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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sean Hannity has mocked Barack Obama’s use of a teleprompter over 200 times, but when it comes to presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, he thinks it’s smart strategy.

“It does make some sense,” Romney said of using a teleprompter. “It keeps you from saying something you don’t mean, you get the message out.”

The unaired exchange was released by Gawker’s Fox News Mole.

Hannity, perhaps confident he would never be heard by anyone wary of his credibility, concurred.

“Yeah, of course it does. It’s smart. You don’t want to make a mistake. I’ll tell you, they’re out to eviscerate anybody who makes a mistake.”

As the Fox News Mole — Joe Muto — points out, the hypocrisy here is egregious. Obama’s speaking abilities and charisma have been the subject of more conservative (and Hannity in particular) ire than any policy or proposal of his campaign or administration.

But most noteworthy is the ongoing tendency of Romney to openly, almost gleefully talk political strategy. This is a man who genuinely loves the game of politics, even if he practices it with wooden calculation.

Click here to see the video of Hannity and Romney talking shop off the air.

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  • Hannity certainly uses one during his TV show. It is hard to imagine that anyone could carry on a show for hours per week without one. Dead air is a curse to all TV folks, so the text is their before the speaker to ensure steady converstaion.

    It is equally obvious that if anyone requires and needs a teleprompter it is Rommey. All Presidents in recent memory have used teleprompters, and to expect Obama to not do so is just childish and moronic chatter. The great communicator and icon of the Republican Party Ronald Reagan used his teleprompter very well. Why Hannity and such are flogging this canard speaks volumes about them and little about the device itself. A truly shameful waste of time and effort.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Have you ever seen Obozo speak without the TOTUS in front of him? I agree. Obozo definitely SHOULD use the TOTUS because he makes America look as stupid as him without it!

    • Okoroafor

      Obozo, you are simply as hateful and sick as Hannity. Get a life and deal with the idea of a black man in the white house. That is really what’s been bothering you, Hannity, The Tea Party, and all the other idiots that make up your group.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Oko… why do racist bigots like you see everything through skin color? Is it possible to disagree witih Obozo’s policies and NOT be a racist? Of course it is. But racist bigots like you love to play the race card so much that no one listens to you anymore. race race race blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah… you have turned into nothing more than noise!

        • Okoroafor

          Why don’t you make a cogent argument on those policies that you believe are not right. What are those policies you consider socialist? Previously, you considered “The Affordable Healthcare Law”, socialist, with total disregard of the provision for individual responsibility..”Individual Mandate.” So in your world, making people pay for their own healthcare is socialism, or simply because Obama proposed it, it has to be wrong. People who are not racists base their criticisms on policy analysis, not on right wing talking points that make no sense.

        • Nicodemus1976

          You really must pardon Okoroafor for making that assumption, but, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote, “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” It is undeniable that the United States is in much better shape now than it was four years ago, and that is in large part a result of policies supported by, or stemming from, President Obama’s agenda. With what do you so fervently disagree? Our soldiers returning from war? Our unemployed millions finally finding work? Our financial markets rebounding and soaring to record levels?

          Oh, by the way. His name is Barack Obama. His title is President Obama, or Mr. President, or at the very least, as a fellow human being, Mr. Obama. He’s your President, like it or not. The office alone should command more respect than you gave in your first vitriolic comment. At the very least, you should show some courtesy to the position, even though I can think of no conceivable reason for disrespecting on a personal level someone you don’t know. Maybe that’s why Okoroafor pegged you for a racist. Maybe you aren’t. All racism is bigotry, but not all bigots are racists.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Maybe this comes as a surprise to you… maybe not… but I am not now nor was I ever a hardcore Bush fan and I certainly do not defend his horrendous fiscal record nor his blind eye to illegal immigration. And Obozo is Bush on steroids in both regards. But, for you to stand all high and mighty like the office commands respect and that we should not make vitriolic comments about how stupid Obozo is is the HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY! You leftist nutjobs from the lowest blog poster to the backbenchers in the media to the top of the mainstream media to policians in the US Congress were mercilous in your personal attacks of George Bush! And you friggin know it! So dont give me your “respect the office” junk. Obozo IS a moron! Plain and simple! But you all are so sucked in to the cult of personality that is Obozo that you will never wake up.

