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Friday, October 28, 2016

Fox News on President Obama’s Inauguration Day is like the Grumpy Exes Channel on Valentine’s Day.

Fox and Friends began the mo(u)rning by declaring that today would be “the most depressing day of the year.”

Obviously they weren’t referring to the combination of Obama’s second inaugural and the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday — but just something scientists figured out. “It has to do with drab weather, holiday bills, and resolutions that we have not met,” host Steve Doocy said, referring to oft-refuted pseudo-science, which was the original title for Fox News’ morning show.

Just before the president was sworn in and gave his address, Fox focused on his nominee for Secretary of Defense, who is very controversial only with the far right, because he once had the temerity to suggest he wasn’t an elected official from the state of Israel. Because any politician who isn’t complicit in an evangelical fantasy of a united Israel triggering the end times isn’t good enough for the neo-conservative movement.

But Republicans held their fire until the president gave his address, which they then quickly attacked.

The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox  who watched the ceremony on Fox News, noted that Charles Krauthammer harrumphed, “‘There’s not a line here that will ever be repeated.’ Apparently, he missed the echo that followed Obama’s invocation of Stonewall – and the mere mention of the word “gay.”

The more sober Republicans focused on the president’s defense of Medicare, taking issue especially with the passage, “We must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of health care and the size of our deficit. But we reject the belief that America must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future.”

The Washington Examiner‘s Philip Klein called it “two lines that sum up Obama’s presidency.” Klein’s rant about the president doing “little” to restrain the deficit conveniently turns a blind eye to the fact that the House GOP turned down a so-called “grand bargain” that cut the deficit by $4 trillion and was so favorable to Republicans that they nearly begged for it after Obama had been re-elected. He also neglects new projections that show the deficit is shrinking rapidly with just the cuts and tax increases we’ve already made.

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  • I like conservative tears.

    You can’t cook with them, as everything becomes so bitter, but they sparkle something fierce when you place a vial in the window to catch the morning light.

  • drzaius

    Yes, it’s true. Republicans don’t like Obama. And folks like me on the left don’t like Bush.

    But you know why? It’s for the same reason really. I don’t like Bush because he was the most incompetent president we’ve ever had who came very close to ruining America and who happened to be a Republican .

    And the reason the GOP hates Obama is because Bush was the most incompetent president we’ve ever had who came very close to ruining America and who happened to be a Republican.

    • latebloomingrandma


      • onedonewong

        Brilliantly Stupid

    • Hmmm, and Obama’s doubling of the debt is OK with you? Unbelievable reasoning because of hate for Bush. Do you not believe tremendous deficit Spending is a serious problem & Obama & the Democrat Party has yet to create a budget? The reason they didn’t put any budget on paper is because they didn’t want anything to hurt his re-election chances, and BO has no intention of cutting spending. If you have children & grandchildren, make sure to tell them how you helped saddle them with unpayable debt, and thus future taxes trickling down to everyone.

      • We will also tell them we fed/housed/educated their parents..

        • lana ward

          And that is suppose to make them feel better!! NOT!!!

      • mjw1952

        But you forget that much of the doubling of the debt came from tax decreases, gifts to big pharma via medicare and two wars, all done under Bush, and not put on any spreadsheet.

      • Here we go again with the inflated numbers game. The national debt on Sept 30, 2009, the last day of the last Bush budget, was $11,909 trillion. On Sept 30, 2012 the last day of the last Obama budget it was $16,066 trillion. Not doubled using anyones math…even new GOP math. The debt is in the neighborhood of $16,4 trillion today. BTW Obama has presented a budget to the Congress each year. The Congress for a variety of reason has not come to agreement. Also I must assume that you understand that according to the Constitution the Congress, and only the Congress, has the power of the purse. The President..even Reagan..does not spend the money.

