Your idea of turning this country into your Plantation Nation isn’t going to happen.

            You can buy RED states all you like, you will NEVER turn us into conservatives. What about that don’t you control freaks gets? Money always runs out..yours will too. You can’t take it with you. You haven’t bought exclusive rights to immorality. Nor will you. You’re one sick pup who has the same control freak mentality Hitler did. And we all know what happened to his.

          • What happened to your English, Eleanore…. It’s slipping.

            “NO business EVER survives without help.” So what exactly are you referring too here my dear? Government help? Not! All they want to do is take the money and take the money and take the money. Great employees? You bet. I give them full credit:) Great clients? You bet. A company could not make it without them. Great customer service? You bet. In this modern age of lazy’s it is extremely imperative. Good quality product? You bet. Makes you out shine against your competitor’s. Tax subsidies….don’t need them.

            It depends on the person who has money. Some people are spenders others are savers. I tend to be the latter. I am wise to how I spend and save. A rich Jewish business man once told me to save my pennies and they will grow to dollars:) If the dollar devaluates to nothing, you won’t have any either….

            Hey, Obama made it easier for the poor to get poorer and the rich to get richer. Can’t help that.

            Did you happen to see the map:)


            News for you. We would never want to change your political affiliation, but we do expect you to play fair:)

            Now who’s comparing apples to oranges…..

          • You are really desperate aren’t you? Your reading comprehension is in serious need of professional attention. I stated clearly and in perfect English that you (or any other business bull) makes your living without help from consumers, employees and taxpayers. In your typical ignorant, obtuse bully psychology turn that fact of life into an insult you wish, hope and pray will somehow control me?

            Boy are you a moron! Tax subsidies ..”you” don’t need them? More BS! A Noo Yawkah from northern NY who isn’t dipping into tax subsidies…no such animal exists.

        • On energy?? America is now the biggest producer of fossil fuel energy on the planet surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia; and America’s alternative energy sector is on the cusp of making fossil fuels obsolete in the next 1-2 decades. China and India have already pledged to completely back away from coal usage by 2020 – so America’s coal industry support in WV is a total farce- Coal production IS GOING NOWHERE!! IN THE NEXT 5-10 YEARS IT WILL BE GONE!!!!

          • Well, that is good to know but I have also heard that natural gas is here to stay for a while. I have no problem with this change. Really don’t but you just can’t cut off your nose to spite your face. It needs to be weeded in slowly until fuel is no longer necessary.

          • Just because natural gas is “cleaner” than oil, coal and wood fuels, it is still an environmental pollutant and emits carbons into the air; and some of the methods they use to pull it out of the ground also create other environmental pollutions. In time, even natural gas needs to go as a means of producing energy. The real fuel of the future is plasma, aside from the other energies like wind, solar and tidal, which is created by using hydrogen – the most abundant element in the universe and creates zero pollution. Plasma is what the sun is made of.

          • I have no problem with any of your comments. I only believe we are not totally ready to be relieved of fossil fuels and coal. Once we can integrate other energy sources fluidly then I can see your point, but at the moment, I do not believe that is possible and I do not believe we need to be totally energy independent. Electric cars are still too expensive and their fuel cell batteries are still not efficient enough to make a drastic change. I have no problem with the pipeline because I see how well it has worked in Alaska and Europe with no accidents.

            I live in California, when I was a child, before the oil rigs went in, you could walk on the beach and would end up with gobs of tar on your feet. The oil came up out of the ocean floor freely. So at that time you could say the beach was polluted. Well it really wasn’t, it was a natural occurrence. Also, several years ago, I drove with a friend up into the back canyons where we live. I had to open a particular gate at a ranch we were driving through. I noticed oil running out of the ground like a spring. So what you say about oil and gas is a farce. It is better if we tap it off and get it out of the ocean and get out of the dirt where it comes up naturally because, in a sense, that is polluting. Why not use it?

            So until those advancements become mainstream, you will have to tolerate everything we can get our hands on to remain energy efficient.

          • And I don’t disagree with anything you just said. Aside from coal, which today is used mostly for electricity production in the U.S. and most modernized industrialized nations and is so polluting that it really needs to stop being used; the other fossil fuels are probably not going to completely go away for decades; but rather, become back-up energy creating resources for applications where wind, solar, plasma, tidal and other no fossils aren’t immediately practical, or there are still devices people are using which require them (e.g., maybe mowing your lawn).

            Many countries in Europe have reached the point where close to 50% or more of their energy production is already being produced by wind, solar and tidal. Europe is not looking to totally eliminate oil and natural gas in the immediate future but rather to reach the point where those fossils provide less than 10% of their energy needs (become a backup). So it’s not a matter of totally eliminating fossils as sources of energy but at least in the next 3-5 decades to reduce their use to a point where the world is greatly reducing the carbon pollution that they create by reducing their use to lowest levels that are practical.

          • And the coal part of this equation, is purely market based. Not Obama based. The cheap, easy to mine coal, has been running out in Harlan County Kentucky for 50 years. And likewise, in W. Virginia. It has been the development of new technology to extract, or “frack,” natural gas out of shale, that has collapsed big coal. And shame on a slicker like McConnell, for lying to these poor, under educated, people. But the problem with shaming a politician like McConnell, is bottom line, he has no conscience, and therefore cannot be shamed. As you point out, America is now the number one energy producer in the World. But in Republican Land, I’ve noticed a problem is never solved, unless they can find some way to take credit for it. Also, not an easy thing to do, when your Party
            hasn’t been in favor of anything for years now.

        • The President said today he will not do anything about Keystone until the current actions and studies in specific states are completed and resolved. He is not going to take action on anything until those concerned, those with expertise, have weighed in, not politicos in Congress who have subsidies to their paychecks pending the outcome.

          • The President has had studies on the pipeline going on for 6 years now. How long does it take? He doesn’t want to make a decision at all. He wants to sit on it for another 2 years, then pass it on to the next President.

          • The individual states that are impacted by the Keystone Pipeline have pending cases, some before the courts, some still in discovery phase. The President is waiting to consider the position of the affected states involved, whether or not they decide to accept. I do not know if the US Congress can force a state to accept the KP when some believe states should not be forced to provide access to healthcare with mandates.

        • Actually, McConnell stated there were a lot of jobs bills and lower taxes for business. Guess you are against that? ACA needs change. It’s pretty bad.

          • What McConnell failed to state is that every one of those bills contains some form of poison pill, and many have 2 or 3 poison pills:

            – Huge annual subsidy giveaways to Big Oil, or Big Pharma or Big AgriBusiness etc.
            – Big tax cuts for the already uber wealthy
            – Big budget cuts to subsistence programs like SNAP –
            – Big cut backs of social programs like Social Security or Medicaire
            – Big cuts to state subsidies like Medicaid and other aid programs for the poor or even highway maintenance

            Or a combination of 2 or more of the above or cuts to other funding that would degrade even for Ebola research.

            The GOP DID NOT want any programs that would benefit the economy or make Obama look good passed by the Senate SO EVERY BILL PASSED BY THE HOUSE HAD ONE OR MORE OF THE ABOVE POISON PILLS!!!!!!!

          • If dirty Harry had allowed the bills to see the light of day and sent them to various committees, the committees would make amendments to them, remove what they don’t like and send back to the House for their approval or denial, then the House would perform the same process and send back to the Senate. This happens until a agreement is reached by both Houses. Then it goes to the Pres for signing or veto. Harry and Obama made sure this didn’t happen. By sitting on all the bills, the Pres never had to make a decision. Better check your facts, the Republican led House gave more funding to disease control than Obama asked for in his budget.

          • Nothing is more clear to me as to the amount of money big corporations have made under Obama’s watch. Did you hear what I just said….’Obama’s watch.’

            Trust me there will be no cuts to Social Security or Medicare. I have Medicare and I do know it won’t go up much regardless of any intervention and it hasn’t for some time.

            …..and I know it will be the same for Medicaid.

            Highway program has already been discussed. The GOP is aware of the issue and, as usual, are already trying to come up with innovative ideas to get infrastructure fixed.

            I doubt they will cut funding of Ebola research. Remember Conservatives BELIEVE in moving forward with innovation. If anything, these infected people should not even have been let into the country or they should have been sent to one hospital.

            I have heard it time and time again….The senate was asleep under Reidtard. Over 300 bills including 42 job bills never left his desk. Now who is making who look bad. If anyone has been lied to in all this it is you fools who believe the Man at the helm of the sinking ship.

          • No one said killed. I resent the thing because I know how socialized medicine works. Family Drs. in Europe opened their own clinic to provide quality care for patients who could afford it….and complaints about the premiums, lack of being able to use your own Dr. Many things need to be changed before you can say this is a good program. At the moment it is not. I have the feeling it may go by the wayside one day, but I am not at liberty to say that. For now, Congress just wants to make the program more affordable and for people to be able to keep their Drs. At least, that is what I heard Boehner or McConnell say today. I would suggest being less paranoid.

          • But, of course, the ACA is not “socialized medicine”. It is anything but that. The ACA maintains the current system of healthcare access via individuals paying for insurance coverage that is now made more affordable, with consumer protections, via the purchase of health insurance from privately held insurance companies. It has not changed the delivery model of healthcare. Physicians and hospitals remain in private practice, and hospitals are still owned and operated by their individual entities. They are not employed by the government; they receive their reimbursement from the same sources as before, insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid, et al.

