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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Obama’s Health Care law has sparked a full-fledged freakout in the Republican party, as right wingers struggle to come to terms with Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision to side with the Court’s liberal wing.

Although the reactions vary widely — ranging from disappointment, to anger, to outright lunacy — most of them fit into one of these four categories:

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  • AlfredSonny

    Why are people are protesting because they now can get health insurance?

    • middleclasstaxpayer

      Because a few who couldn’t get it before (and used the emergency room for FREE instead), will now have it, while the many millions who currently DO have it thru employer paid plans, will NO LONGER have it available, and will have to pay exorbitant prices to regain it for themselves & their families. Over 50% of firms have stated that they will drop employer-paid beneifits when Obamacare is instituted. Many (including my employer) have done so already.

      • johninPCFL

        Odd. My employer’s policy costs went down from $15.5K/qtr to $9.5K/qtr because new policy options became available (and they took them) after ACA was passed.

      • LeftRightLef

        So…when your employer dropped health-care benefits for you…Did you get a raise? Or does your employer now just pocket that portion of the insurance premium he/she used to pay (and claimed it was part of your pay?)

        • You’re absolutely right. Obviously when johninPCFL’s employer canceled company health care benefits, that money went right into the employer’s pocket. (The employees should have gone on strike.) That money should have gone back to the employees so they could purchase their own health care plans. . . . If employers are so angry about the health care plan, they should be pushing for a single-payer system covered by the individual states (kind of like Canada’s system), not just dropping their employees and their families. . . . Oh well, under a Romney presidency, there won’t be any jobs in the USA anyway. They’ll all go to India and China.

        • You Know He /She Is Lying Most Of These American Taliban Members Earn Their Masters Degrees In Lying And Chaos!!!

      • AlfredSonny

        Are we sure that these are actual facts?

        In the past five years, the insurance rates increased at the average annual rate of 20% and users are stuck because of pre-existing conditions. People are held hostages and the insurers could cut them off anytime they want for unilateral reasons.

        With this health care, the rates should go down due to controlled administrative costs (13 million people will get average refund of about $150 each for overpayment last year). Employers can continue to cover these costs if they want.

        Actual reason why the Rich is against it is because it would mean less profits for them.

        Reason why employers are against it is because it would mean their employees will be free to move around, knowing that they could get health care elsewhere without any pre-existing conditions.

        A manipulative perception lobbying firm, under the direction of Dick Armey and Karl Rove, is being funded by insurance and drug companies. This firm is doing its best to manipulate the public to tear down this program so that they will be able to make more profits out of us.

      • How many emergency rooms provide radiation treatments? How many provide chemotherapy treatments? How many perform heart bypass surgery? The emergency room argument is ridiculous.

      • You were probably payong more through your employer than if you go private anyway! Yes, you can bet he put that money right in his pocket! Now you can go anywhere and not be turned down because of pre-existing conditions! We own a small business and the insurance rates are exorbitant! We tried to get insurance individually and got turned down because of pre-existing conditions!! So we are stuck paying $1600 a month for one person!!! Does that sound fair to you???

      • Why Do You Tell All These Lies Nobody Buying Your Crap Only A Few IDIOT!! Like You!!

      • howa4x

        You watch way too much fox and it’s distorting your sense of reality. There aren’t just a few uninsured, more like 50 million people. Although they can’t pay the emergency room bill when they use it for primary care ($500. just to walk in) the hospital dosen’t eat the cost. They bill the state under what is termed uncompensated care, and add an extra surcharge to every other hospital bill since the state dosen’t reimburse at 100%. So in effect you are paying more and your insurance is paying more because of this. Since the ins. companies don’t want to loose money, your rates go up. There will be no change to your existing coverage but you will get some other benefits like not being dropped for a pre existing condition for you or you family. Insurance companies are publiclly traded on Wall st and are expected to give a 20% return. When Atnea had an 18.5% return their stock got a downgrade and Atnea responded by dropping 8.5 million from coverage.
        Prior to the passage of the Act the breakdown of you premium dollar went like this: .20 to wall st as profit. .45 to run the insurance companies. the CEO of CIGNA last year got a 24 million dollar salary and that comes out of that. .10 for big pharma and device makers and the remaining .25 cents is spent directly on your healthcare. Under the act the majority of your premium has to go directly to your paitent care. Also let’s not forget that you dependents can stay on your work policy till they are 26. There are many other benefits and I stronly suggest that you read the Act online and don’t listen to the big 5 of hannity coulter, beck, O’Reiley and rush explain it. They are paid millions of dollars to lie and decieve you

      • This is NOT the way the new law is intended. Since the majority of major provisions do not kick in until 2014, there has to be another explanation for your complaint. The scenario you depict defies reality.

      • metrognome3830

        Ya know what, MCT. I think you are making up stories. TROLL!

    • Tom_D44

      Let’s see:
      -Because premiums are going to go up immediately and likely by as much as 40%.
      -Because the bill is loaded with new taxes that will hit businesses and citizens alike.
      -Because businesses will likely start dropping people like flies into the Gov’t pool because they can’t afford it or because it is less expensive for them and the Gov’t program is not prepared for this.
      -Because those businesses who try to keep their current insurances will only put those additional costs into the price of their products and services which we all pay for.
      -Because Gov’t has shown, historically, that it is the absolute worst at managing anything and is riddled with waste and ineptness – BP oil spill – Need I say more.
      -Because the bill is estimated to cost twice as much as originally thought and the Gov’t is denying this.
      -Because rationing care is inevitable when they finally realize that there is not enough money to pay for all of the promises – or we will just be taxed more.
      -Because the Gov’t has no idea how to determine what procedures are worth which is why medicare pays doctors less money for procedures than the value of the work, forcing doctors to stop taking those patients unless they have enough profitable patients to compensate for them.
      -Because the bill does absolutely nothing to prevent frivilous malpractice law suits – a huge cost in the medical industry causing doctors to pay ridiculous malpractice insurance premiums which get passed on to us – and this is because the Democrats are not brave enough to take on the lawyers who fund their campaigns significantly.
      -Because the bill does nothing to force insurance companies to compete across state lines – another reason for huge costs in the industry – this is because the hidden agenda is not to help the insurance companies to lower their costs through regulation, but rather to put them out of business.
      -Because it is still an over-reach of the federal Gov’t since it was sold to the public as “NOT A TAX” and is only being called constitutional, now, because they changed that language in their legal arguments – this point is extremely well documented. Had they called it a tax from the start it would have changed the debate completely and might not have been passed.
      -Because healthcare is not a right. It is a service that we choose to purchase for the price that the market sells it for. Because of the ability to earn a very nice living the industry has always attracted the best and the brightest to become doctors. When that incentive is gone, really, who is going to invest 8 years of their lives, hundreds of thousands in medical school bills, and all the ridiculous hours that doctors keep in order to provide those “around the clock” services we all benefit from. Maybe we can all hope for the wonderful services of the VA – but if you have that heart attack, it better between 8am and 4pm.
      -And because there is no such thing as a free lunch

      • AlfredSonny

        Are we sure that these are actual facts?

        In the past five years, the insurance rates increased at the average annual rate of 20% and users are stuck because of pre-existing conditions. People are held hostages and the insurers could cut them off anytime they want for unilateral reasons.

        With this health care, the rates should go down due to controlled administrative costs (13 million people will get average refund of about $150 each for overpayment last year). Employers can continue to cover these costs if they want.

        Actual reason why the Rich is against it is because it would mean less profits for them.

        Reason why employers are against it is because it would mean their employees will be free to move around, knowing that they could get health care elsewhere without any pre-existing conditions.

        A manipulative perception lobbying firm, under the direction of Dick Armey and Karl Rove, is being funded by insurance and drug companies. This firm is doing its best to manipulate the public to tear down this program so that they will be able to make more profits out of us.

        • Tom_D44

          What facts, exactly, are incorrect? What exactly are “controlled administrative costs”? The problem I stated with respect to medicare reimbursement costs? Are doctors really not dropping those patients because they can’t afford to treat them? In florida I know doctors, in business right now, facing this problem. Many are dropping those patients and it’s purely an economic issue. Are they making this up? Are they just rotten people who want to be rich and don’t care about their patients? I know that is not the case.

