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Saturday, February 24, 2018

What can Americans learn from the bitter debate over the gun reform bill? Perhaps the most obvious lesson is that the leadership of the National Rifle Association, the Gun Owners of America, and their tame Republican politicians have all earned an epithet of derision they used to hurl regularly at liberals.

Yes, the gun lobby and its legislative servants are “soft on crime” — although they routinely pretend to be tough on criminals.

During the Clinton presidency, NRA president-for-life Wayne LaPierre raised vast amounts of money with direct-mail campaigns against both Bill and Hillary Clinton for supposedly coddling criminals. Dubbed “Crimestrike,” the NRA crusade pushed prison construction, mandatory minimum sentencing, and sundry other panaceas designed to position the NRA as the bane of muggers, rapists, and murderers. Those themes echoed traditional Republican propaganda messages dating back to the Nixon era, when the presidential crook himself often derided judicial concerns about civil liberties and promised to restore “law and order.” (When Nixon henchmen like the late Chuck Colson went to prison themselves, they often emerged as prison reformers and civil libertarians, of course.)

But in the aftermath of the Newtown massacre, with the NRA angrily opposing any measure designed to hinder criminals from acquiring firearms, the public is learning who is really soft on crime.

Police officials across the country want universal background checks, magazine limits, and stronger enforcement against illegal weapons sales, but the NRA and its Republican allies insist that such changes will penalize legitimate gun owners. Or they complain that criminals mainly obtain weapons by stealing them, so restrictions on sales won’t make any difference.

Even a cursory examination of the facts demonstrates those claims are false. Gun trafficking experts at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have long known that less than 15 percent of all crime guns are stolen from their original owners.  Much more common sources of guns used by criminals are so-called “straw purchases,” where a person with a clean record buys a gun on behalf of a criminal, and corrupt purchases, where a licensed gun dealer knowingly sells to a criminal.  Bipartisan gun legislation now before the Senate would crack down on these sales, by increasing penalties for straw purchasers who willfully help criminals buy guns. The NRA has offered tepid support for that provision — but it is virtually meaningless without universal background checks, which the gun lobby opposes.

As Will Saletan pointed out in Slate last January, the NRA has consistently (and successfully) sought to kill the most basic efforts to keep guns away from convicted criminals and other dangerous characters — including abusive spouses under court protection orders, drug dealers, and even individuals listed on the Justice Department’s terrorist watch list.

In the wake of the Boston bombing, as the nation ponders how to bolster its security, the gun lobby’s tender concern for the Second Amendment “rights” of terrorists and thugs ought to permanently discredit them and their political servants. Instead they have achieved another bloody victory in Washington.

Photo credit: AP/Susan Walsh

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269 Responses to Soft On Crime: Protecting The ‘Second Amendment Rights’ Of Thugs And Terrorists

  1. Let the right make all the outlandish claims they want. The higher their hyperbole is, the more painful the fall. Everything suggests this was a case of domestic terrorism, and it will not be long before that fact is confirmed.
    The reaction by law enforcement and by bystanders immediately after this latest tragedy took place suggest that there are more brave and unselfish people than those who massacre innocent victims, including small children, and then hide in the shadows.

    • The Saudi that had been detained in the Boston bombing, is now going to be deported. Kerry just met with a Saudi Official, no media allowed and now Obama is too-even tho it wasn’t on his public calender. At first it was said the Saudi was badly burned, then it was changed and reported he just had some sharpnel in his legs. It was also reported he smelled like gun powder when he was fleeing from the scene and tackled by a concerned Boston citizen and placed into custody. So WTH is going on that this guy is going to be deported?????

      • Sounds like what Bush did when he allowed a bunch of Saudis to leave the United States by plane on September 12, 2001, the day after the World Trade Center bombing.

        In answer to your WTH question lana: What’s going on is the same thing that’s been going on for centuries, namely that the influential are accorded special privileges. In that respect, there’s nothing new under the sun.

          • Correct. Just like Bush did in 2001. Oh, by the way, some of those who Bush let go were members of the bin Laden family. The bin Ladens and the Bushes are commercially close.

          • The FBI gave the go ahead for the Bin Ladens to leave, they had broken all ties with Bin Laden years before the attack

          • It doesn’t matter which federal agency gave the “go ahead.” Bush, the president, ordered the FBI to let the Muslims leave.

            I believe that the money for al Quaida comes from Saudi Arabia. The Muslims should have been detained until any relationship they may have had with Muslim terrorist groups was thoroughly investigated.

          • I read the Saudi Prince paid for Obamas’ schooling and they bought his Presidency too. His paying them back is to turn America into an Islamic country. This is probably why he has all of his records sealed and has paid millions to keep them sealed

          • Sounds plausible. I don’t like Obama. I never have, because of his secretive past.

            While I don’t like him, i did vote for him, because to me he was the lesser of two evils in 2012. I voted my wallet in 2012: Romney and his right wing clique were after my money, while Obama wasn’t.

          • Obama murdered a classmate, Darsano Rahardjo, while living in Indonesia. He cut off his head. They were both 8 or 9 years old. Islam demands that a boy spill anothers’ blood before the age of 10 to prove their loyality to Allah. If you want to read the story, just type in the boys’ name, then, We the People of the United States

          • lana:

            This is a new one. How come it didn’t come out before your startling revelation? Care to cite a source?

          • The site is, “Crossing Obama can be deadly, We the People of the United States ” and under photos on that site, are pictures of Obama and his Indonesia family. At the bottom of the pictures, looks to be an Obama double

          • Just type in, “Muslim Purchase of the United States Presidency”, it will take you to the site, then decide for yourself. It’s an article Valerie Jarretts” father in law, Vernon Jarrett wrote

          • Lana, would you please go somewhere and talk with your Fox friends. We don’t need your bull shit. No one can have a sensible conversation without you butting in. Take your shit somewhere else.

          • …you mean that no one who does not share your opinion is welcome on this site?

            “progressivism” – the kinder, gentler – more tolerant side of politics.

          • It isn’t a matter of difference of opinion. The person, he is talking to, is obviously demented and puts out crazy talk. To argue with her is like arguing with a person who cannot think. Your differences of opinion have been welcome. Don’t align yourself with the resident nut.

          • You haven’t noticed the same thing with some of your own constituents? There isn’t a whole lot of “high level intellectual discourse” going on here, for the most part. Many people locked in on their side of the fence and not listening to reason.

            There is some fire behind her smoke. She reads. She participates. She wants to know the truth. Don’t we all really want to know the truth?

          • Since I am not a legislator, I have no constituents. Something else for you to ponder: I am not a Democrat, Independent, nor Republican. I do not believe in political parties as they are dividing and destroying our nation and you are one of the offenders. The thing that is wrong with radical Muslim sects is that they control the thinking of their members. Any religion that is that tight is not good for creative thinking. Neither is a political party that controls their followers. The party becomes more important than the country and that is dangerous. It reminds me of when I visited Czechoslovakia when it was a communist country. We had to have a government agent with us at all times. She kept pointing out what the party did for the country. So instead of being for the party, be for America.

