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Monday, October 22, 2018

Leaders of the American business community, who have long indulged the Republican far right as an instrument toward their own ends, seem to be growing weary of its political excesses. Recognizing the public verdict of last month’s election, corporate officialdom is moving toward moderation on taxes and other issues, showing support for the Obama White House and edging away from congressional Republicans.

The latest top executive to endorse the president’s position on rescinding the Bush tax cuts for the top two percent is Fred Smith, CEO of Federal Express and a former economic advisor to Senator John McCain — who denounced as “mythology” the notion that raising the top rate would damage the U.S. economy.

Smith joined a lengthening queue of business leaders from all sectors who have stepped up over the past week to voice their acceptance of increased taxes as part of a budget agreement to break the stalemate on Capitol Hill — not only to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff on December 31, but because fairness requires the wealthy to pay their fair share. Randall Stephenson, chief executive of AT&T, the nation’s largest telecom company, told Business Week that higher taxes and more revenue must be part of any budget agreement. So did  Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs. And so did a group of defense industry executives from companies such as United Technologies, RTI International, TASC and Northrop Grumman.

Income tax rates “need to go up some,” said David Langstaff, the CEO of TASC, at a Washington press event organized by the Aerospace Industries Association, a defense lobby. “This is a fairness issue — there needs to be recognition that we’re not collecting enough revenue. In the last decade we’ve fought two wars without raising taxes. So I think it does need to go up.”

Indeed, the president was warmly received this week when he visited the Business Roundtable, a powerful Washington lobbying group that officially prefers Republican policy on maintaining the Bush tax cuts unchanged. “This room likes a winner,” said Roundtable chairman James McNerney, the CEO of Boeing, as his members applauded the president, who worked the room as if among old friends. They didn’t seem terribly upset when the president told them that tax rates — their tax rates — would have to go up, and in fact, they are reportedly supporting him on the need to avoid another destructive struggle with Congress over the debt ceiling. Evidently they won’t go along with the kind of blackmail game that congressional Republicans played with the debt ceiling in the summer of 2011, leading to a credit downgrade and slower growth for months afterward.

The suddenly sensible sounds emanating from the business community are astonishing when contrasted with the anger displayed toward the president by many of these corporate suits only weeks ago, when they berated Obama as “anti-business” and loudly yearned for a corporate-style Romney presidency. Resoundingly rebuked by the electorate, which overwhelmingly favors Obama’s positions on taxes and entitlements — and stands ready to blame the Republicans if no budget agreement is achieved — the business leaders are backing ever so subtly away from their traditional alliance with the GOP.

These brand-conscious executives suddenly have realized that the Republican brand, especially at the congressional level, is politically toxic. And they would rather not be too closely identified with it at this dangerous moment.

Remarkably, the Tea Party Republicans have now alienated their party’s most important constituency — the upper echelon of the business community. It is a profound irony that the issue raising friction between these politicians and their erstwhile backers is a fanatical partisan determination to defend the tax benefits enjoyed by those same wealthy executives.

The president’s opponents are backing themselves into a corner where even their own old friends cannot defend them. Meanwhile Obama may finally have learned that if he stands firm and refuses to negotiate with himself, he can win over public opinion and break the partisan obstructionism.

352 Responses to Suddenly, America’s Top Corporate Leaders Are Shunning Tea Party Extremism

  1. Still, I expect Congressional Republicans to use every trick in the book, every deceit possible and every negotiating tactic conceivable to avoid increasing statutory tax rates for those making over $250,000. We are facing evil here folks. This battle is not won yet and the war is far from over.

    • The CBO said that if we increase tax rates on the people Obama want increased, it will cost 700,000 jobs! Calling people evil because they believe increasing taxes will cost jobs when we have 23 million people needing jobs isn’t evil. Learn what your talking about before you spout your crap!

      Is it evil to increase the budget deficit 5 trillion and at the same time increase poverty 6%. ???

      • You are so full of s**t your eyes are turning brown You must be from Oklahoma or some other place where some one as ignorant as you can survive. Why don’t you get your GED, get a job and you can move out of that rusty 8 wide. Fox is not a news organization it is a propaganda network for the filthy right wing extremist.
        In 2008 and in 2012 the good people of America stood up to the filthy right wing extremist and defeated them just as America’s greatest generation defeated their forefathers in WWII. God bless America. The good God fearing people of America will fight you satanic filthy right wing extremist with all that we have. We will not let America go the way of Germany.

        • Ray, The owner of faux news, Rupert Murdoch, is not even a citizen of this country, but he wants to own our government. The man is as power mad as hitler was. He is being investigated by his own government and our government. He can use scared and angry people to help him in his endeavors.

        • Actually the CBO stated there’s no connection between tax hikes and job losses, as proven by historical facts. The R’thugs hid that report from public view and they still lost on Nov.6th. They need to acknowledge that sane, intelligent Americans are not buying what they are selling and sent them a clear message in the last election, so why are they ignoring it. My bet is that they are worried about the size of their future campaign donations in they allow the tax rates to increase on the wealthy.

      • How do you rationalize corporations making billions while the middle class see less and less salary every year. How do you rationalize billionaires increasing their income (without lifting a finger by the way) by millions while the little man continues to see a decrease? Without government regulations, the trend will continue to spiral and the middleclass will continue to lose ground, but the large corporations and billionaires will not lose a thing.

        • A fine point, neece00 — We don’t need “government regulations”. We (I, and I believe yourself) need and endorse proper tax structures. AFTER we put back the pre-GWB tax rates, then we can (and, I hope, will) go after the “loopholes” and dodges that the GOP is talking about. Those have to be on the [cutting] table, too. But tax rates, FIRST.

        • No, you have it backwards, government regulation strangles smaller companies and helps the big corporate entities by driving down competition. Employment levels suffer and lower wages is the result.

          Remove most regulations and you will see growth in the economy and an increased competition for resources which includes human resources. This will bring higher wages to workers. Just basic supply and demand.

      • Your truly ignorant of the facts: Obama has not increased the defict at all; IN FACT; he’s decreased deficit spending faster in the past 4 years than its been decreased since WWII; and he’s decreased it for 3 straight years for the first time since Truman was in office; virtually every dollar of deficit increase is the fault of President Disaster: not only did he leave office after raising the deficit by over 5 trillion to 10.6 trillion but he also passed onto Obama a budget (his 10/1/08 to 9/30/09 budget) that included another 1.3 trillion in deficit spending which brings his DIRECT contribution to the deficit to 11.9 trillion But, he also passed on the worst recession since the big depression that was losing 800,000 jobs/mo, hundreds of companies going bust, millions of homeowners losing their jobs to foreclosure, wall street in total disaray, the stock market down by 50% to 6,600, virtually everything in a freefall. Well, you don’t stop a freight train on a dime and you don’t stop a freefall economy on a dime either just because you walk out of the oval office; so the disasterous economy that took Obama about 1.5 years to turn around is still Bush’s FAULT, as are all the deficit increases accumulated that have been needed to fix this disaster and which resulted from Bush’s disaster causing a 1.5 trillion/year decrease in tax revenues because of so many people out of work and companies that went bust. All of which was actually FAR WORSE than the economic disaster another GOP nitwit (Hoover) created in the 1930s which took FDR 13 years to turn around; and that was helped by WWII stimulating the economy. So don’t give me any carp about Obama being responsible for 5 trillion in deficit spending. The fact is he’s decreased deficit spending more than anyone in history; cutting spending by over 200 billion/year each of the past 2 years by downsizing govt by over 550,000 and having his administration do everything it can to cut down on fraud in the defensem, healthcare and other sectors. And the fact is that his administration has recovered more fraudlently charged monies (billions) over the past 4 years than the 5 previos presidents combined. And just one more fact for you: more than 90% of America’s 16 trillion in deficits is attributable to the drunken sailor spending of 3 GOP presidents: Reagan and the Two Bushes. The GOP isn’t a political party, it’s a collection of crooks, with only one agenda: steal as much taxpayer money as you possibly can!!!!!!

        • Yes and eventually the deficit will be so big that it will eat all available tax revenue. That will be the end of our economy. As we default or try to print money just to pay the interest hyper inflation will destroy the dollar.

      • Joe, experts and history proves you are wrong. You are only listening to that which reinforces your skewed beliefs. This morning the paper says that unemployment is lower than it has been for five years.

        If the tax breaks for the wealthy (so called trickle down) worked, we would never had had a recession. Those tax breaks has been in place since 2001. They are not working.

        • What a load of nonsense we have always had recessions. Its called the business cycle. What created this one was not the tax cuts, it was the real estate bubble fueled by the feds thrhu Fannie and Fredie Mac.

      • Where are all the jobs that ere suppose to have been created with Bush 2 tax cut in 2001 and 2003? If tax cuts for the rich created jobs there shouldn’t be one person unemployed today in this country after 11 years of Bush 2 tax cuts and that isn’t the case. Because the rich don’t create jobs the small businesses do and that is the group that should be rewarded for creating jobs not the rich nor the rich corporations. As for the deficit the majority of that belongs to George Walker Bush and Company because he never included the cost of the two illegal, unfinanced wars that he started in his budgets or added the cost to the National Debt, President Obama has put everything spent in the National Debt. Why don’t you do your own research on Bush 2, tax cuts, the 2 illegal, unfinanced wars and see how much money was spent yet was never shown on the books like most of us have done and see how truth your Fox network and Rush Limbaugh is.

  2. Politicians and business owners/managers are very sensitive to consumer wishes and ideological changes. I suspect they interpret the rejection of Republican policies and, some of its values, are a political mood change, and they will shift their ways accordingly to ensure they don’t offend the majority of the population upon who they rely to be elected and stay in business.
    It is evident that a plurality of Americans are centrists, and that most Americans do not support extremist views – regardless of party – and abhor the political gridlock that passes for governance in Washington. The people demand results and solutions, and do not believe “no” is a viable alternative to progress. Our country has serious fiscal problems, our economy is still on the mend, investment by the public and private sectors are an absolute necessity to solve our unemployment problems and achieve sustainable growth, unnecessary spending must be eliminated, and revenues must increase to help eliminate, or at least reduce, the Federal government budget deficits. We can not afford continuous borrowing and accumulation of debt because we rather have a few more dollars in our pockets to buy the latest cell phone made in China or Indonesia, or go on an Alaskan cruise. We either grow up and accept the responsibilities that come with being a mature society, or we will slowly but surely decline into irrelevance.

      • Fern, your comments might be the most ignorant I’ve read so far. Rush Limbaugh is an arrogant right winger however, a lot of what he says isn’t wrong. As far as Fox news is concerned, without Fox News you only get left wing smear on CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN. Besides Hannity and O’Reilly, Fox is the only station that always give you both sides of the story!

        • What has Rush Limbo ever said that is correct and true? Fox News is not news, but the propaganda arm of the republican party. It doesn’t balance ABC, NBC or CBS. Its purpose is to spread rightwing propaganda. Fox plays fast and furious with facts;.

          • No you don’t report. You fantasize and then blather. A 5 second sound bite that is clipped out of half a sentence and is quickly followed by 55 minutes of disjointed and farsical opinion in reference to the misquoted sound bite.

            That is not reporting. I and every other sane, thinking, American have already decided.

          • Sounds like you view frequently enough to provide an opinion. Ever given thought to switching to the Weather Channel?

          • Idahag- Mirror, mirron on the wall, your insensate and irrating medlsom has hit the wall. North does not know south, east, or west if he had a compass in his hand.

