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Friday, October 28, 2016

A new Democracy Corps research report – based on focus groups of independent voters and prepared by consultant James Carville, pollster and analyst Stan Greenberg, and their associate Erica Seifert – starkly warns that the Obama campaign’s economic message must be revised and strengthened, or else. To claim that the economy is improving when middle-class voters feel intense pressure on jobs, wages, and income only alienates them. But the same report noted that the same voters who feel dispirited and disappointed see no real alternative in Republican Mitt Romney, whose attitudes and policies they strongly distrust.

From lengthy interviews in late May with groups of non-college educated men and women in Columbus, OH, and college-educated men and women in Bala Cynwyd, PA – many of them Obama supporters in 2008 – the Democracy Corps analysts found that their party “will face an impossible headwind in November if we do not move to a new narrative, one that contextualizes the recovery but, more importantly, focuses on what we will do to make a better future for the middle class…”

Frustration and growing pessimism over the Obama administration’s economic performance are influencing voters whose families are struggling. Yet the president remains competitive despite weak employment and stagnant incomes because those same voters “do not trust” Romney, not only because of his personal wealth and elitist demeanor, but because they reject the Republican budget and tax policies that he has endorsed. Unfortunately for Obama, that negative sense of his opponent has not translated into any great enthusiasm for his reelection among these groups, described by the consultants as “independents or weak partisans and ticket-splitters – swing independent voters,” even divided between 2008 Obama and McCain voters.

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  • AlfredSonny

    Its nice to know that there are some people who wouldn’t shoot in their own feet!

    • CPANY

      What are you trying to say? Your post doesn’t make any sense.

      • Lorrellei

        He is saying it is nice to know that there are some people who wouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot, such as Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans who are sick of this Congress blocking the President’s every move, who could swing the vote in Obama’s favor, who actually understand how dangerous it is to vote for Romney, unless you are in the 1%.

      • AlfredSonny

        There are many voters supporting people who betrayed them. For example, women, the poor, college students, the sick, and the unemployed voting for the Republicans who protect the Rich at their expenses. Thus they are shooting in their own feet by supporting those who are making their lives more miserable.

      • it makes perfect sense.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    With over $300 trillion in unfunded derivatives staring Wall Street in the face, the only thing sensible Americans can do is opt out of any possible high risk Wall Street investments and seek other means of investing…like smaller businesses, smaller banks and your state and local bonds. The interest isn’t high but the safety is higher than what Wall Street can offer.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    The Democrat strategy (and thinking) is well summarized in the very last paragragh of this article: Raise taxes on the “wealthy”, then SPEND MORE. No mention of REDUCING the DEFICIT…it all make perfect sense to a Dem….but don’t be surprised if the definition of ‘wealthy” starts to move DOWN the economic ladder to ensnare more & more middle-class citizens. And don’t be surprised if the “job creators” (the “wealthy”) tire of working more and getting less in return. A perfect “plan” for continued decline in America!

    • SaneJane

      Since you say “continued decline” I will assume that you know we have been in decline for 30 + years. However, it appears you do not realize why this has happened and want to continue on the same path. The DEFICIT is not the problem. The national debt is not the problem. Historic evidence, real evidence, shows that reducing deficits and debt lead to recession. Why do you want more of that?

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        I guess you need a histoiry lesson— Facts: Starting in 1981 (the 30 years of “decline” you reference) Ronald Reagan inherited an almost 11% unemployment rate from a DEMOCRAT (Jimmy Carter)…rather that complain about the dismal economy he was handed, Reagan ushered in one of the longest periods of prosperity we have ever had, by CUTTING TAXES & SPENDING!!! Then came the elder Bush, who pushed things along further in a positive direction, only to have Clinton take credit for this period of success as his own. Then came the younger Bush-era housing crisis, created by DEMOCRATS who insisted “everyone” should be able to own his/her own home, even if they can’t make any downpayment!?? That brings us 30 years to today, but instead of learning something from Reagan (Cut taxes & spending to accelerate the economy) wizard Obama is going in OPPOSITE direction?
        It can’t work…it NEVER worked. He’s scuttling a sinking ship!

        • IAlmostBelieveYou

          Watcha smokin’ there, genius?

          “Reagan ushered in one of the longest periods of prosperity we have ever had, by CUTTING TAXES & SPENDING!!!

          Guess again, dr. history. Reagan outspent everyone as a percentage of GDP. But hey, you were only off by 180 degrees!

          Thanks for the “history” lesson! Tell Karl hello and keep on sucking up to your rich puppetmasters. And always remember that lies reiterated enough magically become true.

    • Ed

      The wealthy? Worlking More? What, they call they brokers twice a day?

    • William Deutschlander

      I am willing to bet that your Great Great Grandfather was a Republican and you are a non-thinking Generational Republican!

    • rozlee

      Middle class, Obama reduced taxes on the middle class. The Republicans exploded the deficit with a 1.3 trillion dollar tax cut to the mega-wealthy and two wars that were unfunded. As for the wealthy, weren’t those tax cuts supposed to create jobs? Since 2003, how many jobs did they create? Bush had the lowest private job creation in 75 years. The banks and corporations now are sitting on record profits. They’re not investing them in more jobs. They’re speculating them in the stock market and on credit defaults–the same behavior that brought down the economy in the fall of 2008 and that caused the housing bubble. We gave banks and Wall St. TARP, the biggest socialist bailout in history, because they said they couldn’t help with loans for consumers and small businesses if we didn’t. Well, they’re sitting on the most money that they’ve ever sat on in their existences and they’re not contributing a dime to the American consumer. Small business loans are at a standstill and credit is tight. Meanwhile, they’re speculating and gambling wildly on the market because they know that if they lose OUR money again, Uncle Sugar will be right there to bail them out again. Reagan and Bush I’s deficit’s were wiped out when Clinton raised taxes on the rich and 24 million jobs were created. The Republicans tried to stop him, but those tax increases on the rich wiped out the Reagan/Bush I deficit and gave us a surplus, which Bush II immediately turned into a deficit once more. As for Obama, spending under him has been the lowest of any president in history. Now, Romney wants to give billionaires another 2 trillion dollar deficit and explode the deficit from 3 trillion to 5 trillion. So, don’t preach about Republicans being deficit hawks. Reagan, Bush I and Bush II have caused all the deficits in the last 30 years. It’s actually shrunk by 300 billion under Obama, but it will be wiped out completely if Romney gets in.

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        Why are you worried? Your hero just a week ago said the “private sector is doing just fine.”

        • rozlee

          If you mean the banks, investment firms, Wall St. and corporations, hell, yeah, they’re doing great. Never better. They’re sitting on record-breaking profits that they’re not “trickling down” to the rest of us, well, take that back. They’re pissing on us, so I’ll give them that. But, instead of putting that money back into the economy, they’re speculating it in the stock market and gambling on it. In the meantime, Romney and Republicans keep attacking our public workers. Tell Colorado and New Mexico how they don’t need any more fire fighters.

  • sherjon

    I think that it is very sad that our country is divided and not flexiable and we have no one to blame but ourselves !

    • CPANY

      The country is divided because the inflexible one percent are trying to take over the country.

  • Ed

    The President has to admit that things are not moving forward as fast as people would like. Then he has to stop trying to be a “one man band” and make a strong pitch for the voters to give him a congress which will work with him. Harry Truman could teach this guy a few things. It is ridiculous that a person who has been ellected by the prople nationwide should give in to the demands of 500 plus persons who have been only elected by the population of one state and whom have dedicated themelves to his destruction.

  • widollar

    Yes, Mitt Romney cannot be trusted. One thing for sure if he does buy the oval office he will immediately give a huge Bush style tax cut for himself and is rich pals. As to the middle class and their struggle, hey that’s their problem according to The Mittster!

    • I concur. A Romney presidency would be akin to a ventriloquist’s act. I believe his power would come from the tea party and everyone else but him. Thus far, Mr. Romney has presented no clear opposing agenda nor platform. Besides name calling with regard to Pres. Obama, the people should be hearing specifics on what Romney is bringing to the plate, not just criticism of the current administration. When he says I know how to create jobs, that comment should be followed by a remunerated plan/agenda/specifics, etc.

      • I agree with you, Sharon. I don’t know if any of you remember what Romney said after being asked the question” what are your plans for the country if elected?” He replied to that question with the following statement”If you knew that, you wouldn’t vote for me”. That statement worries me and makes me wonder kind of nasty ideas does Romney have up his sleeve for the middle class and poor.. President Obama needs to remind Romney about the statement and see if he will answer the question ‘What are your plans for the Country if elected?” We need people in Congress that doesn’t think the word comprise is a dirty word and ones that won’t back out of a comprise when one is agreed to like today’s Republican members of Congress do.The Republicans in Congress remind of the spoiled child that would pick up his marbles and go home because the other children won’t let him win all the time,they act like spoiled children, it is going to be their way or no way if they don’t get their way.

