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Monday, October 24, 2016

Sesame Street To Introduce A New Character In Honor Of Mitt Romney — ‘Big Oil’

Sesame Street To Introduce A New Character In Honor Of Mitt Romney — ‘Big Oil’

Wednesday night at the first presidential debate, Republican nominee Mitt Romney promised to end public financing of America’s largest classroom — PBS. “I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m going to stop other things,” the ex-governor said. “I like PBS, I love Big Bird.”

Critics immediately seized on Romney’s comments, pointing out that the former CEO of Bain Capital was already thinking about the imaginary characters he would fire as president. Some suggested that Romney should merely outsource Big Bird to China, where using Bain’s market expertise, he could find child laborers to emulate Big Bird at a fraction of current costs.

PBS — an organization familiar with Republicans calling for its defunding — seized the opportunity to defend its efforts. “The federal investment in public broadcasting equals about one one-hundredth of one percent of the federal budget,” the organization said in a statement. “Elimination of funding would have virtually no impact on the nation’s debt. Yet the loss to the American public would be devastating.”

The statement went on to explain that PBS understands Mr. Romney’s concerns and wishes to appeal to all Americans with its programming.

“This is why we are proud to announce the newest member of the Sesame Street family — ‘Big Oil’.”

Big Oil is a lovable, mushy fellow who finds his way into the neighborhood when Elmo accidentally tips over an oil tanker outside Hooper’s shop. Everywhere Big Oil goes, he leaves a trail of toxic ooze that his friends “The Lobbyists” paper over with actual dollar bills. This creates such a disgusting mess that even Oscar the Grouch will be convinced to clean up and get on antidepressants, which will be provided by one of several new corporate sponsors also set to join the Sesame Street family.

Mr. Romney defended subsidies for the oil industry in the same debate he promised to fire Big Bird: “First of all, the Department of Energy has said the tax break for oil companies is $2.8 billion a year,” Romney said. “And it’s actually an accounting treatment, as you know, that’s been in place for a hundred years.”

“If this works out,” the PBS statement concludes, “next season we’ll meet Big Oil’s imaginary friend, ‘Clean Coal.'”

With America’s long tradition of sucking up oil and sucking up to the oil companies, Big Oil may be PBS’ best hope for surviving a Romney Administration — especially since Mr. Rogers isn’t around to make the case anymore:

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  • Arakiba

    He could be a big, oil-soaked bird.

  • “My first act will be to defund Planned Parenthood”
    PP prevents more abortions than any unit
    It provides preventative hralth care for millions of the poorest of the poor.

    It is mean. It is heartless. It is unamerican. It is not Christ like.

    Surely a father has more compassion —tax cuts for rich pals ok

    • BDD1951

      remember his children are all boys.

  • lostintheswamp

    Sesame Street is a big part of teaching my grandson letters and numbers, as it was for my children 40 years ago. Why does Romney think that big pharma ads on PBS is what people really want? I’m just really confused here.

    • TZToronto

      Sesame Street is just one of the programs that will disappear if Romney has his way. The original purpose of Sesame Street was to give small children a head start on education by teaching them in an entertaining manner. Without Sesame Street, many, many children will arrive at kindergarten with no knowledge of letters or numbers, with no sense of morality, with no idea of how to treat each other in a socially acceptable way. For the older “kids,” cultural programming will disappear because it just doesn’t make money. Who wants to sponsor the programs that enlighten adults when there’s so much money to be made from “reality” garbage? No, PBS is like the Bailey Bros. Building and Loan–it’s there just so people don’t have to go crawling to the Mr. Potters of the world whose only goal is making obscene amounts of money. Is it any wonder that Romney wants to get rid of PBS and NPR? They don’t make money. . . . Does everything have to make money?

  • Why would Romney cut a program that doesn’t have a impact on the economy from millions of children. This should tell you something about the candidate , what he would do to protect his rich allies . This is a heartless thing to do. Shows no compassion for children

    • PBS Is One Of The Last Stations Around Where The Kids Can Learn And Parents Don’t Have To Worry About Tits And Asses Being Throw In The Kids Faces Along With The Fact That My Son Learn To Read At Two Years Old Watching Sesame Street And The Electric Company!! Romney Is Always Going To Be A Bully And A Thug!!!

      • Ed

        Thank you Fern. Yahoo told me the stock market was happy because unemployment was down. But they have not yet posted the news as a piece!

