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Friday, October 21, 2016

Ron Paul’s Unique Ability To Attract Anti-Semitic Supporters

Hey sailor, just how strange a political bedfellow have you got in mind?

That’s the question raised by the suggestion in certain quarters that the real progressive in the 2012 presidential contest may be Texas Rep. Ron Paul. Democrats who fail to acknowledge this brilliant insight are alleged to be either blinded by partisanship or actively in league with that warmonger and baby-killer President Obama.

The latest rationalization by Salon’s David Sirota involves distinguishing between the powers of the president as Commander-in-Chief and those requiring the cooperation of Congress. That President Paul would move to abolish Social Security and Medicare and repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964 isn’t supposed to matter because he couldn’t do so unilaterally, while President Obama could presumably ignore the War Powers Act (as some allege he did in Libya) plunging the nation into war “with the stroke of a pen.”
Of course, so can any president. But hold that thought.

Meanwhile, anybody who questions the character and judgment of a politician who until fairly recently peddled “The Original Famous Ron Paul Survival Kit,” in his eponymous newsletter isn’t playing fair.

How it worked was you sent them a check or money order in (doomed) U.S. currency, and they sent you a WWII Army ammo box filled with silver coins for “hand-to-hand” commerce after UN troops have seized control of the United States. Back when I was a lad, you could only get bargains like that from tiny ads in the back pages of DC Comics.

But I digress. Hasn’t the Great Man renounced the race-baiting and conspiracy-mongering in the newsletter he supposedly never read?

“Just kidding!” Paul said. You know, like a junior high school girl.

I’m like, whatever.

But at least one aspect of the pro-Paul argument is worth unpacking further if only to show why embracing his candidacy is such a terrible idea. I take Glenn Greenwald’s point that nobody ever gets exactly what they want in a political candidate. To anybody not completely blinded by partisanship, there are always tradeoffs to be made, tactical silences to be observed, and fools to be suffered if not gladly, at least without rancor.

To me at least, the futile and destructive Drug War is one such. It’s like Roaring Twenties all over again, only worse. Alas, no Democrat, and certainly no black or Latino Democrat can afford to touch it. So Obama gets a pass.

Anybody who tries can probably come up with a dozen examples of his own. Sometimes, you’ve just got to hold your nose and vote.
But let’s talk war and peace, as Paul boosters insist.

Recently, I wrote about Paul’s apostasy regarding Iran. In a GOP debate, Paul aptly compared election-year bombast about the alleged Iranian nuclear threat to the 2003 propaganda campaign that drove the US to invade Iraq.

“Even when he’s right, as on bombing Iran,” I wrote “he’s wrong. (Hint: it’s about the Jews.)”

Numerous Paul loyalists angrily seconded the motion. “Have you ever questioned,” one wrote “why Jews pop up in every major national swindle and tragedy: 9/11, TARP, Wall Street swindles, AIPAC, illegal wars, Goldman Sachs, The FED, ADAA, financial crises, etc? It is not a real conspiracy because they are doing it in plain sight…I think you are either a traitor or just another dumb American.”

Nice, huh? While he’s often cagey about how he expresses it, Ron Paul’s whole history as a conspiracy theorist is right out of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”—the 19th century forgery that’s kept anti-Semites buzzing for generations.

Here’s a second thinker in the Paul tradition: “Zionists dominate many of the world’s centers of power, wealth, and media… plundering the wealth and assets of nations…depriving peoples of their freedoms and destroying their cultures and human values by spreading their nexus of corruption.”

Actually, that’s Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinejad, also a sometime Holocaust denier, in a speech at Tehran’s Sharif University in 2009.

Reader Mel Birge of Portland, Oregon argues that’s precisely why Paul makes such a terrible spokesman. Complaining of “sitting in synagogue for the last dozen years listening to pseudo Middle-East experts give the same frantic talk about the danger of Iran nukes and how the US must stop it,” he believes such a war “is no way in the United States’ interest.”

But he also thinks Paul’s “anti-semitic paranoia allows AIPAC, the Neocons and their fellow travelers to paint the entire Iran war opposition with the Ron Paul brush. That’s the danger of Ron Paul that you should speak of: He snuffs out substantive discussions on Iran. The media feasts on him and the Neocons love it because he’s his own straw man.”

I think that’s exactly right.

However, Birge also wonders “where’s Obama saying, ‘I was elected on getting us out of Middle-East wars. I’m not starting another’?”

Well, we’ll see, won’t we?

