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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sequestration: A Totally Avoidable Disaster That Was Bound To Happen

Sequestration: A Totally Avoidable Disaster That Was Bound To Happen

Republicans have issued so many absurd economic threats that one of them was eventually going to come true.

Fingers are pointing in every direction as politicians and pundits assign blame for the automatic spending cuts that are scheduled to kick in Friday night. But in truth, it was a real team effort. And something this stupid didn’t just happen overnight; it took a few years of hard work and dedication. These high-stakes games of chicken have become a fixture of American politics during the Obama presidency. In the past, one side or the other has always blinked at the last minute. But the latest iteration looks like it will end in a head-on collision, and while the resulting wreck will be grisly, it might provide the shock to the system we need to steer our political debate back on course.

In this year’s State of the Union address, President Obama declared, “The greatest nation on Earth cannot keep conducting its business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next.” The key word there is “manufactured.” Facing mass unemployment, widening inequality, rising health care costs, the threat of climate change, and instability in the Middle East, just to name a few concerns, one would think our lawmakers had more than enough legitimate problems to worry about. But congressional Republicans have proven themselves to be entrepreneurial problem-makers since the night of Obama’s first inauguration, when they gathered to plot his downfall.

From the beginning, the Republican strategy has been one of total opposition, but that backfired once they regained control of the House of Representatives and were actually expected to govern. As a result, writes E.J. Dionne, “The country has been put through a series of destructive showdowns over budget issues we once resolved through the normal give-and-take of negotiations.” The situation reached a boiling point in the summer of 2011, when Republicans threatened to let the federal government hit the debt ceiling. (No, not that time. The time before that.) Although there’s been a lot of back and forth about whether the White House deserves some or all of the blame for creating the sequester in the first place, it’s worth remembering that the debt ceiling debacle basically forced Obama’s hand. The result was the Budget Control Act, which established a bipartisan and famously useless “Super Committee” to hammer out a long-term deficit reduction plan. The Sword of Damocles hanging over the committee’s heads was sequestration, a mixture of automatic budget cuts designed to be so unpalatable to both parties that they would be forced to find an alternative solution – until they didn’t. Whoops.

Aiding and abetting Republicans throughout this misadventure were the deficit hawks, who grew tired of hearing about the economic crisis almost as soon as it began. They wanted to get back to more serious topics of discussion, like why the Obama administration was suddenly spending so much money. (Could it be… the economic crisis?) Twelve million people unemployed? Meh. One in five children living below the poverty line? Bo-ring. Debt-to-GDP ratio approaching 90 percent? Sweet Rogoff, it’s time to declare a state of emergency! This relentless elite-level concern trolling drove the political debate to the far right while supposedly giving voice to the moderate middle, enabling the GOP’s worst policy instincts.

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  • MASS impeachment of the fools that forced this on us is in order.

  • Sand_Cat

    I’m sure the Republicans are a long, long way from the “bottom” they want to force the rest of us to.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      The next great step by the Republicans will be forcing everyone to learn Creationism instead of the hard sciences, except themselves of course.

      THAT will be scraping rock bottom – well, close to it.

  • idamag

    We have a sad excuse for a congress and a sad excuse for a supreme court.

    • billbear1961

      Because both are infested with rightwing sellouts, whose ONLY loyalty is to power and the continued brutal misrule of the 1%!

      God DAMN the GOP, their allies on the SCOTUS and their rich masters—never was a modern democracy more crippled by a bigger nest of TRAITORS!

      And now, more than ever, they’re after our very right to VOTE, because they know that once people are familiar with their policies and goals for this country, they are hated for the ruthless SCUM that they are!

      Wake up, America, before it’s too late, to the endless machinations of the ENEMY WITHIN!!

      • Mulligatonney

        And another oxymoronic bastion of liberal tolerance speaks out.

        Good thing you’re not like those G.D. conservatives you hate so much. We might have to call you Jeremiah Wright.

        That is the contradiction of today’s American liberal, which is a walking inconsistency at its very best – you stand for nothing, yet somehow want to be the judge of those who do stand for something.

        Do you go to church? Do you believe in killing those who don’t believe the same things you do, like the Muslims? Do you at least believe in the founding principles of this country? What standard can YOU be compared to?

        Do you have a job? Are you a small businessman? I would guess not, to both counts… I would guess that you are one of those riding in the wagon and demeaning those pulling the wagon by telling them they aren’t pulling hard enough.

        • billbear1961

          What is one to say about a nation, any wealthy nation, let alone the wealthiest in the world, that was perfectly content to make the children of the working poor—children, for Christ’s SAKE!—BEG for medical help on telethons—fucking TELETHONS!—for DECADES until Mr. Obama finally put an end to such DEPRAVITY when he entered the Oval Office??

          It is inexcusable. It is sheer, unadulterated EVIL.

          There is no reason ON EARTH why the USA cannot achieve the same level of advanced civilization as the brilliant and prosperous social democracies of the Netherlands and the nations of Scandinavia, the most enlightened and progressive societies the world has EVER seen—NONE!

          Only the appalling stupidity and ignorance of the American right and the ruthless greed and selfishness of the 1% prevent it.

          You are a cancer, the bosom serpent, in every sense of the expression, the ENEMY WITHIN.

          My standards? Those of the “Sermon on the Mount,” a discourse despised by the American right, as they despise Jesus Christ, and EVERYTHING he stood for.

          (I have never received ONE CENT in government assistance. My husband and I—yes, HUSBAND—pay over 50% of our income in taxes, and we are PROUD to call ourselves SOCIAL DEMOCRATS.)

          • Mulligatonney

            …what kind of telethons?
            And now you speak for Jesus…
            And, of course – the guillotine.
            And big government.

            Of course you are a socialist. If you pay over 50% of your income in taxes, you can be counted among the wealthy as well. This country that you so malign has done rather well by you, yes?

            What Jesus might advise you is to sell the rest of your possessions, give the money to the poor, repent of your sins and immorality, take up the cross, follow Him and serve your brother. – Not to pick what feels good to you from His teachings, place your sexuality and other idols upon a pedestal, judge other people you know nothing about, and direct others as to what they are required to do with their own possessions and resources. And then, there’s that pesky abortion issue…. too bad those children had no one begging or advocating for them, eh?

            The liberal socialist must always find a way to justify immoral behavior. That is called moral relativism. If you want to do something that you know is wrong, simply create a set of laws that make it legal for you to so – and pretend to be outraged by shouting indignation and posturing before those who have chosen to be complicit in your sin while decrying the backwardness of those who disagree with you.

            But – the moral precepts stated in the Bible have existed for 5,000 years and they provide no such justification for sin… only admission, repentance and humble relationship with God.

            To be fair – conservatives, like all men – are sinners, too. They tend to think toward individual liberty rather than trusting organized groups of sinful men to exercise too much political control over their lives. That is pretty much the basic point of the Federalist Papers, the Declaration Of Independence, and the Constitution.

            Immoral men have declared themselves to be “evolved” in their thinking and more “civilized” in their society, and use this precedent to justify every sin they wish to commit.

            “Guillotine, cancer, serpent, the enemy within”… how does that make what you believe attractive to anyone wishing to understand those beliefs?

            You say your standards are based upon the Sermon On The Mount, which are the best principles for a spiritual walk that I have ever seen on paper – but your words and actions shout otherwise.

            Spiritually speaking, there are just as many sinners on “your side” as on the “other side”. Politically speaking, the difference from left and right, as far as I can see, is simply that the left wants more access to other people’s money and resources and many of the rich are a little too selfish and greedy – although they do pay the majority of the taxes in this country.

            A certain percentage of Americans are disadvantaged and should be able to ride in the wagon. Let’s say 10%, for the sake of argument. That number has been far exceeded by the present administration and many before him – so this president is at best, complicit in the downhill slide. The rest of the people riding in the wagon have chosen to be as they are and have the opportunity in this country to change that any time they wish.

            But at least – if they are going to choose to ride in the wagon while others pull, they should try not to shout too loudly for the guillotine – the only people “left” to pull the wagon will have no choice but to get out of the back and get busy.

            With Liberty comes individual responsibility. God gives us the unalienable rights. Pride renders us pitifully inadequate stewards. The mistake of history is deifying ourselves or the things we have made. Idols, yes? The First Commandment?

            But – there is yet a chance – with a perfect God comes perfect Justice – but perfect, infinite Mercy as well…

            For the penitent man…

          • billbear1961

            The majority of the most desperately poor in this country are CHILDREN.

            The majority of the homeless are CHILDREN.

            When I was a boy and saw and read of kids begging for medical treatment on telethons, and in newspaper campaigns to raise money for them, I thought it was sad.

            What I did not know, at the time, in my appalling American ignorance, was that NONE of our industrialised allies would allow such a filthy abomination to occur in THEIR countries!

            THEY had universal care!

            Tell me, “Christian.” If I have an epileptic fit, am I possessed of the Devil?

            Am I guilty of abomination if I eat shellfish?

            Shall I suffer a witch to live?

            Whom shall we stone to death?

            Does a SLAVE owe his master obedience?

            Can you, with God’s help, command the sun to stand still?

            Is the earth only a few thousand years old?

            What happened to early Christian communalism?

            You pick and choose like everyone else (from imperfect translations of what early Church censors allowed, for political reasons, to remain).

            Few there are, even among today’s most conservative “Christians,” who’d wish to live like our 17th century Pil-GRIM fathers, let alone like the semi-SAVAGES of 5,000 years ago. There has been SOME progress, you know (even in the U.S. of Hypocrisy!).

            The nation that turns its back on the poor is in danger of the Judgement.

            The nation that turns away a desperate, hungry or sick child, that cuts funds for FOOD STAMPS so that the rich can enjoy loopholes that allow them to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, is already DAMNED.

            The god of the American right is MAMMON.

            The rest is a pantomime; they have no other.

            They are the ENEMY WITHIN.

            (You may take talk of the guillotine metaphorically—for NOW.)

          • billbear1961

            Making of my sexuality an idol?

            No more than YOU have, I dare say. At my age, it has far more to do with affection and friendship than sex. I’ve never been a gifted “sexual athlete” or connoisseur of much more than kissing and petting, even when I was young and had stronger appetites.