      • charleo1

        To link a strong dislike of Bush, or his policies, with your perception that the
        Left is not concerned about deficit spending makes no sense at all. Of course,
        as Americans, we are all well aware of the math. So, cutting spending is
        no problem for Democrats. But, I think it needs to be understood right up front,
        that Social Security, and Medicare/Medicaid, did not crash the economy.
        However, that seems to be where Republicans want to start. And that’s a big
        problem. If Republicans seriously wanted to address the debt, and deficits, they
        would agree that the single most effective method of dealing with debt, is to
        grow the economy, and do whatever is necessary to put a paycheck in the hands
        of all the millions thrown out of work. And not cut a dime out of unemployment
        benefits, food stamps, education, and job training programs until that happens.
        Yes, the children, and grandchildren, and the inherited debt. Immoral right?
        I agree. It’s also immoral to punish their parents for a conflagration caused by
        a lack of government oversight, and a foolish notion that most all regulations
        of the financial sector was unnecessary. Because, after all, who knows more
        about investments, than those Captains of Capitalism on Wall Street? And
        many of these same legislators that voted for deregulation, voted for the bank
        bailouts, now won’t lift a finger to mitigate the hardships, largely attributable to their own lack of due diligence, and wealth worshipping cultism, that allowed the
        calamity in the first place. And I know that’s immoral. So the debt is a symptom
        of a larger problem. But the Republicans, with their corporate culture, really
        don’t want to talk about that. Another thing we need to talk about before a nickel
        is withheld from the program that helps Seniors pay their heating bills. Or
        a penny is taken from the free lunch program for poor kids, is what has the
        House leadership suggested to finally answer the too big to fail situation that
        caused the vast majority of the deficits since Barack Obama took office?
        Or, as I call it. The day the Republicans managed to find their pencils, and
        pocket calculators. But lost their hearts, and common sense.

      • grammyjill

        You don’t understand how this works. A budget is written by the House, then sent to the Senate to be ratified. If it passes the Senate, then it gets sent to the President for signing. Furthermore, the President does not and can not spend one penny on his own. He suggests plans to congress, they debate it, say yes, it goes to the Senate to be ratified. The problem has been that the congress has not said yes to anything in the past four years. If we’d gotten a few yes’s we’d be in much better condition now!

      • Progressive Patriot

        I’ve been told that the rate of increase of the deficit has slowed far more dramatically under the Obama administration than other any recent administration. True?

    • dalnb

      . Bush and Chaney came close to ruining our country by supporting the idea that Big Business was the salvation of America. They did nothing to control or keep big business in check. Republicans were intimidated with Chaney and allowed the treasonable duo of Bush and Cheney to come close to destroying America.
      The Republicans exasperated the duos failures by allowing and supporting Senator Mitch McConnell’s Mission of Failure over the past five years. By doing everything they could do to ensure an Obama failure also created the failure of almost every attempt to get America back on track.
      Yes – we can justifiably blame our mess on Bush as being the worst President in our history but the Republicans could have been a major part of fixing the mess by doing what they were elected to do and paid to do rather than standing in the way of any recovery. We need also accept the fact that FOX radio and TV talk show hosts have and continue to work hard at destroying America’s spirit and any good efforts of restoring our quality of life, economy and pride. It is easier some time to be part of the problem than it is to be a part of the fix!

    • onedonewong

      Barak has won the competition and beat out Carter for the worst president EVER…it wasn’t even close

      • Progressive Patriot

        onedone, it seems you are a provocateur! 🙂

        • Careful,people of that ilk don’t understand big words.

          • Progressive Patriot


      • What an extreme right-wing troll and idiot you are! This is exactly the putridity, hatred, and vile racist poison that Faux News and right wing propaganda automatons like you spew out on a continual basis. Any sane person knows that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were the worst presidents ever, destroying America economically and pillaging its treasury. Your kind lives in an alternate universe. This was validated during last year’s election. All of the trumped- up polls and spin that Faux News put out into the public all turned out to be big, fat lies in the end. According to Faux News, Rove, Dick Morris and other right-wing propagandists, Romney was suppose to win by a landslide. When reality set in, it bitch-slapped these right-wing liars in the face like a ton of bricks. Just because you and Faux News says something doesn’t make it so. You are so bitter and revengeful that you will continue in your self-destructive ways until you yourself are consumed and destroyed by your own cancerous hatred.

        • onedonewong

          Who added $10 Trillion To the national debt who’s economic policies has 23 million unemployed, who hasn’t added 1 job in 4 years, who is so inept that every 3rd word nation thinks they are equals, who;s rules of engagement caused record casualties every year they have been in effect valuing mooooslim lives over our troops, who has refused to enforce our laws on drugs and illegals… the list goes on and on and some how Barak ISN”T the worst PLEEEEASE

      • Intrepid44

        Onedonewong: you left the “r” out after the “w.” Get a f…ing life, a….le!