          And what “Rich” are against this? Rich people in the insurance industry I would agree. But what about rich people in all the other industries who have to pay these inflated insurance costs from their profits. You really think that they don’t want to reduce their costs? How does a rich guy in a software business, with 50 or more employees, paying huge costs already for healthcare coverage, looking at more increases in premiums, benefit from not having this plan. In fact they do benefit from this plan in that they get to opt out for less then the costs of the premiums, by paying the penalty and making your healthcare the problem of the government. That means that the workers lose. And why wouldn’t employers want their employees to move around? They don’t make any money by providing healthcare coverage to their employees. One of the biggest problems is that insurance coverage is tied to employment. Your homeowners insurance isn’t paid for by your employer. You car insurance isn’t either.

          The system is broken for sure. Tort reform is necessary. Additional regulations on insurance companies to open competition across state lines, to continue coverage for pre-existing conditions, to create incentives for preventive care coverages, and to allow people to shop around and move around whenever they want. The doctors should compete for our business and if there is a great doctor with an great reputation who can get away with charging more for his service then so be it. There are innocent victims and beneficiaries of the current system for sure. But the solution is not to put the management of the system into the hands of the government.

          • Personally, I much prefer the 3% administrative costs of government programs to the 30+% of private. The for-profit system is killing people, closing hospitals, causing doctors to close practices and our statistics for infant mortality and ‘results’ are third-world atrocious, not even near those of other Western nations. Every other Western country considers health care for all a human right. It’s an embarrassment.

        • The law actually doesn’t take effect until 2014.

          • Tom_D44

            Parts of the law have already taken effect. How do you think that the pre-existing conditions issue is already gone? But we don’t have the revenues from it yet.

          • Yep, 2014, you’ve two years to repeal it, good luck if you don’t have a filibuster proof senate, or Obama is re-elected.
            The fun and games shall begin. I just wonder haw many actual votes a repeal will get.
            Mike Cassidy
            Utica, Md.

          • There are some provisions that have already taken effect. Kids can stay on parents insurance until they are 26. Kids with pre-existing conditions can’t be turned down. Seniors get a break on RX drugs…..

        • Bob

          Alfred..You stated that…with thisHealth care,the rates Should Go Down,…
          Should …is not saying the rates will go Down….less profits….why are you up set with the Word Profits…Profits..Mean that the Co can Pay Tax’s
          to Keep the Low life… with there Hand’s out taken free Stuff…
          No Profit…No Tax…No Free Stuff….now what Alfred….?????

          • DurdyDawg

            Well I’m not Alfred but we’re not talking ‘profit’.. We’re talking PROFITS!! And it’s as simple as that.. There’s profit which every businessman (or woman) deserves, but when that profit exceeds morality then it becomes an uncontrollable monster.. In my company we have a semi-annual meeting every year.. each year we edge up the profit margin but never say we’re doing good, only.. “We need to do better!” How much is too much profit? When it takes the place of civil humanity. Look at the oil companies.. Record profits ever year (into the billions) yet each year they hold their hands out for those governmental subsidies.. When does profit become obscene? THAT’S what were raging about and you say, “The better the profit, the happier we are” well, that only applies to a small group of fat cats.. I can not understand why any common citizen would advocate for these types of users. First they grunge for more profits then REFUSE to pay the going tax rate, always finding loop holes (that normal workers can’t touch) to bring them down to chicken feed in comparison to their profit margin.. If a middle American has to pay 35% on his hundred grand a year salary, why is it so different for the millionaire? No! Don’t tell me, it’ll only make less sense.

        • worldtravlr3

          AlfredSonny hit the nail on the head !! His response was well thought out,without anger,with facts and most important…without Dick Army and Karl Rove being funded by Insurance co’s to tear down real health care. Keep them coming AS.

        • HarryWiggs

          Please, do NOT confuse the Rethug trolls with *facts*. They HATE those…..

        • shadowg

          AlfredSonny: Thank you for your comment. I am one of those who have a pre-existing conditions. I retired from my job after 28 years of service because of Lupus. I am not old enough for medicare and my health insurance cost is $620 a month, my retirement check is $1268 a month. Half of my retirement check goes to pay my insurance. I have tired to find cheaper insurance, but because of my health condition it is impossible. I applaud President Obama and Cheif Justice Roberts for standing up for what is right. People that are against the ruling better understand that God place certain people in positions to do the right things for others that have no power.

        • I agree with you….I travel to India (where many/most of our drugs are made) with my job and the first thing everyone does is a quick trip to the pharmacy to pick up their over-the-counter drugs. The savings are huge!!!…… The drug companies have run up our medical costs and netted ridiculous profits! Drub companies and insurance companies have been the biggest supporters of the Republicans’ agenda. Time to look at their profit margin and hold them accountable.

          I’m thrilled that those less fortunate than myself will be able to afford some type of healthcare!!!!

        • metrognome3830

          Oh, yes, those are facts. But they are Tom’s “facts” and not real facts.

        • DukeDacat

          Well said AlfredSonny, but sadly Tom_D44 33 is to stupid to understand..
          HeyTom, just look at the number of AlfredSonny LIKES…

          I am just saying…. Have a nice day Tom_D44 33

      • hellowoman

        Much of what you state is unfactual. It’s unfortunate that many people seem to only care about partison attacks. We should all be truthful, and not mislead people.

        • CPANY

          Ok, so you have the “truth”? What is it?

      • colozonafrank

        Nice of you to do a verbatim transcript from Fox, are you a stenographer by trade. Obviously not a serious thinker. All lies.

        • GOOD ONE COLOZONAFRANK- I was thinking the same….a stenographer…hahahahahaha – Obama Rules!

      • Just Like A ReThugs Make Up Shit As You Go Along !! LIAR!!

      • Insurance only exists because of the high cost of health care. In the early 20th century there was no such thing as insurance; you just went to the doctor and paid out of your pocket. Why? Because it didn’t cost a million dollars to see the Doc. Bring the cost of health care down and the need for insurance would fade.

        • Tom_D44

          That’s because if you got sick they gave you a shot of whiskey and if it didn’t work you died. Who pays for and MRI machine?

          • metrognome3830

            Apparently you went to the doctor a lot in those days.

        • In the early 20th century there was no such thing as a cat scan or MRI and many modern day medications didn’t exist then either. There is no argument here about the NEED for Insurance, the argument I have is about the insane profits they seek and their unreasonable control over our Medical Professionals. After all we should expect to pay for improvements, reasonably.

      • are you from mars of just another hateing GOP idiot ? hmmmm let me see yes from the right of the hmmmm you im sure cover it all

      • William Deutschlander

        Tom – your problem, you beleive the opposition talking points, what you really should investigate are the actual facts. Unfortunately common sense alone discounts much of your rant.

      • perplejado

        First, my own insurance premium went up, but in anticipation of the new requirements, I now have expanded coverage for things like annual checkups, colonoscopies, mamograms, etc. In other words, I now have insurance that matters instead of the deficient policy I paid for in the past. As for beaurocratic problems, have you ever dealt with an insurance company, bank, credit card company? Beauracracy is alive and well in the free market as well. As for the “free lunch” problem our current health care system is riddled with “free riders” people who seek medical care at emergency rooms, the most expensive care available, who bills are not paid or discharged in bankruptcy. Who pays for this, you and I do, through higher insurance premiums and medical costs. Our health system is a disgrace.

        • Tom_D44

          I have dealt with the beaurocracies created by big businesses. So when I got sick and tired of being treated like a second rate customer by Bank of America, and when I got sick and tired of their ridiculous fees, I moved my personal and business accounts to a regional bank who treated me more faily and appreciate my business more. And when the credit card companies started to jack up my rates, I worked to pay them off and dumped them as soon as I could. And when State Farm and the other insurance biggies started dumping our homeowners coverage into Citizens insurance, I found another agent and dumped State Farm from my auto and liability policies as well, because I knew they were cherry picking coverages. I appreciate having those options in my life and not having the government tell me what I have to do – Which is where we are headed. Now if more people educated themselves on these issues and dealt with these companies the same way, we would all realize the power we have as a people. But don’t just sit around whining about the rich. Exercise your choices and spread the word.