        • It’s There Now They Can’t Hide This Fact It’s All Over The News!!! YES!!! Obama /Biden 2012 And Voting Out All The Blocking And Lying GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Lying And Blocking Along With Hating Is What They Do, Fear Mongering, Starting WARS And Terrorizing People Is How They Roll!!! :-(!!! Time To Clean House!!!! YEAH!!!

      • barbarahugh

        HAHAHAHA!!! Well Said !!!!

      • lazycs

        Sorry that may have been true 20 years ago, now it preaches homosexuality, drugs and AIDS, and govt welfare. Its no longer learn your numbers or have fun

    • Ed

      It isn’t a program he wants to eliminate. It’s a station which cannot be controlled by millionaires.

      • You Got That Right My Friend There’s A Lot Of People Out Here That Money CAN’T Buy I Know I’m One Of THEM!!!

    • Don

      The rich children will be complaining to their rich parents about the loss of Bib Bird on Sesame Street come January, 2013

      • All People Would Be Complaining If They Are Smart Cause It Where The Tits And The Asses Is Not In The Children Faces And It’s The Station Where They Can Learn!!!!

    • lazycs

      The problem isn’t Sesame St. The problem is PBS is the liberal brain washing station. From Bill Moyers to Frontline its an anti republican anti American hate channel

  • SESAME STREET All the characters has been around for decades and the program is very educational to children. Adults loves the show too. They watch it right along with their child or children

  • abmill

    I’m a parent. I don’t need PBS. I can raise my own kids. Stick that in your Cookie Monster and smoke it…

    • Good for you, but PBS is not just about Sesame Street. PBS provides educational value on a number of levels and I can assure you that the majority of parents are not looking for Cookie Monster or anyone/anything else on PBS to raise their children.

    • Well, then, please don’t bother to use the public school system either…..but you won’t get a tax rebate. 0.0037 is what PBS receives per year. Pennies……..I am sure booting out PBS will make a HUGE dent in the public debt. There are GREAT educational programs over PBS…….not just Big Bird. Plays, history, music, art, as well as children programming. But perhaps you have no value for these lessons. You may wish to remain uncouth and ill informed. I am sure shows like the Jersey Shores are more to your liking. PBS isn’t trying to raise your kids, no more than the zoo or science museum. They are enhancing your children’s lives………..and yours as well, if you ever find the NEED. Or you can continue to be under educated raising your kids over at the tar pits.


    • Gammaanya

      Because it is easy to manipulate dumbed doen people like abmill. Ignorant, indifferent and plain selfish. I am sure he/she was home schooled and have no idea what is going on or Idea what Romney stands for. He changes his position to anybody who will clap their hands the loudest and whistle, he will agree with. We must show ROmney the BIG BIrd.

  • Mr. Rogers was able to talk them out of cutting PBS’ budget 30 years ago, but now PBS doesn’t have an eloquent spokesman like him anymore. Things look rather grim right now.

  • frankelee

    The biggest line to come out of the debate is Mitt Romney wants to fire Big Bird. That can’t be how Romney was hoping his “victory” would be remembered.

    • What Victory We Plan To Fire Romneyhood!!!

      • neece00

        You got it Fern

  • bcarreiro

    hey smithers, oscar says have a rotten day!!!

  • Me, Myself and I

    This is just mean. Plain old mean.

  • Teri Headrick

    Please keep the funding for the PBS stations. My own children grew up with these programs and
    my grandchildren are growing with them. I can’t imagine why it would be considered to have it
    stripped of its funding… This is disgusting !! Teri Headrick

    • barbarahugh

      He is a bully and bullies always goes to the weakest or the poorest maybe he was not
      allow to see Big Bird when he was growing up or maybe it is just because he thinks he can do anything he’s got the money and the people (wealthy ) to back him up in exchange for a dinner at the White House if he gets there or something like that .

      • Maybe Because He Been Buying His Way Thru Life!!!