      • One dumb fuck. As usual you can’t spell the president’s name correctly and as for being the worst president, he isn’t the worst in this century. That honor belongs to W, along with other worst presidents like Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, Nixon and Ford. You just repeat the conservative blatter about President Obama being the worst president ever. Stop listening to Donald Trump. I’m sorry for writing something that is too long for you to read at one sitting. Take your time and try to absorb it

        • onedonewong

          I stand corrected I meant to say Barry Soereto is the worst president ever. Even after adding $10Trillion to the national debt he hasn’t added 1 job not 1

        • InsideEye

          Who is one done speaking about????

    • Dude…Really?

  • charleo1

    Well, you know Republicans, and Fox News. Love, and marriage, a horse, and carriage.
    They don’t like days, or speeches, that include such wild Socialist notions that hold,
    that yes, sometimes we have deep differences, but we all love our Country. Because, at
    the end of the day, we’re not Blue Americans, or Red Americans. We are all Americans,
    and in this thing together. Yes, I can see where that would make them all as mad as
    wet hens.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Yes–that Obama’s such a radical.

      • lana ward

        Omuslim is a radical. He was raised by communist parents and grandparents. He was mentored by Frank Marshal Davis, a card carrying communist. And he lived by the teachings of Saul Alinsky and Cloward&Pivins.

        • You tell them Lana “Psycho” Ward. You forgot his cousin Ceasar Chavez, his elderly uncle Fidel, his half brother Mao and last but not least his idiot predecessor W.

          • InsideEye

            Do not forget Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn , bomber of government buildings and murder of several apt dwellers, weather underground, and minor things like that. These were Obama friends and mentors?

  • Certainly they don’t like the President, but today proved that the American people do. That is the rub for the conservative movement in this country. A popular President at odds with a disfunctional Congress creating stalemate, and yet major accomplishments have taken place despite the best efforts of the Republicans to sabotage his every move. The problem for the Republicans for the next four years is that is appears that the President is no longer concerned with trying to work with them. It took in my view far too long, but the President is moving forward without concern for the ruffled feathers of the grand ole party. The President has the wind of the American people at his back and with or without the GOP the country is going to repair the damage and move on. It is their choice to be a part of history, or to be placed into the dust bin of history. We shall see soon enough.

  • Republicans, especially Tea Party members, dislike President Obama and will do everything they can to derail his agenda. Claims of gloom and doom, and impending fiscal chaos, will dominate public discourse in months to come, in part to deflect attention from a party whose only contribution to society is the spread of hate, intolerance and the advancement of policies designed to benefit and advance the interests of the elite, often at the expense of mainstream Americans.
    The problem is that the course of action they have taken is on a collision course with public opinion. If they persist, they are likely to lose the House in 2014, and become a “minority” party for decades to come.

    • stcroixcarp

      Tea Party=Taliban Evangelical America Party

    • Now there is something I can pray for.

    • Annemb

      Great post!

      I’m reading, “Conservatives Without Conscience” by John W. Dean. The book is very informative and a great read!

      • lana ward

        So is “Obamas’ America 2016”

    • Well said as usual and we must all work together to make sure they do lose the House in 2014. However, did you see the article that states the Repugs of Virginia passed a bill that realigns their districts (passed 20-19 with one Democratic Senator not available to vote) giving another seat to themselves and taking away from Dems – this was yesterday while all eyes were on Washington. Cheating again!!!

      • If the GOP continues to realign districts in red states to influence the outcome of future election, guarantee a perpetual GOP majority in the House, and influence future Electoral College votes, perhaps we should do the same in blue states. The only thing the GOP understands is the pursuit of narrow political goals regardless of how or what must be done to achieve them. If it means circumventing the Constitution or making a farce out of our democratic processes, so be it. With that in mind, the only recourse we have is to fight fire with fire.

      • AMADAL

        Judt like here in Texas where the Repukelicons drew new districts 3 years prior to the 2010 census so they would remain in power. Then they manipulated it after the census to make sure our gain in representatives were Repuke districts–and of course the courts said it was OK (they are mostly Repuke judges). At least the court drew new districts to reflect the changing racial growth, even while not assureing more Democrat districts.

