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Monday, October 24, 2016

Social conservatives are threatening to revolt against the the Republican Party, in the latest sign that the Republican National Committee’s “Growth & Opportunity Project” has little to no chance of success.

The latest Republican to strike a blow against the RNC’s rebranding plan is Tony Perkins, president of anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council. When it’s not pushing absurd conspiracy theories about ACORN and Obamacare, the FRC keeps busy by using pseudo-science to link homosexuality and pedophilia, and endorsing Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill, among other fringe right-wing activities. So naturally, Perkins isn’t thrilled with the RNC’s directive that “When it comes to social issues, the Party must in fact and indeed be inclusive and welcoming.”

Perkins has responded to the GOP reboot by directing his supporters to cut off their financial support for the party.

“Until the RNC and the other national Republican organizations grow a backbone and start defending core principles, don’t send them a dime of your hard-earned money,” Perkins wrote in an email to supporters Thursday night. “If you want to invest in the political process, and I encourage you to do so, give directly to candidates who reflect your values and organizations you trust — like FRC Action.”

Perkins went on to theorize that extreme right-wing social policies are not the GOP’s problem, but in fact the solution.

“Instead of trying to appease millennials, Republicans should try educating them on why marriage matters,” Perkins wrote. “There’s an entire group of ‘Countercultural Warriors’ full of compelling young leaders who are all going to the mat to protect marriage.”

Perkins’ boycott call comes just days after a group of 13 right-wing leaders (including Perkins) signed a letter warning the RNC that social conservatives will break away from the GOP if the party fails to reaffirm its 2012 platform, which calls for bans on gay marriage and abortion rights.

“We respectfully warn GOP Leadership that an abandonment of its principles will necessarily result in the abandonment of our constituents to their support,” the letter warns.

Striking a similar note as Perkins, the signatories speculate that “it is the faith-based community which offers Republicans their best hope of expanding their support” among African-Americans, young voters, and other voter groups that have become reliable Democratic bases.

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  • willardcottrell

    They’ll never leave. This type of christian is more in to power than Jesus, hence all the negatives. I don’t believe these idiots actually understand Jesus.
    No matter. The nation generally rejects their platform. They are having success at the state level, but at the same time they will continue to alienate their constituency. In this session alone red state legislators have enacted over 700 pieces of legislation against women.
    Additionally, we’ve heard this song many times before and they’ve never even come close. The national platform for the RW evangelical NJ’s would be limited to their crazy TV bullshit. They NEED the republicans more than the republicans need them; which is why the repugs continue to move the goalposts on these clowns. And the religious nutjobs just keep threatening – but lack to courage and conviction to really to anything about it.

    • lana ward

      In case you didn’t know, there are still afew people who believe in God, Tony Perkins is one. Leaving God out of everything is what is wrong with this country and is the reason for all of the killings. Narrow is the gate to heaven, broad is the road to hell!!!!

      • Replying to Lana Ward

        Have you ever read the New Testament?

        I cannot help but wonder where it condones Lying, Treachery, Deceit, the Worship of Money and Power, etc.

        All traits of the political parties we are now all supporting. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, etc.

        You should read the New Testament the next time you think about the prose you write about President Obama, and anyone else you don’t like. Like all Liberals.

        • lana ward

          Christians aren’t perfect and I have no respect anyone who would destroy America

          • You like all of your ilk are incredibly blinded by your own intolerance. You claim to be Christian yet spout anti-Christian rhetoric like others who profess the same yet lie to themselves as well as everyone else. Christ was the ultimate liberal who advocated and cared for the poor, the sick, the weak, the outcasts of society, all those you and yours denigrate. You are a disgusting hypocrite.

          • lana ward

            And your a braindead zombie. Those who can help themselves are supposed to but Obama is making it impossible for anyone to be independant. He’s been eliminating jobs for 4 years making everyone NEED Government for help. Earnings are falling, poverty is rising, jobs claims jumping,food stamp enrollment skyrockering, businesses are closing everywhere because of regulations Obama is putting on them, banks are closing at an alarming rate. He’s put so many regulations on coal mines over 200 have had to close putting more people out of work devestating comunities. This sure is the Christian thing to do, right???

