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Thursday, October 27, 2016

When Steven C. Jacobs was the CEO of Sheldon Adelson’s Sands China casino operations in Macau, he made one thing very clear to his billionaire boss: Putting Leonel Alves on the payroll as legal counsel may “pose serious risks.” But Adelson ignored Jacobs’ advice and hired Alves, a Macau legislator who has worked for companies with connections to organized crime in China.

He fired Jacobs instead.

Among the perils foreseen by Jacobs – which have materialized in full since he filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Adelson in 2010 – are ongoing investigations of Sands China by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commmission, spurred in part by the hotel casino’s payments to Alves.

The Alves probe only represents one aspect of the federal investigation into Adelson’s overseas affairs. But the financial relationship between Alves and Sands China may violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices act, which could in turn cost Adelson his casino operating license as a penalty for venal acts — and taint the millions of dollars he has donated to support the presidential candidacies of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

According to Jacobs, Adelson purportedly hired Alves in 2009 to act as a conduit to government officials in Macau and Beijing. At the time, Adelson and his Las Vegas Sands Corp. were weighed down by $11 billion in debt and business was suffering from the global economic maelstrom. Then Alves received an offer for a lucrative backdoor deal.

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  • bcarreiro

    Is this not the rich against the poor campaign? Why dont shelly throw obama 100 mil then will call it a fair level playing field and may the best man win. …double down there gambling mogul. The more you make the more they take…i have yet to see the strategic plans mitt has to move this county forward. YOU can talk all the money you want but you need to back it up…obama earned his way now you need to sit down, shut up and stop disrespecting our president. He is a president because we the people put him there and as for you mitt you have been given handouts. YOU lack the crudentials for this position so bow down to your master. respectfully an independent nobody

    • I agree. As a former republican president said “Where’s the beef?”

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Adelson equals corporate slime ball. No low too low to stoop to just to achieve this maniacal autocrat’s ends. No amount of money too high to prove how much more power he is than the US government and individual American voters.

  • Just another rich slob doing what he does best , deceiving the public but hey , thats the American way

    • There are plenty of precedents, high among them the ruse at the UN when Colin Powell, represented the Bush administration, showed the world the storage depots and trucks being used to store and transport the nuclear and biological weapons that Sadam Hussein was going to use to obliterate the world! In all fairness, that was nothing compared to the decision to declare Saudi Arabia a Most Favored Nation for trade purposes after learning that 9 of the 11 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, that OBL was born in Saudi Arabia, and that the Al Qaeda financiers were Saudi Arabian Wahhabist princes. Judas was a chomp in comparison to W but, hey, we have to keep those lucrative Saudi contracts rolling.

    • DurdyDawg

      That’s NOT the American way, that’s the Corporate way.. Do you know anybody? You friends, family.. Next door neighbors who would love to be wealthy so they could go about pulling the wool over everybody’s eyes? I think this sleaze bucket would continue to do what he’s doing even if he was dirt poor..

  • Just like a Congressman or a Senator.

  • howa4x

    To think that Sheldon owns acasino in Las Vegas and dosen’t have ties to the mob is ludicrous. The mob built the place and still have a big hand in the operation of the casinos.
    This is the world Sheldon knows, so he must feel very comfortable dealing with the Chinese mob.
    This is the kind of low integrity, immoral man that contributes to right wing causes and fits perfectly in an immoral, low integrity party. Mitt feel great about taking his money, so what does that say about him

    • The mob plays no roll in casino ops nowadays. they are to dumb and not business savvy enough to run corporations at this level, and the very public companies are under intense gaming control scrutiny. that’s not to say the casinos are run clean – i personally know of casino managers who turn a blind eye to prostitution and drug use inside the casino – but they are keenly tuned into minors drinking and gambling – the two things that are truly dangerous to casinos.
      Sands Asian operations are quite different – what we equate with taxes they equate as graft. the Triads openly lend money on the gaming floors in Macau and Singapore.

  • presserj

    Clearly points to the reasoning behind Adelson’s $100 Million investment in Mitt!!! “Birds of a feather”… Adelson is one of the 50 – 60 guy’s involved in buying our government… Koch Bros, Simmons, Perry et al!!!

    Only G-d can help us if these people prevail!!!!

  • For us in the Middle East the likes of Adelson pay to politicians and in exchange ask for criminal favors which can be denied like allowing the final ethnic cleansing in Palestine and creation of Greater Israel. May the Wrath of God descend upon Adelson, his AIPAC, his OOPACS and their pampered poodles like Mitt whatever Romney.

  • flyguygirl

    What is all the clucking about? The Sands was Meyer Lansky’s and never left his control to date. How many people have lost law suits due to the outcomes being rigged before the trail even got
    started. How many of those lawyers and judges are not either wealthy or in highly respected positions? Now tell me does this not go on on both sides of the fence and all over the world?
    That’s why we have wars, they are so cleansing. Unfortunately the effects last only a little while
    before the corruption begins anew.

  • onedonewong

    Nixon used these same Gestapo tactics in the past. Anytime you send the IRS or Justice after some one because he donates to your opposition means that you know you can’t win the election and that your dirty.
    Notice that the transcripts of Ruzuka’s have never been made public and that Jackson Jr’s bribe $$ has yet to see the light of day

  • Roenick: Is your article all typos or your thinking. Georgie Boy Soros must be your boy scout of the year.

