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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Right-Wingers Question Veracity Of Polls — But They Predicted Romney Defeat Months Ago

Right-Wingers Question Veracity Of Polls — But They Predicted Romney Defeat Months Ago

In the endless twilight struggle against reality among the Republican right, their latest skirmish with everybody else concerns polls — especially those that show Barack Obama increasing his small but durable lead over Mitt Romney. Voter surveys by mainstream media organizations are wrong because they “oversample” Democrats, but they aren’t merely mistaken. According to several leading right-wing theorists on the radio and Internet, those discouraging polls are designed to mislead by the liberal biased media, so that good Republican voters will simply give up.

Slate’s Dave Weigel has dubbed them “poll sample truthers” and perhaps needless to say, there is scant truth in their feverish accusations.

Nevertheless, prominent figures have promoted versions of this conspiratorial analysis, including radio behemoth Rush Limbaugh, Redstate blogger and CNN contributor  Erick Erickson, Sean Hannity, columnist and author Ann Coulter, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and a host of lesser voices floating through the ether. After all, it perfectly reflects their cartoonish worldview, in which scheming media liberals seek to manipulate the sheeplike public against embattled and righteous “conservatives.”

As Limbaugh explained:

“They want you thinking your side’s lost. They want you thinking it’s over for what you believe. And that makes you stay home and not vote. That’s what they’re hoping.”

This theory suffers from many defects — not least of which is that many of these same right-wing geniuses were predicting President Obama would defeat Romney months ago, long before any of the suspect polls were published.

Limbaugh himself cast doubt on Romney’s November prospects during the Republican primaries, even though he never quite had the guts to endorse Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum. For months, he sneered loudly and repeatedly at the notion that Republicans should line up behind the former Massachusetts governor because he was the most viable candidate against Obama. “From the get-go, the reason to support Romney is that he’s the guy that can beat Obama,” he roared last January. “Mitt Romney is 9-16 in his electoral career.  He’s nine out of 25.  That’s Mr. Electability?  I don’t understand.”

Until Romney finally sewed up the nomination, Limbaugh continued to mock the electability argument, pointing out the candidate’s weaknesses and insisting that he won primaries only by vastly outspending and maligning underfunded opponents. Yet now Limbaugh insists any poll showing Romney behind must have been rigged.

The most predictable poll truther is Newt Gingrich, who has made a long and profitable career from attacking the press. Last week he told Fox viewers that poll results showing Romney behind in key states were produced by “the most intensely biased media you could imagine.” Referring to a Virginia poll with results he didn’t like, Gingrich said it  “shows Obama up by four points.  And you evaluate the poll and realize it’s probably off by 12 to 15 points in the number of Republicans and yet it’s page one.  It’s a big story…You go through item after item like this.”

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  • This is just a national version of the support for Todd Akin, a man that most of these same people (including Mitt) wanted to have drop out of his race after that miserable line about “Legitimate” rape and pregnancy.

    Basically, the moment these people (Akin, Romney, any Republican) become the guy running, everybody in the Party pretends the other side is the enemy and that they NEVER said any of that criticism before.

    This is the party of the Elephant In The Room, people. Open your eyes.

  • Of course they know that the polls are correct, but they have to do something to keep hope alive. Even Faux has Obama ahead so all of this nonsense is just a show for public consumption.

    • CAThinker

      Agree… but in addition to keeping hope alive, they need that hope to maintain their relevance. If they remain relevant, they can continue to sell advertising… and remain in their occupation… If the election were a foregone conclusion, there would be no point in listening to what they have to say…

      • There is no point in listening to what they have to say. End of story.

  • Tea Party members are so convinced that they are the real Americans and that they are fighting for the rights and aspirations of most Americans that they can not conceive the distinct probability that they may be wrong and that most of us actually prefer common sense policies and a clear vision of the future over extremism.

    • Wow! Simply and elegantly put!

    • LOL A Bunch Of Whining Spoiled Rich Bastards Whining Cause They Can’t Have Things They Way!!!! LOL

  • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

    Only people polling me are obviously republician from their questions. And since I still see myself as a moderate republician they do not like that I don’t get behind their Tea Party views.

    • Jim Lou

      According to them you aren’t a real Republican.

    • I for appreciate who you are and for what you stand for. America needs moderates in both parties willing to learn from each other and to be able to co-exist and compromise to benefit the common good. Do not change please.