          • I recommend that you look up the definition of “constituent”…

            How can you call yourself “progressive” and yet slip so easily into accusations and silly adolescent little name-calling? You are worse than those you whimper about.

            You calling me an “offender” and prattling on about “being for America” means absolutely nothing to anyone. If I am against illegal immigration, does that mean I am not “for America”? If I think it is not prudent to surrender my ability to defend myself to some idiot in the White House who surrounds himself with armed guards, does that make me an “offender”? To what? To your agenda?

            To what you think? But – I just gave you two examples where liberal thinking is completely illogical. Does that make YOU someone who has the right to declare me “not for America”?

            That’s what you call “creative thinking”? Quite the opposite – the new liberal, progressive religion does not tolerate anyone who disagrees with it.

            So – who is really the offender.

            Why ma’am – it is YOU!

          • Donald Young, Larry Bland and Nate Spencer all belonged to Rev Wrights’ Church. All ha an affair with Obama. All were murdered when Obama started his run for President. Type there names in, see their stories. Or type in The Down Low Club ,

          • Retch Lumbag, Insanity, and Fox liar channel have their sources, we have heard their idiotic claims from some very nutty people. They love to quote people dumber than they are. And the clueless people like to post them on these sites thinking that normal people will believe it. Then they can all hate our President as much as Lana does. Won’t work..we have a brain.

          • …and now we hear from one of the more educated and tolerant voices of American politics…

            A “superior thinker”…with a brain!

            Would never think of name-calling or talking down to someone who is “dumber”…

            ACORN is recruiting in your area – you would be a person of interest.

          • Update. ACORN no longer exists. Hasn’t since 2010. Time to create or to drum up a new whipping boy.

          • That is the entire point.

            Of course it exists. They just re-named it. This is discoverable with an absolute minimum of internet research.

          • I looked. I found the usual suspects discussing the old wine in new bottles ACORN nonstory. Lets see – FOX news(?), NY Post, Washington Times, Michelle Malkin, and several right wing blogs and e-mags. Could you point me to a reputable source?

          • ACORN disbanded. You will not want to hear the entire story of that cute little interview.
            the young couple, who dressed in their alter egos and went to ACORN to see if they could dig up dirt, did their filming and a certain media jumped right on it. What happened immediately after they left the office is that the young man reported it to a policeman he knew.

          • Of course it exists. It simply re-surfaced under another pseudonym . This is discoverable with an absolute minimum of internet research.

          • As I said, I voted for him because I voted my wallet, but I think that he’s essentially a Muslim. His early religious training was at a Muslim school called a madrassa. As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. Even his Christian church is highly suspect. His pastor has shown himself to be a black supremacist with vicious racial and anti-American views.

          • If that “requirement” of Islam were true (and it is not), there would have to be twice as many boys born as they need to replace the population. No, more than that, because the victim’s family would avenge his death, and the perpetrator’s family would avenge HIS death, etc. etc.

            And that is even assuming that Barack Obama was ever a Muslim, which is also not true. He may have gone to school for a couple of years in a country where Islam is the predominant religion, but so what? Roseanne Barr grew up in Utah, but she never became a Mormon! In fact, she has openly said that Jews growing up in Utah have an identity crisis, because that is the only place where Jews are CALLED GENTILES!

            If you believe everything on the internet, go look up your 200 pound “French model” and get out of the house a while.

          • lana, really, I mean really, man, you should seek help. With each post you’re descending into madness. You’ve probably stopped bathing and caring for yourself as well. You’re degrading, and it’s painful to see it. For all of us, please seek treatment. You need help.

          • Donald Young, Larry Bland and Nate Spencer all belonged to Rev Wrights’ Church. All had an affair with Obama. All 3 were murdered when Obama started his run for President. Type in their names, see their stories. Or type in The Down Low Club

          • I Googled the story. You’re not being entirely honest. There’s plenty of coverage of the story, but none of the articles asserts that Obama cut off the kid’s head. Instead, they report that some assert that he did. Bottom line: The bottom line, lana, is that you’re referring to unsubstantiated opinions as irrefutable proof.

          • Since Obama is a devout muslim I believe it is true. Especially when he is all for murdering babies as they are being born and even after they are born. When Senator, he voted 3 times for Drs. NOT to give any medical help to babies born alive in an abortion. Can’t get any colder than that!!!!

          • When people insist on believing (and making up) idiocies there is very little you can say to dissuade them. Lana is quite simply a lunatic. She is bat shit crazy. The website We the People is run by other lunatics. They just make stuff up. When you read what they say, just remember it is the dark soul of insanity that you are getting a glimpse into.

          • I do believe “bat -shit crazy” could be a new diagnosis that should be included in the next DSM text, with Lana’s picture!

          • I love these rebukes to Lana-they are very entertaining, as well as true! Thanks for the laugh!

          • The suspect that was first detained was Saudi. Why has Obama deported him already??? In investigations, the same people are interviewed multiple times. How are they so sure this Saudi isn’t guilty?????

          • So – OBama hides Bin Laden’s body (creating doubt that there ever was one), covers up Benghazi, deports a Saudi national who is a person of interest in the Boston bombing using the nutless Kerry and the State Department – among countless other violations of the Constitution – and all you can do is talk about Bush?

            “Don’t wanna spike the football”… Really?

            I remember what the Bush Administration did with the Bin Laden family and agree it was a bunch of crap.

            But – it would be a lot more intellectually honest if one of the “usual suspects” would ring in for a change on the opposing side of what the present criminal in the White House is doing?

            How gullible ARE you liberals?

        • As usual, she is lying. However, she got her information from Fox News “Breaking News” yesterday. After they reported that lie, the FB I came out and denied the report. It had never happened. Then faux news retracted it.

          • So, who authorized the Saudis departure? There was a “total freeze” on all non-military air travel. Did Bush authorize the departure?

          • Bush 2 authorized the departure of Bin Loden’s family when no one else was being allowed to fly.Remember that Bush 2 was and is friends with the Saudi Royal Family and Bin Loden was a Prince in the Royal family.

          • No one has deported anyone. You and your friends at nut job central are making things up again.

          • Abdul Raham Ali Al-Harbi, was detained as a person of interest in the bombing and later released. He is being deported Tuesday instead of interviewed multiple times as in any investigation. Obama is sending a possible murderer home

          • Many things are possible. Few things are likely. Even fewer come true.

            So the facts are that a 20 year old Saudi study abroad student, injured in the blast was interviewed as a witness. He voluntarily allowed the FBI to search his apartment. He is not being deported. You reporting this is a tissue of lies. I googled the name you gave. I get one – page one result linked to some nut job web site by some clown named Hermis Yanis. Probably not a real name. There is no text and no cite to sources. It is hogwash. Drivel. You wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you up side the head. Of course you can believe the nut jobs at these “we make it up as we go along websites” and you probably will or you could have a little faith that the FBI are not a bunch of traitors to America and believe them when they say they cleared the guy.