    • edwardw69

      Don’t forget he will raise taxes on the 47% who don’t make enough to pay taxes now. So, much for the Republican mantra of no tax raises. When 400 people have more wealth than the bottom 136 million, something is out of whack.

  • Sandyjasski

    I so agree with how most voters feel. I am a state worker who is extremely underpaid and very educated/experienced working at a state DOT in the south. Why do so many Republicans want to put more people (us) out of work. I also want to hear how the economy can be repaired at a faster rate. We need more Firefighters, P0lice Officers, Teachers, Healthcare Workers, and government workers, particularly to improve our delibiliating infrastructure. Please support us also. In the process, private sector jobs will follow as a domino effect. It is so elementary!!

    • meworryalot

      The Republican position on jobs is inconsistent: Do they realize that by cutting government spending they are also killing jobs?
      The “private” sector seems unwilling to hire U.S., so who else but the government, or projects created by the government, is going to hire U.S.
      As you say, “It is elementary!!”

      • ObozoMustGo

        Yaaaayyyyy! Lets all go work for the government. The more of that do, the more wealthy we all will be! YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! Yeah, right. Sure, sure!

        Have a nice day!

        • rozlee

          I actually kinda liked working for the government, O. As an Army nurse, I’d like to think that I did some good and helped bring comfort, relief from pain and trauma and maybe even saved a few lives overseas. Don’t think I got too wealthy from it, but I did get some nice socialized medicine from the military and now from the VA that I’m very grateful for.

          Have a nice day.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Roz… all kidding aside. Thank you! Thank you for your service to our country! God bless you for your sacrifice.

            By the way, Defense IS the primary function of the Federal Government. I dont, nor does anyone else I know, begrudge a single serviceman/woman for their pay or their benefits. By the way, the military is the single greatest social program ever invented. And it works because it IS the primary purpose of the Fed government.

            But just because the military works, doesnt mean the rest of the overreaching government does work. The whole thing is too big and has got to be shrunk back down immediately. IMHO

            Have a nice day, Roz! Thank you again. 🙂

          • UTGDI

            A coherent post on the content of the thread, and not a single derisive name in it. May have been the most effective post I have read of yours. Thank you.

            I enjoy your input here, bringing the libertarian conservative view is informative to all of us. I often seek to see what you have to say, and even put forth the effort to sift through the posts to find the key point you are trying to make. I find, according to most responses, that many of your points get lost by readers because they are put off by your name calling and demeaning comments about the individual posters.

            As a left leaning independent that is to conservative for the democrats (We need to pay our bills and keep entitlements under control), and to liberal for the republicans (Government does serve a purpose, and generally is a power for the betterment of society) I look forward to future posts like the one I am responding to.

            You are right that government must be limited, and allow the individuality of its citizenry to bloom. I would suggest that there also needs to a referee of sorts, and that as was once said the water of prosperity lifts all boats. I just have a tough time with the “Trickle Down” approach often espoused by many conservatives.

            Good Day!

          • Thank you for your service ..I worked here in Illinois for Crook County Sheriffs Dept …didn’t expect to get rich but I did a hell of a lot better then most of my neighbors who paid me

          • rozlee

            Yeah, when conservatives need a cop, their houses catch on fire, or someone in their family starts having chest pain, they really shouldn’t call 911. Why benefit from a system you really hate and believe shouldn’t exist?

          • Dave_dido

            Let me get something straight, Michael. Are you telling us, after all your conservative rants, that you actually sucked on the government teat? Wow! And I take it that you got your healthcare through the Cook County Sheriff Dept. Please explain to me why it’s OK for you to get healthcare using my tax dollars but it’s not OK for me to get healthcare using my tax dollars. If you say a word against Obamacare I’d have to break one of my posting rules and call you an insulting name-hypocrite.
            As for the subject of this article, I’ll say that the biggest mistake Obama made was in his assessment of the damage done by the Bush administration- they had 8 years to mess things up, so let’s give Obama 8 years to fix things.

          • joyscarbo

            I’m a nurse, too, Rozlee, and I am currently a government-paid Public Health nurse.
            First, let me say thank you for “working for the government” and providing care to our nation’s most precious resource, our military service people. From 2007 to 2011, I worked in the ER. I know all too well about the problems with healthcare. Caring for people in crisis- particularly traumatic crisis- is challenging to say the least.
            Like you, I’d like to think that I’m actually providing quality healthcare too. I work with the most vulnerable of populations- the homeless, disadvantaged, disabled and poor. In my opinion, the Public Health Dept clinics are the answer to our nation’s healthcare crisis. With financial support from local, state and federal government, we provide care for so many more!

          • rozlee

            I’m glad you pointed out the populations public health care works to take care off. They’re the people that conservatives would be euthanizing in a slow, uncaring method by neglect and by letting them become disposable dross that can’t carry their own weight. It’s the compassionate conservative way to care for the “Support Our Troops” vets who have hit the streets with PTSD and no longer have health care and are mentally incapacitated.

          • joyscarbo

            It’s sooo painful, rozlee, to see our returning veterans in both the ER’s and the Public Health clinics in crisis. They return from war to find the VA hospitals overwhelmed with no funding in sight. They’re begging for help but our nation’s crappy healthcare system has an even more broken system to deal with those with mental illness. The public health clinic that I work in has a Veterans Support program. It helps the increasing population of new vets on the streets who have not been properly taken care of by the country who sent them to Iraq and Afghanistan.

          • rozlee

            You’re doing a great service, Joy. But, all efforts fall short of the needs of our veterans and other citizens. They need more money and more clinics. In the Vietnam War, over 59,000 Americans died. It’s estimated that between 100,000 to 150,000 more commited suicide. Today, our returning troops are commiting suicide at rates that equal combat deaths at the height of hostilities in the Iraq War. And instead of increasing medical care and social services for them, we have the Ryan budget that wants to throw over 2 million of them out of the VA system. I’m glad we have public workers like you. We need so many more.

          • joyscarbo

            I hear you, rozlee…more must be done. The needs of our returning veterans are only going to multiple exponentially very soon. The greatness of our nation and the common decency of our people will be tested. It’s estimated that over 45% of our vets are filing disability claims. Disabilities payouts for anyone with a disability = “entitlement payments” to the neo-conservative republicans, who despise those who are needy. I’ve been told by one conservative here on this website that if a person who lives in the US and is unable to be a working, productive member of society is a “freeloader.” I have a 27 year old mentally handicapped son who lives in a group home. He is unable to work and depends on SSI disability to survive- $730 per month. I asked this man if he feels my son is a freeloader? He said that he shouldn’t have to support my son with his tax dollars. Mind you, this is a conservative man who claims to be a “small business owner,” who has branches of his business in 5 different states. THIS, sadly, is representative of the attitude and beliefs of the republican party. If they won’t allow a mentally handicapped person the right to exist in our society, what will they tell our disabled veterans? To suck it up?!

          • rozlee

            Advocating letting the handicapped die = Nazism.

      • whos going to pay us if we all work for the Govt ? Well hell it works so good for Greece lets do it here ?????

      • U S companies will hire the minute Obama is gone . The Stock market will rally the minute it becomes clear that Obama is gone . Look what happened to the stock Market the day after Wisconsin ? They aren’t stupid , they can see November from Wisconsin

    • CPANY

      You’re missing the point. The Republicans do not want to improve the lot of the bulk of American citizens, i.e. the poor and middle class. To the contrary, they want to eliminate democracy and replace it with an oligarchic plutocracy. That means rule by a very rich few. It also means further impoverishing the poor and pushing the middle class into poverty.

      To ensure that, they’re actively trying to remove the poor and middle class from the voter registration rolls by claiming to be cleansing them of unqualified voters, such as illegal aliens. In reality, few illegals are on the voter reghistration rolls because that’s not their focus. Their focus is on making money, not changing the country’s politics through democratic means.

      • I thought it was a Christianist theocracy complete with Sharia law.

        • ObozoMustGo

          One of the single dumbest posts on The Memo…. EVER!!!

      • ObozoMustGo

        CPA… unless you are a propaganda generator for the Obozo campaign, you cant really believe that Republicans want people to be poor. You dont really believe that nonsense, do you?

        Have a nice day!