            The ACA does not place any more restrictions on the choice of provider than what restrictions are in place for each insurance plan that an individual purchases with a designated “provider network”, something we are all accustomed to by now since the advent of “managed health plans”, such as HMOs, PPOs, etc.

            The government does not make the medical decisions. They are still made within the parameters of “coverage benefits”, which have been expanded by the government, not restricted, a la Preventive Care benefits; elimination of exclusions for coverage, and the other “consumer protections”, as well as the mandate that every plan offered by health insurance companies must meet the criteria of “credible coverage”, ie, they must meet the criteria to provide basic comprehensive coverage, just as with Medicare Supplemental and Replacement Plans, which all provide the same coverage but differ in price, customer service, and “extras”, which are acceptable, ie, they can cover more services, but not less.

            Medical decisions are still made by the individual and the physician.

            The individual mandate follows the same concept of health insurance we have always had, that being that one cannot seek health insurance coverage from a private insurance company after you are sick in the hospital; you must have the insurance beforehand, to “insure” yourself, to help defray the cost of when you do get sick, in case you do, and, to help you stay well.

            The employer mandate may be required if an employer decides to opt out of providing the benefit of healthcare coverage. Employers must either provide the benefit or pay into the system so the employee can access coverage via ACA, as I understand this, since the goal is to have more people covered with more access to healthcare.

            That is a cost effective and healthy goal. When people present for non-funded care, it costs every one of us via tax dollars and rising insurance premiums to defray the cost of non-funded care provided, because care is not denied to those who present with acute need and somehow, it needs to be eventually paid for.

            “People can keep their same doctors” if they choose a plan in which their doctor participates in the provider network. That has been the case for years, with the onset of “provider networks”. When employers have changed their health care benefit carriers, employees have often had to change doctors, being unable to keep the same doctors they had before. That’s a “given”. Everyone should be familiar with that, by now, and many have even experienced it before.

            The ACA is NOT “socialized medicine”. The government does NOT come between the doctor and the patient. Jobs have not been killed; there are more jobs in the healthcare field, we know, and I fail to understand how more people with access to healthcare reduces the availability of jobs. If employers have cut the work week from 40 hours a week, that is all the more reason for people to access healthcare via independent means and the US Congress has not put in a 40 hour work week for the past 6 years.

            You may not be aware how much money was being made in healthcare provision by vendors, insurance companies, and some providers while, at the same time, less healthcare was being provided to fewer people, even those with insurance coverage and Americans were no more healthy than those who live in countries who really do have “socialized medicine”. While we still retain the profit-based, capitalistic, free enterprise system of healthcare that we are now required to participate in by accepting responsibility for purchasing the coverage, we will all are getting “more bang for our bucks”, at least.

          • Not socialized medicine…! Seriously….that’s what the last Liberal claimed on this site. What would you call it then? Yes it is run like a private insurance but the government has the say so with regards to all the rules and regulations. It is government run. That tells me it is a form of socialized medicine.

            Does not place any more restrictions on the choice of provider?…And they don’t make the decisions for the Drs. Certainly, many doctors are faced with the fact as to whether or not they want to take Obamacare. Many are now asking for cash, and the service you get. Forget it. I have an existing problem and I have had medicare insurance for years. It used to be great. Nowadays, I have to pay much more often and I do not get the care I used to. Also, I have always had a beef with private insurances.

            Meeting the criteria? In my opinion much more often than not individuals still have to pay exorbitant prices for insurance. Under Blue Shield of California, for the silver plan we would have had to pay the same as we did before. Even the deductible has gone up….. We had a $6500.00 deductible when it was private. Well, that’s what it is again. “People can keep their same doctors” if they choose a plan in which their doctor participates in the provider network.” Not always….As for Medicaid, just like before individuals cannot pick their Drs.

            What about that single-payer all the Libs want? THAT IS SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. Oh, trust me I know how much money was made by private vendors of insurance. I always felt they were a rip-off.

            I beg to differ about Europeans and Americans. I believe Americans with all their fast food are extremely unhealthy. Specifically since I come from a family that came from Europe and I was not brought up on junk food.

            Obamacare is not the end all of end alls, and frankly, I feel that it is so unpopular that many conservatives think it one day will self-destruct.

          • The ACA is not socialized medicine, for the reasons I stated. The VA system is an example of socialized medicine, wherein providers are employed by the government, owned, and operated by the government.

            Single Payor would be socialized medicine if it met the operational standards that constitute socialized medicine. Not even Medicare is socialized medicine, rather, it is the old-fashioned indemnity style, 80%/20%, health insurance. Providers are independently contracted, owned, and reimbursed 80% for fees for services, with the insured picking up the rest. But single payor is not necessarily socialized medicine if providers remain independently employed, owned, and operated.

            Doctors do not have to decide whether or not they will take “Obamacare”. They decide whether or not they will take reimbursement from Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, United, or any other health insurance company of their patient’s choice.

            The government has long instituted many regulations re the delivery of healthcare, the agriculture, marketing of food and water for public consumption, the airways, the roads and highways, the privilege of driving, the system of justice, and many aspects of our lives that we rely upon and take for granted. The ACA instituted regulations that are consumer protections TNTM here, and that mitigate the opportunity for consumer exploitation from for profit industry.

            Any kind of insurance we purchase is expensive. We may pay a $6,500 annual deductible but we can spend twice that in one ER visit for chest pain, 3x that in a 23 hr observation stay at a hospital for that chest pain, and 5x that amount for a cardiac bypass operation.

            You don’t like private insurance; you don’t like the concept of socialized medicine; you don’t like ACA. You don’t like the government. You should probably live on an isolated island somewhere, by yourself, because there is no country in which you will not find government regulations, some far more odious than what you must tolerate here that have nothing to do with your quality of life, and most of them with real socialized medicine.

            I know I cannot convince you, only offer facts with which to inform you, because your conclusions are not based on solid facts, but, rather, on feelings. Many conservatives thought that Medicare would self-destruct one day, as well, and yet, Medicare has set the standard for the delivery of quality of care and much of what non-Medicare recipients receive, the way they receive it, is modeled after the requirements of Medicare.

            Yes, conservatives are still trying to repeal, modify, Medicare, but my experience has shown that whenever conservatives play with healthcare issues, it seldom turns out well, as with the Medicare D Rx plan, designed to make more money for the drug companies than to cover the Rx needs of senior citizens. The ACA attempts to repair that, however, by closing that infamous gap in coverage period each year that forces seniors to pay their monthly premiums for Rx coverage AND the total cost of their Rxs during that gap period, once their costs reach a certain amount each year, which places them in a position worse than when they had no Plan D Rx coverage.

            Conservatives designing and selling healthcare is like buying a used car from a duplicitous, shady used car dealer, IMO, an opinion based on almost 50 years of professional nursing that included varied areas of clinical practice, including patient care delivery, insurance case management and Quality Improvement.

            Believe what you will, but I hope you will act on your beliefs in your best interests.

          • Do you work for the Obamacare exchange? Of course, I’m not stupid with regard to government. But I think you are forgetting one very important element. WE THE PEOPLE OVERSEE THE GOVERNMENT, THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT OVERSEE US AS IS NOW THE CASE.

            By the way, your facts are merely information. I do agree with you on one thing however. The old route wasn’t working either. Maybe it should work in a way where people up to a certain yearly income would have the exchange. Others above that income bracket could buy insurance from competitive private companies all over the U.S.

            Thank you, I think we all should but not at the expense of others……as Obama has done.

          • Yes, it’s true. My comment, which you describe as “facts that are merely information”, is, indeed, factual information. I have been too long in a profession that demands information be based on facts. I have found that when I make professional decisions based on facts, I am less likely to cause harm to a patient; when I make personal decisions based on facts, I have a better outcome.

            I have an appreciation for “feelings”, too, because professional nursing is an art and a science; the art of discerning and adapting to human behavior and incorporating it into the facts of medical science and disease process that directs the care of the patient, if that patient is to have a good outcome.

            I have also learned that most patients do not want to be lied to or have information communicated which is distorted, colored, or untrue altogether.

            The ACA already incorporates your suggestion, ie, that people up to a certain financial means receive subsidies, but, the only eligibility requirement for accessing the exchange is the requirement that anyone who does not have any other means of health insurance coverage, either through an employee group plan for whatever reason, or Indian Health, or VA, or Medicare, is eligible to participate in the exchange…..the whole point of the ACA… make insurance access to health care coverage for those who were previously unable to afford to purchase individual health insurance coverage of any kind, and to make the plans available to them “credible, comprehensive coverage”, not nit picking, minimum coverage, etc. There were many hard working middle class families, young adults, who were unable to afford health insurance coverage and who did not meet eligibility requirements for Medicaid, and far too many who had paid into their health insurance coverage were being dropped from coverage just when they needed it the most, a “catastrophbic” episode of care, a complex diagnosis; and many with diagnoses considered “pre-existing” could not get coverage or they could get limited coverage, but their diagnosis of chronic disease, such as diabetes, for instance, or even common thyroid conditions, were excluded from coverage.

            That last point is not the insurance industry working for the people, but, the government instituted requirements for the insurance industry to actually work for the people, as with the other “consumer benefits” included in the ACA.

            There may be points of issue in the ACA that need emending and, with any other system that needs constant monitoring for Quality Improvement, they will self-identify as the ACA is actually in use. But, the underlying concept, methodology, goal, funding for structure of it, is sound, and, short of eliminating the for-profit system of accessing health care with true socialized medicine, it is the best thing since the advent of Managed Care, ie, HMO, PPO, etc, all of which caused great uproar initially but now are accepted as routine options, even with all of the limitations of choice that they offer.

