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Monday, October 24, 2016

Last night on Fox News, conservative pundit Sean Hannity claimed that President Obama did not actually want to kill Osama bin Laden — and Hannity says that he can prove it on tape.

Video of Hannity’s comments is below, courtesy of Buzzfeed.

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  • terango.lf

    Hannity, Hannity, Hannity, Obama realy had Bin Laden captured and brought to the White House as an adviser for his implimentation of sharia law in his second term. After all, don’t you believe that Obama is Muslim? If your gonna hate on someone…do it right!!

  • Charles Higgins

    Hannity,O’Reilly and Fox News are not “fair and balanced”.I can’t believe its the #1 watched newsstation!Hannity and his crew are brainwashing misinformers.Hannity and Glenn Beck take the cake in spewing hatred and fear mongering.Horrible…Horrible…Horrible!!!!

  • WilliamSalter

    Among other mental defects and character shortcomings, Hannity suffers from Obama Derangement Syndrome. I recommend the waterboarding cure.

  • Dave DiDo

    Sean Hannity is an entertainer, not a journalist. You can get more factual reporting from a rag sheet.But, then, people who tune in to Fox or MSNBC don’t really want factual reporting, do they? No, people will believe what they want to believe and the Hannities and Limbaughs and Sharptons and Coulters are there to reinforce their prejudices. I’d say they’re laughable, but, unfortunately their venom is poisoning the country that I love.Opportunistic and destructive are better words to describe them.

  • Jim Groom

    period and end of story. Now lets get back to attacking the uterus and public radio. The worm has turned upon itself and the GOPers are eating themselves. Could not happen to a better bunch.

  • Jimmyd

    The only reason Hannity and the rest of the crew on Fox are there is that no other respectable network will have them. These “news programs”had to be CREATED for their low brow personalities.
    As for Fox being the most watched “news” channel, it is very simple to explain. The kind of people who revel in the thrash spewing programs can’t find that garbage on any other network. They HAVE to go to Fox. Now add up all the viewers to CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN,CNBC,BBC and all the other news programs and see where the intelligent viewers go. Fox is just entertainment.

  • jamath

    Please stop the hate.

  • raynalady

    The whole fox news station should be shut down. They are nothing but a bunch of taking heads that think a Republican can do not wrong. And saying that Obama did not want to go after Bin Laden is just crazy. Oh yeah look who said it!!

  • Robert76

    As a lifelong conservative, I can only wonder what has happened to the level of conservative analysis and commentary. Why in the world have we replaced William Buckley, Milton Friedman, and Ronald Reagan with the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, and Beck? It’s tragic, and it’s killing conservatism as a viable political movement.

  • Robert76

    Isn’t it about time for all conservatives to join in a movement that will go to the heart of the Obama philosophy? I think it’s time to raise the birth certificate issue again.

  • john cheim

    Hannity Inanity

  • Bill Fultz

    Yeah, genius, Obama wanted to take OBL alive and put him up in the presidential suite at the Waldorf-Astoria. Sheesh

    I never heard him say Bushista wanted to let Bin Laden get away when he was trapped in Tora Bora in 2001. Our recon team had tracked him there and asked for reinforcements to capture him… Reinforcements that never came.

    So which predident didn’t want OBL???

  • Bill Fultz

    Sir, the dastardly conspiracy to insert Obama as president started when his birth announcement was posted in the Honolulu newspaper in 1961. Maybe the pinhead Trump will hire you to follow up on those long lost investigators he clained he was sending to Hawaii a couple years ago. I suppose Obama’s goons must have fitted them with cement shoes. LOL

  • Tita

    Please Sean Hanity and the rest of the so called fox network to stop distroying the GOP please we are not that stupid and we know what is good for this country . Sean Hanity you make us conservatives look stupid and that should stop.

