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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Slideshow: Helping Mitt Remember His Stance On Immigration

Bettina Inclan, the Republican National Committee’s Hispanic Outreach Director, told reporters on Tuesday morning that Mitt Romney is still deciding his position on immigration.

“As a candidate, to my understanding, he’s still deciding what his position on immigration is. So I can’t talk about what his proposal’s going to be because I don’t know what Romney, exactly, he’s talked about different issues,” she said. “I can’t talk about something that I don’t know what the position is.”

Thankfully for Inclan, The National Memo is here to help. Here is a slideshow explaining some of Romney’s positions on immigration, which he’s stated so clearly that no amount of Etch-a-Sketch shaking could erase them.

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  • Blu-rayfan

    Mitt just needs to step down otherwise we’re guaranteed four more years of Obama. The only GOP candidate that can beat Obama now is Ron Paul. If the establishment doesn’t see this then it’s clearly because they don’t care whether Obama or Romney wins given that there will be no difference to the status quo. Lip service aside; both support the NDAA, both support CISPA, both support the Patriot Act, both support unconstitutional wars, both are corporatist fascists.

    Help Mitt make the decision, to end his candidacy.

    • EdC

      I like dreamers

    • While its hard not to like Ron Paul and to respect him, unlike Mitt Romney, for being honest and consistent in his philosophy of government, his ideas of governing just aren’t workable for the most part. Like it or not, the US cannot go back to the days before WWI when we adopted isolationist policies.

  • cperry54

    You can start by stop telling lies

    • EdC

      Maybe you should explain whom you say is lying and give us YOUR facts. Who do you think takes care of the Romney head of 8 show horses.

    • oldtack

      Well – lay some truth on us eperry54. Expound your wisdom. And DO NOT TELL US ANY LIES !!

  • Why is illegal immigration a hot topic at a time when the influx of illegal immigrants is almost at zero and the number of deportations is at record highs? Mexican and Central American immigrants are no longer coming to the USA as a result of a resurgent economy in Mexico, a dramatic drop in the fertifility rate in Mexico during the past 20 years, and the economic and unemployment problems in the U.S. The concern at this point is not illigal immigration but the likelihood that those who plant and harvest the food we eat may leave and the agricultural sector will have no choice but to pay top dollar to American workers…if they can find them! The result will be out of control inflation and the collapse of our feeble economy.

    • EdC

      While you are right about illegal immigration, which is actually why they are against it, except when Zackey Farms pays them to overlook it, I am inclined to believe that while family farms may have a problem with high wages or they could work out a system like the did in the days before illegal immigration and help each other, the corporation farms have more then enough profit margin, especially with the farm substies given by the conservatives, they could pay the decent wages, and still live in a luxiory that you and I will never expenience.

    • Aaron Ramirez

      Unlikely that they would pay top dollar to American workers, that would make fruits and vegetables too expensive for anyone to afford. The most likely thing that would happen is that they will purchase fruits/vegetables from poor counrties. It would be better if the money circulated here, but they’re driving out all the immigrants.

  • Someone once said “Beware of a man who tries to be all things to all people”. Romney is for Mexicans but against immigration, completely opposed auto bailout but now wants credit for its success, specialized in breaking up companies, firing workers, and sending jobs overseas but now promises to create 500,000 new US jobs, established the first state run health program but opposes similar federal health program, is pro-life but his religion considers abortion a mortal sin, and is a Michigan Yankee but loves “cheesy grits” and has learned to say You’all. BEWARE AMERICA!!!

  • flutterbyeb

    Well let’s be fair here he’s for Mexican’s working in his homes , but against them roaming freely in this Country!! LOL!

  • Of course no one knows what Romney’s position is on immigration, and most other issues for that matter. Why? Because Romney doesn’t know himself. Mitt is a teflon politician that has adopted whatever stance he thinks his immediate audience wants to hear. If he’s proven anything without dispute its that he is a serial liar.

    • Do you really know what Obama’s position is?