        • lazycs

          as opposed to obama who has been living off the taxpayers and going thru life as a quota recipient so he’s never had to compete

    • lazycs

      Big Bird is a $1B a year industry and neither PBS nor the taxpayers see 1 dime in Royalties

  • ROMNEY CALLS BIG BIRD A MOOCHER……..part of the 47%. Romney has declared war on poverty. Romney Hood and his Merry Henchmen have stated that they will rob from the poor and give to the rich. Henchman Ryan was sent to Seseme Street to foreclose and evict Oscar the Grouch. He was last seen running from Seseme Street carrying a trash can filled with chocolate chip cookies.Oscar is now forced to live under a bridge ouside Seseme Street while his friend Cookie Monster holds up a sign, “Will work for chocolate chips” beside the same bridge highway.It was also noted that Daffy and Donald Duck have joined Red Robin and the Bluebird of Happiness in creating a Fowl Union with Big Bird as President. They have asked the 47% to join their plite.Romney has asked protection from the Federal Government after finding videos of “The Birds” on the doorsteps of his numerous homes in the United States as well as in the Cayman Islands.Romney has officially stated Big Bird is a moocher who has failed to pay income tax and he is not concerned of his vote come Election Day.Toddlers are asked to join together on all the lawns of homes or mansions belonging to Romney in a mass demonstration. They are asked to bring Pull Ups as port o potties will not be available. Kermit the Frog will hold a benefit show starring Fozzy and Miss Piggy to raise funds for Seseme Street as well as other PBS shows. Big Bird was found collecting seseme seeds from the garbage bin at Burger King due to the lack of funding to buy birdseed. Stay tuned for developing news concerning this development……….

  • copper1234

    Love the new Big Oil!!!!!

  • sachfoxo

    A Character named Mitt to take Big birds place , LOL time to say Goodbye to Sesame Street ,
    In business you Don’t get Involved with Religion or Politics . Brain Washed People are going to now bring Politics into Toddlers lives . Nice ,You are Hurting the children by doing a stupid thing like that.

  • sachfoxo

    Did Not Realize Romney want’s to Pull the Show , Well my kids grew up on it and it just shows Another thing Rommer is going to Mess Up.

  • nomaster

    Yea it’s going to be the Willard the Ratman character and his black bag of rats.

  • Leave the children alone and PBS!!!! You have really lost your mine…SAD, SAD, SAD!!!

  • William Deutschlander

    Romney’s remark regarding “Big Bird” and PBS demonstrates his absolute IGNORANCE of governance and fact!

  • climmons01

    I couldnt believe he had the NERVE to say this last night about BIG BIRD!!! Ive watched this show since I was a child and hope one day that my Grandchildren will be able to watch it as well!
    Well, not if Romney is president! Hes just MEAN and hateful and RUDE and on top of it a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!
    OBAMA 2012

  • Salop88

    How many of you folks actually donate to your PBS station? I do. If everyone did, they would not need a government subsidy. Or, why don’t we do what Britain does to subsidize BBC…invoke a television tax. When I lived there some 20 years ago, the tax was equal to $100 per television set, and the authorities had the right to visit your premises and check how many tv’s you had. I don’t know what the tax amout is today. Simply put, the government can no longer afford to be everything to everyone, and hard choices must be made. Should oil subsidies go? Of course. But I also don’t have a problem with PBS funding either. Everyone with a special interest will whine, but until we can afford EVERYTHING, we have to make choices and priorities.

    • alwaysthink

      I’m perfectly happy to have less than about a buck of my taxes go to the educational PBS and Big Bird teaching letters and numbers to all the little kids.

      What worries me more is that deregulators have taken the teeth out of the idea of universal TV and Internet service for all homes. Where I live we no longer receive the signal for any English language TV just the Spanish stations. I also have no choice for Internet except expensive cable. If communications is going to be a “natural” monopoly then it needs a strong regulator to protect the Public interest.

  • How can anyone even consider Mitt for president? Lies and more lies. Keeps his assets in foreign banks, out sources jobs, and attacks American Middle Class, He is all for the big buck corporations and dwells on rich becoming more rich and powerful.
    How can anyone consider HIM a Leader for our country

  • Mitt Romney is all for power and more power for the corporations and his bank account


  • quasm

    Let’s see. Big oil produces products which I voluntarily buy. Big oil pays taxes. Big Bird is supported by money taxed from me. The producers of Sesame Street make a lot of money by selling toys of its characters and yet the show, essentially an infomercial, pays nothing to PBS. Why should I support this system?

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    • …how in the name of God did you get to be such a Dik?