          • You are incredibly ignorant of how our government works. The Congress legislates not the President. They pass the bills, the President either signs or vetoes said bill. If he vetoes the Congress can if they really want it, pass it through again and it becomes law. So Obama has not put in any regulations that the Congress did not want. Go back to school and take an American Government course.

          • lana ward

            Obama goes around congress when he can’t get what he wants. He has put so many regulations on businesses, many are going out of business. Congress had nothing to do with it. You really need to pay attention to what your leader is doing

      • A true Christian would never advocate hate, intolerance and violence. Christ’s teachings were only of tolerance, love, compassion for those less fortunate, all the very antithesis of what these narrow minded idiots advocate. If Christ came back today they would be the very first to crucify him and you would no doubt be among them.

        • lana ward

          It’s all liberal policies that crucify Christ

          • stcroixcarp

            Jesus was quite liberal in his social policies. Jesus was crucified by the Romans at the request of law abiding high priests and other religious establishment types, who managed to work up mob frenzy.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            If Jesus were to come here, again, the Christian Evangelicals themselves would find a way to Crucify him.

            I have no doubt Christianity, as it is today, would not tolerate Jesus and have him either committed as insane or outright kill him.

          • lana ward

            Liberals crucify Jesus everyday with there Got hating politics. Don’t bother me anymore,satan

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            There’s something wrong with you.

            One time, you’re alright to comment on, other times you’re not. We even agree on a few minor points. I don’t know what your problem is.

            Why do you even bother to come here? Stir the pot maybe. You know this is a Liberal Blog!

            As far as me being Satan, far from it. I like the man and I sure wouldn’t crucify him. But, I know a lot of people people who would. And, I would place a Vegas Bet most of them would be Evangelicals.

            Your wish is granted, I WON’T comment on anymore of your posts. But, be totally aware, I’ll flag your ass if you get too offensive on any of these threads as anyone else should. And, I WILL post I have.

            Good luck and have a nice life?…………………..

          • lana ward

            My problem is, I have just found out Obama only paid 18% income tax and the rest of the wealthy pay 47%–you have a nice life too

          • Says a supporter of the man who claims to have paid 14% on his millions of income (mostly from deals that threw thousands out of work).

          • lana ward

            How many millions does he give to charities

    • charleo1

      I would disagree just a bit on one point. They like all good little ideologues,
      think they are right, and believe the majority agrees with them. They are
      having this knock down, drag out, in the Republican Party, between those
      that see the Party is getting way out of step. And the other faction, that holds,
      if they purify the Party, and go completely to the Right, social agenda and
      all, that that is what Americans are all waiting for the, “True Conservatives,”
      to do. so, I don’t see the threats as all that idle. If they do, well, they’ll find
      out. Won’t they? And it could actually improve the Republican Party. Which
      is right now, a dysfunctional mess.

  • jdaboss

    I LOVE the infighting and HATE the GOP.. keep it going stupid party. =)

  • Yup, they’re screwed either way they go. What it simply comes down to is whether or not the GOP is willing to jettison the crazy base to appeal to the moderates and risk several electoral cycles of marginalization while they repair their tattered image and rebuild their party structure, or double down on the crazy. Smart money is on the ‘double down on crazy’.

    Perhaps the saddest thing is that their strategists have to know that their current path ends up with them a burning heap at the bottom of a cliff, but there’s virtually nothing they can do to stop it. Their own people have pleaded with them to cut back on the stupid, ease up up the crazy, to no avail. They managed to put a muzzle on Michelle Bachmann for a while, but she keeps popping up and popping off. Ted Cruz and Louis Gohmert just keep right on chugging along . . .