    • S-3

      You may be the only Republican I agree with on this noise in a long time,honestly… Your views as an actual moderate, common-sense thinking person in general are not being presented at all, trust me.

    • oldtack

      Same here. Moderate Republicans are going the way of the Dinosaur. Down in my area the TP Republicans not only do not like my non -participation – they also “shun’ and have choice political names to throw my way.

  • AlfredSonny

    Instead of using “right-wing geniuses”, shouldn’t they be called “right-wing myopists”?


    What can you expect–especially Ann Coulter and her brilliant statement on national TV that Civil Rights are not for the gays or the Mexicans, Civil Rights are ONLY for the blacks. With that kind of thinking, how could anyone in their right mind listen to that kind of logic?

    • Did You See How Stupid She Looked Trying To Tell Whoopie Goldberg She Know How Blacks Feel!!! WTF!!! LOL

      • AMADAL

        Yes, I did see that on the news (at least I saw what they showed). What an idiot. I’m with you all the way, Fern. And yes, I’m still laughing.

  • thy cry about voteing blocking so much and when it dosent work thy cheat them self,S the GOP ding dongs cant get things to work one way so thy mess things up another way but the idiots got caught doing it but im sure thy wil still try to blame the DEMS for it …former House Speaker Newt Gingrich one has to give thanks he,s a former . but the stranges thing asbout him ios how the heck could he have had so many wifes he looks like a cartoon . some one that should be with schooobbie dooo or with jugdead . hes an idiot as he cant know what side he want to be on in the GOV. as the same he dosent know what wife he wants most of his words and thoughts he has comes right out his rear for a clown like him when he speaks and you looking at him you can truly see a butt and his mouth is the butt hole . with his pants up or down dont matter all his crap is the same and his head and his butt is one in the same anyways

  • YepThatTell

    I’m still trying to figure out where our so-called mainstream ‘liberal media’ is…I guess it’s buried somewhere along with the US Chamber of Commerce’s independence and credibility.

  • adler56

    America is cursed with so many losers- Coulter, Gingrich, Santorum, Limpbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, Cantor, Boehner, McConnell, Williard, lyin Ryan, Christie- none of them are worth a tinker’s damn.

  • ChristoD

    I briefly (VERY briefly, thank God) caught the Hannity show last night. Ann (Say Outrageous Stuff to the Right Wing Extreme Lemmings and Make Tons of Money Writing Extreme Right Wing Idiocy) Coulter and another ‘neutral’ right wing whacko pundit and good ole PLEASE Help Bring Me Back to Reality Hannity, were crying like a brand new litter of lion kittens about the vast left wing polling conspiracy. Seems the Gang of 3 is beside itself that the ‘outrageous’ lamestream pollsters (along, of course,with the lamestream media) are conspiring to make their ‘darling Barack’ LOOK like he is ahead. The Gang of 3 is convinced that here is yet another example of how ‘everyone that disagree’s with us is part of a vast left wing conspiracy’. My oh my, Gang of 3, someday, someway, you MAY find your way back to reality BUT, in the meantime thanks for the hilarious, whinny, pathetic show of clear fantacy that you and Limbaugh, Miller, Gingrich, Trump, Levin, etc. etc. etc. and the rest of your ‘Make Tons of Money Spewing Complete Nonsense to the Accepted Ignorance’ crowd and laugh all the way to the bank, are spewing. Imagine what life would be like for this group of distinguished hate mongers if people actually THOUGHT for themselves. They would be onto another gig to use their empty minds rto yes, make more money somehow, someway duping yet another accepting ignorance and nonsense crowd. Lord help us….and them.

  • bcarreiro

    We the people have to fight the war on terrorism so the right have more and in return
    they fight us so we have less!!!!

  • i believe the polls r very accurate the republicans just cant accept the truth they just dont they wanted so bad that obama would b a 1 term president but the people those who r smart and think for themselves listen to romney know he just cant b trusted by anyone he is a flipfloper and just plain and simple lies

  • dabberdresser

    At this point in the campaign,I think our minds should made up. You are equipped with your own emotional guidance system. LISTEN, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR EMOTIONS while the thoughts of the election are in “your” vibrations.Vote with your heart ,you will not make a mistake. THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT. NOW “PLAY BALL”

  • midway54

    I am curious about the rounds that the despicable Gingrich is making around television talk shows. He was on Morning Joe last week, and showed up on the panel discussion in ABC’s This Week, and of course he was on Fox “News” which is his favorite loafing point. Unbelievably, this morning, Tuesday, on the Morning Joe program who should show up but his current wife number ? to blather a bit. One of his sugar daddys must be paying the bills to foist this character on the public, despite the fact that he was thoroughly rejected in his laughable quest to become the nominee of the Plutocratic Party to run against Obama.