            No, I do not work for the Obamacare exchange. I have spent my entire adult life working for people, however, as a professional nurse. I have seen too much, experienced all kinds of situations, and know that, when push comes to shove, no one is denied care when they need it.

            That is very noble, however, it is not cost effective, nor is it healthy, and seldom is the outcome for the individual a good one, for the following reasons:

            1) Someone eventually pays for the non-funded care, via taxes and increased insurance premiums to offset the costs that the non-funded provider must extract from the insurers and we were experiencing higher and higher insurance premiums because more and more were non-funded.

            2) When an individual seeks health care as a last resort because they have no consistent way to keep themselves healthy, identify and treat chronic or acute disease early, they are sicker when they do report to the ERs with their illness, requiring more resources, incurring higher costs to provide the care, and, with diminished opportunity to arrest the disease at an early stage, affecting ability to be productive, which further adds to costs to society.

            A common and good example of this is diabetes. Identifying and treating diabetes early can prevent vascular complications and amputations, visual impairments, kidney disease and failure, cardiac complications, and many other complications of diabetes that may occur even with treatment late in life, in senior years, but that are guaranteed to occur in younger and even middle aged people without early intervention and management. Factor in the costs for all of the services required, including rehab, prosthesis, skilled nursing, home health, that affect quality of life, and multiply that costs by all of the people walking around with non-identified risk for diabetes or diabetes itself, and that is huge. It happens. All the time.

            We learned long ago that providing pre-natal care to pregnant women was cost-effective in producing healthier infants for society. If a pregnant woman without financial means does not seek health care through the Medicaid programs available specifically for pre-natal care, she is called negligent and irresponsible, morally and from a costs to society perspective.

            Frankly, at times I have thought that, in this country, it is better, health-wise, to be either very rich or very poor, because the rich can take care of themselves and the poor have Medicaid. For the Middle Class, if you do not have a job, or a job that offers health care coverage, or your coverage has been dropped, or, you suffer financial catastrophe and cannot factor in coverage on your own, and you are ineligible for Medicaid, there have been no options for you, before the ACA.

            The ACA has Expanded Medicaid via the states, for those who still cannot afford to purchase on the ACA exchanges, even with subsidies, but who were not eligible for Medicaid. Sometimes, even the most proud and independent person and family experience “hard times” making ends meet and we know far too many people who have worked all their lives, paying their own way, have found themselves “outsourced”, out of work, and, too young for Medicare, too many assets for Medicaid eligibility, at age 50 when some diseases begin to manifest, might have been denied coverage if they could have afforded to pay the exorbitant costs for coverage that happen when you turn 50 yrs precisely because you are “higher risk” for having to use that coverage !

            That is why Medicare came about. The older you are, the more risk you are for needing healthcare and it was not affordable for people over 65. Medicare was birthed; it could not “drop coverage”; it enabled access to excellent medical care. It pays 80% of costs for services. If you want more coverage, you can purchase a reasonably priced Supplemental Plan to cover the deductible to Medicare and the 20% balance, or, you can purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan. I have tried both, but I prefer the Supplemental plan because of choice and predictable costs if and when I need lots of care. I prefer to pay monthly small premiums, no out of pockets or deductibles, and have it all covered when the big ticket happens, rather than come up with thousands of dollars, which are slightly more than what I pay yearly in premiums, at a time when I am sick and vulnerable.

            You may dislike the man, Obama, for whatever reason(s), but, this ACA is not a policy, or law, that should reasonably be disliked. I conclude that this ACA is not something some “socialist dictator, Nazi, Communist, Kenyan” dreamed up. It is entirely sound in terms of health care, and many health care operatives on the front lines have been consulted and their input is too obvious to me, because it addresses so many operational issues known to me in the delivery system of healthcare we had in this country, from costs of medical equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs, to tendency to exploit the systems with fees and charges, to inadequate discharge planning from expensive hospital stays that resulted in frequent hospital admissions for the same problem, to lack of preventive care that crippled early disease identification, to lack of consistent medical attention that enabled self-care management, to actual costs of healthcare delivery, and, of course, the elimination of nefarious and odious business practices of the for-profit health insurance industry.

            The ACA also incorporates many Republican concepts and ideas, recommendations, and tested policies. It is not the brainchild of “Obama”. Politics is what makes it undesirable for Republicans, the “politics of the day”, and it is the pathology behind the Republicans/Conservatives obsession with taking away healthcare access from people, which makes no common sense; is immoral IMO; and is not fiscally responsible, nor does it encourage personal responsibility.

            The practice of medicine remains the same, with no intrusion or control. The changes made to the delivery system and the access system should be applauded because they are good for the provider and for the people and sorely needed.

            Things could be better. “Fee for service” needs to be eliminated because “more is not always best”, only for the pocketbooks of some….Medicaid Expansion that has been refused by some states needs to be embraced because those groups of people who would be eligible are still without healthcare access…..and some of the nitty gritty will be identified as we use the ACA, which is how any system or process improves, with use and monitoring the use via Quality Improvement Process.

            The individual mandate, so maligned, even by those who rail against “socialized medicine”, mandates that everyone be responsible for their self-insurance and the ACA makes it affordable and possible to do so, rather than to present non-funded and expect society to pay for it….the employer mandate means you either provide health care benefits or you subsidize your employee so they can purchase on the exchange.

            THis ACA is anything but socialized medicine or a rip-off for the people. And, the way things were going, I personally believe the government had every right and responsibility to step in and address one of the most pressing issues for the people, our health and safety, just as the government has done about food and water safety, air traffic safety, driving safety, mandatory immunizations for communicable diseases that used to kill and maim, and many other benefits this country enjoys because of government interventions over the many years of our existence.

            Some government interventions we take for granted and would protest their elimination because they have been good for us, no matter which President at the time implemented them. When our safety and well-being is at issue, I believe politics should stop at the gate, no matter who is President, whether I like him/her or not. I try very hard to separate the him/her from the policy, because policies have a far more lasting and significant impact than the him/her on our lives.

            I cannot discuss global economics, global warming, immigration, education to the extent that I can healthcare. Healthcare is what I know, all aspects of it; it is my passion. For all the high costs of healthcare, I did not become a millionaire working as an RN for almost 50 years. But, as a single mother of 3, there was at least once a week that I drove home from “work” to begin the other job of single mom to 3 pre-teens and teens, and did not tell myself how lucky I was to have a job to provide for them and a job that I loved to do, since I “had to work”. If I had to leave my home to work, I was grateful it was work that mattered.

            So, yes, I am a supporter for the ACA and I can tell what went into the development of the ACA and I believe this President addressed most of the flaws and that he consulted people like me in healthcare to help put it together. Of that, I am pleased with what he did and how he did it and it tends to make him more credible to me on issues I do not understand as well as I do on healthcare.

            I think I am talked out. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being so candid. I wish you good health and the means to keep healthy.

          • Honestly, I am also in a field where a lot of research is required. So I mostly, research information and often go by what I have read, but my information is also taken from my own experience and the life experience of people who have lived before us or been there. I understand your stance because I am in the Arts. Nowadays, it is extremely technical. So the field I am involved in belies on the insistence of knowing both science, math and art. You have to be an innovator of sorts thereby; making me have to think things out for myself or with a team in order to resolve certain issues.

            I have a chronic health issue, however; I find that most unhealthy people also do not bluntly want to be told that they will be dead in 5 months. There has to be some discretion used through the use of a more positive outlook. Mainly, because medical staff shouldn’t act like God. They cannot predict a person’s life. They gave me 5 years. I have exceeded that by 30. Honestly, I have medicare for an existing condition. It was actually better when I was younger than what it is now.

            In case you didn’t notice, Johnathan Gruber (one of Obamacares architects) made that not so dumb comment about many Americans being stupid about Obamacare. In fact, they didn’t know what they were buying into. ….And trust me, if the program doesn’t implode, it will become ‘socialized medicine.’ Conservatives NEVER wanted it. It was FORCED on us. Liberals just fell for it hook, line and sinker.

            “No, I do not work for the Obamacare exchange. I have spent my entire adult life working for people, however, as a professional nurse. I have seen too much, experienced all kinds of situations, and know that, when push comes to shove, no one is denied care when they need it.” (This has always been the American way, let’s hope it stays that way)

            As far as prenatal care for the poor, Medicaid has always been there for them and as I stated before should be there for anyone who is underprivileged. I agree with that. But I have also heard that premiums have increased for some people and the deductible is just as high as when we had to by insurance ($6500.00)

            Again, I don’t have a problem for the government to stand behind the disenfranchised, but for those who can afford it, I think more competitive nationally based insurance is the answer.

            I admire the fact that you worked sometimes 2 jobs to provide for 3 children as a single mother. I do believe women should be paid an equal wage and I do believe that RN’s should have the opportunity to be able to act like Drs. With a little more accreditation I believe they can be because they oftentimes thanklessly have to do the Drs. jobs.

            Thank you for your information, however; I have had to deal with insensitive Drs. all my life. Many of my nurses were wonderful. I have also used alternative means to treat my condition which had to be paid for out of pocket.

