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Monday, October 24, 2016

Mitt Romney attempted close his overwhelming deficit among Latino voters with a speech to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) this afternoon, but he refused to answer the question on everyone’s minds: would he overturn President Obama’s executive order halting the deportation of DREAM Act eligible youth?

In the speech, Romney claimed that he would create a long term solution to America’s illegal immigration problem.

“Some people have asked if I will let stand the President’s executive action. The answer is that I will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the President’s temporary measure,” Romney said. “As President, I won’t settle for a stop-gap measure. I will work with Republicans and Democrats to find a long-term solution.”

Of course, Romney failed to explain what that long term solution would be. Nor did he explain how he would treat President Obama’s executive order while a long term solution was being crafted, or what he would do if Congress is unable to pass any legislation (after all, both George W. Bush and Barack Obama tried and failed to push Congress to act on comprehensive immigration reform.)

Romney went on to promise that “As President, I will stand for a path to legal status for anyone who is willing to stand up and defend this great nation through military service,” and that “if you get an advanced degree here, we want you to stay here – so we will staple a green card to your diploma.”

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  • If Romney gets elected, he needs to reverse that immigration amnesty! We will have MORE hordes of illegals coming all hoping for amnesty also. Obama is a moron and a traitor to this nation. Who the hell is supposed to pay for the housing,education and jobs for these almost a million more people? It wont be him!
    He is busy sending millions to Kenya to relieve them of their “stress”, whiel heaping more tax burdens and disaster on the American people. he needs to get the hell OUT of OUR oval office!

    • WhutHeSaid

      I have a better idea: All bigots who hate immigration can go back to the country where their family IMMIGRATED from, and good riddance. Knuckle-dragging xenophobes are a dying breed, but not fast enough for normal people.

      • CPANY

        The difference is that my ancestors came here legally, starting in 1866. Further, they came here wanting to be Americans. The crap that we getting now don’t want to be Americans. They want to make money and go back to their third world dumps.


        You’re a buffoon and sound like an illegal alien.

        • ChristoD

          Damn CPANY keep writing this stuff and you will qualify as one of the most illiterate of illiterates. Your family has been in the US since 1866 ? In all that time, they still haven’t shaken the bigotry out of your sorry ass ? Lord help us. By the way, my people came here in 1910 and it only took them one generation to create a true American. Ya’ see there CPANY, a TRUE American looks at the facts and THEN make a judgement as opposed to have a preconceived opinion and shape the facts based on that opinion. That is called ‘accepted ignorance’. Get the picture ?

        • WhutHeSaid

          Bullshit, they probably just barely escaped the noose in their home country.

          My family never had to immigrate, knuckle-dragger. I promise you that had real Americans known your family would spawn generations of rabid bigots, they would have turned them away to face whatever they were running from in the first place. This country would be ever so much better without sordid characters who froth at the mouth about everyone else when they should take a good look in the mirror instead.

      • I like that idea. I am 1/4 blooded Native American Indian. I hope that means you will be going bye bye with the rest of the bigots!

        • WhutHeSaid

          How clever you are. My family didn’t immigrate to this country – what do you suppose that means, Einstein?

          If any of your ‘quarters’ are festering with bigotry, please feel free to self-deport and good riddance.

    • Why do you assume that everyone you refer to as an “illegal” will become a public charge? Many of these immigrants are already here – already have jobs – already have education – already serve or have served or will serve in the military. These are people just like the rest of us. Does it make you feel better to talk about them like they were animals? I agree with WhatHeSaid – bigots like you should leave and the sooner the better.

      • CPANY

        “Many” did this, “many” did that. How many, if any? You like to use generalizations because you don’t have any facts. You’re a liberal windbag.

        The illegals are not like the rest of us. They don’t speak English. They aren’t loyal to America. They don’t belong here.

        I should leave? Why should I? I was born here. You should leave, you lousy traitor. You’re probably an illegal sleazebag yourself.

