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Friday, March 22, 2019

Perhaps it was Michele Bachmann’s debate coach stepping in to lend a hand, but Mitt Romney’s poll numbers are on the rise again, sending him into the Florida primary with the wind at his back just days after Newt Gingrich stunned him with a double-digit loss in South Carolina.

A national poll this week showed the extent to which Newt’s moment of triumph rocketed him back into relevance nationally, even as his viability in a general election remains low. The NBC/Wall Street Journal survey put the former Speaker ahead of Romney 38-29 percent among Republicans nationwide.

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3 responses to “Romney Back On The Rise In Florida”

  1. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    That’s what Obama has for his presidential salary, why doesn’t he tell everyone that while he’s talking about fairness? JUST ANOTHER THIEF. His perks are probably worth fifty times his salary, all also tax-free. Our government overall is living in la-la land. BALANCE THE BUDGET WITHOUT RAISING TAXES, that is what is rerquired. Ron Paul, the only logical choice. Not a perfect human being, but who is ??? Santorum for VP. Let newt and mitt battle it out for who is the biggest thief. Paul’s desire to legalize drugs will never pass, the lawyers are making a fortune off black mules. Most legislators are lawyers. Go figure. The legal system here has it all figured out, make energetic blacks into drug mules, launder the money with legal fees. Doing just that on a mass scale is of course legal. And let’s have everybody give all their money to the insurance companies, they need rolls royces for the executives currently riding in lincolns and caddies. I wonder how Obama has escaped impeachment……well, we’ll just throw him out. We need an election system where we can vote simply to not replace some people, leave the spot empty…..or possibly just “none of the above”

  2. Dominick says:

    Mitt Romney’s resurgence is not surprising. Newt Gingrich is not only immoral, he is outright corrupt and a poster child for what is wrong with Washington. He is the ultimate insider and a man whose despicable and unethical behavior forced him to resign in disgrace. Mitt Romney is, clearly, a moderate but that is precisely why he has a better chance of challenging President Obama in November than the other contenders to the nomination. Republicans can not win without the Independent vote and dissatisfied Democrats, and they know it.

  3. jimmyags says:

    Newt’s decline comes as no shock to anyone with a memory that lasts longer that 2 seconds. He was a disgusting,greedy win at all costs weasel in the 90’s and now it has come home to roost. Karma’s a b#$%& !!!!!

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