          • Cyn, I really should stop talking to you as you are not smart enough to be stimulating, but what does insensate and irrating medlsom mean? I belong to a discussion group and you would not be tapped as a member as you have to have a triple-digit I.Q.

          • ida-I sincerely wish you and your discussion group wellness and prosperity. Now, prepare to stimulate your members and exercise your preference to refrain talking to me..

          • I thought that you were instructed to stay out of grown folks conversations until you could participate in an intelligent manner.

          • puz21 – As you “grown folks” have yet to reach the point of intelligence, suggest you harbor your desire in the confines of the play pen.

          • Puppets like you are so easy it just isn’t any fun. Although I must congratulate you for being the one Dodo that was able to survive. Peace

          • Rush is to Arrogant for me but, A lot of what he says is true. Maybe if you actually listened you can really give an educated opinion. You obviously never watch Fox News. It’s the only balance to the networks left wing propaganda. Hannity and O’Reilly are right wingers, but the rest of the station always gives both sides.

            Ya see when people like you say things without any knowledge of the truth, you make yourself sound so dumb!

          • Would you mind giving us a specific example of something that Rush Limbaugh said that was actually based on fact, and something the so-called left wing media said that was patently false?
            Promoting a medium and denouncing another without facts to substantiate your claim make your position look ridiculous.

          • Please, please oh please;

            Please give us some verified “specific” examples of how Rush says ANYTHING of truth that isn’t right wing twisted logic.

            I can’t wait for this one…………

          • Joe hasn’t figured out what the ‘Reply’ button is for. All of his ‘replies’ are more top posts. Whadaya expect from a teabagger?

          • I have listened to Rush. I worked somewhere where they had it on everyday for 4 hours. He is nothing but a crackpot and a crackhead. He is insulting and so bigoted it’s pitiful.

          • That’s funny. We did advertising on that station and the owner wanted to hear the ads. If you want people to know about you, advertise during rush’s show. This is Texas.

          • I listened to him, once, he was all I could get on my car radio in the mountains, it seemed like everybody was a nazi of some kind.

          • Your comments are as silly as any I’ve heard lately. I’ve watched Fox News and they don’t allow for any difference of opinion. If you don’t agree with them they just talk over you. Seen O’Reilly do it many times.Anyone who thinks Fox is News is only kidding their self.

          • Rush is one of the most vile and vulgar men on the airwaves. Hannity just constantly spews non-facts and hateful rhetoric about Obama. I think a “liberal” media is fiction. News looked through the lens of Fox all looks liberal.

          • Well joeham…..genital warts can be cured with compound “W” because according to your hillbilly logic …..all women have genital warts and is a common thing. Really?


          • Besides Hannity and O’Reilly, Fox is the only true fair station. I heard how unfair they were and I started watching and comparing. If you acutally spend the time and listen, they are fair and you do hear both sides

          • To joeham1, I guess you choose not to answer the questions from Dominick Vila which asked “Would you mind giving us a specific example of something that Rush Limbaugh said that was actually based on fact, and something the so-called left wing media said that was patently false?” Rush Limbaugh is a true idiot who does not realize that the election is over and HE LOST> Please get over this so we can move on to something of substance that will help the American people

          • It doesn.t really matter to Rush. He is rich beyond measure and his folloeing just makes him richer the more ridiculaius he gets.

          • Ed, whenever I meet someone who says they listen to rush limpdick, I automatically think that I am going to have to dumb down the conversation.

          • I did stop, listen. And jump between channels. And compared. Did that for over 2 years. That is precisely why I stay away from FOX. They proved it themselves to their sycophants.

          • Ann Romeny was on FOX bragging how Mittens helped the unfortunate in his state. A caller called Ann on it and reminded her that it was not HIS doing that it was Ted Kennedy’s. The caller was quickly cut off, Ann put her head down and they went on to the next. So, don’t feed me your imagined crap about Fair and Balanced and hear both sides.

          • You need to get your hearing checked if you think that Fox not News is a fair station. They have never been fair they have also been on the Republican side of politics and have lied repeatedly about all other parties. Why do you think Fox News is called an entertainment network and not a news network ? It is because they don’t report the news truthfully.

          • Fair and balanced. HA! Such a good joke I’m surprised it hasn’t been repeated on Fox News. Oh. It has. I do believe that Fox News and its regular viewers are the only ones who will aver fairness and balance in Fox reporting.

          • I know right??? They come in here all full of “info” and “intellect” but are thrown off by the first hint of slightly elevated vocabulary. It is a fairly ubiquitous trait in the teabagging population. I think the population is made mostly of those people who grew up saying things like, “Why do I need to know this I’m never gonna need math!”

            You remember them, the ones who sat in back snickering at the kid who knew the amswer.

            Yeah they haven’t changed at all with age.

          • Hey liz – Cool it! I am just a humble man seeking my way, responding to the “brillance” of the conundrum of pretentious comments.

          • Sorry, man. Not attempting to be pretentious. I’m very careful in my choice of words.

            Not a shot at your personal humility, education or anything. I’m tired of “dumbing down” my comments so joeham1 can understand what I’m saying. 😉

          • CYNICAL, I appreciate the info about the red button it works great, so see even old_blu can be humbled.

          • He has already been told to stay out of grown folks conversations. Children, in his case, idiots, are to be seen and not heard.

          • Puzzle, don’t you hate it when a bratty child tries to insert him or herself into an adult conversation?

        • Obviously, your world view is myopic and very angry. Only truth seekers express themselves with references to news sources other than those you list. To call someone ‘ignorant’ or to assign their comment as such is the most telling of one’s own lack of intellectual dexterity.

        • Are you smoking crack joeham? Jezz talk about delusional,get back in the bubble please and don’t annoy the normal people who have a clue!

        • Sorry Joe. Fox is a smear. If not, why are they always in the spotlight for reporting “oversites” or “misunderstandings”? They are biased more than any other legitimate station. As far as Rush, he is almost ALWAYS wrong and I personally have called him on it via email but of course you never see that. Nor have I ever gotten any replies.

          Rush said to “Bank on” the October job reports to be delayed with the White House using the Hurricane as an excuse. Mr. Pain Killer also said that the White House will attempt to delay the election becasue of same reason. And he said “You can bank on it”. Again, Jabba the Slug was wrong.

          Then, once the job reports WERE released, the TeaBaggers (including Slug), said that they were doctored.

          Between the low life bottom feeders such as Norquist, Palin, Hannity, Limbaugh, Rove, no misinterpretation of the truth is unspoken as TRUTH.

          Romney lost. Romney is a joke and his supporters are lower level jokes. And all the speculation as to why he Lost is senseless. Whatever teh reason, it was based on the fact that more people (even the 47% freeloaders) do not want his out-of-touch, greedy, lying hands taking us back to the Drunky Bush era. Maybe Romney can take Ohio still…as Rush mentioned in passing.

          The Koch brothers repremanded Christy for being civil with Obama.

          So, you need to get your facts straight before you raise your hand in class to speak.

          • Rob, I listened to Rupert Murdoch say that Fox news is a conservative news station. Of course, him not being under oath, he used the word news loosely.

        • I strongly disagree on Fox News. I have really tried to watch after a few attemps I gave up. I heard down-right rubbish. They did however have both sides speeking once and every time the Dem. would try to make a point they shut her off. Thats a one sided piece of trash, Sorry!!

        • On what you have written here, I agree with you only on one sentence. Hannity and O’Reilly are there just only to fill their pockets. O’Reilly used to be a reasonable person BUT not any more. It is so sad to watch him talking nowadays.

        • You must be listening to a different FOX network. their news people are not too bad but their Talk Show people (Hannity and the dippy woman, + +) and thier affiliated radio station talks show people (Limpbaugh, Beck and Huckabee + +) are the most one sided and radical nut jobs I have ever heard! Fox has been in court numerous times for manipulating and manufacturing news relases. Recall Hannity’s use of a Sara Palin video of a political campaign event that he tried to pan off as a book signing; another where changes in weather backgrounds showed they were cutting and pasting non-related events and several similar legal problems! FOX can in no way be trusted!

          • dal, my latest impression of faux news is that poster girl for the dumb blonde calling Chris Christie in the middle of Hurricane Sandy. He was with the President. She asked him if he was going to give equal time to Mitt Romney. He responded with the classic, “I don’t give a damn about presidental politics, I have 41 million people without power.”

          • Most likely, based upon known reactions from GOP leaders, the Governor was immediatly put on the Republicans hit list. They care little about the people and their problems. There were several good Republican leaders who lost their positions in 2011 after failing in 2010 to support Republican nominated Tea Party candidates and voted instead for Democrats.

            As Mitch McConnell openely stated – the primary objective for the Republicans is Party Domonance. They are willing to hold up Americas recovery and see us over the cliff rather than help America recovery!

        • It is ignorant to label as liberal the reporting of the story and thereby try to negate the true story being told. The Republicans have and are still trying to put party first. That position was voted out in the election. The President is proposing legislation and tax increases because it is good for the country. It is and has been a hard sell, but because it has the good of the country and the good of the people at its heart–the american people have supported it. Just because the news report is negative to your or my position does not make it untrue or left or right reporting. I wish journalist would be true to their profession and take the hard road of reporting the true story, not the easy road of giving the spin of both sides without pointing out the error in the spins. Give us the facs and where those facts originate. Spins only give the factsof what the spinner wants you to know. Therein lies the reason you can’t rely on waht Rush reports–it’s not the entire story. The entire story would not support his ranting.

        • Sorry, Joe. “Both” sides of the story? I’ve never heard a “fair” report from the “left” side of the story. I only hear the “right” side. But I also hear, in that side, a SOLID dose of distortion and, in some cases, lies. Fox gets itself out from under that accusation by charging the lies to the “opinions” expressed by their “columnists” (for lack of a better word) as opposed to the content of their mainstream broadcast (although I suspect they’re all guilty of duplicitous behavior).

          Sadly, they fail to express to their listeners exactly WHAT on their broadcast is factual news, and what is distorted or fraudulent opinion. This is not only my personal take. Fox News supplies different content in Canada because their government REQUIRES truth in news broadcasting.

        • You May Be The Most Ignorant Troll Posting On This Site!!! Cause You Seem To Be One Of The Tea Bagging Assholes That Listen To Rush Limballs And Fox Fake Ass News!!! All Both Do Is Make Shit Up!!!

        • Joeham1….I have listened to Limpbaugh, more than I ever dreamed I would, to assess what the ‘wrong side of the politcal spectrum’ was saying. I have found NOTHING that he says to be anything but vitriolic, asinine hogwash. He says what his hateful and arrogant audience wants him to say. The more outrageous the better. The best way to make my point is to give you an example of one of his most outrageous diatribes that I heard. It was beyond laughable, it was a snapshot of what this nitwit is all about. When the President was getting the LOAN for the auto industries approved, Limpbaugh stated that the President was making the auto industry the first in the Presidents’ crusade for the government to OWN ALL of the big companies in the US ! That’s right, the President was going to SOCIALIZE every single large corporation in America. Yet another example of hyperbole to the extreme. So I ask you joelam1, how many did the President SOCIALIZE ? Try ZERO, NADA, ZILCH… much for His Lownesses predictions. As for your comment about the so called ‘mainstream or lamestream media’, I have found that ANYONE who doesn’t demonize those that the right disagrees with is considered to be lackies of the left. The reality is that they are simply calling things as they see them vs. the robust propaganda of FOX News, the ‘unfair and unbalanced’ news station. Reality is, as Jack Nicholson once stated….’the TRUTH ? you want the TRUTH……you can’ t handle the TRUTH !