      • You call the President of the US a “Communist” and you expect me to give your opinion on anything a grain of credibility and value? He has never said it was “his way or the highway”. It was your Republicans who blackmailed, held hostage, and shut down the government, downgraded our credit rating, because they could not get what they wanted the way they wanted without a shred of compromise. This President spent the first two years of his first term extending his hand to Republicans until they became so brash and emboldened that they ridiculed him for it in public and downgraded the credit rating anyway. His remark this morning is what he has always said: He prefers for Congress to legislate on the important issues facing the people, but, in the absence of Congress doing anything, he will do what he can via executive power. He also said that legislative action after an executive action can negate the executive action, so, where’s the beef?? The “beef” is the anger that the President would do anything at all that might require them to take a stand or shut up.

        You hear what you want to hear; you believe what you want to believe; and no facts, no realities, changes or informs you. I find nothing wrong with divided government; we are a democracy, after all. What concerns me is one political party’s mission is to destroy, obstruct, attack, not only the President, but the man, and all of the people they purport to serve.

        The change you intend to rectify is healthcare access for all, regulations for financial institutions, and absolutely nothing that is harmful to anyone. Those Conservative constituents and their elected representatives ARE the gridlock.

        Name calling, insults, is the non-professional, uninformed, close minded, ignorant MO of people like you.

        • Everything that he has proposed and enacted is right in line with Marxist ideology. His FORCED intentions and executive actions have done so much damage to this Country already that we don’t know if it can be righted.

          Takes ‘two to tango.’ It is widely known that he refuses to work with Congress and visa versa. You just see this as a one-sided coin. I see it from both sides. There is most likely truth on both sides and lies on both sides. Who started this is anyone’s guess. I do feel however that it is idiotic for a president to have a bias. That is simply unprofessional and shows his immaturity and I believe inability to lead. Obama supposedly tried to work with the sole intent of things going his way when congress wouldn’t he decided to go it alone.

          Reagan turned the economy around in 26 months. In six years, Obama has taken us down to unprecedented lows. Your side keeps saying the economy is better. Where? We sure as hell don’t feel it and apparently do many many other Americans.

          “What concerns me is one political party’s mission is to destroy,
          obstruct, attack, not only the President, but the man, and all of the
          people they purport to serve.” This sounds more like you than us.

          Divided government like it is today is not OK. On the other hand divided government that cans still work together in unity despite their differences is the way it should be.

          Conservatives are NOT the gridlock. Judging by the wave the country experienced over the election proves changes need to be made and not in our camp.

          Unfortunately, I am not the ignorant one. Life is a give and take. If your side does not budge, ours won’t either and this divide will continue and it will become more intense…..

          • Reagan did not have the opposing party vow taking oaths, to obstruct everything. Every President enters office, is elected to office, with his goals, policies, and plans, every one. It is unprecedented to have them obstructed before there is even opportunity to negotiate. And when a President enters office with many pressing priorities facing the nation and her people, to refuse to participate in genuine motivation to address the priorities, is inexcusable, inappropriate, and failure to honor the Oath of Office every Congressperson takes to serve the nation.

            If one truly believes a President is “dangerously” wrong, one has even more responsible to participate in concrete, constructive ways, not just to accuse, malign, ridicule, name-call, obstruct, attempt to blackmail, and do dangerous things such as shut down the government, downgrade the credit rating, allow the problems to fester, and stir up discontent. Which is one reason I cannot take the Republicans seriously today, because they have failed to participate and there were plenty of issues, problems, and opportunities to do so.

    • Boy, you nailed it. I’m waiting to see how serious they are about getting things done. Watch to see what Issa starts out with. He is no doubt the point man for putting the final nail in Obama’s coffin.

      • Thank you, too, and latebloomingrandma. I didn’t even touch on the filthy, insulting things they said about the people, groups of people, citizens, just about every population group in this country, including the Girl Scouts. The most insulting, crude, crass, ignorant bunch that has ever graced the Halls of Congress. It has been shameful.

  8. I could say that I’m at a loss for words but just the opposite, I have so many words I can’t figure out what to say.

    • You’re spot on the money! Steve Schmidt, McCains campaign manager, said exactly the same thing. That the voters were giving the GOP one last chance to prove they were capable of governing, That they would break the deadlock in Washington, and compromise to get things done for the good of the Country. But, I think once you’ve call the opposition criminals, and Communist, and accused their President, of siding with terrorists, how does one justify compromise? I also think they’re going to have to start, not only passing legislation. But, defending that legislation against the veto.

      • This was an establishment wave. The Tea Nuts headed up by Cruzin’ or a Brusin’ have been marginalized. McConnell’s senior experience and strong caucus, combined with John Boehner (if he doesn’t get fired) should be a staunch enough front to keep Cruz and company in the bag…hopefully. The only thing I have concern about is we might get the acquiescent obliging Obama of days of old and they might sell him on a war with IS. I think the rich Arabs can do the job of icing IS. Obama would do well to stay the course providing minimal support. Republicans now have almost everything they want all they have to do is play nice and be fair and their 2016 chances will improve profoundly. We have to remember that republicans for whatever they appear to be they are still Americans and we have to govern with the folks we have!

        • The Republicans are not Americans in the patriotic sense as you intend. They are saboteurs and seditionists. They put their party over the people and over the country coming out of a deep recession their policies caused. They did not deserve a chance to finish the job.

          • Democrats can’t do anything without republicans and these are the two major parties in America. That is my point and it should be clear by now

      • Well, I seem to remember, was it McConnell or Boehner, recoiling at the word “compromise”… public, on mic and camera…..and admitting when questioned if the word was anathema to him, that yes, it was a word he did not use.

  9. All the cover ups, Keystone pipeline and all the jobs connected to it, treating Israel like dirt and treating the Republicans like dirt with that smug grin, Scared of Putin and Isis, the costly health care that I was forced into last week are just a few. Oh yha, lets not forget that great promise when first elected. “I will have the most transparent presidency in history.” What a crock. Many laws passed with the use of a flashlight in the dark of night. That is what the Democrats and Republicans were sick of, lies and more lies.

  10. What last night showed that even outspending Republicans by a 1/3 with dark $$ elections still boil down to who appeals to the voters. Hopefully we have heard an end to the nonsense about $$ and elections

    • As usual you’re making up stories – the Koch Bros and the Chamber of Commerce led all Dark Money donors and more than tripled all the Democrat donations. You really need to stop YOUR LYING!!!

      And the excerpt below was somewhat early in the campaign – the Kochs and Chamber of Commerce poured money into campaigns toward election day LIKE THERE WAS NO END TO THE RIVER OF DOUGH!!!!!!!

      The principal arm of the Koch political operation, Americans for Prosperity, leads all dark money groups in spending this electoral cycle with $33.1 million, according to the HuffPost analysis. The other Koch groups spending big money include Freedom Partners with $7.9 million, Concerned Veterans for America with $5.8 million, American Energy Alliance and Generation Opportunity each with $2.3 million, and Libre Initiative with $2.1 million. All of these totals are just minimum estimates as the groups do not disclose this spending in a uniform fashion.

      Overall, nonprofits in this election have spent $89.2 million on undisclosed issue advocacy and $52.8 million on electoral efforts disclosed to the FEC.

      The top dark money spender outside the Koch universe is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s top business lobby, with $15.5 million. In a departure from previous cycles, the chamber entered the 2014 election early and aggressively to support pro-business Republicans and beat back tea party primary challenges. All of its spending has been electoral in focus and disclosed to the FEC, although its donors remain anonymous.

  11. What last night showed that even outspending Democrats by a 1/3 with
    dark $$ elections still boil down to who appeals to the voters.
    Hopefully we have heard an end to the nonsense about $$ and elections

    • What last night showed was just how totally ignorant of reality America voters are.

      Despite the fact that a large majority of those polled when exiting the voting both stated that they were angry at having been left behind in the economic recovery from the Great Recession, what did they do? They voted into control of Congress the party that:

      1) has passed right-to-work legislation in most red states which allows companies to pay their workers below poverty-level wages,
      2) has refused to even consider raising the min wage that would lift millions out of poverty and improve the incomes of all Americans,
      3) has done everything in its power to destroy unions which bargain for better working conditions, including pay and benefits,
      4) whose state governance has proven totally incompetent in providing for the citizens it governs – 20 of the 24 states with more than 12% of their residents living in poverty are GOP governed states,
      5) whose state governance has been rated as creating the worst quality of life in 9 of the 10 states ranked as having the worst quality of life among all the states in America.

      • It is clear you do not understand the majority of voters, since you freely bash them alongside the things you (erroneously) believe they support. You should rejoice that you now have over a hundred million reasons to be unhappy. And they aren’t all white, all men, all straight, or all Christian. The Tea Party hasn’t even been cited yet.

        • I understand American voters EXACTLY!! The vast majority of them are CLUELESS!!! And LIKE YOU!! Have allowed themselves to be BRAINWASHED by the DEVIL’S PARTY to vote against EVERY ONE OF THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS!!!!!!

          • The vast majority of American voters must be clueless, they elected Obama twice. Are you a spokesperson for GOD now? I doubt if anyone here realized you get to define what a Christian is.

          • Your comment proves clearly that YOU’RE NO CHRISTIAN.

            I’m not defining what a Christian is, God did. He said through his Son: You cannot love God and Mammon. Read that: You cannot love God and worldly material things aka MONEY!!

            And nothing on this earth shows it LOVES MONEY more than the GOP!!! EVERYTHING THE GOP IS ABOUT IS MONEY!!

            Otherwise, why would every Republican refuse to vote for a piece of legislation if it would raise taxes on the already wealthy by $1 EVEN WHEN IT WOULD CLEARLY HELP MILLIONS OF THEIR CONSTITUENTS???

