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Friday, January 18, 2019

Romney’s Gaffes Won’t Cost Him As Many Votes As His Views

If Barack Obama prevails this November, it will be in large part because of what has come out of Mitt Romney’s mouth in the last year.

I’m not talking about gaffes, for which the presumptive Republican nominee has a Freudian propensity. It’s as if the gaffe that ended his beloved father’s 1968 presidential campaign (George Romney said he had been subject to “brainwashing” on a trip to South Vietnam) puts Mitt Romney into “Don’t think of an elephant” mode. He’s so conscious of not making a gaffe that his subconscious insists on one every couple of weeks.

But gaffes are overrated as decisive campaign events. With the possible exception of President Gerald Ford saying during a televised debate a month before the 1976 election that Poland was not under Soviet domination (a howler that slowed an amazing comeback against Jimmy Carter), it’s hard to think of a misstatement that has determined the outcome.

Romney letting slip that he pals around with Nascar owners, or that corporations are people, too, or that his wife drives a couple of Cadillacs may cement his position as the out-of-touch poster boy of the 1 percent. But if he convinces people he can fix an ailing economy, not much else will matter. Swing voters rarely vote against someone just because he’s rich.

Between now and the election, these and other cable-ready boo-boos will become distant memories. Web ads about them may go viral, but they aren’t likely to sway anyone who hasn’t already decided against Romney.
The bigger problem is what the soon-to-be Republican nominee has said on substance. The news media doesn’t focus much on issues, which are duller than the circus but usually more lethal politically. Unlike gaffes, political positions are fair game for Obama to exploit in front of 60 million voters watching the fall debates.

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111 responses to “Romney’s Gaffes Won’t Cost Him As Many Votes As His Views”

  1. Let me see. First is the attack on women and their contraception. Second is the attack against Gay and Lesbian people. Third is the attack on the elderly. Forth is the attack on the poor. Fifth is the attack on immigrants. sixth is the attack on the people of color. As I see it now, Romney only has the following of about 20% or so of the voters. How does he expect to win? Then factor in Paul that will run as a third party candidate and even though Obama will not even gather 50% of the popular vote this will be a landslide election. If you wanted to oust Obama you would have to run against the real issues and so far all Romney has done is put more issues on the table against him.

    • mnhistoryfan says:

      It won’t be money alone. All the Obama campaign has to do is to keep repeating his several unfiltered through brain comments on the poor, contraception, and the like and Obama will win.
      Nor has Romney given any idea of how to improve the economy except to cut taxes and follow the Ryan plan–both blueprints for more disaster. These people simply do not get it.

      • montanabill says:

        You are exact proof of your last sentence.

      • Ndn_nfl says:

        Well, actually the big money people behind willard do get it!!! They want more more more of the funneling up of the working people’s remaining wealth and savings!!! KKKOCHS, KKKARLROVE,ASHCROFT, WALLSTREET, DARTHCHENEY ALL THE GREAT PUPPET MASTERS PUTTING THEIR ALL BEHIND THEIR NEW PUPPET DUBYA TWO WILLARD!!!! THEIR GOAL IS WORLD CONTROL AND RULE BY THE CORPORATE ELITE !!!

    • ladygirl1 says:

      nobody attacked contraception….thats a DNC talking point and you are a parrot

      • joyscarbo says:

        In the 80’s and 90’s, birth control was covered by heatlh insurance. It’s appauling that my daughter has to pay out-of-pocket for something that is a female necessity. You must be either sterile or in menopause.

        • montanabill says:

          Don’t have any problem with health insurance covering birth control or male problems as long as we have a choice of insurance companies and can pick a policy that doesn’t require us to pay for it if we don’t need it. If the government requires insurance to cover those things, needed or not, it is a clear invasion of individual rights.

          • joyscarbo says:

            Bill, c’mon now….
            I think it’s fairly obvious that if YOU aren’t asking your primary care provider for either birth control or medication for erectile dysfunction, then YOU are not taking advantage of that coverage on your health insurance policy. Birth control is a matter of basic health care for women. Insurance companies should cover birth control for women the same way they cover Viagra or Cialis for men. The fact that insurance companies (including Medicare) pay for Viagra and not for female birth control is discrimination. If you’re going to use the erection-whether for procreation or pleasure- it’s good to have birth control.

          • montanabill says:

            I agree with your discrimination assessment, but I’m not sure either ED chemicals or birth control can be really categorized as health care. There are many people who would not have use for either category, i.e. elderly, infirmed, lesbians, etc.
            so why shouldn’t those be optional insurance categories?

          • joyscarbo says:

            There are many options- procedures and medcation coverage on healthcare insurance policies that many people don’t use but have coverage for. You may never need to have your appendix out, but it’s covered under your policy. You may never need medication to lower your cholesterol, but it’s covered too.

          • montanabill says:

            Yes, but by having the ability to pick and choose coverages and deductibles, you can have some control of your cost of insurance. If you are covered by your employer, they must generally choose a one-size fits all, which costs more than if coverage could be tailored to the individual. Medicare arbitrarily decides what it will pay for individual procedures. Most of the time, it is insufficient which either forces the provider out of business, to not take Medicare patients or forces them to try to service more people in a smaller amount of time resulting diminished care.