  • jcurtis595

    Its pretty clear what Sheldon wants for his hundred million. Its a bribe to Romney to get Justice off his back and have the new administration overlook his many crimes in bringing his empire from the brink of bankruptcy to his billionaire status today. He should be indited, convicted, imprisoned as the crook he is and his casino licenses taken from him forcing him to sell his Vegas casinos.

    • greghilbert

      Agree completely, provided the bribe is recovered from Romney and Adelson’s proceeds from the sale of his casinos are confiscated.

      But why do I suspect that years hence we will witness just another case of rewards for wealthy-collar crime?

  • William Deutschlander

    Adelson is the type of slime, scum, sh-t that the Roberts Supreme Court gave the keys and the green light too!

  • The Supreme Court opened the door for people like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers to buy America. Sadly their wealth influences far too many political leaders and radical talk show hosts who accept “pay offs” leading to corruption and favoritism in American (and other nations) politics.

    Hopefully investigation ( by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission) and supported by Canadian, China, and other nations) commenced in the late 90s regarding the illegal and questionable acts of Adelson and his employees will reach a conclusion before too much damage is done.

    America is on a fast track to loosing its quality of life as billionaires buy politicians and our political system falls to the highest bidder!

  • oldtack

    So- what is new in the world of Jewry? This scourge has held sway since the advent of Mayer Rothschild in the late 1700’s. Oh, but I must curb my thoughts – for -after all they are “Gods chosen people”. Ask any gullible Gentile.

  • Adelson is in a race against time here, the government has to be bought up before his criminal past catches up with him. Once bought they and he can do prettymuch what they want. I suggest we move to amend the constituion that allowed companies to become people, repeal the corporate first amendment right then go in with guns blazing.

  • Mr. Adelson is a genius in buisiness management… No such a definition as an honest buisiness….and Mr. A delson is not an exception……as the other ones: Soros, Clinton,Obama, Putin and many- many – many more….

  • ObozoMustGo

    The Obozo Presidential Library has already been built!!!………. And it’s full of everything he knows already.

    [click photo to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

  • Jack Wormer

    And, of course, any – even the slightest hint of corruption, malfeasance, and other shady practices on Adelson’s part – will be met with wounded cries of anti-semitism….. Time, really, for the world to END THE JEWISH DIASPORA, and give them a well-defined, protectable country!

  • Adelson functions quite well as a conduit of money and influence. Gaming is the simplest way to move large sums of money with the least amount of inquiry. Israel wants information about China and their interest in Iran. Orientals love to gamble, to the extent that it becomes quite expensive. Only the very rich can indulge in that level of play. Shall we say that that brings all of the “Players” to the table in a very open but discrete manner with Adelson as the inn keeper.

  • Gammaanya

    Now you people know why he is pumping money onto Romney and wants him to win – he will get away with it and gets all his donations back plus. Brilliant. Now it’s up to the Voters – Mittsy or Obamsy. The choice is clear. Funny, Obama have nothing to do with this investigation, but it’s good to have something to lynch this man. My God they will waste millions of dollars just to get ONE black (half) man out of the office. SICK.

  • Justice demands that Adelson be put in jail and all his money taken away from him. Perhaps when he’s paroled in 20 years or so, he can find a small apartment in Tel Aviv to live out his final miserable days.

  • rustacus21

    Would it be presumptive to assume the Supreme Court Majority who decided on “Citizens United…” didn’t 4see this sort of corruption reaching outwards in2 our politics? The most ‘brilliant’ legal minds – according to the conservative administrations of Bush(s), Reagan, Nixon – were, conceivably, blinded so completely by ideology that they were & continue to BE blinded by ideology to the point that they would jeopardize OUR PEOPLES Democracy, for the sake of money & profit? This is not some remote, backwoods southern country town. This is the United States Of America! & yet, we all act as helpless as infant children, watching, as if some horror movie, that we’ve already WATCHED – time & again, over 236 years, as conservatives have, time & again, tried to destroy – YES – DESTROY – their own country, for money. For profit. W/full knowledge by the most ‘brilliant’ – so called – legal minds of their generation… We are a sad lot to let this happen even 2 times!!! We are now past 3 strikes, so what are we, the “PEOPLE” – called on by NAME in the Constitution, prepared to DO ABOUT THIS?!?!

  • I think it is fair to say that when it comes to support from the crime syndicate the GOP is second to none. First we learned about the Koch brothers business deals with the Ayatollahs, now we find out one of the staunchest GOP donors is connected not only to organized crime in the USA but to international criminal organizations. No wonder the Grand Ayatollah of money laundering, Swiss bank accounts, and Cayman Islands and Bermuda tax evasion schemes is benefitting so much from his partners in crime. Whar is next, a resurrected Al Capone in the White House with Lucky Luciano as Secretary of State?

  • Is Adelson’s dirty money still allowed to be donated to the Rommney campaign?

  • Just more examples of GOP hypocracy in action. Yes I want a President who OWEs Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers. Wonder how tough Mitt will be on China? Can not wait to see what his energy policy will look like