        • Why do you guys continue to defend these misfits? Limpballs is a pill popping, narcissistic, chauvinistic, child molesting pervert, that should have been put away long ago. Quote one thing he has said that was right.

        • Joe, help me, I am going to start laughing again. Faux news gives both sides of the story, oh my goodness, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

      • I agree Fern, but I think the tea baggers are on the road to self destruction, <—–(we hope) it looks like they are falling apart.

        And the Republicans are going to hold America and Obama hostage on the debt ceiling anyway just like they did last time, they like the feeling of power not the feeling of doing what's right.

      • Agree with you. Only I call him Rush Slimeball. Okay small disagreement. As for Faux news. I do think Shepard Smith is honest, forthright. So what is doing at Faux news. Good question.

      • Lets add Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove to your list. Rove was the master-mind advisor that got America into our mess and McConnell is the Tea Parties puppet; these two men are the master-minds behind the GOPs “Mission of Failure” designed to ensure an Obama Failure which not only blocked much of what the President has tried to do to fix America but also bocked any – Fix America – efforts in the past four years!

        • Oh, there were MANY, MANY more before Rove and McConnell, in H.W.’s administration not to mention Reagan…so many criminals and so little clue as to how to get them…

        • Wouldn’t it be great if Ashley Judd challenges Monkey McConnell for his Kentucky Senate seat. She’s got the name recognition, and she could remove him and his entrenched interests.

      • ya put rush under a fox news bus running off a grand canyon cliff and have the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY at the bottom of the cliff with a big catcher,s mit to catch and save them (hopfuly not )

      • you are absolutely correct, they should get rid of limpballs and fox news. up at fox they are still spewing their hate for president OBAMA and probably any liberal that runs for president. watch out hillary clinton(I’ll vote for her) if you decide to run fox news and rush limpballs will make your life miserable!!!

      • before a crowd many corporation heads may posture to apeas the masses but in their heart …….maybe publiclly taking a corporate pledge of allegiance to help maintain America’s economic stability above the pursuit of profits. when America falls many of the upper 10% will shift their funds and live to farther shores leaving the hungry masses to the anarchy that wil ensue.

    • Apparently you have not got the real message. The Unions, African Americans, Spanish, people living on entitlements and the new Obama Care (unionized) have assured we are to be Socialized and you with your Alaskan Cruise. Your President want all the money spread equally throughout America and the New World Order to establish a controlled society. You just don’t get it. The United States of America will get what they voted for. You wanting to go play has nothing to do with what’s coming. Look at Hitler’s German. As small as Germany is; they almost conquered the world.

      At your age, you will be fine until you get real sick or close to retirement. Write this one down and remember it. This currently elected has already taken the steps to get the 401K money, but don’t worry the Government will take care of you. After watching months of election we know our leadership won’t tell us a lie, right?

      • Dan, study how hitler took over a country that had a democracy. How did he destroy that democracy? He took over one party and eventually destroyed the other one. He supressed votes. He used hate and propaganda. He played on people’s fears. Even though socialism was in the nazi name, he was the most anti-socialism person around. He hated welfare. He hated taking care of people who had disabilites and one time he gassed a group of people who had developmental disabilities. He hated unions. He hated communists and he hated Jews, Romanies (or Gypsies), Russians and Czechs.

          • I still remember the horrifying newsreels that came out before digital photography. What you seen was what was found. I could not understand how an entire nation could follow a crazy man. To try and understand, I read everything about nazi Germany and hitler that I could get my hands on. I can understand hitler. He was nuts. I could not understand the German people.

            Now, I can see how people’s anger and fears can be played on. It is happening.

      • Please give us a specific idea how the government is taking our 401k money, and do it without some link to a conspiracy web site. Plus, on one hand, you guys call Obama a communist, then on the other, you compare him to Hitler. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Well said. The corp business leaders seem to have had an awakening to reality of what drives an economy – middleclass spending = more jobs and lower deficits. However, I fear that real chnage may not occur till the 2014 election where the so-called Tea Party will be relegated to a few local, boon-dock, southern state elections. They can no longer win the Senate or the White House and will eventually lose the House. Their continued blind arrogance that merely softening their message will be their undoing.

    • Nicely written Dominick. I too am tired of hearing extreme politicians, especially the likes of the Tea Pary, saying that they speak for all the American people. All they have ever done is fire up the fringe elements of society with pseudo patriotism, and unrelevant, nonsensical religious babble. They insinutate that the vast majority of Americans are have neither the ability nor the willingness to think for themselves or see the big picture. I feel that the Tea Party is dying a slow death and the Republican party may not be far behind.

  3. Maybe these CEO’s figure that they better start reigning in the corporate welfare and the welfare for the wealthy, before they are perceived as being bigger parasites than they already are. We ALL have a stake in seeing this country get back on its feet and going again, through job creation, infrastructure renewal etc. This can only be good for the corporate sector, AND would have the benefit of making the corporate sector a “better citizen”.

  4. Uh-uh…something else at work here…The fact that more and more Americans are seeing enormous contributions of our tax dollars going to corporations that are filthy profitable. It was perfectly fine when, for a decade, the CEOs had no worries about that built-in budgeted for annual salary increase. But now you see, they realize Americans have absolutely no intentions of feeding morbidly obese, insatiable appetites of billionaires.

    The Republicans, although it was never spoken outright, covertly promised unlimited wealth for an unlimited amount of time to these clowns. What Republicans overlooked was that American tax dollars belong to ALL Americans. Not just the ones feeding on caviar and foi gras.

    So..yes. When a CEO realizes his days of Chateau LaFitte 1947 and White Beluga caviar are over, he naturally gets a little bit more flexible. “NO” is not a word these overindulged Biggie Piggies like very much. Americans are saying “NO” loud and clear.

    • There is NO such thing as Unlimited Wealth. One way or the other, money flows one way or the other. It’s never balanced and someone lower down the economic ladder always pays the consequence.

      It should be balanced. But, as long as our country is CAPITALISTIC GREED-BASED, no real changes will ever occur.

      Eventually, the top will become so heavy, our economy will fall, either by massive depression or revolution. In either case or both, the rich will have no place to run.

      China certainly won’t shelter them. China will probably put most of these traitors along with their cooperating politicians against a wall and shoot them right on the spot.

      France didn’t tolerate it and had a revolution which purged the entire society of the rich and powerful.

      Britain did the same.

      Russia purged their society as well, executing all of the Romanoffs and Royalty in general, along with anyone who was classified as rich.

      It don’t take a lot of education to know what is going to happen. Just read your history books. When the rich and powerful have too much wealth and power, which leads to unfettered control of the masses, the PEOPLE revolt. History will repeat itself with this country.

      The PEOPLE of the US won’t tolerate it either for very much longer. Just a matter of time.

      The only thing I am concerned about is what type of system of government is going to replace it with.

  5. In the long run, the fiscal uncertainty is not good for business. If business knew what to expect they can plan.

    This is evident with the credit rating. The lowering of the credit rating raised interest rates, which acted as a brake on the economy. No business wants that.

  6. President Obama has showed an amazing amount of stalwart determination to remove GOP smoke and mirrors games that is the major cost of higher and higher burdens of taxes on Main Street Americans. We’ve needed a president of the people, not of Corporate America for 3 decades.

    We are now living through tough times because we enabled some of the worst Madoffers in the corporate world to game the system to their advantage. Now that the games are showing poor ROI, Americans are pushing forward to restore some sense of equity where our tax dollars are concerned.

    There will be no more tax dollars handed to Exxon, BP or any other Big Oil Big Daddies to help them pay for their spills. The very idea that our tax dollars are helping them to pay for decisions they and they alone made without input from taxpayers, is beyond absurdity.

  7. Yeah it’s extreme to want the Government to be fiscally responsible. It must also be extreme to want a balanced budget, and accountability.

    I’m not a tea party member but I don’t disagree with them. They are American’s that know our Government is out of control. Despite the progressives painting them as radicals, they have the right ideas.

    • You should be a tea bagger they need more people like you, I’m just going by what you told Fern, about Fake News and Limbuger. “(both sides?)” Really?

  8. Like cock roaches with the light on is more like it. They donated hundreds of millions to remove President Obama. They are all for “right to work” la to cut workers pay while they add millions to their own. They stood by for 30 years while America was dismantled to suit their needs.

    They are scarred shitless that their greedy tax rates are going up.

    6% medicare and social security tax on ALL earnings, income and investment with NO cap,
    39% MINIMUM tax on ALL earnings over 1 MILLION and a special “walmart tax” on anyone making over 1 BILLION.

    Time to kick the republiCONs while they are down.

  9. The GOP and the Tea Party have been leading this country over a cliff long before all the talk about the fiscal cliff. It is a good thing that the business leaders are pragmatic types, and accept the reality of the results of the recent election. Now if only more politicians on the right could do the same…

  10. Finally, the vile and despicable bigots in the Tea Party have served a useful purpose. Having done absolutely nothing good for America since their inception (if you can call renaming yourself an inception), the nutty, bigoted gaggle of zealots who call themselves the Tea Party have finally managed to do something constructive — purely accidentally.

    Starting out with a huge lie, that they were over-taxed (taxes are the lowest in over 60 years), the group of zealots proceeded to disgust all of America with their lies, nutty antics, and bizarre candidates. If anyone had forgotten the racist underbelly that used to be so prevalent in American society, the Tea Party managed to remind everyone that there are still people with sordid beliefs and immoral goals who wish to take America back to a time that most people would rather forget.

    Not content to hate only minorities and immigrants, these zealots proceeded t0 attack their own party in order to force their despicable agenda on an unwilling public. Lying profusely about ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’ in the 2010 elections, many of these unsavory characters fooled voters into electing them into office only to find out that they had absolutely nothing good to offer America, and did not care about jobs at all. What they did care about was attacking women, minorities, the young, the old (except themselves, of course), the poor, and — above all else — the newly-elected black President.

    Of course they lied about hating Obama for the color of his skin, but that was to be expected since they lied about pretty much everything. Their over-the-top, irrational hate for Obama was plain to see. Mainstream Republicans were understandably uncomfortable with their extremism, but nevertheless chose to tolerate and even cooperate with them hoping that their extremism could be mitigated somehow, and they would add to the strength of the GOP.

    Now the party is over. America has seen what the Tea Party is all about, and they have become widely reviled. America does not want racism, deceit, and bizarre political stunts that are damaging to the country’s interests. The Tea Party has reminded America about what it DOESN’T want, and doing so they managed to help Obama get re-elected and promote a more progressive agenda.

    Bye, bye, Tea Party — it’s been, well, real.

    • Excellent presentation of the observed world of the Teabagger WhutHeSaid. Only thing I would change is the word ‘real’ at the end. I would recommend the word surreal instead. I will copy and paste your comments into my Word doc titled Great Observations for later repost elsewhere. Attribution to you and this site will also be included. Thanks again.

  11. sorry this is off topic, but I am concerned about our old friend, Obozomustgo. I don’t think we have heard from him since the election. He didn’t pull a Ted Nugent, did he?

    • He is still commenting, I am surprised he has shown up on this article. Which he may be using another name. We have a couple of posters on this article that I don’t remember seeing their names before.

      • I agree Hillbilly we either have some newbies, and I enjoy new people, or someone just opened a gate of old people with new names.