      • flyinjs says:

        Is that it? You only took up the contraception arguement, how about Second is the attack against Gay and Lesbian people. Third is the attack on the elderly. Forth is the attack on the poor. Fifth is the attack on immigrants. sixth is the attack on the people of color?

        There is no getting around the huge differences in peoples respect for other people. God chose to hang out with the meek and mild, those that the strong overpowered…what say ye about that?

      • @ladygirl1 What do you think the “Personhood Amendment” that Romney endorses means? It dictates that “life starts at conception,” meaning before the zygote implants itself within the uterus. Therefore, hormonal birth control, which prevents implantation of the zygote, would be banned. This form of contraception, used by many, many women was attacked. I am appalled by your ignorance; and you are a woman who should be familiar with this issue before parroting Rethug talking points

        • montanabill says:

          Ignorance is thinking that you have to call people names to get your point across.

        • Ndn_nfl says:


      • hbbear says:

        it’s amazing that any female in this country could be a republican

      • nhpoet says:

        ladygirl1 – Are you connected to reality?

      • DiAnne says:

        OH YES the Right did attack contraception..funny how Republican think they can just say “no I didn’t.” And they think no one will remember hearing it and seeing it being said. All of the Republican candidates commented. As well as their pointman Rush. Pay attention Ladygirl. Watch something other than Fox. But really LISTEN to these people. It has always been the Right to bring up, every election, social issues. Always wanting to control everything and everybody. And always using religion as the hammer. Too bad, that tactic isn’t working like it used to.

      • reverend01 says:

        You seem more like a parakeet in this case.

      • reverend01 says:

        You seem more like a parakeet in this case.

      • reverend01 says:

        You seem more like a parakeet in this case.

      • reverend01 says:

        You seem more like a parakeet in this case.

      • reverend01 says:

        You seem more like a parakeet in this case.

      • Angela says:

        Actually yes the right is attacking contraception and have been doing so for a long time. It was under Bush that pharmacists got the right to deny selling contraception because their religious views are more important than dispensing birth control pills for a paying customer. It’s the right who are totally pissed off that contraception is now covered in health insurance. Seems to me like you live under a rock somewhere.

        • montanabill says:

          A pharmacy is a private business and has the right to decide what they will or will not sell. You have the right to take your business to another store. People should have the right to buy an insurance policy that does not cover birth control or any other item they do not need in their policy. You should have the right to buy a policy that covers the things you want covered. What you are espousing is a police state.

      • Ndn_nfl says:


      • Jane says:

        In Arizona, a woman can be fired by her secular employer for using birth control that she pays for out of her own pocket. This was a GOP move. Don’t comment if you aren’t informed. (Not a member of the Democratic Party, btw.)

    • montanabill says:

      Are you somehow implying that Obama will run on real issues or his record? That would be political suicide. Better to find things wrong with Romney, who, while not being the real choice of conservatives, has a real resume full of successful ventures, unlike Obama who hasn’t been actually successful at anything. Ever find out how he got into Harvard or became the editor of the Review.

      • Mohd Jailani Jalil says:

        Obama went to Harvard on his own merit. He did not pay his way to get in. He earned it not like Romney who went in through his father heavy donations. You can always tell the difference of graduates who went to Harvard based on their intelligence or the lack of it. As for Romney just look at him and I see nothing to tell us that he is intelligent. The great thing about USA is that even though you have the money you cannot buy yourself to become the President. Even a poor boy from the slum and if he has that intelligence and intution nothing can stop him from becoming the President of America. Romney has nothing in his brain that can match Obama in intelligence. Watch out for the debate and you know what I meant. His IQ is probably slightly better than George W. Bush.

        As for you Mr Montanabill, your IQ sir, is the same as that of Bush and if ever a Republican should by fluke get elected into the 2012 US Presidency you will then have to call yourself Mountainofbill!

    • m1a0n3u0e1l2 says:

      Doesn’t sound to you as a typical Republican? The experts on hatred, phobias, calumnies, greed and hypocresy have anything else to offer – and they expect to win!

    • montanabill says:

      Attack on women? It was an attack on forcing people to pay for birth control for other people. There is an easy alternative, pay for your own.
      Attack on Gay & Lesbian? It is an attempt to keep government out of people’s religious beliefs. There is an easy alternative, civil unions with the same rights.
      Attack on the Elderly? Which party is starving Social Security and cutting money from Medicare?
      Attack on people of color? Tell that to Herman Cain, Alan West, Marco Rubio and millions of other ‘people of color’.
      The real issues are the economy and Obama’s record. Let’s see him run on those instead of the phoney stuff constructed by Axelrod and Shultz.