    • rpg1408

      The GOP loss of the House in 2014 is a ” consummation devoutly to be wished” but unlikely because of all the gerrymandering that went in in those states with Republican governors and State legislatures.We can hope that those Senators and Congressmen not totally in thrall to Grover Norquist and the Tea Party will remember to put Country before Party in trying to solve the very real problems we face in the next four years.

    • It can’t happen too soon!

  • Obama is an honest man thats why Republicans don’t like him .

    • neeceoooo

      and then there is the issue with the color of his skin.

      • Annemb


      • lana ward


        • highpckts

          If the shoee fits lana!!!

          • lana ward

            The shoe fits all dems

          • InsideEye

            He is multi colored , oooops can one say such things, or he bea black pineapple,whitey? Racism ended when Obama was elected, All BLACKS , racist ? Voted for him , the rest of the voters were white and not all were Democrats either. Racism comments are ridiculous already.

          • lana ward

            Racism has gotten worse under omuslim. There are more black racists than ever! Black on white attacks are exploding across the country!!

          • InsideEye

            This is true. It seems that Democrats seems to perpetuate the racism exists theme. Why would republicans even want to bring it up. It would not be in their interests. Jesse jackson and Al Sharpton would not have a job. It is a gimmick to rattle the cages. It is almost laughable. Even Colin Powell does it, must be a closet democrat, I guess.

    • Annemb

      You said it!

    • lana ward

      Boy, are you in for a rude awakening!!

  • Ed

    The saddest part is not that the republicansx do not like Oboma. The really sad part is that they will not even attempt to find anything they agree with. And they are teaching their children that the president should be called Mr Oboma. Disrespect is a hillmark of the republican party.

  • Progressive Patriot

    Congress controls the purse strings. The President cannot spend what he is not given by Congress. True?
    And with regard to the headline, NO KIDDING, REPUBLICANS STILL DON’T LIKE OBAMA? We held the spotlight for a day. Now, “Unleash the corporate media!” Now the corporate media will be awash in propaganda, spin, and character assassination. The Oligarchs, Plutocrats, Banksters, Multi-nationals, 1%er’s, Wall Street “Tycoons,” and their lobbyists won’t just give up and go away (as much as we’d like them to).

    Now we must get active and show up to support civil rights, income equality, clean energy, tax fairness (reducing corporate welfare), jobs, the economy, our crumbling infrastructure, sensible and fair deficit reduction, sensible gun safety laws, removing Big Money from our political process (Move 2 Amend)… What else on the Progressive (American) Agenda?

    • charleo1

      You are absolutely right! Progressives, and I count myself among them, must find ways
      to get more involved in the process. The other side will not stand still, while the working
      folks get a fairer deal. Have you ever met a Republican who was concerned about wages
      not keeping pace with rising costs? Or, the parent who’s child is uninsurable? Or, the
      parent that lost their protection from a huge medical bill, when they got sick, and their
      insurance company dropped them, because it was tied to their job? No, that’s not their
      bag. They would rather pass Right to Work Laws, and prohibit collective bargaining.
      Fix bankruptcy laws, so a business may file, and discard their agreements with labor,
      and be completely solvent. (See American Airlines.) Allow venture capital firms like
      Bain, to instigate a hostile takeover, load the company down with debt for management
      fees, liquidate the retirement funds, fire everyone, and offer to hire them back at half
      the salary. No benefits. Or just unbolt the equipment from the factory floor, ship it
      to Mexico, or some such. And let government worry about the workers they hung out to
      dry. That’s the Republican way! Crap all over everything, and when they file for food
      stamps, call ’em lazy good for nothings! Sorry! I don’t know what came over me just then.
      I’m going to call my therapist now.

      • Progressive Patriot

        Wow! You made it so real for me. Thank you, charleo1. That was great in so many ways. Honest, passionate, specific… Please keep writing. We need more authentic voices like yours!
        Move 2 Amend. 🙂

    • lana ward

      During the debates, omuslim singled out Exxon Mobil and blasted them as a corporate welfare recipient who profits off of the voters’ pain at the pump–but he accepted $250,000 from them to help pay for his inauguration day. What’s up with that!! He’s a hypocrite accepting money from the “enemy”

      • Progressive Patriot

        I get the “hypocrite,” comment, lana. That is a part of politics that I want to see amended. Let’s get the Big Money out! However, I think that the “omuslim,” comment could be taken as, at best insensitive, and at worst racist. What is your intention here?

