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Thursday, January 17, 2019

SLIDESHOW: The Failures Of Republican-Style Austerity … In Europe

What would America look like if Paul Ryan and the GOP were able to implement their brutal plans for the economy? While Republicans and American right-wingers often mock liberals for loving our allies across the Atlantic too much, a recent development has been overlooked. The new GOP call for austerity — slashing budgets at all costs — would merely copy the disastrous policies we’ve seen in Europe.

Let’s take a tour!

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19 responses to “SLIDESHOW: The Failures Of Republican-Style Austerity … In Europe”

  1. howa4x says:

    In an economic downturn or a recession the 1% cleans up by getting business’ on the cheap. they want austerity because people will be so frightened that they will work for next to nothing, happy they have a job and will be anti union if that is what the boss wants. Republicans know what they are doing here and its the most anti middle class position ever taken by a major political party

    • kitkat says:

      Not only that, they want an uneducated populous which can be easily manipulated and which expects nothing more than cheap tv’s to keep them happy. The American dream of hope and opportunity for all is being buried (barely) alive while the rich sit behind golden gates and count their money. Class warfare? Sadly, yes. And the poor dopes who are being robbed are too blind to see. They instead rail against gay marriage and birth control and blame the President who they see as a Muslim anti-Christ preached against in their churches. We are in a national crisis as dire as any war and the enemy is us.


  3. Only 50% I thought it would be even higher!

  4. You mean to tell me that the service sector jobs don’t pay well??????

  5. Go figer the concealed carry law!

  6. Paul Ryan WI R-should read this & take notes!

  7. ObozoMustGo says:

    Quick… someone call Greece and Spain and let them know that they can borrow and spend themselves into prosperity if only they take on more debt and hire more government workers. Yeah… that’ll work!

    Have a nice day!

    • cabadas says:

      Then you need to live in Europe.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        what kind of dummy are you?

        • cabadas says:

          OK bozo, It sounds like you watch fox cable so call news, limball, beck, can’t say anything to people like you. The last 3 republican president has done the same thing as this president wants to do. It’s how you deal with a recession. Now I know it take one dummy to call another one dummy. So dummy you must be rich or ignorant, or you work on wall street. Oh wait a minute I need to see your birth certificate because anyone who thinks austerity works hasn’t talk to anyone in Europe.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            cad… Ohhhhh…. I suppose all we need to do is keep running up the debt and eventually we’ll all be just fine, wont we? We can spend our way to prosperity, cant we? Yeah, right. Sure, sure.

            One thing all of you leftist nutjobs have in common is this: You are so committed to this whole Keynesian idea of government spending that it completely obscures any modicum of comm0n sense. The left has used Keynes’ ideas for 80 years, not as any real economic policy, but only as an excuse to keep spending other people’s money, current AND future, for their leftist social engineering objectives… NONE of which have EVER worked.

            Don’t give me this phony “multiplier effect” crap, either. It’s a lie. If it were true, at $16TRILLION in debt ($5TRILLION on Obozo’s tab in just 3.5 years) we would have an economy at $30TRILLION or more. You dopes on the left just cannot see the reality that what you have been claiming for 80 years has NEVER proven true. NEVER!!!

            Austerity doesnt work? Why? How do you think they got to the point where austerity was needed, dummy? Do you thing they just woke up one day and decided that they were going to cut the government budgets? Just for haha’s? Of course not. They kept debt spending for decades, buying votes with promises of easy living and lots of goodies for life. Sounds kink of like the track we are on, doesn’t it?

            Either you will wake up now to the reality that is our fiscal disaster in the making, or you will find that your prized social programs will have NO money left to finance them. With our debt in excess of our GDP and government spending taking up nearly 30% of that GDP, and GROWINIG, the day of reckoning is upon us soon.

            Wake up, cad. The debt clock’s a-tickin!

            Have a nice day!

          • cabadas says:

            Hey bozo I have seen the reality, the reality is that the idiot that lives 35 miles from me came into office with a surplus you do know what that means don’t you? A democrat balance and had a surplus when he left office, the rest is history. I used to be a republican until the idiot that lives 35 miles from me,came in to office he was governor of this state , that’s why I did not vote for him, he was a lousy governor. 2010 the teaparty came in, I really left the party. I guess you forgot about the 2 wars that weren’t paid, Iqrat for medicare prescription that wasn’t paid for and 2 taxes cuts weren’t paid for. But you can’t talk to people like you because your ignorant.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            cad… talk about ignorance? Sheesh! You’re the 2nd moron I’ve had to deal with today on this same exact issue.

