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Friday, October 21, 2016

Poor Mitt Romney. He keeps trying to prop up his bad policy proposals with gimmicky political props that flop.

He recently unveiled his energy policy, for example, in Hobbs, N.M., rather than in ExxonMobil’s boardroom, which is the only place his oil-soaked proposal would actually receive genuine, full-throated huzzahs. But a group of hip-hip-hooraying fat-cats in suits is not quite the down-home, regular-guy image that Mr. Multimillionaire is presently trying to project to voters. Thus, like a flimflam man pitching snake oil, Romney set up an outdoor stage in front of an oil rig in Hobbs, and a local industry chieftain assembled an audience of workers in hard hats to be his regular-guy props.

To add to the hype, he had a chart with a bar graph onstage with him, supposedly to give a smear of credibility to his wondrous claims. However, the chart was too small for the audience to see, plus the wind kept threatening to blow it off the stage. No problem, though — Romney just faked it.

“On the left hand side,” he flimmed and flammed, “you see a bar there that represents, you can’t read the writing, it’s too far back, but I can read it … so I’m going to tell you what it says.” Then he concluded with: “As you can see” — even though people could not see it. It was perfect PR puffery.

Only, it didn’t work. As he pitched a policy that literally had been written by Big Oil drillers, frackers and pipeliners, his audience of hard hats looked on in bafflement. It was as though they were watching a rich financier and buddy of the bosses trying to sell them a pig in a poke — which is exactly what they were selling.

Romney failed to mention it during his show-and-tell flimflam routine, but on his way to Hobbs, he stopped in Texas, where he picked up a cool $7 million from oil executives at an industry fundraiser. Now that’s the genuine Mitt.

  • Harold Hamm, looks like a pig-man and proposing an all-pork diet.

  • Rich-oil thugs allowed to writte the policy???? Wow…like you say, is like asking the coyote to guard your last lamb chop!!!!! I hope people pay attention to this things or we are doom with this clowns that only cateres to their own interest

  • William Deutschlander

    Just trust Romney, if you are ignorant enough to elect him, he will tell you what their plans for the country are, after he takes the oath of office, and you are stuck with the imbicile.

    The Republican “GREEDY BASTARDS” want it all for the top 2%. Worst part of that is 23% of the electorate are to ignorant to realize this fact.

    • jebediah123

      You’re right about the “ignorant electorate”. If my neighbor is any illustration to that fact, he would be the national poster boy for stupidity. Rush Limbaugh, Hannityand Glenn Beck=THE GODS OF TRUTH!

      • granted they’re ignorant, but it’s not their fault. they’ve been intentionally misinformed and disinformed — by experts. question is how do we reach them to change their opinions? wish i knew.

        It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled
        — Mark Twain

  • 11211951

    Finally, a common sense energy plan to extract our OWN resources instread of paying sky high prices to TERRORISTS!!!

    • Netherwood

      “our OWN resources” !?! You fail to realize that the owners of the resources are the corporations that extract them from the earth. Once that’s done, the resources are for sale in the world market. We don’t get to own anything, or event a discount. The only thing we get to own is the legacy of environmental damage, which is a very real cost the corporations pass on to us. The politicians who take their contributions are their front men who keep the laws favorable to them. The only energy independence we will ever achieve will come from renewable energy: sun, wind, and geothermal, that no one can sell us, after the installations are done.

      • CAThinker

        Well said… Which exposes that whole Keystone Pipeline scam. The oil that pipeline is going to deliver isn’t going to make gas cheaper for us here – if they wanted to make US gas cheaper they would pipe it to Long Beach or Ohio or wherever else they refine oil. The only reason to pump it to the Gulf of Mexico is to put it in tankers to ship overseas… Sure, you would get to hire workers, but hire the workers anyway and have them fix our highways and bridges… That way we all could benefit, not just the oil industry fat cats…

        • Netherwood

          And why the pipelines for the Pennsylvania natural gas fracking companies are being built to the Chesapeake and maybe across New Jersey. They’ve been exporting energy products for a few years now, mainly to Europe. We’re the new Native Americans – the resources of our land are being taken and sold.