        • ChristoD

          Actually your leaving would be a blessing to our country CPANY. One less ‘accepted ignorance’ type like you, the better. Get a grip. Your generalizations point to an ‘accepted ignorance’ of the facts. Why are YOU asking questions about generalizations and then using generaliztions yourself ? Dumb, Man, real dumb. Get the real facts and then, if you are right, which I seriously doubt, use the DATA to support your comments. Until then go slither back into your la-la universe of bigotry and hate.

        • WhutHeSaid

          Don’t insult real Americans by lumping them together with rabid, sleazeball bigots. Speak for yourself, because real Americans don’t agree with your slime-speak.

        • johninPCFL

          Even the thousands who have served in the military? They don’t deserve to be here?

        • rustingdreams

          VERY nasty CPANY!! Greg got it right!

        • DurdyDawg

          Obviously you care only for number one.. I’d hate to be your neighbor and need help with my invalid grandmother. Probably would have to present her birth certificate before you”d call 911 for me.

          • CPANY


            Your self-imposed handle is appropriate. Nothing that you wrote pertains to what I wrote. Apparently, you’re unable to cobble together an appropriate response to my post, so you fall back on gibberish.

          • DurdyDawg

            “You should leave. You’re probably an illegal sleazebag yourself.”

            I didn’t type this.. I didn’t insult perfect strangers that you know nothing about save to bolster your bigoted ego.. Your a gas bag.. Nothing else needs to be said.

    • johninPCFL

      Yeah, because all illegals come here to have their kids wait 18 years to gain a green card.

      The green cards he’s talking about are for those who have performed military service (no need to pay for their housing, etc. they’re doing it for themselves) or are going to college (paid for by their parents or scolarships).

      GWB sent $10B to Africa per year, so I’m sure plenty went to Kenya. Why start complaining now?

    • DurdyDawg

      As usual, your an uninformed mouth piece.. What does, ‘those who were born in or came with their parents as children’ mean to you? This doesn’t give carte blanc for hordes of immigrants, only for those who have (probably) lived here longer than you . This is for Americans who can’t declare their citizenship. Read the article closer next time.

  • He always tries to talk out of both sides of his mouth, but he never says anything!!!!

    • montanabill

      Are you referring to the President’s speech the other night?

      • johninPCFL

        RMoney’s speech today.

      • EdC

        Apparently you are not bright enough to understand straight talk. Your mind Must be completely destroyed by faux news, and I thought only drugs and/or booze could do that.

        • montanabill

          Straight talk I can understand just fine. It was the “ahhhh, unnnh, progress, ahhh, unhh, frame work, ahhh”, I didn’t understand. Perhaps, since you apparently are fully conversant in the President’s ‘straight talk’, you could enlighten us as to what he said and why it was a brilliant speech.

  • Landsende

    He’s for immigration reform, he’s not, he is, he’s not, he is, he’s not , ad infinitum. Can we believe anything he says?

    • CPANY

      No. Any day now, I expect him to come as clean as he can and say “Tell me what you want to hear and I’ll say it,”

      • DurdyDawg

        (when pigs fly).

    • edwardw69

      Landsende, yes, we can believe Mr. Romney…………..When he says we are going to war against Iran (when Israel tells us to) and then Cuba, where he says he will aggressively change the regime. Also, we can believe there will be massive tax cuts for the wealthy, and increased taxes on the poor and the middle class (Mr. Ryan’s budget.) I believe him on these. (Nothing else.)

      • CEMQ


        Agree with your assesment 100%

  • 4gls8

    Isn’t stapling a green card to the diploma of an illegal immigrant’s diploma making it more difficult for American born graduates to find jobs? This seems to be inconsistant Good Old Party Politics.

    • johninPCFL

      Depends on the field. The tech sector is nearing full employment now. If the immigrant is in one of those fields, he’ll be displacing an H1B from India or China.

  • Sam1895

    He is confusing and will say and do anything to be president.

    • He is playing with the mind of those who can not think themselves, but I wish he could understand there are very few left!

    • montanabill

      As will the current occupant of that position.