            But I’m not attempting to live the life of a chaste and virgin saint because people like YOU have a problem with NATURE.

            I’m gay the way I’m right-handed, bald, and hairy—or, if you prefer, we are the left hand to your right hand, your mirror image, the other side of the SAME coin. There is more and more evidence, too, of a genetic component. (The only REAL difference between us looms in your troubled imagination, in your desperate need to demonize the “other.” Happily, and at long last, people are calming down about this issue, and are no longer as ready to buy into your hysterics. Knowing gay people among their friends and relatives has helped a lot! Sadly, because of the enormous power and influence of rightwing American hatred, ignorance and slander, progress is slower in the USA than elsewhere; but, even in this backwards land of witch-hunters and holy hucksters, change is coming.)

            To go to bed with a woman, or to marry one, would be, for me, unnatural and a dirty, sick LIE from start to finish.

            THINK whatever you like about it; I don’t care much, anymore.

            BUT, keep your filthy hands OFF my right to the equal protection of the laws.

            I find people like you morally offensive and deeply disgusting, but I don’t attempt to strip you of your RIGHTS.

            Your right to tyrannise is limited strictly to yourself.


          • billbear1961

            A fertilized egg isn’t a baby, any more than an acorn is an oak.

            This notion that life begins at conception is a relatively recent construct put about as an attempt to renew the subjugation of women.

            Even the appalling burn-the-heretics-to-save-their-souls Aquinas didn’t feel the “fruit of the womb” qualified as a human being until sometime after the first couple months of pregnancy.

            Make the “morning-after” pill available “free” of charge to anyone who wants one.

            Problem solved (99 times out of 100).

            Your party’s anxieties for the unborn lose all credibility when they demonstrate their TOTAL LACK OF CONCERN for the welfare of children already IN this world.

            Look at the GOP platform, and the declarations of most Republicans in or seeking office.

            Ruthless, ungodly FRAUDS!

            (Don’t tell ME that *I* am too quick to point the finger; the right does little else, the difference being the monumental HYPOCRISY that infests nearly everything they have to say. They excel at one thing only, besides theft, and that one thing is CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, the filthy liars. Romney and Ryan couldn’t open their MOUTHS without lying! I was simply dumbfounded! It gets worse with every election! They lie, they attempt to suppress the vote—their pals on the SCOTUS are helping them there, and—with “Citizens United”—have given Mammon the rights of the individual citizen. The EVIL of their machinations is truly breathtaking and BIBLICAL in scope. All because they KNOW they cannot win an honest election!)

          • billbear1961

            MY words are too strong?

            May I remind you of Christ’s WHIP?

            And of what he had to say to the “whited sepulchres” in Matthew 23: 23-25, and 33??

            23Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.

            24Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

            25Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess.

            33Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

            There are REPTILES in this world with whom the gentle approach does not prevail!

        • billbear1961

          Only a pitiful, goddamned FOOL extends tolerance to hateful, selfish, ignorant and greedy TRAITORS who care about NOTHING but their own criminal prosperity—no matter the cost to others, no matter the cost to their own COUNTRY!

          Arrest and prosecute the banksters! Drive them “from the temple” with a WHIP!

          Show the 1% the glittering charms of Madame GUILLOTINE—to sober them up and make them see REASON!

          Close the tax loopholes that still enable the rich to escape paying their fair share!

          End the Sequester, and restore full funding to all social programs!

          Protect the fragile recovery—and America’s future!

          Long live the American Social Democracy!!

          VIVAT JUSTICIA!!

    • lana ward

      Omuslim must make sequestration cuts as nasty as possible. If Americans see that Washington can be cut through sequestration without being painful, Omuslim loses!! So he has to make it horrible on the country so we’ll never want spending cuts again!!! It’s a win, win for him. He’ll inflict harm on our country and punish the GOP in the process. Like he says, never let a crisis go to waste!!!

      • edwardw69

        When did he say that? Source, please.

        • MrStoneheep

          He didn’t say it, his then Chief of Staff did, March, 2010. Source? Just about every TV and radio broadcast for the two weeks following the
          brilliant statement, unless, of course, all you watched then was Chris Mathews on MSNBC with his leg tremors. Rahm Emanual: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Didn’t know he was on an open mic. How unfair!

          • awakenaustin

            The quote was part of a longer statement in a discussion, in a Wall Street Journal sponsored forum, the CEOCouncil Nov. 18, 2008. If you actually watch and listen to the entire statement you get an understanding of what he means and it loses all of the nefarious content the right has sought to inject into it. Of course he knew it was in front of an open mike. It was in front of an audience. It was a presentation which was obviously being video and audio taped. He was sitting next to a moderator/forum/conference leader empowered with the ability to present and ask questions of the speaker. The WSJ reports on this talk the very same day on its blog. Only nut jobs claim this is some cabal-like statement uttered in secret, not intended for public consumption which is supposed to expose some deeply devious plan of President Obama.
            This is the deal – the wing nuts don’t have any real stuff to say, so they make it up – take it out of context – change the words or give it what ever interpretation they wish to further their own agenda. Which, as far as I can tell, is to make Americans as stupid as they can possibly be about politics in this nation.
            It is my personal thought that liberals in this country seriously underestimate just how rock hard stupid and downright malicious the right is and is willing to be.
            Fifteen minutes of research and you would know this also.

          • idamag

            Intelligence researches reliable sources. I would say you are intelligent.

          • MrStoneheep

            Wake up awakenaustin. My point was a reply to the post of ‘edwardw69’. I’m not covering for Lana, she can bury herself easily enough. At the same time, I don’t condone calling others with a differing opinion from that of myself names or question their intelligence. They are allowed their opinion as am I on the left of center side. You’re statement of “rock hard stupid and downright malicious” can and should be attached to those on the far left as well as those on the far right. “Far” either is no way to ever move the country forward. Also, be ready to accept the fact our leaders may be able to make a mistake now and then, not just those dastardly Republicans.
            Now, THIS is the deal – it isn’t the conservative press that is editing tapes for the benefit of either making McCain look bad, nor was it the conservative press that edited a tape to keep Michelle from openly making a very dumb remark about a Chicago killing. This isn’t the first time this has happened and personally, I don’t like it, We that voted for the man don’t need that kind of help, intended or not. Now, tell me, in those instances who is it that is “changing the words or give it what ever interpretation they wish to further their own agenda”?

          • awakenaustin

            This is what I am in the habit of – calling out people who offer out of context statements as proof of someone’s bad motivations or true intentions. We aren’t talking opinions we are talking about misstating facts. It is an opinion when you say to someone wearing a dress, “that is a lovely dress you are wearing.” It is a misstatement a fact when you say to someone wearing slacks, “that is a lovely dress you are wearing.” Some things are matters of opinion and belief and some things simply are and they exist whether we believe them or not. You don’t have to believe in gravity, but you have to live in terms of it. It exists as a reality regardless of your opinion of it or your belief in it. It is my opinion that people who spread lies as truth are either malicious or stupid. It wasn’t March 2010, it was November 2008.
            I have no idea what you are talking about re: Sen. McCain and Ms. Obama. Maybe if you could give me a hint as to the source of your thoughts in that area I will look into them and tell you what I think. Do you know the President’s wife? If not, why are you calling her by her first name as if you do?
            There is no “far left” in this country to speak of. Those who actually belong in that part of the political spectrum have zero influence and get zero attention from anyone except themselves. They exist primarily in the fevered imagination of conservatives. The term is used primarily in an effort to slander rather mainstream lefty liberals who think government has the potential to do beneficial things regarding education, health and poverty in the nation. Except for a few crackpots no one on the left has been talking revolution since the 60’s and even then it was more romanticism than anything else. Trying to get people registered and organized to vote is hardly revolutionary. Lefties didn’t spend their time collecting guns and talking secession during the second Pres. Bush’s two terms.
            Let us get serious for a second. You are saying your response re: the Rahm Emanual quote was not an effort to attribute to the President, by proxy, a statement made by his soon to be Chief of Staff and presented out of context. It certainly wasn’t an effort to set the record straight. It took me less than fifteen minutes to determine that you had the wrong date, setting and context. You were trying to substantiate Ms. Lana’s riff on the quote. You want to point out all the misstatements and slander’s liberals put out. Get after it. You are going to run out of material long before I do. In the current political climate, liberals aren’t required to misrepresent to win the contest of fact and reality versus fiction and delusion. They simply have to keep pointing out the obvious.

          • idamag

            If you watch C-span, you will find McCain doesn’t need any help to look bad. He is coming across as a belligerent bully.

          • plc97477

            I think we are all getting the picture. I have to admit it took some of us a while but we are seeing them for what they are now

        • idamag

          Her sources are hate blogs and faux news.

          • lana ward

            Your sources are hate blogs and communist news

      • WhutHeSaid

        You are really on your game today, and Satan is smiling over you. I’m willing to bet he’s throwing on a few extra coals for you even as we speak. You must be his pride and joy, and he undoubtedly has a corner of Hell reserved just for you.

        • idamag

          She is an evil person. She bears false witness and the Bible says if you break one of the commandments, you break them all.

          • neeceoooo

            I really wonder how someone can be so ignorant to reality

          • BDC_57

            she is uneducated that why she is ignorant

          • Worse he is educated . He went to the Republican school of lies and hate the President and how to post the lies so much that they might be come believeable to some.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Unless there is a physical reason for that ignorance, there is no valid excuse for it, especially if it is “willful ignorance”.

            Evidently, Lana has a lot of willfulness.

          • idamag

            I’ve always compared ignorance to bedbugs. The disgrace is not in the getting but the keeping.

          • Kansan

            I’ve been reading her comments on this and other sites and she’s clearly mentally ill.

          • lana ward

            What about murdering babies in the womb? I think a commandment is tho shall not kill. If I’m evil for telling the truth, you’re scary

          • Kansan

            Lana, you’re clearly disturbed. You really should see a doctor before you’re run over in the street while pushing your shopping cart around.

      • flyinjs

        Eyes rolling…

        • idamag

          She just babbles on and one while she plays with the string on her pjs

          • neeceoooo

            That is hilarious.