      • Progressive Patriot

        Does seem hypocritical to me too. I’ve never really liked it when The President cozies up to Big Business, The Banks, or Wall Street. Still, the reality in this Citizen’s United political environment is that if one doesn’t raise the most money, one is less likely to win. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

        Still, the “omuslim,” reference is, at best, insensitive, and at worst, racist. Guess you’re good with four years and counting of Republican, Corporate/Crony obstructionism, and their pathetic attempts to present as if they represent the general electorate, when everyone knows that they represent the 1%.

  • latebloomingrandma

    I am not a Fox News watcher, as so many in my area are. However, I do check in periodically to see what they’re saying and to give them a “chance”, to see if I’m too critical. I hear from many that Bill O’Reilly is so “non-partisan”, even though I have always found him to be insufferably self-righteous. Well, yesterday was just such a time for non-partisanship and patriotism, I decided to tune in to O’Reilly. I had to turn it after 3 minutes tops. He talked about how Obama is supposed to be so smart, but doesn’t seem to “have a clue” about our deficit, and that his speech was about turning himself into Martin Luther King. Then Hannity and Karl Rove were even worse. They talked about how partisan the speech was, and complained about the media. Fox News—a wholly owned subisideary of the Republican Party talking about partisonship. Rove–talking about partisanship when he wrote the book about it. I was searching for my styrofoam brick to throw at the TV.

  • elw

    I think if we honestly would like to see the radical right that has taken control of the Republican Party disappear from the National political scene, we should be celebrating every time they continue to make fools of themselves with their made-up spin. Statistically, FOX News and the Republican Party are losing their hold at a National level. The GOP is losing their moderate voices as they individually, slowly and surely leave the Party for more comfortable places. In spite of what the GOP loves to say, they do not represent the majority of Americans. Historically, radical ideology, of either bend, has never been able to take a strong footing in our politics for very long. History will repeat itself as surely as the radical right will not be able to change or even understand why they keep losing. So, I say keep up the good work FOX News, you have my support as a Progressive.

  • Perhaps Obama isn’t the most effective President we have ever had, but he could be if only he had a Congress that would work with him instead of sitting on their lazy bigoted asses and claiming Obama is responsible for everything that is wrong with this country instead of putting the blame where it belongs, Congress.

    • If you can think of a president who has been more effective, I’d like his name, because I can’t think of one. Only a couple other presidents that I can think of have faced anything akin to what Obama has, Lincoln and FDR. And comparing these three is somewhat difficult because of the times. A president today faces far more complexities than presidents of 70 and more years ago because of the enormous advances that have been made in our civilization over that time, and just the nature of today’s global economies. And when you add to that an economy in total devistation and an opposing political party that is determined to thwart your every effort to bring back the country from ruin – it’s to me, just amazing the number of meaningful accomplishments that have been made over the past 4 years (more than 30 of them); and many of them in areas that just don’t get a lot of press, and which large sectors of the population aren’t even aware have been made.

  • docb


  • There is little to be done to change the minds of fools. The right is so filled with hate they cannot see straight let alone work together. I find it fascinating that they distort facts, twist the truth, and flat out lie to rile their base. Fortunately, it didn’t work. Obama’s address was inspirational yet practical and wise. It was inclusive of all citizens, even of the ones who despise him.

    • Yappy2

      When I look at the Republican party I just think, you can’t fix stupid.

  • I am very relieved with what the president asaid in his speech, drawning his kine in the sand that most conservitives didn’t like. We can bring this great counrty back to greatness and not do it on the backs of the elderely, poor, or our youth. It is time that the republicans try and change their philosophy of millions for the rich and little for our Veterans, Elderley, Poor and Youth. When called our veterans served no questions asked, worked hard to build a country we can all be proud of and educate or youth they are the greatest resource we have and last but not least to our friends the religious right (God says we are our briothers keeper) and big oil is not our brother cooperate welfare is taking billions out of the coffers and being very silent yet paying little to no taxes lets go after that money Beohner, Mconnell and our brothers to the right.

  • A bit like being hated by the devil.