      • CPANY

        I think that Mittens is more of a dissembler than Obama.

    • Sam 1895 are right . He will say and do anything ..such as gay marraige and Ammnesty for Illegals when returning Veterans cant even find work . That Obozo will do anything including covering up a Murder of a border agent HE is responsible for . He invoked Executive Priviledge to cover up for Holder and HIS own misdeeds . When he was a Senator ( for 143 days in which he stayed on the sidelines voting present 86% of the time while criticizing leaders who made the hard calls) He criticized Bush for doing just that ( exerting Exectutive Priviledge ). He Promised an open REGIME and has done the opposite . He is a Liberal Liar and a Hypocrite . To exert Executive Priviledge means he had to be involved in the Scandal that resulted in the murder of Border Agent Terry . 1st he LIED and claimed Incompetent Racist Holder had nothing to do with it andthat HE knew nothing .Then he promised that they would be open and transparent and then he LIED and gave ISSA NOTHING .. Executive Priviledge can only be exerted when there was communication or knowledge by the President himself . Ok so 1st they had nothing to do with it and now they are covering it up . Nixon had the decency to resign and people went to jail for a bungled break in . This is Murder and not only will Obozo do and say anything to get elected his Liberal Cartoon Networks wont even inform or report the story to the loyal flock of Sheeple . Yes you are right he will say or do anything he is so arrogant and he doesnt care what he does to wreck America as long as he can try to get his STUPID ass reelected …the Private Sector is doing just fine . If ANY Repunlican had said something so STUPID it would be National News on all the cartoon networks Libs get their talking points from

      • johninPCFL

        He’s not covering up anything. Issa told Holder to violate a Federal law put into place by Congress, and knew it when he did it.

        The documents Issa is just now requesting (number 9 in a series of new requests) covers a period beginning months after the agent was killed, and long after the F&F program had been shut down. Since that part of the federal investigation is open, is is illegal for Holder to comment or provide the documents, by Congress’ own orders (dating to Reagan and Iran/Contra.)

        • Duhhhhhhh. What have you been listening to??? Brian Terry’s folks deserve an answer. The Justice department has danced around the mulberry bush for the last year. No answer has been given. Why all the dancing. They just don’t want the embarassment or the would produce the documents requested. What is Holder hiding? Why does he not give congress what they want???? They botched the operation which was stupid in the first place and now they are trying to cover it up. That’s really stand’d out. Easy to see if you just look.

          • johninPCFL

            This was the fourth iteration of the program, three were done under GWB, and yes all of them were stupid. The agent was killed in December and the program was shut down in January. The DOJ began investigating and the investigation is open, meaning ongoing. Holder is disallowed by Federal law to discuss the details, meaning he cannot lawfully “give Congress what they want”. Issa knows this and is simply trying to get Holder to violate a Federal law put into place by Congress after Iran/Contra.

        • DurdyDawg

          Don’t waste your truths john, they fall on deaf ears.

      • rustingdreams

        Michael, I am a registered republican, and am sad to tell you that try as I might, I can not find anything about Gov. Romney that makes me want to vote for him. I’ve listened to most of his speaches and debate performances and have no idea where he stands on most issues, except that he refuses to consider a balanced approach to balancing the budget, which common sense tells me we must consider. The bottom line is, sadly, I feel the Gov. will say whatever he thinks you want to hear. While I am dissapointed in Pres. Obama’s performance so far, I will be voting for him in Nov.

      • What are you replying to? Obviously you didn’t read the post, just went off on your own rant. Want to talk murder? What about the Iraq war? Based on lies made by Bush & Cheney, hundreds of brave young Americans killed, thousands wounded, tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed. WHAT about them???

        • catball

          Bush lied and 432 thousand americans died.

      • I must say you have your facts straight Michael. I agree with you 100%. It is amazing the rationale some of these other people use to make their comments. One said that he didn’t know where Romney stands so he will vote for Obozo. Well, I know where Obozo stands and I will vote for anybody besides him. O by the way, I am a registered democrat but I’m fixing that.

