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Monday, March 25, 2019

Former Texas congressman Ron Paul will reportedly deliver the keynote address at an anti-Semitic conference in September, in the latest example of the three-time presidential candidate’s close association with extremists.

Paul will speak at the Fatima Center’s “Fatima: The Path to Peace” conference, which will run from September 8th through the 15th in Niagara Falls, Ontario. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Fatima Center is part of the “radical traditionalist” Catholic movement, which comprises “the largest single group of serious anti-Semites in America,” routinely attacking Jews as “the perpetual enemy of Christ.”

Along with Paul, the conference will feature Roberto Fiore — a self-described neo-facist Italian politician who was convicted for conspiring to set off a bomb in a Bologna train station in 1980, and has been described by fellow Parliament member Glyn Ford as “absolutely the most extreme person who has ever served in the European Parliament” — and John F. McManus, the president of the John Birch Society, a radical right-wing organization with which Paul is intimately familiar.

It comes as little surprise that Paul would choose to speak at such a gathering; after all, Dr. Paul has a decades-long history of publishing hate speech under his byline, and his recently founded think tank includes a who’s-who list of 9/11 truthers, anti-Semites, neo-Confederates, and other luminaries of the paleo-libertarian right. (Among others, the board of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity features Eric Margolis, who argues that the September 11th attacks were “a plot by America’s far right or by Israel or a giant cover-up,” and Michael Scheueur, who has described American Jews as a “fifth column” determined to undermine American foreign policy.) As a private citizen, Paul seems to be enjoying the close ties to the fringe that he was forced to conceal during his time as a presidential candidate.

But those ties still present an ever-growing problem for his son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). In April, I wrote that “as long as his father persists with his fringe right-wing activity — or unless Rand Paul does the unthinkable, and publicly disavows his father — Rand may never come any closer to the presidency than Ron.” Since then, Ron Paul has apparently jumped feet-first into the extremist speaking circuit, and Rand Paul has faced a racially charged controversy of his own (his reluctance to part ways with Jack Hunter, his neo-Confederate former social media director.) These are the kinds of incidents that can derail a presidential campaign. If Rand Paul cannot find a way to credibly distance himself from the radical right-wing extremism that seems to surround his family, then he will simply never have a serious shot at becoming President of the United States.

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89 responses to “Ron Paul To Keynote Anti-Semitic Conference”

  1. TZToronto says:

    Ooooh . . . Gotta be careful in Canada. Hate speech is illegal. So if Ron gets too anti-Semitic, he can be charged with inciting hatred against an identifiable group.

  2. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh says:

    Anyone else notice the irony of “the Path to Peace” associated with a group that practices organized hate against anyone who is not a fundamentalist Roman Catholic?

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Now, now, don’t forget: it’s “anti-Judaism,” not Anti-semitism, which I’m sure is of great comfort to all those Jews who were abused and murdered by “anti-Judaists.” It’s not racism: that’s why the Society of Jesus wouldn’t admit anyone with a Jewish ancestor closer than great grandparent or beyond, and why the rule wasn’t abolished until sometime in the mid-twentieth century, if I remember correctly.

  3. K3HY says:

    Just like the Nazi Party, when it took advantage of the ignorant, the Tea Party was formed at a time when the citizens were war weary and at an economic low point in their lives, only this time, blaming liberals, instead of Jews for their plight.

    The Tea Party’s sole purpose was to first, infiltrate the GOP, second, to subvert the United States of America, by any means necessary.

    An impotent GOP resulting in a one party political system would be bad for this nation.

    Hopefully, an authentic independent party competitively picks up the slack of the GOP collateral damage that the Tea Party caused and left behind.

  4. Pamby50 says:

    Here we are blaming the Jewish people again for something they didn’t do. Rand will never be president cause of daddy. He will never be able to disavow him either.

  5. Sand_Cat says:

    Why should Rand try to distance himself from what he believes in?