      • flyinjs

        Subject your “good ole boys” to some cuts in their pay and their health care. Have all the congress follow their sam laws passed. That is what erks most people is the old “Do what we say and not as we do” It has been mentioned so many times on so many forums…Congree and the Senate create the budgets, the President of the United States either signs or doesn’t. How is that so hard to comprehend to so many supposedly educated people?

      • daniel bostdorf


      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Wow…a rightie who can actually spell…call the President of the US a name a kindergarten kid would be ashamed to invent and now dumps a pathetic failed life on the president. Typical rantings from DogPatch USA…where Lazy Daisy Mae earns her keep by shaking her booty all day long at an equally lazy Lil Abner on the front porch of their shack.

        • lana ward

          Omuslim is furious and has threatened Bob Woodward(a stone liberal) who voted for O twice, for exposing Omuslim owns the sequester!! So you just keep believing your little, do no wrong Aunt Jemima, things will work out

          • Kansan

            No one “threatened” Woodward. He made that up. There is an e-mail trail.

            I think you need to take him to your doctor.

          • lana ward

            Lanny Davis says he was threatened too. If you say anything that makes this spoiled evil bitch in the WH look bad or that he is a liar, you are threatened

          • Kansan

            Lana, it’s obvious that you’re an electronic bag lady, screaming at traffic from virtual street corners.

            Do have parents? A husband? Children? Friends?

            Someone must be concerned. You need help.

        • idamag

          Lana got pregnant in high school, went on welfare and stayed on welfare until the welfare reform forced her to go to work. I doubt if she has ever had any friends.

        • I gave you a like on most of what you said but do not like the Dogpatch part of it to me when you use examples like Dogpatch USA you are insulting people in the South and this Southern does not appreciate it. We are not the way we have been portayed as being on TV, movies and article written about the South by people who have never been south of Ohio or East of California. We do have lazy no good. racist people in the South but so does the rest of the Country yet they are never mentioned. We also have people working 2 or more jobs supporting their families. or to go to College to improve their life, people that are work to help others as volueeters(not spelled right), do things for others out of the kindness of our hearts, are in the military and do not vote for Republicans or Tea party candidates. If you want to make a point that Lana who is a male according to him is a racist with a hate for the President there are better ways than Dogpatch to do it.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Most of the general public’s thinking about the South is totally accurate.

            Yes, there are many people working two jobs to support a family. This is OLD news. The problem with this in the South is that you let your states pass “right to work laws” that lowers your wages the minute a business locates down there.

            The North is starting to do the same dam thing though:(

            In this case, we’ve all allowed our states to hang us.

            The South has never dealt with the fact that they lost the Civil War. The Old Confederacy is still very much alive down there. The Confederate Battle Flag flies all over the place.

            Hah, those black n white situation comedies were very true. Racism and stupidity runs rampant in many parts of the South. Just go out of any city proper and just outside of the Burbs, you’d have to be totally blind not to notice it. The South has just learned to hide it better.

            Yes, many parts of the South are very beautiful. I’ve been through the South many times in my travels. The scenery is wonderful. But, most of the people who live there turn it rotten.

            If you aren’t one of these people congrats to you:) But, you’re in a loosing battle trying to change a culture that won’t change, even in the face of their own demise. It may take another few generations before all that white trash down there (and some up North) kicks off and is replaced with hopefully smarter people.

            I just hope our country can last that long.

      • highpckts

        Lana – misinformed Lan, sequester was a joint deal in which the GOP thought they would win! Guess what?? We know who the winners are and it’s not the GOP!! They will forever take the blame until they straighten up and get rid of their 18th century thinking!!

        • lana ward

          The sequester IS Omuslims!! Bob Woodward has been threatened by the WH for exposing this. He is a stone liberal who voted for Omuslim twice

          • flyinjs

            In 2014 there will be more nashing of teeth and progressive thinking will win out not matter all of the gerrymandering or not.

      • Replying to lana ward –

        You have gotta quit smoking that stuff. It is making you look like a card carrying member of the TURD PARTY.

        • lana ward

          Obama can;t accomplish what he wants because he’s not a dictator. He can’t make others “do whats right” because he’s not a dictator. Why would he make this point???? I’ve never heard a President talk like this when he doesn’t get his own way. What is he up to?????

      • Mulligatonney

        You are quite correct Lana – This entire sequestration thing was OBamaRamaLamaDingDong’s idea, in the first place. He got some of the revenues he wanted in January, but has made no attempt at a budget his entire time in office while simultaneously running a constant 1.2 to 1.5 trillion dollar annual deficit. He refuses to cut spending because he knows that’s where his votes are coming from.

        I have yet to see anyone on this site present any notion of a balanced budget – only blind support for the Pied Piper as he leads them off the cliff. I’m not even sure if most liberals even consider the national deficits and debt a bad thing.

        I would like to hear any of them present an argument for a balanced budget that did not involve cutting entitlement spending. The argument for getting all of the spending cuts out of the rich doesn’t work purely from a numbers standpoint, and anyone who can do elementary addition and subtraction knows that.

        So – you correctly conclude, if you assume that the monkey now occupying the White House is as intelligent as all of his “organ grinders” say he is – that he is doing on purpose…

        The next logical question is – why? Maybe his pastor for 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, can offer some insight on that issue… Why does he hate America? Why does Louis Farrakhan hate America? Why did Timothy McVeigh hate America? I’m sure OBama has things in his head that he justifies as “reasons” why… He’s really just a garden-variety America-hater – but the astonishing thing is that he is actually molesting his supporters while at the same time convincing them that he “cares”… That is like picking your baby sitter from the sex offender’s list. This is a step beyond classic Marxism, which really only an attempt on the agitator’s part to pit the proletariat against the rich in order to bring about a revolution which will place themselves at the top of the heap.

        This OBama guy is such a narcissist, such a deluded, insecure creature – that he really wants to be liked by the people he is harming.

        Keep the faith.

        • idamag

          mulli, I don’t believe in political parties, but the disrespectful hatred you, and all your ilk have displayed has convinced me that I will not vote for a Republican until the party cleans up its act. We have had Democrat presidents and we have had Republican presidents and never has the rhetoric turned so hateful. There is one thing different about this president. His race and don’t tell bald faced lies and say that is not it and we are playing the race card. You have no other explanation for the evil hatred.

          • Mulligatonney

            So – let me get this straight…

            You are saying that the only reason that OBama has never submitted a budget, ran a constant 1.2 – 1.5 trillion dollar yearly deficit, wants to reward 13 million illegal alien criminals, has joined in lawsuits against the very states he is sworn to protect, was a member of the New Party (a communist org) in Chicago, sought the company of anti-Americans his whole life…

            …is because he is a negro?

            Sounds like you are the racist.

            Oh, and congratulations on your use of the word “ilk”… I don’t know if any of you liberals can finish a sentence without using it. It must sound “intellectual” to you…

            Sort of like when you call people racists it makes you feel important – like you have spoken some great, discerning wisdom, or identified a significant scientific or intellectual discovery.

            If your next door neighbor calls you and tells you that a black is raping your mother, are you going to excoriate your neighbor for giving you the news? Are you going to malign your neighbor and accuse them of telling you about what is happening to your mother only because the rapist is black? Or that the neighbor would not have made the call had the rapist been white?

            This is what makes you a fool. OBama is raping the country and you think its about race. Just like most of you liberals. By far, the biggest reason there are so many Americans that oppose him so stridently is that they are watching him spend us into oblivion. He is complaining about an $85 billion sequester while he plays golf with Tiger Woods and gives $65 million to Syria. He is running up TRILLIONS in debt. Not because he’s black. Not because he’s stupid. Because he’s a communist. An anti-American.

            The facts mean nothing to you. Otherwise, you would be demanding that OBama submit a budget, and be calling for a balanced budget and tax codes that work. This guy is piling up a colossal debt while he tells you that he cares about you, and you think its because he’s black? If he were your husband, you would call 911 and have him arrested, because this is the classic definition of domestic abuse.

            Looking at the demographics of the last election through your eyes, one must conclude that black are more “racist” than whites, since something like 94% – 96% of them voted for OBama, whereas somewhere around half of the American whites voted for him.

            The debt, madam – the debt… That is your indicator of what he is doing. Never mind what he says. This is what makes him different than all the other presidents.

          • Your comment about Obama not ever submitting a budget is a lie – he has submitted a budget to the House every year but Boehner has refused to present his budgets because he knows because of ideological differences with the Tea Baggers that it’s going to go nowhere. But despite that, Obama has reduced the 1.6 trillion budget he got from Bush to 1.1 trillion in 3 years – that’s 1/2 a trillion reduction in 3 years which is the fastest reductions in spending of any president in office since WWII – and during a deep recession when spending cuts are not something any bonafide economist would recommend. If you doubt that, look at Europe where virtually every country is in the throes of a deep double-dip recession. Not only is your comment a lie, but your suggestion that there should have been more budget cuts flies in the face of anyone with common sense – because it’s pure ridiculous nonsense – which is what the GOP spouts every day.

          • idamag

            Change your sources. President Obama has submitted a budget and amended it many times to try and please Peter Peterson’s lackies. Because it does not cut Social Security enough and does not rework Medicare instead of greater fraud investigation and because it raised taxes, it had been turned down.

            The economy can only be strong if all facets of the populace is doing well. People, employed in this country, are consumers and pay taxes. When one facet grabs money from the centrifuge, the centrifuge collapses.

            I don’t have to agree with every decision the President makes, but I respect him. You lying tea party people are anti-government and since it is a government of the people, we are the government so you are against America. You are selfish. You are narcistic.

          • Mulligatonney

            Change your sources.

            Trillion plus annual deficits for 5 years in a row is the legacy of this president, no matter how you try to twist and turn away from the truth.

            You convict yourself of your ignorance with your own words (beside the fact that you cannot spell narcissistic).

            The president’s job is not to prepare a budget that he knows will not pass because it does not address the debt in a serious manner and then blame the Republicans. That is disingenuous, although it did get him re-elected by a mindless constituency, not unlike Germany in the 30’s… His job is to work with Congress to pass a budget. He has gotten all of his debt ceiling requests and tax hikes, and the debt continues unbridled.

            If he is smart as you liberals claim, then one must conclude he is doing this on purpose, which only serves to underscore my point. You are blinded by your own unwillingness to look at what is really happening.