            Otherwise, why would the GOP every time there is a disaster in America ASK FIRST: WHO’S GOING TO PAY FOR THIS. Not think about the victims of the disaster FIRST, but who’s going to put up the money to help these people in need???

            Otherwise, why would the GOP’s every solution to a problem be: LET’S CUT THE BUDGET AND SPENDING TO PEOPLE IN NEED???

            When especially Jesus and St. Paul made it clear that: WE ARE SUPPOSED TO THINK OF OTHERS MORE THAN WE THINK OF OURSELVES!!

            Give me just one example of a TRUE CONSERVATIVE who has ever done that!! Actually come out and proposed something where what they’re recommending is putting their safety or money at risk in an effort to help the needy.

            That poor little conservative rich guy who came to Jesus and self-righteously thought he’d done everything he could to do what God wanted and asked Jesus what else he could do to better his chances at getting into Heaven and after Jesus told him several things, which he self-righteously claimed he was already doing, Jesus told him: SELL ALL THAT YOU HAVE, GIVE TO THE POOR AND COME FOLLOW ME!!

            And guess what, that little self-righteous rich guy couldn’t give up that mammon he worshiped here on earth just like the conservatives of today can’t do it either. If you have an example of one True Conservative who has done anything akin to that – just let us all know!!!

          • Do you want us to check all the contributions to charity every conservative has ever made? I feel bad for someone like you that is so full of hate. Try what you are preaching and be kind to people instead of spewing all this hate.

          • What does giving to charity have to do with anything? Certainly nothing to do with getting into Heaven.

            See these versus from Matthew 7 which describes
            what Jesus thinks of fake Christians like those who support the GOP:

            21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

          • I guess that’s kind of like what the Pharisees tried to tell Jesus when he was telling them the truth.

            I haven’t said one hateful word – are you calling Jesus words from Matthew hate???? it’s the truth – sorry you’re to into yourself to see it!!!

          • Please, drop the caps lock. Your counterpoint, if you can even call it that, is sad, bizarre, and fact-less. Sorry to see someone lose their sense of reason over an election.

          • Obviously!! Folks like you who are in denial are just like the Pharisees of Jesus time who couldn’t understand the meaning of the message Jesus was giving them.

          • No denial here. I kind of agree with you that voters could be too ignorant to vote for a Republican surge. It’s more like they voted to cause a Democratic purge.

          • Actually, with only 36% of Americans having voted this election, it’s pretty clear who voted: a large chunk of the 37% or so of Republicans, and a very small chunk of nonRepublicans; those nonRepublicans who like the Republicans are nothing more than malcontents and can’t sit back and realize that enormous progress has been made in America since 2009; far more progress than was accomplished in 28 years of the Republican presidencies since Eisenhower was in office.

            The 2/3s of Americans who didn’t, didn’t vote because they’re apparently content enough with the way their lives are now going that they didn’t feel the need to fight either the weather, or the numerous methods that the GOP has put in place to suppress their voting.

          • There are too many factors that drove the election to narrow the list to only supposed voter suppression and unhappy conservatives. A huge driver of this election is that democrats and republicans are both equally dissatisfied with incumbents. Candidate selection appeared to be as relevant as party affiliation. Other drivers include lackluster turnout by the young and minorities, along with slight shifts in the voter base toward the right across the board. It is still mostly about the economy and how households are directly affected by it. There are over 100 million people not working. The election would have turned out differently if (among other things) the president attended church weekly, the debt wasn’t nearly $18 T and growing, and if middle class disposable income wasn’t shrinking.

  12. What this election proved is the astonishing ignorance of America’s electorate. One of the main gripes reported by exit voters was that they were “angry about being left behind in the recovery from the Great Recession”: so what do they do, they vote into control of Congress the party that:

    1) has passed right-to-work legislation in most red states which allows companies to pay their workers below poverty-level wages,
    2) has refused to even consider raising the min wage that would lift millions out of poverty and improve the incomes of all Americans,
    3) has done everything in its power to destroy unions which bargain for better working conditions, including pay and benefits,
    4) whose state governance has proven totally incompetent in providing for the citizens it governs – 20 of the 24 states with more than 12% of their residents living in poverty are GOP governed states,
    5) whose state governance has been rated as creating the worst quality of life in 9 of the 10 states ranked as having the worst quality of life among all the states in America.

    • Nope, you are SO wrong. Just mad because you lost.

      1) The Right to Work is neither “anti-union” nor “pro-union.” It is a
      matter of individual freedom. The Right to Work principle affirms the
      right of all Americans to work where they want and for whom they want
      without coercion of any kind to join or not to join labor unions, or to
      support them in any way. Unions, after all, are private organizations.
      No other private organization in America insists on having the power to
      extract financial support from unwilling people.

      2) If the dollar wouldn’t be at such an all time low raising minimum wage would be irrelevent. Why should someone who is ‘unskilled’ be paid $15.00 an hour. Most of these jobs used to be held by kids as summer jobs. It will not lift people out of poverty. It will only mean that fewer people will be hired. If anything, it will put more people into poverty.

      3) Unions have become way too powerful, they need to be knocked down a couple of notches.

      4) You need to listen to Kasich’s speech last nite. It’s bullshit. One of the best states to find jobs have Republican Governors, namely Wisconsin and Texas. California, the king of Liberalism has more poverty than in any other state. Think again.

      5)I Live in California, beautiful state, horrible quality of life:) Bet New Yok is no better…..

      • As usual, your post is all total Hogwash – and the California thing is obviously your personal opinion as California is the most populace state BY FAR in America, and actually the 9th largest economy ON THE PLANET!!

        It does not rank anywhere close to being one of America’s clear disastrous places to live – Red States win that distinction HANDS DOWN!!!

        Here is the list of the 10 states with THE WORST QUALITY OF LIFE AS ASSESSED BY THE GROUP 24/7:

        9 of the 10 States with the worst quality of life are Red States
        Analysis by 24/7 Wall Street
        Disposable income/Percent in poverty/
        Homicide Rate per 100,000/% that vote


        And a different organization assessed our states based on the least “well-being factor” AND THEREFORE were SELECTED AS THE MOST MISERABLE STATES TO LIVE IN, AND AS YOU MIGHT EXPECT – ALL 10 OF THE “MOST MISERABLE STATES” ARE RED STATES:

        All 10 of America’s most miserable states, those with the least “well-being factor” for their residents are RED STATES with the worst being West Virginia and then: Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma and last but not least – Louisiana.

        • There are always other factors involved of the states with the lowest income you also need to look at demographics and ethnicity. Then there is the gap between rich and poor……

          USA Today:

          States where poverty is worse than you think:

          1. California – Number ‘uno.’ I know this because I live here:)

          2. Hawaii – doesn’t surprise me.

          3. New Jersey – of course! Close to the filth capital of the world New Yok.

          4. Florida

          5. Nevada – I have also lived here. The recent downturn in the economy has caused many problems for sin city.

          States with the widest gap between rich and poor:

          The worst offenders are New York, Connecticutt, New Jersey and California:)

          1. New Yok -24/7 Wall St. reviewed the states with the widest gap between the rich
          and the poor. Last year, New York was the most unequal state in the nation.

          The growing incomes of extremely wealthy individuals explain, in part, why a majority of states with the widest income gaps appear quite
          wealthy as a whole. According to Cooper, “they skew the distribution so much that you do tend to see the highest inequality in places that have
          the most wealthy individuals.” In fact, each of the 10 most unequal states also had among the highest shares of income going to the top-earning 5% of households last year. In New York and Connecticut, more than 25% of all income was reported by these households.

          Since wages are the primary source of income for most Americans, the unemployment rate in a given area is also an important factor. Six of
          the 10 states had unemployment rates higher than the national rate last year.

          Read more: States With the Widest Gap Between Rich and Poor – 24/7 Wall St.

          Many other attributes within each state also fall into play with regards to rich and poor. You can’t base those factors solely on looking at certain criteria.

          • Joe, You live in California and you are a Conservative. I have heard that you are more likely to have a Bigfoot sighting then see a conservative in your state. God Bless you my friend and stay strong.

          • Yes and thanks Dave. Believe me it is rough. Beautiful state, incredible weather, but the people suck! We have had to stuff it many many times. Well, we used to. Now we just let em have it. Our county is fairly Conservative. It is also Conservative inland. It is the coast that is horrible and that is where we live.

            For example, in the last election, we voted in a Conservative Supervisor who we personally knew quite well. He died a 1/2 year prior to this election. What did Governor Moonbeam do, replaced him with a Liberal. This angered the County. The liberals in this county fought like hell to keep this person in office, but it didn’t work. We now proudly have a Conservative Supervisor who will definitely sway the vote away from the college infested liberals of north country.

            The Illegal problem in this state is huge. We practically have an open door policy. They get all the freebies and love it. Free housing, free food for the babies, food stamps, all the jobs (even the ones we do want to do), they cater to them in the schools and colleges and the list goes on and on. Why, you even get more pay if you are bilingual. Along with that we have plenty of gangs, pot grown in the beautiful Sierras and other Federal forests, and most crimes, are committed by Hispanics. They may as well enact us to Mexico because they are 1/2 of the population this year. Many do not assimilate or learn the language. California once the golden child of the U.S. will be a communist state, with ‘uber’ high taxes to pay for all the social programs forever. Companies, as well as many people are leaving the state. Pretty soon there will be two main groups in this state. The wealthy and the poor. Most likely, the tax base will leave. Many have left already. Mexico is taking back this state without firing a shot. They are simply doing it by population. Then what?