  12. The only TV and radio stations that give you both sides of a story, from a political perspective, are PBS and NPR. Listen to them for a change and what you will find is forums that allow left and right wing persons to express their views without the shouting and interruptions that characterize what passes for interviews on stations like FOX. That, by the way, is the reason the right wing labels PBS and NPR socialist, ridicule them, and demand defunding them. They simply can not stand media that allows both sides of a story to be told.

      • Because he’s just like the normal foulmouth GOP lover who spews hatred without one shred of substance to back it up. Who constantly call Obama a liar but cannot repeat one lie that they’ve heard him say.

        • There’s plenty of lies from Obama concerning the NDDA, states rights over medical marijuana, closing Gitmo, Immigration reform etc. Somehow the GOP spewers never mention the real issues but instead just spout off socialist or communist meaningless crap. Why can’t the GOP’ers ever hit the nail on the head?

          • My hunch is that you’re confusing differences in political opinion with lies. I’m not that aware of the issues surrounding the NDDA and medical marijuana, but my hunch is that you’re saying Obama is lying on those because he has a different viewpoint about how the he feels government should handle/get involved with them; you can call them a lie but I doubt it. The same is true with immigration, but the big drawback to Obama on immigration has been the GOP refusing to address the issue in a forthright manner; but despite their stonewalling, he has tried to do what he had the power to do to easy a number of immigraltion related issues and along the way, his administration has actually deported more illegals than any presidency since Eisenhower. I think one reason Gitmo is a hot potatoe is because so many in congress are against allowing any of those detained there to be incarcerated within the U.S., and if Obama is like me, I would hate to transfer them to another country not knowing that another country would actually keep them incarcerated;when without knowing the actual circumstances around why each one is detained, many may still be very dangersous terrorists if ever released.

  13. Without sounding too optimistc, Could this be a ‘breaking point’? The devil has been around too long to think he will cnange colors overnight.
    As Contented1 says, ‘This battle is not won yet and the war is far from over.’ If the war-clouds move out of sight, will they return in the morning – ‘red sky in the morning, sailor take warning.’?
    Nice write-up by Dominick Vila, though.

  14. Fe FE you don’t watch Fox news. Your not telling the truth. Someone told you they are one sided. If you actually watched them you would realize that besides Hannity and O’Reilly they are the only station that always gives both sides.

    Hannity and O’Reilly are right wing hacks but the rest of Fox gives both sides. Spend some time and find out for yourself. Stop believing your left wing friends

    • How much is Fox not news paying you to defend them on this site? Like others have said on this site I used to watch Fox news ever so often but it got to the point I couldn’t stand their lies and their twisting of the truth to suite their agenda not the truth anymore. I don’t watch network news I do watch PBS news and read all kinds of newspapers, news magazines, and home town newspapers and can say that the Stuff you have posted against President Obama is just the lies warmed over that came from Fox not news.

  15. Well it goes both ways. Tell me an example of something he said that wasn’t true. An example of the media bas is the Bengazi murders. I watched several of the stations and Fox told the whole story, for instance: how the administration was still blaming it on a video 2 weeks after it happened (Obamas speech to the U.N. 9/25/12) How the British and the Red Cross pulled out of Libya and we stayed and left our people unprotected. Not of that was covered on the network news stations. I watched and was hoping they would. But as usual they are in the administrations pocket.

    • Joe, you watched fox. Well that explains things. By the way, Benghazi is spelled wrong in your post. Fox also said that Stevens asked for more protection in Benghazi, is that true?

  16. That intelligent Old Blu. Don’t debate, just attack. And yes both sides! investigate it before you make ignorrant comments!

    Your so smart, let’s see what you know: what does the Tea party stand for?

    • I don’t think I attacked you personally but just the fact that you thought Rush Limbuger told the truth and that Fake News is unbiased, and told both sides.

      And I do know what the tea baggers started out as, (i won’t go over all of the 10 commandments of Reagan) and I thought they were a good idea then, but then they became extremist and hijacked the Republican party, now they don’t care what’s right for America, I don’t consider anyone a good American if we go through all the process of an election (same way we have been doing it for 100’s of years) and if they don’t get their way they want to secede. (they are traitors)

      You can answer me direct instead of trying to hide your comments.

      BTW smarty it’s you’re not your.

      • I cannot muster the ignoble dignity to comment directly with joeham1. But if you would care to point the poster to WhutHeSaid above then he can read what the Tea Bag Party stands for.
        Tell this person that ignorant has one r not two also.

      • Great post, Old Blu.For a couple of centuries our president was decided by vote. If our guy lost, we went on. The election was soon forgotten. Now, we have people so unAmerican they can’t accept the vote if their guy didn’t get in. I am beginning to think the tea party is subversive and they are so scared they can be manipulated. Those who want to secede should renounce their citizenship and all the privileges that come with citizenship. They should be charged with treason.

  17. I am very proud of America. In 2008 and again in 2012 the good people of America stood up to the filthy right wing extremist and defeated them just as the good people of the UK from all walks of life banded together to rescue their army at Dunkirk from the forefathers of these filthy right wing extremist and ultimately go on to defeat them in WWII. Every generation has their fight for freedom, truth, justice, equality, and honor. We may not be America’s greatest generation but we can be a great generation. We have looked the filthy satanic right wing extremist in the eye and defeated them. I call on all good Americans to be ever vigilant to threats to our freedom and to stand and fight looking to the example given us by Sgt. York, George Washington, Audie Murphy, Geronimo the defenders of both the Alamo and Wake Island and America’s greatest generation. We will never bend a nee to the filthy right wing extremist we will not let America go the way of Germany. May God bless America.

  18. They quickly sold out the personal income tax payers to protect corportate taxes. The Tea only stepped up to protect themselves from federal taxes, not corporations. Although the tea party sun has pretty much set, we don’t need to give them a hero.

  19. Wow Ray, your an angry moron. Now let’s see…you hate people from Oklahoma, and people in trailers. You of course have no facts and you are obviously unable to debate. Your stupid enough not to realize that the only difference between Bush and Obama is Obama has spent much more than Bush and he has the ability to make idiots like you believe he really cares! lol

    For some reason your also stupid enough to think that a 16 trillion deficit doesn’t matter. You probably also don’t know that whne we raise the taxes on the evil rich people we will still have a 20 trillion dollar deficit in 2016.

    But don’t worry Ray, stay uneducated, keep hating people and let’s see how that works for you!

  20. Second term presidents Bush and Obama swearing in ceremonies cost taxpayers 125M and 115M respectively. It is meager as the debt clock will only advance about one half hour. Be sure you have your invitation in hand to present to the door.

    • Events and festivities associated with a presidential inauguration are not government functions and are not paid for with taxpayer money. Presidential inaugural committees raise money from private donors to hold these events.

      So other than the actual swearing in which only takes a few minutes, it’s not paid for by the tax payer.

      • Sorry old blu, you and America once again have have been fleeced. The governments budget for 2013 allows 45M. This year, DC, Virginia, and Maryland are asking 75M to provide security for the three day event. This is taxpayers money unless you want to make a sizable contribution.

      • PS old blu, you as others will not see my comments on the main line posting as National Memo moderation department “must feel” the posts do not fall in line with their platform. Frankly, when they answer my inquiry it will be shared with all.

        • Although we don’t agree on much I really don’t agree on that, I’ve been trying to post this to you and it’s been going someplace else, here goes again.

          CYNICAL I know you won’t believe this but I do feel your pain on this, I have the same problem when I post on WND. That’s funny we have the same thing going on. LOL

          Out of I think 48 or so comments 28 have been collapsed. : ))

          • We all have our own opinion but the sites are screwing with us. My posts go on Discus through the scrutiny of available options to the user, National Memo.

          • old blu, con’t: On Natl Memo, click on when the red box appears. The number of messages will display and 2 icons right click on Discus dashboard to display post.

  21. These tea partiers who love to use the word freedom in their claims, in fact want nothing of the sort. They want to dictate to us all, and especialy women. But even more, to the public who keeps this nation going. Red lobster and their other pieces of the chain have definitely turned me off to ever going to their business. Why would anyone who believed people should be treated fairly. Now Gov. Christie has turned his back on health care for his citizens in his state. Like so many other governors, who are showing their inability to do the job, he refuses to set up an exchange and wants the federal government to do all the work. So does Scott, the jackass governor in Florida. Supid is as stupid does.

  22. I only get angry when stupid people give opinions without facts! I voted for Obama in 2008. I didn’t in 2012. Because I listened to the facts and realized he is no better than Bush. They are both spenders and have no regard for the future of the country. I live in a town that is the Orthopedic capital of the world. Obama care (because of the tax of medical device makers) is about to wipe out this town.

    When I heard the president say ” we are going to take the money we save from the wars” and “invest” it, I realized he is still part of the problem! How do you take money we don’t have and invest it?

    How do you spend 5 trillion more than you took in and still have 23 million people looking for a job?

    How do you sell 1,500 guns to a drug cartel and forget to track the guns?

    How are you against gay marriage and then decide your for it when the your re-election is coming up?

    How do you decide to tax job creators when you said yourself in 2009 that you don’t raise taxes in a weak economy?

    Why would you wisper (on tape) to the Russion Prime minister not to worry when your re-elected you can be more flexible?

    Bush was a terrible president, Obama is worse!

    Care to debate that?

    • Sure. Apparently the majority of Americans disagreed….and, if you think that Romney and Ryan were a better choice, then there is NO room for discussion….22 countries around the globe were polled and only ONE wanted a Romney administration….Pakistan…

      • Elisabeth, I am surprised that Israel was not one of the Romney supporters. He visited with Netanyahu and pledged US support if they decided to attack Iran if Romney were president.

        I read the report about the other countries supporting Obama.

  23. Dominick Vila, I could not have said it better myself. Indeed, we as a nation have got to GROW UP. It is not just our country that is being effected by this partisan game-playing. The wourld economy is just as dependent on our governmental decisions as we the people. We have a great responsibility to ourselves and the world at large. If we allow ourselves to stay in this “deadlock”, we will become the catalist for even faster decline of the global economy. I thank God that the “big business” community is intelligent enough to reallize that they can’t lose. The more that we all pay our “fair share” the more stable our economy. They continue to make more money simply because their consumer base(we the people) have money to spend. It still is a win, win situation for the wealthy. The thing is, we really don’t care if they make more money. That is just the way it is in a “free enterprise” system. Three cheers for BIG BUSINESS. They are the money behind the GOP. Without them, Repulicans have no power and they know it. Now lets get back to the greatness we as a nation have established so long ago.

  24. Changing but not all the way. Billionairs like the Koch bros and the Waltons are still backers of the tealiban. Clear channel is still operating and Fox won’t let up. Corporate change is meaningful but these people still know that for another 4 yrs that have to get along to get favors. The Defense industry needs more contracts, and others will need similar favors down the line. They see the demographics changing, and don’t want to be associated with far right policies that the majority rejects. They also know that if the country is downgraded on credit again it will be more expensive for them to borrow money for their operations
    Verizon is a backer of Michele Bachmann, so money is still flowing that way. It will take time to have meaningful change

  25. Well joeham1 unlike you I have a Job I have to go to. Four families depend on the small business I run successfully. Several thousand depend on the products we turn out. So while I am working paying taxes you can set and spout your imbecilic FOX provided Bull s**t and your ignorant agenda of hate. You really do need to get your GED and get a job. Be part of the go team not the no team.