            Our founders regarded government as a “necessary evil” What does that tell you about their “anti-government” sentiment?

            Yes – it is a government of the people. But you must do your part as well, and educate yourself adequately – at least to the point that you don’t believe such silly things.

            Like I’ve said before – the present-day American “progressive” (or what ever your “nom du jour” is) cannot offer an explanation as to why this president and his administration is incurring such debt…

            So – the floor is yours, madam – please explain why the annual deficits rage and the national debt continues to skyrocket under the watchful eye of this charlatan that you respect so much? After all, he is super-intelligent, yes? He was a most venomous critic of the national debt when he campaigned in 2008, yes?

            …is it still Bush’s fault?

            When will it be his fault?

            There is nothing to respect.

            But, you are probably right – I must simply subconsciously disrespect him because he is black.

          • idamag

            During President Bush’s second term, A Standford economic study said that the results of President Bush’s economic policies, it would take years to fix the problem. Ten days after Presdident Obama took office, Romney was asking why the economy was still in a bad shape. So, can we still blame the former administration? Yes, and with the obstructionism of the present House, it is not going to get better tomorrow.

            What did President Obama do wrong? The first term, he tried to compromise and do give and take and he gave too much. President Reagan tried trickle down economics and it didn’t work. Reagan raised taxes on everybody.

            President Clinton raised taxes and left a healthy surplus.

            In 2001, President Bush initiated the trickle down economics again. They are still in effect so you tell me why the economy is still bad.

            The jobs that the so called “job creators” are supposed to be creating are overseas where people get paid 83 cents an hour. Those are not the taxpayers or consumers.

            The debt has dropped. Not enough, but it is not climbing.

            The present administration inherited a house that was leaking. They were broke. They had to face letting the leak destroy the house or borrow money to fix it.

            If you want the deficit fixed, bring the taxpayers, consumers, and manufacturing back to this country.

          • Mulligatonney

            Again, change your sources…

            Change has indeed come to America – when wanton deficits, out-of-control spending and social programs and a rampaging debt can be sold to people like yourself as “progress”…

            I guess that’s why you call yourselves “progressives”…. it must mean that you have the mental flexibility to call anything progress, as long as it’s your messiah and his disciples that are claiming it. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s the truth or not, though…

            Your claim that the debt has dropped is utter and absolute hogwash, even by liberal democrat definitions… Even the most liberal propaganda machines are embarrassed to take the lie that far. You can go to almost any credible economic source and verify that. Look at any historical debt graph. The rate of increase since this administration took office is an order of magnitude greater. The U.S. debt increases daily. Any statistic will show you that.

            Your metaphor of the leaking house is quite pathetic – But if that is the only way you understand it, then the solution of this president was to bring in fire hoses, flood the house to the ceiling and blame the original leak and the previous home owner for the entire thing. And to think – what he really needed was simply to call a good plumber…

            Progressive is probably an accurate thing to call yourself, for your chattering progresses ever closer to complete insanity. If a Republican had done the exact same thing as your OBamassiah, you would already be at the White House with your liberal torches and pitchforks… Except, of course, you would have already had to obtain permits for your “assault weapons”… and a demonstration permit… and.. and…

        • lana ward

          That was a really great post! And true! If you type in, “Muslim purchase of the United States Presidency” you will see why Omuslim is destroying our America on purpose!!! It is a very revealing article

        • You and Mr Wood should get together, you would make a perfect couple, you both are racists and haters. President Obama does not hate the the USA, but you and Lana do since you believe the lies of Fox not News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the Republicans in Congress. Check out the Balancing Act that two Democratic members of the House of Representatives have offered up and has been ignored by they Republicans Also the House of Representative have offered a budget either and they are also suppose to offer up one.Also Mulligatonney research the reducation of the deficit which has gone down the last 4 years despite the efforts of the Republicans to keep it from happening. As I said Mr. Lana Wood and you would make a perfect couple, both post lies, show their hatred of President Oboma and their racim by calling the President a monkey. Why don’t the two of you get together for a glass of wine, a romantic walk byside the river and then disapper into the water.

          • idamag

            Our government is of the people, for the people and by the people. The three branches of government are for checks and balances. One of the great things is the peoples’ votes. That is how a president is elected. Those anti government and President Obama haters are a fester on this society. He was elected by the electoral college and the popular vote, despite many states trying to tamper with the vote. By the will of the people he is our president. The backward areas sent anti-government people to Washington and they are screwing up Washington, the county and are anti-American.

            Yes, the President has presented a budget, and taken it back several times and made changes trying to please the anti-government people. He has brought down the deficit. He is trying to protect Medicare and Social Security. What do you thinks will happen if the tea party gets a president elected?

          • Mulligatonney

            Hillbilly…appropriately named…

            Although I am not certain what you mean by reducation and disapper, I am guessing it is because you have a mental disability and are not much more than a monkey yourself (intellectually speaking, of course). I’m sure your mother loves you, even if she didn’t pay much attention to you or your “learnin'” between trips to your uncle’s house for regular molestation.

            Oops! I called you a monkey…that must mean I am a racist against hillbillies as well… Damn! I am running out of stereotypes to exercise my racism against! This will never do!

            Again, Mr. Hillbilly – mostly because I do think most monkeys can be trained through exhaustive repetition…

            Trillion plus annual deficits for 5 years in a row is the legacy of this president, no matter how you try to twist and turn away from the truth.

            The president’s job is not to prepare a budget that he knows will not pass because it does not address the debt in a serious manner and then blame the Republicans. That is disingenuous, although it did get him re-elected by a mindless constituency, not unlike Germany in the 30’s… His job is to work with Congress to pass a budget. He has gotten all of his debt ceiling requests and tax hikes, and the debt continues unbridled.

            If he is smart as you liberals claim, then one must conclude he is doing this on purpose, which only serves to underscore my point. You are blinded by your own unwillingness to look at what is really happening.

            Like I’ve said before – the present-day American “progressive” (or what ever your “nom du jour” is) cannot offer an explanation as to why this president and his administration is incurring such debt…

            So – the floor is yours also, Mr. Hillbilly – please explain why the annual deficits rage and the national debt continues to skyrocket under the watchful eye of this charlatan that you defend so zealously? After all, he is super-intelligent, yes? He was a most venomous critic of the national debt when he campaigned in 2008, yes?

            …is it still Bush’s fault?

            When will it be his fault?

            And you are probably right as well – I should not call him a monkey. I am likely to incur the wrath of monkeys everywhere.

    • Congress controls the purse and, after four years of clamoring for spending reductions, the GOP could not stop the sequester without losing face.
      The sequester is not going to be the end of the world, at least not short term. The problem is going to be its long term effects. What our country needs for sustainable growth, a robust economy and low unemployment is investment, not an austerity program.

      • lana ward

        Omuslim sure is talking dictator these days. What’s he up to, you know everything?

      • lana ward

        Omuslim can’t accomplish what he wants because he’s not a dictator. He can’t make others do what he wants because he’s not a dictator. I’ve never heard a president talk like this when he “doesn’t get his own way”. Why would he make this point???

  • billbear1961

    Down with the GOP, the banksters and ALL THOSE who serve no one and nothing but the 1%!

    Drive them from office, from their seats of power and influence—forever!

    Let the superrich, from the balconies of their palaces, catch a glimpse of the fierce shimmer and shine of Madame Guillotine!

    If the glimpse is not enough, MORE can be arranged!!

    If ONE child goes hungry so that one of these ruthless, coke-snorting degenerates can buy the services of another prostitute at a luxury resort or stuff yet another offshore account with his ill-gotten gains, it’s ONE TOO MANY!!


    Long live liberty!!

    Long live JUSTICE!!

  • option31

    This a game BOTH sides are using to play US like a fiddle and people are biting hook line and sinker. This is 2.3% of the budget for pete’s sake. If you have 100 pennies and you dropped two or heaven forbid 3 and they went down the storm drain would it be devastating and your world come to an end??? Apparently some of us would jump in front of a bus. People need to get A GRIP! How many families had to cut their budgets by 10-15-20 or more percent because of the banker induced crisis in 2008? How many did the GROWN UP thing and dealt with it without whining or jumping in front of a bus? And these idiots can’t cut 2.3%??? Nobody can honestly believe these government agencies don’t have 2.3% waste.
    And I just heard Maxine Waters from CA say 170 million jobs would be lost… LOL I guess nobody will have a job come Monday? Its all scare tactics. Here’s what’s scary this goes through and the world does not come to an end in fact life goes on as if nothing happened ( nothing did/will) and the people see they been lied to again by their “leaders”. The “leaders” fear it being found out they are NOT that important.

    • TheSkalawag929

      Let’s say that you were on your way to make a very important purchase of some necessity and because you dropped those 2 or heaven forbid 3 pennies out of every dollar of the purchase price down a storm drain. Do you think that the person holding what you need will reduce the price of the item by the amount you lost because you came up short after you refused to take the steps necessary to insure you would have enough to pay for what you need? Do the math.

      I think not. And you would probably be angry and up in arms after all it’s only two or three cents out of every dollar that the merchant would be loosing.

      • option31

        I have done the math. These cuts are cuts in the proposed increases! You need to do more than read the crazy lies from the media shills. After the sequester, this fiscal year’s federal budget of $3.553 trillion is still larger than last year’s $3.538 trillion or 1% higher. How many of these agencies are paying 6 figures to people that set around shuffling paper or playing on the computer? How much has been absolutely wasted in payola for alternative energy companies that got billions in total and have gone bankrupt leaving US on the hook?

        I deal with budgets every day and 2-3% is no big deal over a 9 month period. The 85 billion is a rounding error in a 3.5 trillion budget. I cut somewhere on something that was not necessary. It is not like these agencies have cut anything in recent memory so they have excess fat. Of course belly aching seems to be the American way now instead of problem solving.

        • flyinjs

          Business fails all the time and not purposely, alternative energy is the future, may not be in your small thinking future. Folks thought flying was crazy…why would you want to do that? That is what is wrong with small minded bean counters and fearful people who have no dreams…followers that still carry clubs and beat their chest.