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  • 1olderbutwiser1

    for 30 years. More sensible today than ever. All the slick phrases against him, all the false scenarios, all the hyped -up claims of fiat currency being great……can’t deny the truth about gold and silver. They are the true currency when exploded debt-ridden societies come to roost.I was thinking all this, earlier this morning while sitting at a red light, a very long red light, at an empty intersection, when I spotted a cop hiding at the entrance to a used car lot, just waiting to nab me. My time is worth nothing, the ability of the police to forever enforce regulations mindlessly, so they get their union wages, while I ultimately make substantially less, but must cowtow to this regulation that drains my gas and time, these things being of no value to a society that simply spends our grandchildren’s money like it’s water, being sure big brother is forever in control.We need to throw these flunkie union-dripping donut eaters into the caldron of competitive free enterprise of their pay being based on how many thieves they have caught and prosecuted, how many crimes they actually solve, how many busted windows they have seen but figured maybe it’s just bad glass that falls apart for some unknown reason, how many rapes occurred in the city while they were having a sampling of donuts, how many people got shot in a drug deal gone bad, how many pliticians were sleeping soundly knowing they are above the law, and whether I break the mindless regulation of waiting for nothing to give them greater and greater authority to force me to do nothing while my apples and orange crates are being stolen from the curb, left there by a unionized truck driver by my front door who could care less about whether I actually receive my shipment personally. Or maybe the drunk who urinated all over my doorway? Vote Ron Paul, get a balanced budget amendment, let the cops be paid only when crimes are solved, and maybe (if it’s not unconstitutional), outlaw free donuts for cops. We should make them personally liable for crimes not solved, taking it from their paychecks before they recieve their net pittance. Do as Rick Perry suggests, let the losers in a court trial pay the whole expense of the trial. This country needs straightened out really bad. We have become over-run by “legally required” impediments to business. This is government lingo to mean “hire a lawyer”. Think about this….The IRS, most notorius pack of thieves in the world, can lose if you pay enough for lawyers. Shows its all about making sure more lawyers make more and more money from the lifeblood of our economy. Wonder who’s behind it all? Could it possibly be the ABA? Geez, and I thought they were all nice and honest people. The ones representing unionized government employees are probably the nicest of all.

  • kurt.lorentzen

    This article is entertaining, but really only conveys the obvious. Let’s start with an analogy: Let’s say the fraternal “buffalos” and “water buffalos” in my town have a long-standing rivalry that works its way into local politics on a regular basis. The bufalo’s lodge is falling apart, and the mayor – not affiliated with either group – seeks to have the building condemned. In doing so, that mayor gains the support of all of water buffalos (except a few who can think for themselves). Doe that make the mayor an “anti-buffalo”? Of course not. And citing anti-buffalo quotes from the water buffalo’s supreme leader would have no relevance to the situation.

  • dpaano

    Are you insane??? I suppose you think it’s okay to just go through a red light or a stop sign without stopping….who cares if you hit someone or vice versa. And, as a note, most cops (and I used to be one) don’t eat donuts as much as you seem to think they do. They DO, however, drink coffee….mainly to keep alert and solve crimes, etc. Apparently, from your post, you seem to think you’re above the law and that our police officers are just wasting their time watching for accidents waiting for a place to happen. I don’t particularly agree with you, and it has nothing to do with unions (I never belonged to one and don’t belong to one now).

  • 1olderbutwiser1

    Notice I said deserted intersection. Rather than modernize, just let people waste their time, when after midnight the lights could easily both blink red.
    Instead of just sitting there, why not PATROL ???? Find the drunk urinating on my doorway, fine him for doing it, and have him pay ME the fine, not you people. It was my property spoiled, not the government’s property destroyed or spoiled or stolen. It was me who had to clean it up.
    My exorbitant taxes pay for you and the district magistrate salaries. Why are you stealing my just due?
    I’ve seen cops marking tires outside bars, who promptly pull over any exiting drivers, to give them a breathalyzer test,(you don’t have to be drunk, just over the “legal limit”, of course) you get about $3,000.00 a pop here for that, and pay lawyer after lawyer. Higher mandated insurance rates. Keep paying a derelict legal system??? Are you now retired, living off the people you screwed as a cop?

  • Bassicdave

    You didn’t sit at a red light – you read this little screed somewhere and you have been dropping where needed to make the point that you have somehow been metaphorically wronged by Evil Government. What a sucker. I listened to Andrew Napolitano on the Daily Show make his stupid arguement (in the Paulian spirit) that it’s not up to state or federal governments to provide freedom. No shit, Sherlock! Governments PROTECT freedom from those with more money or more guns than you or I have. The constitution protects us from the majority when the majority votes to withhold our freedoms – such as slavery or our right to practice a certain religion – or no religion. Take your Libertarianism back to your cave and leave the rest of the country alone.

  • Ron Paul wants to cut aid to Israel and anti-Semites are anti-Israel. What’s surprising here?

  • To Ron Paul and his kind: The US and Israel share common values and believes, it’s not all US military aid to Israel. But if you insist to talk only on the alleged money that US pours annually on Israel military aid I want you to know that Israel too help the US at least at the same amount of money.

    I really don’t understand those who call to stop US military aid to Israel. Israel is the highest US state department assistance’s receiver country. But Japan, S. Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Persian gulf monarchies and others play the so-called “Israeli role”, by having US soldiers on their soil and much more amount of American money paid for that pleasure (through defense ministry budget, and not from the foreign office, as Israel gets).

