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Monday, April 24, 2017

Imagine if guns were regulated in this country in the same way as a woman’s right to choose.

Roughly 87 percent of counties in the United States do not have even one abortion provider. Three states have just one provider. On Thursday, the Republican governor of Mississippi said of his state’s one clinicMy goal of course is to shut it down.

Imagine if we were talking about a state closing down its one remaining gun store. Then the outrage of the gun lobby would make sense. Instead, in the name of “life,” guns are available everywhere and nine states have tried to defund Planned Parenthood because a tiny fraction of its resources is used to help women seek legal abortions.

In Texas, Planned Parenthood is legally divided into two separate institutions — one that provides general women’s health care and one that provides abortions.

For years, health care organizations worked with the state through the Women’s Health Program to provide basic health care and family planning services for about 65,000 women, receiving 90 percent of their funding from the federal government. But the legal distinction wasn’t good enough for Governor Rick Perry and Texas Republicans.

They said that the health care arm of Planned Parenthood was an affiliate of the abortion providers and thus had the organization excluded from the Women’s Health Care Program by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. As courts have prevented states from excluding Planned Parenthood in the past, the HHSC wrote into the regulation that if the courts forced the state to include Planned Parenthood in the Women’s Health Program, the program would be dissolved.

On January 1, 2013, the reformed Women’s Health Program launched without Planned Parenthood and $200 million in federal funds.

What does that mean for female Texans?

“The costs are stark,” writes The New Republic‘s Molly Redden:

One quarter of Texas women are uninsured, and the Women’s Health Program was a reliable way to cover at least some of their needs. But by freezing Planned Parenthood out of the program last week, Texas has forced more than 50,000 of them to search for a new primary care doctor within the Women’s Health Program—and it is not at all clear that the system has the capacity to reabsorb them. Planned Parenthood accounted for about half of Women’s Health Program services last year—mostly in the form of cancer, diabetes, and STI treatment, plus high-blood-pressure screenings, contraception dispersement [sic], and annual checkups.

The loss of the federal funding is compounded by a cut of two-thirds of the funds the state had been allotting for family planning. By using those funds to balance the budget, experts estimate the cost to the state in unplanned pregnancies could be as much as $231 million dollars –in addition to the $200 million Perry has rejected from the federal government for the privilege of punishing Planned Parenthood and the hundreds millions more he’d like turn down in Medicaid expansion.

All in the name of life.

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67 Responses to Rick Perry’s War On Women Could Cost Texas Nearly Half A Billion Dollars

  1. Radicals, and extremest make radical, and extreme rulings, and laws. Texas is a model of
    Right Wing, economic, and politick, ideology, writ large. Right to work laws exclude unions,
    and wage supports. Tax laws favor the monied class. Even with the added advantages of
    natural resources, gas, and oil, a diverse economy of high tech, and agriculture, the poverty
    rate of it’s citizens per capita, are among the highest in the Nation. Child poverty rates, and
    uninsured rates, of Mothers, and Mothers with young children are now, with the new legislation
    the highest of anywhere but the deplorable situations found on many of the Native American
    Reservations in the Northwestern U.S. However, you might say, their budgets balance, and
    with Republicans having been in charge since the early nineties, are a picture of how a State
    should be fiscally, and responsibly run. You should immediately turn off Fox News, and read
    how the politically unstoppable, Republican Party, has over the last 15 years, run one of the naturally richest States in the Union into the proverbial ground, with the red ink totaling more
    than 22 billion dollars this year. How is this possible? Because they can’t bring themselves
    to tax any of the well entrenched industries residing in their State. Of the race to the bottom
    mentality, where each State competes with the others to lower wages, eliminate regulations,
    or just flat give away every dime the Legislature gets it’s hands on to the big money interests
    that finance their politics, Texas has no rival. Texas can be a model if we choose, for the entire
    Nation. And it’s so easy! All we progressives need do is get ticked off over some issue we feel
    Obama didn’t fight hard enough for. Or let some clever bloke tell you there’s no difference
    between the two Parties. You’ve heard them right? And decide to sit home on election day.
    That’s any election. The secret they don’t want you to know, is the nastiest stuff happens at
    the Local, and State levels. If you don’t believe me, just look at what Rick, and his boys have
    done to Texas.