    • carsrus

      Take out the NAME Gingrich and replace with OBAMA! THEN u got it right, u commie left wing fetid wuss!

      • midway54

        All of us have to be amused at the drivel you are posting on here as a pathetic dupe targeted successfully by the far-right propagandists. Of course, you may be a paid propagandist yourself or perhaps a thoroughbred plutocrat, which is doubtful judging from your inane and juvenile efforts with a strong overlay of ignorance.

        • CPANY

          Well put. I think that the answer is simpler: Carsrus is a dumb shit.

      • CAThinker

        You little fascist weasel – why are you here? Go somewhere else, this place isn’t for you.

      • awakenaustin

        Originality isn’t your long suit is it? Someone accidently kick over the rock you were sleeping under?

      • neece00

        I agree with the others, you do not make any sense

      • oldtack

        “THEN u got it right,u commie left wing fetid wuss!”

        WOW! Such a display of intellect from the Tea Party nut job.

        You know something Car-Ass – each of your replies gets more asinine .

        Can you not, at the least, come up with a half intelligent post?

        I doubt that you have that capability.

    • CAThinker

      I can’t even stand to watch the guy talk… His pontificating manner spewing right wing blather like it’s the gospel… Newt needs to go to whatever sh*twater college he was teaching at and go ruin their minds – I’m sure post-teens would accept his hogwash much easier.

      • Cairndance

        I received a Robo call yesterday from “Calista”! She told me that Obama was taking God out of America to destroy America and that, if I purchased her and Newt’s new DVD, I would learn how to bring God back to America and save the USA! I listened to most of her garbage because I was in shock! These two are only in it for the money. A truly disgusting couple!

        • midway54

          Gingrich’s habit over time has regularly been to have a mistress on the side during his then current marriages, and then after the divorce, he marries the mistress as his next wife. I don’t know when this one showed up, but his modus operandi suggests it could have been the same plot. What a couple they are to instruct us how to bring God back to America! I think I read that he converted to Catholicism fairly recently. I wonder how he got around his notorious past marital adventures.

    • The American Taliban Will Listen To A One Eyed Monkey Long As The Monkey Is Talking Up For These Spoiled Rich Greedy Bastards!! Plus The Monkey Must Pledge To Kiss The Koch Brothers Asses!!

  • Do they have any proof? Even FOX TV reported Obama leading. I certaintly don’t think that Fox would report this if it were not true.

    • With Faux they may have done it to try to stir the base up more. Their reasons should not be looked upon as the same as with other networks reasons.

  • carsrus

    Pure msm, left, commie BULL S__T!

    • CPANY


      • CAThinker

        Don’t mind that moron – he’s already “back to the good ol’ days”… Starring in his very own black and white sitcom in his head…

        • Not really convinced he has a head. I see no evidence of enough intelligence to view a news program much less understand what was said, not even on some backwater local channel.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Some people are not good at math and others not good with the written word. You, carsus, are not good at either.

  • All of this nonsense started so long ago that most of us have probably forgotten. The “liberal media” is a fallacy of epic proportions, a lie perpetrated for so long that it has become truth to many. Let’s make it simple. Who OWNS the major media (definitely NOT middle class or liberal sources) and who controls what is out there? As for right-wing-nut talk radio, Limbaugh and his ilk have a virtual strangle hold on that niche. We saw just the tip of the iceberg last year when Rupert Mudock and his media empire were finally exposed, and hopefully as a result of that expose, people will start looking in a more “fair and balanced” way at FOX.

    • CPANY

      That reminds me: How come ol” Rupert Murdoch hasn’t been indicted?

      • CAThinker

        And along with that, reinstatement of the law prohibiting foreign ownership of all media outlets (newspaper, radio, TV, whatever…)

      • MONEY!!