        • EdC


          • ObozoMustGo

            Ed.. With all do respect to your service, you’re a brainwashed useful idiot. Nothing could be further from the truth. For you to assume evil intent on those that disagree with you is precisely why we are so polarized. Too bad! 🙁

            Have a nice day!

        • CPA has quite a few LIKES on their post…you sure don’t. That says it all. Obama/Biden in 2012!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Sherry… I dont post in this sea of leftist insanity for LIKES. The fact that such a nonsense leftist nutjob post by CPA gets any LIKES is more of a testimony to absolute level of stupidity of the average useful idiot that carouses this site. That’s all it is!

            Have a nice day!

          • Mr. OMG, I admire your commitment but I would like to see you give some arguments. Calling names is clever (What is a leftist nutjob?) but calling people stupid and idiots is not argumentation.
            I also happen to dislike Obama because he goes along with the lies too much. He sends drones to kill “terrorists” and ends up killing many innocent people. He signed the bipartisan backed NDAA 2012 which is trying to Unconstitutionally empower the federal government to arrest and detain citizens indefinitely without a trial. (Sounds like Dictatorship to me.)
            Whether we agree with each other on everything else or not we need to agree that our freedoms should come first. We should back Representative Holt of New Jersey who is trying to amend the authorization of $63 billion for domestic drones under the Homeland (Sieg Heil) Security bill.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Mayn… dont take the name calling personally. Think of it like hanging with your buddy who’s acting like a dummy and you call him out on it. That’s all. Believe me, I get my fair share of the insults around here, too. Many of them I actually find kind of funny and enjoyable, even if they are aimed at me. If you have some good rips on me, let em fly! 🙂 By the way, a leftist nutjob is one who cannot think, but merely tows the leftist line and repeats talking points without thinking critically about what they are really saying.

            You are right on target with Obozo’s lies and the NDAA. I actually read the leftist nutjobs on here still complaining about the Patriot Act without having a clue about the NDAA and how it is 10 times worse than the Patriot Act. The reason they dont know about it is because the leftist media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSLSD, NY Slimes, etc. etc. etc) do not cover Obozo’s unconstitutional advances against individual liberty and unconstitutional end runs around Congress. When it comes to the NDAA, all I hear from people around here (except you) is ………. crickets………… crickets……………. crickets……….

            I support Rep. Holt’s efforts to get rid of the drones wholeheartedly! I have written my senators and reps on this matter, as well.

            Have a great weekend!

        • Absolutely! The more poor people in the country the more power they have. They are trying to buy this election and if God is on our side, they will lose and lose BIG!!!!!!!!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Shirl… To borrow a phrase from your messiah, Obozo… Let me clear! You are a moron if you believe that. And you and your type that assume evil intent on those with whom you disagree are EXACTLY the problem with American politics.

            Trust me, God is NOT on the side of those who support the murder of unborn children with abortion, who support same sex marriage and the destruction of the family unit, who attack religious liberties and seek to strike God from every public space or forum. And he certainly is NOT on the side of those who seek to enslave productive Americans with taxation for the immoral purpose of redistributing the fruits of their labor to those who do not earn it. God is NOT on your side. I can assure you of that!

            Have a nice day!

          • UTGDI

            Ouch! You took that one hook, line and sinker. I appreciate the thought that the Lord has more important matters to consider than what someone posts on this forum. But seriously to overreact to Shirley’s post that far is beneath you.

            Shirley, I’m sorry but if the best you can come up with is “God is on our side” then the democratic cause is lost. I expect that lame of an arguement from the Religious Right not from a supporter of the current administration, and where they would like to take the country.

            Let’s stay with a discussion of the article, which outlines one reason why no one has broke to a big lead in the polls. It discusses the challenge that both campaigns have to overcome, and since it was a democratic group, provides advise to the President’s campaign on how to right the ship, and retarget the message.

          • Recoloniser

            I like the hook-line-and-sinker bit and I must say I was indeed reminded of the reaction of a trout to a mayfly imitation during Duffer’s fortnight.

            There is some hope for Obama on the horizon if he succeeds in making the electorate understand that it is unrealistic to expect him to mend what it took Bush 8 years to wreck. And bear in mind that wrecking something is a whole lot easier than repairing it. Expect 15 – 20 years for a full recovery, IF the right policies are followed that is.

            That is unlikely to happen unless Obama is returned with a full majority in Congress, i.e. a workable majority in the House and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. At the same time someone needs to give him a good talking-to about what to do with such a majority, if he gets it. No more Mr. Nice-Guy!

            Obama may have blown it during the first half of his term, when he had such a majority and didn’t use it, the GOP has shot itself in the foot during the last 2 years by its systematic sabotage. Neither Obama, nor the Democratic Party owe them anything any more. They need to install a couple of real bruisers as majority leaders in both houses and just start whipping the acts through. Not nice, but necessary and FDR did it before.

            If Romney wins and the GOP gains anything that looks like a majority in Congress, expect civil liberties, social issues and social justice to be rolled back to roughly where they were before FDR (that has been the GOP’s aim ever since FDR), possibly even further to 1900 or thereabouts, expect the economy to be rigged to favour Romney’s friends on Wall Street, to see governmental economic instrumentation (what there is) to run a modern industrialised nation being dismantled, to see environmental legislation being abolished or crippled, to see American manufacturing industry disintegrate and to see Grover Norquist and Karl Rove jointly put in place their plan for a permanent Republican majority. Start making plans to emigrate.

          • Dear Mr. OMG, Have you ever heard of the Gulf of Tonkin incident? It was used as a justification to escalate the war in Viet Nam. It did NOT happen.
            Have you ever heard of Operation Northwoods in which it was proposed that a plane would be blown up and blamed on Castro, that bombings take place in Florida and Washington, DC and blamed on Castro? This also did not happen because JFK refused. He transferred the General in charge of touting this travesty to NATO. You probably think JFK was in favor of Viet Nam War expansion, too but Freedom of Information documents that were revealed in the early ’90’s show he would have removed our personnel by Christmas ’63. You seem to like tax cuts to stimlate the economy. Did you know JFK did that? He also proposed we follow the Constitution and print our own money instead of letting private banks under the FED Reserve do it. No surprise he was shot. He did not go along with the agenda. When the Cold War ended we needed a substitute for the Military-Industrial gravy train to continue. PNAC wrote that we would need “a cataclysmic and catastrophic event like a New Pearl Harbor” to get the public to back military expansion. One of the signers: Dick Cheney. Others Donald Rumsfeld and Jeb Bush. After 9/11 Rumsfeld wrote for Parade Magazine: “9/11 is a blessing in disguise. It gives us the opportunity, like WW II, to tranform the world.” Right. It killed a lot of innocent people and helped tank our economy. It was used to attack our Constitution and massively increase the Police State’s arrival.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Mayn… I did not see this post of yours until I responded to your earlier one about JFK. I think you and I are on this issue shoulder to shoulder. You are correct. JFK wanted to end central banking, and he did cut taxes which resulted in considerable growth in the early 60s. Too bad he was killed. If you’ve ever read many of his speeches without knowing first who spoke those words, it would be difficult to tell whether or not they were Reagan’s words.

            Regarding the insinuation that any American politician, right or left, would intentionally support our being attacked or even be behind it, I stop there. I dislike Obozo, and believe he hates America as it is/were, but I wouldn’t say that even he would be in a conspiracy to blow up iconic buildings and kill thousands for some other ideal. I just dont buy it at all. Sorry.

            Have a nice day!

        • Let’s see, 30+ years of reaganomics, poor and middle class are less well off, the rich are FAR better off. Not only that, but the repugnantans of today are far right-wing radicals, that want to make reaganomics look like The New Deal. What logical conclusion would you draw? Wait, sorry your a republican, you don’t do logic.

          The most proserous decades in this countries history were when the top tax rate was 70%-90%. Its 36% now (not really, just ask 13.9 Mitt-ins) and the economy is in the toilet. This is what happens when you turn supply and demand on its head. The system has been rigged to benefit only the wealthy and punish the poor, if you can’t see that you must be blind.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Ian… in case you are not informed, Reagan left office in 1988. Neither Bush 1, Clinton, or Bush 2 followed supply side economics. And certainly, we call all see the disastrous effects of top-down, centralized economic control with borrow and spend, borrow and spend, borrow and spend, run up the debt economics of Obozo. I’d say he spends like a drunken sailor but that would be an insult to drunken sailors. As well, all you have to do is look to Europe to see what a disaster such economic policies have become.