      • Wow, so many lies….one I can let you know about personally…I own a business and we got a GOOD tax BREAK this year because we pay for our employee health care. It was NEVER sold to the public as not a tax. One of the people that prepared the bill was from the tax dept (and helped Romney prepare HIS TAX part of his bill).
        I think you need to watch something besides FAUX news and get your facts straight before posting….I could go on, but why waste my time….

        • Tom_D44

          Suzanne, so I guess the video of Obama being interviewed by George Stehpanapoulos, arguing with him heatedly that the mandate was not a tax is just a made up propaganda video released by Glenn Beck or Rush? C-mon. It was sold all over that there were no new taxes in this bill and now its just convenient to call it a tax or it would have been unconstitutional.

          Maybe I would learn more if I listened to Ed Schultz or Lawrence O’Donell? I think not.

          And the business deduction has always been in place to offer incentives to companies to provide the coverages. That is nothing new. The problem is, that when you tie the benefits to the employment, and a person is fired or let go for whatever reason, the benefits are vulnerable which is all the more reason why we need to get away from health care insurance as part of compensation.

      • Remember the addage, it is hard to make predictions, especially about the future! These are the same alarmist things the Republicans said about the GI Bill in the ’40’s.

      • It looks like you have been listening to all the Koch financed lies about the ACT. Get over your right wing koolaid hangover and realize that this act is a good thing for the majority of the people, just because you and the Kochs don’t like it doesn’t make it bad!

      • Gammaanya

        How about your car insurance, homeowner /flood insurance?? All Mandatory.You have the premiums go up and up. You are just spewing Faux News distorted truth. Premiums will not go up, most people who have insurance through employer and employed will have insurance but now Ins. co have to accept pre existing conditions. If you have few accident does your insurance lower your premiums or highjackem up that you can’t afford?? You shop around and see if any of them will take you on?? None or they will quote you a price that you will drive without insurance and pray that you don’t get caught. There is no free lunch but now everybody can shop around. Second all Companies small or big will comply with the new rules and guess what if they understand economics, accounting it saves them money in the long run. It’s better to prevent than cure full blown illness. And, no, Grandma will not die (under Ryan plan they wants all of us die) actually Grandma will be better off with less expense for medicine. This plan also cuts dishonest doctors and hospitals for performing unecassary surgeries, keeping you longer in a hospital and charging ridicules price for emergency and all for a mighty buck. Asronomical cost of equipment that sometimes is not necessary. Check how Gov. of Florida defrauded the Medicare system. This plan is not perfect but as we go along can be changed to suit current needs. Just pray that you don’t lose your job, your healthcare insurance and your kids get better education and understands better than you. Knowledge is power.
        “Better to shut one’s mouth and be thought a fool rather than speak and remove all doubt” Chhinese proverb. So in other words it’s Ok to shop around for car/homeowner etc Ins. but it’s not OK for healthcare????????? What’s wrong with this picture?????? So 40% of people that stupid, ignorant and gullible???
        IT’S NOT A TAX EITHER. They all Republican’s and sitting on a fence dimwits.

      • Ah Tom_D44 youo do realise that to get that “wonderful VA Healthcare” you do have to have served in the military and it does have to be service connected to get it for free otherwise you have to be very poor to not have your insurance company pay and you pay as a co-pay. And as far as a heart attack only between 8 am to 4 pm a vet needs only to go to the closest local hospital and if in fact it is a heart attack the VA will pay. And yeah there is no free lunch, I have been unable to purchase insurance since 1978 and when I was “outsourced” in 2005 my cobra from my group was more than my house payments. Guess which one I kept? Now that I turned 65 I have the “medicare tax” taking $100 per month for part B. and I still need to buy part D so the way Medical Insurance broke my coverages down so they could make me pay for each piece individually is a crime. The average retiree gets about $800 back in SS each month and then has to pay back in an average of $130 for parts B and D. Not much to live on after that is there? Why don’t you as a Republican shrill keep spending all that money trying to buy every ones vote while you scream how poor the US is with the debt (which we owe mostly to ourselves by the way) but you won;t spend any of the vast billions you will spend trying to corrupt Congress to solve the debt issues. Interesting to see all the big oil companies doing ads for Science and Math and “Teachers” and yet education is the first cut always by any Republican Administration. You make doctors out to only being interested in how many millions they can earn and not about actually caring about what they do. Not everything in life is a profit center dude.

        • Tom_D44

          Believe it or not, RVN_sgt6768, I do see your points. And I only bring up the VA because it is often used as an example of a successful, government run medical operation. I also know several people in the system, in florida, who are very unhappy with the lack of attention to detail and the “time clock stamp” mentality of the doctors and nurses they have had to deal with. A couple of retired military guys, one who works for me, and another was a doctor who knew many of the people working there. Now I’m sure they didn’t have a problem with everybody working there, but their overall feeling was that people just went in there, put in their time and were ready to get out the second their shift was done. One guy I knew had purchased his own healthcare insurance just so he had the choice to go to a private facility if he chose to – even when he had the VA privaleges. And fortunately, right now, he still has that option.

          Where I agree with you is that there are victims of the system – and lots of them. I just don’t agree that handing over the reigns to the government is the answer and I believe that the VA is an example of this. It’s not that you will get bad medical care there – but in the case of my friends, just OK medical care. I would hope that in the event of a really complicated emergency, your care would be better than OK and if you weren’t happy, that you could go to a place where you could find better service if you wanted. That is what competition in the free market gives you and when that is all gone, and the government takes over – well then you have what I deal with all day at the building department. And it’s not impressive.

          And most of my doctor friends are not in the business to make millions. They work hard and really care about their patients and you will see that I did write that in earlier posts. They do get compensated well for their services – but not ridiculously well. They don’t make what politicians to just for writing a book, or playing around with all their insider deals. They don’t make what the ridiculous hollywood people do for shooting some music video or acting for a couple of hours in a movie. And they work their a$$es off to make what they make. You want to be mad about the rich – there are some of your real culprits and I would start with the politicians who write their own deals, vote on their own raises, and use insider information to make themselves rich.

      • karenjeri

        If you actually believe the words you’ve written, then I feel sorry for you, if you think that Mitt, the billionare Morman , will do any thing for you or this country. If you need a job you’ll have to travel to China where he has shipped the jobs Americans used to have. He doesn’t even know people like you, nor does he wish to. If you know of any family who makes minimum wage and can not afford insurance, but would if they had help with lower premiums, please don’t repeat this drivel you’ve written to them.

      • If healthcare isn’t a right, then why are we paying for healthcare for congress ? What makes them so special, that they have top notch care at our expense ? ? ?

      • DurdyDawg

        If all that be true then simply don’t buy their overpriced insurance.. Let ’em fold like other businesses when they view profit over product. I sure as hell won’t miss ’em. You think the insurance rates will go up BECAUSE of Obama care? Explain what made them raise their rates sometime twice a year before we got this into the mix.. These money grubbers will raise rates regardless of what’s been passed.. Their blood suckers and need to go away like the dinosaurs they are.

    • How Stupid Is That? Brainwashed IDIOTS!!

      • metrognome3830

        You and Bob calling anyone a brainwashed idiot! That is idiocy! You are both uninformed and illiterate.

        • And You Are A Low Life American Taliban Member Always With The Butt Sucking Of The Rich Koch Brothers Asses!!!

          • metrognome3830

            No, I’m not, Fern. But when you use the same low life language as Bob, you have no right to call anyone and idiot! If you were paying attention, I am what Obozo Must Go would, and has, referred to as a “useful idiot” and a “leftwing nut-job.” But he has never referred to me or anyone else, as far as I know, as a low-life American Taliban or as always with the Butt Sucking of the Rich Koch Brothers Asses!!! That’s what gets you included with the likes of “Bob.” There is no reason to use such nasty, derogatory terminology to make your point. If you are going to insult someone, use a little class.