  • joyscarbo

    The republican party just suspended voter registration in 5 swing states because the company that the RNC hired is now under investigation of voter fraud. That is, they would only assist republicans and independents to register. A young woman who worked for this group in Colorado was saying she worked for the county clerk’s office but was only signing up republicans. In Florida, officials found suspicious registrations with printed names not matching the signature names. This company gave bonuses for signing up more republicans. This company is being thoroughly investigated and there may be some fines and arrests made for voter fraud.

    • I Keep Telling People If There’s Any Voter Fraud You Can Bet Your Life It’s The GOP /Tea Party Who’s Doing It!!!LOL Cause Lying , Cheating And Stealing Is The Only Way They Can Win!! Remember Bush 2000????

    • S-3

      One can only hope – this is something THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED TO THE LETTER.

  • frank l. bennett

    Ryan tells Wallace he don’t have time to explain the math he used on the economy on the show. Why would you explain math unless it was anew one invented by you? Then there is Romney that steps on his own dick every so often all by himself. And wonder why they are behind in the polls.

    • CAThinker

      Back in my undergrad days in the Physics department, one metric for fully understanding a topic was the ability to use simple words and terms so that a fifth grader could understand it. If Ryan is some sort of wunderkind genius, architect of budgets and the “only guy that gets it”… how come he can’t articulate the budget in five minutes or less? Geez, Bill Clinton explained that last 12 years in around 50 minutes, surely Ryan can explain the “revenue neutrality” in less than 5… Is it because their budget is unpalatable or is it because he doesn’t understand it? I’m going with unpalatable…

  • More paranoia from the Tea Qaida ‘alternate universe’ in which they reside, down is up and good is bad for them.

    • CAThinker

      “Tea Qaida”… Nice! I like it!

  • If the Republicans don’t like the polls here maybe they should follow Newt to the moon!

  • bf

    The one thing a Presidential election does every four years is bring out the worst in Americans. Such hatred being spewed around. Republicans hating on Democrats, Democrats hating on Republicans, every one so busy trashing the opposing party, meanwhile America is going down the toilet. This election should be all about what Barack as done over the past 4 years and what Romney plans on doing if he gets elected. In other words, it should be about America not supporting a particular party. I don’t believe there is any one in this country who is truely American who doesn’t care about America or any American in this country. The problem is, the Democrats have one way of handling the problem and the Republicans have another. The reality is and wake up middle class, neither party sees us as a high priority. The funny part is, we are actually the core of America. It is the middle class who are making or breaking our country. The majority of America is middle class. From where I sit, I see Barack wanting to hand everything over to foreigners, inviting them in to America, excusing those who come here illegally while Romney cares more about protecting the wealthy. We need some one in office who is concerned about everyone in America not just the poor and not just the wealthy. So when a Democrat attacks a Republican or a Republican attacks Democrat, just remember, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    • CPANY

      America isn’t going down the toilet because of election rhetoric. It’s going down the toilet because of the jobs that our conservative business heroes like Romney have sent overseas and into shitholes like Mexico.

    • oldtack

      We need a resurgence of the long lost Moderate Politician – something that has all but disappeared from the Political scene.

      We are all focused on the Presidential Election and that is important but more important is the need for ALL to take a good look at their Senators and Congressmen. Weed out the extremists and endeavor to elect that rare breed – The Moderate.

    • Justin Napolitano

      bf, that would be a reasonable post except that the rich have been and are getting richer while the middle class disappears. Do the facts that prove that point show that we need to concentrate our efforts on helping the rich or do they say we need to help the middle class?
      We have tried the “make the rich richer and it we trickle down to the middle class” theme but it just didn’t work so the effort needs to be placed on helping the middle class directly. Only one candidate advocates for that and it is Obama.

  • 2hheels2

    The Republican party has become the party of denial. No matter what happens if they don’t like it or it doesn’t follow there narrow minded ideas it’s just not true. They keep saying the American people this and that no matter how many times we scream at them to listen. THEY DON’T HEAR. The current leaders in the party have become clueless and radical mindset. They have ruined the party, now it’s time for Americans to be first not their political careers.

  • grandbaby1

    I wish the people who say these things would get copies of these comments to let them know Americans don’t believe the bull.

  • Some of the poll questions force moderate liberals into a no-win selection. For example, a question that asks if you support 1) raising taxes, 2) cutting spending, 3) raising taxes and increasing spending or 4) cutting taxes and cutting spending does not allow what is most obvious to many: we need to raise taxes on the 1% and cut spending.