      • There has not been anything about a Saudie being detained or under arrest. They have 2 “persons of interest” and no names, nationality nor anything else has been released. I seriously doubt that ANYONE would be deported for this crime. Where did you hear this crap Fox News????

        • Saudi National Abdul Raham Ali Al-Harbi was detained as a suspect. At first reports said he was badly burned, then it was changed and reported he just had some sharpnel in the back of his legs It was also reported he smelled like gun smoke when he was fleeing from the scene and tackled by a concerned citizen and then placed in custody. Try watching some real news, you will learn something

    • Why would you think or suggest that an American is responsible for this horrific act?
      The Marathon is a NON political event that hosts runners from all over the world…no American would necessarily have a bone to pick with such a “neutral” event. The reports that the perp was “dark skinned” is more telling. But of course it would fit the liberal agenda IF they could assert it was an American. You should be ASHAMED of yourself for making such a comment or allowing such rubbish to be considered. Especially since muslim extremists are easily MORE capable of carrying out such acts against us. And where do you suppose “pressure cookers” are still used? Certainly not here in the USA…..those are most likely only found in 3rd world countries….microwaves replaced those here four or more decades ago!

        • I am sure you were listening to Fox news, yesterday, when they reported, “Breaking News” that a dark skinned male was in custody. The FBI refuted that and they had to retract. There was a surveillance video that had a picture of the perp’s upper face. It was printed in my newspaper this morning. Guess what? He is a young, light skinned person.

          • I saw a picture on Newsday’s front page. One of the young guys looks like an Arab or at least a Middle East person.

          • That was filtered through prejudice. Does that mean every person with dark hair and brown eyes looks like a Mid Eastern Person?

          • No. It was “filtered” through my powers of observation. Since we now know that I was right, I assume that you’re not likely to argue with my proposal to kick all of the illegals out of the country and to outlaw the Muslim religion.

          • I know you are really HOPING it is a white American so you can justify your hatred of the status quo….but I have a suspicion you will be sorely disappointed when the truth emerges. Sorry for the bad news!

        • That is what it is a guess! The expression your guess is as good as mine. Means guesses are worthless, regardless of who is making them.

          • Asleep in Austin:

            Still think that my guess was unjustified? My instincts were good: the killers were and are Muslims.

            I hereby reaffirm my belief that the United States Congress should outlaw the Muslim religion as a clear and present danger to the United States.

            Any who profess to believe in it should be immediately deported to Saudi Arabia, because that is the center of Wahabiism and the source of al Quaida’s finances. All mosques should be closed. Any terrorist acts against the United States should be met by swift armed punishment directed at Riyadh and Medina.

      • You are so wrong! I have a pressure cooker used for canning! The Boston marathon is always run on Pastriots day! Non political? I think not! We have our fair share of loonies in this country especially in the “red” states! It sounds like you are a little bigoted! No! That couldn’t be! No one in this country is bigoted!!

        • I wonder if you’re related to BILL AYRES, the admitted 1960s bomber, who is also a close friend of your hero. I know you liberals are VERY ANXIOUS to place the blame for this on a white American (in a red state) so you can continue your justification of demeaning & demonizing all Americans that don’t share your political agenda….what will your reaction be when a “dark-skinned” or middle eastern culprit is identified?? Disappointed I’m sure…..your a great citizen of our country…(NOT)

          • Really? No real response available to you, so you make an ad hominem argument. Is it necessary to attempt to slander everyone who disagrees with you? You attribute a lot of characteristics and opinions to people without any apparent basis for them except possibly your own biases.

            Maybe you should next call into question her Americanness. I am sure if she disagrees with you she couldn’t possibly be a “real” American. Heaven forfend.
            Oh, wait, you already did call into question her Americanness. I guess now we get to hear your back-up slander.

          • So when Madeline Ayres states: “We have our fair share of loonies in this country especially in the “red” states!” it should be ignored eh? Well it’s thinking like this (loonies in RED STATES) where the real bias comes in, as if liberals are the ONLY ones in our country with any sense. Liberals are much more biased and closed minded. You never commented about the CNN newscasters “hoping it was a white American.” What benefit could be gained if a “white American” were the perp??? Would that make liberals somehow happier than if it were a middle-eastern type, which is likely the case???

          • I was doing some research. I am replying now. I googled both the Chris Matthews bit and your CNN assertion. No single reference to your Chris Matthew assertion in any news article on a non-Wingnut blog. As usual the right wing echo chamber is all atwitter with it but as normal fail to cite a source. Not even a mention on Fox or in the Washington Times. Surely those bastions of “real” news wouldn’t pass the opportunity up to dump on Matthews and CNN. CNN reporting shows them saying it was a dark-skinned guy and then some CBS speculation that they heard it was a light-skinned guy. Since as of 10 minutes ago the authorities had not released photos, it seems all of you guys are pissing into the wind.
            Maybe you could point me to the actual video of Mr. Matthews saying what you say he said or CNN saying they “hope” it is a white guy. Otherwise everyone should conclude it is made-up silliness from the guys who make up the facts to fit their biases.
            Actually, I have yet to find a liberal who is happy about this situation in any respect whatsoever. Liberals don’t rejoice in other’s pain.

          • Just because you “say it isn’t so” doesn’t erase the facts. Search some more, but obviously NOT in the NY Times or other liberal bastions of the “truth.”

          • Obviously, you don’t have a cite. If you did you would tell me. You would rub my nose in it. You got nothing except rumor, innuendo and lies.
            Where do you suppose I will find it – on Alex Jones or the other “I be a wing-nut” dot coms. Not a single one cited a source. That is where you or one of your firends got it. That is where Lana gets her “news.”
            I googled it. Are you now accusing Google of being part of the international liberal conspiracy?
            I see the FBI released some photos.

          • Try this on for size FROM SALON (an ultra liberal magazine):

            At least one writer over at Salon, a progressive media outlet, is hoping that whoever is behind the Boston Marathon bombing “is a white American.” Naturally, this very public proclamation, captured in an article entitled, “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American,” is nabbing attention, particularly because of the writer’s claims about radical Islamic and Caucasian assailants.
            I found this in one search on Google…..guess you missed this one huh?

          • Well now one guy on Salon doesn’t equal Chris Matthews and CNN does it (your assertions). You only know about the Salon guy because you finally researched the issue after spending so much time believing it on faith.

            The Salon guy’s name is David Sirota. I read the article. I bet you didn’t. You read something talking about the article. If you had read the article then you wouldn’t be rendering it as you do. He did not say he hoped it would be a white guy in the way you suggest. If fact he never really said he “hoped” it was a white guy. He talked at some length about “white” privilege and the lone wolf notion and the notion of dark skined non-western collective guilt and double standards of assigning guilt and then he suggested we should hope it is a white guy so we won’t have to go through all the we hate them all business, because of our tendency to think that if one dark skinned guy does it, it means they (all dark skinned folks) are guilty. I am aware that subtlety, context and nuance are unappreciated. I don’t particularly agree with his thinking, but he didn’t mean what you suggest he meant.

            So you still haven’t admitted the crap you were laying down about CNN and Chris Matthews was just that – crap. You keep changing the subject.