    • To support some your points as to how far off the edge Bush and Perry have driven Texas, here are some stats on how Texas stacks up against other states in the country:

      Texas is 49th in the country in tax revenues collected per capita and 50th in revenues spent. It’s 44th in tax progressivity, which means it collects most of its taxes from working people and it comes in 50th in the percent of its population that have a HS diploma. It ranks 46th in the overall SAT scores it’s students get on entrance exams; and 49th in what it pays its teachers. It ranks dead last (50th) in having the most people without health insurance and also dead last in the number of children covered by insurance. And 49th in the support it provides to women & children in the WIC program, and it leads the nation in teenage births. It ranks 3rd in the nation in the number of people living in poverty and 50th with regard to the affordability of homeowners insurance. And Texas comes in 3rd in the nation in the number of public officials that are convicted for a crime; while being dead last in the percent of voters who turn out for elections. It’s 46th in the hourly earnings of its workers and 48th in the payout of worker’s comp benefits.

      Not a pretty picture is it??? Really amazes me that so many people are flocking cluelessly to this state in disrepair. As the writer of the article I just extracted some figures from for you said, if Texas really seceded from the Union, it would collapse upon itself very quickly.

      • I’m talking about the State, Texas in the U.S. That has a 22 billion dollar deficit.
        The Texas I visit a couple of times a year. The State with more uninsured children
        than any other State. The State that, even if it’s economy is, “on fire,” continues to require
        more dollars from the Federal Government than it sends in, to make up for the
        all the piss poor, no benefit jobs it continues to produce.

        • Charle – I just checked and they do suddenly have an estimated 8.8 billion surplus because of surges in oil and natural gas related taxes coming in. But the article I read says that there’s a great deal of contention over the surplus, because as many law makers claim, virtually no government department is adequately funded – they actually cut the education budget in 2011 by 5.4 billion – not helping their dismal 46th place showing in SAT scores this past year. So it’s a surplus, because the legislature went crazy with the budget cutting knife to try and deal with the 27 billion deficit they had. It’s a mirage surplus that will go away in a hurry when they realize many state agencies are drowning. And one reason why Texas has become one of the country’s leading welfare sucking states from Washington.

          • 8.8 billion surplus, then? Glad to hear it, if so. But I seriously
            doubt the majority of Texas Citizens will benefit. Right Wing
            politicians there, as in Florida where I reside, tend to treat tax
            receipts like the mob handles it’s money. Rainy day funds sounded
            like a good idea. Until revealed, it was created by withholding
            Medicaid payments to the Community hospital Jackson Memorial,
            in Miami. While trying to sell the institution off to a venture capital outfit. As dozens of professionals, and nursing staff were laid off in a County where 30% of it’s residents are uninsured, and poor,
            had an unemployment rate in 2011, of 11%. And, at the same
            time hundreds of millions of purloined tax dollars were doled
            out in the name of job creation, to corporations, while one crony was handed a job, with a 200,000 dollar paycheck, “promoting tourism,” even though there was already a tourism agency.
            All this, while claiming they must cut the salaries of teachers,
            correctional, and State law enforcement officers, unemployment
            benefits, payments to State Universities. Well. I know you know
            the drill. Republicans did the same things across the Country
            where they used large majorities to hammer the poor, and
            gouge the Middle Class by tripling fees for all government services,
            like building permits, and inspections, or renewing of trade, and
            drivers licenses. Mandatory drug tests for those receiving public
            assistance, cost the State 110 million for the tests alone. The positive rate was 4%. Other tax dollars were squandered on lawyers defending the unConstitutional law in court. Oh, and
            did the monies handed to the various business interests create
            jobs? We may never know. When sued under Florida’s
            “Sunshine Law,” and the Freedom of Information Act, the
            Governor’s spokesperson admitted no records of what, or how
            much was given to whom had been kept. And, when pressed,
            conceded, without that information, it would be hard to tell
            if the economic incentive plan that cost taxpayers hundreds of
            millions, and necessitated the cuts they claimed they, “Just
            had to make,” created any jobs at all.

          • Stupid, old, greedy, or “christian” people in those states keep voting the morons into office. Apparently the truths you cite make no difference to them.

            More’s the pity.

      • I stand corrected on the reported surplus. As to giving it to the people of Texas?
        We can always depend on Republicans to give it to their Countrymen, good
        and hard.

    • You are spot on!!!

      As a native Michigander, I am appalled on a daily basis by the actions taken by our “just an average small business nerd” (as Ricky referred to himself pre-election) governor and republican reps, and sens.

      He and his group of “brown shirts” have literally cancelled our state constitution and passed laws to dismantle state and local government, education, and our natural resources protections. These people are psychopaths with a deep loathing of any type of democratic oversight and controls or regulations of their business and political activities.

      This country is in deep trouble with many people convinced that digging the hole deeper will magically solve all of our problems. Between the ultra-rich, the obscene “religious” right, and bought and paid for politicians and media, I don’t see much hope for our country.

      If Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, etc. were alive today, they would weep.