  • CAThinker

    How are any of these people even relevant? How does Ann Coulter get any kind of a hearing? She’s only slightly smarter that Palin and not near as good looking… so what’s the draw? And why Newt? That gasbag pontificating as if everyone around him hangs on his every word – why is that pretentious idiot relevant? His record of prognostications is terrible, exceeded only by Dick Morris (another Faux (Un)News darling)? Who listens to these people and why do they care what they have to say – they’re more wrong than right and they’re only right because blind squirrels can still find nuts…

  • howa4x

    Of course the right sees conspiracy. This is their fuel,they drink it up. It can’t be that their ideas are alien from the mainstream, and offend every group in some way, or that their failed economic polices have caused disaster in the economic meltdown of 08, or their taxing policies that allowed the 1%’s wealth shoot up 256% while the rest of us were flat had something to do with why they are behind. The old let’s give it to the job creators arguement is falling on deaf ears because since the initiation of the tax cuts for them we lost 2.9 million jobs and didn’t create any. But what we really have going on here is that people like Coulter, and Rush and the rest of the motely cure have a personality cult around themselves. They are media stars, and trot out clowns like Newt, and Trump to buttress their theories. By stoking the fire they stay on top. They actually do better when they have a real enemy to vent their rage at like a Hilliary who boils the right wing blood, or god forbid what a nightmare, an authentic Black man leading he country. I’m sure down deep these media megaphones secretly want Obama to win because it will keep them on the attack and dreaming up new more virulent theories, instead of defending a pretender to their cause, Romney. This is someone they think is a closet moderate, and when he gets in he might even say that climate change is real which would punch a hole in the hoax theorists. Having Romney to defend especially if somethng goes really wrong on his watch, would mean a complete loss of their credibility and would push them to the back of the line as new more progressive people take the megaphone away. The only thing then would be to start a republcan civil war to keep themselves relavent These are people that aren’t really good at defense since offense is what they get paid to do. Just look at the aftermath of Bush. They couldn’t sell McCain if they tried.

  • You reap what you sow!

    From the very first shrieks (Tie between Sens.McConnell and Dement) to “Ensure that Obama will be a one-term President” up until today’s underhanded voter-ID laws, the sad but still venomous collection of crackpots parading around as the 21st century re-embodiment of our Revolutionaries tossing Teabags into Boston Harbor, has spent energy and millions of dollars concocting nefarious means to ram their will trough the body-politic….

    There will be NO JUSTICE for so much hate, vitriol, and underhandedness displayed in this “sordid exercise in democracy” by these “Conservatives” – in fact, many of them may succumb to the effects of all that bile streaming through their veins!

  • Dominick Vila, Great, elegantly stated and succinctly put message. That is what I call a progressive stance. You are encouraging in your comments in a morass of ultra right wing commentary..

  • emadis41

    Only GOP pollestrs results are the true results to the GOPers. Even Fox poll results (of Obama 48 Romney 43) to them are manipulated by the “Libral Media”!!!

  • elw

    It never fails to amaze me how creative the right-wing is in trying to prove its point. They can make-up a new story in a blink of the eye. No matter what they say or how they twist the truth, they are losing this election simply because they have the wrong policies and picked a bad candidate. They can blame it on whomever or whatever they want, the policies are theirs and the pick was their choice. Americans are not as stupid as they thought.

    • daniel bostdorf

      The Karl Rove led propananda machine and its followers will tell any lie. Doesn’t matter….even distort the truth to fit the agenda..

      Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (likeFox FAUX News, Limbaugh, Beck and Rove believe)

      or as Adolph Hitler stated:

      “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

      • To Bad That Only Works On DUMB People!!! Like Rick Santorum Said ” We Never Will Have The Smart People On Our Side!!!” And You Know He’s Right!!!

  • Lilrascal15

    The lies and exagerations by the Repugnats are getting worse, and these supposed pundants, can’t help trying to mislead our citizens. These rats should be ashamed!!!

  • carsrus

    CAT………….., U little commie skunk- I like to break ur balls!