            If you are foolish enough to believe that tax rates of 70-90% were actually being paid, you’re too dumb for this discussion. NO ONE paid that rate. Why would you even bother to work if 90% of your income was confiscated? You wouldn’t. Dont be an idiot.

            This is a fact: When you allow people to keep more of their OWN EARNINGS, economic activity increases and tax revenue increase as a result of that. Look at the effects of tax reduction that JFK instituted. The same thing happened in the early 60s as happened in the 80s’. But you leftist nutjobs dont understand the positive impact on revenues that occurs as a result of economic growth. You never have and you probably never will. The suggestion that the more people are taxed, the better the economy is absolutely downright stupid. It does not make any sense.

            One final point on taxes: You leftists love to confuse tax revenues with spending. They are not one in the same, no matter how much you love to confuse the issues. Reagan’s tax cuts resulted in 7%+ annual economic growth and huge increases in tax revenues. Unfortunately, he believed Tip O’Neil about future promises to cut spending, and instead allowed spending to go up far greater than even the massive increase in tax revenues.

            Why is our economy in the crapper right now? Bush was not very good fiscally, especially after the DemocRATS took over Congress in 2006. But Obozo is 10 times worse. Traditionally, our economy has done well when government spending hovers around 18% to 20% of the GDP. With Obozo, it’s now closing in on 30% of the GDP. And our debt has EXPLODED beyond our GDP. This is just a fact of life. You dont like it because it doesnt support your ideas of punishing the so-called “rich”, but its the truth.

            Here are some facts about Romney…

            Quoting Romney’s tax rate of 13.9% is deceptive. It’s actually 14.5% for the 2 years disclosed. I know it’s nitpicking but if you’re going to use it as a slam against the guy, at least be correct. You’re not stupid, maybe. I think you’re probably a pretty smart fella. But, what you intentionally leave out is several things:

            1) 80% of Americans have a LOWER effective tax rate than Romney pays and have access to the same tax structure and deductions that he does. It’s all perfectly legal.
            2) He has massive itemized deductions like $7MILLION in charitable donations. He actually GIVES MORE TO CHARITY THAN HE PAYS IN TAXES. This does not trouble me one bit.
            3) Almost all of his income is in the form of Capital Gains, which are taxed at 15% on the investment side of the ledger, but are taxed at full tax at the corporate level (35%) before they are paid out or 35% at the individual level before they are invested in the first place. Capital gains taxes are double taxation.

            What kind of knucklehead thinks “the system is rigged” to make people poor? The depth of ignorance required to believe that is simply stunning. Your own messiah, Obozo is proof of the exact opposite of such a stupid notion. And there are literally millions of examples of people born poor who have made it very successful or even rich in America. You buy off on that garbage because you’re a typical leftist nutjob that derives all of his conclusions based upon his feelings, predominantly jealousy and envy. They are powerful motivators for cloudy reasoning and faulty conclusions, and they are at the core of all leftist thinking. So what you call “logical” is in fact, not logical at all because logic does not begin with “feelings”.

            Hardly a one of you could open your mouth on any topic without beginning with some comparison to some class of people that “has more” than others. That’s why I say the Holy Trinity of the left is: Race, Gencer, Class. Everything boils down to one or more of those three things. In addition, it’s also why the left must ALWAYS have a boogieman to demonize. Whether it’s “Big Oil”, “Big Pharma”, “Big [fill in the blanks]” or “rich people” or “Christians” or whatever else you can demonize to justify your views, you always must have boogieman.

            You should learn to check your feelings before you try to think. Set aside your anger that someone else has “more” than you or others, and rationalize why people behave as they do. Here is an example: You guys on the left all seem to believe that the economy is like a fixed pie and that you percieve the “game” to be who can get the biggest piece of that pie. You believe that in order for one to get a big piece, another must get a smaller piece. This is why you think that in order for one guy to be rich, he must have stolen it from the poor. Nothing could be further from the truth. You dont have to look any further than your computer screen to see this. Consider the fact that even poor people have computers and internet service along with their air conditioning, heat, flat screen TVs, microwaves, cell phones, cars, refrigerators, etc. etc. The standard of living for someone we call “poor” in America would be considered wealthy in 80% of the rest of the world.

            I think I may be just peeing up a rope with you and many others here. I dont expect you to see things clearly. By definition, you are a leftist nutjob and you have to have some boogieman to hate or be jealous of before any thoughts can be processed in your pea brain.

            Have a nice day!

          • Mr. OMG, I had not read this post when I made my last comment. This is good and I even pressed Like for it.
            I am old now and I have seen a lot of lies from both sides of the aisle. I’m not talking about little white lies either. I’m talking about deceptions that have killed a lot of good people, both here and abroad. JFK was shot from the front. He may have been shot from the back too but the kill shot blasted out the back of his head. The Parkland hospitals all covered the backs of their heads with their hand to show where the skull fragments, that were found, came from. The Zapruder film was sold to Time-Life and was not released for a long, long time. It was doctored.
            RFK had an point blank bullet enter his skull from behind his right ear. At no time was Sirhan Sirhan behind him or close enough for that wound. There were more shots than bullets in his gun also. MLK was supposedly killed by James Earl Ray. How did Ray, an unemployed poor man ex-con get to Canada? The Oklahoma City Bombings had more exploded and unexploded bombs. Science and local reporting reveal that. Ballistics/explosives experts tell us a single truck bomb outside could not have destroyed so many columns inside. The first WTC bombing in ’93 was an FBI sting operation where real explosives were used over the protests of their plant, Salem. There were no incubator babies torn from their life supports by Iraqis in Kuwait. Our government manipulates us and is now moving in for the Police State .

          • ObozoMustGo

            Mayn… I gotta admit, I’m not with you so much on the conspiracy things, my friend. I’m not. Sorry. Do I know how many people shot JFK? No. Probably more than one, but I’m not so sure it matters now. The one thing that I do know is that JFK was growing weary of centralized banking and the power of the Fed and people behind it. I think it was plan hatched by Communists and others with a vested interest in centralized banking and globalism. We may really never know.

            All the other things you mention are most likely significant stretches. On the internet, you can find anything that says anything about anything. Just the way it is.

            Have a nice day!

        • They couldn’t care less if people are poor. In the Reagan Administration they deregulated and dismantled the Savings & Loan Banks and confiscated the people’s houses. This was the biggest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the super-rich in history.
          They did it again under Bush with the mortgage gambles.
          They do it with their insistence on wars that benefit politically connected insiders like the Carlyle Group (Bush I) and Halliburton (Bush II). The Middle Class pays the taxes and supplies the cannon fodder. The rich get no-bid contracts.
          Why do you think the concentration of wealth and property is the greatest it has ever been and takes a jump every time the Republicans come in and remove regulations on Wall Street, bankers and foment wars?
          If you believe the lies about 9/11, explain why the Empire State Building, hit by a bomber in 1945, did not explode and collapse at near free fall speed.
          If you believe the anthrax letters were not for the purpose of intimidating the press and the political opposition, why did White House insiders secretly start taking anti-anthrax antibiotics THREE WEEKS BEFORE the first known threat?

          • ObozoMustGo

            Moronard.. I smell a TRUTHER in here!!!! Hurry! Put on your tinfoil hat! Get down in the bunker! Those silent black helicopters are hovering over your house right now! I see them. You’re the typical leftist nutjob, Moronard, but worse because you’re also a Truther.

            I know how you morons on the left think. Your perception is the economy is a fixed pie and that the whole game is to get as big of a piece of that pie as you can. So if one group or person gets a big piece, that means another group must get a smaller piece, right? Is this how you see it?

            Have a nice day!

      • You ha

      • You have no Idea what you are talking about and sound as Intelligent as Rosie Oddonnell or Joy Behar ( That is not a compliment if you are wondering ) To say that anyone wants to purge the voter rolls of elligible voters is Bill Maher stupid . The ones they are trying to purge are ILLEGAL ALIENS and people with Felony convictions . I know facts and Logic only serve to confuse anger and annoy the liberal mind but that is the truth so stop lying like they do on Liberal news . It just makes you look stupid and under informed

        • joyscarbo

          The only stupid person here is you, Mike! You sound like an in-bred dolt!!

          How do you explain Thaddeus McCotter in Michigan? Michigan’s attorney general has launched an investigation into why more than 80 percent of the signatures on McCotter’s nominating petitions were invalid – many apparently photocopied from other petitions and were sloppily cut and pasted to blank petitions. It’s deliberate and calculated ELECTION FRAUD!

          And what about the Florida’s “voter purge lists?” The list of potential noncitizen voters – many of whom have turned out to be lawful citizens and voters – disproportionately hits minorities, especially Hispanics. One voter is a woman who was born and raised in Ohio. Another was a 91 year old veteran of WWII!!