          • I Have Had Enough Of The GOP/Tea Party BULLSHIT You Have Some Class And Stop Talking To Me!!! I Am A Grown Woman I Talk Any Way I Want!! You Screw With Me Expect To Get SCREWED!!

          • metrognome3830

            Be happy to. Stop talking to you, that is.

          • I Work To Hard To Take Crap From Anyone So Back OFF!!

    • Bob

      Hey Alfred…Free …to those that are On welfair..resting there fat ass’s on the couch
      but the rest of the Good Americans are Working to Pay …Pay…Pay, soon this Party of low life’s will come to an end..then the only thing they will do is Burn Baby burn….But then they will kill some of there own in the Name of ….we need ..we want…so give it to us !!!
      now think of this …Free Obama Care…..that,s the begening of the end…No more Hand Outs

      • karinursula

        you are an idiot.

  • Awww! Now they are gonna cry! Just get over it and on to the next!

  • well he did say we would not be taxed one dime. oops. penalty tax, we get hit whatever you wana call it. the big thing i want to see if rising prices. obamacare is great, cept it doesnt attack the rising prices. malpractice insurance tort reform is needed. in mexico i go for many procedures and to panama too……cuz they are american trained doctors and cost 25% of usa prices. why? i cant sue their pants off. also state to state availabilty to buy insurance. need more competition. getting the price down where we can afford it is key. taxing me into oblivion wont help if i cant afford squat to begin with. and it is getting that way, even with ins

  • Maria Vaneri

    Great! Now those who have been getting health care without buying insurance will either have to buy insurance or pay up. Great! An appendectomy costs $30,000. The hospital passes the cost to the insurance companies by raising the cost of its services. And then who pays?…You, the responsible citizen who buys insurance. So, yes , this is a great law. The Republicans are partisans , and they don’t care for what’s good for the nation. I bet you $ that Roberts is the only Justice who really read the Health Care Act. Read it . There are even abridged editions in the Internet.

  • Melvin Chatman

    I noticed back during the T Party Protests that the people doing the actually “work” seemed to be the folks with no jobs and insurance (Suckers)!
    Planted by the Koch Boys, Rove, and Mrs. Thomas (Clarence’s Boss).
    If they had jobs, they’d be at work, but the GOP thinks we are dumb enough to think this is a “Grass Roots” protest – C”Mon Man!!
    The GOP has sold their Souls to the Koch Boys and they are now just puppets with strings attached to their Brains and are really “Corporate Slaves” delivering HATE which is a “Hellava Drug” – Please excuse their actions, they can’t behave otherwise (SAD)!
    Slavery in 2012 – (PITIFUL)!!!!

    • Dianes4babies

      You are so right! Did you read in the above story that John Boehner called Rush Limbaugh to tell him the house republicans goal will be to repeal Obamacare…of course while they still stick to their goal of destroying this president! WHY is Boehner calling Limbaugh??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • rippper

    Wha-wha-wha…..To all you so-called republican humanitarians and politicians who would deny medical assistance, you lost. Get.over it! Do want some cheese with that whine?

  • Rosepetal

    A $90.00 tax and no penilty if you are unable to pay it. So what is your problem. Think stupid Americans.

  • We the people.. Now demand lower health care prices…and no 70/30 plans.
    you can keep you existing plan or get the gov’t tax plan {cheaper?} and still get quality health care/

  • rippper

    When Gore lost to Bush, oh, I mean when Bush stole the presidency, the Dems wanted a recount and the republicans called them crybabies. Well now republicans, how does it feel to be crybabies?

    • Bob

      ripper…the Game just went into over time….The next thing You will see The New President Mitt Romnet..has just Killed Berry’s Obama Care…..Not Crying ….Just Planning
      the next Good way To Have health care for People That Work….the welfair People will have
      a plan..but not as Good as the one’s who Work….Becuse if they Get Free,Food,Housing
      and free cell phones….they get more than the people who work…..

      • HarryWiggs

        Are you normally this incomprehensible, or is it a particular pathology of religionists to be as idiotic as this? HUH????

        By the looks of it you get NO news from anywhere other than Faux News, which would go a loooong way towards explaining your spewing of the same old, tired and disproven talking points.

      • IowaInd

        Are you really as stupid as you sound? Of course you are learn to spell, learn to think. I’m sick of reading comments by uneducated jackasses who can’t speak or write in anything but inflammatory language. Barry? welfair ? what is welfair? who gets free anything? Show us some examples you idiot.

      • Hey Bob, I guess you dont have a problem with free stuff for congress and BIG OIL, and BIG FARMS, and WALL STREET, and the BANKS, and THE INSURANCE COMPANIES, and the RICH. What the hell was I thinking.

        • Right on Wayne. Ignorant people like Bob suggest we vote for Romney. This is the guy who pushed through almost the exact same healthcare plan when Governor of MA. But Bob has problems with this country taking care of it’s people but no problem with the corporations (I know Romney thinks they are people too) getting subsidies and huge tax breaks. Let’s ad a O to Bob’s name because that’s a better fit…BOOB!

      • Bob likes to give all his money to the ultra rich and wait for the trickle down. How’s that going for you Bob? Get any yet?

      • Voicedude

        Thank you for saying this!
        I needed a good laugh this morning…

      • jarheadgene

        What else might WILLARD ROMoNEY do if , may (THE REAL)GOD forbid, if he he were to be elected? I say REAL GOD versus the mormon god (he is not the same one, as the one of the bible, he is the one of the book of moron….I mean mormon).
        If he is like his Predecessor GOP Pres…he will dig up old NIXON administration fossils and give them jobs, in charge….then they’ll want to cause conflicts all over the
        world like the WMD fiasco in IRAQ. They’ll send troops to places they themselves would have never gone(being the CHICKEN Hawks they are). They’ll hire the companies they have close ties to, with NO BID contracts for high dollars. At the same time they will lower taxes more and more for the already rich fat cats. And fund all this “less gov’t” crap with higher taxes for the shrinking middle class as
        well as adding more DEBT. Gee that sounds like too much fun.

        • UTGDI

          Can go with you on the various points about what a Romney Administration might look like, and some of the troubles that the previous GOP administration had with its foreign policy and “No Bid” contracts.

          Please avoid the attack on Governor Romney’s religion, and the “moron” comment was over the top. Choose to believe the tenets that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe, or don’t, but here in the United States we agree to at least respect anothers option to worship as they may. Yes, I am a member, as you may surmise.

          • Oh, really? More than 50% of Republicans CLAIM to believe that the President is a Muslim despite the fact that there is absolutely NO evidence of that at all. Do you have a problem with THAT? It’s different when it’s YOUR OX being gored, isn’t it?

          • UTGDI

            Actually I do have a problem with that. By the way Former Governor Mitt Romney is not my Ox, unless you assume that he becomes mine strictly because I am a member of the same church.

            I have yet to determine which candidate I will vote for, but I try to point out that religious litmus tests, name calling, or disqualifying a candidate because he/she does not support his family on $50,000 per year is not going to score points with this particular voter, and suggested the various posters (I have pointed this out to OBOZO as well) keep to sharing information and spend less time flaming the other posters.

            Thank you for your response, so that I could clarify what was meant.

          • DurdyDawg

            “I have yet to determine which candidate I will vote for”

            … He declared just before he called the current president, ‘OBOZO’.. Sounds like name calling is a selective choice as well for you Pubs.. Your name calling alone shows us exactly who your willing to vote for.. Let’s see: “Former Governor Mitt Romney” VS “OBOZO”.. Seems straight forward to me.

          • UTGDI

            The OBOZO name was in reference to OBOZOMUSTGO — a poster on many threads here on the Memo board. President Obama deserves the respect that any in his office deserve. If you look at various posts I have made, I doubt that I refer to any president, even President George W Bush, whom I had many more disagreements with his policies than the current administration, as anything other than thier proper title.

            Also, I have not determined for whom I will cast my ballot. Thanks for your input, so that I might correct any misconception that arose.