    First, Most of the US money given to Israel doesn’t even leave the US but paid to military factories and associates, as decided in the cooperation agreement, that give jobs to ten of thousands of US citizens. If the US aid will stop to flow to those factories many employees will go home. I’m not sure that Israel will buy all their products from the US. Sure Israel will prefer to calculate her steps by economically standards and buy her need in the global market or producing some of those products by herself. Remember how the US pushed Israel to stop “Lavi” aircraft project, because she wanted Israel to stay dependent on US’s help.

    Second, the close and intimate security relations between both states influence the nature of how things done. Israeli high qualified and high sophisticated technology, scientific know-how, military components, gadgets, experience, inventions and developments flow to the US almost for free and benefit the US security interests and save them huge amount of money which they might intended to allocate to the same missions. Israel gives or sells to the US more than 2000 kind of military and security objects from missiles and pilots’ glasses, electronic valves to soldiers’ boots.

    Third, as long as US money given to Israel, Israel is not free to sale her military products and know-how to any country they wish, without the US pre-approval. In such process the US control most of Israel technological and military export. That’s plays to the commercial benefit of the US and hurts Israel interests.

    Forth, if the US boycotts Israel then Israel will be free to create other partnerships with various states such as France, Russia, India, and China in order to fix her geo-political alliances. That will hurt the US stand in the Middle East; the US economy that lays much on selling products to Israel; and the Israeli contribution to US industry and technology.

    1. The US gains very warm entrance into Israel core of military, scientific and political leadership and know-how and have a vast base to manipulate the Israeli politicians into American interests (an exemplary case is the “Lavi” project).
    2. The 2.7B$ a year is paying back mainly through US military compounds and industries that give huge “blood pressure” to those factories and keeping their employees on jobs.
    3. Israel keeps close ties with the factories she buys from and with the US army / navy / air force and advices them how to improve military projects and how to adjust them to meet the battle needs. Some military Israeli products are playing major roll in Iraq and Afghan arenas and save American soldiers’ lives (UAV, Optical gadgets, communication assets, operation know-how). US soldiers are trained in Israel in military tactics which help them to operate in ME desert’s environment and terrain.
    4. Israel new inventions, adjustments, gadgets, experience, know-how, technologies and developments flow to the US almost for free and help the US industries and armies and soldiers at battle fields. The “Arrow” project is not just partially subsidized by the US, but the ownership and the future profits are theirs too. So apart from the fact that the US benefits its dollars again she also benefited from acquiring the new systems’ technological breakthrough of the “Arrow” and the tactical new operative concept of the system. The “Arrow” is only the most known example, but there are many others which didn’t get yet known to the public (Some hint mentioned: the Laser bean system, air to air and air to ground missiles and “’Iron Dome” missile-defense system).
    5. Let’s take for example the UAV drone projects. Israel was the first country that took this matter seriously in the early 70th and developed huge and fascinating UAV industries that lead the world with new developments and breakthrough concepts and technologies. The US woke up only 20 years later and Israel helped hers military industries to start their UAV’S project and created co-partner companies to investigate and produce better UAV and to study the tactics and the strategic benefits of these aerial vehicles. Now, the US and alliance forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere are using Israeli drones, or drones that were produced on those states with the help of Israeli technology. Using the UAV in Afghanistan and Yemen saved the lives of many US and allies’ soldier.
    6. More than Israel wants the military US aid, the US wants to give it to Israel. The 2.7B$ a year turns Israel to be more tied and depended on US interests and makes the US more influential over Israel, which gives her more political value and strength in the eyes of the Muslims states.
    7. Israel combatant expertise were taught in the US, Britain, Australia, France military units, and some of the combatants came to Israel to be trained at Israel military facilities. Not to mention that this expertise is saving lot of the coalition’s soldiers lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    8. Israel industries produce lot of technology and military excellent products which are well sold everywhere. But she can’t sell these goods to countries that the US thinks will harm her own interests, while the US sells almost everything to everyone, even to Israel’s enemies, without asking Israel’s opinion. This is the best situation that the US can wish for herself, and that is one of the reasons for the US policy to give Israel this annual aid which lets her almost control the Israeli security selling on global markets. The US even influencing Israel by stopping Israeli new military projects that may weakened the Israeli military ties and dependent on the US, such as the closure of the fighter ‘Lavi’ project in late 80th. Too militarily Independent Israel doesn’t serve the US interests, to be polite.
    9. I’m sure that I can raise more issues to explain why the special US-Israel connection benefits the US more than Israel, but I’ll let others to add, for now.
    10. I’m sure that your first reflection will be astonishing and then unbelieving which lead you to reject the truth and taking you to denial. In any case your short sighted brain brings chaos to your naïve view over Israel. But as long as you study the facts you won’t be able to escape the truth.

    Abe Bird
    Brussels, Belgium