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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yesterday, we suggested that what’s turning non-white voters off to Mitt Romney are crowds that look like this:

Photo by AP via @Keep_It_Real_1

That’s a lot of white people.

Well, BuzzFeed has made a startling discovery about an image Mitt Romney’s campaign posted to its Instagram account yesterday.

The Romney campaign is desperate to make it seem as if they have the “momentum” behind them. So desperate, in fact,  that they even Photoshopped the image to make it seem much more “momentum-filled.”

Wisely, they didn’t Photoshop any non-white people into the picture, or it would have been too obvious.

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    1945 -1980 we taxed high incomes and estates to pay down WWII debt.
    In those years we had fabulous economic growth.
    The Middle Class had much economic growth.
    Now, it is payoff time.
    We need to pay down the Republican Tax Cut Debt.
    Our income is $14,000 Billion.
    The 2013 budget calls for $2900B in revenue and a $900B deficit.
    It is a disgrace that we will not pay our way instead of leaving it for our kids to pay.
    We rank 4th on Inequality in OECD nations. Richest on earth. Yet! We rank third as Least taxed in OECD nations. Only Chile and Mexico tax less of GDP than America. Yes! We rank number two on taxing our corporations even though our top rate is highest. Obviously, something is crazy in America.
    Since 1980, our tax rates have been cut cut cut to favor the wealthy.
    In 2008, the top 50% got 86% of all individual income and paid 12..5% tax rate.
    That ratio has been similar for years.
    70,00,000 workers took home 14%.

    We Must return to taxing Wealth and high incomes. Would a higher estate tax hurt the ONE family which owns more wealth than 90% of our families. Romney wants to zero it not raise it to help balance our budget and pay down some of the debt that helped him get very rich.

    We CAN balance our budget. We CAN pay down our debt. The rich will fight any change.
    The Middle Class needs help to regain a good Standard Of Living. Help them. Clarence Swinney mitt more income tax trickster

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. All we have to do to understand the impact of irresponsible tax breaks, that more often than not benefit the wealthy, is look at what happened when a GOP controlled Congress and George W. Bush passed and signed the tax rate reductions that are still in place. The surplus he inherited from President Clinton evaporated immediately, deficit spending resumed, and accumulation of debt began to increase the year after the tax breaks were put in place.
      The problem is not our social programs, especially Social Security, which continues to run a surplus, but the fact that we refuse to pay for what we use and benefit from. In addition to the $716B in MEDICARE billing savings over the next ten years, we also eliminated a number of unnecessary DoD programs, and even with all those cuts we are still running an annual deficit of almost $1T.
      The only amusing part of this issue is the fact that the party responsible for the tax breaks and resumption of deficit spending is the one that does not want to consider a moderate increase in the tax rate of those earning over $250K a years, and continues to call for spending reductions while promising to restore the MEDICARE savings and DoD programs that were cut!!! Kemo Sabe speaks with forked tongue.

      • docb

        This Mythmittens has puzzled me for weeks..At Red Rocks they bused in a huge group to do a LOGO..and then did not fill the venue..He never draws crowds larger than 1,000 unless someone else is the draw…the pollsters do not use cellphones to poll and he lies with impunity and it is being reported daily by media..He hides from the media and is desperate enough to scam the Wisconsin voters about their rights!

        Rove used this tactic in 2000 for bush saying he would win in a landslide and win California…He lost California in a landslide and the course of HISTORY was CHANGED by 537 votes in Florida under ms. Harris –a rove buddy!

        This is good info!

  • nobsartist

    What would you expect from a rat like willard?

  • daniel bostdorf

    Desperate losing candidates, with losing ideas, will do anything desparate and losing to get elected.

    This is out of the Rove playbook.


  • bpai99

    This is reminiscent of 1984 and Soviet Union-style manipulation of images. Something to look forward to in a Romney administration. That, and the line “We’ve told you people enough” (previously voiced by Ann Romney regarding their unreleased tax returns).

  • The difference is the second photo is lighter than the first. Elvis is dead.

  • Dhominique

    I read a post in MSN about Romney being mexican, supossedly his father, a 100% mexican, brought him into the US at the age of 2 and that he was raised somewhere in South Detroit.

  • Madarain

    Did it occur to you for even one second that the person was just using their cameras Auto-stitch feature of “stitching together multiple images” to make a more panoramic view? No one with ANY Photoshop skills would leave multiple versions of the single support pole.

    Your poor forensics are even worse than their bad “photostitch” job because you failed to see the blatantly obvious reason for this lousy image and instead blamed it on deceit instead of incompetence. Please replace your accusation with a mea culpa about how not smart you are.