  • dalnb

    Fortunately enough people have found FOX to be a radical seldom accurate source of information and most often blinded to fact by their lack of any true American spirit and values. I often wonder if the talk show hosts there and some of their visitors honestly believe what they try selling or if they are among those who are ready to say anything and do anything for a price.

    • AdamMos

      They believe. Look at all the money they have made with a black man in the Whitehouse. Hannity, Oreilly and Limbaugh all voted for Obama and laugh at their audience all the way to the bank. Its all about a paycheck and appealling to the racists and stupid who are one in the same. These are the folks that are the stokers of the civil war that is coming.

  • We are not broke and we are not going Bankrupt. Rep are trying to scare people.

    • You’re right – America’s debt to GDP ratio is only about 67%, whereas the majority of other nations similar to ours run debt to GDP ratios of over 80% and even Canada’s is over 85%.

      • InsideEye

        Should we try and out do them to see actually what happens at 100 percent

    • Gosh Mary Jo, your right!! Just because we borrow 33% of everything we spend in our Government and owe the galactic amount of over 16,000,000,000 with a T, trillion, we sure aren’t broke…It’s the Republicans and they always lie Huh?

  • notoken

    Well, people, it’s pretty simple, the only way to alleviate this problem is to get ALL of these people in office, especially, congress, the hell out. Some way, some how, make it understood, that they work for us not the other way around, and the one way to do that is with term limits, again, some way, some how. I have seen some assholes in my time thru these 68 yrs but nothing like the conglomeration of assholes in the republican party passing themselves off as “for the country” people, and yet they refuse to meet anybody half way on anything. Let me finish with this – Obama is a good person, good family man, christian, does go to church and is trying to do his best. Now these are all things republicans aspire to (supposedly), so, why do they hate Obama, well, the only thing I can think of is because he’s a black man in charge of the country and they can’t stand it. If you don’t believe me come on down to Florida and listen to all the “n” words to describe Obama and other black people. Chew on the truth!

  • dalnb

    Although I am a Republican I voted for Obama the first time and again this time. Not because I think he is a great person but because the options were so far out of sink. I do believe Obama has done some good and had Senator Mitch McConnell and his followers had not wasted the past four years creating failure for not only the Obama

    Administration but any chances of a national recovery we may have seen some even better results from this president.
    In spite of his good there remains some real threats in his ideas. The most damning is his desire to gain amnesty for the millions of illegals in our nation. These people have chosen to ignore our laws and they continue to disobey our law everyday they remain here. They are the strongest example of what a “habitual Criminal: is. They come here illegally, they whine and cry they are not treated the way they want to be treated, they march in our streets, tear down our flag replacing our flag with their own, and they demand they be given citizenship. They ignore the fact we have laws that does allow them to apply and come here just as millions of others have done and have been welcomed into our country.

    I do not understand why Obama seems to want to pander to these illegal’s and continues to spend time, money and efforts supporting the illegal’s while failing to do anything to help those who have elected to comply with our laws and follow the “path to citizenship” we have established. I have and will continue to support President Obama in most of what he seeks for our nation – BUT – I will NEVER support Amnesty for illegal aliens! Regardless of what the President and his followers say almost on a daily basis the opposite; very few people support Amnesty for the illegals. Three years ago 92% of the people were against amnesty – I do not believe the numbers can change as dramatically as we are now being told.

    • Yappy2

      I’m a Democrat and voted for Obama and although I agree with him most of the time, immigration is where I have a problem. Immigration should be orderly and no-one should be given a fast track to citizenship. I also think that educated people should be sent back to their own countries so they can help their countries grow and we don’t have to continually aide them.

      • dalnb

        We keep hearing these illegals need a “pathway to citizeship” in some obvious lack of desire to follow our laws. We do have a pathway to citizenship for those who elect to enter our nation legally. Our long immigration laws provide the pathway to citizenship that has been used for years allowing those who elect to comply with oour laws and come here legally. I do not think we need a pathway to citizenship for those who preder to ignore our laws. The sad situation illegal aliens have put their children in is their problem; we have enough of our own probles without taking on their problems also. If they feel they need a pathway to citizenship here they need to go back where they belong and apply for legal entry as millions before them have done!