  26. The CBO report from November 8 2012 says there will be a job loss of around 200,000. (estimated) The real effect however is it does cost jobs. We need to get more revenue but not at the cost of any jobs. The report does goes on to say spending cuts are an essential part of this.

    Although the number wasn’t correct it still does cost 200,000 jobs. 20 million people need jobs.


    This is just another attempt by the useful idiots at The Memo to divert your attention away from the failure and fraud that is Obozo. Even the NY Times is now admitting to Obozo supplying terrorists with weapons. Hat tip, Ted Cronn at Political Outcast.
    New York Times Wakes Up, Admits U.S. Weapons Went to Islamists

    It’s hard for most people to deny what’s right in front of them. That hasn’t kept the New York Times from trying.

    Months after all us “wingnut conservatives” realized the Obama Administration was arming Islamists in North Africa and the Middle East, the New York Times has finally run a story about U.S. weapons being sent to Libyan fighters and winding up in Islamist hands.

    Don’t get too excited, though. It doesn’t mean the NYT has finally returned to the old-fashioned notion of journalism, asking questions and being the public’s government watchdog.

    The NYT only goes so far as to admit that the Administration “secretly” approved giving arms to Libyans in Qatar and then became “worried” that some weapons were being put in Islamist hands by the Qataris.

    The article blames the Qataris and a lack of CIA personnel overseeing the program for the “wrong” people being armed.

    It also insists there’s no evidence that any of the U.S. weapons were involved in the murders of the ambassador and other U.S. personnel in Benghazi, Libya.

    There were a few sentences in the NYT story that I found particularly interesting:

    “But in the months before (the Benghazi attack), the Obama administration clearly was worried about the consequences of its hidden hand in helping arm Libyan militants, concerns that have not previously been reported.”

    Now this is probably true that the Administration “concerns” have not been reported, since most conservative commentators assume the Administration does everything on purpose.

    “The weapons and money from Qatar strengthened militant groups in Libya, allowing them to become a destabilizing force since the fall of the Qaddafi government.”

    The money and weapons from Qatar, which we gave them. … First, it was a video’s fault, then it was Hillary Clinton’s fault, then it was everyone in the D.C. food chain’s fault, now it’s some unnamed Qataris’ fault. The buck certainly does not stop anywhere near this Oval Office, does it?

    “The experience in Libya has taken on new urgency as the administration considers whether to play a direct role in arming rebels in Syria, where weapons are flowing in from other countries.”

    This line is an outright guffaw. “Considers whether” to play a direct role in arming rebels in Syria? Note to NYT editors: The word you’re looking for is “continues.” You could have learned as much by reading Pravda before the Benghazi attacks. Or Der Spiegel. Or Le Monde. Or Al Jazeera. Etc. The entire world outside of America has been aware since the beginning of the “civil war” in Syria that Obama has been funding and arming the “rebels.”

    The funniest part is the one about weapons flowing in from “other countries” — yes, like Turkey and Jordan, where we have shipped them. In fact, Ambassador Chris Stevens’ last meeting before he was killed was with a Turkish diplomat. It’s even in Wikipedia, for goodness’ sake.

    Now that the election is over, the New York Times is finally allowed to admit there’s some monkey business going on in the Middle East and North Africa. But this, and probably any future stories they run will just be to further deflect attention from the man who’s truly responsible, President Obama.

    Have a nice day!

    “Based on information that we — our initial information — we saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this was a preplanned or premeditated attack; that we saw evidence that it was sparked by the reaction to this video.” – Jay Carney on Sept 17th responding to questions about what caused the Benghazi attacks on our consulate on 9/11, despite email evidence that shows Obozo knew it was a terrorist attack moments after it started.

    • First: What’s an “Obozo”? Doesn’t make sense to me.

      Second: I’ll repeat what I’ve said before: The CIA isn’t going to tell me. Or tell YOU. What it’s doing. None of your business. Unless you want someone in Iran to know as well.

      Third: The fact that something has “not previously been reported.” See #2.

      Fourth: Re Benghazi: It’s already been admitted that, in addition to being a consulate, it was a site of CIA operations. There’s a surprise! In an outpost of a relatively unstable nation, we might have operatives performing intelligence ops. I don’t think they’re going to give you all the details. See #2.

      Fifth: Again. What’s an Obozo?

      Sixth: I see veiled references to my President. And yours, like it or not. I didn’t vote for GWB; I didn’t like his policies. But during his term I always referred to him as “President Bush” or, at least, “Mr. Bush”. Show some respect, sir. If you wish any respect for yourself or your “ideas” you’d better learn to do the same.

  28. I’m sorry your guy lost, but even if Robme would have won,<—- (thankfully it didn't happen) we would still have to pay for the security.

  29. Why put up with Tea Party wingnuts when personally competent, Very Serious People like Mr Obama and his DC cronies will give business and finance everything they want?

  30. America will become a far better place the sooner the Tea Party and their radical leaders along with Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell become something of the past.

    All True Americans should do every thing possible to see the ONLY thing we ever hear about the Tea Party is in history books, make it well known America no longer needs to hear the dangerous and sick-minded ramblings of Karl Rove, and encourage all Kentucky voters to see Mitch McConnell no longer embarrasses the state by seeing his is voted out in the next election!

  31. Shocking that the big corporate leaders would ever support Tea Party extremism and histrionics, not fact based or science based, basically, non-intelligent.

    It tells us that the “big corporate leaders” are either not very intelligent, themselves, or they are “wishy-washy”, neither of which bodes well for our business sector and the economy.

  32. So what!

    America shunned the TEA Party, before, and what did they do? They SAT in the halls of Congress, howling like Baboons, trying to get their way.

    They will just go right back to this.

  33. It is the bottomline for most businessmen that counts. In this case the bottomline is the simple fact that they need the Middle Class to survive. So common sense prevails. It is one more step in the right direction to solving the serious problems that are facing our nation.

  34. Corporations hire people. We need jobs! I know the president has made a lot of people hate corporations. Without them were screwed! The Government, the unions, the 35% corporate tax rates (highest in the world) I do agree the rich should pay more. The problem is we can’t hurt the job creators. If the middle class keeps getting hurt the Billionares and corporations will be hurt.

    The Greed and corruption are the problem. 80 billion a year in medicare fraud? The Government waste! 2 million federal employees making an average of over 100,000 and they produce nothing!!

    We got to be the richest country in the world by free markets. Now it’s slanted in the favor of the rich, the unions, and that hurts all of us.

    Bottom line is we are all looking for someone to demonize! Bush and now Obama are part of the problem, certainly not the solution!

    • Joe, be very careful, you might be recruited by a group trying to take the American government away from the people.

      Yes, corporations make jobs. In fact, they have and are still making many jobs in Sri Lanka, China, India and a bunch of other countries. That man, in India, making 83 cents an hour is not paying taxes to the United States. He is not buying things from US. businesses. He is a drain on our economy. Yes, corporations make jobs.

    • So you’re saying we should FEAR the corporations because without THEM we’d have NO jobs? We should pretty much give them the keys to the country and a blank check to do what they want?

      You poor pathetic thing.

    • Stop screaming and do some research.

      VERY FEW corporations actually pay anywhere NEAR 35% (a few have hit it, or close to it). MANY pay almost NOTHING.

      You keep screaming about “job creators”. Look it up. Big corporations are, for the most part, not the job creators. The rich dudes are, for the most part, not the job creators. Major job growth occurs when there is rapid expansion of a business, which occurs early in its history. So it’s the entrepreneurs; the businesses perhaps 2-10 years old, which are growing and hiring. Maybe Apple has a new program and does some hiring. But as a percentage of its workforce? Pretty small.

      In the meantime, those rich investors? Far too many use the Bain Capital model — buy a company, strip its assets and sell them at a profit, and sell the remnants or allow them to fade into bankruptcy — doesn’t matter, they’ve already accrued the big profits.

      I hear you doing a lot of complaining. You’re almost trying to come across as neutral by including Bush in that last line. Or by claiming to have voted for Obama in 08 (maybe yes, maybe no, I’m not convinced but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt).

      FACTS, please. With references, if it gets outlandish. “2 million federal employees making an average of over 100,000…” That’s a lie dragged in by the GOP. That number includes all benefits, including some phantoms. It neglects a LOT, including what the private-sector numbers would be for an equivalent workforce. The Federal Government has a highly-educated workforce. That in and of itself will inflate the numbers.
      Source: www[DOT]factcheck[DOT]org/2010/12/are-federal-workers-overpaid/

      And, btw, the number of Federal employees has remained remarkably constant since 1962 (!), mostly between 2.5 and 3 million.
      Source: www[DOT]opm[DOT]gov/feddata/historicaltables/totalgovernmentsince1962.asp
      So complaining about the number of government employees is something of a sham.

  35. Maybe all the people paying attention and boycotting various companies based on their nefarious practices has FINALLY affected their bottom line and they are cluing in.

  36. The party is a virus that the American immune system has finally rejected; it is time to pass the Jobs bill and distribute the wealth in this country like a democracy should.

  37. Joshua, I don’t listen to Rush. But when I have listened to him a lot of what he said was true. Of course it’s slanted to the right. But he like a lot of others (regardless of the election being over) understand that the Government is out of control and neither party is making things better.

    I voted for Obama in 2008 because I really thought he would unite the country. I really thought he would get the deficit under control. I really thought he would reform wall street and tame the unions. NONE OF THAT HAPPENED!!!!

    We have such a huge crisis and all people want to do is blame on Republicans!

    3 months before the the housing crisis hit, Barney Frank said there is no problem with Fanny and Freddie…knowing it was collapsing!

    Just because you hate the right, doesn’t mean the left is any better!

    • So YOU consider women sluts & prostitutes too??

      And maybe the reason people are blaming Republicans is because they deserve it. When you have the House Minority leader filiblustering his OWN bill, blame is placed where it belongs.

      And I’ll believe you voted for Obama when monkeys fly out of my butt…

    • “…I don’t listen to Rush. But when I have listened to him…”
      Which of these statements is true? They can’t both be true.

  38. CYNICAL I know you won’t believe this but I do feel your pain on this, I have the same problem when I post on WND. That’s funny we have the same thing going on. LOL

    Out of I think 48 or so comments 28 have been collapsed. : ))

  39. Brainwashed? lol listen real close…I want all the news I can get! Hannity and O’Reilly are drivel. Just because your extreme left wing friends tell you Fox is “the propoganda machine for the right doesn’t make it true!

    When the ambassador in Libya was killed the only place I could find ALL the coverage was Fox. The network news hardly covered it.

    If YOU actually watched it you would absolutely find out, you get BOTH SIDES!

    Isn’t that what you want? But to demonize them without watching is destructive and frankly childish.

    • Actually, I HAVE watched Fox News. I even saw the interview of Tom Ricks who pretty much called out Fox News for the right-wing propaganda machine they truly are.

      Just because YOU don’t want to admit what EVERYONE else knows to be true, doesn’t mean you somehow know better than the rest of the world.. You just have your head deeper in the sand than most…

    • I HAVE watched Fox News. I know enough to only watch them occasionally — because I have to go elsewhere to get real, UNBIASED news.

      In actuality, I watch very little televised news. I read all of local, national, and editorial (including, yes, Cal Thomas) news in my local paper, every day, and I have the Washington Post delivered to my email box every day.

      Try reading the news. Sound bites don’t tell you, or teach you, very much. I guess you can read, because you’re here — but the content of 96% of your comments suggests to me that you haven’t absorbed or digested anything that anyone else has actually said to you… do you just read “words” or can you actually understand what someone is saying?

      joeham1: You’re full of crap.
      Did you understand that?