          Don’t forget all those votes that failed to be counted in Florida in 2000. It was only the first in a LOOOONNNGGG line of scandal and illegal activity in the career of George W. Bush, et al.

      • This was one of the most incisive posts on one of the most incisive memos ever.

    • ObozoMustGo

      Sandy… Where does the money that you are paid come from? Do you know?

      Awaiting your response I remain..

      Have a nice day!

      • alumahead

        I smell an Mitiot.

        • ObozoMustGo

          It’s official.. we have our first contestant that has put himself in the moron’s category!

          Any other takers?

          Have a nice day!

          • Lorrellei

            Speaking to yourself in the mirror again OBOZO?

          • ObozoMustGo

            Lor…… that was cute, and mildly clever………………………….. for a 6 year old.

            Have a nice day!

          • Lorrellei

            Why thank you!

            I appreciate the compliment.

            You have a nice day as well. 😉

          • ObozoMustGo

            No problem! You’re feisty, and I like it! Keep battling. Nice parrot, by the way. Does it crap on you?

            Have a nice evening!

          • Lorrellei

            No, he is very well behaved.

            Have a mice evening!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Lor… I knew a women a few years ago that had 4 parrots/whatevers and I hated seeing with the bird on her shoulder. The damned thing crapped all over her and she didnt mind even a little bit. It was disgusting.

            Thank goodness for well behaved parrots! 🙂

            Have a nice day!

          • Lorrellei

            He is a very behaved beach bird that was only on my shoulder during the time a band was playing at the beach. Then he very politely went back to his owner. No crap!

        • Midiot!!!! I like that…soooo appropriate!

      • Does the term ‘Monetary Sovereignty’ ring any bells?

        • ObozoMustGo

          So your point is what, Lynda? That we just print it out of thin air?

          Awaiting your response, I remain….

          Have a nice day, my lefty friend!

      • rozlee

        O, where do you think the money for subsidies for oil companies, farms, energy companies, defense contractors, and Big Pharma come from? Do you know? Awaiting your response.

        Have a nice day!

        • ObozoMustGo

          OK, roz…. I know you leftist nutjobs love to complain about “big oil” or “big pharma” or “big [fill in the blanks with your preferred boogieman]” but let’s examine some facts. I’ve posted this before, but will do it again. You leftist nutjobs have so many preconceived notions about the world that just are not so, it’s sad. Here are some FACTS for you to read even though I know you will not like them. They will debunk the myths of your leftist beliefs, so you are not likely to believe it. That does not change the fact that this is truth… Read it and weep, roz.

          Credit to Randall Hoven, as written on The American Thinker web site. You all should try going there. It’s much better critical thinking and writing that The DemocRATic Mouthpiece Memo.
          Everyone wants to end subsidies to oil companies, from President Obama to John Boehner and Paul Ryan. My question was “What subsidies?” Remarkably enough, CNN Money provided the answer.

          It turns out that they are all tax “breaks.” I even hesitate to call them “breaks” because some of them amount to little more than Congress defining accounting terms such as “capital equipment.” And the total amount of earnings not collected in taxes (which liberals define as a “subsidy”) is about $4 billion per year. Here is how that breaks down.

          Domestic manufacturing tax deduction — $1.7 B. This is a tax deduction given to every manufacturer in the US. Per CNN, it was “designed to keep factories in the United States.” If that deduction were eliminated for oil companies only, it would mean singling out oil companies from all other manufacturers.

          Percentage depletion allowance — $1 B. Any industry can write down a portion of the cost of its capital equipment as part of the cost of doing business. Right now, oil in the ground is treated as capital equipment. Again, this “subsidy” amounts to how the cost of doing business is defined. All companies get it, not just oil companies.

          Foreign tax credit — $850 million. Companies get credit for taxes they pay to other countries. All companies get this “subsidy,” not just oil companies. Should a company pay tax on tax? Should only oil companies pay tax on tax?

          Intangible drilling costs — $780 million. According to CNN, “[a]ll industries get to write off the costs of doing business, but they must take it over the life of an investment. The oil industry gets to take the drilling credit in the first year.” Among these four tax “breaks,” this smallest one was the only one that treated oil companies differently.

          The above tax “breaks” explain how much tax revenue is not collected from all oil companies. How much is collected?

          Exxon recently released its first quarter results for 2011. The number grabbing the headlines was Exxon’s profit: $10.65 billion in a single quarter. The number not given quite as much exposure was the taxes it paid in that same quarter: $8 billion, or 42% of income before taxes.

          And what does Exxon do with all that money it has left after paying $8 B in taxes? It put $7.8 billion into capital and exploration, as part of its plans “to invest between $33 billion and $37 billion per year over the next five years to develop new energy supplies.”

          In any other industry, that would be called “research and development.” Exxon is plowing 73% of its after-tax profits back into R&D. Who would be better at spending $4 billion of energy companies’ earnings in an attempt to provide our energy in the future: the energy companies or Obama’s energy czar?

          Do you know what oil company does get US subsidies, and not just tax “breaks”? Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned oil company. According to the Wall Street Journal,

          The U.S. is going to lend billions of dollars to Brazil’s state-owned oil company, Petrobras, to finance exploration of the huge offshore discovery in Brazil’s Tupi oil field in the Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro. Brazil’s planning minister confirmed that White House National Security Adviser James Jones met this month [August 2009] with Brazilian officials to talk about the loan.

          Just to re-cap a few pertinent features of these “subsidies” to oil companies that Obama wants to cut.

          •They are all tax “breaks,” or earnings that oil companies get to keep, not money paid out from the US Treasury.
          •The amount of earnings not collected in taxes is about $4.3 billion per year — about 0.2% of this year’s deficit and enough to fund about 10 hours of current US government spending.
          •A full $3.55 billion of that amount (82%) is due to the way taxes are treated for all industries or manufacturers. To change these tax laws only for oil companies would require singling them out among all industries for special mistreatment. (I’m not a lawyer, but that sounds like a bill of attainder to me, something our Constitution forbids.)
          •The only tax in which the oil industry seems to get special treatment compared to other industries is intangible drilling costs. The amount of that subsidy? That would be $0.78 billion per year — enough to fund less than two hours of federal spending in 2011, and not even half the amount we are lending a foreign-owned and state-owned oil company for drilling offshore Brazil.
          •Oil companies already pay tax rates of 40-50% of income. For one company, Exxon, in one quarter of one year, that amount was over $8 billion, or almost double the so-called tax “subsidy” for all oil companies for an entire year.

          If you think oil companies enjoy some special privilege because of the money they throw around Washington, DC, consider that the Oil & Gas industry ranked only 19th in the amount of money contributed to politicians in the 2008 election cycle: $17.7 million. Who was number one? Lawyers, who contributed $126.9 million, or over seven times as much as the Oil & Gas industry. The Education lobby gave $37.4 million, more than twice as much as Oil & Gas.

          You might not realize it, but private oil companies don’t own much oil. Most oil in the ground, in fact 87% of the world’s supply, is owned by state-owned companies, and most of that by OPEC countries and Russia. Exxon, for example, owns only 0.68% of worldwide oil reserves. Venezuela owns 7.34%, more than 10 times as much as Exxon. What Exxon does is explore, drill, transport, refine, and distribute. It makes its money by doing things, not by sitting on capital.

          According to the DOE’s Energy Information Administration, every time you fill up your gas tank, more of your money goes to taxes than goes to refining costs and profits combined.

          Having said all that, go ahead and get rid of that special treatment of intangible drilling costs. Make oil companies write them down over the life of their investments, not just one year. Increase corporate taxes in the US, where corporate tax rates are already highest in the world. Collect enough money to fund the federal government for two hours.

          And of course, tell your constituents you don’t kowtow to those big, bad oil companies. Unless they’re owned by Brazil.

          Have a nice and enlightened day!

          • Sweeeny

            Do you have a job?

          • rozlee

            I actually left a nice long reply to this post hours ago, but it’s still reading “under moderation.” Hopefully, it will post sometime soon so we can debate this more.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Good morning roz! I hope you are well today.

            Regarding your post that did not come up… I’ll bet you that you tried to put a link in the post, didn’t you? They don’t allow links to be posted here. So what you have to do is type out the address spelling “dot” instead of using the period in the address. The system will not pick it up as a link.

            Just a helpful hint.

            Have a nice day!