  2. howa4x says:

    The media is much more all incompising than in his years as governor. Everything he said is now a social network moment, with statements going viral as they are made. Romney did over compensate for his moderate stint as governor trying to be the severly conservative canidate. His flip/flops are legendary , being against the Blount amendment, and 1 hr later be for it. The Ryan budget is like a giant pinata to hit, and will counter balance the debate about healthcare reform. Usually politicians save the good parts till after the race is over, and they can be out of sight, but now that Mitt embraced it publically , he has to run on it. It of course gives huge tax breaks to the 1% of which he is one, so it seems like a conflict of interest. It will be portrayed as voting for a tax break for himself , which then begs the question of why does he need it anyway with his wealth, and opens the door to how he got so rich in the first place ,which ties him to the excess of Wall St. He got a break on the wealth issue since the republicans like that, but how about struggling people which are many more. How will they see it? He has dug himself a hole, and part of the reason is that he is out of touch with the common folk, so how could he gague what they are thinking. He was trying to woo the tea party but they are a minority of general election voters. The only way he has a chance is to bully Obama with attack adds like he did to Ricky and Newt, but the only problem with that is Obama has the cash to fight back. So the saga continues.

  3. Janika says:

    Romney is only concerned about American corporations, not the American people. Only the wealthy one percent, and corporations, are human beings in the eyes of Romney.

  4. jzbart says:

    There is no alternative for the American People but to make a change and stop the ever-ballooning debt of over $16 Trillion. There is no doubt that the present occupant of the White House has billions to spend and spend $178 million just last month. One thing that can stick in the minds of the voters, especially the women voters, is the choice between buying groceries or putting gas in their tanks. A housewife will think twice when she realizes that their food on the table will be sacrificed and restrained. The GOP candidate, this time Mitt Romney is the strongest candidate, will stress this fact during the campaign and people will have to listen.

    • jonashly says:

      If you were president how would you lower gas prices. Romney will do nothing to improve the economy, destroy foreign relations. He and his tea buddies will destroy the country. All because romney is a rich playboy with a Cadillac on both shores and a car elevator. He is running for the umpteenth time to satisfy his ego patronizing arrogance and give him something to do for the next four years, unless he is impeached.

    • It was the Republicans and Ultra rich who established the climate for the banking debacle….and you want to bring them back to do it again? Didn’t you lose enough value on your home? They are self declared as “the party of NO!” as in NO social programs, so I guess you are wealthy enough that you don’t need Social Security. And I guess you can afford medical insurance around $1000 a month for full coverage with major medical and long term disability. And I guess you can afford to send your kids to private school (no US Department of Education) . Furthermore I guess you don’t care about religious dogma being taught in some schools as the most conservative Republicans want, in denial of evolution and linear history dating back millions of years., and thus in denial of real science….so we won’t be educating as many good scientists and engineers and The US will fall behind the rest of the advancing world…..we are already in the 40’s position today…so you’re comfortable with all that. Fine. Vote GOP. I certainly am NOT. I suspect more intelligent Americans are also not comfortable with that and will vote idiots who portent such ridiculous agendas out of office. So, the only way Mitt will get elected is to continue lying….saying one thing to one group and another opposite thing to a different group. It will be fun to see his abandon the ultra conservatives and see what verbal contortions he and his marketing staff dream up to “clarify what he meant” such as when he initially said that when he gets in the White House he is going to do away with Planned Parenthood while he was speaking to a staunchly conservative group, and then later his advertising staff stated that he really meant he was going to stop Federal funding for Planned Parenthood….for the less extreme right audience. Yes, it will be a good laugh….except we have all the stupid statements recorded for playback. I’m voting to DUMP the GOP in 2012!!

    • ksmith5063 says:

      jzbart That is bull shit . Romney will have no controll over the price of gas. He is going to reduce taxes for the rich and cut programs for the poor and senior.

    • Robert says:

      And exactly what is Romney’s plan to “stop the ever-ballooning debt”? What is Romney’s plan for “putting gas in their tanks”? What is Romney’s plan to put food on the table? I don’t see any difference between the Republican agenda between Bush and Romney? And we already know what happened with the Republicans agenda during the 8 years of Bush! The tax breaks for the rich are still in effect, that is not Obama’s agenda! Many of the restrictions and regulations on big business have remained in effect because of the Republicans agenda! We were promised jobs from all the tax breaks and removal of regulations and where are all those jobs? Oh, jobs were created by Bush and the Republicans, only problem they were created in China! What have the Republicans suggested differently than 3 years ago? It is the same old B.S. Where are all the jobs created by the tea partiers? They have been there for 1.5 years now?

    • nhpoet says:

      You do not understand political reality. President Obama is the first president to counteract the corrupt, borrow-and-spend philosophy initiated by George W. Bush as well as the one-sided federal policies that created our Great Recession. Did you take a vacation from consciousness?

      Gas prices are not set by the executive branch, and more and more American voters understand that in recent years we have recorded significant increases in drilling for oil on American soil. President Obama has recommended taxing the transactions of speculators who have caused this most recent spike in gas prices. What we need are facts and serious proposals for constructive change NOT more political propaganda to cloud reality!