      • The Country is watching the goings on in Michigan, and appalled is not a
        strong enough word for what continues to happen under the dictatorial
        Republican regime. My thoughts were, how can this be happening in
        America? Is it true this, “Minder,” the Governor sent down to Detroit sold
        the Silver Dome for pennies on the dollar to a private individual?

        • Snyder’s brown shirt city financial manager sold it for $583,000 to a Canadian company. Real estate professionals placed the value at 1.2-3 million.

          Republicans are selling off publicly owned assets like it’s going out of style. The unfortunate truth is that he is being supported by tea party groups who don’t seem to have the mental capacity to understand what is really happening. I fully expect our state parks to go on the block as soon as Snyder can arrange it.

          • It would be hard to believe people are actually in favor of this kind of stuff.
            They darn sure didn’t run on coming into towns, dismissing the local governments,
            and holding a fire sale with public assets. It’s outrageous!

  2. Good…The State is moving toward ‘purple’ this too shall pass!..In the interim, perry and friends have shown themselves to be out there . It only helps the moderate cause to see evidence of the crazy!

  3. Rick Perry has gone crazy with the rest of the tea party crowd against all sane and all reasonable protection. Women need contraception and they sometimes need abortions. That is a fact. The sooner the GOP knows that the better off we will all be.

    • Rick Perry, like the other GOP crazies, does not see women as human beings, but as semi-humans that should breed until they conveniently die. And if they are not Anglo-Saxon, if they are denied any kind of healthcare, they will die sooner.

      And if he thinks this is what his religion is telling him, no wonder the number of atheists is growing by leaps and bounds.

        • If they grow up at all while living in Texas, they may live on the street, suffer abuse from a parent (who really didn’t want the child anyway) possibly starve to death, suffer abuse from a boyfriend or husband because there are no organizations to help them, die due to drugs because there are no organizations to help them…Should I go on.

          You my friend, are living in a dream world.

        • Are you like one of the GOP crazies who stood up and cheered during one of the GOP debates in North Carolina when New Gingrich said that the way we deal with our enemies is to “Kill Them!!!” You know, one of those hypocrates that rants about abortion but then chomps at the bit about starting a war; just so instead of aborting a nonwanted fetus in the womb, you can sent grown up soldiers to die for a worthless cause on the battlefield like Bushy did so well???

  4. The contrast between the naenderthals in most Southern states (Texas is not the only one and it is not even the worst) and the Bible Belt contrasts with the successes that are taking place in California where a progressive socio-economic and fiscal approach is bearing fruits and contributing, not only to the fiscal solvency of the state, but to the betterment of society. Hopefully people throughout the United States are paying attention and compare the results of policies designed to advance extreme political and religious imperatives over those designed to move forward and help all segments of society.

    • Speaking of the “religious right”——–I wish everyone that visits this website would read the book “Nonbeliever Nation” by David Niose. You will be amazed at the influence the religious right exerts in the areas of economics and social legislation.

  5. No one ever accused Rick Perry of being a deep thinker. He is the emptiest suit in American politics. He is a tool of the oil and gas industry and the religious right. Period. If it results in his winning the praise of the twice born, then cutting off his nose to spite his face will seem like a brilliant strategy to him.

    • During the Republican primary race, it was difficult to determine which candidate was the most shallow and uninformed, and actually downright dangerous to be in a leadership position. . Talk about race to the bottom. Mrs. Perry was sure her husband “lost” because he is a Christian. I say, in name only. How he has governed is anything but Christian The state of Texas is surely a microcosm of the haves and have-nots.

    • I pray to the GOOD Lord you are wrong. The citizens of Texas who keep this guy in office have a lot of soul-searching to do. To run for President again will need somebody to nominate and support him….THOSE are the ones to watch out for.
      Unbelievable he gets away with these kinds of decisions even in the State Legislature. I would even sign a petition for a tax-payer paid vasectomy for
      Mr. Perry. We can’t take another generation of this kind of thinking, especially
      from the position he’s been so irresponsibly elevated to.

  6. The primaries should have shown exactly how deficient in thinking skills both Perry and the Republican Party are. I have never seen a faction so ready to cut off their nose to spite their face as this group. Just as the testing for drug use cost Fla. over $110 million to catch and deny 4% of the needy from receiving money to live on this will cost Texans many more in millions to provide care when these women show up at the emergency room after hours for care. What gross stupidity in order to grab $200 million to balance their budget instead of limiting their spending on non-critical items. These are truly death panels for women.

  7. Killing babies is far less regulated than firearms are in this country.

    Of course, you’re too scared of an inanimate object to even attempt to learn about it, so I don’t expect a rational discourse.

