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Friday, October 21, 2016
  • jmprint

    Elizabeth Warren for President, I love that sound.

  • Allan Richardson

    I hope she becomes President before the Queen dies or abdicates. That would be the first time since Washington left office that our leader and theirs have the same name.

    • CrankyToo

      What an astute observation. Good one.

      • ralphkr

        A few decades ago I was at the post office in Alaska and the woman ahead of me was going to mail a letter but asked the clerk she had enough postage. It was enough but it was a foreign stamp (Queen Elizabeth on it) so the clerk sold her a US stamp (Abraham Lincoln, hey, I said it was a few decades ago). The woman put our stamp over hers and said, “Well, I bet that is the first time anyone has seen an American President covering the English Queen.”