    • DukeDacat

      Hey fink………just go away……………

  • dsand1445

    The squeaky wheel gets the oil. All the GOP loud mouths get the attention. Seems like Americans aren’t buying what the republicans are selling this cycle. Hell some republicans don’t like Romney Why is Newt Gingrich even relevant He says the most outrageous things and blames the media for everything.Yet he’s on damn near every talk show. I guess if you a liar,cheater, get kicked out of congress and have the nerve to sit in judgment of other peoples character ; is he considered a genius or a successful grifter.

  • this is simply the Republicans are mad that Mitt Romney is losing in the polls nobody is messing with the polls all it is what is comming out of Mitt Romney mouth that is it

    • carsrus

      Poor dog he looks so cute and REPUBLICAN

  • These Right Wingers have an answer for everything. The only thing is…it’s an offensive one.
    And anybody that dares question their “facts” or provides an alternative approach or theory… an enemy, a liberal retard, socialist, an Obama follower, an elitist, a moocher, a drinker of the koolade, anything denigrating. There IS NO meeting of the minds on anything. This country cannot continue in this vein……

    • carsrus

      FEEL free to MOVE as President Romney cleans up the damage Obama has done!

      • oldtack

        Car -Ass
        Another bullshit one-liner? Geesh! Car-Ass —Dumb-Ass. One and the same.

      • Justin Napolitano

        Feel free to have your head explode, carsus, when Obama wins big.


    • carsrus

      Obamacare take away ur MEDS?

  • carsrus

    Duke.., U couldn’t PAY me enough to GO Lv breakin them libtard balls!

  • Steve danna

    Tea is about the same color as urine. Republicans are ’bout the same color as “T”, they go
    good together. As for the banana pictured above, he be the same color and odor of puke.
    He should donate his failed campaign funds to the Cancer Society.

  • The mainstream Republican party has slipped so far to the right that normal -middle of the road folks from either party look like leftist radical wackos to them . With that mentality they will see what they want to see -despite anything to the contrary -like the facts or common sense. The fact that Mitt Romney has had to slide so far to the right just to get a shot at the presidency is a sad commentary on politics in this country. Romney’s not a bad guy -just clueless and weak-since he had to give up his previously held beliefs just to win the
    Republican nomination. He is not their first or best choice–he’s just anybody but Obama to them.


    The Democrats hope the polls are right and the Republicans hope they’re wrong — it’s just that they do it rather loudly and with a bit of a whine in their voice.

    I hope all of us vote-and all of us support whoever wins-if we had done that 4 years ago -we might be a bit better off today.

    • CAThinker

      I’m a firm middle-of-the-roader and experiencing exactly what you describe – to hold to my beliefs I end up aligning with liberals (the very thought of that used to give me shivers) and I used to revel in my status as a RINO (mostly to accommodate down-ticket voting)… Two years ago I finally declared Independent, but because my beliefs remain fixed – continue to align with liberals… What I want is a party that is socially progressive/ liberal (I don’t care who you sleep with or marry…) and fiscally conservative (although I do believe we can step back from our war time spending)… If there’s a party that fits that criteria, sign me up! Until then, I’m with the Dems…

  • While Newt and Rush live in an alternative universe; there is some reason to question the reliability of the polls. It is not a left leading liberal conspiracy – it is apathy. Response is down to 9 -13%.

    I personally feel as though some voters want a reason to vote against the President. If Romney can give them a creditable one during the debates it might swing his way. Even so, I give his chances at less than 20%; zingers are not going to clinch the sale.

  • Mulligatonney

    Right-wingers, Left Wingers, Republicans, Democrats, us ‘n them…

    The age old game of the politician – to screw their constituents while enriching themselves, tell them how much of a favor they are doing for them, and somehow, against all the evidence, convince them to not only vote for them again, but to sing their praises in the process! Often this is accomplished while the politician is still in the process of raping them and stealing their money!

    There are ostriches on both sides, which doesn’t excuse the 7trillion dollars of debt that the “Great Inheritor” has accumulated on his watch, after promising to cut 3trillion in spending by his third year in office, a cornucopia of failed economic, foreign and social policies, a litany of liberty-destroying executive orders, and a clear record of what “Hope And Change” really means to him. One thing I can definitely say for him – he is a genius at getting his supporters to celebrate as he leads them over the cliff. He should change his name to the Pied Piper…

    So, the question is not, “Are you a Republican ostrich or a Democratic ostrich?” – but whether you are an ostrich at all. If you measured the Republican president by the same stick you now measure the incumbent president with, the only conclusion that can be drawn is – vote the man out of office, before he continues this madness.