          • After a national tragedy, like this, real Americans come together. They don’t waste time trying to make political fodder out of it.

          • I agree 100%…that’s why I commented that it was irresponsible & un-American for Salon Magazine (an ultra liberal zine) to “hope it was an American that set the bombs.” Any problem with that sentiment?????

          • The other thing we should be doing, besides praying for the victims, is rejoicing because in less than a week, these monsters were brought down. Thank you, FBI, police, citizens.

          • a tragedy, like this, always brings Americans together. Parties Should not enter into this. Our focus should be on stopping terrorism and punishing those who commit acts of terrorism. Not on party ideology. We should be reacting as Americans.

          • Stop lying and making things up. You sound ridiculous. CNN and MSNBC never said what you accuse them of saying. Try getting accurate information before you spout off. Those right wing TV, radio, and blogs know what the truth is they just want to work people into a frenzy. They get more money by lying and creating hate.

          • So CNN & the like have never made up anything or deleted parts of stories to make things appear different, eh? Try explaining why the liberal media intentionally deleted and/or hid photos of a beaten & bloodied George Zimmerman in the Martin case…..just a slip up, nothing more I assume??? Keep dreaming that liberals are honest & truthful.

        • Just a point of order…”Patriot’s Day” is only celebrated as a holiday in 3 New England states, and unofficially in Florida……All it does is celebrate Paul Revere’s ride in 1776…..what’s political about that, unless you’re still mad at the British???

        • I love to cook. But, I don’t trust a Pressure Cooker. I don’t care how well built they might be. I’ve heard to many horror stories about those things blowing up.

          And, now that just about everything is made in China, I certainly would’t trust it.

      • Maybe all you fellows should step back a pace or two and wait for a few facts to catch up with your prognostications.

        But hell, who needs facts when you have biases and unfounded opinions.

        Only a real moron offers opinions on issues when they have no facts at all.

        Lots of people have pressure cookers. In any case you can buy them in stores all over this nation. (Can you say food canning?) A pressure cooker itself is no evidence of who did this. When they catch the person(s) then we will know.
        Until then all of you with opinions of who did it are blowing smoke up everyone else’s ass.

        • YOU’RE 100% CORRECT….”Only a real moron offers opinions on issues when they have no facts at all.” I hope you will apply that logic to the CNN newscasters and Chris Matthews who floated the idea that they hoped the perp was a “white American.” One only can wonder WHY you would hope it was one of our own??? Even the word “patriot” is now considered problematic? I suppose when men fought for our freedom from England, they were revered as “patriots”, and even in the 1960s when Bill Ayres & Bernadine Dorn bombed government buildings and risked the lives of innocents, they were considered (at least by liberals) as “patriots.” But now the term seems to have taken on a “sinister” connotation??? I guess if you’re not ‘IN” the liberal camp, you’re somehow “UN-Patriot like” (unpatriotic)….My, my, how times have changed!

        • Keep at it Asleep in Austin. The fact is that both murderers are and were Muslims. What about you Asleep? Are you a Muslim?

          Is that why you’re defending those bastards?

          • I don’t see where anyone is defending those bastards. I am sure all of us, on this board, would like to see the remaining on executed. You keep reading things into what is being said that was not said.

          • NO, I don’t want to see him executed!

            I would love to see him do hard time for the rest of his life and every so often be slow-tortured for a few days. Make dam sure he stays alive and heals. Make absolutely sure he can’t commit suicide either.

            Nothing worse than life in prison and knowing you’re going to be tortured but he won’t know when, how long, how often and he won’t know what the next method will be.

            Let him have his 70+ virgins – piece by piece. Believe me, within a year he’ll wish he was dead a million times. Life expectancy for him would be around another 60 years.

            That’ll mean he’ll wish himself dead 60,000,000 Times:)

            OH, just a perverted lovely thought:)

          • You are a pathetic bully. If you hadn’t realized that yet, let me be the first to let you know.

          • I’m a bully because I don’t want to let a bunch of homicidal Muslims into the United States? You are an idiot…or a Muslim.

          • It would be nice if we didn’t have homicidal maniacs of any stripe in this country. Jeffery Dahmer had blond hair and blue eyes, so we are not to trust anyone with blond hair and blue eyes?

          • No, ida, you’re missing an essential difference here. Jeffrey Dahmer was genuinely unbalanced. The Muslims act like homicidal maniacs because they choose to in the name of their religion.

            I called them “homicidal maniacs” not in the clinical sense, but in a pejorative sense.

            Got it, ida? Should I go any further in explaining this?

          • How about I explain it to you. Jeffery Dahmer, KKK, Nazis, etc. are white groups. By your reasoning, we should be suspicious of all caucasion people because of what some of them did. I have friends who are from Kurdistan. In case you don’t know who the kurds are, they are a little country between Iraq and Turkey. Both Iraq and Turkey claims the country, but they would like to be an independent country. The Kurds are Arabs. They elected women to the government eon ago and still do. This makes them unpopular with the radical Muslims. My friends are Muslim. They tell me that Jihad in the Q’uran means the war between good and evil within ourselves. They accept the fact that I can never believe in their religion and I accept the fact that they will never believe in mine. My friends have become citizens. He is a scientist. We can’t paint all Muslims with the same brush anymore than we can assume all Christians initiate bloody inquisitions.

          • Ida:

            Your post is pure baloney, because the Koran clearly charges the faithful Muslim with murdering any infidel, e.g. Jews and Christians. Consider these quotes from the Koran:

            I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them – 8.12.

            So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep in prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them. – 9:15

            How about it, Ida? Doesn’t that sound just a little bit threatening to you? If it does and it should, then you must conclude that your Muslim friends are fooling you about the nature of their religion.

            Also, consider this from “Political Outcast”: Mohammed was a bandit and a warlord. Islam is the only major religion that was founded by a warlord.

            I rest my case.

      • Dark skinned can mean anyone that has a dark tan to a native American to African American or someone that has colored their skin to look dark. All my sibliling are dark skinned in the summer time because of our Native American ancestors and so are a lot of other people. Remember Sun Tan Mom who is very dark because she spends way to much time at the tanning spas.While is it rubbish to think that the person that planted the bombs is a home grown terriortist. We won’t know it it the territorist is foreign or home grown until some one is arrested and charged with the crime since no one has claimed to be the one that did the crime. For all we know the people responsible could by foreign and home grown territorists working together. Saying that a dark skinned foreigher is the one who planted the bombers sounds while Bush 2 saying that Hussien was responible for 9-11-01 when most of the plane hijackers were Saudies.

        • You’re absolutely right……I think the only thing we are objecting to is the
          “hope” expressed by liberal newscasters that it is a “white America” who ends up being responsible. How can that possibly benefit our nation? Obviously it can’t, but it would give those “educated liberals” another reason to blame the “other side” for all the world’s ills. Like their hero has said, never let a crisis go to waste.