    • Okay, joe, you said listen to both sides. How about finding facts and not listening to any side. I am an American. I am not a side taker.

  40. We all live in a democracy and a damn hyprocracy, get off your ass and show some class ………pay your share and sign the dotted line…”we the people” dont care if its not fair for you!!!

  41. Time to call the president, President Obama and not just Obama which is a bid to try and say the president is not rightfully the president and thus doesn’t deserve the respect of the title. Media is to blame for this bit of nonsense. He is the president of the people and now the wealthy wise-guys are starting to recognize that they owe the people for everything they have, without the people, the wealthy would not be wealthy…so some respect here, please.

  42. First of all I have no idea what you mean by hiding my comments…I haven’t. Second of all I have never heard that the tea party wants to secede. Not sure where you got that.

    Again, you are one of those people that attack a news station but doesn’t watch it so you don’t know! I record and watch all of them! The ONLY news station you hear both sides is Fox! Except of course Hannity and O’Reilly. On the other hand the main street media either won’t report the actual news or they spin it way to the left!

    If you look at anything the tea party says, from I have read, they believe in small Government, fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget! How can anyone demonize that?

    We have turned into such a divided country. I want to know where both side stand. The only place you can hear what the right thinks is Fox. All the others only give you the lefts view!

    • You’re wrong I listen to Fake News and also Rush once in awhile, but only as long as I can stand him, I also go into Briebart, and WND and read what they have going on, but I still think for myself. (as Rush says “I’m an entertainer”)

      I told you before that the Tea baggers used to be okay, but now their main goal is to not let anything the Democrats want done to be done, they could have let the Veterans Jobs Bill go through and I might like them better, but they didn’t.

      I said something on the tea baggers web site the other day about how Obama was our President, and they lit into me how he wasn’t their President he was mine. Does that sound like good Americans to you?

      • Old Blu, absolutely unAmerican. I say that we should not trust a group that wants to destroy one party and take over the other one. It has been done in history.

    • joe, stop listening to faux news and you will see where the tea party has secession activities in 8 states, including mine. Find out how many signatures Texas got. Here, we got 5300 and I think those people should have their citizenship taken from them.

  43. Sure, they’re rejecting the Tea Party Militia…the problem is that they’re flocking toward the avarice-fueled aristocrats (aka, the Conservative Wrong-Wing Nut Jobs, or, Cons). Believe it or not, the Cons and Baggers (Tea Party Militia members) are on the same side of the GOP Civil War. That’s horrible news for the GOP moderates, who aren’t blameless in this, either.
    You see, starting in January 2011, GOP moderates began complaining about what the GOP had become. You saw and heard statements like, “this isn’t my father’s Republican Party”, “where are the moderate voices?”, “the Democrats are more like GOP moderates than the Republican Party”, etc. These GOP moderates said that they were going to vote for Democrats this year. While the urban GOP moderates did so, the suburban and rural GOP moderates were too chickensh!t to keep their word. Sure, they didn’t vote for the Baggers (Akin, Mourdock, etc.) but they did vote for the Cons. What was needed was a Demo House majority and a Demo Senate supermajority to end the GOP obstructionism and to try to reverse the massive damage the GOP has done to this country since 2001. Sure, the GOP gerrymandered US House districts to keep control of that body, but it shouldn’t have mattered…GOP moderates could have rendered such gerrymandering moot by voting for Democrats, as they promised they would.
    The bloody and ugly GOP Civil War has commenced and moderates now find themselves on the eventual losing side. GOP moderates are leaving the party in droves to become Democrats or Independents. This will eventually leave the GOP as a “third” party. I find it sadly ironic that the Republican Party started in 1854 as LIBERALS fighting Conservative Southern Democrats and they’re going to die as the party of fetuses, angry rich old white men and big corporations, the only three groups of “people” they truly represent. It took only until 18 years after the party’s founding (1872) before the Cons corrupted it and drove out the Liberals. There have been only three good GOP Presidents: Abe Lincoln (Liberal), Teddy Roosevelt (Progressive) and Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower (Moderate). The Cons executed Lincoln and drove out Teddy. They bided their time after Ike left office before beginning their “Starve the Beast” campaign (look it up yourselves; you’ll see why the GOP rail against “Big Government”).
    Because millions of suburban and rural GOP moderates lied to us, we’re in for another two years of DC gridlock…nice going, morons! 🙁 ssmdh

  44. Rob, your a hater. It’s to bad, but you are. I’m not a rush fan, but some of what i have heard him say is true.

    You hate the tea party because they want limited Government, and a balanced budget! I’m sure some crazy left wing radical has told you they are evil. The fact is they aren’t.

    My facts are straight. Your a hater, and you wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face. I’m sure Obama could commit murder and you would justify it.

    Do our country a favor! Stop hating so much!

  45. Rob, now your not telling the truth! you never watched Fox. Again, I’m not talking about Hannity and O’Reilly. If you had actually watched it you wouldn’t make things up about them!

    Is hearing both sides to much for you?

  46. I agree he is full of himself and I agree that most of what he says is slanted. He’s not a crackhead, but maybe he is a crackpot! lol

    • joeham1, you’re out of control. You have 18 people (no, I didn’t count them) telling you you’re full of it. I’m adding to the chorus:

      You have NOTHING upon which to stand. You’re making up data (go see ANY respectable business website and they will tell you that the deficit per diem has DECREASED in the last few years). You are blinded by the cuties on Fox who spout one-sided trash.

      Do some decent research. Read a good book. Go back and take a basic course in economics, or business, or political science, or arithmetic. Right now, you’re spouting hate and saying absolutely NOTHING.

    • joeham1, you’re out of control. You have 18 people (no, I didn’t count them) telling you you’re full of it. I’m adding to the chorus:

      You have NOTHING upon which to stand. You’re making up data (go see ANY respectable business website and they will tell you that the deficit per diem has DECREASED in the last few years). You are blinded by the cuties on Fox who spout one-sided trash.

      Do some decent research. Read a good book. Go back and take a basic course in economics, or business, or political science, or arithmetic. Right now, you’re spouting hate and saying absolutely NOTHING.

  47. Wow your an idiot! Obama has lowered the deficit? are you cracked? lol…Who are you going to blame in 4 years? still Bush?

    Here are the facts: I realize they may be to much for you. Put down your picture of Obama and listen!

    Bush was a terrible President. Obama is much worse! neither one of them cares about the deficit. When Bush left office we were borrowing 1.6 Billion dollars a day. Now under Obama we are borrowing 4 billion dollars a day!

    Obama is Bush on steroids!

    Your obviously a hack!

  48. for all the business leaders that are saying that increasing taxes won’t affect anything the challenge should be for those companies not to raise costs when their costs increase due to the tax increases and business costs that they will face.

    So good luck to a business staying with current costs when their health care costs shoot through the roof, or are they going to cancel out that perk and let their employees pay penalties or get their own.

    • Can you say “Public Option” That is where it is going. Employers will have nothing to do with it and will end up going with the President as they are now over taxes.

  49. What!!!!! who the heck cares what other countries think. Like I have said before, I voted for The president the first time. I can’t say (and niether can you) if Romney would have been better. With the way he’s handling this debt ceiling thing, I’m starting to think a 5 year old could do better!

  50. Could it be that these same CEOs and “Pillars of Society” are finally beginning to realize that all their filthy lucre can’t buy them a pass beyond that “blindingly white light” – at the end of their “tunnel”?

  51. Ann, your talking about Hannity or O’Reilly. Your right they do that. The rest of the news cast is completely fair.

    At least you hear both sides. The main street media won’t report anything bad about the Democrats! It’s just like The national Memo. According to the National Memo it’s extreme to want a balanced budget or a responsible Governement! where the other side of it?

    Let’s face facts. Both democrats and republicans aren’t looking out for us. The republicans are owned by the corporations and the democrats are owned by the unions.

    The proof is simple to find… Why do we spend more on education than any other country only to be 27th in the world in educating our kid. (the unions) On the other side, why are corporation allowed to claim their profits overseas?

    If anyone that reads this thinks one party is better than another your just fooling yourself!

  52. Well that is one conclusion, here’s another. They know exactly what they are doing and just misjudged the strength of the teaparty movement. Now the unmistakable evidence that the tide has changed is causing them to swing around and ride the new tide. What we really need to do is reinforce this trend by continuing to pressure the corporations that are not swinging to the new tide. Last time I checked Macy’s had a petition to dump trump in it’s advertizing that carried 700K signatures and growing…that was about 3 weeks ago I hope it’s in the millions now. But Macy’s is dropping turmp. We need to get a list of all the shit heads that are whining about insuring their employees and start sending them lists of millions of people who will no longer do business with them. Papa Johns…wal mart…domino’s…seriously how much difference would it make in anyone’s life to boycott these assholes and let them die out. Small Mom and Pop pizza joints make way better pizza anyway and they already see the need to take care of employees. Small local sustainable businesses are the finest way to build an economy AND the most cost effective way to creat jobs. If every small business in America hired ONE new person we would run out of perspective employees before we ran out of jobs. Look it up …if every small bus. hired one person we would be at 0% unemployment.

    I really think the power of several million consumers who are willing to bring consistant pressure to this issue of employer/employee balance of benefits, really could make as much of a positive change as the Teabaggers managed to make the negative change.

  53. George Bush was a big spender… But nothing like Obama! This President has taken it to a whole new level!

    George Bush was the second worst president we have ever had! Obama is the worst!

  54. I used to think O’Reilly was fair. However, in the last year it’s more than obvious that he didn’t want Obama re-elected!

  55. Rob, once again your wrong. You got to hear the other side didn’t you? If you listen to the main street media they would never say or offer someone to say anything good about Mitt Romney. And once again, except for Hannity and O’Reilly Fox is the most fair news media in the country!

  56. Sanity comes to America now with a successful progressive grassroots effort and a responsive WH…yes

    Let’s finish the job mid term 2014!!!!!

  57. Fox can sure be trusted more than the main street media!..At least you hear both sides!

    And again…I’m not talking about Hannity, or O’Reilly! if the dippy women your talking about is Greta…think again because she is a democrat!

    I’ve told a lot of you to stop listening to your left wing radical friends.


  58. LOL…stop making things up! If you only want to hear what the left has to say, don’t watch Fox. If you want both sides watch it!

    It’s cute to call them Faux!

  59. PBS and NPR are the only sources of news worth talking about and actual studies have shown they do as many stories about conservatives as they do about progressives and even the very rare sighting of an actual liberal. AND they present both sides in a positive or negative light based on thier actions…not based on the opinion of the reporter.

    GO AND WATCH JOE….that’s what news sounds like…there is no opinion unless it statrs with the phrase “In this reporters opinion…..”

  60. Jerri I agree with you. The reason I watch Fox is so I can hear both sides. I don’t listen to Rush, or Alan Colmes or anyone that will only tell one side! that makes no sense. The problem with people I’ve talked to from the national memo is they hate a news station. Not because it’s bad, but because they were told it doesn’t fit their ideology. They haven’t watched it themselve or they wouldn’t have anything to hate it for.

  61. baseless lies spewed by your Faux noise outlet…go to the cbo and look up each administration’s spending record…President Obama has decreased spend more and faster then any president this century. You are completely out to lunch on this and every other topic you have touched on….and listen Joe just because you SAY IT doesn’t make it true…the voice in your head is not a guarentee for truth.