            Have a nice day!

        • BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, the village idiot(obozo) continues to pollute the dialog.

        • Rob

          Name the policies that you don’t agree with and why? Thanks.

        • Lazarus1957

          Say what you want, but Obama will be your President for 4 more years. Hope that makes you feel better. A little XLAX wouldn’t hurt either.

    • Um, that would be “he,” not “him” as in “he is without it” as compared to “him is without it.”
      I always get a kick out of those comments that imply President Obama is anything less than smart; they nearly always have grammatical errors. Normally I wouldn’t care, but if you’re going to question another’s ability with the language, you’d better have your ducks in a row.

    • perplejado

      Another ad hominem attack from Obozo, how quaint, perhaps you should stop using your computer until you can come up with a cogent argument that does not rely upon irrelevant folderol.

    • Jim_n_Panama

      you forgot to mention your main motivation Obozo. Blackness.

    • Yes- January 29, 2010 at the House Republican Retreat in Baltimore.

      For 90 minutes, the president spoke about healthcare reform, answered questions and responded to accusations.

      Many Republicans later posed for pictures with the president and spoke nicely to and about him.

      Later, to the media, these same people mocked and insulted him (i.e. Virginia Fox). It was truly disgusting.

      Google it.

    • Well actually I’ve witnessed the President speaking without a prompter several times and he did very well. Do you really have something against technology being used? All of our recent leaders have used the prompter to assist them in making their point when speaking, without being haranged for doing so. Why the obsession over such a benign issue?

      • ObozoMustGo

        Lynda… I did not write the article…….. hmmmmmmm

    • ralphkr

      Well, at least Obama does better without a teleprompter than baby Bush (Shrub?) did while using a teleprompter. Even with all the aids in the world available ole G. W. was always capable of sounding like a complete idiot and also succeeded in alienating the entire world against the US.

      • ObozoMustGo

        ralphie…. go to YouTube and watch the hours of Obozo gaffes. You’ll see, but you wont believe your eyes and ears because you dont want to. Truth be told, Joe “Gaffe Machine” Biteme is the absolute dumbest man to ever hold an executive office in American history. Hands down, he is stone cold stupid!

        Re: Bush v. Obozo on foreign matters — Bush was very successful at alienating all of our enemies. Obozo is successful at alienating our allies! Dont think that’s true? Read the British papers or any other news that comes from actual news sources that are somewhat objective. Get away from MSLSD that’s poisoning your mind with leftist nutjob filth and all the other US media who are just part of the DemocRATic party propaganda machine. They only succeed in making you stupid.

        Have a nice day!

        • ralphkr

          Gee, Obozo, you must be a lot younger than I thought since you obviously do not remember VP Dan Quayle who set the standard for Vice Presidential stupidity and makes Biden’s well known gaffes appear to be words of genius in comparison. Since you claim that Bush only alienated our enemies I gather that you consider Canada, U.K., France, Italy, Germany, (Oh, just list all NATO), Japan as enemies since the only countries Bush snuggled up to were Mexico and Saudi Arabia. I gather that you consider CBC and BBC as part of the US media since you say that media outside the US exposes how Obama has alienated our allies and neither the Canadian nor the British broadcast news that I listen to have ever stated that we were an enemy, criticized, yes, but not claimed that. My favorite was during the Bush era and the talking head read the President Bush statement that Iraq must take more responsibility for their security. The reader paused, looked up at the camera, thought for a moment, and stated, “International law states that an occupying force is responsible for internal security.” This really pleased me since absolutely no US anchor would DARE say such a thing about a Republican President unless it was in the script written by the network’s Republican owners.

  • oldhorsema

    Even though one risks sickness to ones stomache from watching Hannity, it makes sense for intelligent folks to see what a useless blow hard Hannity actually is. His dedication to daily smearing and sniping at the president of the United States through use of full and half lies, should be obvious the damage this idiot has done to the Republican party.

  • Wow, Hannity is a hypocrite? If you needed a mole at fox to understand that fact, this story probably has too many big words for you to read anyway.

  • I never watch Hannity but I will say this. The reason the Republican candidate is always complaining about the telepromter is because like George W. he has some issues with reading sentences fluidly and so feels intimidated by those who can.

  • Typically hypocritically FOX.