          • I have not seen this hope expressed by a liberal newscaster but has it occured to you that was said in order to keep some innocent dark skinned person or foreigner from being harmed by someone that automaticy(not spelled right) blames bombings on foreigners especially Muslims without any kind of proof to show that the territorist was from that group. All of us have a tendency to blame what ever group we disagree with or distrust without having actual proof to blame anyone in that group with the crime that has happened. I am just as guilty of this trait as the next person and am trying to change it but i is a hard trait to change.

          • OK, you’ve made a very fair assumption, but newscasters are supposed to report the news, not just make up things. If they can’t tell us the facts, they shouldn’t be in the news business….too many distortions out there.

        • That was a whole different world back then…before 9/11, before massive amounts of middle-eastern terrorists & folks that found a way to hate the USA. The only thing I’m suspicious of is that we have not been told WHO claimed responsibility….by now I would assume any number of organizations might try to claim responsibility, yet we hear nothing? Maybe our own Gov’t officials would ALSO like to blame a white American in order to further their own agenda?? Very odd.

          • I remember the OKC bombing, and before there were any FACTUAL reports, ALL the news media, even the “liberal” ones, were speculating that it was a Muslim terrorist. They all got egg on their faces when it turned out to be a white supremacist!

          • And what would that agenda be? I have no idea who it is and I’m not going to speculate until I know more facts.

    • Um you were wrong as i suspect you usually are–nothing pointed to domestic terrorism, nothing pointed to anything one way or another, you are were jumping to irrational conclusion due to your own biased, and you were 100% wrong. The bombers are, or were Muslim – The most outlandish claim made was that this had to be a right winger lunatic. could have been but wrong target. The brain dead right wing nut jobs normally only attack those areas associated with Gov’t. Not public areas – only foreign terrorist have that as an agenda- admit you were wrong or si that too difficult for you small brainwashed liberal mind

    • A couple of hours after the incident, CNN security analyst Peter Bergen
      stated that the perpetrators “could be a right-wing extremist group.”
      Later that evening, CNN’s Chris Matthews intimated during his “Hardball”
      program that domestic terrorists tend to be on the far right and that
      it’s possible that the Boston bombing perpetrators sought to attack the
      Democrat Party. NPR speculating that this was done by right-wing extremists.

      The finger that points has three pointing back.

      • It COULD HAVE been a far right hate group that could have planted those bombs.

        It has been known to happen. Oklahoma Bombing, Olympic Bombing to mention just a few.

        • And it could have been a far left hate group like the one Bill Ayers was a part of, but the point is that the speculation was uncalled for by either side.

          • I agree, speculation doesn’t help finding the root cause at all.

            In all reality, we’re all Arm-Chair Detectives.

    • So, two Chechins from Russia did the deed. The religion of the majority of these folks in MUSLIM… would you describe the act now? Domestic or foreign (MUSLIM)????

    • Robert, all we citizens need do is vote these cowards out of office. We need to start asking ourselves, “Would we hire this person to work for us–at our jobs?” It the answer is NO, they why are we hiring them to WORK FOR US on Capital Hill?

  2. I’m fed up with our Senators and Congressmen allowing fear of the NRA to rule their voting. Here are a few suggestions to remedy the situation.
    1. Get rid of that super majority rule.
    2. Change the filibuster rules, go back to talking filibusters only.
    3. Vote out of office everyone who voted no. As for the cowardly Democrats who voted no, Progressives should primary them.

    • Lemme tell you a secret.

      They want fear.
      McConnell knows fucking well that it was terror of 9/11 that let them piss on the Constitution and create Homeland Insecurity.
      They want you scared, hidden, buying things and feeling indebted to them.
      They want you to follow. They want terror.
      These parasitic assholes are not even honest enough to promote terror by action, oh NO!! They just create a maze of frustration and blame everyone else with crocodile tears as we all kill each other and keep voting these carpetbaggers back into office!

    • The 60 vote majoritory rule is against Constitutional Law.The Constitution states that majoritory rules. When this rule was first made we should have all stood up and pointed out to the Democrats that came up with the rule, they were breaking Constiutional law and stopped it then. We didn’t but it is not to late to change that, and let’s start working on that now. E-Mail or Call Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell and our senators and remind them they are breaking Constitutional law everytime they use this 60 vote majoritory rule, we the people didn’t vote on the rule,so it is not part of the Constitution. When election time comes in 2014 show the Senators that are up for re-election that majoritory rules by voting them out of Officeand show them that the majoritory rules, especially the ones that voted against this bill. I was already planning on voting against Lamar Alexander who is up for re election next year and now I will be working with who faces him in the General election to defeat him and get my Constitional right of majoritory rules.

      • … as I say in my comments, what’s the problem, if we already know this as fact? Strong candidates must emerge in order to replace Reid, Baucus, Heitkamp, Pryor & the rest, who REFUSE to even engage their constituents in serious dialogue on what the issues really are. Maybe bringing photos of the dead children will have a bigger impact, b/c our Constitutional Rights to ‘…establishing…’ justice, ensuring & ‘PRESERVING’ domestic ‘Tranquility’ & promotion of the ‘general welfare’ being violated & trampled upon by a TINY minority ignorant to any of the above concepts. This is the reality. Criminals & psychopaths have no rights what so ever, once they cross the line into criminality, so why worry about hurting their feelings? We, the law abiding gun owners have nothing to fear from a national registry. It is the violators & gun pimps who are worried. Collectively, we can turn their worry to fear, as we consolidate & force the law BACK in the direct the Constitution COMMANDS it be! By the will of WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  3. I’ve been waiting to see if Wayne LaPierre would issue a statement saying—If only all the runners had guns—well, you know.

    • I was wondering if he were going to advocate that all the runners have bombs. The only thing to deter a bad guy with a bomb is a good guy with a bomb or something.

      • There was an old joke about someone with math misunderstanding who read that there was a one in a million chance of someone putting a bomb on a plane. So he figured there would be a one in a TRILLION chance of TWO bombs. So he decided to carry his own bomb so he would be safer. Wayne sounds about that stupid! Along with those who believe him.

    • I’m waiting to see When, and HOW the Republicans are going to blame this bombing on Obama, or the Obama administration.

  4. These are the same Bible Thumper, States’ Rights and Big Time Constitutionalists who only refer to the Constitution when it suits their agenda or that of their crony capitalists.

    Time to call the GOP’s bluff. If Senator Schumer is on the ball, he will now go after the gun manufacturers in the same states whose politicians are a disgrace to this country…TN, MO, NC and VA.

    There is absolutely NO NO NO NO reason for gun manufacturers to have limitless ability to flood the streets with millions more guns so the “unregulated” Militia bois can get their jollies. There’s also NO NO NO NO reason why gun licenses to sell or deal in guns shouldn’t be jacked as high as they can go….Force these politicians to put their money where their czarist NRA mouths are….They are the ones carping about the deficit…Well bois? How about you get that money from the thugs knowingly selling guns illegally online and off? Like that gun dealer in NC who claims his guns are sold “privately?”

    Take the gun control laws already in existence and break the backs of the NRA by ramming them as far down their throats as these laws can go. Bankrupt these belligerent SOBS before there isn’t a safe place left in the US.