          • DurdyDawg

            Yes, I’ve encountered the ‘BOZO’ Pub. It’s real easy to follow the trolls and spew derogatory insults upon those who are or were our Presidents. And calling fellow Americans “Leftist, communistic socialist scumbag democrats” Is an insult to the Nation.. Seeing your neighbor as an enemy hasn’t occurred since the civil war. By your explanation, I see that you aren’t using these names as an insult toward anybody and as such I wouldn’t want to accuse just from words alone so I apologize if I took your post in the wrong context but at the time you left me no choice.. I find it hateful of others to disrespect the title of President.. Disagree? Fine, hate the man? What the hell for? Slur our ELECTED leader? NADA! anyway, it just hit me the wrong way and I appreciate your explanation and apologize for any misunderstanding. Vote your choice, but for goodness sake Vote..

          • DurdyDawg

            Well tit for tat, yin for yang.. Let’s all just wallow in the sty and blow morality like an over bloated bean fart.. Everybody believes Church and State should not mix yet this is all we talk about in political circles. Does everyone not understand the reason why this philosophy should be adhered to? I couldn’t care less what their affiliation is so long as they do their presidential duties without religious overtones.

          • jarheadgene

            I am glad you can go along with the comments on the NO BID Bush Administration, Because it is true.
            As to beliefs and statements of beliefs, WILLARD can believe what he wants to believe that is his right in this country. I can SAY whatever I want about it, that is MY right in this country. 4 years active USMC service and at least 4 generations deep in this country means
            I was born with the 1st Amendment rights and also earned them. That being said we can agree to disagree peacefully. Just as I do with Bill Maher. I don’t care for what he says, as an aethist, but I agree with him on many points politically.
            As for your defending LDS….please read what the BIBLE has to say, in particular the 23rd chapter of Matthew. Jesus wasn’t “milk toast”. He often offended the “righteous” because they knew RELIGION but they did not know GOD….that is Mormonism in a nut shell. I appreciate your honesty. Give more creedence to the BIBLE and no creedence to the book of mormon and you may still be saved, all you have to do is Ask.

          • UTGDI

            Thank you for your Service to our country, I also am a veteran with Army Infantry, including the Persian Gulf War. You are right that you have the right to say anything you will. I was suggesting that your key points would be focused upon by many, if you avoided the name calling, and denegrating of a particular individual’s beliefs.

            It was a suggestion, that you can disregard, as it appears you will.

            I would point out that those individuals that only recently became citizens have the same right. It does not take four generations or military service to “earn” the right.

            As for the “Mormon” religion I will take you up on the idea that we can agree to disagree. You are right that Jesus was not “Milk Toast”. Since this is a thread about healthcare, I’ll leave the defense of my beliefs to a more appropriate venue.

      • Bob, Mitt won’t do a damn thing for you, and you’ll be suffering like all the rest. How really stupid is the middle class to continue supporting some folks who never have and never will give a damn about them? What part of your lifestyle can you contribute to the GOP? Nothing, but you’re like a little kid looking at the candy through a big window wishing you could get some while those on the other side laugh at you. You have no trouble with giving to the rich, because you think they will give back which they won’t. People like you are equivalent to the House Nig…..during slavery. Working hard for the masters only to at the end of day get your butts whipped as well. Stupid.

      • I bet you are a tea party member, a Christian, go to church and believe in Jesus. You would be the kind of Christian that would make me stay away from church

      • HaHa – Romnet!! A new Rep. secret weapon . . . .

      • Why does Congress get Royal health care that the people they work for have to pay ? Let Congress pay their own premiums and get the same health care that we all get ! ! !

        • I seem to remember, that before Obamacare, President Obama offered to expand the Congressional Healthcare system to include the rest of the American population. That idea was rejected and I heard no complaints. Probably, because it was Obama that proposed it.

    • Voicedude

      It’s simple! Don’t you see the similarities?
      GOP wants to ignore the will of the people in BOTH cases!

    • RainerPosingis

      That`s really funny…and The Truth!

    • Thank You Rippper !!

    • Lets see in the Bush Gore thing Fla offered to recount the whole state Gore and the Dems got their wish and only the heavily Dem counties were recounted . He wound up losing more grouind in that recount ..dont spread lies like a child

      • auntp

        Nope. Our Secretary of State Kathryn Harris ordered them to stop counting, an the race was not decided by votes but by the Supreme Court.

  • 1AmericanHoney27

    Not a Christian in the bunch. It clearly says in the Bible ” Love thy neighbor “. One can see all the love when these protectors are against their neighbor having an option of having insurance for better health. It’s such a shame that we help 3rd world countries daily but when it comes to our own we gripe, moan & complain. Can’t say I remember this much caos over the mandate of mandatory liability car insurance. What is wrong with people with all this I have but you can’t
    have mess… Folks remember ” Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you “. God Don’t like ugly n we all have a judgement day. Will your actions hold you back at the Pearly Gates?

  • The FEAR Factor at it’s best
    It’s all the GOP has got,more slop.

  • johninPCFL

    Studies up through 2011 determined that malpractice costs are $31B of $2500B, or about 1% of practice costs. Nica try.

    States rights adherents say the states can individually determine whether inscos can compete across state lines. Are you for or against states’ rights?

    Medicare rates are determined by a panel of doctors. Maybe the doctors are stupid?

    Premiums where I work went down when our insco began to offer new federally approvable plans.

  • If your heart has a leaky valve, the ER will not or cannot help you, and very soon you will die unless you have a very good medical insurance policy or medicare or $500,000. If your 23-year-old son gets a rare disease and needs several operations and an extended stay in a hospital what will you do?

  • The call for remove and replace is *not* lunacy. But then again, lunacy depends upon your frame of reference and those who are lunatics to start with will see everything as lunacy…

    • UTGDI

      Mr. Miller, I would caution your characterization on two points.

      First, the republicans have to have an idea of how to replace. Example, what would you like to do in place of this healthcare plan. The republican leadership has yet to formulate or communicate this plan. Since the republican candidate for president passed a similiar law for his state as governor, it leaves him open to hypocracy charges when he comes out against this plan. The only thing I hear is free market and tort reform. Which only points out that there is still work to do.

      Secondly, beware what you wish for. Given that the progressives of the left were pushing for a single payer program, it may be that the current middle ground is the best first step.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Not ONE businessperson I spoke with in last 12 months has stated his employee healthcare costs have gone down…almost to a man/woman, they are concerned, since their COMPANY PAID HEALTHCARE COSTS have RISEN DRAMATICALLY! NO ONE’s costs have declind, nor are they predicted to decline, only to continue dramatic increases.

  • gargray

    They have no respoect for the highest office in the US and these people want us to elect one of them to the highest office. Just what do they want? They don’t know do they? The dullard group.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    A raise??? I was given an “opportunity”….Ten percent of my coworkers were laid off…my “opportunity” was to take on the workload of a laid-off worker at the SAME PAY, but NOT lose my job also. I am grateful (and lucky) to still have a job. This has nothing to do with employer greed, it has to do with economic REALITY! If my company can’t make a profit, it cannot continue in business.

  • Americans have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to sanity. If insurance will cost so much, why is that the case? Could it be that (1) insurance is overpriced and (2) medical care is overpriced? Things won’t change until Americans demand affordable healthcare, and that does not mean letting INSURANCE COMPANIES decide whether grandma lives or dies. It means having a government-sponsored plan that controls costs. If anyone thinks that health care costs will be controlled by Republicans, he’s deluding himself. Health care, as Republicans see it, is a way to make huge amounts of money while paying out as little as possible.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    You obviously are not an employee…our employee-paid portion of health care costs was fairly stable, rising only moderately (like inflation) each year, until last year, when it rose about 33%…and it is predicted to go up much more, unless our firm eliminates it all together, in which case I will have to pay it in its entirety. An unbelievable burden, obviously caused by the “affordable healthcare plan?????”