      Are you on drugs? Many people (not registered Republicans) have been listening to Mitt Romney during this primary season, and what we have heard have been lies, lies, and even more lies about earlier lies. If Governor Mitt Romney – now arch-conservative candidate for the neoconervative, anti-American republic right-wingers – is the strongest candidate that Republicans can find then the GOP may well become extinct like the Whig Party in 1860.

      • teach62 says:

        Gas prices may not be set by the executive branch, but if the executive branch is filled with politicians who are major stock holders in the oil companies there has to be a connection. We have to keep these men who are using their political positions to better themselves financially out of office. They are the stock holders pushing the buttons and increasing the gas prices. The politicians who are major stockholders for the oil companies need to be revealed and need to go. Gas prices are going to be $5 per gallon in New York by summer and some of the bridge tolls have hit $15. We are becoming prisoners to the politicians calling the shots and not protecting the people who pay them, US citizens.

    • Angela says:

      Maybe this has escaped your notice but Romney could care less if housewives can buy groceries or put gas in their tanks. He wants to President. He could really care less about you or anyone else. He wants what his daddy failed to achieve. I seriously doubt that most people in this country will fare better under Romney.

  5. Bigspender says:

    If we have learned anything about Romney from the primaries its that he can’t lie straight in bed.

  6. Aj King says:

    Peopl,e are n ot that stupid to vote fo r him.

  7. Some of us know about the gaffes and no matter what I hear from Romney, I will be more concerned at what Obama was eluding to by saying what he did about having more flexibility after the election. Look back to the Kennedy’s. Wonder how many cars Jackie had and we all loved her. Ann Romney can drive a dozen cars that she owns and it makes no
    difference to me and all NASCAR drivers can be Romney’s stepchildren and I dont care. Why? Because it has nothing to do with running the government.

  8. hubydoll166 says:

    Gas prices were higher under Bush. I hardly think that anyone would vote on a president because of gas prices if they know how it works in the world market. Also remember this, Obama wanted to tax those speculators for such behavior of speculating that raised gas prices and that could have offset the higher cost of gas but the GOP voted “NO” on that along with every other consumer protection. I hope that point gets pointed out in the general election because it would be countering high prices and curbing speculation on wallstreet. Its also kinda fishey that the very people who are contributing heavily to the GOP are also causing gas prices to spike right before this election..Tax those speculator transaction to a poinyt to where they think twice about dogging the economy without consequences..

  9. Thank you for your advice on how to win the Presidency when you have no plan other than saying whatever you think your audience wants to hear — and heaven forbid you tell the truth.

  10. if american voters are dumb enough to vote for a corprate poster boy, then they deserve to loose whatever else they have, and spend their old age on the streets with the rest of us.

  11. joyscarbo says:

    Like I said in another thread:

    How can a conservative or Republican be truly happy or even optomistic about their chances of wining the upcoming election? No Republican has stepped foward with a plan that resembles something that the beleaugered American people can get with!!!

    It’s going to be fun to watch Obama debate Romney. Mitt is so incredibly ill-equpped to participate in a debate without flip-flopping and making more damaging gaffes. Does Mitt even know what his platform is?
    Obama is masterfully and keenly articulate. He’s a highly skilled at debate. Does anyone remember how he ran circles around McCain?! I felt sorry for the guy. It was never even a contest. Romney best not make the same mistake that McCain made in a running mate. Palin was a disaster!!!

    A question to those conservatives and Republicans who cruise the this website…
    Is this the best your party could come up with? REALLY??!! Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich? You’ can only blame so much on the “liberal media.” These are YOUR GUYS and you have to own them. Wow…

    • hbbear says:

      Romney can’t manage an election campaign. REAL SCARY thinking how he would manage a country

    • nhpoet says:

      This presidential election should be an overwhelming defeat for Governor Mitt Romney just like the 1964 failure of Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Arizona).

  12. Newborn says:

    Former governor, former former senator, I prefer real present President.

  13. Garfield10 says:

    Romney endorsed the Ryan budget that would raise the age to receive Medicare to 67. Called the budget “marvelous.” Too many of my friends have pre-existing conditions that prevent them from getting health insurance. Raising the Medicare age to 67 would be like putting a gun to their head and pulling the triggar.

  14. This Romney speaks from both sides of his mouth What a character, I wonder if he is confused sometimes or he is a pathological liar

  15. LIONHEART316 says:

    MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Yes Romney has made some serious statements against many issues, BUT since the people so far and I assume the rest will endorse him for the Nominee, We seem to be stuck, We do Not have a John Wayne,a Eisenhower, a real no nonsense Patriot. We have a Businessman and a Career Politican. instead of wasting space here get intouch with the Republican National Commitee and forward all comments and suggested demands for Romney’s next several months, Like pushing the Second Ammendment Rights Nationally,Especially California,Illinois, The womans right to choose what happens to her own body,Reach hard and deep to the poor and all people from foreign lands living or working or being educated here,It is not the governments duty to pry into Gay or Lesbian relationships , and most of all He “MUST” reach out to the college students and the elderly….
    He “MUST” renounce the Elected Officals in this Country that have not LIVED UP TO THEIR OATH OF OFFICE” DEMAND Criminal charges for them , also the immediate halt to any Shiria Law being accepted in Our land over Our Constitution…..and Our system of Justice. Once that is pushed and drilled into the American Public, then and only then He should bring up getting Our troops home from all war zones, gas prices,taxes, the business of being the President WE WANT IN THE WHITE HOUSE………………THANKS, RICK ZIMMERMANN, USMC/PATRIOT

    • Angela says:

      What Sharia law? Seems to me like a lot of these politicians such as Romney and Santorum want to impose Biblical law. They seem to want to turn this country into a Christian theocracy whereby we live by their personal religious views. I think it’s time we set the Muslim thing on the wayside and take a good look at exactly what religious views are being imposed on people. However everything else you stated is spot on.