            If there is one thing that I can suggest to any other state. FIGHT AMNESTY WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT, so that you don’t end up like this one.

          • Joe, With everything that is going on in your state that sounds just like the liberals dream for the rest of America. My Aunt and Uncle lived west of LA close to the cost line. They are far left liberals that voted for everything that is tearing down your state. The good news for you is they moved out a couple of years ago, after they helped to bring it down to what it is today.The bad news is that they went to Austin Texas and they are still voting the same way hoping for a different results. Stay strong and stay focused and keep fighting the good fight.

          • Yes, Dave. Sorry to say, the Liberals are ruining this state and they have helped destroy this State. Pretty soon it will be worse off than Detroit. LA and SF have become sanctuary cities… Blah!

            Well, good riddance in a way. Too bad for Texas which, by the way, the Liberals are hoping to turn Blue. We have considered moving to Texas or at least buying a home there. I have heard Austin is ‘uber’ liberal. Hopefully Texas keeps it’s strength. It’s one state I look up to and I think the rest of the country does as well….What’s that old Texas saying….’don’t mess with Texas’ and ‘come and take it.’ LOL

            Unfortunately, the Liberals are also heading to Texas… Plenty of jobs you know:)

          • Just to be sure you see it MORON, I’m going to copy for you a post I just left for Dave. You are without question the biggest idiot on the NM!!!!!

            Let’s see Dave. Before the ‘liberals’ got control of California a few years back, a Conservative named Arnie had driven California to the brink of bankruptcy with education in shambles, the infrastructure going to ruin and the state in well over 150 billion in debts.

            That great conservative had done just exactly what another conservative named Reagan had done some decades earlier, tripled California’s debts in 8 years.

            Since those ‘liberals’ have taken over, despite Joe Schmucks discontent, California has now turned deficit spending around and is actually seeing surplus budgets, it’s debts are virtually gone now and strangely enough, California HAS LED THE NATION, in the percent of increase of job creation since the beginning of 2014.


          • Do you live in this State, idiot? Brown drove California into the drink the first time around.

            LOL, Reagan turned the stream around and balanced the budget. He left the state with a surplus, Brown came in and ruined that the first time. Gray Davis got kicked out and he was a democrat. Reason: Voters cited disapproval of the state’s record $34.6 billion budget shortfall, growing unemployment and dubious campaign contributor connections. LOL sounds like how it is now…..and that stupid train…….

            Schwarzneggar was a liberal in Conservative clothing. You know he was. He was married to Maria for crying out loud. Plus he was a lame duck.

            Caifornia’s debts are gone? LOL, yah guess we were first in line for the stimulus with our hands out. Payed for infrastructure and ‘shovel ready jobs’ alright. Union jobs that is. No chance for the average Joe to get employment.


            If you ignore all that, then California has close to a balanced budget. I say “close” because, in fact, the so-called balanced budget steals (sorry – “borrows”) $500 million from the State’s cap-and-trade environmental emission reduction program. Brown’s budget does that even
            with the recently passed, retroactive tax increase that produced higher-than-expected revenues.

            Add it up and you find that the budget really isn’t balanced and Brown hasn’t really made any “tough choices.” Brown isn’t alone in that
            distinction. His predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, promised to “blow up boxes” of government waste and, if I recall correctly, there were no such explosions. Of course, it could be worse. The Democrats in the legislature actually wanted to increase spending more than 26.2% over the next four years.

            While we are looking at numbers, consider these: California has the highest income taxes in the country, the highest gas taxes, the most
            regulations of any state and – surprise – the fourth-highest unemployment rate (which, as every serious person knows, is understated). The latter is a real feat when you consider California’s
            natural resources – including oil reserves which could easily be a big part of the answer to many of California’s economic and budget problem.
            See my Forbes article: California’s Anti-Fracking Ideologues Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth.

            In the final analysis, instead of addressing those runaway deficit freight trains headed California’s way, Jerry Brown is bent on funding High-Speed Rail in the Golden State to establish his legacy.
            Interestingly, the yearly budget for high-speed rail is larger than the amount California Democrats appropriated for the California State University system – which tells you a lot about Brown’s priorities. Speaking of legacies, the one of Brown’s father, Governor Edmund G. Brown, Sr., was the improvement to the state’s educational system made under his tenure. Jerry Brown’s legacy will be the gamble he took with
            our budgets and high-speed rail – both of which more accurately represent a California house of cards.”

            Robbing Peter to pay Paul……LOL

          • Wow!! You really live in a dream world don’t you. Some of your facts are so skewed it’s amazing : Reagan not only California’s and America’s debt: he raised taxes morel than any other politician in history – when you combine what he did in California and what he did as president of the U.S.

            See this little gem:

            1. Reagan was a serial tax raiser. As governor of California, Reagan “signed into law the largest tax increase in the history of any state up till then.” Meanwhile, state spending nearly doubled. As president, Reagan “raised taxes in seven of his eight years in office,” including four times in just two years. As former GOP Senator Alan Simpson, who called Reagan “a dear friend,” told NPR, “Ronald Reagan raised taxes 11 times in his administration — I was there.” “Reagan was never afraid to raise taxes,” said historian Douglas Brinkley, who edited Reagan’s memoir. Reagan the anti-tax zealot is “false mythology,” Brinkley said.

          • What have you been smoking? I’m sure you do not live in this State. You don’t know Jack! I have resided here most of my life. Unfortunately for you as usual the Democratic bias media wants to misinterpret and twist everything. Even the history of this Country.

            Regardless of the fact that he raised taxes, he also balanced the budget and left the state with a surplus and it would surprise you to know that he also protected the environment and Federal forests in California. Unlike our latest loser, he was able to REACH across the isle and WORK with Dems.

            “After joining the Republican party in 1962 he began to champion conservative causes and enthusiastically endorsed presidential candidate
            Barry Goldwater in 1964. In the California gubernatorial election of 1966 he defeated
            the Democratic incumbent, Edmund G. “Pat” Brown (who left the state with a huge deficit). As governor of California for two terms (1967–75), he cut state welfare and medical services and aid to public schools and higher education. He also signed a series of tax increases aimed at ending the state’s deficit. Nonetheless, during his tenure California’s budget more than doubled and the number of state employees increased significantly.

            Read more: Reagan, Ronald Wilson |

            NPR-I wouldn’t pay attention to one of Soros think tanks if my life depended on it. Same goes for MSNBC. Whether you like it or not he is still listed as one of Americas BEST presidents. As for our Emperor-in-Chief. His legacy will include his FORCED loser Obamacare, and his divisive actions that resulted in nothing. Worst even after Jimmy Carter.

          • What has all that gibberish got to do with the fact that Reagan tripled California’s debt during his 8 years in office?? And what has the fact that he may have left a surplus budget with billions in debt got to do with anything either??

            And I could care less who that creep supported in the 1960s. He was without question America’s worst president ever!!!!!!!!

            Naming an airport after Reagan in D.C, is actually more of a sacrilege than naming it bin Laden international. Reagan did far more destruction to America than bin Laden did on 9/11.

          • Again, you don’t live in this state. I never believe everything the media preaches. It’s all heresay. I only know how good I felt when Reagan was in office. How much more I could afford and how happy and patriotic most people in this country were. Can’t say the same for all the stoned faced idiots I saw sitting in the White House the other day on television. Their body language said it all.

            You can blackball Reagan all you like. Doesn’t change a thing. If you check you will see that he will remain one of the greatest presidents we ever had as historically indicated. It really doesn’t matter what you think. Obama will go down as one of the worst.

            Your last statement is a joke!

          • And tell me Joe, do you and any of your troll friends on the NM have any retirement funds invested in the stock market, because not only are you clueless about the realities of GOP governance with respect just living your current lives, you’re obviously clueless about just how big of disasters GOP presidents and their administrations are for your retirement future>

            See this about just how disastrous GOP governance is for stock market performance:


            Methodology and Data Pedro Santa-Clara and Rossen Valkanov published the results of their work in “The Presidential Puzzle: Political Cycles and the Stock Market,” which was featured in The Journal of Finance in October of 2003. The duo analyzed stock market returns using Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) indexes, including the value-weighted and equal-weighted portfolios. CRSP portfolios track the major market indexes and are created according to clear, unbiased, systematic processes. As such, they are widely used as a foundation for academic research.

            Unlike most studies, which are based on total returns, Santa-Clara and Valkanov based their efforts on the average excess return of the indexes over the return of the three-month Treasury bill. The results were striking. When a Republican president held office, the value-weighted return delivered nearly a 2% premium over the T-bill. When a Democrat held office, the premium was nearly 11%. While the 9% difference clearly favors the Democrats, the results from the equal-weighted portfolio were even more telling, with a 16%+ result in favor of the Democrats. (To learn more about T-bills and other government securities, read 20 Investments You Should Know: Treasuries.)

            Portfolio Returns Under Republican Administrations value weighted: 1.69%/equal weighed -1.69%

            Portfolio Returns Under Democratic Administrations Value Weighted 10.69%/
            Equal Weighted 16.52%

            In another article, stock market returns since 1927 ha increased 300% under Dems vs 0% under Republicans.

            Just think what those dysmal returns under Republicans can do to someones retirement.

            According to one article in the NYTimes: $10,000 invested in the market the day after the 1929 crash would have accumulated to a measly $11,700 over the 35 years Republicans were in office (through 2005); compared to $311,600 during the 40 years Democrats were in office.