    Their base no longer trusts the party, and keeps demanding more and more proofs of their commitment to ‘the cause’, and the party has no choice but to comply. In reality, it doesn’t mollify them because they know that the GOP is only complying because they have no choice. And to the rest of the country, it simply looks like craven pandering.

  • Lynda Groom

    Why don’t they just form another party? Perhaps they can call it the Jesus Party and get it over with.

    • WhutHeSaid

      That would probably make sense to them. After all, they already formed one lying pseudo-party that whose name lied about being Taxed Enough Already when, in fact, taxes are the lowest in over 60 years. Since they appear to know (or care) little about the philosophy of Jesus Christ, such a party would be a lie and mockery to Christianity — which would most likely appeal to their cynical and hateful nature.

    • BDC_57

      They would be called the lying jesus party.

    • stcroixcarp

      Good idea!

  • Let them go!! They will die a natural death of ignorance and shame!!

  • wesley rasmussen

    All intelligent and forward thinking voters need something to be the political “bogeyman.” the Republican party fits the bill to a T, with all the anti-labor,anti-woman, and anti-social policies they espouse. They now are working at the state level to void the Constitution regarding a State religion, workiing to make women third class citizens ) waiting forthem to push a Constitutional amnedment repealing women’s right to vote).
    Keep appeasing the loonies in the GOTP – that will guarantee the election of Hillary Clinton in 2013, and give us all the people we, as a nation, love to hate.

  • Perkins and his far right fanatics trying to bring their religious beliefs into government is basically Americas version of the Muslim Taliban or sharia law. In both cases religion has no place being mixed with Government, everywhere that has taken place throughout history the masses lost freedoms and often their lives because of it. Look what the Roman Catholic Church did in Europe when its religious leaders held power prior to the late 1700’s. Getting away from such religiously backed governing powers is what led to our country’s origination and the last thing we need is to got backwards.

  • mah101

    Best news I’ve read in a long time. What a relief for the republican party if these extremists split off. Perhaps then we could have a valid and sane republican party which could actually function in the governance of this country, and we would likely end up with a clear and new minority party that we would be effectively marginalized for their extremist views.

    • latebloomingrandma

      They should break off and start their own party. They could call themselves the Whigs, part deux. (Sounds like a sitcom)

  • howa4x

    Be careful what you wish for. The republicans opened the barn door and let these people. Although they had nowhere else to go, spurred on by big funders like the Koch’s, the republicans wanted to use them for form the moral majority. The plan was to throw some crumbs like DOMA but really not enrage the entire population, and get these groups to fight for a repeal of the environmental regulations. The Koch’s were loving this, but no one realized that these fringe groups would become the republican base. Now the social conservative movement has infected the tea party and has taken hold at the state level, where anti abortion, and anti gay legislation is the norm in red states. All of us can see clearly what happens when this group takes over. Instead of fostering freedom, they push for religious tyranny. The religious right only sees themselves and their way as the only way. This philosophy pushes young people away, and now the RNC doesn’t know how to cut the cord. The coal/oil/fracking billionaires need this obedient group so they can have support to deregulate their industries. As long as the religious right sees environmental degradation and climate change as god will they will give support to the 1%. If you try to talk about environmental consequences they talk about the rapture. They are perfect for Big business and that is why the RNC will never get rid of them and why their chances at winning another national election are getting more remote

    • latebloomingrandma

      That’s what happens when you undermine democracy by infecting it with money to exert “influence”. What a mess to weave when you deceive. Kind of like making up stuff to start a war.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        Makes perfect sense to me!

        This might be their ultimate intention. Keep us poor and at each others throats. Eventually, we’ll want to take over someone else’s stuff because we don’t have any ourselves, or grab more than we really need.

        That is called WAR and usually is religiously justified in one way or the other.