      • @Ruby why is Obama’s name mentioned every time Mitt is confused about a situation? Can you just talk about one person at a time?, I know they are both running for office but for goodness sake, let everybody know your stance for once not changing with the wind

  • 1AmericanHoney27

    Romney is beyond helping. He wakes up in a different world every morning & can’t remember where his stance was on any subject he faced yesterday. The only help he needs is how to be a man, how to stop being greedy, how to stop lying & flip-flopping…. In short this sad excuse for a human needs THERAPY…. OBAMA/BIDEN/2012………. H.CLINTON/??????/2016

  • ObozoMustGo


    Let’s not let this drivel take our eye off of the real issue of the campaign. The absolute failure in chief that Obozo has become. Witness the facts:

    BH Obozo has had a sum total of 1 (one) success. Ordering the killing of OBL. That’s it. There is nothing else in 4 years. Nothing. And even that isnt really as big a deal for him as it is for the soldiers who actually did the mission.

    Lets take a look at some of Obozo’s other “successes”…….

    1) Obozo comes into office $9T in debt. 3.5 years later, $16T in debt
    2) 2 years complete control of the government. NO budget as required by the Constitution. Still has no budget. The one budget he presented that was actually voted on by the Senate wend down to defeat by a vote of 97 to 0. Nice work Mr. President!!! THAT IS an accomplishment!
    3) A new bankrupting entitlement program called Obozocare jammed through congress against the vast majority of Americans who were against it (and still are) and with the blessings of the idiot Nancy Piglosi who said “we have to pass the bill before we know what is in it”. And after all that, the crowing achievement of this president will be struck down like a rabid dog by the SCOTUS. Nice work, Mr. President!
    4) Persistent unemployment that has been the worst since the Great Depression, especially among blacks and young people. His administration keeps claiming unemployment is going down, but in reality, they manipulate the formula by reducing the # of jobs available. And then they claim that over 8% unemployment is good! Quite an accomplishment in propaganda, but not economics, Mr. President.
    5) Promises to close Gitmo…. instead, he spends $750K on a soccer field for terrorists. Dont get me wrong, Gitmo should stay open. This is an example of how stupid and naive Obozo really is. Nice accomplishment, Mr. President!
    6) Gas prices are up 100%++ across the nation. And Obozo is so dumb he actually believes that increasing supply has no effect on prices… what an idiot! Blocking EVERY permit that has come before his administration and blocking pipelines that increase supplies does HAVE consequences, Mr. President. Gas prices are through the roof! Nice going Mr. President!
    7) Real inflation rates are close to 8% or higher. Who measures inflation without food and fuel??????? Obozo does! Another strong achievement in propaganda, Mr. President!
    8) SOLYNDRA!!!!!!!! need I say more?
    9) OK, I will. SOLAR TRUST… another BILLION DOLLAR boondoggle in your attempt to play venture capitalist with taxpayer money that actually goes to your FAT CAT financier friends who are big donors. Nice money laundering accomplishment, Mr. President! Should I say more? OK.. I will…
    10) ECOTALITY – Another “green” Obozo investment disaster. Obozo gave them $115 MILLION. The SEC investigates fraud at the company. While that’s going on, Obozo gives them another $26 MILLION…. What an idiot! Nice accomplishment Mr. President!
    11) Fast and Furious!!!!! If this was a Republican Admin, all of you nutjobs that write on this web site would be going justifiably ballistic!! It would be the lead story on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSLSD, CNN, etc. etc.
    12) Same with the crook Jon Corzine. He steals $2B in client money, much of it farmers money, to cover his own bad bets. Then he gets to continue on raising money for Obozo like nothing every happened. Where is Eric The Incompetent Holder? ……… crickets………. crickets……….. crickets………. Thought so!

    I’ll continue to refocus the discussion on what is important and not these foolish smokescreens the left throws up to obfuscate Obozo’s true failure as a socialist in the White House.

    Have a nice day!

    • BOZO I knew you’d comment on immigration being as your from…(what was that planets name?)

      • ObozoMustGo

        I get it Sid, you dont like the truth. Sorry!

        Have a nice day!

        • There’s one way to tell when you’re lying. Your lips are moving.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Everything I typed is true, Sid. You’re just blind to another point of view regarding Obozo’s failures.

            Have a nice day!

  • socaman

    David, i couldn’t have said it better and succinctly myself. Thank you

  • joyscarbo

    I have some advice for Mitty…
    Pick a position and stick with it!!!
    But you can’t…you’ve proven that much!!!

  • howa4x

    Oh you mean mr flip or flop

  • pat


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