    • LotusJoan says:

      Exactly we should all examine what each
      of the Rands believe in. This article is very enlightening about Ron Paul
      and reaffirms my lack of respect or regard for him and his antiquated, un
      American ideas. I imagine
      conversely that you read this article and are over joyed to find another group
      to blame for societal ills. Now in
      addition to minorities, immigrants and gay people you have Jewish people. Old white Christians unite under a banner of hatred
      lies and fear. You know, of course, that
      Jesus was executed because he was “king of the Jews”?

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Might I ask what the hell you are talking about?

        • LotusJoan says:

          Oh, I did not realized you have
          difficulties with the English language, my bad. I did know that you are not that familiar
          with American history ( more of the
          Sarah Palin brand of history) so assumed
          that the historical reference would go over your head.

          • sidjames says:

            Lotus, it’s just that he is an American, and you are an Israeli with a US passport, so your views confused Sand.

          • LotusJoan says:

            I am a US citizen born to second generation US citizens, I served in the US Army.

          • Poor says:

            You’re the one that needs help with YOUR version of American history. The Pauls both have their version of American history in line with the constitution of the United States, which is the REAL history. You’re the one who is misguided. Go read the constitution of the United States, CAREFULLY and SLOWLY this time.

          • LotusJoan says:

            Not only have I read the constitution, slowly I do after all have a BA in history, I have supported it by serving in the US Army.

          • LotusJoan says:

            My what twaddle you post.

      • Poor says:

        So let me see here: You hate Ron Paul, so you hate the Constitution of the United States and the founding fathers and in turn the United States then right? The reason I say what I said above is this: EVERY vote Dr. Ron Paul took while in congress for 30+years was 100% in line with the constitution of the United States. You can check his voting record and compare it’s constitutionality. It is dead on 100% in line with the supreme law of the land which is the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution of the United States was put together by our founding fathers and together they represent the United States. So in short, you hating Ron Paul shows your ignorance, because in turn you hate the constitution, the founding fathers and the fundamentals of what this country stands for. Your comments indicate that you’re woefully ignorant. I strongly suggest 1. Read the constitution of the United States. 2 Acquaint yourself with Ron Paul’s views through his books and youtube videos. 3.Educate yourself on what’s REALLY going on in the country and on the planet. And when you’re FINALLY educated, then start posting comments. Until then, please refrain from posting ignorant remarks.

        • Smfrmrinfrisco says:

          I realize this is purely a waste of my time but if you check your calendar you’ll find this is 2013, not 1783….and Mr. Paul (fils et pere) are both out of step and out of touch with the realities of the times…you cannot go back to a mythical golden past…

  6. Lynda Groom says:

    What a surprise….NOT! His news letters over the years have made clear his views.

  7. Vicki Trusselli says:

    Ron Paul and Rand Paul are both two extremists Nazi oriented tea bag wag the dog and bigots and should not be elected for anything. I am and a lot of other people are tired of their extreme and other peoples extreme attitudes about race and culture dealing with hating another human being because they are black or Jewish or whatever and the hate they are sociopaths. they are white anarchists and fascists and Nazis.

    • Russell Byrd says:

      Well said!

    • Jay says:

      wow, the most incorrect, ignorant, off base, rude, comment I have ever witnessed on the web.

    • Billy Jackson says:

      HAVE you taken the time ta actualy resurch what you just said or are you believing everything you just read?. I would rather have RON PAUL as PRESIDENT than that sceeming lier Hilary Clinton or OBAMA. Atleast RON PAUL has read the US CONSTITUTION!. and VOTES accordingly. RAND PAUL NAA HE likes the ILLEGAL ALIENS!.

    • sidjames says:

      Vicki, you are a Jewish person that can’t confront the fact that there are people out there leading movements of young people who know very well about your treasonous peoples crimes agianst America. The real solution perhaps to halt the consiquence of actions called “anti semitism”, is to stop commiting harmfull acts towards the country hosting you. Just Feb 13 Bill Maher: “Bassed on every statement out of every Republican in the last two years, the Israelis are controling our government”, last week Turkey’s prime minister “The Jews are controling Washington”. Ron Paul could not be bought of bullied by Israel’s fifth column.

    • Poor says:

      Amazing! A nazi and fascist calling the Pauls’ fascist. That’s just freaking funny. Go read the definition of a fascist and look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll see one right there.