    You already know his intent, or his incompetency, whichever you prefer… Now, the only question remaining is, “are you an ostrich?”

    1) If no, do the responsible thing and vote him out. I don’t care if it’s Gary Johnson (the Libertarian) or Oprah or Cher or Alfred E. Newman… vote him out.

    2) If yes, then you have no basis for railing against the former president, if you used the “he’s taking us down the wrong path” argument, because the hill has gotten decidedly steeper since 2008.

    Actually, there is a third possible answer – and that is that you are a socialist, marxist, communist, or something of that species and really believe the United States would be better off if we departed from our traditional founding principles and converted to some sort of hybrid, neutered, Euro-America. Our constitution allows that – the only caveat with choosing that path is that once you make that decision, you are not allowed to make that same decision under another form of government. Because at that point, the government is now dictating to you…you have given up your choice.

    • NoMoreRetoric

      Wow, You should really read what you wrote, as it is so off the wall that your very answer is an example of that which you criticize.

      • Mulligatonney

        …and the first of the ostriches rings in… Careful – that particular response resonated so profoundly, it made you sound for a moment like someone who is getting money and free cell phones. But – how could that be? Surely you are not being cultivated like a crop for your vote and fertilized with tax money taken from your fellow citizens… That would be – dishonest. You must have some superior knowledge about the 7 trillion dollar debt that lets your hollywood idol off the hook… It wasn’t his fault – WE ALL know whose fault it REALLY was… If he gets re-elected, who is he going to blame for what he “inherits” this time?

        Keep your head in the sand and your ass in the air. Your hero will be along presently to harvest you and provide you with another friction-induced protein supplement….

  • DarthYoda

    Pay no attention to the polls. Nothing to see here.

    -GOP traffic cops as voters slow down to consider the wreck that is the Romney campaign.

  • ca19th50

    I know Mitt Romney isn’t worried about the polls or any cheating. He said on 60 minutes the he was sure he was going to win. So what’s the problem.

    Obama has his faults, but at least he tries to be a fair politician.

  • daniel bostdorf


    This article is about Right wingers, like you, questioning veracity of polls.
    Quoting Conason:

    “Nevertheless, prominent figures have promoted versions of this conspiratorial analysis, including radio behemoth Rush Limbaugh, Redstate blogger and CNN contributor Erick Erickson, Sean Hannity, columnist and author Ann Coulter, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and a host of lesser voices floating through the ether. After all, it perfectly reflects their cartoonish worldview, in which scheming media liberals seek to manipulate the sheeplike public against embattled and righteous “conservatives.””

    Qouting you:
    ” there is a third possible answer – and that is that you are a socialist, marxist, communist, or something of that species and really believe the United States would be better off if we departed from our traditional founding principles and converted to some sort of hybrid, neutered, Euro-America. Our constitution allows that – the only caveat with choosing that path is that once you make that decision, you are not allowed to make that same decision under another form of government. Because at that point, the government is now dictating to you…you have given up your choice.”

    You are a right wing fascist propagandist that listens to way to much Limbaugh, Beck and FoxFAUXnews..

    Quit lying, quit distorting the truth.

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (likeFox FAUX News, Limbaugh, Beck and Rove believe)

    or as Adolph Hitler stated:
    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    We don’t believe your lies.

    • Mulligatonney

      I expressed an opinion, and you responded with a string of accusations and attacks. And I am a facist? Is Bostdorf a German word meaning ostrich? Possibly you listen to your own forms of Goebbels and Hitlers more than you realize.

      I thought liberals were a kinder, gentler, more tolerant species… If I was seeking to join you, why would I be attracted to that kind of ignorance? Maybe I would see it as a potential tool and use it to control you. As a politician might.

      The debt, sir – the debt. The actions of the President. Or inactions… They show intent beyond doubt. If you were not blinded by your own ignorance and anger at you-know-not-what, you would see that he has no intention of reigning in the debt. Quite the opposite. His next four years will collapse the economy, if he is allowed…

      It is a valid point. The history is there… Why attack me for expressing my point of view?

  • carsrus

    Stick it up ur ass Romney IS going to be the NEXT President of the Ubited States, and all u F-n commie Obama lovers can SUCK IT UP

  • carsrus

    old fart Romney will be our NEXT President, betcha u will have a heart attack and Obamacare will let U DIE well, better sooner than when his DEATH squads won’t save u

  • I just dont get these people,they dont care about the people,its just defeating Obama,any way they can.