        • DurdyDawg

          (good riddance)

        • johninPCFL

          You may want to call up Mark Foley or Larry Craig. Maybe they’d like your vote.

      • DurdyDawg

        So, M.S., Obama is responsible for the murder of a border patrol agent but he’s NOT to be credited for the death of our worst enemy, Ben Laden? Nixon proclaimed over and over that he, “Was not a crook” yet they found that he was.. He didn’t own up to it, he had a (very generous) choice to either resign else face criminal charges and mortification.. What would you have chosen? And finally, your a fool for wanting an idiot as a president.. Neither one may have a speck of morality but Obama is not in the b’ness of striping all the benefits from the middle and poor classes while boosting tax breaks to the wealthy. You don’t like Obama? Then vote your choice, don’t try to sway others to do what they don’t want to do.. You say Obama is screwing up the Country while you allowed Bush to push the button in what is still going on today because of his passing bills for the rich and your willing to0 allow a repeat of that same corruption.. What are you going to do if Mittens get’s in and the debt rises to 25 Trillion? Blame Obama? Ah! Ha! Now you know why we blame Dubya.

      • CEMQ

        Michael Stoll

        Mikey, you just cannot believe all the talking they give you at the Nazi/Klan meetings. Try thinking for yourself and getting familiar with the facts.

      • catball

        Sam, I don’t know what you’re smoking but I want some.

      • Michael , as I read it , the post is about Romney, most of us understan that, chck your ranting,you fell off the wagon a few miles back, shall we stop until you catchup , or is your bigoted mind holding you back?,can’t wait, must move on, not sorry you cannot stay on the wagon!



    When are the American Taliban Republicans going to wise up, and see what a stuffed shirt and loose cannon this guy really is.

    Of course if you liked George W. Bush, your are going to love Mitt Romney.

    You want more Bush years? I sure don’t want any repeats. Ask the New Yorkers if they want another 9/11?

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  • Who the heck does he think he is fooling? He says one thing to get voted as the Republican presidental candidate, then he says the exact opposite thing in order to get elected President. And all the time he keeps a straight face and actually believes that no one remembers what he so adamantly said earlier. Someone should have called him out on it right after his speech. I would have loved to see him blush, stammer & squirm — because that man has some serious ‘splainin’ to do.


    Flippity flop, floppity flip.

  • Hokus pocus, now you see it, now you don’t. But wait, there’s more; aha, see ‘the rabbit?” Rest assured, he’s just getting started, in fact, by the time Romney finishes, he is gonn’a make Houdini look like a second rate amateur, not even worthy of the titile of Magician.

    Is Romney, really that good? Just wait and see – ’cause we have not seen nothing yet – the “first act”, has only begun, the monkeys and all the other performers, still have their parts to showcase too.

  • truthwatcher2

    The Staw Man – – the Mitt’er would be. He was asked a Direct Question by the People who invited him to speak – – and in true Republican Stgealthy form – – attempted to, “Con,” listeners, with a flippant answer, like, Catch Me Later; will have something for you . . . workin on it.

    Latinos and Hispanics deserve to know NOW! It’s a straight-forward question. Answer the Question, Mr. Romney, so we have you on the Record.

    If you are Hispanic, or Latino; don’t be a Fool and support old, “Etcha-Sketch,” until he comes clean! This is a critical issue; and the Country deserves AN ANSWSER! Folks, in all liklihood, he meant, “NO;” you know it, and I know it! Enough of the Lies and Slight of Hand. What kind of Man refuses to LOOK YOU IN THE EYE, and give you an Honest Answer, to one of the most important issues of the Campaign? He has a lot of Balls even showing up at the gathering. His refusal to answer is an ACT OF DISRESPECT toward the Hispanic People. He does not deserve your Vote!

  • joujou228

    Christian conservatives, tea partier look out!

  • The only totally sure thing about Mitt Romney is that he will lie without a moment’s hesitation.