      • oldtack says:

        Thank you Angela,
        Ever since 9/11 this Nation – most notably the Republican Party – has castigated the Muslim Faith solely due to the actions of a RADICAL faction of that Faith. At the same time we have chosen to ignore the menace of the RADICAL faction of the Christian Faith. As RADICAL Muslims would like to have Sharia Law so do the RADICAL Christians envision a realm governed by BIBLICAL Law. Yet we the people who should be intrumental in the governance of this Country choose to ignore this very real threat.

        The “Evangical Christian” movement along with the Ultra Conservative Tea Party has infiltrated and befouled the Halls of Congress with self righteous idealogies and ,combined, they pose a very real threat to our way of life.

        As a Christian I certainly do not want Sharia Law but at the same time I would fear the emregence of Biblical Law. As Christians or “historians” we should band together to fight imposition of Biblical Law as we would Sharia Law. There is no room in our Government for either.

  16. montanabill says:

    Apparently the author has not paid much attention to Obama’s rhetoric. That man has been on both sides of almost every issue and has told so many lies if he were like Pinocchio, he would have a redwood for a nose. The press or his spokespeople always try to characterize them as misstatements, omissions or cover with some other namby pamby explanation, but most are deliberate lies. Now the author bends over backward to try to smear Romney while ignoring his guy, who now has a real record. Every time he turns his head and points his nose up, we know he has just told another whopper.

    • TheSkalawag929 says:

      Since you have montanabill please be so kind as to enlighten us. Just saying that the President has lied is not really bringing much to the conversation. Or do you expect a pass on your decent without proof?

      • montanabill says:

        Apparently the reviewers don’t like it when I post a web site, but I’m sure you can easily Google “Obama Lies”. You’ll find some of the posts are questionable but way too many are right on target. Did you not hear the President last week talking about how it was ‘unprecedented’ of the Supreme Court to overturn a law pasted by a ‘large majority’ in Congress? Those were just the latest two.

        • nhpoet says:

          We have had enough of distorted neoconservative Republican reality. Rush Limbaugh already provides the American people with an unceasing outflow of outright lies and blatant hatred.

          • montanabill says:

            Exactly what did I say that was a ‘distorted neoconservative Republican reality’?
            Is every example that was taken as a direct quote from Obama on those Googled sites really not be what he actually said? Can you really dispute that Obama has not lied? Carney may call it ‘clarifying’, but it sounds to me like damage control for Obama having told a whopper.

    • nhpoet says:

      Too much like propaganda to read further than the first line. Go mountain climbing.

  17. Mitt Roomy could win every politatical primary election, he will not win at being president. People want to know what a presidental canadate is going to do run country, not bad mouthing there political opointent. Gop has a long way to go before can be relected back into office as priesident. How can they win relection if they refuse to work with president and democrates? Though out my life time, have a gop presidental canadate ever done good for economy. They never have new idea how to fix problems, yes cut taxes, say can create jobs end up with more americans out of work, into a failing resesion, and let rich keep getting richer, and poor keep getting poorer. That is why Obama has a better chance at becoming president for a second term.

  18. mare says:

    if the repukes get the white house the poor will suffer great hunger and shelter loss, along with medical loss, and then what will happen when more poor get preg. and have babies to feed, seems like no one cares for the poor anymore, no more compassion for anyone thats not rich, Obama tried to do something but the repukes would not agree to anything, he tried to fix the raising gas prices, he tried to help the poor more but the repukes wouldn’t agree unless the poor took more cuts, the mental patients that are poor, well now they get less help cause of the cuts, the rich get richer cause they get big tax breaks, and the poor well we are the ones getting left behind, we won’t be able to even put gas in our car to pay our bills, why can’t people quit being racist and see that a black man is actually trying to be a good president to everyone even the poor and give the man a break and see that he has been trying to fix a bad economy that he inherited when he got in the white house.

    • C. says:

      Amen!! mare. You give me hope that some people in this country really understand what all of that Anti-Obama mess is all about.