  • Right on Fern!!!

  • msrita

    OMG! Cry me a river you tried to keep low income people from Voting and pretty much backfired. Then Robme had that little 47% thingy that made AMERICA hate Robme/Lying Ryan. You will not tell us what your plan is so why should we trust you suckers in the White House. THANK GOD you are losing.

  • Mulligatonney

    Ostrich Number One has entered the arena…

  • daniel bostdorf

    This is about the veracity by you right wingers on the veracity of the polls….nothing else…

    Quoting Conason:
    “Of course, this is the same Gingrich who predicted during last spring’s primaries, when he was still a candidate, that Romney was a “dead loser” who had no hope of defeating Obama. Last March he described the man who defeated him as the party’s weakest candidate since 1920. That was then and this is now, and nothing that emerges from the mouth of Gingrich then or now can be taken seriously. During the primaries, Erick Erickson was forthright in his fervent support for Santorum and in his bluntly stated conviction that Romney could not possibly defeat Obama. Erickson’s sincerity was not in doubt. Whenever he confronted the possibility that Romney would clinch the nomination, his writing became morose and apocalyptic. As far back as November 2011, he wrote a long post ventilating his worst fears. The ominous headline said it all – “Mitt Romney as the Nominee: Conservatism Dies and Barack Obama Wins.”

    Mulligatonney, carsrus and others who go off topic and lie and distort the truth and post here are transparent in their ignorance and hopeless profane and mundane musings….

    You are right wing propagandists. And that is the truth….not according to me, but anyone reading your bizarre posts realizes this.

    You sound like Karl Rove and the FoxFAUnews crowd.

    The tactic by the right wing of lies, distortions, race baiting and denials upo denials of the truth is taken out of the propopagandists handbook created in the 1930’s and repeated in many fascistic societiess.

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (likeFox FAUX News, Limbaugh, Beck and Rove believe)

    or as Adolph Hitler stated:
    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    Mulligatonney, carsrus and others …..keep lying to us.

    • Mulligatonney

      So – trying to get an answer out of you about the 6-7 trillion dollars of debt OBama has accumulated in less than 4 years of being the president, coincident with the fact that he and his administration have not even bothered to submit a serious budget is “off-topic”? Or do you already consider that question answered by the standard, “It was all Bush’s fault” response?

      …if the poor, uneducated, ignorant and minorities ever understand what the Democratic Party has done to them since Johnson launched his “War On Poverty” 50 years ago, its not the Republicans they will be coming for with pitchforks and torches… It will be the people who made them dependent upon government money and forced an economic collapse by promising them things they knew they couldn’t pay for. Then – when their government support goes to zero, they will know the fear that comes with trusting greedy politicians for their survival – and they will be angry….

      And who will they be angry at?

      Read a history book. Middle school level will do…

      You like quoting Nazis, ostrich no. 1 – have you any opinions of your own?

      Republican politicians aren’t much different than Democrat politicians – that is precisely why our founders carefully crafted a Constitution that would limit their power and reach.
      Under this present administration, that power and reach has been extended by over 20% from the previous one – conservatively speaking, of course…

      Facts are facts, sir – and the debt is a fact that you cannot “Hitler & Goebbels” your way out of. If you judged Bush by that standard, you must judge OBama by it and vote him out now, before he marches you over a cliff.

  • Conason’s got it right but fails to underscore the fact that these talking heads are performing in the standard modern-day conservative anylist mode. They’ve got nothing if not for the straw-man arguments. Besides which -without these invented cricies, Limbaugh, Coulter and company would have no talk radio topics for their shows. They then would actually have to go out and get real jobs or, do shows on topics that would require actual reseach instead of just an exercise in creative writing.

  • TZToronto

    No reputable polling organization would intentionally produce phoney results. Most polling organizations are market research firms. Their reputations are on the line because making polling mistakes affects their real money making business–provide market research information to their corporate customers. Polling is like a loss leader, and if you produce an inaccurate polling result, your real clients will question your reliability. Those Republican big-shots who question polling numbers are grasping at straws, hoping that their know-nothing brethren will believe the nonsense that liberals are skewing the results. These “liberal” polling organizations are the same companies that support corporate America with good information.