  • stsintl

    It is not what Fox News/Hannity [Rupert Murdoch] does for the Republican party. It is what the Republican Party does for Rupert Murdoch. Republicans can be grouped in to three types. Paliniots, whose IQs are less than or equal to Sarah Palins’. Newt-wits, whose IQs range between Sarah Palins’ and Newt Gingrich’s. And Murdochites, who are directly or indirectly on Rupert Murdoch’s payroll.

  • LorineDillard


  • freethinker

    Of course he isn’t, he’s a commentator not a reporter. The commentators on the other news channels are not ‘fair and balanced’ either. If Hannity says he has a tape, then let him prove it.


    Keep up the comments, Hannity. You and the other loonies are guaranteeing a Damocrat victory this year. Whatever happened to reasonable commentary? Are genuine conservatives afraid to come forward because they will be shouted down by you, Rush, Glen and other crazies

  • Paul Divine

    It does not take the intelegence of a rocket scientist to know that when Hannity and Rush broadcast facts and the truth on any subject, it will always bring out the Pro-Muslims, Muslims and the Communmist, all of all of whom cannot bear it when they hear the truth. They head for their computers and start posting their Muslim and Communst BS. All of you seem to believe that Obama will be succesful in his plans to destroy this nation and estblish a dictator system of government that he will be the head Huncho for life. It may take an uprising of the good citizens of this nation to stop him, but you can rest assured that we the people will stop him.

  • mari2JJ

    I am having a difficult time trying ot figure out just what Shaun’s REAL problem is. Sadly, his meme no doubt makes someone like Abraham Lincoln turn over in his grave all the while screaming, “Surely this dolt is not a Republican!” Either Shaun lies at a drop of the hat, thus totally distorting the facts, or he has never signed on the the Fair and Balanced meme that Fox tries to promote, OR as my sainted mother used to say, “he is just a garden variety racist! Frankly, I am going with all three thoughts. The guy is just so un-Godly he has to be totally evil and that shows up with all three being his PROBLEM. No Christian behavior there and that is a sad indictment of you Shaun, after all your chest beating about your religious beliefs. Meme and actions simply do not match!

  • scareygary

    “Can we turn down the temperature in here?”. What Obama said in the SOTU applies to BOTH sides of the aisle, methinks. I don’t think anyone benefits from the name calling and hate from either side, frankly, and it is one reason why political topics are so repulsive to so many. PLEASE stick to issues. Of course Hannity was wrong on this, but those on the left don’t need to stoop to that level. Stick to facts, but keep the ‘temperature’ down a bit, please. The TRUTH will out.

  • Jay Rayman

    The difference between Hannity & Rush Limbaugh is this. No sentence of Rush L is complete without bad mouthing Obama. For Hannity no paragraph is complete without bad mouthing Obama. These two jerks will make good propagandists for Assad who says that the freedom Fighters are terrorists. These two jerks will faithfully bad mouth the freedom fighters and will get paid. Crumbs will be thrown at them for their yeoman service.

  • Reality Check

    No surprise here… The whole Fox initiative, along with todays GOP no longer border on the absurd, they’re bonafide absurd! In todays dynamic it is clear that neither could exist without the other. The only difference between Fox’s major loons;Hannity, Oreilly, Coulter et al and the GOP’s main players; Boehner, Cantor,
    MCconnell, Newt, Mitt, Paul et al is that the GOP’ers got elected and the Foxes were anointed by Murdoch! Anything any of them says should be understood immediately as a lie, why not this latest Hannity tripe?

  • Brucethemoose

    I really don’t think Hannity could know the truth if he fell over it. Maybe he doesn’t realize it, but some of us just cannot watch or listen to him becuase he is so subjective. He twists the facts and takes things out of context all with the purpose of promoting his right-wing political agenda. I don’t mean to single him out for this, but he is the one we are discussing here. There are a number of others a number of whom are worse than him who can only be described as so right-wing that what comes out of them is vile and full of so much hatred and contempt for those who disagree with their political philosophy that they are sickening to listen to. The country will never be able to come together as long as these peoplekeep spewing their garbage and stiring up those who are only too eager to follow.