            You leftist nutjobs and useful idiots seem to confuse a balanced budget (meaning no deficit) with the national debt. Deficit is excess spending over revenues in ONE year. National debt is the running accumulation of ALL deficits over the years. Please stop making yourself look like a complete slack-jawed idiot by confusing the 2. I know, you’ll lie to recover yourself on this point, but too bad. You’ve already revealed your lack of intellect and we all in the public know it. 🙂

            It is absolutely hilarious how you leftist idiots harken back to the balanced budget of Clinton/Gingrich like it was the glory days, but when it comes to Obozo running $1.5 TRILLION deficits as far as the eye can see, all I hear from you idiots is…… crickets……….. crickets……….. crickets………… crickets……………

            Don’t lie about you being a “Republican” either. Well, maybe you were a RINO. You clearly are not conservative because a conservative does not allow himself to be so confused as to think that letting people keep their own earnings is something that must be “paid for”. What do you mean “paid for” when it’s a person’s private earnings in the first place? And the government confiscates it under the threat of law. It doesn’t occur to us to be that easily confused by statist politicians whose lust for our earnings is NEVERENDING!

            How exactly are wars NOT paid for? You idiots keep saying this as though all the soldiers were given IOUs and weapons were bought on account, but not paid for. How stupid are you morons? Dont you even question your own thoughts before you speak? Or do you just regurgitate propaganda from MoveOn or Obozo2012? What exactly do you call votes in Congress during that time where the DemocRATS held control and threatened to keep war funding from being approved? Do you have any memory of those battles?

            Have a nice day!

          • cabadas says:

            Bozo you sound like sean hannity and fox almost news lies and distortion of the facts. You must not have anything to do but write this nonsense. Like I said can’t talk to idiots like you because you rely on lies and distortion of the facts. I don’t need to lie the wars were not paid for you slumming idiot. You are a moron, you go ahead and vote for your empty suit, I hope that your house never burns up, I hope you don’t ever have to cross a bridge, I hope you never need a police officer, Oh bozo did you hear about the g-20 summit, Europe admitted that hard core austerity DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!! i BELIEVE IN CUTTING SPENDING BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF THE YOUNG AND OLD. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT. GOODBYE BOZO. WON’T ANSWER YOUR HATEFUL AND MISINFORMATION.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            cab… a Paulite, eh? My respect for you has gone up a notch or 2! You’re obviously quite young, maybe just out of Leftist Seminary (any US college these days) recently and a former Obozo supporter that is waking up to the lies that IS the left. But you still have the internal conflict because you believe the crap that was shoved in your brain in the indoctrination …errr…. schooling process and you also buy off somewhat on the class warfare, 99% vs 1% Marxist garbage, as well. You’re on your way to recovery if you support the libertarian philosophies of Ron Paul. I applaud you! I would support him as well, but he loses me on foreign policy beliefs that are just too naive in this modern world. Other than that, I’m with you. Bet that surprises you, doesnt it?

            On the topic of austerity…. it’s called living within your means. It’s called not spending more than you take in. This is referred to amongst most normal human beings on planet earth as being responsible. Why do you think they are FORCED into austerity, cab? Why? Have you ever asked yourself that question? You know the answer. They have spent too much borrowed money for too long, their debts exceed their GDP, and now they cannot pay it back unless they cut everything else. While you think that austerity may not be working after a year or 2, there is no question about the FACT that living within your means, not spending more than you take in, will be tremendously positive for those countries in the long run. You instinctively know that I am correct, cab. You do. Admit it.

            This is why I say you are confused. You support Ron Paul, but then you criticize governments who are turning away from the failed Keynesian theories of borrowing and spending their way to prospertity. You cannot possible support both Ron Paul and this philosophy unless you are young and confused. They are incompatible, night and day, my friend.

            I can help you out, cab, if you want help. No insults, no sarcasm, no busting on you, none of that. If you’d like help, let me know. I’ll direct you to places and books where you can begin to learn how the real world works, not how the leftists and statists WISH that it worked. Please let me know your thougths.

            Have a nice day, cab!

  8. dljones says:

    Europe is boxed into a social system. Obama’s bootleg buddies has America cloning their governments in disaster. Care less about your politics. Mature up folks, get your replacement in place for November.

  9. Due to recent advances in the art of re-defining the term ‘recession’ , we are less likely than ever to have one under any condition. Sadly, our ‘non-recession’ will still feel like one.

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