  • Brings a wholoe new meaning to the phrase, “Sore Losers !”
    If the decision had gone the other way, they’d be crooning the praises of the “Supremes”. As it is, they are now attacking their veracity and even talking about “impeach the SOB”. This crowd is few bricks shy of a full load and facts have nothing to do with their “thoughts”.

  • mortezaabkenari

    i hope we start to be a nation cares comprehensive for all fellow american. curb excess of interst parties buying the congress to their own selfish end at expense of the rest

  • Spoiled Rich Children Didn’t Get Their Way!! SUCK IT Up The War Is Just Getting Started And We Have No Plans On Losing!! LOSERS Mr. Strip And Ship Passed The Same Kind Of Bill When He Was Governor In His State!! Flip Flopping He Way To The Debates Where He Can’t Flip Flop NO MORE OF HIS LIES!! DAMN SOCIOPATH!!!

  • Tom_D44

    Fern, you are a very angry person. Especially for one who has, supposedly, a big win under her belt. I feel for you. Do you have any facts to really debate this or just hate filled rhetoric?

    • Tom You Are A Lying Low Life IDIOT Not Angry Just Tried Of You And Your PARTY BULLSHIT!!!

    • Don’t Feel For Me Just STFU Talking To Me And Spread Your Lies Elsewhere!!

  • Now Mr Orange Face(Boehner) Got A Reason To Cry!! LOL

  • William Deutschlander

    What the IDEAOLOGY of the ZEALOTS of the ULTRA RIGHT have missed in this entire excercise, is that without HUMANITY and COMPASION you can not maintain a DEMOCRACY!

  • Tom_D44

    Wages are commensurate to your experience and value to the company you work for. If you make yourself invaluable to your company you will earn what you are worth. If you don’t like it you are free to sell your worth to a competitor in that industry or find another carreer. If you aspire to be the best you will find success and if you wallow around you will fall by the wayside. What’s the problem with that?

  • Tom_D44

    There is no federal mandate for car liability insurance. That is a state mandate and they have different rules. If you don’t like it move to a state that doesn’t mandate it. And there is not one person here talking about the lawyers who make our system so expensive. My OBGYN pays over $250,ooo per year in liability insurance premiums of which I pay part of that costs for her services. That is per doctor in her group! And why does she have to pay that? To pay off patients she gets sued by who never even stepped foot in her office. They don’t even fight these cases, they just pay them off and factor them into the costs of the services. Where is all the outcry for that? Where is all the hate towards the “rich” lawyers who manipulate the system or the greedy individuals who hire them and figure that they can slip and fall on the stairs of the office and cash in?

  • Where’s The Jobs Ask Mr. Strip And Ship And His American Taliban They Been Shipping Jobs Overseas For Years Now For The Cheap Labor!! Romney Got Paid 20.000 a Wop For Each Person He Fired Why Do You Think He Say I Love Firing People??? That’s Why!!!

  • im waiting for the GOP ding dongs to try to take a vote to repail S.S.I.

  • Right Wing Melts Down Over Health Care Ruling — one cant meltdown the ppl. that were ice cubes in a 100,deg sun for the day . there brains were melted down a long time ago . since thy started hateing a black man that made it to the house . and i like it with him there and guess what im all white by me too :)~

  • daffodilly

    If the Rabid Right called the law what it is, the Affordable Care Act, they might not get the blathering lather that they elicit with “Obamacare”. There’s nothing wrong with calling it “Obamacare” (in fact it is a point of pride) but with their ignorant and racist following (and don’t say there’s no racism connected to their rantings) they get more sweat and slobber for their dollar. How it must make an elitist Mitt Romney cringe to know he has to associate with the vast unwashed Right masses in order to advance his agenda. (Sorry if the last bit sounded like the Rabid Right Rhetoric. It was intentional.)

  • BB

    why? because the insurance companies cannot charge a super high rate then turn around and discriminate against what they will and will not pay for and who will be covered! My son can continue his studies, and get health care which we pay for. And we pay for his studies. no loans.

  • Supreme Court says Romney and Republicans are liars. They deceive and steal from ordinary people but work for the rich. Romney has been cornered. Romney is a joke for following the extreme right rants. Romney was in pole position to have taken all the credits and praises for RomneyCare which the president and the Supreme Court say is a very good thing. But Romney abandoned his own most valuable achievement and joined the right wing madness and rant. Romney is now a loser. Obama is very solid, but Romney waivers and flipflops. Obama is sincere but Romney is deceitful. Obama is empathic and compassionate, but Romney is stonehearted against poor people and immigrants. Obama comes from ordinary person’s background and understands people’s daily issues, but Romney was born with gold and silver all over his body… Romney is out of touch with ordinary people. Obama is straightforward person, but Romney acts erratic and is crooked in business. Romney is a danger to everyday folks. Americans should praise John Robert for being above politics … John Robert is now a historical example of how judges should do their job. It is a shame that some judges listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin to tell them how to write their own briefs and judgment. John Robert has proved to be a true judge. America will remember him for generations. John Robert legislates with true reasonableness, spirit of law, and rule of law.

  • Bob

    The New President…Mitt Romney,will end Berry’s Obama Care….When Preisdent Romney ,1st day in office… dance and scream..Obama Obama…a flash in the pan…will go down in History
    as the Dumb’est Man In the World !!!

  • Tom_D44

    You can’t force the insurance companies to take on the costs of the pre-existing condition mandate, the kids on the plan until 26, and all the other new requirements without price increases. They are supposed to be benefitting from all the new people getting covered but they are not in the system yet. So the 30million new people who are supposed to be buying insurance and reducing our costs, consequently, who are not in the system yet are why your costs are going up. I have friends in the industry. They have been dealing with price increases every year since this whole debate started. They are losing groups every year and the word from the businesses on the street is that they just can’t afford it anymore. Especially the small companies who are not required to provide insurance but did it anyway. That is the biggest of their losses. This is not a FOX news story – its real life and it’s happening right now.

  • Bob

    Hey Eric Holder…How’s that hope and change working for You ??????..Birds of a Feather flock
    togeather….Remember..Berry Pick this Scum Ball….

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Well, look whose melting down now!! Keep drinking the cool-aid Fern, it’s good for you!

    • Better Than The Snake Venom Your Thug Ass Been Drinking!! You Terrorist Been Buying And Drinking It Form This Snake Oil Salesmen And Now You Are Just BRAIN DEAD!! STFU Talking To Me!!!

    • I’m Not On A Melt Down Just Tried Of You And Your BULLSHIT LIES LIAR!!!

  • howa4x

    The Republicans allowed 32million to be uninsured prior to 08. Out of that number 50 thousand men wonen and children died because of lack of medical care. In a country as rich as our that is a national shame. There was no attempt to remedy the situation. W was president.
    After the 08 election the congress started work on a remedy to this catastrophy, and republicans were invited to the table to add their ideas. The gang of 6 in the senate included an equal number fom each party and were asked to come up with a plan. One of the major issues in healthcare costs is the fact that 80% of funds are spent in the last 6 months of a patients life. Think of your mother comatose on a vent at $5000/day or think of all the heroic practices on cancer paitents or open heart surgeries. The republicans came out of the meeting and on recess started yelling that the democrats were creating death panels. Sara Palin chimed in too.
    Mitch McConnell didn’t want Obama to have a win so instead of contributing they became obstructionists and the peddlers of missinformation. The Tea party that was really angry about the bailouts were manipulated to turn their anger toward health care reform, and stiffled any debate on the issue.
    The Republicans have no plan to deal with health care issues. Now since the economic downturn the estimated number of uninsured is 50 million. So Republicans instead of saying what is wrong, and how this act is unconstitutional, why don’t you roll out your own plan on how to deal with this mess. What are your ideas? You the public should be asking them that!

  • Gee Wiz Trina LC Sonnenberg;
    That’s nov very ‘market-like’

  • He poketed it for heavens sake. Don’ you know that this is America,
    survival of the fittest

  • i like it.i love it. then i,am democrata.
    thanks obama,

  • The Law of the Land , deal with it .

  • Witness the face of STUPID above.

    • I Don’t See Your Mother Here You Lying Asshole!!