  • Clark_Kent

    I have no proof of course (unless some member of the Bush administration with a guilty conscience comes foreward with a death bed confession), but it is very hard not to suspect, supported by his subsequent words and actions, that Bush deliberately let bin Laden escape because his real goal was to not to catch terrorists or avenge 9/11 but to whip up public rage to invade Iraq. Capturing or killing bin Laden would have made that much harder to do. Most people would have said, “mission accomplished.” Let’s get out of there. There is certainly more evidence supporting my suspicions than Hannity’s tissue of lies.

  • peatar

    Does Mr. Hannity hate President Obama that much that he continues to tell outright lies and exaggerates to the point he attempts to turn the truth around? I have never in my 65 years in the United States of America seen a President hated this much in public. I was hoping that Racism wouldn’t be as nasty as it was, but it seems sense President Obama has been in charge we’ve lost 60 years. These people are at the point that they would take a chance on bankrupting the country before they would let President Obama win again! It’s really sad!

  • timber1647

    Anyone with half a brain or who had carried a weapon and stood a post would know that the minute the President gave the go order there was a 90%+ probability UBL was a dead man. The troops on the ground would not risk their team members. He blinks, he’s shot. He blinked. I think Mr. Hannity would have benefitted from some active duty time. Yet another arm chair warrior.

  • daryl231992

    In my opinion, Hannity is a numbrain racist who has nothing of an intelligent nature to offer in a society that is moving beyond the KKK past!

  • Fearfull Ralph

    It appears that Hannity has slipped a cog and thinks that the government is still like it was when we had Cheney telling his puppet, Bush, what to do. I wonder just who Hannity thinks the current Democratic, uh, sorry, Muslim version of Cheney is…perhaps Michele or Rumsfield?

  • JamesLoughran

    How can anyone, who calls themselves a proud American who loves freedom and liberty, believe a man who pals around for years with racist KKK white supremacist’s like Hal Turner? And when confronted with this friendship tried desperately to wiggle and worm out of it and finally admitted it, but just barely. Hannity is a perfect example of a reactionary deconstructionist who profits from exploiting fear and loathing and revels in making millions projecting his own hypocrisy. Hannity, like most of his ilk, is part of a regressive agenda who’s means of propaganda will push America into fascism.

  • sjc723

    How sad it is that if there is nothing bad to report, we have to make something up.
    President Obama decided this when the Secretary of Defense and the top General were both skeptical. His first priority was to find Bin Laden when he went into office.
    Leon Panetta did that, and President Obama acted. Get over it Hannity, you lose again.

  • toonupguy

    I am reading the comments. It appears I stumbled on a non-conservative site here. I don’t see Hannity as a hater but he is strong on conservative principles. Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh and Levin are strong and intelligent personalities who are effective at communicating. I am not sure who the liberal counterparts are.
    It’s true we are quite polarized as a nation yet we have more that we agree on than disagree. These are exciting and intense times to be alive.


    Hannity, Limbaugh, and Levin are all boderline delusional with all their hate filled messages about the President. Since the day President Obama was elected, Rush even stated publicly that he hopes and wants the President to fail. In all truth, he did not even want to give the man a chance. Now we all know that these commentators are all about making their show interesting, but it also shows that they are irresponsible with their comments, knowing full well that it will help to divide the country. This is wrong. I am a strong conservative, believe it or not, but there are some things that are liberal that I must go along with. Hopefully the people will see thru all the hogwash that Hannity and the others spew, and put Mr. Obama back in office. Anyone with just an once of common sense would know that things took awhile to get messed up, and it was going to take more than 4 years to get us back on track. We are now headed back in the right direction. Thank you Mr. President. I will be one of many conservatives willing to give you the chance to get us there.

  • Patrick Labbe

    Hannity can’t bring himself to give Obama credit for anything. It’s really sort of sad.

  • Hankk

    What do you expect from Hannity and the rest of them, the next 9 months is the GOP SWIFT-BOAT SEASON. hankk, MI