    The increase in spending under President Obama has been 1.4% the lowest in history. He has cut over 500 billion in waste and excess. The bush BS is still adding billions to the debt in interest every year.

    You really just don’t know anything. You do seem to be somewhat reasonable, so if you really have a desire to know you can GOOGLE the congressional budget office and check out spending in depth.

  62. Amazing what a good slap down can do . It opens their eyes to reality Well some of them at least Staunch T bagers Haters will stand firm Thats why they will die off as will GOP unless they start caring and working for we the people ..NOT Grover
    NOT Rove McConnell or big oil- pharma / billionaires

  63. Little Boy Blue (GROVER NORQUIST) come blow your horn, the sheep (The Pledge Signers) in the meddow & the cows (The Rest of the Republicians) in the corn! Where is the little boy who looks after the sheep? He’s under the haystack fast asleep!

  64. Listen hambone WE HAVE ALL WATCHED FAUX NOISE….we have all heard what you call balanced, we have all made up our minds that FAUX is full of shit and no matter how many times you come back with the same bullshit about both sides you are not convincing anyone. Especially when you have been asked for any supporting data you have, and you have supplied nothing but your standard horseshit blurb about rush being somewhat truthful and fox is balanced.

    Maybe you haven’t noticed NOONE is buying your crap. You present one fox talking point after another and then try to tell us you are informed? Everyone of your rediculous claims has been debunked, the reason you don’t know this is because you are watching the channel that had Romney winning by a landslide even after it was obvious he was going to lose. It took them hours to realize Dick was wrong and then noone even called him on it. The next day they were still trying to come up with any reason at all that would explain why they were wrong…..they finally just gave up and quit talking about it at all.

    The bottom line is they ignore all facts that don’t push their story forward. You know in 2008 Nate Silver called 49 of 50 states correctly, did they ask him what he thought? No they made fun of his “Goofy math” and went with Dick’s “Gut Feeling”, they even went so far as to try to paint Nate with the “GAY” brush. This year he called 50 of 50 right all the way down to the state level elections. He missed one candidate in ND…that’s it….all the rest spot on. Now do you think Fox is going to ask him how? Not a chance and I bet if they are still around in four years they will marginalize him again.

    Your fair and balanced NOISE source is not even seeking real information, and the proof is slapping you in the face daily. Even if they did give equal time to each side (they don’t) what good is equal time if it is all spent twisting the truth to fit your agenda.

    If you are even slightly interested in fairness go check out PBS AND NPR.

  65. Last week the President Met with many business leaders at the White House. I understand the business leaders left with smiling faces. Somehow the President got them to side with higher taxes. Hmm–Maybe it was more like a Plea Bargain. Maybe the President said–they had to get on board with tax hikes or face prosecution for their illegal actions in the past. LOL

  66. Every time I hear the GOP might listen to reason Grover rears his ugly head and they come up with some silly demands like 10 to 1 cuts in SS for any give in tax increases. I’m not holding my breath, the cliff nears and the only thing worse than going over is giving into GOP demands again and let them raid programs that benefit the middle class and the poor. You don’t see the GOP giving up their cost of living of taking a 40% cut in pay like they want to impose on the military. Will people ever see through their LIES ?

  67. Many American are not fools we know even if Obama request Tax rate
    increase to the rich up to 50% they still have ways to cut it down to 14%.
    We demand Flat rate 25% for those with income $250,000 or less per year,
    and Ftat rate 35% for those with income higher than $250,000/ year.

  68. I don’t like commenting on this site. I agree with everyone here so far. I got to find a republican site so I can pull on their short hair like the President is doing to their congress leaders right now. Keep pulling Mr. President, they’re cave in soon. Then you can build the economy just like Bill Clinton did, after he let go of Newt’s short hairs back in the 90’s, when he was the speaker. They called him the speaker but all I heard was please let go Mr. President.

  69. This article is entirely naive. Wealthy corporatists are simply signaling readiness to slow the pace of the ongoing transfer of wealth (from the 99% to themselves) from 75MPH to 70MPH. That’s all Obama is asking. Having lost the Romney bid to increase the pace to 85MPH, they sense the potential for triggering a backlash that could lead to a demand to slow the wealth transfer down to 60MPH or even 50MPH in 2016. In other words, the status quo serves them well, and Obama serves them well enough.

  70. I find it interesting that so much of the commentary upon this thread (and I, myself, got caught up in it) devolved into commentary upon the veracity of Fox News and assorted right-wing “entertainers” such as Limbaugh and Hannity.

    But it was perhaps to be expected, because nearly all of the arguments against the gist of the excellent reporting in the article at the top relied on some sort of “information” to be found at, or heard from, one of the above.

    The comment that particularly struck a chord was the one in which a writer opined that a caller to Fox was “shut off” for expressing a dissonant viewpoint. Expanding upon that theme…

    The above article was written (per the byline) by Joe Conason, the EIC at National Memo. If I go to the “Contact” tab at the bottom, I can actually send him an email.

    I have written to Leonard Pitts. While it’s entirely possible, indeed probable, that my comments were read by an assistant, I had a means of feedback. It’s also probable that if said assistant found my comments truly appropriate, they were fed forward to Mr. Pitts. I also received a reply. I recently sent a brief email to Ruth Marcus, a columnist at the Washington Post, whose email address was readily accessible.

    On the other hand, my local newspaper also carries Cal Thomas (in addition to Mr. Pitts and Ms. Marcus). This bastion of the right wing is syndicated — and I attempted recently to send him a comment via the syndicate. There is no process path. His website states that any emails will be trashed. His website recommends use of the Forum on the site. I attempted to join the Forum — and it was “locked”.

    In other words — this last (of Mr. Thomas), coupled with my initial comment on the “dissonant viewpoint”, demonstrate that not only are the mouthpieces of the right extraordinarily biased in their perspectives (as are the mouthpieces of the left, no doubt) — but they are totally unwilling to hear anything in response, or, rather, they’d really not care to know that you don’t like what they’re saying. The writers on the left (including, TYVM, Mr. Conason)? Totally open to response. At least on the surface, but my guess is that they’re being honest about it.

    Okay. I’m done patting myself on the back for supporting the “side” that endorses integrity in debate. I’ll sit down now.

  71. I guess the Tea Party started as a movement and probably with good ideas, them the extremist and racist took over and started a delicate game of politically motivated racism. The reason the American Business Community is walking away from them is that most Americans are not interested in separate or demean some part of our society, every body comsume and spend money and money do not know or care which color you are.

    It is good that the Tea Party desapear from politic, because division and racism is not the solution we are confronting now. This country should be united for the well being of our Citizen and keep our status arond the world as the greatest nation in the world.


  72. Every person with any common sense knew that “trickle down” and “cut your way to prosperity” was nonsense. The business community ran the bluff at the last election and lost. After spending a crap load of money on the Republican party’s economic plan, the electorate said, NO!
    I think in the aftermath of the election, they realized that if they spent so much and it still didn’t sell the people, they had to face reality; kick those right wing crazies out and get with a program to increase revenue. If we can exercise some austerity and increase revenue, we can get out of debt and be great again.
    The next thing we have to work on is creating an atmosphere of togetherness and co-operation and we will be great again!

  73. The “top corporate leaders” don’t give a wit about the tea party or any other group that supports them. The 1% wealthy elite embrace anybody stupid enough to support their cause but when the rubber meets the road all the really care about is money and dominating our political system.

  74. By God, even those corporate bas*ards are able to read the tea leaves and divine the correct information and make correct choices! Will ceases never wonder, heh heh heh. (Don’t expect the new enlightened news to stick too long in their minds!!).

  75. The teaparty was formed for only 1 reason,, to make sure 0-b did not get re-elected, and they failed thier conquest as it all backfired on thier sorry asses this past nov 6th, now the normal gop is running away from the beck teaparty loons.

  76. It’s certainly obvious by your comments you don’t or maybe you have once, watched it. I’m not sure about Canada, I don’t live there. Other than Fox, The main street distorts the truth ALWAYS to the left.

    I will say it again…Hannity and O’Reilly are right wing guys for sure. As far as the rest of the news station I always hear both sides.

    Try giving it a shot. Maybe if you hear both sides you can make your own decision on what’s right.

  77. The paper you must be referring to is the New York Times. Unemployment is 7.9%. When he took office it was 7.8%.

    When Bush took office we were in a reccession. He cut taxes and it got better. Than the Goofy guy started spending like crazy and congres took their eye off Freddie and Fannie and add to that greed and corruption and here we are!

    All I know is that giving Government more money is a recipe for disaster! The loser in the last election were the 20+ Million people looking for a job. Our President has no answer and doesn’t even pretend to.

    As far as trickle down or taking more from the rich. The real issue is, if you raise taxes 1.6 triilion over 10 years and you have a 1 + trillion per year deficit. We are still in huge trouble.

  78. Well Fern, your ignorance is constant. Your a hater and you don’t even know what it is you hate.

    I’m not a tea bagger (it’s cute to call them that) You hate a news station (which makes you kind of retarded)

    When someone tries to point out that your baseless comments are wrong because you comment on things you haven’t researched. You start name calling!

    So, as a test of your mental stability, how do you feel about MSNBC?

  79. My point is that our President loves to demonize corporations and rich people. I’m not sure what good that does but we need jobs! The corporate greed and the Unions are the reason jobs are shipped overseas. The 35% corporate tax rate (highest in the world) is another reson companies go overseas.
    If you look at History and what made us a great and rich nation, it involved the free market, innovation and didn’t involvement the Government trying to split us up.

    The only way to solve the deficit is to create jobs and therefore create more revenue. In addition the rich do need to pay more. But the biggest issue is spending..It will ruin us.

    One thing to think about is the Government took in more revenue in 2006 (with the Bush tax cuts) than ever before. To me that means jobs equal revenue! Unfortunately that solution isn’t in the discussion.

  80. Thanks for the spelling correction! Bottom Line on Benghazi:



    Ya see, when we don’t hold our Goverment accountable, (regardless of party) we start to see things like Benghazi, like fast and furious, and things like giving 500 million to a company that goes out of business 12 months later. We see a President telling 1.5 million ILLEGAL aliens he will not enforce the the law he SWORE to uphold.

    When these things are let go, and we accept them because the person who did it is in our party, then our country is on the brink of disaster and we will get what we deserve!

  81. Lol.. So a left wing guy says during an interview on Fox news that Fox is a right -wing Propoganda machine. And now that makes it true….hmmm. If Fox is a right -wing propagana machine why would they let a left wing guy on? Your logic is makes no sense. YOU DON’T watch Fox and therefore your opinion is slanted to the left!

    If they are a right wing company than why would Juan Williams, Bob Beckol, and the dozens of left wing news contributors be employed there..

    DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. You will sound a lot more intelligent if you think a little for yourself and only make comments on subjects you have knowledge about!

    He is a better question: what station (National News) tells both sides?

    Answer: none except Fox.

  82. that’s what American’s wanted was for him to stop compromising with the very entities that lead to most of the mess we’re in. Once the President caved on the public option even though more of us favored it(he should have seen the PACS )were funding efforts to erode that majority. And not removing the toxic congressman that called him a liar in public from the chambers he was going to have a tough time of it. If he’ll remember republicans rarely if ever can listen to any ones opinions but theirs he’ll be just fine.

  83. What? If you want to consider women sluts and prostitutes thats your business! I’m not sure what that has to do with what I said. Also, If monkeys are flying out of your butt I can’t help you. If you want to stop being retarded and talk about the issues then fine. But your talking like your drugged out!!