  • The Dream ACT included much that is NOT what he would say he would support. The DREAM Act was someone’s Wet Dream. I’d actually support more than he elaborated upon, but I did not support the DREAM Act, nor do I support Obama’s Carte Blanche support of virtually unlimited amnesty. If anyone is playing tricks, (and dirty ones at that — what he did might not survive his administration even if he does get another 4 years — and he will be screwing people over that would not otherwise be as exposed) it would be Hollywood Obama.

    • johninPCFL

      What unlimited amnesty?

      • DurdyDawg

        You know, the one that the Pubs thought up in order to blame Obama..

      • Virtually unlimited amnesty. Laws that are not enforced are not Laws at all, effectively. You need to tell me how Sebelius and Obama are acting that is not in line with that charge. You don’t see it, I don’t know if that is because you are just not looking at it, or because you lack the ability to interpret what is plain to see. But that does not diminish the fact that Obama’s administration is attempting to do more than the DREAM Act even proposed. The Dream Act was wrong in only one respect: It ASSUMES that all people that are here illegally are productive, and makes it too easy for them to stay, even if they are more of a burden than an asset. Gregory J. Banchy (see comments below) asserts that *many* “of these immigrants are already here – already have jobs – already have education – already serve or have served or will serve in the military.” Fine. I am ok with those that have jobs, even though they may take those jobs from you or I — there are enough legal citizens who are bums. If they want to work, let them work, or go home. Those who serve in the military, when they do it correctly, already *do* have an avenue, not just to residency, but to full-fledged citizenship. But, expecting that education alone, or that they *potentially* might serve in the military is *not* reason to give them the wink and the nod in my book. Obama just opens the floodgates. Fortunately, the legal Hispanic vote is not as impressed as Obama had hoped. He must be hoping that enough illegals can be trained in how to vote illegally to turn the tide that is now going against him.

        As I said — I am against Virtually Unlimited Amnesty. And that is what Obama is all about, whether he is sincere about it, or just pandering for votes in an election cycle. I don’t care so much about his motivations. I could care less what he says, since he is as much of a double talker as most other career politicians — he is just slicker than most. I care about what he does. So should everyone.

        • johninPCFL

          Because the limits of enforcement are clearly defined – under 30YO, completed or attending college or completed military service. The DREAM act assumes that people who complete college or complete military service are (or will be) productive. Large segments of normal immigration allows anyone to appear on the doorstep and be welcomed in with no guarantee they will EVER become productive (think Cuban rafters here.)

          The tech sector is at record employment. The jobs college graduates take are more likely to be those from H1B Indians or Chinese.

        • Mr Lyle Miller so Obama is just slicker than most. Do yourself favor Google George W Bush on Immigration On The Issues and read the FACT.

          From 2000 to 2006 Here are Bush own words America immigration system is outdated, unsuited to the needs of our economy and to the values of our country. We should not be content with laws that punish hardworking people and deny businesses willing workers and invite chaos at our border.

          President Bush saying the nation has failed millions of illegal immigrants who live in FEAR OF DEPORTATION, yesterday proposed an ambitious plan that would allow undocumented worker to legally hold jobs in the US for the first time.

          Bush as so said If they want to become a citizen, they can stand in line, too. And here is where my opponent and I differ.
          In September 2003 he supported amnesty for illegal aliens.

          Expanding on a proposal to improve the INS,Bush pledged $500 million in new spending to cut the time needed to process an immigration application to an average of six months from two years to 12 months and were headed lower. Bush will change the INS policy so that SPOUSES & MINOR CHILDREN OF PERMANENT RESIDENTS CAN APPLY FOR VISITOR VISAS WHILE THEIR IMMIGRATION APPLICATION ARE PENDING

          Called for reforming the high tech export control system by allowing American Companies to sell product in the international marketplace when these products are readily available in foreign or mass markets.
          Bush own word New Americans are to be WELCOMED AS NEIGHBORS and not to be feared as STRANGERS.