      • 11211951

        Of course oil prices are determined by the world market, that doesn’t mean oil extracted here won’t naturally be purchased and refined and used here, thereby making us energy independent. Solar, wind, geothermal are not going to make us energy independent for 50 years or more. We have abundant supplies of oil and coal, we need to start building nuclear plants, to not do so is national suicide. Environmental damage?? Only those truly dedicated to the destruction of capitalism and free enterprise, and, indeed, freedom itself are buying into the fraudulent claims of CO2 from the use of fossil fuels causing global warming. It’s suicidal, and I for one and not going to sit and watch my children’s future destroyed by leftist enviro-morons!

        • johninPCFL

          In fact, that’s exactly what it means. “Oil futures” is a term everyone’s heard and no-one understands. It is a contract to deliver oil at a set price at a set time. That price is determined by bidding on a world stage. If a US company bids the highest price, they get the contract. By bidding the highest price, they set the lowest cost for gasline and other refined products. Refineries today are running below top capacity (i.e. they could refine more if they chose to) and our largest export is gasoline. That means that Chinese and Indians are out-bidding US companies.

          Oil pumped in Alaska is not delivered to the US unless a refiner in the US buys it. Oil pumped in the Gulf of Mexico is brough ashore in Louisiana because that’s where the bulk tankers dock.

          The tar-sands oil from Canada through Keystone was destined for China. Moving it through the US to Louisiana was just cheaper than moving it to the Pacific Ocean, and carried the benefit that any leaks would not harm Canadian property.

    • Instead, he’ll give billions and control to extortionists who’ll sell it overseas!

    • ralphkr

      Oh, come on, 11211951, come back to the real world. We could drill in every inch of our country and be hip deep in oil but, the price of oil in the US would be the world price. Supply and demand does not work in markets such as this because local supply has nothing to do with local pricing (except where the government subsidizes the retail outlets) but oil, just like every commodity, goes to where the money is highest. For example, demand is down in the US while productivity has shown a significant increase but local fuel prices have gone up because…NOW PAY ATTENTION…the US is exporting more oil to be sold to the highest bidder.

      By the way, XL pipeline shall not increase the amount of oil in the US because the owners intend to have the oil processed in a duty free plant in Texas and pumped aboard tankers. (The beauty of their plan is that they shall avoid being taxed in either Canada or the US.) This information comes directly from prospectus of the companies involved.

  • Melvin Chatman

    “Thugs of a Feather, Plot Together”

  • howa4x

    This is the same thing Channey did during the failed Bush administration. The oil companies dominated the plan. This is the republican way, use a lot of oil at the right price. A energy crisis to Republicans in when all cars get 50 miles to the gallon and solar panels are on every house.

    • Netherwood

      TheBush energy policy was negotiated in secret with the usual suspects, and it was Justice Scalia who insured that it was kept a secret. The same justice who tipped the 2000 election to Bush.

  • desertdustoff

    Duh!!!…why do you think…same old thing…same song, 2nd verse! Let’s see “stopped in texass where he picked up a cool (illegally cool) $7 million from oil executives.” Now what’s that question again? Why did he have an oil guy (fat cat) rethuglican, texaas millionaire write his energy plan? Why? Why?? Because it’s the gop (greed over people), repugnican, rethuglican, all for the mega rich, tea baggin (kkk), talibangelical, anti-middle class, party that doesn’t give a hoot in hell for any body except the mega rich. Simple…what traitors!!

  • The Republican’s “job plan” was a polluter’s wet dream. Non enforcement of pesky enviromental regulations until after unemployment was below 6%. The only jobs that bill would create would be in the health services industry. Enforcement of enviromental laws would not only create jobs, but spur new R&D.

    I do not “get” this emphasis on domestic oil. Oil is a global commodity , OPEC sets the price. We are in an energy hole and digging it deeper does not seem to be a good plan.

  • Mitt wins big oil will control America! Fascism!

  • onedonewong

    Why did Barak allow his major campaign donations walk off with $25 Billion in taxpayer $$$

  • [Only, it didn’t work. As he pitched a policy that literally had been written by Big Oil drillers, frackers and pipeliners, his audience of hard hats looked on in bafflement. It was as though they were watching a rich financier and buddy of the bosses trying to sell them a pig in a poke — which is exactly what they were selling.]

    suggest a bit more precise editing. last 3 words should be ‘he was selling’, since romney is antecedent.

  • John_Medlin

    Advances made in solar, fuel from woodchips, waste, fuel from algae and natural gas are here and cost effective in the near future. If the country is futher over power by big oil we will lose our progress on a green future.