    • Peoples425

      Mentalities such as yours are the reason our school system and education is laughed at on such a magnitude. The subsidies that PBS receives are equivalent to around 450 million or roughly $1.50 from each person PER YEAR, while big oil receives subsidies that amount to roughly $3 Billion with a ‘B’ that doesn’t go anywhere, but back in the pockets of those that continue to drill, frack and muck up the ecological system of this nation when there are sustainable energies that have been developed by “backyard scientists” that have been purchased and shelved because big oil doesn’t want to become obsolete. I’m questioning why I should continue the support of an education system that allows individuals such as you to make it through the system.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    All direct welfare for Corporations public or private need to be eliminated from Federal Government funding. Public non-profit companies are free to get donations via their supporters, who appreciate their cause.

    All welfare in the Tax Code must be eliminated so as to make it fair. No corporate subsidies, no individual subsidies, nothing. It is not the place for this activity. We need transparency in the Federal Government and this is the best place to start. Don’t hide multi-billion dollar projects. If we want to fund a project for something put it in the Budget for all to see.

  • Ujjal G.

    PBS and NPR are the two institutions who put some sense in American minds. The others are there to flog things we do not need. Although Mr. Romney had a ‘upper hand’ in his debate with president Obama but his remarks about “Big Bird” made many people change their mind about Mr. Romney.

  • Romney needs to learn how to become a man – too bad Mr. Rogers isn’t on of his paid handlers.

  • Let the Republicans in and we will all be breathing the most polluted air you can imagine in a year. Coal, oil, fracking, they just don’t care what it does to the environment. Kill people, wipe out animal species, less for the millionaires to have to…oops, I was going to say “worry about,” but they don’t so forget that!

  • Another example of the “real” Romney…cut PBS funding! The educational value of this station…for all ages…is invaluable. Key thought: Knowledge is power. Take away an easily accessible avenue of knowledge…you “dummy down” the population. I have yet to hear ANY Republican refute mindset…pay attention, it’s right in your face.

  • emadis41

    What do you expect from the guys who said the smart and the elite will never join them. Big Bird and Co. on Sesame Street does not cost the Gov much, most of the money is coming from people like you and me, not from the Gov.
    Here again, Romney and his GOP show us they do not care about our children’s well being, but about their own $, he said that Co who outsource jobs do not get tax break when they ship jobs overseas, the fact they do, the company I worked for closed our factory, shipped 700 jobs overseas, and we were told, it is economics, they will get $25 million in tax breaks.
    As for Big Oil, they get tax breaks, and many are not American owned, the Keystone Pipeline which they are pushing is own by a Canadian Co. and will carry sludge (that is Shall oil) from Canada to Houston, to be shipped overseas, meanwhile no one is calling for Oilpipes or Gaslines to be constructed between our newly discovered oil and gas fields in the Dakotas and Montana.
    Why, mostly this newly found oil and gas are own by small companies, and Mr. Romney and the GOP are for the big compaies only, like the Kochs, ExxonMobile, and Duch Shell, BP extra, not for Big Bird.

  • totenkatz

    PBS should become truly public and live off public donations not tax dollars. I give throughout the year to local PBS stations. I don’t like some of the programs they run but hey maybe the other donors do. This is something the federal government can stop funding. If defense can give up 500 billion PBS can be cut lose as well.

  • Don

    Big Oil will be a new thrill for the kids in America

  • Bob Williams

    Personally, I never watch PBS, so in fairness to those of us who don’t watch it, why not have the gubment fund something like “The Playboy Channel”, so that millions of adults could enjoy it for free – on your dime.

  • ayayaboy

    I am angry with Obama why he could not tell Romney to stop lying to the American people. .. Remind Romney of all his claims during the Republican primaries. We all know that Romney is a liar and a fraud but Obama needed to say it to his face. One day Romney will repeal Dodd-Frank, another time Romney would praise the good things in Dodd-frank. Romney will tell Tea party that he will repeal Obamney care before the cock crows thrice, romney would say that there are lots of good things in Obamacare. Romney will tell Republican audience that Hispanic illegals must self-deport but will on TV debate say “we cannot round up people on the street”, but Romney is a big supporter of Arizona hostility against Hispanics. Romney proposes voucher system but says it will kick in after our generation. Why can’t Obama tell Romney to say how to handle present and not things of 30th century. Why can’t Obama tell Romney in his face that he had opportunities to create jobs with Bain but he instead fired people and made money firing people; he shipped jobs overseas; sent out his money to offshore when America needed cashflow; he is not coming clear about his career at Bain Capital; he is yet to prove his trustworthiness and fiscal patriotism with his tax returns; ask Romney whether he also supports Planned Parenthood today since he seemed to talk liberalism on debate floor? Ask Romney that he today sounds like anti-Tea party and anti-Arizona governor. How about asking Romney if he really doesn’t want to be president of the 47% welfare victims who will vote Obama? With these, Obama would have won the election that wednesday night. I travelled to Europe and watched the debate in a Bar and the Europeans said Obama left his supporters biting their fingers … Is this Obama or someone else? Some said Obama missed an opportunity to call out Romney-the-liar; others said Obama allowed the liar lie his way through the debate. Some European poked fun at Obama’s performance saying “a Havard lawyer could not argue his case against a fake businessman.” Obama must step up to revealing the rhetoric fakeness of Romney.