          • Boy, you sure like to yell a lot. Just where did I say that I supported Amnesty ala Bush? That is right. I didn’t. So stop deflecting and trying to put words in my mouth. Bush was correct in saying that there is a problem. Mitt says pretty much the same. I doubt that anyone out there will say that there is not some problem, even if they differ in their ideas on how to solve it.

            I am against carte blanche amnesty. I have no problem with supporting work visa’s, but have a problem with the idea that such a visa gives unlimited access for unlimited time. Obama wants votes so he gives out carte blanche amnesty. It is easy to vote, even if you should not be able to vote. He knows this and is counting on it, just like he counted on the support of ACORN four years ago.

            Spouses and children of already documented, *legal* permanent residents, I have no problem with that. So stop yelping like a female dog in heat. Thank you.

    • The only comments regarding ‘unlimited amnesty’ are coming from you my friend. Just where do you get such nonsense?

      • Did you read the DREAM Act? I didn’t think so. And Obama’s Carte Blanche is more by what he and Sebelius have been doing than anything else, legislation by Executive Fiat. Not the way it should be done, and thankfully, overturned by Obama’s removal, which if you are watching the latest Gallup Polls, is something that we can truly HOPE for. His tricks, whether next year or five years from now, *will* come to an end.

  • hsmith6490

    well this whole immigration thing is a mess and i disagree with obama on this he is right we need a more permanent solution.Obamas solution only encourages more ilegal immigration

    • rmarqua2921

      The Republicans had eight years to produce a solution! Absolutely nothing! The Democrats bring forth the Dream Act! Every attempt by Obama and the Democrats to pass the Dream Act, have been defeated by the Republicans! Did they come up with their own version? I haven’t seen it or any evidence that they did! Same old story, if the Democrats or Obama propose it just vote it down! Don’t put anything its place, don’t express any ideas, don’t negotiate, don’t give a s**t about American people, it is all about us! And now they come along and said Obama did nothing for Latinos! These people aren’t stupid!

    • johninPCFL

      Sure, because illegals plan to come here and spend 18 years nurturing their children so they can join the military or finish college.

  • karinursula

    First of all why would any illegal immigrants want to come to this country? There are no jobs. Of course there is fieldwork which any hotblooded American doesn’t do. Second we are talking about immigrants who have been here many years, came here as children. If they are in the military I would hope that they get a green card.
    I also wonder if Romney can remember all his lies that he tells. He tells so many it would be hard. I watched every GOP debate, he made it perfectly clear what he wanted to with the
    I came to this country 40 years ago from Germany. I married an G.I. I love this country, but I don’t like what I’m seeing today. It is hard for me to believe how many racist are in this country.

  • servive

    This dude is on Prozac!

  • bigsurmac

    How can voters tell when Mitt Romney is lying?
    His lip is barely moving.

  • dpdesigns

    The real reason he shook the Etch-A-Sketch is because he didn’t know how to work the damn thing. Children of privilege don’t get cheap simple toys. They get the expensive ones the 99 percent wish they could have. Ponies for instance..

  • onedonewong

    Long term solution would require illegals i this country to obey the law. They need to return and then wait their turn like everyone else. Right now illegals cost this country hundreds of billions a year so unless Mexico is willing to pony up the $$$ they need to sent a bill for their expense to this country. If they can pay it then they can move to the top of the immigration line for those applying from Mexico.
    As for Romney being behind in the Hispanic electorate who knows??? You have at least 10 Million illegal Hispanics in this country so their % of the population is about 10-11% far less than the Census number that claims they are 16% of the populace

  • Romney Is Just A Big Flip, Flopping, Lying SOCIOPATH!!! Kissing The Koch Brothers Butt!!

  • Mr. Romney has on mind a ” Nazi Style Final Solution” .That,s why he is unwilling to go into
    specific details.

  • Mr. Romney has on mind a ” Nazi Style Final Solution”.That,s why he does not want to go into specific details.Secrecy is of the essence for all evil plans:promise but do not deliver.
    Double talk but never explain!