    • rdodev says:

      Slander and libel only begin to describe your statements.

  8. 12 says:

    what a great day it will be when this old piece of shit dies

    • Poor says:

      I truly feel sorry for you. I hope you end up in the FEMA camps coming your way. Then, just before you’re gassed to death, you can reminisce on how idiots like you should have voted for (and didn’t) Ron Paul the ONLY constitutionalist president this country would have ever had.

  9. david zaduk says:

    Ron Paul is not anti-Semitic at all. Ron Paul is looking for converts, and you don’t find your converts in the pews, you find them in the slums. Converts come from the disadvantaged and the marginalized, you can’t convert a believer.

  10. C Bauer says:

    Oy Gevalt, that meshuganah loser never ceases to amaze me. What a putz.

  11. Bud-Kathy Jones says:

    You are quoting The Southern Poverty Law Center ? Really.

  12. Easyrhino1 says:

    What a five star load of caca written in the typical guilt by association style of the $PLC.

    Let’s see: Hitler was a Nazi, Hitler’s staff car was made by Mercedes Benz, Joe owns a Mercedes, Ron Paul once had a meeting with Joe, ergo Ron Paul is a Nazi: quod erat demonstrandum

    Basically anyone who doesn’t have a blind allegiance toward Israel and doesn’t endorse everything Israel says and does is an anti-Semite.

    Anyone who doesn’t think that despite the fact that American citizens are losing their homes, losing their jobs and going without health insurance and medical care that we shouldn’t be giving $3,000,000,000 of tax-dollars of those same US citizens to subsidize the life style of Israelis is an anti-Semite.

    • Smfrmrinfrisco says:

      You do know that most of the $3 billion goes from the Treasury to American manufacturers in the form of payments for military hardware and pays for jobs for Americans that might otherwise have to be cut…..

      • John Doeman says:

        as if that makes a difference.
        and which Americans do those jobs go to?

        the good news!
        as America becomes more secular the zionist will lose political power and their extorted stranglehold on our government.

        • LeslieFish says:

          “Zionist…stranglehold”? We’ve seen a lot more evidence for this administration kissing the butts of the Islamofascists. Really, if Israel had such a “stranglehold on our government”, the US wouldn’t be giving billions to the Arab countries — and Obama wouldn’t have waited for Congress’ approval to bomb Syria.

  13. ruffsoft says:

    Lumping 9/11 truthers, who want to know why the govt lied about 9/11 (according to the Bush appointed Republicans who headed the Commission) with rightwing lunatics is a propaganda ploy which pretends that all conspiracy theories, all questions, all demands for impartial investigations, whether crazy or rational, are to be lumped together.

    Over a hundred million Americans reject the official 9/11 narrative and want to know why the government lied? What are they covering up?

    To lump this with birthers and other lunatics is absurd.

  14. Billy Jackson says:


    • Susan Singer says:

      Enough with the capitalization. It adds nothing to the veracity of your remarks. By the way, you need a refresher course in spelling and punctuation.

  15. sidjames says:

    The fact of the matter is that it’s a well known fact as Turkey’s prime minster mentioned the other day that “Jews control Washington”. Thomas Friedman in his column in the NY Times Oct last year, commenting on Jewish Zionists having our goverment in their pocket vis the 29 standing ovations in the joint sessition of the Congress, for PM Netanyahu: “Those standing ovation was bought and paid for”. Ron Paul was one of the only ones to stand up to this Israeli fifth column subverting our democracy and turning our leaders into their puppets.

    • polly says:

      Even the Jews say that Jews control Washington.The Saudis and Turkey are also under Jewish control. Follow the banks and the money. They are the conduits to the mercenary terrorists trying to overthrow Assad, along with other “Arab Spring” movements. The Jews can’t stand having stable Arab governments that they don’t control. Unstable governments can be toppled every few months until they get someone they can buy.

  16. Susan Singer says:

    You are totally misinformed or disingenuous regarding anarchists.
    They terrorized Seattle during a G-8 meeting a few years ago. Several of their ilk blew up transmission towers in the Northwest. Their anti-government beliefs frequently translate into violent actions against public institutions. Timothy McVeigh was a poster child for your friends.