        • Yappy2

          I was agreeing with you. I was also making the point that people come here and get educated and then our politions want them to stay here and take good jobs. I think that is taking advantage of other poor countries. I think the bright should go back and help their own countries become sucessful and we won’t have o constantly have to give them aide because they can’t figure out to help themselves.

  • dalnb

    I often wonder how much of what peple like Hannity, Beck, Limpbaugh and Oriely say thay they actualy believe. I think they say what the peple paying them want them to say and whether they believe what they say is irrelevant.

    • ALiberal

      I think Ann Coulter knows what sells to the conservative, right wing base and writes to it, while deliberately using the outrageous and aggressively asinine to get instant attention. Coulter’s serial use of creative quoting, half-truths, and distortions seem to indicate a belief that her audience is gullible, trusting, and ignorant enough to swallow what she is peddling, no matter how ridiculous.

      I think Hannity and O’Reilly truly believe it, while Beck is just off the wall. Limbaugh has no qualms about pandering to ignorance and encouraging hate to achieve an end.

      Every single one of them have figured out how to make a lot of money by lightening the wallets and purses of folks on the right. What I call scaring the sheep 24/7, and then miraculously hawking things like back packs of freeze-dried survival food guaranteed to be mouth-watering for smart conservatives for 20 years, gold – and Goldline – and safes that conveniently double as gun cabinets. They take the best of Orson Wells and George Orwell and marry it to P T Barnum and QVC – and it works.

  • onedonewong

    He was preaching to his base the 47% who don’t pay taxes and leech off of those who do.

    • ALiberal

      Apparently you missed the meteoric rise and flaming burnout of the right wing “47% who don’t pay taxes” and are Obama’s base hallucination and fantasy. I’m not going to bore everyone else with a repeat of what even the barely sentient seem to be aware of, but 15 minutes with the US Census and a quick glance at who voted for who in the last couple elections would quickly bring you up to speed with a literate and interested 4th grader.

      You could think of it like being a modern day Columbus – discovering America for yourself.

      • onedonewong

        Your right it is easy its the obamaphonites, welfare queens, illegals, felons, unemployed on the dole and federal workers besides the typical brain dead black voter

        • ALiberal

          More like half-baked.

          The “Obama phone” – a program started under George W Bush. I could get into this more if it were interesting or amusing, but “typical brain dead black voter”? Really? Good luck with that.

          • onedonewong

            Obviously you never watched the exit polls where they interviewed obama supporters

      • If there is a point here it is obfuscated with obscure references.

        Reality..Mr. Obama’s base, and you can look this up, “its like being a modern day Columbus” is, significantly government dependent minority and other recipients of the Federal governments largess. Oh there are lefties like you around, but reality, without the solid voting block of African Americans, Mr. Romney would be well on his way to cleaning up the “Democratic” swamp by now.

        Like the famous caption written under FDR sitting in his convertible touring car, cigarette holder firmly clenched in teeth, “Did you get your check”….gives you that election every time.

        • ALiberal

          Apparently, you could use your own fact-finding discovery of America. It might surprise you to learn that the poor are a greater proportion of those folks who do not vote at all. Your neat little theory of folks swarming from cashing a government straight to the voting booth and casting a vote for Democrats gets broadsided by the facts, another one of which is that Mitt Romney’s “47% ” includes many folks and groups that vote Republican. Not only did Mitt Romney not know who the 47% are, Mitt was also disparaging and dismissing some of his own base

          Please tell us why you think it is that African-Americans tend to solidly vote Democratic.

          • In the last two Presidential elections? Because the President is at least, half Black is why. Additionally, the African American population, thinks it is high time. Can you blame them?

            Those who get entitlements, let me be clear, probably have a greater stake in the perpetuation of those programs, than say, the guy that is making $80,000 per annum.


    • You never learn do you? You know full well that the majority of the country’s 47 perscent who don’t pay taxes are Republicans that voted for Romney; and that the people Obama was speaking to are the people who are supporting the nation. All 8 of the states that not only pay the most taxes (do the most to support the country) while getting the least welfare (less than 75cents on the dollar while more than 8 Red states suck more than $2 for every tax dollar they pay) are all Blue States. Just look it up and stop being such a clueless nitwit who spews so much crap you’re swimming in it.

      • onedonewong

        No its the welfare queens, illegals, the foodstamp divas and the rest of societies leeches

        • InsideEye

          Now you got it!