  • ctruskey

    Every four years we go through this. What minority group is going to decide the outcome of the presidential election? This year once again it’s the Hispanic vote. So we get those running for president saying and doing things to attract the Hispanic vote. President Obama didn’t do a thing for immigration reform when he had a super majority in Congress and now he has decided to ignore the law and let selected groups of illegal’s stay in the USA. Romney says he will work with Congress to pass his and Rubio’s version of the dream act. How about this, enforce the laws on the books now and deport all illegal immigrants until the law is changed by Congress. This is the fairest way to deal with illegal immigrates, no special interest are involved, one group of illegal’s isn’t pitted against another, even and fair playing field. Isn’t that want President Obama wants? Everyone treated the same way on an even playing field. Okay now start with the profanity and insults in your replies to this.

    • johninPCFL

      Nothing, other than the immigration reform bill that passed the House and was filibustered to death by the GOP in the Senate, you mean? And after deporting more illegals so far than GWB did the previous DECADE, you don’t notice?

      • ctruskey

        Yes I did notice, but what has that got to do with picking and choosing who to deport and which laws to enforce?

        • johninPCFL

          So, spending the money to deport folks is GOOD. OK, we’re going to spend a few $billion, so who do we deport first? The kids who came here as innocents and have never known any other place as home, or the violent criminals? Which, in your mind, is the better choice for the money?

  • Lisztman

    Romney, again, with the words du jour. How convenient that he can stand up and say anything that’s convenient. When I was a kid my mom would smack me for lying.

  • The real slap in the face is the remark about.. “As president, I will stand for a path to legal status for anyone who is willing to stand up and defend this great nation through military service.. “refering to Latinos and yet He never stood up to defend this Great Nation Himself !

    • johninPCFL

      It’s not a requirement for those born here. For those who come here and do it because they love the place, well that for me says “welcome them and let them stay”. They’ve demonstrated more than Cheney, Obama, Cantor, McConnell, Gingrich, Cain, Romney, the Cuban rafters, etc.

  • He ran off to France as a Morman missionary !

  • Lisztman

    “Deport all illegal immigrants…” Sounds like a simple solution. You should run for Congress on the Tea Party line. 1) You might enjoy a career in picking raspberries or changing bed linens. 2) What do YOU do when the parents are illegal immigrants and the children are US citizens because they were born here? Your overly simplistic solution betrays your ignorance.

    “Obama didn’t do a thing for immigration reform when he had a super majority in Congress…” But, for example, they DID pass the ACHA (aka ObamaCare, because you probably don’t recognize the official name) — and all you and yours have done for the last two years is squawked that something was rammed down your throats.
    Put a little thought into what you’re saying. I doubt if you can manage a big one.

    • edwardw69

      Last year, Georgia farmers lost almost $1 billion in spoiled produce, because the state’s new immigration law sent the workers packing. And all those unemployed Americans who were going to take those jobs………didn’t. It’s suppose to be even worse this year, and that’s just Georgia.

    • johninPCFL

      The idiots also missed that immigration reform was passed by the House and got 55 votes for Cloture in the Senate. Unfortunately the GOP filibuster killed the best chance for meaningful immigration reform in our lifetimes.

  • pandapal

    So, what’s it going to be Mitt? How long are you going to play the “waffle” game before you figure out that everyone has caught on? When do you think you might make a statement that doesn’t change at the next stop?

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  • Don’t worry believe him and he’ll respect you in the morning.

  • jarheadgene

    HA HA….MR. Etch A Sketch !!!! “Believe what I am telling you at this moment, not what I said yesterday, or what I will say tomorrow, only believe what I say at this moment.” The Mormon wouldn’t know the TRUTH if he tripped over it, which is why he is a devout Mormon.

  • Romney are not giving any straight answers regarding immigration reform. I think the U S immigrants are getting the message.

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  • W1n5t0nP

    I believe the biggest problem Americans face today is a disingenous and ineffective congress. Unfortunately, the time may have come to consider the ramifications of a referendum on term limits in order to fix it. We the people are the employers of our governance. If the staff of a business any given size functioned the way congress does, the doors would be closed.