  84. Did you read what I said? What’s wrong with you? If I say we shouldn’t demonize them you took that as we should fear them?

    And you say I’m pathetic? lol

    Your a hater…uneducated and not to bright!

  85. You still look small Stella! you are ignorant on the issues so your only answer is to call someone a liar!

    I voted for hope and change. I got a more disfuntional government. He was good at convincing morons like you that none of it was his fault!

    Put down the pipe!

  86. I agree with you. He is the President of all Americans! Even if they don’t want to admit it. Sounds like poor losers.

    My point again with Fox News is that you always hear both sides. (except Hannity and O’Reilly! That’s the kind of news I want.

    If you listen to the networks (ABC,CBS,NBC) or CNN they only give you (for the most part) the left side of the argument. They don’t even report some of the news if it will make the administration look bad. I personally think thats dangerous because we all need to know the truth!

  87. Lisztman.. listen to yourself… are you serious?

    Ok here is simple math: If the President took office and there was a 10.4 trillion dollar deficit and now 4 years later it’s 16.3. That means your fuzzy math is wrong! lol

    Your right about the deficit decreasing in the last 2 years. It went from 1.5 trillion in 2010 to 1.3 trillion in 2011 and in 2012 it’s supposed to be around 1.1 trillion.

    So Mr Economics. what your talking about is a joke! Here’s why….If we raise taxes 1.6 trillion over the next ten years (President Obama’s Proposal) that equals 160 billion a year. With deficits at a trillion + a year and then add Obama care and the stimulas he wants!

    Now do you get it? Educate yourself.. It’s easy when you don’t have a clue, to feel could cuz someone told you the deficit is going down. In reality were screwed!

    And here’s why….Once Obama care goes into full force we will already be at about a trillion a year or so and then add approximately 200 billion more per year that Obama care adds to the deficit.

    Now read a good book and YOU DO SOME RESEARCH!!!!!

    • Poor little boy, likes to make up stories and argue with the grownups. Remember Iraq and Afghanistan — those were wars, boy. Mr Bush kept them off the books with continuing resolutions, boy. That way, they didn’t count towards the annual deficit or debt …. Boy.

  88. Liszman…I understand that your an anfry man. Must be a childhood thing. Your smart not to debate the issues with me because you obviously don’t know what is really going on.

    It’s sad but I won’t blame you because your probably a vicitim

  89. I can’t really disagree with you on Rush. I can only take a few minutes of him at a time. As far as the Governement takeover of Industry or companies i never heard him say that but i do believe he would.

    The Fox News thing however and the manin street media is a different story. We deserve fair news. We deserve to hear all sides so we are more educated on the issues. I will make this statement because I spend 4-6 hours a day and have for years listening to FOX,CNN, ABC,CBS, and NBC.

    If you only get your news from the main street media or CNN you only get the LEFT side of the news. For instance during the Benghazi situtation CBS (Might have been NBC) they interviewed President Obama and never asked him a question about it. In fact they never interviewed the father of the dead seal. They did ask the President what he like to eat.

    With the important information not being reported it is a huge detriment to our country! The worst part is, the very place that won’t tell both sides is the same place that convinces people that Fox is Bias.

  90. Excellent Lisztman…you have finally controlled your rant and your getting into the issues. The AVERAGE federal employee makes over 100,000 a year including benefits and not including their pensions. My point however is that the federal Governemnt is an out of control mess. So much duplication and so much waste. And most importantly they produce nothing!!!! Nothing to sell and no way to generate income

    The only Corporations that don’t pay the 35% tax rate are the Corporations that can hide some in overseas profits. The main point to that is, if you lowered Corporate rates it would actually bring some companies and jobs back to the states.

    Third… I know because you are a far left guy that Bain Capital is evil or whatever. Again study the truth about them. Not the Obama Commericals. Bain capital are Companies like Staples and steel dynamics, although not all it’s businesses made it my take on it is they created jobs. If you going to say they paid lower taxes or whatever than look and The presidents favorite guy from General Electric. 4 billion in profit and they paid no taxes… again none of that is the point. Bain created jobs. No matter how they were demonized by the main street media.

    • Joe boy, you’re Momma would be ashamed, watching her little boy run his mouth and tell those whoppers. Poor lady, worked so hard to bring you up as a good boy, and look how you turned out. You do love making up your little stories. Maybe you could get a job at Faux Noise, or the World Nut Daily — they like their little TeaBag story tellers.
      Don’t be such an angry little man, I’m sure your imaginary friends like you.

  91. Ok Hillbilly. Due to your obvious limited mental capacity I will try to explain this to you…

    First of all the Congress voted for the wars (including the Democrats) Calling them illegal is not only rediculous, it’s pathetic.

    Second, all the money spent during the Bush presidency was included in the deficit. Don’t be a moron, no one has the ability to keep money spent off the book!

    Third, President Obama has spent 5.5 trillion more than he took in. That is the most deficit spending ever in a 4 year period. Some moron told you these things so for some reason you believed them!

    Fourth. Rich people do own the small businesses. Not the easter bunny, or Santa.

    George Bush and every other President in the history of our country except Obama, has had more jobs after their first term than when they took office.

    I realize hearing these thing may ruin your belief in the tooth fairy. But you should do yourself a favor and don’t claim you researched something and then make the crazy sounding rants you made!

  92. William your not telling the truth! admit it. I will say it again….Besides Hannity and O’Reilly Fox is the only national news organization that you ALWAYS hear both sides of an issue.

    If you told the truth and actually watched it you would not have made your comments!

  93. Hillbilly….you don’t get news anywhere. Your last post proved you are not informed about anything! The part about not including money Bush spent over the budget, and that Obama had to put it there excludes you from any further discussion. Out of all the dumb things I’ve heard that is the dumbest!

  94. Rush is an arrogant SOB. He always slants his views to the right. Vile and Vulgar? Don’t be so hateful.

    So there is no liberal media? What about the National Memo? What about ABC,CBS,NBC and CNN? Are you on Crack?

    You should try to understand if your capable. There are 2 sides to every argument. If you only hear one side and then take it as gospel, that makes you a fool!

  95. Puzzled..Child molesting pervert? Limpballs? You are sick in the head. It’s one thing to disagree with someone, but your mean spirited rant about someone you don’t know and have never met makes you a very sick person.

    I mostly disagree with Rush, and he is very arrogant but your evil disgust proves your not right in the head! Get a life!

  96. idamag…Again, calling them Faux news makes you look small. They are the only station that tells both sides on every political news story. Now don’t act like you’ve watched them becuase you haven’t. If you still only want to hear one side, than reading the National Memo is probably all your pea brain can handle!

  97. From you lack content and your ha ha ha, I must assume your 12 or 13 years old! How does it make you feel to call Fox news Faux?

    It’s so disheartening finding out there are so many dumb people like you in the world!

    • Boy, you lookin’ in that mirror again and admiring what you see. Be Mommy’s good little man and let the grown ups chat.
      By the way, most Americans use the term ‘you are’ or the contraction ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’ — but in troll land, it might be different.

  98. The problem is that the government spends too much. Interest payments on the debt will eventually eat all available tax revenue. This is unsustainable and no amount of taxing the rich will ever close the gap. The president is being dishonest with the American people.

    We need to immediately fire 50% of the federal workforce, Eliminate the Department of homeland insecurity and go back to 2006 spending levels.

    We also need to look at the 47% that do not pay income taxes and make sure they start paying.

    Deport any illegal that is on public assistance. Eliminate EBT cards and replace them with government shops like in Mexico. If you are needed and need assistance, then stand in line at the government store to get y our cheese.

    • Don’t forget about the Department of War, and the welfare for oil companies. If there was an inheritance tax, we wouldn’t have the Koch Bros, Donnie Trump, or Willard Romney.
      Maybe you’ve been out in that West Texas sun too long, you’ve started to believe the political pandering of Willard Romney and Faux Noise…

  99. After the Boehner’s failiure on 20 Dec re: tax bill for millionaires, it is clear that the Tea Party is a seperate party from the GOP and is subversive to the democratic process. The TP is loyal to people like the Koch family, the NRA and the paranoid beliefs of the John Birch Society.

  100. Girl, your wrong. lol…it’s almost funny trying to argue with morons. MR. BUSH did not and could not keep deficit spending off the books. That’s not how it works! You must of heard that on Hard Ball or something but it’s a lie! GIRL! Now please no more ignorant comments! you sound uneducated GIRL!


  102. Like I have said the republicans are hanging themselves…no weapon against the President that I have stated is going to work for them…and they just do not get it…and believe me, that “nut case” Paul Ryan is behind all this mess…thinking he is going to win an election to be President…no republican is going to win…I am giving them more rope to hang themselves..just sit back and watch the show…I have a recipe of psalms that do work, believe me…I am with God…in wanting good things to happen for the middle class and the poor and the programs for the poor…the way that, if Jesus Christ, was here he would want it and do it for the poor…I am powerful with prayer…I remember, a great man from, India, Gandhi, when the British ruled them and tortured a lot of them…Gandhi, said don’t fight back they will be the losers…this man and… I are the same in the spirit…we fast and pray a lot and believe me…all this junk that is coming up…it is all surrounding the republicans and the way they want to set, Obama, up but, it isn’t going to work…they better get some Geritol for energy to keep up their evil deeds that they are performing…they are so full of Pride…so, they will find out…that they will run off the most important people that they will need…and since no one but, within the state that, Paul Ryan, can e-mail him…if he would run for President…no American would vote for him…because he does not want to hear from the whole USA…but, again…that is why…they are so hyper..because the prayers that I am praying over a petition for the President, will wash him clean of all negative thoughts and curses and go back to the senders…so, it is going to get worse then better for the President for the mean time, because the republicans are doing it to themselves…and they will get caught up in their own webs of deciets…and I don’t trust Rand Paul, either…but, sometimes things need to come out in the open to find out who is really guilty of deceptions…I know one thing…that on election night…when my doctor from Pakistan called me and he was worried about, Obama, I told him not to worry and it was 9 p.m. when he called and I told him I would go into meditation and prayer with my recipe and it was all over by 11…and, Obama, even won the popular vote…so, when June 27th gets here..according to his chart…he will be getting all kinds of people coming his way to help him and to favor him more…believe me…I don’t believe in horoscopes…but, I believe in the “Farmers Almanac” and that deals with the “moon” phases…I just know that chart when you are born and can do progressions…God , created the whole universe…as long as you depend on God each and everyday…it isn’t a sin believing in a science…my husband worked on Lunar Projects for the government…it was awesome..

  103. It is about time that businessmen got tired of how slowly the economy is recovering. They know that fairness requires them to pay more tax, and they also know that the sooner we get everyone back to work, the sooner their businesses will grow. They were probably hoping that the Democrats could somehow force the Republicans to stop obstructing every necessary measure that has been proposed, even though they wanted to appear to support the Republican party, because it has traditionally been a supporter of business interests. But finally, they are tired of the stubborn attempts to block everything that President Obama is trying to do. I bet they were secretly in favor of Obama’s policies, because now they are actually publicly supporting him. Some of them understand fiscal policy, and they know that real economic policy must dictate what we need to do as a country. The talking points of the far right are not based on reality, and have been holding us back.

  104. The so called tea party is your parents and grandparents being responsible with how their hard earned money is being spent. They are the adults in the room who understand cause and effect and are concerned with not only their future and the future of their children but yours also, even if you don’t understand the consequences of our present course.

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