  • irishtap

    I admit it took me awhile to succumb to the fact: the GOP is largely, a body of highly corrupt, cynical, anti-citizen bullies, bent on the demise of representative government. They ‘enjoy’ our economic malaise, for the hardship it brings to so many people. It used to be they’d play to the cameras the feigned concern for Medicare – jobs – Social Security – fiscal responsibility, blah, blah, blah… Alas, the true darkness of character and allegiance to moral turpitude can no longer be hidden from public view. The GOP fetish for political illness now must be expressed, similar to ‘projectile vomiting. They can no longer hide the disdain for decency and economic fairness (or) their hideous machinations designed to defeat the common citizen: it’s all out there on full display, hitting us smack in the face and it stinks to high heaven. Not unlike a few tiny mold spores, the unchecked level of willful ignorance they’ve invited into the fold (for power and advantage) has gradually taken over, to the point of challenging our very democracy.

    Now, this unGodly political cancer shrieks like banchees with contempt for anyone willing to ‘violate the GOP-Tea Party mission statement of: ‘ALWAYS HATE, everyday, ordinary people with astounding vigor’. The good news is we’re gradually waking up and exposing their crimes to the light of day. Like the ‘cockroach’ they’ll scurry toward the darkness but, the party of malignity, is beginning to cannibalize. I hope, whatever remaining human tissue attached to their crumbling skeletons screams from the lick of the flame.

  • Pamby50

    I wish them many more years of fighting. As they voted for their platform on friday, they kept the ban on marriage equality. No abortion or birth control. Young people are not hung up on who marries who. They want the government out of their bedrooms. Stop trying to take away their ability to use birth control. Next thing you know, the republicans will want to take away their right to vote. Not just young people, but the elderly, the poor and all minorities.

    • Anna

      They already are attempting to disenfranchise elderly, poor and minority voters with their bogus claims of illegal voting. Voter suppression, gerrymandering districts, the beat goes on in their attempt to steal elections.

  • JDavidS

    If Perkins and his ilk take over it’ll mean the inmates will be running the asylum. And if you thought the GOP was nuts before…

  • So, what Perkins said can pretty much be summed up as follows – By following our instructions you managed to lose 5 of the last 6 Presidential elections. Now that you want to be inclusive and not follow our purist losing strategy we are going to collect our people and leave.
    To which the “people” said “Bubuy, and don’t let the door slap you on your fundament on the way out!

  • charleo1

    If we could demonstrate in physical distance, of the positions held by the Evangelical,
    Christian Right, which Perkins and a small cadre of other spokespersons, and
    high profile, tele-evangelicals, speak. The political mainstream of the Country,
    is usually far out of earshot. And so, is taken aback, shocked even, to hear politicians
    such as Todd Akins, contend, that in the case of, “real,” rape, the victim has a way to
    prevent an unwanted pregnancy. It really is all about abortion, with this group.
    In fact, they have been willing to abandon the core mission of New Testament,
    Christianity, of relieving human suffering, advocating for the poor, and feeding
    the hungry masses of the world. To support, and abide the punishment, of denying
    all poor women in a community, access to a doctor, or life saving screenings,
    and contraception. Because some may go there seeking an abortion, and are
    referred to a separate facility. Even as 7 of 10 Americans believe abortion should
    remain legal, and the decision of the woman. The good Governor of TX. Rick Perry
    counts himself as one of the Moral Minders of the Nation. Him and his Republican
    Legislature, with the State, already having the largest population of uninsured
    women, and children in the Country. Cut off funds to Planned Parenthood, over
    abortion. With this being the only free clinic available to as many as 144,000
    women, and children State wide. Health officials are righty worried, as alternative
    low cost facilities, when available, charge $40.00, plus, the prescription. And many
    will not go. And some will die of a completely treatable, curable condition. So,
    they give lip service to Christ. While casting their lot, with the true inspiration of
    the self worshiping, skinflints, Ayn Ryan. The Godless atheists of the Plutocrats.
    Well, we can bet, Satan, is somewhere in Hell, having a good laugh.