          • option31

            LOL you are so far out in left field on this its pathetic one has to wonder if you read what I wrote above. Actually I have a business that sells solar. I have solar installed on my house, pv, air, water heaters for domestic and radiant in floor heat, and well pump so no idea where you’re coming from on me being against solar or small minded. The small minded are those that think government largess is the only solution to our problems. I am against the government handing out billions to friends and those people fleeing with the money leaving me and my kids the bill. These scams have hurt my business some what because of the STENCH of the payola involved in Solyndra etal… So how much solar do you have Mr. open minded?
            Oh and by the way I also have all LED lighting, instead of CFL’s and drive a VW Jetta TDI that get 45-50 mpg.

          • Now you are in the Solar business, in an earlier post you told the Skalawag 929 that you deal with budgets everyday. So are you a beancounter or work in the Solar business or you don’t know how to be trutful about any thing

          • option31

            I OWN the business so YES as the owner I deal with budgets every day along with consulting with individuals, businesses and also install solar. You can actually own and work in the same business… Solar is my evening and weekends business. One of two things I have a passion for – the other is ranching. I have a small ranch that I run 40-50 head of cattle on. I also own a wood working plant with 7 employees. So yes I am a owner- bean counter, a wood worker, employer, rancher and solar energy dealer/installer. For your information as a small businessman you have to wear many hats and be proficient at most if not all aspects of the business. I don’t have the luxury of hiring somebody to do simple jobs like figuring out how much money to charge, tell me how much I make or lose and how much to spend / budget. IT IS NOT rocket science, I am mere high school grad – I’m sure that puts me way below high top guys like you. I would put my businesses names here but some people on this board would probably do something immature so I won’t

            IF you go back and read the post you are refering to, I stated I own the business.

            Oh and your statement that I am a liar is way off base. Refer to the above!

          • option31

            I OWN the business so YES as the owner I deal with budgets every day along with consulting with individuals, businesses and also install solar. Solar is my evening and weekends business. One of two things I have a passion for – the other is ranching. I have a small ranch that I run 40-50 head of cattle on. I also own a wood working plant with 7 employees. So yes I am a owner- bean counter, a wood worker, employer, rancher and solar energy dealer. For your information as a small businessman you have to wear many hats and be proficient at most if not all aspects of the business. I don’t have the luxury of hiring somebody to do simple jobs like figuring out how much money to charge, tell me how much I am making or losing and how much to spend / budget. IT IS NOT rocket science, especially with these new fangled devices called calculators and if you’re really with it you have a computer! Even an idiot/alleged liar like me can operate one.

            I am mere high school grad – I’m sure that puts me way below top shelf guys like you. I would put my business websites / names here to put your mind at ease but some people on this board would prove just how immature they are so I won’t.

            IF you would read the post you are refering to instead of playing gotcha I did state I owned the business. Believe it or not you can own a business and work in it also! Will wonders ever cease?

            OH and by the way your statement that I am a liar is way off base.

          • plc97477

            Maybe he just doesn’t know what it is he does.

          • idamag

            when motorized trucks came into being, the teamsters with their dray were worried. They had to learn to drive a motorized vehicle. When the railroads came the mule trains went down. Yes, there will be certain types of jobs that become obsolete. That is when we have to go with the flow. However, when money if taken away from the economy and stashed in offshore accounts and jobs are sent overseas, we are destroying the economy by eliminating the taxpayers and the consumers.

          • plc97477

            and when there is no taxpayers or consumers the government has to try to make some in order to get the country running again because we have found out that the “job creators” won’t

        • TheSkalawag929

          Okay I’m willing to be schooled. I’m just an average American trying to make sense out of what looks to me like accounting goobledygoop.

          Proposed increases in what?

          Even though the budget is larger than it was last year isn’t smaller than the previous year without the sequester?

          Is it true that the way that the sequester cuts are set up it precludes cuts being made in the way that allows for the trimming of waste as you suggest?

          I’m not sure if this matters but hasn’t the deficit gone down every year since the Obama administration took over except for maybe one year?

          What this whole thing makes me think of is someone trying to explain to their child why they don’t have enough to buy the candy bar.

          And it would be refreshing if the tired “immorality of saddling future generations with debt” meme were not trotted out to reinforce the fictitious republican position that they are fiscally responsible.

          • Skalawg, I think the option31 thinks that he is smarter than the average person so doesn’t bother to think about the rolling stone effect that the 2.3% cut will have, Federal cut causes the rolling stone to hit state, state cut, causes the rolling stone to crush local governments, lay offs effecting all three tiers of government. He seems to think that losing those three pennies will not effect him being able to buy something that cost $1.00 . Don’t want to make a budget for me

          • TheSkalawag929

            I agree with you Hillbilly. It seems to me that if you want to purchase an item that cost a dollar and you only have 98 or 97 you won’t be able to purchase that item. Which means you are S.O.L.

        • You must not do a good job then considering that you don’t under stand that the 2. 3 % has bigger effect than you realize or is it because you think you are so smart that you don’t have to included the rolling stone effect of the 2.3 budget cut.

    • Yes in the case of the three pennies that relate to the sequestration. Maybe 2.3 % seems like to you no big deal, but that 2.3% will lead to job layoff not in the hundreds but millions. When Washington cuts funds, that cut effects all the state because it means that the money they receive from Washington is cut whick leads to layoffs and which is turn means the state cuts the money it sends to local governments which leads to lay offs, local level, police, fire , school, public transportation, libaries, parks, communty centers, services for the elderly and handicapped, state level, highway patrol, prison guards, crime lab, departments that service children, elderly, handicapped and homeless, that collect child support from deadbead parents, like fromer R representative Joe Welch and many other services are affected in the states and at the Federal level layoff of air traffic controllers, the border patrol, ICE, and other law enforcement agency, cime labs, meat inspectors, and many others. Still don’t think that 2.3 % of the budget is no big deal, because if you do then you need to go back to school and learn economics.

      • option31

        Who cannot cut 2.3% out of a budget???? Virtually every family in America has cut more than that since 2008. The only reason the vast majority of these people will get laid off is to hit below the belt and inflict maximum pain to the public to teach us a lesson. What government wants government gets or we will burn the house down. Kind of like a parent taking everything away from a child for some minor offense. It is not like they are on a paupers budget. Department heads get well into the 6 figures, not to mention pensions.

        of topic slightly but – At least 1 billion could have been save by NOT backing Solydra and a host of other loser companies. This does not even cover the companies they owed money to with they went belly up. So chalk up several billion $’s. Its not like their weren’t other pv manufacturers. The market wasalready flooded with pv and they signed up to do more? I won’t even go into the military waste er budget. Do more than parrot the latest lines for the media and the politicians.

      • plc97477

        That explains joe “you lie”s reason for being for this mess. Can anyone explain the others?

  • billbear1961

    Dear old Stephen Colbert has informed viewers that, of course, congressional salaries and benefits are NOT SUBJECT TO THE SEQUESTER!

    Subject them to it—NOW!

    Wanna bet they reach a deal before sunset tomorrow??

    The miserable rotten SHITS!

    • Cairndance

      Congress is already only working 2 1/2 days a week!
      Half of a weeks work, should receive HALF a Weeks Pay!
      That is not enough hours to qualify for medical benefits in most businesses.

      So “HALF PAY” and the “Elimination of Medical Benefits”, might get Congress to do some real work!

      • billbear1961

        And they call ordinary folks who need a little help in troubled times MOOCHERS!

        I think we can SEE who the effing parasites are!

        THEY are—AND their rich masters, who cling so tightly to their tax loopholes, the filthy vampires!

        Ordinary people—even kids and seniors—have to suffer so that the rich can live like evil gods!

        The 1% prey on the economy—on the lifeblood of the nation—like LEECHES.

        And they are the GOP’s ONLY concern!

        May the God of JUSTICE descend on these traitors—like a destroying storm!

        May He rid us of the ENEMY WITHIN!

        It is the bear’s daily and most ardent prayer!

        In the meantime, we should do our patriotic best to make the lives of these Wall Street WHORES a living HELL.

        • Guest

          last I checked it was liberals who were vamps, tea party was zombies and wall street types were werewolves.

      • idamag

        Their rationale for working 2.4 days a week is that they spend the rest of that week with their constituents. I would like to see proof of that.

        • I sure don’t see any of the Representatives or Senators from my state here in the state the 5 days they say they are here. In order to get paid voters have to work the amount of hours their employers set for them to work or set the amount of hours they work if they own the business. In both cases they work at least 40 hours a week 5 days a week, their work does not include paying golf, sitting by the pool drinking, or any of the other stuff Congress does and calls it work. Voters have to punch a time card when they go to work, take a break, go to lunch, take a break and leave for home. Congress never punches a time card, always get the same pay even when they don’t show up for work. Don’t know how to do it, but I want a constitution amendment that first off sets time limits on how long a person can stay in Office in Congress, where no pay raises, benefits(pensions. lifetime medical care) and perks that can be given to them unless voted on by the voters and will not go into effect until after the next Congressional election, term limit for Representatives and Senators four years equaling to 2 terms of 2 years for each, can not serve 4 years as a Representative then run for the Senate or visa versa. Don’t know if this would be legal a person cannot run for office if they make more than $Seventy five thousand dollars a year and may be in line for an inheritance of millions at anytime. Any bill that Congress passes they have to go by also from time the bill is signed into law on no exceptions for them where laws that the rest of us have to follow.
          Congress has decided to work in DC for only 119 days this year, when working in DC the first 4 hours will be making phones and raising money for reelection, then two hours see people from their districts, then 2 hours working on running the Country, see what a big no no should be for both parties? No raising of money for reelection while on the clock, there should be at 6 hours spent on running the Country or at least 4 spent introducing, passing bills and running the Country, 2 hours on committe meetings, no committe meets then then 6 hours on the Country’s business not 4 on their business of raising money for reelection.

    • plc97477

      unfortunately the only folks who can change the constitution to do that can’t even keep their minds on easy things like paying for shit

    • You are right but the a lady representative who was just elected for the first time , Tammy, can’t remember her last name but she lost her legs while serving in Iraq, said she is taking a cut in her pay, if people in her District have to suffer because of what Congress didn’t do so should she is what she said. I don’t think she will have anyone joining from the Republican side and am not sure about the Democratic side, I do hope I am wrong especially about the Democratic side. She gave her legs for her country and now a cut in pay for the people that voted her in office, I would like to meet this lady.

