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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Watching Ron Paul and Mitt Romney campaign for president, they would seem to be polar opposites in their perspectives on critical issues, from economic policy to foreign affairs. Romney has never suggested anything as radical as abolishing the Federal Reserve system or returning the nation’s currency to the gold standard (and as a conventional capitalist, he never will).

The ideological chasm between them may be even deeper on national security and foreign relations. To Romney, Paul’s opposition to war and promises to slash defense spending represent left-wing apostasy, while his neoconservative advisers and bellicose rhetoric must be equally appalling to the Texan.

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10 responses to “Is Ron Paul Selling Out To Mitt Romney — Already?”

  1. jimackermann says:

    I’m not surprised that this site ignored what happened in Georgia. You’re worried about Ron selling out to Mitt? I am seriously wondering what the President has to hide. The Birth Certificate he released had been altered. His SS# comes from a state that he had not been in. All his school records are hidden. The emperor has no clothes. All this reminds me of Nixon. I can’t wait for the truth to come out. What is he hiding???

  2. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    Who knows what skeletons are hidden with Obama, history will sort it out. Paul and Romney have no deal, I am sure. They stand at opposite ends of the personal responsibility spectrum….Paul says let each be responsible for himself, whereas Romney says let the money speak for itself. Who do you want in your pocket?

  3. jimmyags says:

    Before we all start running into the streets screaming about hiding things,how about some real financial info from Romney? Or some real ethics disclosures from Newt, or maybe even some truth about the newsletters from Dr Ron?

  4. jimackermann says:

    I’ve got an idea, why don’t we hope and pray that Romney is hiding something. That way, we can build up the left by demonizing the right. It’s sad when you want to elevate your position by lowering some one else. By the way, I think Romney paid $3,000,000 it taxes. Shame on him.

  5. Hawkeye says:

    All that this article is saying is that the two candidates, through their campaign organizations, are talking to each other. Nothing more, nothing less. The author would like to infer there is more going on, and even gives imprimatur to his opinion by adding a comment from a Reason magazine contributor, but there really isn’t anything more there. Ron has consistently acknowledged the impetus his followers give him to continue on the campaign trail. Based on his personal integrity he would never sell us out. No matter what happens at the convention his son Rand will get a spot on the podium. No deals are necessary for that. So rest assured fellow Paulbots. Ron is going all the way, even if we have to carry him on our shoulders.

  6. says:

    Romney and Paul may be able to negotiate around their differences, but the ideological rift between them is BOTH a rift of PURPOSE and METHOD. GLOBAL CORPORATE IMPERIALISM is as much a threat to free enterprise as is COMMUNISM. Either extreme has the same effect on the existence of the individual : A CRUSHING PRIVATION OF PERSONAL AND CREATIVE POSSIBILITY.

  7. ajaxgeneral says:

    Me thinks the opposers of Ron Paul are beginning to run scared.. And they wanna take as many with them as possible..

  8. big jack says:

    Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance of getting the nomination. His message is of isolationism , fiscal restraint , and a horrible foreign affairs policy. In many areas his thoughts are conservative but he has a terrible presentation. No way a presidential candidate. Why he would saddle up to a left of center conservative is beyond me. Once again the conservatives are being played for fools. This country is in deep dodo , now is the time for a third party. If we get beat so be it. How long will the conservative stand for being taken for granite and played for suckers. Often the question is asked ” why does the Africa -American community vote for the Democratic party 90-95 % of the time?
    Well the conservatives do the same for the republicans, and they both are considered useful tools, that’s all. Nothing changes, the elite in both parties disregard their slaves.

  9. rustacus21 says:

    … stood a chance of winning, I’m more convinced than ever that Ron Paul is only in this for name recognition only. W/policies that are too radical or our of step w/the vast majority of American voters (w/a perspective only from a manufactured “Conservative” crisis point of view), the “usefulness” to Romney’s campaign most likely has financial opportunities (down the road). His impact on the national dialogue, however, is debatable, as many Americans, having no “proper” Civics education exposure, are completely LOST re: some of Pauls more hysterical pronouncements: eliminating the Fed (when its useful role should be more transparent & more tightly regulated), expanding State’s rites empowerment (over the Federal govt.-a question settled at the conclusion 1780’s Constitutional Convention), elimination of the IRS (when the essential role of taxation (also settled in the Constitution & clarified in the Federalists Papers) is a necessary function of a “republic” & assists in the viability of government against the excesses of the wealthy, corp.’s, providing for the nations welfare, stability & security against foreign expansionist provocations), or elimination of “Equality-oriented” Constitutional Amendments, which would have a completely damaging impact on the nations non-Whites & immigrants, among others. 1 may wonder why he bothers, but taking into consideration comments by the Romney team, it’s clear why an immediate exit is unwise, especially since Gingrich also is showing no indication of exiting the race. Just yet…

  10. S.C.S says:


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