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Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • Dont mind you having money, but let’s not make it off of poor people and say your create jobs??? Yeah we all can see thru this so called what to be President?????

    • You are right ! Al capone made a lot of money too; nobody ever suggested that he become president or Big Meach (drug lord). Just because somebody made himself a lot of money doesn’t mean he should become president. He was lousy at job creator as governor of Mass (47th out of fifty states in job creation) and Willard Mitt Romney wants to do the same for America; no thanks pal ! Willard is the white rat in the movie Ben; he was the rat that created Bain capital; that entity that bankrupted companies; sucked them dry and left thousands of workers without jobs; pensions or hope; now you want to make this white collar scum your president? Do you really hate blacks/Obama that much? I take back the rat insult; that would be an affront to the rat which is better than Willard Mitt Romney. His father was ok; Willard is a festering boil on the backside of America. If you like boils; then vote for him.

  • pa484

    “I am a gentleman, I live by robbing the poor.”
    George Bernard Shaw

    • Mr. Shaw was referring to Willard M. Romney or the Mittwit.

  • THE FIRST STEPS OF THE RICH TAKE OVER 1982 (Beau) James Gosney

    President Reagan was bad enough as the governor of California. Now he and his administration has started on a quest to end our democracy and re-establish another fascist controlled government. Crush the Unions, stop all middle class wages and keep at this level for years ahead.
    Politicians, bought and paid for. Give amnesty to three million illegal’s and allow vagrants.

    They achieved their goals as of 17 July 2012. Unions have decreased from 60% in 1980 to 29%. Middle class wages have stayed at the same level since 1980 and the top 2%, the rich, incomes have increased 300%. From one right to work state, Texas, in 1980 too 27 states now. Illegal’s have grown in numbers in spite of federal laws. Thanks to our ignorant electorate.

    • The unions were/are being crushed by American rich citizens; not the illegal aliens; for example the Koch brothers’ the ultra right; etc.

    • Edsanjuan

      Oh, Beau: You are SO confused !! Do you really know who would “give amnesty to three million illegals”? Your IMBECILE of a “President” Obummer, THAT’S WHO !!
      You say that (I hate to quote a DOLT like you): “Illegals (NOT Illegal’s you DOLT !) have grown in numbers in spite of federal laws. ” BUT who DOES NOT enforce those federal laws, you DOLT? “President” Obummer, THAT’S WHO !! (ASK Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona, you DOLT !)
      You say: “Thanks to our ignorant electorate.” Well, Beau, YOU are an INTEGRAL part of that very IGNORANT electorate !!!
      Come November, Obummer and all his unconditionals lile you will get your sorry as…, er, FANNIES whipped by an AVALANCHE of votes from people that do not want our beloved Nation to go the Socialist route…. Just watch, DUDE !!

  • His name is Willard Mitt Romney ; Willard, Willard not mitt Willard why can’t anyone get his name right ? His first name is Willard ; like the rat in the movie; remember Ben?

  • We have a choice between two Evils, Romney got rich off of Companies Obama got filthy rich off of us. We do need a change, we need less Government, a fair Tax where everyone pays the same and we need to open up the resources here in America. Buying oil from over seas are making other countries rich and they have a great economy. I think a lot of our problems come from Law givers You know the ones that make the laws but don’t have to O bay them their self’s. And sending trillions of dollars over seas to create jobs there and out people can’t find a job. We look at the Auto industry. They got a bail out and now their cars went up 10,000 dollars more of a little less, tax payers dollars and we have to pay it back. Bail outs and printing money and blaming everyone but them self’s for the lousy job running this country (in the ground)