      • plc97477


  • charleo1

    We should be thinking of ways to get more cash into a demand weak economy.
    Because, the number the deficit hawks should be looking at is debt to GNP.
    That has been trending downward, as the economy has been growing, although
    too slowly. And the on, and off, debt crisis in Europe tamps the numbers here down
    a bit, until so far, crisis averted, and it’s back to, if not business as usual, it’s
    positive, and gives all indication that the Euro is, slowly, but surely finding it’s way
    to firmer ground. This morning, as 85 billion dollars worth of Austerity begins to remove
    capital from a still cash starved economy, it is becoming clear an irrational, and
    dysfunctional government, has managed, once again to hurt the Country it’s
    supposed to serve. I think it is important to point out, Americans by a large majority,
    are opposed to the cuts. And economists across the board, agree with them.
    Not because neither they, nor the public, do not view the debt as a serious problem.
    But agree, we cannot cut our way to balanced budgets, and prosperity. And, this
    bill, produced out of political failure, will cause a loss of jobs, and an economic
    slowdown, that will cost the government more than the 85 billion it seeks to save.

  • jnsgraphic

    Legislation regarding the sequestration was voted for by a majority ot the GOP House, NOT the President! Republicans support the sequester but continue to blame the President who doesn’t even have a vote in Congress; creating budget deficits is the responsibilty of the Senate and Congress, the Presidents responsibility is to sign it or not They don’t care who loses their job or education or health care as long as they can place the blame on the President, the GOP once again is failing the American people to protect the rich and their special interests…. ‘Party First, People Last’. Since losing the election, these sore losers will continue to punish the middle class and those who voted for the President at the expense of ALL Americans livelihoods… its probably going to get worse before it gets better, until we vote the Republicans in Congress OUT in 2014!

  • empiremed

    The $85 billion in spending that will eventually be cut after the sequester kicks in amounts to around two cents on the dollar in the overall federal budget. That hasn’t kept Mr. Obama and his team from trying to scare the bejesus out of Americans about the spending reductions.

    On Friday, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said he’d have to furlough 5,000 air-traffic controllers. On Saturday, the president warned in his weekly radio address that thousands of teachers “will be laid off,” and “tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care.”

    On Sunday, the White House released a report for each state detailing how many unsafe bridges would be left unrepaired. On Monday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar threatened to close all National Park campgrounds. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said she’d have to sideline 5,000 border agents. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced it would release from detention several hundred illegal immigrants.

    This is all hogwash. After the sequester, this fiscal year’s federal budget ($3.553 trillion) will still be larger than last year’s ($3.538 trillion). Last year, the border was patrolled, emergency responders arrived when called, and airplanes left on time and landed safely.

    The federal budget is now $446 billion, 14% bigger than the last annual budget of Mr. Obama’s predecessor. Washington surely can survive a modest retrenchment of 2.3%. Virtually every family, business, state and local government has made deeper cuts than that in recent years.

    Mr. Obama has pounded away at the alleged damage of the sequester’s across-the-board cuts. House Republicans should call his bluff and pass legislation giving cabinet secretaries flexibility to transfer funds between accounts so that sequester cuts come from less important activities. If the Democratic-controlled Senate blocks its passage, at least voters will see how cynical the president’s rhetoric is. But if Senate Democrats and Mr. Obama go along (as they would), then the responsibility to cut in a prudent manner would be on the president and his cabinet.

    What if the administration then slashes programs to inflict maximum political pain on Republicans? The answer is congressional oversight. Using its power of the purse, House committees should summon cabinet secretaries and hold them accountable.

    Take the Department of Transportation. Its budget last year was $75 billion; this year it is $89 billion. If Mr. LaHood believes he should start accumulating his $600 million in sequester savings by furloughing air-traffic controllers, the House Transportation Committee can ask why he didn’t begin by cutting expenditures like Alaska sightseeing trains ($72 million), old-fashioned trolleys in Missouri ($22 million plus) and sidewalks to nowhere in Florida ($1.1 million)? These were all Department of Transportation outlays identified by Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn last October.

    Or consider the Federal Communications Commission. News reports suggest that the FCC will achieve its required $28 million in savings by laying off employees and delaying equipment purchases.

    If it does, the House Commerce Committee can ask the FCC chairman to explain why he’s not cutting the waste in the $2.2 billion-a-year program the FCC runs to provide free cellphones for low-income individuals. That program is riddled with fraud: An FCC survey of its five biggest providers found that 41% of participants were either ineligible or didn’t respond to requests to prove they were eligible.

    Serious budget-cutting isn’t just cutting less essential activities. For example, Mr. Salazar could keep campgrounds open by leasing the Rocky Mountain shale gas acreage that he previously declared off-limits for development and withdrew from auction.

    Giving Mr. Obama flexibility on where to make cuts will temporarily give him greater power. But it will also empower House Republicans, who exercise oversight. If Mr. Obama lays off border patrolmen and air-traffic controllers, and undermines military readiness, he’ll rile up a public already deeply skeptical of government spending. When a January Reason-Rupe poll asked about wasteful spending, the average response was that the federal government “squanders 50 cents out of every tax dollar.” If Mr. Obama cuts muscle, voters will wonder why he didn’t cut fat.

    Congressional oversight hearings—with their made-for-TV drama—will provide Republicans a highly visible national platform to press for restraining spending and make Mr. Obama stop crying wolf and start governing responsibly.

    • docb

      Only read 2 sentences of your screed but would have you ponder..what your ideology would be if it were your 2 cents and your security and job that will be cut as a result of intractable and obstructionist protection for my corporations and my carried interest deductions!

      • empiremed

        My idealogy would be the same. I would go get a job in the private sector …like I did.

        • What job? you and many like you do not seem to understand that in a short time there will be at least TWO MILLION PEOPLE WITHOUT A JOB and you think you will be able to find a job with two million people looking for one, dream on, it won’t happen. There are people looking for jobs now and are not finding any that pay above the minium wage. Is your family so small, like only yourself. that you can live on $7.00 an hour, can pay your rent or mortgage, go to see the doctor if you get sick, buy food that goes up in price every day and still have money to catch a bus to work, that is if the buses are still running the public transportation will be one of the first to feel the bite of the Sequter. Public transportation gets their money to operate from Federal, state and local governments. If the Federal government cuts money going to public transporation then the state does also, and finally the local govenment does also leading to cuts in service and lay off from office garage, jantorial and drivers lay offs.

    • option31

      You’re making WAAAAAAAAAYYYY to much sense….

    • daniel bostdorf

      Contrary to option31, your statement contains factually incorrect data that is being utilized to support a false premise ie you state:

      “This is all hogwash. After the sequester, this fiscal year’s federal budget ($3.553 trillion) will still be larger than last year’s ($3.538 trillion). ”

      You are repeating FoxNews and right wing GOP Rush Limbaugh lies….known as propaganda

      Here is the SIMPLE truth:

      $2 trillion has been cut over the past two years from teachers, firefighters, police officers, loans for college students, and infrastructure investments….and….WE THE PEOPLE shouldn’t continue to pay the price for massive tax breaks for millionaires and billions of dollars in subsidies to oil companies….and multination conglomerates who send jobs overseas that has destroyed the midddle class.

      Empiremed is a propagandist…he keeps repeating lies in order to make you believe that he is being factual. Propaganda is particular way of presenting a message, usually false to be blatantly biased in favor of his lies.

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”—

      —–nazis Joseph Goebbels.

      • empiremed

        Everything in the post is factual and verifiable. You don’t know what you’re talking about. The truth is teachers, firefighters, and police are not paid by the federal government. These cuts don’t affect their jobs one bit.

        • Wrong again, when Federal money is cut going to states they in turn cut the money going to local government which in turns lays off firemen, policemen, shool teachers and other eduction personel. Also besides the above mentioned being layed off so are school janitors, highway patrolman, personnel in the crime labs, many other jobs involved in law enforcement, prison guards, parole officers. In addition to these jobs being lost, people working in departments like Human service, collecting child support money from deadbeat parents,like former R representative Joe Walsh, and departments that ensure the elderly are not being mistreated in nursing home. and as I told you in an earlier post people working for public transportant are also included in the layoff . empirede since you didn’t learn in school that everything that Congress and the President does that cuts funds has an impact on everything in the country, check some economic books out of the public library, while it is still open, and see how ever cut in funds in Washington effects all of us, it doesn’t just effect certain groups but all of us unless we are millionaires and billionaires. May be then you will understant how bad the Sequestra deal is.

      • empiremed

        Everything in the post is factual and verifiable. You don’t know what you’re talking about. The truth is teachers, firefighters, and police are not paid by the federal government. These cuts don’t affect their jobs one bit. This is Obama’s propoganda tring to scare people to get what he whats.
        You’re not paying for those tax breaks. it’s thrie money the government is stealing.

        • Stoneheep and empired are both paid posters for the Republican party. The only time Stoneheep posts on the National Memo is when the Republicans realize they have cut their own throats instead being thought of as heroes. First time I have the name of empiremed on the postings. They are posting to make the lies of the The Republicans are put out in the public in hopes that some of us will believe them Both picked the wrong site for that to happen. We happen to research and check out fact for our selves. So take the take lies somewhere else.

      • MrStoneheep

        Daniel, since you as a liberal see this, you really concern me. Your quote of Goebbels is a very good description of this entire Administration’s last 4 years.
        Sorry, but open your eyes, too.
        Empiremed is right in all he wrote, like it or not. The only possible point of
        disagreement would be the fact the Republicans HAVE suggested giving the President the ability to scalpel the cuts, but alas, he turned the idea down.
        To say our President is totally devoid of pervarication is less the ingenuous in it’s own right. May not be the worst ever, but he has his own moments of grandeur
        on this field of play.

    • idamag

      You are steeped in ideology. Even when President Bush and his three evil cronies was taking down the economy, I always referred to him as President Bush.

      Your facts are tea party talking points. They are not giving cell phones to the poor.

      Why are they against shale gas? They have proved that fracking gets into the water systems.

      President Obama is the one who increased border patrol agents by a third more.

      I do not belong to a political party so I am not seeing the news through biased eyes. I think the T party is a bunch of uninformed wackoes who profess to be anti-government. What did people expect when they send anti-government people to Wasington?