      • Like talking apples and oranges. States paying taxes does not relate to the individual tax payer and you know it.

        The issue at hand is who pays the tax and that WHO is the top 10% of the taxpaying public, regardless of Republican or Democrat. 70% of the General revenue from tax receipts is from 10 % of the tax paying can look that up.

        Currently there is not enough skin in the game for the 47% that do not pay Federal tax. In fact there is no skin …period. Everyone needs to pay something and redistributive nonsense heard from the President is clear crapola and he knows it. Those statements gin up the electorate against the wealthy, but, do little to fix what is a spending and unjust tax system today.

        Remember, the money of the Wealthy is not the property of the Federal Government. It belongs to them. Let’s get a work ethic back in this country and quit saying “it’s the rich, it’s the rich”…We should all aspire to be the “Rich”.

  • Now now, hate is a strong word. Let me suggest that loath may be more appropriate in its application and for good reason.

    Mr. Obama is a Socialist. He has said that he is an adherent to a re-distributive philosophy that features ever greater Federal control of the economy, health, commerce, banking, manufacturing, legislation (by executive fiat) and personal liberty. He has shown eagerness to demonstrate that he believes what he has said.

    The President has little regard for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, complaining that they are collection of ‘negative liberties, without stating what the governments responsibilities are” and, that, is exactly the point that makes Conservatives revile Mr. Obama. It is his lack of historical perspective and narrow focus towards fundamental liberties and rights.

    Fundamental change you say? Well my fiends, that old Patriot Act, that takes away your right of privacy, search and seizure protection and free speech, that the President ran on repealing, seems to have agreed with him like a good steak didn’t it. Trillions of dollars in increased National debt, unchecked spending, major corporate bail outs, unfunded healthcare entitlements, on and on.

    But wait…did I hear “Stone Wall” …shucks…never mind.

    • charleo1

      Conservatives I’ve noticed revile a lot of people. What’s up with that?
      And, what personal liberties has that mean old Obama taken from you?
      I know, he made you buy your own health insurance. And worse, crammed
      a plan the liberty loving Conservatives proposed down your throat.
      And, like a lot of conservatives lately, you just made that part about the
      Constitution up. And that’s the reason Conservatives usually just talk to
      other Conservatives. Because everybody else has found they are pretty much
      full of shit. And have better things to do than listen to their loud mouthed crap.

      • And speaking of “full of sh__. What’s up there Charleo1? Just keep those facts a comin brotha!!

        The part about the Constitution is not a quote from some news blog pal of mine, it is a taped interview that even you can find on You tube and watch. Just think, you won’t have to read.

  • dalnb

    At a time when we are scratching for money to keep our nation afloat we seem to be putting our priorities in the wrong place.

    We have a national law that defines our immigration program. That, as far as immigration, is the law of the land. We have used that law for years and years and through that law America has welcomed thousands of new immigrants who continue to do as they have always done- help make America great. That law provides a Pathway to Citizenship for those who elect to follow our laws and comply with the intent of the law.

    That law does need some changes. We have heard that over and over again from both parties; we al agree we need a comprehensive Immigration reform. We need an updated program that takes Americas needs into consideration (First and Primarily) and makes strong enforceable prosecutional commitments to illegal entry and those states, communities, organizations and individuals who harbor illegal aliens.

    The problem – we have repeatedly said year after year that we need to fix the immigration program BUT – we have done nothing to do so. Men and women who follow our immigration laws continue to suffer a long and expensive process to come into our nation legally. We have done nothing to assist these law abiding applicants.

    We are spending more money and more time pandering to the illegals than we are in trying to assist those who choose to follow our laws. We need to spend the time, energy and money supporting the legal applicants rather than bend over backward for those who reface to comply with our laws!

    Granting amnesty to the millions of illegals in our country will not fix our immigration problems; we will still be faced with the same problems we put legal applicants through. Amnesty will be an insult to our American ideal of law and order and it will be a slap in the face of all law abiding American citizens and the millions of immigrants who have legally come to our country.

    • Is this germane?

      • dalnb

        Mike – I think we lost you here! Were you trying to say something?

  • Sunshine

    He should care. He has won a second term and could now flip em the bird anytime he wishes and just for the fun of it.