          • rozlee

            Yes, I did put a couple of links. I was mostly rebutting some of your talking points about campaign contibutions from oil companies and teachers unions. Looking up opensecretsdotorg and other campaign donation websites here are the major campaign contributors: Tech Industry, 120 million. Mining Industry, 100 million. Defense Industry, 180 million. Agribusiness 150 million. OIL, 150 million. Financial lobby, this one was harder since the exact amount could only be estimated at “hundreds of millions.” Goldman Sachs alone gave 2.6 million. Big Pharma, 25 million. AARP, 22 million. Pro-Israeli lobby, 4 million. NRA, 7.2 million. Unions and trial lawyers don’t even make the score as the top ten and, with the exception of the AARP, those contributors lean heavily Republican. As for perceived liberal contributors like the “liberal” media, they’re hardly liberal. ABC/Disney: Major shareholder, R. Bass, oil and gas baron. CBS/Westinghouse. Westinghouse is a major defense constractor. FOX NEWs, largest stock after the Murdoch family is owned by Saudi Prince al-Walid bin Talal. Oil rich Saudis also own considerable stock in Comcast. Media companies contributions skewered toward Repubicans by 70%. Even liberal leaning MSNBC gave 59% of it’s contributions to Republicans.

          • joyscarbo

            I just want to give you a very real example of the unbridled greed in the pharmceutical companies. Without regulations and rules to keep these companies ethical, this is how it affects real people in real ways:
            In 2006, the FDA launched the “Unapproved Drugs Initiative,” which targeted old drugs that had never been approved by the FDA. (Bush admin initiated program).
            Colchicine was one of those older drugs. It’s the only first-line medications for acute Gout arthritis flares. Gout causes excruciating pain from uric acid crystalizing in a joint. The joint becomes swollen, red, hot and unbearably painful. Colchicine was the first drug that Gout suffers reach for at the first sign of a flare. It was a $4 drug. Older drugs were never “developed” by any drug company and patented. Pharmaceutical companies develop a drug and then patent it, they make a commericals and ads about why you need this drug, give doctors incentives to prescribe their drug and then they rake in obsene amounts of money.
            Well, this drug- colchicine- was never developed. So some opportunistic drug company decided to put a patent on colchicine. Keep in mind, it is the ONLY first line drug for those who suffer from an acute Gout flare. The patents gives the company a temporary monopoly on colchicine. AR Scientific patented colchicine. It went from being a $4 for 30 tablets to $153.00 for 30 tablets. There is NO difference in the chemical make up of this drug.
            Can you imagine the impact that this has had on those who suffer from Gout? This is the worst example of unethical business practices!!! Republican leaders only want more. Of course, if Mitt had Gout, he’d have no problem whatsoever affording this drug. But what about the average person or the elderly person who is afflicted with Gout?

          • ObozoMustGo

            Hi Joy! I hope you are well this morning. Your message came in at 3:12AM. Do you sleep?

            You guys on the left love to rail against “big pharma”, “big oil”, “big whoever” but have you ever stopped to think about what it actually costs to develop new drugs? Have you?

            Do you realize that for every drug that is developed and you know about, there are litterally thousands of R&D efforts that NEVER see the light of day? Do you realize the costs and risks involved in this? Do you?

            How do you think that pharmaceutical companies pay for all of that R&D (that employs millions of people associated with it) to find the one needle in the haystack that finances all of the failures you never hear about? Do you know how?

            Do you think that if you took away the profit motive AND patent protections, that anyone would want to be in the pharma business? Do you really think that?

            Do you think that people that run and work in pharmaceutical companies are just evil profit seeking capitalists out to exploit the world and just make money until everyone else is poor? That’s a silly notion and you know it. Why are you the one with a lock on compassion? Do you think that the people in the pharma might, just maybe, really care about helping others with their discoveries? That maybe, just maybe, they also have altruistic motives?

            You know the answers to these questions, Joy. You do know them. But I realize as a lefty, your emotions of jealousy and envy are the shroud that wraps up all of your “thinking”, and your misplaced compassion leads you to false conclusions about what really is best for mankind. The benefits to mankind of America’s pharmaceutical companies, and many others in the world that followed operating in free markets as well, are incalculable. They are. NONE of it would occur without the profit motive. NONE OF IT!

            Regarding your example, I wish I was the guy that noticed the drug wasn’t patented. Good for them! Think of all the new discovery efforts that you dont know about that are financed by the revenues. Maybe $4 for 30 tablets was artificially low and did not account for legal risks, regulatory burden, distribution, and future discovery. How do you know what the financial parameters of the drug were? You dont know. That’s my point. So while you sit at your computer lamenting the fact that someone is making money, the truth is that neither you nor I nor anyone else except that company really know the whole situation.

            I’m not saying that there are no people in pharma that are unscrupulous and I’m not saying that there should be no FDA. Not by any means. So don’t automatically jump to the default leftist thinking about those with whom y0u disagree. That’s not what i am saying. But certainly, the more restrictions, the higher the legal and regulatory costs, the more difficult it is to make money in pharma, I can assure you as the sun rises in the east every morning, that drugs will continue to escalate in price year after year after year. And what will the left say about that? They will demonize the pharma companies and seek to pile on more of the same old crap that made the drugs more expensive and risky in the first place.

            Something to ponder.

            By the way, colchicine is not the only drug for gout. Look it up.

            Have a blessed day, my friend! 🙂

          • joyscarbo

            I know all too well how much reasearch and development goes into making brand new drugs to treat diseases and illnesses. I’m not talking about a new chemotheraputic drug or a new drug to treat mental illnesses or a revolutionary weightloss drug. That’s NOT what I’m talking about.

            I’m talking about a drug that has been around for a very long time. So long, it was never patented by any drug company. I know more about Gout than I wish I had to because my husband suffers from Gout. He was diagnosed when he was only 25 years old. He follows all the dietary rules and still suffers excruciatingly painful flares very often. While Gouty arthritis flares most commonly occur in the joints of the feet and toes, my husband has had Gout in multiple joints- ankles, hands, fingers, wrists, elbows and knees. When my husband has a Gout attack in his knee results in uric acid aspirated from the joint- a painful procedure. It’s no joke to many people.
            Allopurinol is taken daily to try to help prevent flares, but when a flare occurs, Allopurinol actually WORSENS the inflamation and pain. When an attack of Gouty arthritis occurs, my husband must immediately stop taking the Allopurinol and to begin to take colchicine. Colchicine is the first line drug in an acute Gout flare. Colchicine helps the body dump uric acid through the GI tract. Colchicine causes terrible diarrhea, but it also helps to resolve the Gout, so diarrhea is a small price to pay for unrelenting pain that immobilizes it’s victim. The other drug, Indomethicin, is simply another NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drug). It’s just like ibuprofen, naproxen or diclofenac. These drugs won’t rid the body of the uric acid, which is the direct cause of the Gout attack.

            Because of this unecessary and opportunistic “patent” of an already existing drug that has a proven theraputic value on only one medical condition, millions of Gout suffers are unable to afford this once very inexpensive drug. Now, instead of Gout patients taking their cheap medication at home, they go to emergency rooms to get large doses of IV prednisone and other drugs to aleve their pain and suffering. Chronic prednisone use is not an ideal therapy for anyone. Prednisone is a far more troublesome than the colchicine. Predisone alters the blood sugars levels, which is dangerous to diabetics. It can inhibit the immune system, make prednisone users vulnerable to opportunistic infections. Prednisone can severely thin the skin, insomnia and a litany of problems. Doctors don’t like prescribing it but it but practioners can’t deny it’s highly effective in stopping an inflamatory response in the body.

            Your theory is that “business should be able to do whatever it wants as long as a profit can be made” is really short sighted and doesn’t care about he REAL human consequences it creates. What was once a $4.00 drug for 30 tablets (and pennies to make by companies) is now NEEDLESSLY $152.00 for 30 tablets. This amount is prohibitive and this business practice is unethical and SHOULD be illegal in a society where common decency and a sense of doing what is in the best interest of the greater good is more important than ONLY PROFITS. But that seems to be exactly what the republican party stands for.

            Hope you and your family are doing well and continue to do so…
            Have a nice day!

            ps…weird about my orginal post about this…I sent last evening. I go to bed at 10 or 11pm.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Joy, I am saddened to hear about your husband’s condition and will include him in my prayers this evening. You certainly know a great deal about gout, unfortunately. I suppose you’d rather know nothing about it if you had your preference. 🙁

            But on this pharma matter, you are dead wrong about it. There is no collective ideal as the left likes to say. Usually, when I hear things like “the greater good” what that means translated into English from lefty code speak is “we know what the greater good is more than you know what the greater good is and you should do as we say you should do because we know better”. The other English translation is “you are not as important as the greater good of the collective whole as we define it, and you must subordinate your interests to our desires”. This is what you mean. It’s why you show disdain for PROFITS by capitalizing the very word. It’s exactly why you believe that your definition of “common decency” should adopted by others for the express purpose of reducing your personal cost of medicine. It’s the lefty way of thinking. I dont fault you for it. It is what it is. You cant help it. But you are wrong.