            So even from a financial standpoint, people who are supporting the GOP are absolutely CLUELESS!!

          • My retirement is set. I come from a wealthy family:) No stocks at the moment. Too risky. However, assets in property and other ventures. On the California coast that is huge and makes for a great nest egg. Bought low on everything and all is paid for. Don’t like owing money.

            Hold your horses. Here’s an article I found that maintains that stocks are unpredictable:

            “As with any study (that stocks are better under Dems), results and conclusions are shaped by the data you input. This study only looks at the Dow Jones Industrial Average as a benchmark, since the S&P 500 wasn’t created until 1957, and the Nasdaq composite wasn’t launched until 1971. Some will argue that the Dow is too narrow of an index, one that didn’t evolve with the economy, and doesn’t represent a broad enough slice of the market.

            Another problem involves comparisons between extreme economic booms and busts. Herbert Hoover, a Republican, came into office after his party-mate, Coolidge, and his record run of market prosperity. Eight months later came the crash of 1929. It could be argued that the market gains under Coolidge were so rapid and so speculative that a crash was inevitable, something that Hoover could not control.

            The same argument in reverse could be made for FDR’s presidency. Coming into office after the crash, the bar was set so low that any reasonable improvement in the market would notch large percentage gains on a year-over-year basis.

            Of course, the real problem with the study — and the point investors need to keep in mind — is that the U.S. president has only limited power to effect real change in the economy or the stock market. The real drivers of the market are macroeconomic trends (most of which are driven by private industry) and macro-political trends (like wars, taxation and austerity) that are driven by Congress.

            In fact, there’s a school of thought that says the best time for the market is when there’s conflict between Congress and the presidency, which renders them both impotent, and allows private industry to innovate free from government intervention.

            So as an investor, you need to remember that bull markets and bear markets have very little to do with the commander in chief and more to
            do with an overall economic and political climate that’s conducive to growth and innovation in the companies that make up the stock market.”

            Oddly after this last election where many states turned Red, the stocks actually went up.

          • “My retirement is set.” Sure, now that the stock market has virtually tripled under Obama over the past 6 tears. I’ll guarantee you weren’t saying that in January of 2009 when the GWB debacle had caused the market to plummet by virtually 1/2 to around 6,600. And I’ll guarantee you if McCain had been elected instead of Obama, you wouldn’t be saying that today either. Instead, we’d both probably be standing in bread lines. McCain would have tanked the country just like Hoover did after Coolidge.

            Coolidge and GWB were almost carbon copy presidents. Both of them idiots that allowed the economies to run amok with virtually no regulations; with both administrations ending up the same way – with tanked stock markets followed by economic disasters!!!!

            You really love to delve into convoluted fantasies in trying to explain things don’t you. Sorry clueless but it’s HISTORY that has proven Republicans not only don’t know anything about running a government, THEY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT GOVERNING AN ECONOMY EITHER.


            As Kurt Eichenwald says in his article from Vanity Fair:

            Are conservatives ever right?

            The question isn’t meant to suggest that liberals are never wrong. But reviewing the last few decades of conservative policy initiatives—or their objections over that timespan to policies they hate—shows a consistent pattern of failure: predictions never pan out, and intended results turn to catastrophic flops.

            And in his article he proves that CONSERVATIVES ARE NEVER RIGHT!!!!


          • You see your remarks elude to the fact that you no longer want a two party system (One party system will not work). I have a huge problem with that because you are not the only people who reside in America. This country was not based on that fact. That fundamental change you all wanted, well you obviously got it. Does it work? Nope. For now, there ARE still checks and balances that help keep everyone humble. I really don’t give a flying ‘F’ whether people make more money under Democrats or anything else for that matter. Aren’t you being a bit hypocritical. You seem to want wealth then at the same time you believe in spreading the wealth. If you feel that then why doesn’t your side contribute 3/4 of your own money so that it can bring the poor and downtrodden up a few notches. America has always been a unique group of dreamers who took risks. All I really care about is the fact that this country runs the way it was intended to run. At the moment it is not. That was an obvious to many Conservative and some Liberal Americans in the last election. Get used to it. Referring to Conservative Americans as stupid redneck goobers who lie is preposterous and crass. Everyone’s ideology is different yet used to be tolerated. A Leprosy has literally infected this great land. Why? If you dig down deep enough, I think you know the answer to that question and it is not the Conservative base that you always blame. It was created purposely to divide. Figure it out by getting out of your tunnel vision.

            As in the article snippet I posted, money and an accumulation of wealth did not come merely from who was in office. It came from good old fashioned ‘hard work’ and the ethics to be able to save and then make the right decisions on investments. When you boil it all down it really comes down to luck, saving and wise choices. America has always been a land of great dreamers and innovators, yet your tendency is to flatten and destroy that. Your reasons elude me. Keep it up…and you will see an entire destruction of the greatest country there ever was. Then again maybe we have lived through our greatest times and will be no better than even the most mundane countries in the world. If anything we have become a gullible, gutless nation run by power hungry elitists. The flame of old glory is flickering out as we speak. It is up to you and your kind as to whether you want to keep the flame alive or let it die.

          • And it’s not just poor governance of America which causes far worse stock market performance, and the overall quality of life, Republicans are also abysmal with respect to job market performance.

            Here’s something from the Daily Kos (I know it’s a liberal outlet but let me see you discredit the numbers), which demonstrates that even with job creation Democrats do a much better job:

            From the Daily Kos:

            During the last election cycle, the Republicans were making a big deal about job creation. They claimed that they had smarter policies than the Dems that would help the average American, including the record number of unemployed Americans, but that didn’t have the ring of truth to me. So I did a little digging into historical unemployment statistics, and I discovered some remarkable facts. For instance, using unemployment rate data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on January 1 of each year, it turns out that over the past 64 years,

            • Average unemployment has been higher under Republican than Democratic administrations (6.12% vs 5.39%)
            • Unemployment was highest during a Republican administration (Reagan: 10.8%), lowest during Democratic administrations (Truman: 2.9%, Johnson: 3.9%)
            • The unemployment rate rose faster under GW Bush than during any other administration over the entire 64-year period (+0.94% per year)
            • The unemployment rate has fallen faster under Obama than under any other President over the entire 64-year period (-0.70% per year)
            • Unemployment has tended to rise during Republican administrations (average change +0.23% per year) and fall during Democratic administrations (average change -0.29% per year)

            That last bullet is a jaw-dropper. Some more interesting statistics and conclusions below the fold.

            Here’s the link to the Daily Kos article which documents the extensive research the writer did to produce those numbers. Again. let me see you discredit them.


            All of this shows that the GOP does absolutely nothing well – in fact the GOP is a disaster when it comes to governance. And that includes Texas. THE ONLY positive for Texas is job creation. In every other aspect of measurement, Texas is the cesspool of America. It ranks in the bottom 10 worst in virtually every other measurement of living other than job creation.

          • Well, I guess that’s why Americans are so confident in the job market, economy and Obama. Enough so that most of the Country voted Red?

            Says a lot for the ‘Daily kos.’ LOL

          • Let’s see Dave. Before the ‘liberals’ got control of California a few years back, a Conservative named Arnie had driven California to the brink of bankruptcy with education in shambles, the infrastructure going to ruin and the state in well over 150 billion in debts.

            That great conservative had done just exactly what another conservative named Reagan had done some decades earlier, tripled California’s debts in 8 years.

            Since those ‘liberals’ have taken over, despite Joe Schmucks discontent, California has now turned deficit spending around and is actually seeing surplus budgets, it’s debts are virtually gone now and strangely enough, California HAS LED THE NATION, in the percent of increase of job creation since the beginning of 2014.


          • WhutHeSaid needs to see this map. Tried to tell em but he/she just kept rambling on and on about how all the ‘stupid’ goobers are taking over and taking us backwards and mostly how ridiculous our enthusiasm is because it is ONLY a midterm. Guess it hasn’t sunk in yet. I was totally surprised and touched to know that American’s have so much insight:) Totally made me proud because we have been bashed by this cocky lot for far far too long. It was a non-violent rebellion of sorts:) It’s good to see that the system still works…….

          • Joe , I posted this one last week on the National Memo not sure if you had a chance to see it.

          • Keep in mind Dave that only 36% of Americans voted. It was clearly a large chunk of the 37% or so of Republicans, and only a very small chunk of nonRepublicans.

            Two thirds of Americans didn’t vote, either because they’re content enough with the way things are going now in their lives that they didn’t feel a need to vote, or in many states, they simply didn’t feel the need enough to vote to go out and contend with the weather (which was a deterent in many states) or they didn’t want to fight through the many layers of voter suppression that the GOP has enacted since 2010.

            And don’t forget about all the gerrymandering the GOP has done which greatly biases the election results. The 2014 election was IN NO WAY and indication of how Americans really feel – only that of 1/3 of Americans who are Republicans with a handful of malcontents.

          • LOL, what gets me the most about what Obama said is the fact that he states: “If you don’t like a particular policy or a particular PRESIDENT, then chage it and go out and win an election:)” …..and that is just what we did:)

          • This widest gap between rich an a poor is a total farce!! Of course, when you have states that are doing so well economically that that like California, Connecticut , Hawaii and New Jersey that you have thousands of millionaires and even quite a number of billionaires, there’s going to be an enormous gap between the rich and “poor”. But what these articles aren’t bringing out, is that the “average poor” in California and Connecticut and some other blue states are earning 30-50,000 per year (they’re poor when compared to those earning double and triple their salaries, while the “poor’ in virtually all the red states are living below the poverty level because the “rich” in most red states are lucky to be earning a million dollars (not multi-millions and even billions.). .

