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Sunday, April 30, 2017

As satirists once made frequent sport of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, today’s most tempting target is Alex Jones, the alt-right radio host and conspiracy fabricator who boasts millions of loony followers — and Stephen Colbert is on his case. And the Late Show host is especially intrigued by Jones’ latest public embarrassment, revealed in a Texas court.

“The insane radio host is in a custody battle right now, so he’s trying to prove that he’s stable enough to care for children,” notes Colbert. “Unfortunately he works in front of a camera.” The Infowars clip that Colbert plays does indeed display a screaming, demented Jones sounding “like a coked-out football coach in a police stand-off.”

It’s not a good look for an aspiring parent, but Jones’ attorney offers a creative explanation, saying his client is “a performance artist…playing a character” on his multi-media platforms.

Of course, not everyone realizes Jones is just a character, as Colbert points out — notably his biggest fan, Donald J. Trump, who appeared on Infowars during the 2016 campaign. “If Alex Jones is a character,” says Colbert, “then Trump got phished hard.”

It’s all just an excuse for Colbert to introduce “Tuck Buckford,” a nutty far-right radio jock with a striking resemblance to Jones, who shrieks: “I am a skeleton wrapped in angry meat! I am a warrior! I’m a king…Now, a word from our sponsors, self-lubricating catheters. Buy my vitamins!”

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6 Responses to #EndorseThis: Stephen Colbert Trolls (And Plays) Demented ‘Performance Artist’ Alex Jones

  1. So if I understand Alex Jones correctly he’s a performance artist and not the raging a**hole he comes across on his program. Um sure and any day now Trump will release his promised tax returns 😒

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    • I agree….this man is NOT a performance artist….he’s a raging idiot (as you would say in other words). Again, to think that people actually think what he has to say is truth is ridiculous! This is how we got into the predicament that we’re currently in!

  2. Alex Jones is a joke! To think that our illustrious president even considers his BS to be news is beyond belief, but then again……

  3. If he is a “performance artist,” shouldn’t his program have to display a warning to that effect, something like the automobile ads that warn, “This was a professional driver on a closed course; don’t try this at home.” His program should end with a clear warning, “This has been merely an act by a comedian. It does not depict anything in real life; please do not believe that anything said on this show is connected to reality.” His show is too much like an infomercial that spends an hour raving about the marvelous benefits of heroin use and urges the listeners to order a trial supply of heroin.

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