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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lisa Mascaro, Tribune Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON — A Senate investigation has concluded that officials at the State Department and U.S. intelligence agencies ignored “ample warnings” of danger and failed to do enough to prevent an attack by militants on a U.S. mission and CIA base in Benghazi, Libya, in September 2012.

The bipartisan report by the Senate intelligence committee also found that no U.S. military units or aircraft were close enough to intervene or assist during the overnight attack, which left four Americans dead, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

“I hope this report will put to rest many of the conspiracy theories and political accusations about what happened in Benghazi,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat and chair of the committee, said in a statement.

But the 85-page report, which was approved last month and declassified Wednesday, is unlikely to satisfy critics who contend that members of the Obama administration deliberately underplayed the nature of the attack because of political sensitivities during the presidential campaign.

The document recommends 18 changes intended to improve security of U.S. diplomatic and intelligence facilities overseas.

President Barack Obama has promised to “bring justice” to the leaders of the attack, but so far none of those identified as responsible have been arrested. He also has complained about the political nature of the continued criticism, which has been led largely by Republicans in Congress.

AFP Photo/Gianluigi Guercia

  • Sand_Cat

    It’s not in the report, but we all know that Obama and Hilary secretly flew to Benghazi and personally murdered the ambassador, right?

    • Jimmy Agler

      No, what was left out was that he gave Randy Ayers a secret envelope. Ayers then took the envelope to Rev Wright. Wright, opened it and there were instructions to him and a 2nd envelope. His instructions were to take the 2nd envelope to George Soros. It contained information of when and where to make an attack and that Soros was to secretly fund it. Soros then contacted the New World Order who handled everything. ,,,,,,I just thought I would post that to save some of the conspiracy nuts the time and trouble.

      • Allan Richardson

        You forgot about Joe Biden moving the traffic cones so that our military Humvees couldn’t get troops to Benghazi in time!

        • edwardw69

          I was there: I saw it happen. I am ready to testify before Mr. Issa’s committee.
          Orange cones.
          Orange= socialist.

      • Sand_Cat

        Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    • edwardw69

      I was there. I saw it happen. I look forward to testifying before Mr. Issa’s committee.
      In a fireproof suit, and nothing valuable on my person.

      • FT66

        No, you didn’t see properly. All republicans were there and their eyes were wide open. They saw everything happened from the beginning to the end.

  • Dominick Vila

    Obviously, weaknesses should be identified and ways to provide greater protection to our diplomatic missions is essential, unfortunately, deploying aircraft carriers, large contingents of Marines, and USAF fighter jets to protect every U.S. Embassy and Consulate in the Islamic world is easier said than done. Every single U.S. diplomatic mission is vulnerable in that part of the world. We would have to deploy our entire military to that part of the world to reduce the probability of terrorist attacks and be able to retaliate in a timely manner. The GOP Inquisitors and our complicit media have been insinuating the Benghazi was somehow unique and that further precautions should have been taken. That claim is false. Benghazi was as likely to be attacked as was/is our consulate in places like Alexandria, Casablanca, and every other city in North Africa, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf, to name a few volatile places in the world where anti-Western sentiments prevail.

  • dpaano

    Am I wrong, or do I understand that the ONLY reason we can’t seem to bring the perpetrators to justice is because the government in Benghazi won’t allow us to go in and do our research to try to locate these people? How is that the President’s fault?

    • Jimmy Agler

      I will channel my inner Tea Party spirit for you dpaano, “Wull hell, if we had a real president, you know like ole Romeny(he ain’t bad fer a mermon) we would invade them so’s we can get them durn terrer guys.”

      • dpaano

        JImmy, I’m assuming that you’re being facetious. If you, you’re very funny! You’re correct….if it were up to the GOP, they’d go into Benghazi with guns a’blastin!

        • Jimmy Agler

          yes, I was being as facetious as I could.