  • People Don’t Believe Some Of This Crap Being Posted Here And You Know If A GOP/Tea Party Members Said It It’s A Damn Lie!! Cause That’s What They Do And That’s How They Roll Just Big Fat Flip Flopping LIARS Just Like The One They Want To Put In The President Seat!! Flip Flop!!

  • No Melt Down Here!! But ENOUGH Is ENOUGH Of The GOP/Tea Party’s BULLSHIT! LIES!!!

  • This morning I watched Kay Bailey Hutchinson dance around the issue that Texas has more uninsured citizens that any state in the country! It was pathetic-her argument that people making between 50-75, 000 dollars a year can’t afford health care and now they will have to pay a tax for being uinsured!! Our son and daughter-in-law live in Texas and they make between 50-75, 000 dollars and certainly have health insurance! No mention at all of the thousands considered the working poor or lower middle class, and what they might do for health insurance, since their “awesome” govenor prides himself on taking nothing from the federal government! Talk about scrambling for non existent tallking points!!!

  • TaxEmLike1938

    Now all we need to do, is get Congress to add Ten more brackets to the Federal Income Tax Brackets. We need to reach past the upper middle class, and all the way into the income of the rich if not the super rich. The existing 6 brackets top out at $380,000. That is just a start. We need Congress to add 10 brackets, such as: 38% for $380,000-$1,Million, 40% for $1,Million-$2,Million, 42% for $2,Million-$3,Million, 44% for $3,Million-$4,Million, 46% for $4,Million-$5,Million, 48% for $5,Million- $6,Million, 50% for $6,Million-$7,Million, 52% for $7,Million-$8,Million, 54% for $8,Million-$9,Million, 56% for $9,Million-$10,Million, and the top marginal rate of 58% for all income over $10,Million. Now that is “Fair and Balanced”.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Good intentions aside, this may not be what was intended, but THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING! If you are in the working pool in the US today, your healthcare rates are skyrocketing, and the prospects for LOSING ALL BENEFITS is looming in the near future as companies big & small calculate their next move. Right now at least 50% of firms anticipate cancelling all company-paid health care benefits to employees, and paying the fine. Naturally, the government, to attempt to halt this exodus, will RAISE the fines to businesses. This will force businesses to either pay more hefty fines, or pay more hefty premiums for health care…the END RESULT: higher prices for goods & services to consumers, more layoffs, and less employment for everyone, especially in the 18-26 year old range, where unemployment is already at record levels. Eventually the US will be on a par with countries like Greece, you will pay 75% of your income to taxes, and NO ONE WILL BE HAPPY! Good intentions sometimes sink ships!

  • denncrot

    If they try to impeach ANY liberal member of the SC then they will have to apply the same judicial witchhunt to their own. Scalia, Thomas and even Roberts ALL lied to get on the Supreme Court. This would be a HUGE VICTORY for the left, with all of the right wingers gone while a black, socialist, Nigerian gets to replace 1/2 of the Court.

  • I was volunteering for Habitat for Humanity on Thursday and one of the volunteers announced that the Healthcare law was upheld. You should have heard the cheers!!!! I’m proud of our Supreme Court and the supporters of universal healthcare. I’m very ashamed of those that don’t want all Americans to have what they more than likely have themselves.

  • All You Butt Sucking Romney Supporter Can Stop Your Whining If You Don’t Like The Law GET THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA!!

  • Ibsyboy

    I doubt that Palin knows what the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is. She has been calling it Obamacare for so long. I doubt she has even read the table of contents of the bill. To speak with authority of something which she knows, as it appears very little about, is hilarious. Why in God’s name would anyone value the opinion of a Pinhead, who thinks Africa is a country. I try to refrain from wasting my time criticizing Palin, but every time she opens her mouth and inserts foot, I can’t resist. There is a small bit of pleasure in pain.

    • Don’t Forget Sarah Palin Said Honey Come From Butterflies!! These Trolls Here Is Just As Ignorant!!

  • And that’s the crux of it. Asshat Romney has NO ideas about anything (try finding one actual plan with specifics in all the whining he does) and wants to repeal and replace. With what? Republitards have not one thing in mind to actually help people and now cry because someone actually got something done. If they weren’t so worried about just trying to gain more power to help the rich fat cats funding all the attack ads maybe they could get something done. But that would take brains and courage so that explains why they wont.

  • phantomoftheopera

    my big question is why the right, which touts its christianity, wants the poor to suffer so. this is christ-like? guess the gospels are just there for amusement, not actual guideline to living.

  • steviepage

    As an English man living in the USA for the past 18 years I always felt strongly that American claims to be a ‘Great’ country could not be completed until America would look after and help it’s poorest citizens who need the help the most. To have a fair and just health care system is something for America to be proud of. It’s good to see that there is finally a decision to bring the richest country on the planet in to the civilized world. Well done on this one Obama. But not so well done on your record breaking deportations on so called ‘ Illegal Aliens’ deport the criminal yes. But not the law abiding. Take a lesson from the late great ‘Ronald Regan’ and offer the hard working and law abiding immigrants an amnesty and pathway to citizenship.

  • someone needs to explain to the voters,THE REPUGS LIE ABOUT OBAMACARE,,,

    • The American Taliban Lying And Terrorizing People Is What They Do It’s How They Roll!!

  • James tackett

    OK. Now it’s official. You can say NO to Conservatives and Republicans. You don’t have to listen to them. You can rule against them. We can finally push them back under the rocks from where they came from. Finally the Democratic party is starting to have some backbone.

  • mjw1952

    ” What will stop this administration, with its radical pro-abortion agenda, from further undermining conscience rights and pursuing policies that effectively force out of medicine physicians with life-honoring convictions?” Can I have one example of the radical pro-abortion policy mentioned?

  • lakegirl1935

    I AM SICK seeing those signs that say Obama lies, grandma dies, are any of you people who are against the Affordable HealthCare aware that insurance companies WHO ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND, have been killing grandma since the insurance companies came into existance??????? are you really not aware . Insurance companies come between you and your doctor constantly. Insurance companies are NOT your friend, many work for companies who insist you belong to the insurance company THEY PICK. I am sooooo tired of paying for my insurance, and people who are too cheap to buy their own insurance, run to the ER for treatment, which thru MY insurance premiums am paying for those people. We need to replace the people who are fighting the Affordable HealthCare.

  • lakegirl1935

    yes Trina, when I had my first daughter it cost me $40 for the doc, we were offered ONLY hospitalization insurance, I had 3 girls and our pediatrition charged $2 an office call and if I took all 3 girls in I still paid $2. I UNDERSTAND that this was 50 years ago, so please do not rant at me about this! Until probably in the late 60’s early 70’s maybe did health insurance cover doctor office visits, that is when the costs started spiraling out of control. What is now needed also is the option of having hospitalization and not doctor insurance, people will start paying the doctor out of their pockets, people will then either stop going to the doc for a COLD or other stupid reasons, or doctors will start to lower their office visit prices. 8 years ago my Kidney doctor charged $40 for an office visit of 5 minutes, NOW it is $150 for 5 minutes. 11 years ago my supplemental insurance was $85 a month, today it is $189 a month, and next year with out Affordable Healthcare my payment would be over $210 a month, that is how it has been going the last few years over a $20 leap each year. My retirement only goes up $10 a year, so as you can see I lose $10 a month, in 10 years that adds up to $100 a month. No wonder older people just decide to die because they want a roof over their heads over medicines they cannot afford to buy, same with health insurance, AND THAT IS WHAT IS KILLING GRANDMA

  • lakegirl1935

    mjw52 Everyone does not believe in God, you are trying to punish these people for your beliefs, sometimes we have small amounts of money to live on for various reasons, find them selves pregnant and no way to support that child, you pro lifers want to save the life of babies until they are born to family’s who can not afford them, then YOU abandon them to what ever fate they face, you pro lifers, should be forced to adopt these children that you won’t let be aborted. This country was fought for, for the right to freedom of belief, and you try to force your beliefs on others, you are not an american.

  • steviepage

    Don’t you think? I do. For China at least. Well he seems to have created more jobs there . By firing Americans.