  19. teach62 says:

    The only group of Americans Romney has not attacked is his own group, the rich the 1%. I have heard nothing from the man’s mouth to improve the quality of life for working class Americans , the majority of tax payers. I have heard nothing from Romney that will develop jobs in THIS country for our children. The first generation of college graduates to look forward to unemployment or delivering PIZZA to pay off student loans and finally to become welfare recipients upon receiving a college degree , a disgrace. He will get our votes when hell freezes over.
    President Obam’as political foundation is based on life experiences growing up in a family of humble beginnings, reflective of 99% of the country. Its a no brainer that he WILL get a second term at the presidency to continue to clean up 8 years of economic destruction caused by the Bush administration. Enough is enough! Romney, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, is CLUELESS to what we working class Americans are facing. He is determined to bring back slavery in the U.S. by destroying its foundation, the working class, and having us become economically beholding to the rich, the 1%. A form of economic slavery.

  20. zeb01 says:

    Romney has yet to answer how he will “fix” the economy. He touts his business success but it is easier when you are the CEO of Bain Capital, or in charge of the Olympics and you get to call all the shots. When the opposition party disagrees with his “fix,” he will not be able to just fire them and move on.

  21. montanabill says:

    I see. If you disagree but can’t really refute something, hurl an insult. I guess it is better than most libs who prefer name calling. Unfortunately, no real mountains for 1000 miles from me.

    • oldtack says:

      Gee I hate to hear that Bill,
      I think you should avail yourself of the opportunity to travel over to the Bitteroots along a good stream -have a good strong coffee and breath deeply of that clean brisk mountain air. It will be physically invigorating and it might possibly clear up your brain so you could see clearly.

      And while you are there – Have a relaxing GOOD day. sincerely. Tack

      • montanabill says:

        I think I’ll wait til the spring run off and sloppy weather abate. Bitteroot is a great river and easier to find uncrowded water than Rock Creek, but I’ll take the Yellowstone every time when the rivers clear. In the meantime, there’s the Missouri, Big Horn and the Box Canyon in Idaho.

        • oldtack says:

          Wish I could join you. Some of my ancestors settled in the Bitteroot in the fall of 1864. Descendeants still own the original ranch.

  22. What a greatly written and candid article. The truth emblazoned for those of sound mind to ingest and digest, while absorbing its nutrients. I’m pro-Obama all day. The facts presented via this article confirms the rightousness in the wholehearted love and respect that myself and millions of our fellow citizen and global neighbors have for Pres. Obama, and the need for Pres. Obama to be re-elected via our votes, with the hopes of keeping our country on the path towards economic stability and growth, our removal from the Afghanistan and Iraqi battles fronts and to prevent that dastardly bunch known as the republicans from returning our nation back to the prehistoric age. Mr. President, u have my vote. Peace, love and truths.

  23. Those that are impotent or menopausal should be excused from debates on birth control and related issues. Mitt could always say “No, next question”.

  24. OKeagan says:

    Where “conservatives” like Romney come from is well said in “Under The Banner of Heaven.” It tells the story of Mormons by a former Mormon, Jon Krakauer.

  25. DiAnne says:

    I really love his statement that his wife keeps him up on womens issues. That women don’t care about the social issues like abortion, healthcare,contraception. She is his wife..she is just like him. She was insulted that a member of the DNC said she had never worked in her life. Everybody gets worked up. She said she “chose” to be a mother first. Well, good.Glad she had the choice.Most of us “mothers” don’t. Clearly what was meant about her working means a job that she has a boss & someone who pays her to do a job for them. What a waste of time parsing every single word that comes out of someones mouth. Demanding apologies Or termination for anyone who exercises their free speech rights to an opinion. IF it doesn’t meet the taste test of the almighty Right. The Republicans just lie & lie. They then believe their own lies. None so blind as those who will not see.” They want smaller government as far as business is concerned. How then will they be able to monitor every woman who gets pregnant? Or tries to buy contraception? Or actually has the temerity to expect her insurance to pay for her healthcare. Best yet is how Viagra, Cialis,etc is so vital to a mans healthcare, no question it is covered.

    • Angela says:

      I’m glad that Anne Romney knows what we don’t care about. Did she find out my personal feelings on these social issues by using a crystal ball? My advice to her is to shut up. Probably the best advice she’ll ever get.

  26. DiAnne says:

    Clearly you don’t understand how insurance works. Private insurance companies are for profit. Get it? They will attempt to deny paying for anything they can get away with. Women pay higher rates than men, but are denied more services than
    men are

  27. DiAnne says:

    People apparently don’t understand how insurance works. When you “buy” a policy from a private for profit carrier. You get what is in the policy/plan. You don’t order it in increments like a Subway sandwich.

  28. DiAnne says:

    Just because a certain procedure or service is in your policy doesn’t mean you have to use it. AND it sure doesn’t mean that you are paying for someone elses meds or services that

  29. DiAnne says:

    When a person has insurance through their employer it costs them less because they are part of a group. NOT MORE

  30. james says:

    I think something much more ominous than birth control coverage is being overlooked here. Birth control is being brought up as an example and it is important, but it is not an end all, this allows providers to eliminate ANYTHING they object to. Given corporate America’s headlong race to the bottom line let’s look at other things now in jeopardy too. I will even include the reason they will give to deny these things.
    1. any medication or surgical procedure to treat morbid obesity(“why should we pay for someone who CHOOSES to be fat and lazy”?)
    2. chantix (why should we pay for someone else’s poor habit choices)
    3. any smoking related illness(see #2)
    4. cholesteral medication,diabetic medication or heart medication(see #1)
    5. allergy medications (you chose to live somewhere where high pollen is a factor)
    shall I continue?