      • neeceoooo

        I think they got exactly what they asked for

        • plc97477

          that assumes they were smart enough to understand what they asked for

          • idamag

            plc, another good point.

    • Please read your first sentence. The sequester is aimed at the discretionary spending portion of the overall federal budget. The discretionary portion is approximately 38% of the overall budget. So using the two cent analogy is disingenous at best and perhaps just dishonest. The military portion of the discretionary spending is approximately 53% of that sub total. The largest portion..mandatory spending (56%) and Debt Interest (6) are not least not directly. The real problems are bad enough without the use of hyperbole to make a point.

    • charleo1

      You make some very logical points. It is difficult to explain why the arbitrary cuts were
      made without granting department heads the latitude to decide from where in their
      departments cuts would have the least overall effect on a department’s core services.
      The most probable reason for the poorly thought out, and irresponsible legislation
      is it was quickly thrown together as a last ditch, legislative hail Mary, to prevent the
      government from hitting, or inadvertently going thru the debt ceiling, and causing
      a stampede like, sell off of U.S. T-Bills. But, if we’re honest here, the ill conceived
      sequester, was the result of a very radical faction within the Congress, that after
      weeks of fruitless negotiations, with a newly elected T-Party faction, that did not see
      it’s election as a mandate to compromise. But as one sent to Washington to stop the
      spending. As in, stop it altogether, and stop it immediately. So, as the last days dwindled
      down, the offer, and counter-offer, went something like this. President to Boehner:
      I’ll give you $500. dollars for your horse. Boehner to President: I’ll need $5,000.
      President: Okay, I’ll give you $700. dollars, and throw in a milk cow. Boehner: The
      horse will now cost you $10,000. dollars, the milk barn, and all the equipment in it.
      President: Alright! I’ll give you $5,000. dollars for your $500. dollar horse! Boehner:
      That sounds great Mr. President. But, I don’t really own the horse after all.

  • lana ward

    Omuslim must make sequestration cuts as nasty as possible. If Americans see that Washington can be cut through sequestration without being painful, Omuslim loses. So he has to make it horrible on the country so we’ll never want spending cuts again He is one evil, anti-America, hateful traitor SOB!!!!

    • daniel bostdorf

      The lana Ward troll photo is attached.

      • plc97477

        perfect likeness

        • idamag

          Except she bleaches her hair blond.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        There are better Graphics of Lana. But, this blog might censor it:)

        This one will do just fine:)

    • daniel bostdorf


    • Lana, Obama is the President, not a dictator. The Congress passed the bill that set up the sequester and the terms are within the bill. The various departments will be the ones who decide the cuts. Do you ever investigate the noise coming from your deep dark places?

      • lana ward

        It is Omuslims bill. He is furious at Bob Woodward(stone liberal) for exposing the truth. The MSM knows this too but won’t say a word

      • docb

        She, lana, does not have a clue..that is why her verbiage is the same childish self-deluding lies.. over and over! .It is best to starve the ignorant of the right. Skip the drivel..there are thoughtful people posting here!

        The answer to where are these cuts coming from and will it impact the current spending..for instance!

        Cuts to the current spending limits that allow employment and training in the work force and military. Across the Board from agency to agency…Indiscriminate as to efficiency or efficacy! The US FEDERAL Budgets run from October to October..That is why the spending in President Obamas’ first year was all Bush numbers till the end of October 2009! Though President Obama added the unfunded wars, the Medicare part ‘d’ and the wealthy tax breaks into the budget…they were all revenue spent or lost under Bush..but the rabid right can’t comprehend the difference!

      • BDC_57

        I tell you she’s on drugs to believe what she’s says.

        • plc97477

          she could be a bottle short of a six-pack

          • He is 5 bottles short of a 6 pack. Has a female name but is male as he told someone I think last March in language I don’t use. He is letting people think he is woman this year.

          • plc97477

            I am very happy to find out the truth about him. I was worried about his stance on female rights. Now I can be happy in knowing that he is a misogynist as well as being racist.

        • BDC, Lana Woods is not a proven nut case woman but a proven nut case male as he told us last year in language I don’t use, think it was last March.

          • plc97477

            Could you be mistaking someone named lana wood with lana ward. I didn’t capitalize them on purpose.

        • idamag

          Would you try to carry on a conversation with someone sitting in a corner, babbling the same babble over and over, while drooling and playing with the string on her pajamas?

          That is lana or draw anal the crazy women with 33 cats.

      • lana ward

        Obama can’t accomplish what he wants because he’s not a dictator. He can’t make others do whats right because he’s not a dictator. Why would he make this point?? I’ve never heard a President talk like this when he doesn’t get his own way. What is he up to???

  • tcburch

    When we hear of budget cuts due to sequestration, does anybody here know, or understand where those budget cuts are coming from? In other words, are they coming from existing budgets already in place, or are they coming from the proposed increases in the budget? Interesting, but the fact that neither side seems overly concerned enough to actually do something (other than blame each other and blow smoke up the citizen’s butt) it must be coming out of the “proposed” budget and is not really that big of a blow to the overall economic health of the the U.S. In fact, instead of a budget increase of 8%, it will now be more like 4%, and it’s still an increase. Suffering? The only thing suffering are us fools who fall for the rhetoric…just my opinion.

    • MrStoneheep

      The ‘cuts’ are cuts to the INCREASE of the spending, not to the present spending, and
      there you have all the hypocracy. 85B? Hardly a dent. A miilion people losing jobs?
      Can none of you think for yourself? Simple common sense will tell you it’s all blown WAY out of perspective to force something; what exactly, no one seems to know. It’s posturing,
      nothing more.

      • tcburch

        With you 100%. Amazing how so many of the comments fall short of any thought whatsoever.

      • I know for a fact that spending cuts do lose jobs, I was the victim of such economic policies twice. The second time I was unable to find a job in a two year time period, used all my savings, ran out of employment benefits and would probably be dead today from stravation and lack of medical care if my siblings and the few part time jobs I found hadn’t helped me out until I was old enough to draw SS at a reduced rate. I had planned to work until I was 70, got laid off at the age of 58 had to start drawing SS at age 62. Both times I got laid off was because of Republician economic polices and their protection of their money and their rich friends and donators money.

  • flyinjs

    Most people don’t agree

    • daniel bostdorf

      Who are these “most people?”

      • flyinjs

        M-A-J-O-R-I-T-Y of Voters

  • flyinjs

    We shall all wait and see that is all we can do. The answer will come when the time is ready.

  • old_blu

    I hate to say it but it seems both sides are not too concerned about this I think they all want the cuts to go through if not just a temporary thing that way the Democrates get the military cuts they want, and the Republicans get the massive cuts they want. It seems like a win win for both parties and they can blame it on each other, and the hell with the American people.

    • BDC_57

      You got that right I hope they are proud of them selfs for screwing the american people.

    • neeceoooo

      You really have a good point there

  • daniel bostdorf

    Simply repeal The Sequester. Replace it with The Balancing Act.

    The Balancing Act equalizes budget cuts and revenue by closing loopholes for America’s wealthiest individuals and corporations, raising $960 billion in revenue. It also creates over 1 million jobs by investing in infrastructure, teachers, and putting money in consumers’ pockets, paid for by cutting wasteful Pentagon spending to achieve balance with non-defense cuts.

    According to Robert Borosage a co-sponsor of the act:

    “The sequester irresponsibly will cost over one million jobs and impede an already faltering recovery. It should be repealed, not postponed. Congress should turn its attention to jobs and growth, not to more austerity….The entire debate is upside down. America has a jobs crisis, not a budget crisis. The deficit is not out of control; it is already down 25 percent in relation to the economy, and falling faster than anytime since the demobilization at the end of World War II. The across the board cuts of the sequester are a ridiculous way to approach a budget. We need to fix the economy, not fix the debt. And you can’t fix the economy by focusing on fixing the debt. It is time to invest in America’s future, not strangle the weak recovery we now have….

    I realize thesimplicity of simply repealing seems too easy….but it makes a heck of alot more sense than the madness the GOP is putting our country through….for the 2nd time…do you remember the GOP government shut down of 1996?o

    Here is the truth:

    $2 trillion has been cut over the past two years from teachers, firefighters, police officers, loans for college students, and infrastructure investments….and….WE THE PEOPLE shouldn’t continue to pay the price for massive tax breaks for millionaires and billions of dollars in subsidies to oil companies….and multination conglmerates who sned jobs overseas and has destryoed the midddle class.

    • The Balancing Act sounds like the right way to go, ufortunately, closing loopholes for the rich and corporations was the sticking point in why the GOP wouldn’t negotiate in a meaningful way to stop Sequestration. We need a big ideological shift in the House to have any hopes of getting something like the Balancing Act passed.

  • jstsyn

    Maybe ‘we the people’ should show congress how we like this. This is hurting every American that is not extremely wealthy. We have the numbers, why are we taking this nonsense? If they get away with this kind of walking all over us where will it stop? It has already gone too far. They can sit at the bar and chuckle about it while our most vulnerable suffer. And we just sit and take it.

    • idamag

      We have numbers, but there are a lot of backwoods (where family trees have no branches) that are sending nuts to the house.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      The people of this country has lost its Revolutionary Spirit.

      And, THAT is what it’s going to take to do anything worthwhile by the public at large.

      I don’t see the latest generation taking the mantle of peaceful revolution away from anyone. And, the generation born after WW2 sure failed. We mostly became our parents – just as greedy, self-centered and egotistical.

      Evidently, being peaceful, trying to “talk” things out isn’t the thing to try and do. It’s not working.

      If these cuts are actually made and effects felt, this summer is when we’re going to see if america still has any of its balls left.

      I’m pretty sure you know where I’m going with this…………………

    • plc97477

      We don’t just sit and take it. We vote, we help register others, we help by going door to door and talk to others. The more people we can get to vote for liberals the less we will have to sit and take it.

  • lana ward

    Omuslim keeps promising to fix the economy, then goes on vacation

    • Lana, Obama took 120 days of vacation in his first 4 years in office. Bush took 1020 days of vacation in 8 years. Are of capable of simple math? Keep it real or just keep such nonsense to yourself. Ignorance is bad for you.

