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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Strange But True: Newt Gingrich Married His High School Math Teacher At 19

Strange But True: Newt Gingrich Married His High School Math Teacher At 19

Running for President of the United States means thinking that you’re the one person best equipped to become the leader of the free world — which could be considered a personality tic, to say the least. “You’re probably fairly weird,” is how Newt Gingrich once put it. This is why The National Memo has launched “Strange But True,” a regular feature that will present old anecdotes, little-known facts, curious quotes and amusing videos showing a side of our politicians that they probably wish the public would ignore. (Here’s the archive.)

Please email your suggestions to or use the Twitter hashtag #strangepolitics.

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4 responses to “Strange But True: Newt Gingrich Married His High School Math Teacher At 19”

  1. SethKaplan says:

    After reading about the Newt-man, how he married his high-school teacher, and Ms. Kahn, who was married to Newt’s former campaign manager at the time he divorced the teacher, I remembered a joke heard on the radio: The Southern man says to his former wife, “Sure, we’re divorced, but you’re still my cousin.” I don’t begrudge people their backgrounds, regardless of how others may judge them, but to think that such character-forming experiences as Newt’s help to qualify him to be POTUS is insane!

  2. egross says:

    Now there’s a man who really needs some therapy. Not sure if he was a victim or a stalker. Either way, pretty twisted. Ya think she qualified as a pedophile? I think today she would.

  3. CalSailor says:

    Like Newt, I married my high school teacher. At the time I started receiving attention, I did not fit into the social groups around me, and so I was flattered; later on, I realized he was a predator, and that I had been his catch. No way is a kid in Newt’s place able to make that decision. Laws ought to consider marriages or affairs between a student and his/her teacher a pro forma admission of sexual abuse of the student.

    In California, a 17 year old CANNOT consent to sexual matter that the 17 year old thinks he/she is in love and it is completely without coercion. Maybe, had that been in effect, Newt would have gone on to do something else, and we would never have heard of him…now THAT would be a blessing!

  4. james says:

    I thought Newt married his high school meth teacher….

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