  31. carneadesofga says:

    Of course, my friend Jonathon! He deserves description now as a neo-theo-con-job-servative!
    Jonathon, please note that the Republicans are offering bait and switch, for that is how their support for lower taxes and repeal of Obama-cares would act: the increasing costs of healthcare would overcome any lower taxes.
    Prof. Irwin Corey makes more sense!
    Yes to Tina Fey!

  32. Angela says:

    The media doesn’t concentrate on the issues. Well, maybe they should. Maybe they should actually act like journalists and ask hard hitting questions. And quite frankly I am getting tired of listening to politicians’ stances on abortion. It’s legal. Get the hell over it. When I see Romney or any other male politician with a swollen belly then we’ll talk about it. And quite frankly, people who constantly make stupid statements like Romney does are idiots. Do we really need another idiot in the White House? I think we’ve had way too many. Especially the one who Obama succeeded in the White House. My first reaction when Obama won the election was “oh how nice, we now have a President who can actually speak the English language properly.”

  33. Patricia says:

    Romney is also looking pretty stupid about not wanting to help Detroit car manufacturers and all of their jobs as well as not wanting to go after Ben Ladin.

  34. BenUriel says:

    John Alter never has learned to tell the difference between the way things are and they way he wishes they were.

  35. Rhette Michaels says:

    Don’t Mormons believe that a marriage is between a man and a woman and a woman and a woman and a woman???

    • oldtack says:

      Although only the RADICAL faction of the Mormon faith still adhere to this practice it is still a part of the doctrine of the Faith as set up by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. This makes me aprehensive of any person of this faith being President. I question the mentality of ANY man who would desire marriage to more than ONE woman at a time.

  36. ChowT says:

    Romney represents the Rich and does not care for the poor!

  37. Merl Allen says:

    He’s one of Obama’s biggest assets. He sucked up so much to worst elements of the Repub Party that he can’t go back or win.

  38. All Romney needs to do now is start alienating white Southern males.

  39. All Romney needs to do now is start alienating white Southern males.

  40. C. says:

    Amen Angela!! Preach sister.

  41. olafaux says:

    This is our take:
    Willard Mitt is a character. Mitt is one of the folks from Harvard, that should NOT have graduated. Harvard was wrong here. Not only was his tution paid in full, his papa gave lots & lots of DOE to the Institution: So he graduated. Well , OK. In this arena, Mitt is attempting to have the majority of votes cast on his behalf. But, Mitt has DEMONIZED mos of our precious WOMEN, who fervently vote. Mitt has displayed anger and covert discrimination for our LATINO brothers & SISTERS. Romney wants to DEPORT the LATINOS. Mitt calls the process Self deportation. MJitt HATES BLACK folks. Mitt HATES poor WHITE folks, who make less than $99,000.00 Per Year. Mitt, though a mexican himself, HATES MEXICANS. What’s left, my friend? The Answer = 27% of the rest of voters, consisting of ……..
    God bless America!

  42. Theresa R says:

    Can we now ALL agree as AMERICANS that Mitt Romney is an IDIOT?!? He was chosen as the WRONG Candidate to go up against Obama!!

  43. barbj67 says:

    I don’t know how mitt romney can run for president when America is based on the belief of God. Mormons think God is the nab with the most money. They don’t believe that Jesus is the son of God. They don’t allow blacks in their membership. What kind of person is this. He has no heart. He is all about his money. Go on line and see what the mormon religion actually believe.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Mormonism is the least of Romney’s problems. Aside from even greater gullibility and a historical con-man for a “prophet,” Mormonism hasn’t got much that the other imaginary friend cults don’t.

    • blu4u says:

      Mormonism includes many other unusual teachings which you will probably not be told about until you have been in the church for a long time. These teachings are not revealed to investigators or new converts because those people are not yet considered ready to have more than “milk” as doctrine. The Mormons also probably realize that if investigators knew of these unusual teachings they would not join the church.
      • God was once a man like us.
      • God has a tangible body of flesh and bone.
      • God lives on a planet near the star Kolob.
      • God (“Heavenly Father”) has at least one wife, our “Mother in Heaven,” but she is so holy that we are not to discuss her nor pray to her.
      • Jesus was married.
      • We can become like God and rule over our own universe.
      • There are many gods, ruling over their own worlds.
      • Jesus and Satan (“Lucifer”) are brothers, and they are our brothers – we are all spirit children of Heavenly Father
      • Jesus Christ was conceived by God the Father by having sex with Mary, who was temporarily his wife.
      • We should not pray to Jesus, nor try to feel a personal relationship with him.
      • The “Lord” (“Jehovah”) in the Old Testament is the being named Jesus in the New Testament, but different from “God the Father” (“Elohim”).
      • In the highest degree of the celestial kingdom some men will have more than one wife.
      • Before coming to this earth we lived as spirits in a “pre-existence”, during which we were tested; our position in this life (whether born to Mormons or savages, or in America or Africa) is our reward or punishment for our obedience in that life.
      • Dark skin is a curse from God, the result of our sin, or the sin of our ancestors. If sufficiently righteous, a dark-skinned person will become light-skinned.
      • The Garden of Eden was in Missouri. All humanity before the Great Flood lived in the western hemisphere. The Ark transported Noah and the other survivors to the eastern hemisphere.
      • Not only will human beings be resurrected to eternal life, but also all animals – everything that has ever lived on earth – will be resurrected and dwell in heaven.
      • Christ will not return to earth in any year that has seen a rainbow.
      • Mormons should avoid traveling on water, since Satan rules the waters.
      • The sun receives its light from the star Kolob.
      • If a Gentile becomes Mormon, the Holy Ghost actually purges his Gentile blood and replaces it with Israelite blood.
      • A righteous Mormon will actually see the face of God in the Mormon temple.
      • You can identify a false angel by the color of his hair, or by offering to shake his hand.