            While the company that patented colchicine may be taking advantage of their market postion, and while maybe they are excessive or not, I dont know. Like I said, I have no idea what the financial specifics surrounding production, regulatory issues, etc. etc. are. You have no idea what may have happened after they patented the product. Perhaps it was being made previously with grandfathered in processes that were not compliant with modern standards? Maybe because of that, they had to spend $500M to build a new plant? If I were you, I would call the company and ask to speak with an executive that can answer your questions about how they justify such a price increase. Maybe you have. But you may also ask yourself this question: If your husband was given the option, $5 to stop a flare up, or not, which way would he choose? I know the answer. Here’s the 5 bucks! 30 pills for $150 is $5 per pill to stop a painful gout flare up. Actually, that seems like a pretty good deal come to think of it. If it was me, $50 bucks to stop the flare up is a price I’m happy to pay out of pocket. So maybe all of the griping is just muchado about nothing.

            One other point… I also do NOT impart ill will or evil intent upon those who are making the drug, unlike you guys on the left. You all want your freebies and anyone you think is not giving you freebies the way you want it, well, they must be evil profiteers getting rich off of all the poor people. I just dont think like that, Joy. Sorry, I don’t and I never will.

            Just my 2 cents worth. 🙂

            Have a great evening, Joy. Give your hubby a special day for Fathers Day!

            PS> I’ve noticed Disqus is very slow to deliver sometimes and others very quick.

          • joyscarbo

            You make some very disappointing assumptions about me. First, I am not “anti-business.” I know all too well the vital role that business plays in any economy. And folks that lean center or to the left also understand this simple principle as well. I do not think that business is inherently “evil.” I know that for any business to survive and grow, it must turn a profit. I have no problem with brand new, costly drugs. I just know that these new, glossy drugs with big claims of glory aren’t affordable to the masses, regardless whether a patient has health insurance or not. Rich guys got the “benefits” of Viagra LONG before “Average Joe.”
            The problem is that pharmaceutical companies are not now, nor have they ever been, struggling to turn a profit. Those in healthcare know all too well about the wealth and influence they have in healthcare and in politics as well. I wish I could get a job with a phamacuetical company! An average pharmaceutical rep can make some serious money. A successful rep’s income can dwarf most physicians. When a new drug comes out, so does do drug reps. The drug companies have more than enough money to bring practioners to the finest restaurants so they can trot out their new shiney pills. Drug patents allow the parent company make huge profits on new drugs before their patents expired. Deregulation allows them to change one molecule of the drug’s chemical composition, rename it and continue to falsely advertise that it’s “better” than the other drug, which is one molecule different than their other drug. This is exacatly what happened with Prilosec. The patent ran out, the drug company removed one molecule and renamed the drug “Nexium.” It’s the same drug-different name. These aren’t ethical business practices.

            Maybe you don’t believe in the principles of ethics, but I do. As a nurse, I adhere to basic ethical principles that guide my practice:

            Principle of Beneficence:
            Traditionally understood as the “first principle” of morality, the dictum “do good and avoid evil” lends some moral content to this principle. The principle of beneficence is a “middle principle” insofar as it is partially dependent for its content on how one defines the concepts of the good and goodness. As a middle principle, beneficence is not a specific moral rule and cannot by itself tell us what concrete actions constitute doing good and avoiding evil.

            The Principle of Common Good:
            In so far as the common good presupposes respect for persons, it obligates public authorities to respect the fundamental human rights of each person. Society should allow each of its members to fulfill his or her vocation. Insofar as it presupposes social welfare, the common good requires that the infrastructure of society is conducive to the social well being and development of its individual members. In this respect, it is the proper function of public authorities to both arbitrate between competing interests and to ensure that individual members of society have access to the basic goods that are necessary for living a truly human life, e.g., food, clothing, health care, meaningful work, education, etc. Finally, this conception of the common good requires the peace and security that accompanies a just social order. Public authority, then, should be used to ensure, by morally acceptable means, the security of society and its individual members.

            Distributive Justice:
            refers to what society or a larger group owes its individual members in proportion to: 1) the individual’s needs, contribution and responsibility; 2) the resources available to the society or organization (market considerations would be included under this, as well as other financial considerations); and 3) the society’s or organization’s responsibility to the common good. In the context of health care, distributive justice requires that everyone receive equitable access to the basic health care necessary for living a fully human life insofar as there is a basic human right to health care.

            There are many more ethical prniciples…but I think we could use more of these ethics applied to our politicians on all sides: Dems, Repubs, Indep, Tea party…whether you lean right, left or center to any and all issues.
            In my opinion- the Republican Right is in conflict or direct violation of basic ethical principles. What they propose to do to our most vulnerable populations is unethical. They support unethical business practices.
            AGAIN, this is my opinion and I base it on the facts I know. I’m not deluded, disillusioned no ignorant. I challenge you to demonstrate who how Republicans are keeping these basic human ethical principles.

    • thetruthmeister

      You my friend are an out and out liar. Who ever heard of an underpaid state worker. That’s like saying you are an under weight obese person. I am a small business owner and we do not need more government in our lives. We need LESS! You socialist liberals like fabricating the ” Poor Me , oh Poor Poor Me” sob stories. Let me fill you in, your lies do not work anymore. I was fooled in 2008 but I will not be fooled again. To let you in on another fact, your “domino effect” is actually moving against your socialistic way of life because normal hard working people like myself have become disgusted with your and our President’s untruthful propaganda rhetoric. It’s so elementary!!!!

      • EdC

        lack of thetruthmeister, don’t know what kind of business you are in, but by limiting money to consumers means they can’t buy your product. Labor state workers are underpaid, if they were doing the same work in the private sector, their salarie would be 30 % more, unless of course they were hire illegal alians like most republicans like to hire. On the other hand, when you city and state officials in the six and seven figure catagories then these people are overpaid. I beat that you became a business owner because you weren’t paid enough by your employer, so why do you believe that the guys working in the sun , or in the ice, rain or snow are under paid? How much would you charge as a business owner to run into burning buildings to rescue people, or to take a chance in recieving a bullet when ever you make a traffic stop. You are right we need less adminstration costs for the services we get, not less services for administrrations to acquire more money.


      They want to put public employees out of work to make the economy worse and deprive Obama of any success.

    • Yeah, that’s the ticket. We need more state workers like the ones here in California who retire at 50 or 55 and make over $100,000 a year in retirement, plus full medical benefits. Yeah, we need more cubicle monkeys working for Jerry Brown. And we need Obama for 4 more years, because the economy isn’t quite destroyed yet, but with 4 more years of Obama, Greece will be sending us money.

      • joyscarbo

        My dearest friend of more than 20 yearas is a supervising social worker in the Dept of Social Health Services in Davis, CA. She has a master’s degree in social work and she isn’t making the kind of money you claim. She works in child welfare and had 12 employees until last year. She’s now got 5 and has just been told she has to cut 1.5 more workers. She has no idea how she’ll ensure that the community is adequately served.
        What we DON’T need is another republican to destroy our country!!

    • greghilbert

      Sandy, your comment gives me the impression of a person who is decent but naive, which most of us sometimes are. I’m one of those progressives who increasingly sees the Democratic Party establishment as only the lesser of two evils, and one of the reasons is visible in your comment.

      The wealthy want the non-wealthy to continue funding tax cuts that make them wealthier but have proven not to produce jobs, and government employees want private-sector tax-payers to fund preservation of their jobs and extraordinary benefits while funding more such government jobs.
      The only thing that’s elementary is that non-wealthy private-sector taxpayers cannot do both, certainly not while also funding as much spending on defense, homeland security and war as the entire rest of the world, a policy both Parties sustain!

      Sandy, the MAJORITY of non-wealthy private-sector taxpayers in the USA fall into one or more of these categories: (1) unemployed, (2) employed but income below poverty level, (3) do not have employer-paid health insurance (4) survive primarily on social security or disability income, (5) are drowning in debt and tax bills.

      Yes, Repub policy gave us the corporate welfare state still enriching the few at the expense of the many, and gave us excess spending on defense, homeland security, and war while fanning hostility toward all things “liberal”. But along the way Dem Presidents and Congresses acquiesced on two fronts: excessive spending on defense, and failure to repeal tax cuts for the rich and job-exporting/tax-dodging corporations.