  • newhaven


  • lakegirl1935

    oh bobby get a life.

  • If anyone, after reading this article, doesn’t think the Reich Wing isn’t utterly loony, they are either a member of it themselves, or they’re blind as a bat. It’s time the Secret Service started looking into some of these whackos with the threats they’ve been making.

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  • Mitt and the Republican Party would have you believe that the mandate in the health care law will tax ever middle class American…. not true, this tax will only affect people who “CAN AFFORD HEALTH CARE INSURANCE AND REFUSE TO BUY THIS INSURANCE”! If this is unconstitutional, what about being forced to buy the minimum insurance, liability? If you do not have liability car insurance, you can be fined hundreds of dollars, and maybe jail time.

  • Palin, Huckabee and Fleischer. All three get health care insurance benefits paid for by tax payers. Yet the ACA is terrible. Have not heard one idea from the GOP on how they would try to solve this issue. Oh yeah, years ago they proposed an individual mandate. But since the ACA included it, it’s bad policy. What hypocrites.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    You can only WISH it weren’t true. But wishing won’t change the facts. Unfortunately, everyone will have to learn the hard way that it IS true. We’re headed for the same fate as Greece, etc. Uncontrolled deficits sank them, and it will sink us.

  • I”m So Proud Of My Fellow Americans Here !! You See We Are Smart And Not Buy The GOP/Tea Party Crap!! Thank My Fellow Americas!!

  • Romney Passed The Same Law When He Was Governor!!! Flip Flop!!!LOL

  • karinursula

    If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny


    Oh Sarah

    Can you believe that recently in Naples, Florida, 1,000 American Taliban Republicans paid $600. per head to hear Sarah go into her Tea Potty ramblings.

    Sarah the salmon are running, go gut fish.

  • It seems the left doesnt know how to react to this decision . That is for two reasons . 1 they would’ve rather been able to use it as a foil against the right and to spread their rhetoric of hate and 2 they know that if it is implemented Obama and the left will be blamed for ever for this Job killing and deficit spending debacle . Obama Tax will go down in History . the good news is that since America Universally Hates this bill and even the Dem elites hate it …it will probably spell the end of Obama no matter how he ACORN the Black Panthers and a foriegn co try to steal the election for him . So we now know he will lose the election and at least the left can rest easy knowing when ObamaTAX is repealed they wont have to worry about getting blamed for the worst Bill in American History ..A win win . Meanwhile the right has just spoken the truth on the issue

  • Well, we should have had a single payer system to begin with. BTW, since when is health care supposed to be a money-making business? I’m really tired of corporate welfare for billionaires and corporations that don’t pay taxes…..I believe it should be labeled as fraud….Like doctors investing in Medical Centers, large pharma corporations, insurance companies etc. It used to be medicine as a calling—–not a get rich quick scheme

  • DukeDacat

    Hey, OMG…….. I am just saying, Cat got your tongue

    Have a nice day… Heh, Heh Heh, Heh………….. hehehehehehehe

  • The time has come to say fair is fair. Access to health care is a basic human need. Time for the republicans to be part of the team, “Team America.” It is terrifying that the Rich may have to pay a few taxes…OMG! Republicans are the liars, they rule through fear, lies and propaganda. There is always a Boogie Man according to them, everything good is bad. SICK of their crap!

  • No one that has run their mouths in these interviews has any problems with health insurance, they all have it, payed for by the people of the United States and put in place by the receipients. Think about it. Those that don’t have insurance do so mostly because of pre existing contditions or reasons out of their control. But the people who are chattering here have insurance, guaranteed.

  • well here is a true reality for everyone who is listening Republicans health care plan = Don’t get Sick and Die Quickly. the Republicans are also mad because Social Security,FMLA,Medicare and Medicaid were passed by Democratic Presidents. Roosevelt,Johnson and Clinton were also Smart ,Bold,Intelligent and Brave just like President Obama

  • joceandre

    Did you watch the tape of Mitt Romney when he passed the Massachusetts bill of Romneycare? What a bunch of liars. Yesterday those sore losers cried worst than teething babies. Even Michael Steele this morning on MSNBC stated that ” PEOPLE IN MASSACHUSETTS are not the same as everyone else ” in what context I do not know , clearly Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney , JOHN BECK, Sarah Palin ,and the folks at Fox all seemed to have drunk the whiskey to chase the wine.

  • Steve danna

    All you old bananas out there that are bitching about this want to remember this.
    The republicans DID NOT get you Social Security !!! The democrats did that.
    The republicans DID NOT get you Unemployment Compensation. The democrats did that.
    The republicans DID NOT get you Medicare , But the democrats did.
    The republicans love to give you unjustified conflicts without Congressional approval.
    The republicans hate abortions, I don’t know why when they have so many in their party.
    Every time there is a social program to help Americans they don’t any part of it. BECAUSE !!
    there is no profit for them and their big buck buddies in the private sector. BUT ! you can’t
    beat a war/conflict for making them money. And the poor peon pays for it in taxes and in
    body bags. This whole circus has played out before like this and it is a pitiful example of big
    bucks greed. Oh yeah, talking about Congressional B.S., has ANYONE seen the weapons of
    mass destruction yet ! And guess what ? Nixon didn’t know about the “break-in”. And G.W.
    Bush was really elected by the voters of the United States. And also, The democrats push
    all your jobs over the border to “Methico” and to Central America, so you could go on un-
    employment to ‘HELP” your Country. That piece of crap legislation was known as the NAFTA
    Agreement. The republican led Congress at that time put over 5000 American Companies
    over the border to help you out. Remember that ! The Mexican workers do not have to have
    deductions removed for Social Security and they don’t pay taxes to U.S. for taking your jobs.
    It is a good thing that dynamite is not B.S., because the REPUBLICAN party of the United
    States could actually blow this planet apart !! Motta of story, vote republican and BEND OVER.

    Chow, have a good one.

  • As usual when BULLIES get their ass kicked, they moan, groan and cry as the they are the victims!

  • The only thing that could make the decision better is if it caused all the rightwingers to have heart attacks and no medical care available.

  • GOB should move it act to Somalia, There they have no gun control, no EPA, no Medicare, no Social Security, no banking regulations and you can even be a Pirate if you want to. A tea party paradise.

    • karenjeri

      Thomas, you are on point. Now there NRA, Tea Paarty, and conservative republicans would have complete freedom. The only thing that spoils this scenario is that they would be too lazy to work the land, and again resort to slavery.

  • SIR

    ya know…. the amount of selfishness that America has against its fellow citizens is one of the biggest reasons the USA no longer is the country the rest of the world looks up to, but rather a object of scorn and disgust….. and a target of explotation,…. they figure if We’re willing to treat our own people like crap for a buck, why shouldnt they do the same…. TO US.

    When America was a country of YES,… we did alot better than the country of NO we are now.

  • Why do Republicans yell the loudest against Birth Control during the Election year? Seems like there is little action during the off years.

  • The Fact That Romney Mr. Strip And Ship Made A Living Out Of Shipping Jobs Overseas To China, Korea, And India! Also Passed The Same Health Care Bill In His State When He Was Governor! Plus His Staff Is Made Up Of George W Bush Old Staff Members Wants To Get Rid Of Hiring Firefighters Teachers And Repair Our Road!! Let Me Know The Either The GOP/Tea Party Has Lost It’s Mind Or Just A Bunch Of Racist Assholes!!!!

  • Unfortunately, the GOP is now more energized than ever. Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Tea Party favorite, just announced that Florida will not comply with the Affordable Healthcare Law and will opt out of the MEDICAID expansion needed to provide healthcare insurance to about one million uninsured Floridians. While his position is crystal clear, what remain nebulous is his alternative to a problem that ought to be at the forefront of his agenda.

  • adler56

    Racists out of control – that’s all I see.

  • Republican Party has become the party of lies, deceit, hate, and racist. How anyone associate themselves with such a mob.

  • ogphatkat

    Now I hope the rest of the public see how most Republicans cry.That’s why they will lose more seats and this election.

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