      • lana ward

        Liar! Omuslim is always on vacation!! We desperately need a leader!

      • lana ward

        Omuslim is deciding the cuts! He is choosing those that will hurt us the most–then blame the GOP!!! This is how he works everything

        • daniel bostdorf


        • BDC_57

          Quit being a lying bitch.

          • lana ward

            People are finally seeing through that unAmerican traitor in the WH! It’s about time!!!

          • lana ward

            Quit being a stupid dumbfuck

          • idamag

            BDC, she can’t help it being a liar. It was the way she was raised.

      • lana ward

        Maybe he’s just trying to get a tan 🙂

        • daniel bostdorf


        • WhutHeSaid

          YOU will be the one with a great tan when Satan calls you home at last. There is an especially hot corner of Hell reserved just for you, and your skin tone will quickly go from pasty-white to extra crispy.

          Don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to Osama for the rest of us.

          • lana ward

            What?? You have something against getting a tan? : )

          • lana ward

            Omuslim is a dictator. Why would he bring up he’s not a dictator , he’s the president in his meeting with the press???? Guilty conscience

          • WhutHeSaid

            If Obama really was a dictator, why wouldn’t he just go ahead and send people like you on your way to your eternal home in the deep, deep, DEEP South?

          • lana ward

            Just keep watching, see what this fraud monster does

          • lana ward

            Omuslim said again he could get things done if he were dictator. I told you!!! The storm is coming

          • lana ward

            Omuslim can’t accomplish what he wants because he’s not a dictator. He can’t make others do what he wants, do what’s right because he’s not a dictator. Why would he make this point???? I’ve never heard a President talk like this when he doesn’t get “his own way”. Get ready to say Heil Hitler!!!!

    • daniel bostdorf


  • old_blu

    You do know that congress is the ones out of town right now? Right?

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    What the GOP did, they will now, once and for all time, suffer the consequences of their hideous game of control of the nation. Not to worry folks. Americans are known for their Yankee ingenuity. Read: When our backs are to the wall, we look for options. It’s called Survival of the Fittest.

    What this GOP bunch of bullies did was to effectively weaken the US and render it defenseless. All it will take is one single American killed because of a terrorist plot and the GOP bullies better run for their lives. They are cowards anyway.

    As the sequester is now official, Emperor Grover of the Norquistian Empire is dancing with his court of GOP jesters. Too bad the Emperor needed new clothes when the Cowboy left for Crawford.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      What would shake up the american public is another 911 within the next year IF these funds are actually cut to defend this country.

      Believe me, in 2014, there won’t be 1 Republican that is electable in any run for office and the ones that are in office who aren’t up for reelection better watch their jobs.

      The American Public I hope is getting fed up with Republicans. All its going to do to vote them bastards totally out of office is a tipping point.

      • Let’s keep our fingers crossed that at least some Republicans start seeing the light and realize that the GOP is using them just as well as everyone else in their shift of money from the poor to the rich.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Well, everyone uses everyone else for their own agendas, their own personal reasons. That is the nature of society. We’ve been playing that “use” game in a large variety of ways since this country was founded.

          But, I’d rather be used by a Democratic Progressive Liberal than a Republican right-wing wackjob who’s only real agenda is to make someone else a lot richer than even he/she himself/herself is and one who would approvingly turn everyone else into Slaves subjectively or objectively (either one works for me) in the process.

          If we’re going to have open slavery, at least turn EVERYONE into slaves, including the rich AND powerful. In this particular case, no one should be above anyone else in any situation.

          Maybe I talk too much:)

          • idamag

            Michael. very insightful.

  • highpckts

    Awake – It wouldn’t take 15 minutes to discover that!!

  • highpckts

    Lana — for Heavens sake! Shove your retoric where the sun don’t shine! So tired of your hateful rants!

  • daniel bostdorf

    Getting back to Tim Price’s definitive point in his article so that we can ignore the trolls here:

    “…while sequestration was entirely unnecessary and unwise, something like this was bound to happen once Republicans chose to throw caution and responsibility to the wind. You can win a game of Russian Roulette once, but you’re not likely to have a long reign as champion. Likewise, if you keep inventing fake crises to help you get your way, one of them is eventually going to become real….”

    What a troll is:

    “…..posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages for personal engrandizement in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog…… Primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

    Sound familiar Lana? Obozomusgo? and a dozen others.

    • english_teacher

      We should try our best to ignore these trolls. They really aren’t worth the time and aggravation because nothing will change them.

      • I couldn’t agree more – especially with Lana Ward which I’m not convinced is just one person and is only determined to post nonsense inflamatory comments that rile up the serious posters on these threads.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          It would be nice if these people like Lana, once told the truth, would just melt down into a puddle of Goo, sort of like the Wicked Witch of the West did:)

          Unfortunately though, they are going to be around until their generation dies off. Hopeful they will be replaced with a smarter generation.

          But, I’m not placing any Vegas Bets on it. Odds are, they’re breeding a younger generation to take their place.

          ……………….Ad Infinitum………………

          • idamag

            Unfortunately, they pass down their hatred and ignorance from generation to generation.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Someone ought to pass a law banning ignorance breeding more ignorance.

            Slippery slope?, but hopefully up, not down.

        • idamag

          If you know where to look, you can find out a lot about a person on the internet.

  • Hopefully the voters who elected these idiots will remember these events in the next election, as apparently they failed to remember the TAX BREAKS & LOOPHOLES for the wealthy & SPENDING out of control that the Republicans did under the BUSH administration..

  • RobertCHastings

    Boner has blamed both the President and the Senate for the impasse, all the while trying to keep his coalition together. First, he said the House couldn’t do anything until the Senate acted. What an f—ing idiot for Speaker of the House, and he is just two breaths away from the Presidency? I wonder when was the last time he read a REAL copy of the Constitution. By deferring to the Senate he abrogates the responsibilities of the House in matters having to do with revenue. His pandering and prevaricating are ridiculously transparent.

  • They were not re-elected. They won using the ballot fraud system that got Bush in office for 2 terms. The sabotaged the elections with so many changes that people lost focus
    and didn’t make any changes to the House. 2014 is coming soon. Hopefully we can change all that then.

    • plc97477

      The house did lose some repugnics but there are still way too many.

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    This Lana Ward does not deserve a response.

    Don’t give IT a Soap Box.

    If IT finds itself talking to ITSELF without any responses, it will disappear like any sewage that is flushed down a toilet.

  • This has nothing to do with the article but one of the posters. Lana Wood dispite the name is NOT A FEMALE. I believe it was last March after being called a witch with a capital B, he posted in language I do no use that he was not female but male. If you reply to him don’t call him a she, you are insulting all the rest of us on here that are females. What ever sex Lana Wood is he makes me want to throw rocks at him because of his hatred and lies that he post. Shouldn’t have let my anger get the better of me but where this poster is considered it does and I ignore him as much as I can. As for the article.
    What I do not understand about the people that voted Boehmner, Cantor and Ryan back into office along with McConnell and a few others can not understand that they are not representing their interests in DC only the interest of people like the Koch, Anderson and Romney yet they keep on voting them back into office and want to blame the Presdent when things happen like the sequater when their elected Representatives are the ones that refused to comprise. Also why can’t they see that the President had paid the deficit down in spite of their elected representatives and see how much more it would have been paid down if the Republicans had worked with the President and had worked on improving the economy instead of just working on making sure the President only had one term. The lost 4 years of could have been better recovery can never be replaced, and President Obama can not run for President again and the Republicans are still working against economic recovery for the Country again what is their excuse now for working against us the citizens of this Country that aren’t rich and don’t have loopholes galore on the tax books to get out of paying taxes?
    I have reached a point in time where I think of the laws that allows a person to run for office I would like to see one more if legal, to run for Congress you can not be a millionaire or billionaire and must have lived on less than $Sixty Thousands dollars for the last 5 years and are not the heir to millions of dollars. Maybe we could get people in office that remember or know what it is like to try and live on minium wage and raise a family or go to college.
    Also can someone explain to me why it was legal for Ryan to run for two offices in different branches of government at the same time? Seems like once you are selected to run for an office in the Executive Branch of government(vice-president) you shouldn’t be able to run for office in the Congressial branch of Government? Also if he had won both offices, the people in his district would have to had another election so why was he allowed to run for both offices at the same time?

    • plc97477

      Living in one of the only states that has good representation I don’t like the idea of term limits. Once in a while you get someone who is worth voting for again. I would like to see uniform rules for elections for all the states and it would have to be run by the feds.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        This is supposed to be the United States, not an assembly of separate Fiefdoms.

        If I had my way, I’d abolish all state borders and state laws and be governed by only federal law.

        Maybe even abolish Congress. Do we really need a Congress anymore? With Communication and the Internet the way it is today, we could all do their jobs directly from our homes. This would eliminate all partisanship.

        And, who the hell needs the Electoral College? We could just as easily elect a President the same way. As for passing any major legislation such as state-wide and local issues, we could do this also directly from our homes.

        The only problem with this is that how we vote would have to be totally secure. And, we already know how easily things can be hacked.

        • idamag

          One advantage to eliminating the electoral college is it would eliminate gerrymandering.

  • Mulligatonney

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks…”

    You certainly are a long-winded bastard. And draw a lot of baseless conclusions. I never told you I was a Christian. It was you who said you lived by the principles outlined by Jesus in the Sermon On The Mount while simultaneously calling for the execution of people you do not know.

    And nobody cares how many pickles you can shove in your ass all at the same time or over decades. People who believe differently just don’t want you coming into their church and telling them they must change their position on what the Bible teaches and declare your behavior to be righteous… Start your own church, if you like – just don’t try to justify your sin to those who know it is wrong. Live your life, reap what you sow and when you die, you will discover the truth about a life lived based upon self will and pride.

    No one was talking about an unfertilized egg, either – except you. You make such a strong, vehement argument about the plight of defenseless children while completely ignoring the fact that there are millions of them being killed in America each year.

    Of course you are a socialist. You have to be. Traditionalism does not allow you the latitude you need to justify your illogical thinking. You want to be accepted so badly you are willing to try to force those who think otherwise to accept you.

    Jesus will accept you. But not on your terms. He is God.

    You are not God.