    • Poor says:

      Like I said, FEMA camps will do you some good.

      • Vicki Trusselli says:


        • Poor says:

          Thank you for calling me a nazi. Like I said before, you should look up some definitions. The fact that you mention you are a liberal, and an irish-native American etc just shows more of the same feel sorry for me victimization mentality. Grow up. Start looking after yourself. Stop behaving like a small child throwing a tantrum. You’re a woman, behave like one.

          • Vicki Trusselli says:

            forget about it. i do not need you in my life. period. forget about it. i am woman and i am child and i am adult. thank you for reminding me to be a child now and then. cool beans jelly bean. you go your way and i will go mine. i do not who you are but butt out. i will not comment again as we are total opposites and this is commplete waste of energy for me and my creativity and brain space have other callings. peace and love… at 63 i can be whom i want to be and play in the sand….so butt out of my life and forget about it. oh by the way i am ITALIAN< IRISH>>>>MY POP WAS ITALIAN. HE USED TO TELL ME FORGET ABOUT IT. WHO IS GOING TO KNOW 100 YEARS FROM NOW. LOL AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH GET OUT OF MY LIFE AND I AM OUT OF YOURS. BYE BYE MR. ADULT.. LOL LOL….FORGET ABOUT IT….. TOO MUCH FREAKING ENERGY ON NEGATIVE

          • Bloemberg says:


    • Poor says:

      Oh and another thing: Keep worshipping your black messiah in the white house, as we keep continuing the 3rd and 4th Bush term under another war criminal. Like I said before, Repubs and Dems, both two fascist sides of the same coin.

  17. Vann Sylten says:

    Are you sure it’s anti-Semtic and not anti-Zion? Because there is a huge, HUGE difference.

    You can be anti-Israeli without being against the Jewish people. In fact, many Jews reject the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

    • rdodev says:

      Ding ding. Bingo. My only regret is ginving this article more traffic. It does not deserve it on many accounts, including the slanderous claims.

    • Bloemberg says:

      Thoses:Jews who rejected the Jewish “occupation” of Palestine (ever hears of UN Resolution 181 of 1947?) are people of Jewish ancestry who renounced their heritage. peak to any of them and you will find a self-hating “Jew” who wishes to have as little as possible to do with their culture or their religion and who believe that Jews should go the way of the dodo.

  18. ProperModulation says:

    Wow, the great Libertarian conspiracy to take over the government all for the sinister goal of having the government LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE.

  19. BlackJoe says:

    Looks like there is a category of this worldly population that are the “chosen few” where the freedom “to speak about” is taboo. Infact in some countries you can get arrested. The “chosen few” are exempt from criticism even though some of them are faulted…..but be special to push for this special exemption!

    • disqus_57pX4h0tnv says:

      The Jews deserve a homeland free from nuts like you. American exceptionality is a similar concept and it is based on culture not race. The Jewish concept of “chosen” has nothing to do with racism. You can choose to be Jewish and accept the responsibilities as taught in the bible. Remember, 1 million Arab Israelis live in Israel proper and enjoy full citizenship and rights. In the Palestinian territories, selling land to a Jew is punishable by death. Who is racist?

  20. Ari Goldberg says:

    The first thing to know about Ron Paul is that he loves liberty – period. If he were anti-Semitic, why are his two favorite economists, Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard, Jewish? Why was his campaign economic advisor, Peter Schiff, Jewish? Why was his legal advisor, Bruce Fein, Jewish? If he’s so anti-Israel, why was he the only presidential candidate to speak out in favor of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and moving the US embassy there if elected President? Why is he in favor of ending US aid to the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, the PA, and other terrorist groups, all of which the US is funding?

    • Bloemberg says:

      And why did Hitler allow his mother to have a Jewish doctor (Bloch) and why did he speak approvingly of him?

