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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lonesome Racist of the Week: Robert Copeland of Wolfeboro, NH.

He’s not as wealthy or prominent as Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, but the 82-year-old Copeland is no less detestable.

Until last week he served as one of three elected police commissioners in Wolfeboro, a town of about 6,300 people in central New Hampshire. A resident had complained to the town manager that, while dining at a local restaurant, she overheard Copeland use the N-word to describe President Obama.

Copeland didn’t deny making the slur, and brilliantly sent the following email to the other commissioners: “I believe I did use the ‘N’ word in reference to the current occupant of the Whitehouse (sic). For this I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.”

Many people in Wolfeboro felt Copeland met and exceeded the criteria for being a bigoted gasbag, and a public meeting was convened. The crowd was virtually all white because fewer than two-dozen African-Americans live in the town.

Copeland sat there listening to all the outraged demands for his resignation, and never said a word.

Wolfeboro was in turmoil. It wasn’t as if Copeland could be ignored or led away like some demented old uncle. The police commission is in charge of hiring, firing and disciplining officers, and also setting their salaries. Copeland also worked as a dispatch supervisor.

The governor of New Hampshire and several state lawmakers condemned Copeland’s remarks about Obama and said he should resign immediately. So did Mitt Romney, who owns a house in the state.

After a few days Copeland gave up and quit. He’s now free to shamble around the house in his bathrobe and boxers, spewing the N-word as much as he wants.

He has little in common with Sterling besides hateful prejudice and advanced age (the Clippers owner is 80). After Sterling’s embarrassing mangled apology while being interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, some began to wonder if creeping senility is what causes old white guys to drop their guard and blurt whatever dumbass racist thought enters their brains.

They point to Cliven Bundy, 67, the deadbeat Nevada rancher who for two decades hasn’t paid grazing fees for the cattle he lets roam upon federal lands. When officers showed up last month to remove the livestock, they were met by a defiant Bundy and a band of armed supporters.

  • plc97477

    One thing bundy (not capitalized on purpose) fails to realize that not paying what he owes to the government makes him subsidized by the government.

    • old_blu

      You are absolutely right.
      Bundy you owe us (the American tax payer) money, pay up sucker.
      Why is it that the Republicans latch on to these low-life?
      Maybe because they are more like them than they want to admit.

      • Sand_Cat

        Where does the “maybe” come from?

        • old_blu

          Hahaha! Exactly Sand_Cat.

  • annienoel

    There is a book “Welfare Ranching The subsidized destruction of the American West” ed. George Wuerthner and Mollie Matteson which shows how the ranchers are destroying the land and paying virtually nothing for it. Bundy and his ilk need to be in jail.

  • neeceoooo

    The positive side of this is that all these small men with ugly thoughts will help us in the next election.

    • Sand_Cat

      Probably not enough.

    • jointerjohn

      These old-timers with their outdated views of the world are helping us out, in that they are assuming room temperature at an increasingly rapid rate.

    • Mark Forsyth

      Hope springs eternal !

  • Sand_Cat

    It’s also important to point out that the GOP relies on their votes and their money and supports and defends their racism, even while distancing themselves from those who have been indiscreet enough to declare publicly what they (and a LOT of the GOP) stand for.

  • kimbroughs

    Bundy , Copeland and sterling are outwardly sharing the comments that many people keep to themselves.

  • Jambi

    “Crusty” old dudes who are living FAR in the past…

    • Mark Forsyth

      Hardly living,more like dead from the neck up and using far to much air to spread their nonsense.

  • herchato

    All male and white, me too, and it’s embarrassing to remember that I used to thing like that. In the 70s I told myself I new better and I did, but it was in my mind and not in my reality. In the 90s my daughter delivered three black granddaughters to our family and I watched them grow up with their cousins and finally understood what it was supposed to be like. The racists are gone from our family and it fees good!

  • howa4x

    all of these older white men grew up at a time when segregation was practiced openly and people of color or coloreds as they were called where forbidden to go into white bathroom, or drink from the same fountains. They all went through he turbulent 60’s and saw their world turned up side down. Instead of embracing the change they reacted against it then and never forgot
    even now. What you are seeing is a denial of social change, no different than what you were seeing in the backlash against the women’s movement and easy access to contraception. This is the generation that morphed into the tea party and has become the backbone of the republican party. Once a party that lauded itself on the triumph that they spearheaded the end of slavery.

  • Murph Johnston

    If we are free to adapt to the changing conditions we face, it will be impossible for another person to judge the merits of our choices.

  • Hima Layan

    Considering plunder’s ease, liberty has little chance of surviving if the mere existence of democratic processes is expected to preserve it.