  • [email protected]

    I guess no one can research, 2 men having anus sex is redlicous, and disgusting, maybe when some one with some guts pushes for charges to be brought against people for giving Aids, STDs to innocent people when they no they are sick,it will help, comparing 2 homos getting married as the same as men and women shows how retarded one can be, and every one that works in the health field and as simple as going and taking a serve safe food course will show you that Anus lovers spread it every where, its under there finger nails, on there steering wheels, faucets, in there nose, behind there ears and in your salad bar if you are not careful, and it is amazing how legal minds have not addressed the fact of defending your countries best interest against foreign and domestic issues, its time to defend your self and your family, I guess some one is making money off of rump ranging and lets watch the show, and leave religion out of it, I agree, any one who thinks Anus sex between any one is ok is not worth arguing with about history and evil

    • charleo1

      The best thing about your horrible little comment, is we are seeing
      fewer like it all the time.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Maybe you should turn off the internet porn. It’s infecting your brain.

  • Anna Drake

    He /they would crucify Jesus for his liberal view. How sad that we still have people like him and some followers. How sick our society become. I only agree with GOP on abortion issues – life is a gift and abortion does take a life of the innocent. Can’t cure ignorance, but I do believe in PREVENtion of life. It’s all about personal responsibility for your carelessness, ignorance and being cheap – if a women do have money for their fingernails, hair done etc but can’t afford contraceptive and I have to foot the bill???? NO.
    My/your mother let you live – extend the same to the unborn. It cost more to house a criminals in jails/prisons than to raise a child. Punish the rapist not the child.
    Yes it’s controversial and it’s a moral issue but since when somebody’s ignorance cost a life of an innocent baby that did not ask to be created??????
    This guy and his followers are wacky and crazy as Bachman, Rand Paul, Rectosantorum and others become. Can we create another Country out of US jurisdriction and let them go there???????????LOL They call themselves Americans??? or The Totally Pitiful Party of the Extreme???? Called Torpeedoom?

    • charleo1

      I don’t know anyone that considers the termination of a pregnancy as
      a good thing. And, I can respect your opinion. But, I believe, along with
      the majority here, to make it illegal, drive it back underground, and allow
      the government into the private lives of it’s citizens. Where again, the
      majority strongly believes it has no Constitutional authority to be, are
      the factors that support keeping the procedure legal, and ultimately
      up to the woman. My opinion of the GOP’s cruel, uncaring, and at the
      end of the day, policies that will result in more unwanted pregnancies
      being terminated, or more impoverished Mothers, with children. Two
      constituencies they can hardly bring themselves to care anything about
      now. I shudder at the thought of what will be their plight if the GOP gets
      it’s full program up and running. Of punishing the Mother for fornication,
      and the child becomes just so much collateral damage. Do I believe in
      personal responsibility? Absolutely. Do I think it ought to be taught to
      young women around the issue of birth control? Yes, in science, or
      girls gym class. In the real world, no. Contraception is cheap, and it
      ought to be available for the asking. Just as if these young women had
      a doctor. But in GOP States, unfortunately a very high number do not.
      So, if we could all agree, that not making contraception available, then
      forcing the girl to carry to term is exactly the wrong place to rely on
      her to be responsible. That is, if we care, as a society about either of them.

      • plc97477

        I think most posters here believe abortion should be legal, safe and rare.

        • charleo1


  • 4sanity4all

    Tony Perkins is a vile, hateful man, pretending to be a Christian and an American, when his cold, empty heart is neither. His world view is that he should get to decide what is good for all of us. He does not understand our Constitution, our laws, and most of all, separation of Church and State. If it were not for the harm that he and his ilk are doing to our country, I would laugh them off. But the restrictions that they are getting into the laws and practices of this land are actually harming people. People, especially women, are being harmed, and are even dying, because of lack of medical care, interference in medical care, and drastic cuts to programs that were designed to help desperate (not lazy) people. I know that when Tony Perkins and his like meet their maker, He is going to be really angry. I wonder if they will get it right away, or if it will take a while before the lightbulb goes on. How long will it take for them to realise that they were no kind of Christian, but the very worst kind of hypocrite?