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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

These days, Steve Bannon is best known for being Trump’s most hungover-looking senior adviser and the most powerful (though probably not the only) white nationalist in his administration. But before he had an office in the West Wing, he was just Steve Bannon, aspiring screenwriter, right-wing documentarian and alleged beneficiary of “Seinfeld” royalties.

One of the films Bannon tried but failed to make was a hip-hop version of Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus” set during the L.A. riots, an idea surpassed in its grotesquery on paper only by its real-world application. Thanks to Now This News, you can check out a special staging of this tragedy. It’s ridiculous, incomprehensible and offensive, often all at once!

Bannon, who penned “The Thing I Am” with co-writer Julia Jones, could not have done a better job of conveying his out-of-touch, stereotype-laden vision of exactly how things went down. The plot is filled with preposterous L.A. gangstas, endlessly grabbing crotches—their own and each other’s—swearing, and using the n-word with a frequency that would embarrass even Tarantino.

“South Central is the belly, you, niggas, its mutinous members,” Agrippa says at the top of the play. “Look on and you’ll see that the benefits which you receive proceed…from them to you. In no way from your sorry black asses.”

It starts subterranean and goes downhill from there. Check it out, below:

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

This article was made possible by the readers and supporters of AlterNet.

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8 responses to “Steve Bannon Wrote A Shakespearean Rap Musical, And It Is As Horrifying As You Might Imagine”

  1. Dapper Dan says:

    Um I’ll pass watching the video. I think I got a clear picture of Bannons sick vision ????

    • Evatstackhouse says:

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    • dpaano says:

      Smart move on your part!!!

      • Fur Hunter says:

        OK…..I didn’t take anyone’s advice. I saw it was over 19 minutes long and I actually got through 5 minutes before I couldn’t take any more. What a total piece of $H!T. I may try to watch the whole thing to see if I can figure out what the point of it is. I was shocked that several of the ‘performers’ were black and were actually speaking their parts. Talk about racist. Geez. I’m surprised Sharpton and the BLM folks haven’t jumped all over it. HEHEHEHEHHE. If I do watch the rest of it, I will let you know if it really does have a point to convey. Let’s just say, I don’t see it going to Broadway anytime soon.

    • Fur Hunter says:

      Hey, Dan….I noticed it was over 19 minutes long….I watched 5 minutes of it. You can read my comments in my response to dpaano below.

  2. dpaano says:

    I prefer NOT to watch it since it’s probably ridiculous! Bannon is one of the more useless unelected minions that Trump has in his office, much like “unelected” Grover Norquist. He has nothing valuable to say; nothing valuable to do, and he’s just a big mouth waste of time! Hopefully, Trump will see the light and get rid of him completely!

    • Just the thought of Bannon doing a rap makes my flesh crawl. I’d rather hear nails scraping a chalkboard.
      Trump seeing the light? Trump could care less if Bannon makes a fool of himself, as long as Steve shows the proper deference to the wannabe emperor.

  3. Bannon doing a rap—Now that’s a horror scene that neither Steven King nor Rod Serling would dare contemplate.

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