          • Fat chance….you don’t even have a clue as to how EXPENSIVE it is to live in states like California. Normal residents don’t get or take freebies. The Hispanics do. All our tax money goes to environmental restrictions and social programs. The taxes are ginormous. So glad we still have prop13. Even though food is grown here and raised here, it is pricey. It is barely affordable to live in this state.

            30-50,000 is way out of line…. Closer to $30,000. There are few rentals in this state and that’s because most people cannot afford their own homes.

          • Joe, you so discredit yourself when your comments reflecting your opinions are so biased against people and certain politics from the get-go. Sorry to have to tell you that.

      • Texas has a high rate of poverty. All of those “jobs” are suspect, since little benefit to the people of Texas results from those jobs. Much benefits the Governor, however, because, instead of paying corporate taxes that support education, healthcare, and other quality of life issues in the state, they make “contributions” via millions of dollars and gifts to the Governor, personally, and into his slush funds, which he uses at his discretion for what he considers “important”, his trips overseas, his campaigns, et al. He attracts these jobs by offering no regulations whatsoever and no taxes, just payola.

        But joe schmo lives in his own reality, and sustains it with the playbill of republican, conservative rhetoric and talking points, even when it all goes against his best interests. Apparently, he is not alone in that, he just spits it out in a more prolific manner.

        • Ya think! Let’s do a comparison between CaliMexico and Texas:

          1) Population growth in Texas this past decade 4th highest in the nation while California was 22nd.

          2) Growth in output, both in aggregate and on a per capita basis, is far higher in Texas than it is in California.

          3) Texas surpassed California in per capita GDP in 2011 and expanded its lead in 2012.


          California is one of the highest taxed states in the nation, while Texas is one of the lowest taxed states in the nation.

          State and local tax revenues are growing far faster in Texas than they are in California, both absolutely and on a per capita basis.

          Texas has no income or capital gains tax. California has the nation’s highest income and capital gains tax rates.


          Over the past six years, the net adjusted gross income gain for Texas was $14.7 billion, and the net adjusted gross income loss for California was $19.2 billion

          California has swung from being one of the biggest net in-migration destination states in the nation to being one of the biggest exodus states. Texas in-migration as of today is the highest in the nation and has, if anything, been increasing.


          Accounting for cost of living and government assistance, Texas has significantly less poverty as a share of its population (16.5 percent) than does California (23.5 percent).

          Texas has the fourth lowest percent of population on welfare (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families-TANF) in the nation (0.43 percent), while California has the highest percentage of its population on welfare (3.88 percent).

          California has 30 percent of its population enrolled in Medicaid while Texas has 18 percent. The U.S. average is 22 percent.


          Texas’ unemployment rate (6.5 percent in June 2013) is much lower than is California’s unemployment rate (8.5 percent in June 2013).

          Texas is a right-to-work state. California is a forced-union state.

          Texas ranks 3rd fastest in employment growth in the nation while California ranks 42nd.


          State debt in Texas is substantially lower than it is in California.

          Texas’ S&P credit rating (AAA) is far higher than is
          California’s S&P credit rating (A).


          As measured by the U.S. Department of Education, California student test scores are the fourth worst in the nation, while Texas students’ scores are 29th highest out of 50.

          The California Teachers Association has called 170 strikes over the past decade, while Texas teachers are prohibited from striking. In Texas, any teacher who strikes loses his license to teach immediately fired on the spot.

          Of the five mega states—California, Texas, New York, Illinois, and Florida—California, according to the Department of Education, has the lowest educational test scores while Texas has the highest.

          California prisons are currently running at 75 percent over design capacity, while Texas prisons are occupied at about 15 percent below design capacity. California has been ordered by the Supreme Court to reduce its prison population to 137.5 percent of design capacity.

          Texas ranked 23rd in the nation in state road conditions, while California ranked dead last.”

          Boy were you wrong! Next time do some research. Do you live in California? …..if you don’t then why do you act like you know more than me? I live here and I know about the politics in this state just as the above author knows about Texas. You certainly do not. California/Detroit, Detroit/California. 50 years of Liberal rule left Detroit totally bankrupt. Will California be next and what about the rest of the Country. If this is what a total one-sided liberal government looks like? I want NO part of it. There’s a reason why our forefathers had TWO parties.

          • California has always been more “generous” or expansive with it’s state Medicaid system. There are reasons that Texas ranked so high in the highest number of uninsured in the nation and the stubborn refusal of this Republican Governor and Legislature to accept the Expanded Medicaid via ACA, at no cost to the state for the first 3 years and at 10% of costs thereafter, is inexcusable, as is the closure of all clinics across this state that provided comprehensive health care to women of low or no income status.

            The fact that Texas also has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancies, and the highest rates of pregnancies among the lower economical strata could account for that big population growth, as well as the closure of clinics that provided contraceptives and sex education based on the science of anatomy and physiology instead of based on religion and morals, as found in our Republican led educational system. Granted, we have had some “immigration” of people from other states who have followed their jobs in those industries that are supplementing the Governors’ style of living to which they grow accustomed to.

            All of that nice sounding economic status of which you speak is undiscernible in our quality of life in Texas. Our famous good roads and highways are crumbling; our chemical plants explode and burn on a regular basis; our quality of air is notorious as is the incidence of asthma and other respiratory disease; we are still with a high rate of uninsured and a high incidence of diabetes, sue to the ethnic composition of our state and the disease etiology; our Public Health System is cowed into submission to a state government that is so ideologically driven that science and medicine is meaningless; and, though we have had excellent healthcare institutions, not many can access them. Using Tort Reform as a plus re healthcare, as this Governor does, just shows how little he knows about healthcare because Tort Reform has no impact on access to healthcare.

            The Educational System in Texas is probably the saddest outcome of this Governor. As long as everyone remains as dumb as he and his co-horts are, they can remain in office, and even the textbooks are full of lies today.

            Wages are low and there is no discussion in this state about raising the minimum wage. People are living on $7.50 an hour, which covers a gallon of milk and cheap ground meat.

            All of that money and income you speak of is going somewhere, but, it is not into the state of Texas. There are so many slush funds one cannot keep track of them. Personal gifts to the Governor and his colleagues in our Legislature run into the millions of dollars, for each, as reported in our local newspaper, from “donors” and “big business brought to Texas”.

            And all of this because of the gerrymandering of districts years ago, engineered by Perry, et al, that made Texas a state wherein the votes that are counted do not reflect the majority of the electorate and the citizens of Texas. Now, since gerrymandering is not enough, voter disenfranchisement is the MO.

            Texas always had pockets of conservatism that were ugly. Now, it is ugly and embarrassing because we are all held hostage to conservatism that has grown big, acts dumb and dumber, and one has only to listen to the rhetoric of what ends up in the US Congress to see what has happened to Texas, a state that used to be pretty damn great, if I do say so myself.

          • California is out of hand. A conservative commenter on a Conservative site told me recently that California will most like implode on itself. Pretty soon there will be a huge division between the rich….and….the poor. The tax base will leave. Businesses will continue to depart until there is nothing. Eventually, if it continues, California will end up like the city of Detroit.

            Texas closure of woman’s clinics was not intentionally done to prevent the poor from not getting aid, it was mainly done to cut costs. They still offer support, the only problem is that most women have to travel to these clinics or the women need to see a reputable Dr. I find nothing wrong with that. Texas, just like California has been inundated by illegal pregnant women. I believe they are trying to curb that. Most of them don’t believe in birth control. In fact, the lower down the totem pole you go economically, the less likely will you be interested in birth control. That is a fact and I know to be true after studying countries like Africa and Mexico in Cultural Anthropology.

            Well, by all accounts….California is much worse, educationally and economically. As far as wages, what about no jobs or working several part-time jobs to stay afloat or the fact that ALL the Hispanics get the jobs and preferential treatment for everything.

            Just think about it, Texas may be bad under your dreaded Repub governor, but it is far far worse under Governor Moonbeam.

            May I ask you then, if the states you live in are so bad and so Red, why do you even live there? We will only be living in CaliMexico long enough for older family members to die. I can assure you, nothing is worse than this state. It’s like living in Communist Russia. Right about now Texas looks like a breath of fresh air if I do say so myself.

    • And, elected Congressmen under indictment for fraud and extortion; who exhort people to resolve their discontent with pretty and powerful guns in their pocketbooks, et al. It’s a colorful assembly of notable Republicans/Conservatives, but, one big circus and the reality show that will ensue should cap the diminishment of this country as any kind of “leader” on which the rest of the world can depend. We have seen their Acts I and II; this will be Act III, the closing Act.

  13. If one thing is clear, it’s that we have a rogue executive branch that is intentionally derelict in its Constitutional obligations.

    • These are just words. There is nothing with which to substantiate the claim. I suspect those who make this claim are experiencing a delayed reaction from the previous administration of Bush/Cheney, who strong-armed federal judges; met with big oil and energy behind closed doors; outed a CIA agent; sold and waged a disastrous war and invasion on fake intelligence; engaged in torture; who believed and acted on the premise that the President of the USA could do whatever he wanted; and whose Attorney General suffered situational amnesia or dementia when called on to be accountable. Today, that administration enjoys the perks of retirement and the willingness of gullible people to embrace revisionist history as “oracles” of how it’s supposed to be done.

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