      • piratesmvp04 says:

        That’s not a good comparison. Bloch was Hitler’s family doctor in the early 1900s before World War I. Hitler did not become anti-Semitic until after World War I when he concocted the ridiculous idea that the Jews were to blame for Germany’s loss in the first war. Although he didn’t hate Bloch in the late 1930s, he didn’t exactly help him either when their practice was shut down by the Gestapo. The Bloch family sold their home for a large amount but could only take 16 Reichsmark out of the country when they immigrated to the US. Sure, he was shown some special favor compared to other Jews, but it certainly wasn’t the best treatment by far.

        • Bloemberg says:

          We know that as late as 1937, following an NSDAP conference at Berchtesgaden, Hitler had remarked, in part, that Dr. Bloch was an “Edeljude” (noble Jew) and that if all Jews had been like him, there would have been no Jewish question. That’s a strange and inconsistent comment from a man who believed all Jews were biologically corrupt. In 1938, after his medical practice was forcibly closed and after Bloch had written to Hitler personally requesting help, following which Bloch and his family were placed under Gestapo protection. Bloch and his wife were permitted to continue living in Linz for over 2 1/2 years longer, and were even allowed to take into their home some other Jews who had become displaced. He was also allowed to renew his German passport several times, at a time when almost all Jews in Germany and Austria had had their citizenships revoked. In that context, Hitler’s treatment of Bloch should surely be considered exceptionally benign. Bear in mind also that the Gestapo bureuocracy sometimes interfered with even Der Fuehrer’s orders when it came to matters of timing and actual implementation.

  21. polly says:

    Ron Paul is not an anti-Semite. He is an anti-Zionist, which is by definition an anti-racist. Zionism is racism, the idea that the Jews have a special place in the world and special rights that trump the rights of others, especially the natives of Palestine, Christian and Muslim Arabs. Peace will only come through Jesus Christ and, in these special times, through His Blessed Mother, by her promise that if the Pope and all his bishops consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart there will be a period of peace in the world. That is what this conference is about. Peace will not come through sabre-rattling and wars instigated by the Zionist state and its puppets!

    • Bloemberg says:

      The last sentence of this rant is similar to Hitler’s famous remarks prior to WWII – that if the Jewish financiers succeeded in starting a second world war, it would result in the destruction of the Jewish race in Europe.

      The remark that the Jews believe they a have “special right that trumps the rights of others” is, in and of itself, antisemitic. The right of Jews to live in their own homeland, separately from the Arab population of the former Britih-mandated area that was called Palestine, was agreed to by a majority of nations (UN Resolution 181 of 1947). Antisemites conveniently omit any mention of that resolution and, 65 years later, continue to describe as theft the return of Jews to the ancient homeland from which they had been expelled long ago. Most will agree that the more recent seizures of Arab lands in the West Bank to settle ultra-religious Jews there isin fact theft and that those lands need to be returned to their rightful owners. To call the settlement of any part of the former Palestine “theft” is an entirely different matter.

      As for Ron Paul, his antisemitic associations and views have been known for decades. His charisma, like that of Hitler, has attracted many disaffected people, but, for now, mainstream America sees him for what he is – a coldhearted bigot.

      • John Doeman says:

        the good news!
        As America becomes more secular zionists will lose political power and their extorted stranglehold on our government.

        go home to israel and fight your own war with the muzzies without US weapons and tax dollars.

      • disqus_57pX4h0tnv says:

        In 1967 the West Bank belonged to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt. There has never been an independent country called Palestine. It was a name made up by The Romans to punish the Jews for wanting Roman occupiers out of Judea. The Palestine name refers to Philistines who came from either Crete or Greece.

        The original Israelites were most likely a mixture of Hebrews and Cannanites. When someone stands up and says they want a free Cannan, I suspect they will want it free of Philistines as well. Until then, just like Sweden and Norway, Chech and Slovak and many others split into two countries, so will Israel and Palestine.

      • sidjames says:

        Per your quoting ” the Jews have a special right that trumps the rights of others, is, and in of itself antisemitic”, boy, it sure must be tough to live such a lie and feel the need to go thrugh life defending lies and denying facts. Try this on for size: the former chief Rabbi of Israel no less, and head of the Shas political party Ovadia Yosef stated last year: ” The only reason the goyim were born was to serve the Jews like donkeys”. Now when your supreme spitual leader tells you the reast of mankind are sub-human animals, there only to serve the Jews, is it really any wonder you create a negative reaction in the non-Jew that you people label “anti semitism”?