  44. signalfire1 says:

    Who’s counting the votes in November? I find it hard to believe Romney is polling as high as he ostensibly is, and we’ve already seen what his goons are capable of doing against other candidates in the primary states. Have the Diebolt machines been taken out of service?

  45. emadis41 says:

    Romney wants us to trust him, and how? He cornered himself into a difficult position and allowed his party to go down as anti- this and that. No clear vision for the future, only vague claims that more tax cuts for the ultra-rich will spur the economy. Although he changes positions on a whim, as it goes. When he ran for the MA Senate and Gov. he claimed to be moderate, now he says he was “Severely Conservative”.

    Tax cuts and austerty measure will not help the economy, it will worsen it. Cutting Fed spending will further the decline in domestic spending, thus curtail any chance for recovery. it is stats that they wanted to ignore even attack Dems for every evil the last GOP admn should shoulder. Two wars and Prescription bill, all unpaid for. They also attacked Obama and said he is worst than J.Carter. Well, Carter was a fiscal conservative and the economy grow under his watch faster than any other President. it was the Fed res, Volker who raised the premium very rapidly causing a recession at he end of Carters term.

    Stats are clear. Who created more Jobs: Clinton 23 million jobs, Carter 10.3 million, then Reagan 16 million jobs, Kennedy/Johnson 16 million, Nixon/Ford 11 million, the rest of the GOP Pres. produced less than Carter’s 4 years. if carter was re-elected more than 20 million jobs would have been created.

    Note that Reagan raised taxes several times and diverted the economy into War economy, everything was diverted into “Defense” related industries alone, everything else had to wait. and Defense Industries amount for a great waste of resources. Then come the Bush wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the “Private Defense Contractors”, coupled with his huge tax cuts aimed for the wealthy “Job Creators”, who created 0 jobs, all GWB has to show for is 2 millions jobs in 8 years. Would Romney Tax cuts be better? you run the math.

  46. blu4u says:

    … a must see clip …. on the flip flopping candidate mitt romney -its not the news, reporters, people … in mitts own words …… hehehehehehe …. how can u not see the idiotic man for what he is .. or is not .. or is .. or is not as romney would say

    – YOUTUBE VIDEO’S – “STILL VOTING FOR MITT ROMNEY?” its hilarious and undeniable …. even republicans can’t deny this one ….. if he looks like .. sounds like an idiot … he is one !!!!! people get the message ….

  47. I think the real fear that Romney has is that by revealing his tax forms from the past few years, it may expose him to charges of voter fraud. For example, did he vote in a different state than his declared legal residence as stated on his US tax form?

  48. Jane says:

    Even lesbians (and the “infirmed”) need hormonal birth control pills sometimes. Actually, they are pretty commonly prescribed for various issues regarding the reproductive organs.

  49. Joel says:

    Willard is a draft dodger who can count on him now when missing in action when duty call.

  50. iban perez says:

    romney’s businesses seem to hinge on speculative financials that have little impact on job provision . this experience may not serve him well in planning for the creation of real jobs and services for the ordinary citizens that they can alleviate their prevailing economic hardship.

  51. As a Canadian watching the America Election on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX I am amazed that this election is even close! Yes the 1% can try to buy the election and the vote. But it is still the 99% that gets to vote.Why would any one with a pre condition vote any GOP. Why would any of the 30,ooo,000 who have no health care vote for any GOP ? Why would any woman vote for the GOP? Or any man for that matter? Do the men not see what will happen if the women do not have birth control or abortions? There will be alot more daddies paying for playing. Why would any one that pays a tax rate greater than Whats His Name vote GOP? Where is the common sense? My daughter says that there is no such thing as commone sense, if there was, everyone would have some! I agree!

  52. Montanabill, you have no idea how insurance works! Or how civilization works. If I do not have a car, should I not pay for roads? If I did not have a hart attack, should I not help someon who did? Do I only buy coverage after I have a hart attack, or do I buy car insurance after I had the accident? Such red neck s——-y.

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