  5. McConnell as usual is incoherent in his responce. There is no more complacency than in the U.S. Senate, where they sit on their hands while Rome is burning. They exist only to reap the benefits of wealth and power they themselves voted for. Violence is the norm, and all the guns and assault weapons and ammo just add to the insecurity we all feel. If these gun lovers turned to the real enemies within, some of this anarchy could be halted. The government isn’t the problem, the haters are, and the perpetrators usually are from amongst their midst. Violence begets violence, and fear begets fear. Guns aren’t the answer, good jobs and standard of living are.

  6. These people are what’s wrong with our country. They don’t pull together in times on emergency be it a terrorist attack or funding FEMA after Sandy. IMO, the attacker is going to be home-grown and a lone wolf.

      • Get away from the Computer before your caretakers catch you and take your meds. Also don’t turn on the TV and watch Fox not News, as has been stated to you more than once that Fox had to take back about all their statements about a Saudi being arrested and deported. By the way you have the wrong President being a special friends of the Saudis, that was your President George Walker Bush who let Bin Loden’s family leave the Country the day after 9-11-01 when no else could fly.

  7. There are several things to remind yourselves at this juncture….The first is that YOU are the government…those elected officials do not get to make decisions against the will of the people. It is time to take a harder stand against anyone who dares to violate your rights to be part of the government our taxes pay for. There are now unregulated militias all over this country spoiling for a Civil War. Don’t believe it?

    Google the number of these militias in the red states…and that’s why they are IN these red states…These jerks are not government “regulated” …meaning…they are paid for by taxpayers as the Constitution demands. Therefore, they are unregulated and illegal. This is also true of the NRA influence on our government. Are NRA tax dollars all that count? Well then…the rest of us can just stop paying our taxes and let the NRA pay down that deficit their GOP cronies are always carping about right?

    Sometimes in life, calling the bluff of the bullies is the only way you make them stand down when they are so obviously wrong.

    There is something else we can all do…Use the internet to search for unregulated gun dealers and sellers and force them to prove that every gun sale was compliant with the current gun control laws.

    Next? Demand a limit on how many gun the Big 4 in TN, MO, VA and NC billionaire gun manufacturers can manufacture in a year’s time. This would be no different if they were manufacturing dangerous chemicals or drugs. Why are these biggie piggies allowed to flood the streets and the world with millions more guns?

    If the government made licenses high enough to be prohibitive to potential gun dealers and sellers, that would also place a limit on how many guns can be sold.

    Do this before those nut headed unregulated militias take over your country.

  8. Somehow, my comments on this got posted at Guest and showed up under the article about the outlandish claims the right’s made about Boston. And those re Boston are showing up here. I see the same thing’s happening for Dominick’s comments also.

  9. The Bill is flawed in that Mentally challenged are not on
    the Reportable List to agencies, these unfortunates have caused all of the
    mayhem thus far. BUT due to politically correct laws, we are not able to share
    these names. This is a plainly a 2nd Amendment issue but the press plays it up
    as a political issue.

    Why is it that the USA sends guns to Libya, and the
    patriotic? insurgents in Syria. One woman came to me for a position via Australia to Wash DC. looking for a job, from Romania. I asked her why did you not put up a fight for your own country……” Eye openingly” from a somewhat gentle woman scientist she said, “we did not have any weapons” , shortly afterward someone else with the same
    scenario. I was aghast on how easily this came out of her mouth. We are lucky
    so far not to be SERIOUSLY intimidated by the the US government. this happened
    in 1992….this is a true story……ask someone FROM THESE PLACES about the
    fear of having your country taken and you can do nothing but leave or cry over
    the fear and massacre around you…..Not in my life time.

    • Whenever someone tells a little story and then says “this is a true story” you know for certain it isn’t. The great thing about personal, unverifiable anecdotes is that you can say anything and pretend whatever you wish and noone can ever check it out.

      Mentally challenged by the way, when properly used, is a reference to intelligence and not mental illness. So we shouldn’t have expanded background checks because the bill doesn’t meet your standard of perfection? Based on this analysis, all laws proscribing anything should be immediately revoked because of their lack of perfection in taking in all possible categories of harm. Along similar lines, we should abandon all laws against murder, robbery, sexual assault, burglary and theft because they clearly don’t prevent murder, robbery, sexual assault, burglary and theft from occuring.

      I am happy to have you here to protect me from my government. Does this mean I can soon look forward to the disbanding of the U.S. Armed Forces (can you say lower taxes), since with you on the job they are now superfluous? This would have the additional benefit of reducing your paranoia.

      Just think! If we abandon all law and state power (we would get to lower taxes even more) we can get rid of all police forces (and gain a further reduction in your paranoia) and return to the good old glory days of tribalism and personal vendetta, revenge and blood feuds. I can hardly wait.

      • You are skeptical indeed, nevertheless it is true, and I will protect you as long as you keep passing the ammunition. I am sure you will do that , because after that you will have to carry on. I do not need taxes to support me to protect you…it is a natural and higher calling for me… as well as all who serve…..the glory days got us here ! There are other parts of the law that may require registration in a central bank…that is totally not the right thing to do.
        Background checks should be done at every purchase and if you pass, that is it , until the next purchase or exchange. All laws are good if there are consequences for non-compliance….however….there are too many loop holes, respectfully submitted.

  10. The right wing has always been soft on crime. Before Texas’s first Republican governor, street gangs stayed out of Texas because convicted individuals had to work, hard, every day in prison. By the end of Gov. Clements’s first term the Crips and Bloods had moved into poor neighborhoods and now, along with the Mexican Mafia and other street and prison gangs make decent people stay out of certain neighborhoods.

    • The right wing has always been soft on Corporate and upper income level crime. I don’t think that they’re soft on middle and lower class crime.

  11. LaPierre is nothing more than a sleazy apologist for gun manufacturers and the Senators and Congressmen who constantly bury their heads in the sand and ignore the carnage should be considered co-conspirators in any gun violence.

    • The senators and congressmen aren’t burying their heads in the ground: they need good vision to spot and collect their bribes.

  12. Is there one person on this message board, or any person outside of congress for that matter, that can tell us, in full detail, what this bill contained? Perhaps it was voted down, not because of what we have been told, but what we have NOT been told. I see a lot of finger pointing, and I hear a lot of accusations of “who’s to blame for the failure”, but I have not seen, nor have I heard one voice explain the details of the bill. The only things I see in these posts, and those on other message boards and threads is emotions. Where’s the reasonable discussion? In my opinion, that’s what’s lacking here, a reasonable discourse. Save yourself the time and frustration of a reply if you can’t give a rational response with full details of everything contained in the bill beyond what we have been told by either side.

    • tcburch:

      Excellent post. To answer your question: I don’t know what was in the bill. The little that I read about the bill told me that it was an extremely mild piece of legislation and should not have scared any gun owners. I own guns and it didn’t threaten me. I’m also an NRA member, but I’m against selling assault weapons and in favor of background investigations of anyone who wants to buy firearms.