        • Bloemberg says:

          Thank you for your half-truths. Such as, giving the impression that a chief rabbi of israel is the “spiritual leader” of Israel. For one thing, Israel has two chief rabbis, one for the Sephardi community, another fo the Ashkenazic. For another, the rabbis do not represent Israeli Jews, only the religious, who are very much in the minority, since the overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews are secular, have little respect for “their” rabbis, theyand equally little respect for religious observance in general (on the main religious holiday, for example, you’ll fing most Israeli Jews on the beaches, having picnic or in campgrounds). The Shas Party which Ovadia heads is equally ultra-right and extremist. He has made outragious statements totally unrepresentative of the Jews of Israel in general and his remarks have been soundly rejected by moderate Jews everywhere, even after he publicly apologized for making them. What, other than blatant antisemitism, gives you the idea that this blogger supports the notion that Jews have special rights which trump those of others?

          • sidjames says:

            Bloomberg, for a Jewish person I am suprised you don’t know that Israel’s cheif Rabbi and Netanyahu adviser Yosef was quoting Jewsh law (not his own oppinion). He did not apologize for jack, this view of the role of non-Jews as servants of Jews (goyim) is the accepted norm in the Jewish state and by it’s fifth column surporters in the states. You don’t like the truth getting out about the whole chosen people thingee that’s all pal. Turkey’s prime minister Erdogan goy it right as reported last week in Haaretz: “Jews control Washington”.

          • Bloemberg says:

            Ovadia Josef is not and never was Netanyahu’s “advisor.” There is nothing in the law of the state of Israel to the effect that Gentiles are servants of Jews, not even in the Torah, whose laws are NOT followed except in certain civil areas like marriage. Yosef despises israeli secular law and even went on record (Haaretz, August 19, 2912) as calling the israeli Supreme Court “a court of Gentiles” and claiming that Israeli judges hate the Torah. Again, his bigoted remarks may well represent the views of the extremist Shas Party, of which he is indeed the spiritual head, but they do NOTrepresent the judgement of the israeli legal system nor the majority of Israeli Jews.

            As for your non-seqitur about Turkey’s Mr.Ergodan, it seems that you and Yosef have soething in common: you are both bigots.

          • sidjames says:

            It’s not from the Torah pal, it’s from the Talmud-religious Jewish law. Don’t play the innocent, you know the score. I don’t like that a foreign goverment that you support are blackmailing and controling our goverment. Seems like you are another treasonous fifth columnist.

          • Bloemberg says:

            You appear to know nothing about the hierarchy of either Judaic religious law or of Iraeli secular law and the places that they occupy in the Isreli legal system. And you certainly are way off the mark in alleging that I support the “blackmailing and controling (sic) our government.” You did not even spell my name correctly. The sneering tone of your responses reek of ignorance, conspiracy theories and snarling hatred. Take them elsewhere. Like someone famous once said, it’s time to refuse to engage any further in a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

    • disqus_57pX4h0tnv says:

      Not true, not a word. I am anti-monarchist, but I do not deny British people a right to a homeland. Zionist, means the Jews have a right to a homeland in the place their nation started approximately 3500 years ago. Based on your argument, all Muslims deserve Islamic republics, but the Jews should be denied a homeland. Why…logically one can deduce because you think Jews don’t deserve a homeland and are lessor people. The Palestinians need a homeland too. However, I don’t see Ron Paul asking Egypt, Jordan, or Turkey to give land for such an enterprise.

      • disqus_57pX4h0tnv says:

        Further, Jesus said, he came for the Jews, so they might be completed. He himself was a lay Rabbi as was John the Baptist. Jesus only knew one religion and merely preached for adherence to G-ds word, not to kill his brethren. He was crucified as were thousands of Jews at the time, for their belief in a heavenly kingdom and not the man, Caesar.

