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Friday, March 22, 2019


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8 responses to “Russia To Supply Modern Weapons To Syria Regime”

  1. Sand_Cat says:

    Well, we tried. We sent them McCain, but he got confused and buddied up with Al Qaeda instead.

    • disqus_PNnAh06A0x says:

      It was the only group most closely mimicking Republicans McCain could find there.

      • Ford Truck says:

        Great comment!!

        • Robert P. Robertson says:

          You’re so right, man. I second that emothion! ROTF! Sand_Cat and PNn are in rare form this morning, man! I love it!

      • ralphkr says:

        Today’s Republican Party is reminding me of the Democratic Party prior to when the Racist DixieCrats showed their true colors and became Republicans. The Democrats had the mainstream centrist section, a small leftist group, and the far right racist Dixiecrats and prompted HST to say that someday he would REALLY like to belong to an organized political party.

        Today the Republicans have those who are moderates (denigrated by “The Only True Patriotic Americans” as RINOs), very conservatives (also denigrated by “TOTPAs” as RINOs), and the radical far right wannabe Fascists (otherwise known as “The Only True Patriotic Americans”) who are very busy trying to destroy everybody else and turn the US into a country run for big business and the rest of us relegate to being vassals of “The Only True Patriots”, i.e., big business & the extremely wealthy.

  2. RobertCHastings says:

    Russia is supplying Assad’s regime with sophisticated missiles, and nobody seems that concerned. While this was probably prompted by US considerations of arming the rebels, it is still a dangerous step for Russia. Perhaps Putin has forgotten they are no longer the USSR, perhaps he feels the Russia by itself can offset America in the Middle East, oh rumors of a rekindled Cold War. Putin is the quintessential Republican, rebuilding his country to the good old days, that really weren’t that good.

  3. DurdyDawg says:

    Did we ever think otherwise? In the late 1940s it was pounded into our gourds that the USSR was our mortal enemy, that communism was a plague upon democracy and that the Russian people were godless monsters and we all (that is, our parents and theirs) believed every word as a great hate overcame this nation with a people we never even met. Comes the 1980s and the falling of the wall where everybody in the western world praised a once has-been actor for saving us from the red menace and patted each other on the back for electing this has-been actor turned president (notably his best role ever) and wiped their minds from “Duck and Cover” and tin cans called personal bomb shelters. Time marches on: With fear stagnating over big bird land, the hiders began to get antsy, there was no longer anything to put fear into the peons so the strings came out and with it more menaces.. first the failure then the forgiveness, second the victory but it was pre-emptied instead by the (supposed) death of JR.. The third had a bit more impact but not enough to expand the great military complex then BINGO! the hiders were back in b’ness and this time they would milk it for all it’s worth and they multiplied and created more fronts.. then more.. and MORE! Giddy with accomplishment, but lo did a black cloud appear (well, half black) and started to put as many pieces back into place as his enemies would allow but even then, to them, even one variation was too many and they just could not understand that the majority of the peons weren’t rallying around the hatred as their parents’ parents had in the good old days, instead this hate reflected upon THEM.. This could not be, so they thought, “It worked before, why not now?” and as one of their butt sniffers spurted out one day, “Our greatest enemy is Russia!” .. Huh? Where did THAT come from? For years we’ve been at peace with the red menace but now it seems we were wrong about them even though we’ve been doing big b’ness with the epitome of true communism but that matters not.. The Chinee are our friends but the red devils are soon going to be our old, new enemies.. Looky! Looky what their doing behind our backs! Their arming our enemies so we must obliterate the monsters and so it goes that the wheel goes round and round.. Pick up you children, teach them the D & C.. Buy our tin cans.. you will need it to save yourself from the dreaded terrorists who will now have many ‘used’ weapons of destruction and when we use a few warheads on their noggins expect another long and dreadful cold war with our very old enemies. Get ready folk. the hiders aren’t finished with us yet.

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