      The NRA’s reaction was totally emotional, intended to fiercely resist anything that threatens gun sales. Once again, the problem is money.

      • Thank you for the reply. I, like you, only know what I was told by both sides; and both have been guided by either emotion or money (or both.) I have to agree with most posters about routing out the entire congress, SCOTUS, and perhaps even the POTUS, and starting over so we can have a rational approach to not only the Second Amendment but ALL legislation brought before them. Unfortunately, we have too much partisan politics with the mantra being “We need to pass this NOW!” and finding out later the “unintended consequences” (the medicine if you will) is worse than the disease. ACA being a very good example of this. I know these are just my thoughts and opinions and may not matter one iota to those blinded by narrow mindedness brought on by the emotional pleas from both sides. Let’s find out what the actual bill is ALL about before we go off half cocked (pun intended.)

    • The bill wasn’t actually voted down, the vote was 55 yes and 45 no. On certain bills Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell can say that there has to be 60 votes for the bill to pass. In other words, majoritory does not rule on all bills that are voted on in the Senate just on bills that Reid and McConnell doesn’t say they have to have 60 votes to be considered passing the Senate. Our Constitutional rights are violated everytime this 60 vote majoritory rule is used as it was in yesterday’s vote.

        • When you are full of it, people are going to call you out. The bill failed because to many Senators are bought and paid for by the NRA who will always put gun profits ahead of the value of life. No gun registry and the bill did not include background checks for private transfers. If you want to read the bill you can- it is public record. In the meantime save us from your BS.

  13. Of course the NRA would defend criminals; they belong to the same group. I am beginning to wonder if some of the Senators and Congressional representatives belong as well. They
    certainly are more concerned about what the NRA thinks, than protecting the safety of their constituents.

    • I would like to know what the two head honchos in charge of the NRA have to hide,since they don’t want better background checks. To my way of thinking when you are against a better background check, you have something in your past to hide. Also since it is clear that the Senate is breaking Constitutional Law with their there having to be 60 votes to pass certain bills, how do we charge them with breaking the majoritory rules law in the Constituton and denying us our Constitutional rights of majoritory rule.

      • They are against better background checks because it will reduce gun sales. Profits are placed over the value of human life. Disgusting. The worst kind of greed.

  14. AT a time when socially engineering left wing politicians who would impose the
    “death penalty” for smoking in your own home in Santa Monica are already
    trying all sorts of dishonest back door ways to prevent honest gun
    owners from obtaining what they need or want, there is also the issue of
    plain old fashioned civil liberties. We are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY and expanded background checks function on the opposite premise. I would not want their surveillance
    cameras aimed at my house, and I oppose all facets of the Patriot Act
    and the NDAA that pretty clearly circumvent …. no … make that, make
    a mockery of the 4th Amendment, I don’t favor this either.
    Fuck the government. This is the same government, Barak Obama, Tim
    Geithner and Eric “we can’t prosecute banks who are stealing the homes
    of Americans because it would disrupt the economy” Holder who have been complicit in the greatest heist in the history of the world. I find
    these three men to be despotic scum and would rather take my chances
    with the ethical acumen of a well armed anonymous general population
    than share secrets with these tyrants. When Holder says “prosecuting
    banks would disrupt the economy” he might as well be saying “I can’t
    fumigate my house because the only thing holding it up is termites”.
    These men who have caused millions of American families to sleep in
    their automobiles, some with children rather than prosecute crime, these
    men who have even caused some who lost everything to put a gun to their
    own heads and take their own lives rather than prosecute crime and
    because Obama rubber stamped some banks criminal behavior for purely
    political reasons no matter how many lives it ruined … these same men
    who as we speak are risking poisoning the human race out of existence
    with GMOs that we already know are carcinogenic and that is just what we
    do know, notwithstanding the possible mutations and that which we don’t
    know …… naw, these sons of bitches do not need to know anything
    about our ammo or our firearms. I suspect if the NRA opposes such
    actions that is probably why. I think the NRA is as crazy as many
    others. I know even the conservative HW Bush quit because of their ‘over
    the top’ antics BUT the reality is if was not for the NRA we would have
    already lost our guns and Heller v DC and McDonald v Chicago prove that.
    The NRA is bad but they are not half as dangerous or despotic as the
    United States government! Obama has killed and destroyed the lives of
    far more civilians both abroad and at home than guns and bombs put
    together. Long live the loony NRA and may this administration rot in hell!

  15. Why doesn’t the right and the GOP party put the blame where most nutty, terroristic actions come from – the lunatic fringe on the right that by the way has taken control of the republican party.

  16. The right wing and their influential adherents are being careless and irresponsible by publicly singling out others for this crime without any information. They are acting in a
    very self serving way by drawing attention to themselves. The only thing their doing is
    riling people up and making it harder for the authorities to do their jobs. I for one will be
    holding my condemnation of anyone until all the facts are in. One thing that strikes me
    as ironic is that Mitch McConnell is supposedly a champion for a smaller and weaker
    government but he is promoting Homeland Security which has put a limit on some of
    our liberties. Go figure!

  17. I am glad the Senate Rejected all the authoritarian Anti-gun bills. I haven’t been able to find ammo, magazines or semi-autos for over 4 months now. This was getting out of hand. Obama got his vote and he lost.

    • The President didn’t lose, the vote was 55 yes and 45 no, which means it the Constitutional law of majoritory rules was being enforced the bill would have been passed in the Senate and sent on to the House. Reid and McConnell invoked the rule that there had to be 60 votes for the bill to pass, since there were 55 votes for the bill and not 60, our Senate leaders said the bill didn’t pass.The Constitution lost yesterday not the President. You say you are glad that Constitutional law was broken yesterday, that makes you a hypecrtic.I can tell from your post that you believe in the 2nd amendment heart and soul, yet you celebrate another Constitutional law that says majoritory rules being totally disregarded and thrown out the window. Anytime any Constitutional law is broken it hurts all of us and infringes on everyone’s rights.

      • National CCW got more votes than the criminalizing private transfers amendment. The Semi-Auto ban bill and the standard magazine ban failed by a wide margin. Gun control was tried and failed again. Maybe if they would actually bring some pro-gun ideas to the table to negotiate, they would stand a better chance of approval. Repeal some of the NFA laws around suppressors (a safety device, the current six month wait for these is ridiculous). Stop some of the current import restrictions on antique firearms. The Anti-crowd didn’t bring anything to the table and instead tried to stuff gun control down America’s throats They wonder why they failed.

        Furthermore, the Senate sets its own rules and they have that constitutional authority to do so.

        • The Senate does not have constitutional authority to change what constitues a majoritory, I checked that out before I posted it. All these years that the 60 super majoritory vote has been used Constitutional law has been broken. There were no criminalizing private transfer amendents, for this wasn’t a law that had had any thing to do with the Constitution, the private transfers had to do with people knowingly selling guns to people that they know would not be able to buy a gun through a gun store or who knowly buy a gun for someone that is a criminal like the woman did for the ex con killed in shootout with the Texas Police a couple weeks ago.Oh yes the banns failed because the Senators are all for p protecting their jobs and not about the safety of all the people. Well there is a Senator from my state that is up for reelection and his vote against this bill makes me and many of my friends more determined than ever to defeat him and send him packing, his term limit has arrived.