        Hence, I trust no politician to preach the truth but rather search the ancient texts for guidance.

    • Ron is not an anti-Zionist. He believes in the survival of the State of Israel. He just doesn’t think the US should be supporting it.

  22. manicdrummer says:

    Hmmm, I thought ALL Catholics were inherently anti-Semitic. They’re the ones who made up this Jesus Christ character and invented Christianity and tried to force this hateful religion down the world’s collective throat. The day they prove Jesus ever existed will be the day I convert. Until then, I’m staying Jewish.

  23. Ron and Rand, the Traitors Paul. In love with Osama, In Bed with Obama. Sharia Law upon One and All.

  24. deja vu says:

    ron paul is a jew hater and barack obama is a warmonger. who are you to judge which one is worse.

  25. This article is a bit over the top. AND it does not give sources for many of its claims.

    But I think Ron has played footsie with the extreme right. The newsletter he published back in the day was clearly racist, and no sensible person would take his excuse for the articles appearing over his name seriously. He needed to come clean, and instead he’s offered preposterous excuses.

    Scheuer has appeared on television programs as an intelligence expert. He’s also been a fixture in antiwar radio, in which he made a comment about the alarming amount of Jewish power during the Roosevelt years. I don’t think he was invited back after that.

    Margolis is invested in Israel conspiracy theories.

    I think both of them have graver sins to atone for than flirting with anti-Semitic or Israel conspiracy theories. Margolis, for example, is close friends with some of the most violent and brutal of the Afghan mujahedin (Hekmatyar’s people) and is generally very cozy with the Pakistani military, which he regards as the savior of the country. Scheuer is very much in agreement with the old imperialist idea of using punitive expeditions to terrorize the natives of countries whose governments were in some way involved in outrages against American interests.

    Margolis, by the was, is Jewish. Scheuer I think is also Jewish.

  26. Urk.
    Just followed some of the links.
    If some of the skeptics would actually do some hunting and clicking you’d find stuff like this:
    Just do a search on the word “Jew” in this document. Then tell me this is SPLC up to some witch hunt or whatever.
    Here’s some more, from an ecumenical liberal website.

    Just do a search on “Judeo-Masonry” and Fatima.

    If you won’t read this or do your homework, please spare us your ignorance.

    Thank you.

  27. vonlmo says:

    Ron Paul is perfectly positioned where he is, making waves for others to ride. He knows it & loves it.

  28. The comments are more depressing than the story. The question isn’t whether Paul is anti-Semitic or a strict constitutionalist or whether Obama’s a really bad guy or not. It’s about whether or not the Fatima outfit is a medieval reactionary anti-Semitic outfit. Paulbots and conspiracy theorists and Obamabots, ZIonists and anti-ZIonists, get over yourselves, and read the article and see if it’s true or not. Fact is, it’s true. So the question is, why did Fatima invite Paul to speak in the first place? Why did a medieval, reactionary, obscurantist, anti-Semitic outfit invite him to speak, not to mention give the keynote address? And why did Paul accept?

    Here are some links. Do your own googling and see:
    Just do a search on the word “Jew” in this document. Then tell me this is SPLC up to some witch hunt or whatever.
    Here’s some more, from an ecumenical liberal website.

    Just do a search on “Judeo-Masonry” and Fatima.

    If you won’t read this or do your homework, please spare us your ignorance.

    Thank you.

  29. BlackJoe says:

    Ron Paul is great and will make a great US President-90% of American youth support Ron Paul ! I for one welcome him, so does the whole world, I think-he makes a lot of sense. Everyone is equal before the good lord called Jesus….no one should be allowed to claim the defense of anti-sematism for to deprive free speech. We have to focus now in new genocides-Cambodia & Rwanda and build museums for those who died in those holocausts!

  30. LeslieFish says:

    Having seen a lot of SPLC’s works and statements, I’d take this with a large grain of salt. Besides, we don’t know what Ron Paul is going to say; he just might set off a furious debate with his fellow speakers, purely for the fun of arguing libetarianism.

  31. Joe Palooka says:

    There you go snarflin up Potok’s shriveled jewels again…sad.

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