  • mkzp

    Love PBS, hate Romney.

  • I have seen several presentations on PBS that were funded by one of the Koch brothers. I don’t remember which one. However, is Romney willing to “stick it” to one of the Koch brothers in order to save a tax break for big oil? Oh. I just remembered. The Koch brothers are into energy, communications, food, etc. Never mind.

  • Yea Sesame Street. Nasty, sludgy Big Oil.

  • Yea, Sesame Street. Nasty sludgy Big Oil.

  • I guess Romney never watched a minute of PBS in his entire life, otherwise he would know just how important those programs are as a foundation of learning for our children. Shame on you, Mr Romney for thinking that it’s okay to take away important lessons from children while allowing Big Corporations to run roughshod over us small consumers.

    • AMADAL

      He also wants to remove money from all education as well as healthcare to children. I guess he was never a child, oh, wait–he’s thinking like one now.

  • 12pointbuck

    It hurts that millions of Americans do not care, they did not listen, they only saw a show from a mouth, protect big oil, protect Insurance companies that already exist, and we no what they charge 1,300.00 per month for family coverage, who can afford that,who has held the american people over a barrel along with wall street at buying there own product then inflating spikes to make billions off of us, who has proven his hole career, take American companies, then close them, then move them over sees, who sold his investments he had in communist and dictator ship countries the day before he excepted the republican nomination, who said he is not concerned with half this country, which includes, disabled American veterans, homeless veterans, and millions of people who work no less than 40 hrs a week to eat, God bless America

  • Muppets are witty characters who entertain and education. Mittens is a Puppet with Koch Brothers’ hands up his ass

  • joyscarbo

    My first grade class in 1968 was the first to have a television in the classroom for PBS viewing. I remember eating lunch at my desk and watching Sesame Street. I’d go home and watch more shows like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, The Electric Company and Zoom. It was all educational and inspirational viewing for children without advertisements.
    Witnessing Mitt Romney basically proclaim he’ll end funding for PBS was just another demonstration of his smug, elitist, facist beliefs. I love and support PBS but also understand that it takes more than view support to make it work.

  • lazycs

    They also plan on adding 1 for Obama. An illegal immigrant that receives food stamps welfare and is provide free healthcare and sect 8 housing that refuses to learn English and runs drugs

  • kittykew

    Romney had to study for 3 months just to know what to say. He was so tickled he already knew what to say he would not stop talking & was very rude. To cut PBS stations shows he never had brains just money.I agree with barbarahuug.

  • alright I’m no fan of Mitt Romney & I hope everyone will take it easy with Big Oil its a handle on my favorite social site “oilmyroyal” refer ing to me as Oil is common in the chat room have a heart & leave Oil alone.

  • Edith it gos a little something like this there is a God who just so happens to know the truth after lying one after another our little human hearts begin desperately searching to level the playing field to make evil right its what Romney has done standing against right & the truth won’t win anything common saying is you’ll remember the truth way before you’ll stop making up a lie to support another lie. Personally can’t wait until its all over with & Barack Obama is still our president after Nov 6, 2012……

  • Funny that Big Bird is richer than Romney. Big Bird gest $400 million a year from the American taxpayers. Maybe if Big Bird could convince his new friend, Big Oil, to pay for him, then America wouldn’t have to borrow $180 million a year from the Chinese to keep Big Bird on the air.

  • WhyMeLord

    Bird Bain?

  • im so frickin p.o’d i cant see straight!!!! take away my sesame street and there will be a ww III!! (theoretically speaking)