  8. What a messed up state. Rick Perry shouldn’t be running anything. Listening to him in the primaries was enough. He couldn’t think of the 3 agencies he wanted to get rid of. Oops. How about hugging a bottle of maple syrup. Looked like he was inebriated. Then he wanted to shoot Ben Bernake cause he justs prints money. I feel sorry for any female that lives in that state. They have waged war on women. I only hope that women come to power in that state & roll back some of the draconian cuts.

  9. Progunists think that they can legislate away rights guaranteed by a constitutional amendment. Why can’t the people restrict or eliminate a “right” based upon smoke and mirrors, excuse me, penumbras and emanations?

  10. Another embarrassment from the ultra lefties. Still don’t get that the abortion debate is about when life begins. Some people think it begins at birth. Others at conception. Still others somewhere in between. And it is NOT a religious issue at all. About 50% of atheists feel life begins at conception…just like the general population.

    To those who think it begins at conception, many WOMEN are being murdered every year

    Look…if you don’t UNDERSTNAD the debate4, then feel free to stay out of it.

  11. I didn’t realize Planned Parenthood took care of all those women with cancer and all of those diseases. These people need to get help elsewhere…There is you Obama Care now….you don’t need Planned parenthood nor my tax money to take care of your sexual diseases.

  12. Women in Texas need to register to vote, regardless of the difficulty placed in front of them.

    They make up over half the adult population, and could make a huge impact during upcoming elections.

    One of the first things they should be doing is to coordinate a major effort to solidify a WOMENS RIGHTS movement in Texas.


    Conservative or Liberal, women have common issues that a male dominated legislature WILL NOT ADDRESS.

  13. I keep looking for the amendment in the bill of Rights that guarantees you the right to an abortion? Oh its the second? And I thought that was the right to defend myself from a tyrannical govt like the ones that always ban and then confiscate guns from the citizens. Moa.

  14. Just for one year, wouldn’t it be interesting to see the outcome to defund Planned Parenthood, if men were the ones who could get pregnant? A pipe dream, I know, but a person can dream!

  15. Way to GO, you Moron! Could you saddle the citizens of Texas with any MORE debt? WHERE do they come from? ANYONE with a Functioning brain cell should pack up and LEAVE this conglomeration of Cretins.

  16. The only ones who will suffedr is the women this maniac is trying to destroy.. Then th e suffering will continue by the population whyo DIDN’T vote this idiot back in.. Therefore, minorities voters are controlling madmen and politics. When is Texas gonna get rid of this deserter clown? He was ready and eager to turn his back on every Texas citizen when he had his fifteen minutes in the big spot light in 2012 (just like his buddy Dubya did before him).. So I guess now he’s getting back on everyone who never loved him.. Put him out to pasture, that’s where he belongs.. Out Standing in his field. I remember when I was a young Texacan, being cared for by a democratic state g’ment.. Ah, fond memories.

  17. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Look who’s running the show – Good ‘ol boy Ricky, the biggest idiot during the election. I’ll bet you he can’t even tell you why he supports this nonsense, other that to say “The party told me to”.

  18. Oh stooop a legal division. when has the law EVER mattered to abortion mills and liberals. Last year PP was claiming that they provided mammograms even though not 1 clinic had the required x ray equipment but they sure had all the tools necessary to perform abortions.
    Murder is murder no matter what you cal it. If the gun lobby wanted to re brand themselves like PP then they would call themselves the National Citizens Women and Children Protection Society

    • If we want to solve the Israel-Palestine problem by having Israel return the land they won in the 1967 war to Palestine, we should lead by example and return Texas to Mexico.
      That would also rid us of a lot of those pesky illegal immigrants.

  19. His laws would actually kill more people then it would save, and some mothers lives are at risk during pregnancy and may need an abortion to live.

  20. “All in the name of life ”
    In the Name of Life is Good enough for Me !
    The Question to you is Why is it not good enough for You?

  21. I have always found it the height of hypocrisy when folks stand up and rail about how pro-life they are and how pro-life everyone else should be. In many cases these are the same people who are cheering the death penalty, even when used on a mentally retarded person. I have had them tell me that, “If Jesus had been against the death penalty wouldn’t he have said so from the cross?” My reply has been and will continue to be “If Jesus had been for the death penalty don’t you think He would have let them stone Mary Magdalene?” It has costs me some acquaintances but…. It is all too clear that the “pro-lifers” are not truly pro-life, they are pro-birth. They scream on and on about how we have to make government smaller, less intrusive in our lives…that is until a woman becomes pregnant, then we must do everything in the power of the government to make sure she has the baby. And to top it off they have the audacity

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