          • Straw purchases are already illegal. Did you even read the bill? The anti-gun ACLU didnt even support the background checks bill due to its record keeping requirements. When the NRA and the ACLU don’t support something, it probably isn’t a good law. They could go back and make the NICS system public.

            Also if you want a simple majority are you okay with national CCW? Hell, if the NRA only needs to get 51 votes they could probably get the NFA repealed. Lets compromise. Instant Universal Tax Free Background Checks for NFA Items. Now, that’s a bill I could get behind.

  18. More of the same nonsense rhetoric. Your primary argument is that bad guys who are already disallowed from owning guns acquire them. through straw purchases. Straw purchases are already illegal. If that policy is failing (clearly it is) we aren’t going to fix it by layering additional policy on top of it. Let’s enforce the laws we have today before we create new ones so we can feel good about ourselves.

  19. To all that thinks the President lost the vote yesterday you are all wrong, he won the vote there were 55 for votes and 45 against votes. Who lost yesterday was the Constitution, according to it a simple majoritory vote in the Senate says a bill has passed and the people Because Reid and McConnell broke that law by saying there had to be 60 votes for the bill to pass,the Constitution and the people lost. Everytime Reid and McConnel use this 60 vote rule, which we the voters did not vote on, i, we the people are losing our right that says majoritory rules and that strenghts the extermists that much more. The 60 vote rule needs to be done away with and the Constitution laws abided by,majoritory rules.

  20. 2nd Amendment proponents forget there is a 1st Amendment empowering us to ‘peaceably assemble (our current collective majority), to petition the Government for a redress of grievances…’ (our majority DEMAND) for ACTION on enacting IMMEDIATE gun safety legislation, but particularly, the 9th Amendment, which clearly states the ‘… the enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the (Majority) people…’; meaning we ‘ALL’ have citizen rights, but as “THE” majority, we have the sole prerogative to ensure our “majority” rights are NOT denied or ‘disparaged’, in ways placing the greater majority thereof, in jeopardy, danger, or subject to the menace of a tyrannical minority!!! Where are the Liberal/Progressives & Constitutional ‘experts’ whose job it is to know these things? Cowering in some corner, or being paid extortion & buyoff cash no doubt. We’ve already shown that citizen activism trumps cash, so why are people holding back on removing belligerent, compromised politicians from office, who are acting CLEARLY against the will of the citizen majority. We don’t need an election (2014) to authorize action for removal by recall!!! We know who they are, so what’s the problem?!?!

    • I guess you would be okay with the majority that wanted the Japanese imprisoned during WWII. Democracy is mob rule and that is why we live in a Republic.

      • … Its better if we stay on subject & stick to facts. There are no mobs, altho it would be perfectly appropriate to relieve psycho’s & criminals of guns, but this isn’t the case, as Liberal/Progressives believe in the rule of law above ‘republican’ values. This isn’t WWII either, so lets keep a modern context as not to REGRESS backward into the barbarism we’re currently trying to root out, as a result of backward thinking conservatives…

  21. I wrote both my senators yesterday. I had to ask them why they were so afraid of a background check to purchase a gun. Are you then going to write a law to get rid of background checks to get into the military? How about school teachers?
    They have to have a background check, are you going to get rid of that. One of them is up for re-election in 2014. I hope the dems in this red state can come up with somebody who is moderate.

  22. After seeing how CNN & Fox News were espousing such nonsense yesterday, I am going to wait to see who the FBI comes up with as suspects. Just turned on the news and photos and videos are playing of the 2 men they are trying to identify.

  23. Did you see Obama get mad! Wouldn’t it be great if you saw him get that kind of mad when Americans are killed? He didn’t get that mad after Benghazi. He didn’t get anywhere near that mad after what happened in Boston. But let his gun control bill go down in the Senate, this guy blows a gasket. He literally blew a gasket. And I know why he blew a gasket. Because this gun control bill was supposed to fail in the House so he could blame it on Republicans.

  24. Gun manufacturers and the NRA are behind the high-powered guns drug dealers have on the street in their turf wars. They sell the guns to these so-called thugs and criminals who are killing one another on the streets across America. This has been going on for decades and its big business to gun runners, the NRA, and manufacutrers. The Number violator of Human Rights in America which has America tagged as a violator of Universal Human Rights is Centurian Gun Manufacturers. They deal in national and international sales of military styled weapons and large capacity clips. LaPierre, the Republicunt/Tea Bags, and their ilk are protecting their interests. Like the quote goes: “Sonny, it’s not personal, it’s business.”

  25. From the Washington Post, the results of background checks:
    2010: 72,659 denials. Of those, people with 34,459 felony convictions/indictments and 13,862 fugitives were denied. Of those, there were only 44 prosecutions for attempting to unlawfully purchase a gun. And Conason is angry with the NRA!

  26. sadly there are “background” checks already required. Low information citizens “REFUSE” to know the facts. Criminals do not get their guns through the normal process. # 1. BOSTON bombers killed a cop to get his gun . HOW can you run them through a background check as they are stealing the gun ? … # 2. just because a bill has a catchy title and or slick propaganda line does not make it a good bill . # 3. WHO determines who is mentally stable the Federal Gov’ment or the medical professionals. : Assume you took pain medication for a serious injury you want the Federal Gov’ment to deny you your rights by the medications you had to take 5 years ago ?…
    LEARN to read the FINE print in these bills before you go off on your WILD hate and blame revenge seeking campaigns. AUTO accidents are the leading cause of children’s deaths followed by drowning and then poison and falling off something . SO YOU gonna ban Cars, Water or high places ? …

  27. NRA members, Gun Rights members are all LEGAL law abiding citizens. look around your friends and families, of course they LOVE criminals and HATE kids and seniors and blah blah . silly people with silly immature talking points. NO intelligent person would every give you any credibility.

  28. So now : Hey there wild animal or vicious dog: please stop mauling my child or grandchild while I call 911, because OBAMA confiscated by gun because I was seriously injured in an auto accident a few years ago and was on pain medication, his NATIONAL medical records data base only reports that I was on pain medication so he declared me not fit to protect my child / grandchild / neighbor’s child: Dear wild animal and or vicious dog, thank you for listening , I appreciate your willingness to give this child a “chance” to be spared .

  29. Ask Obama, all of the senators and congressmen, all of the Gov’s all of the super rich Senators like Feinstein, Boxer, Schummer, etc why they all have ‘personal” armed guards to protect themselves and their children ? WHY are they surrounded by armed guards at every major event and in DC ?

  30. Realize: the Newton shooter, the Giffords shooter, the Aurora shooter , the columbine kids, the Boston bombers etc. etc. etc. were not NRA or Gun owners of America members. That the sources of their guns had background checks. The Newton shooter’s mother had acquired her guns through background checks and even had permits . Research the facts is very useful.

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