      Most of the hundreds of billions in stimulus spending went to fund jobs for teachers and other government employees. What they spent trickled down to others, including the wealthy. But it did not prime a pump for job generation. We shot our wad and now it’s gone. The states and counties and municipalities have no ability to fund the jobs because non-wealthy private-sector taxpayers have no ability to fund another wad.

      I must decline your self-serving appeal for support. The wealthy beat public service unions to the punch with the “me first, trickle-down” argument, and public service union employees did not learn from the Wisconsin recall experience. They persist with a me-first strategy that will deliver their jobs to the forces of privatization. I think government employees need to get behind an effort to repeal tax breaks for the rich and job-exporting corporations — for which there is broad support — and then get in line for a fair share (only) of the proceeds. I’d like to see 5% to 10% of defense spending invested in renewable-energy and energy-efficiency technology that benefits all of us while creating exportable products and services, and thus a self-sustaining source of trade income and job growth in the USA.

    • What Planet do you live on . If the Private Secvtror Jobs will follow with the hiring of more Govt workers why aren’t we booming . Obama has increased the size of the Fed workforce by 12 % the” private sector doing fine” ? hahahahah . No what you propose is what Greece has done . Are you all so blindly loyal and indoctrinated that facts and logic mean nothing to you ?

      • The Republicans don’t want ton put you out of work ,but most conservatives want to see your pay and bennies brought in linew with the Private sector …You should be fine with that right ? After all the Private Sector is doing fine ..hahahahah Stop fear mongering and get your facts right lest you look as informed as a Libtard

        • joyscarbo

          Yes…and Romney’s plan to change healthcare is to loosen the current regulations that insurance companies must follow. The way health insurance work now is that employers offer insurance plans. The majority of policy holers are fairly healthy and their premiums offset the needs of those who are have more health issues. With Romney’s plan, insurance companies will be allowed to “charge” for health insurance premiums based on individual health issues. This means that people with significant health issues won’t be able to afford health insurance. People who are sick through no fault of their own will be uninsured. What will cancer patients do? What will patients with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis do? What will people with severe physical and mental disabilities do? Under Romney’s plan to address the healthcare crisis, people will only have the ER’s to go to because only ER’s are federally mandated to see ALL people, regardless of their ability to pay for their care. Many will have no primary care providers, no specialists, no surgeons, NOTHING.
          In a country that is suppose to be one of the “greatest” and “richest” in the world, we SUCK in taking care of our own. And republicans are the worst at doing ANYTHING about it.

    • joyscarbo

      The republicans have run the south into the ground, unfortunately. My brother-in-law is a prison warden in Georgia. He’s woefully underpaid as a state employee. Are you unionized? Knowing the south, probably not. My only suggestion to you, my friend, is to move to a state that actually values it’s state workers. I work for my county’s public health system in a northern state and we are unionized as well. We’re well represented and paid fairly.
      I have many family members who live in the south. It may be an inexpensive cost of living rate there, but wages are pitiful.

  • The public should be reminded that a lot of Obama’s efforts to improve the ecomomy have been struck down by the Republican Congress.

  • meworryalot

    Reducing the deficit in times of high unemployment is tantamount to rationing water at a four alarm fire.
    We don’t need more “trickle down”; we need a people back at work to get the money circulating. Reducing the deficit is the path to disaster. Spend some more now; when things improve, pay off the deficit with increased tax revenue. What Wall Street might call an ‘investment’.

  • Sam

    I don’t feel that one can get from being a bully and a jerk as a teen – getting one’s kicks pretending to be a police officer, for instance – to being a person of exceptionally high character as an adult. Something about those kind of ‘beginnings’ must always stick and render Romney suspect in the view of voters who know of them.

  • Sam

    Down here in Louisiana, Newhouse (taking its cue from Bain Capital- lol) is laying off staff at The Times Picayune, downsizing and going to three days a week and internet publication . Understand it’s the same with other papers they own. The Obama administration is in no way at fault for such additional unemployment as occurs in such cases, of course. But I’m quite sure Romney would not be above putting some of it off on Obama, should he campaign in this state. But why bother, Romney and Bobby ‘Out-of-Town’ Jindal already have Louisiana locked up.

  • ObozoMustGo

    It’s a good bit of wishful thinking to believe that people will suddenly like the economy just because Obozo changes his language. You leftist nutjobs, and Obozo the Narcissist in Chief, seem to think that a campaign speech can magically change history. Well, too bad, it cant.

    The DemocRATS will just be trying to put lipstick on the Obozo pig. Witness this fact: Every single president that has faced reelection since LBJ, with the exception of 1, has lost a majority of the “Undecided” vote. The only one was GWB in 2004 and that was because Kerry was a complete incompetent stiff during a war time. Even then, it was close.

    Fact is that undecided voters overwhelmingly vote for the challenger. The details of the pending vote in November do not look good for Obozo. And his campaign team knows it. This is why they keep trying to change the message. Nothing is working. This is why Obozo has been swinging HARD left in his campaign because he knows he has lost the center by a large margin. The trick now is to follow this script:

    1) Use the Dep’t of Justice to prevent voter ID laws from coming into place. There are probably several million illegals they can get to vote for Obozo in swing states like FL and OH.
    2) Energize the hard left, socialist ogranizations like ACORN (whatever it’s new name is) and the Unions. Energize the hard left Feminazis and Gays. Every one of the kooky left voters is needed.
    3) Voter regsitration drives among the most likely to vote for Obozo… the uneducated, unemployed, government check cashers and soon to be leftist useful idiots.
    4) Keep telling America that the problem with our economy is rich people and that we need more government workers to make the economy grow.
    5) Focus on ANYTHING about Romney as a distraction to keep people from talking about Obozo’s record. Enlist the useful idiots at the NY Times, Wash Post, The National Memo, etc. etc. to carry this water and perform this task.
    6) Blame George Bush and the Republican House of Representatives. Don’t mention that the Dems controlled it 100% for 2 full years.
    7) DONT, whatever we do, DONT mention OBOZOCARE. 60% of Americans HATE that bill.

    There you have it. ObozoMustGo has just given you all the Obozo reelection campaign strategy.

    Its been my pleasure to enlighten you. You are welcome.

    Have a nice day!

    • rozlee

      Jeez, O, the calluses on your knuckles must be hard as wood from you dragging them on the floor so much. You really told off us union thug, socialist, Nazi, communist, fascist, femiNazi, baby-killing, uneducated, unemployed, Welfare Queen minority, Evil-utionist, butt-buggering, climate hoaxing, New Black Panther enabling, flag-burning, border fence jumping Mexican, godless, hellbound LIEberal DEMONcrats. Don’t miss your appointment to put on your robes and hood and burn down a black church later on. Several million illegals in Florida and Ohio! Sheesh.

      • ObozoMustGo

        roz… you’re almost correct… except the KKK reference. KKK was the home of the DemocRATic party, sweetie. Look it up!

        Have a nice day!

        • rozlee

          Seems to me that the Democrats in the South became Republicans en masse when Northern liberals passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 under the auspices of LBJ. Google Civil Rights Votes By States and you’ll notice that none of the Southern Democrats and Southern Republicans voted for it by more than 15%, while Northern Democrats and Northern Republicans favored it by margins of 85 to 100%. The North and South changed party labels, but it’s always been liberals vs. conservatives and North vs. South. Today, 24% of Southerners believe that the ban on interracial marriage should never have been lifted.

          • ObozoMustGo

            roz… it’s easy to go back and revise history about party switching, but it is what it is. DemocRATS did not like the blacks. Plain. Period. End of story. I could do the same thing and say that Obozo is really a Republican, but just because I say it doesnt make it true. And do you know why LBJ wanted to pass the Great Destructive Society Programs? Because he knew he could buy the black vote for DemocRATS forever with these payoffs… errr. money giveaways… err.. social help. And he was right. LBJ was a notorious Southern DemocRAT, also, sweetie. Those same Southern DemocRATS you say were Republicans. He was also a notorious racist. FACT!

            24% of southerners may not think interracial marriage is good, but 40% of Americans believe in the hoax that is man-made global warming. Just becuase they believe it doesnt make them right, now does it?

            Have a nice day!

          • rozlee

            Do you actually believe that, O? That Blacks and other minorities like me defected to the Democratic Party because we’re all a bunch of shiftless sloths who just wanted to sit around all our lives with our hands stretched out and continue to want that to this day? You’ve got a great opinion of minorities, I must say. And if Southern Democrats didn’t like minorities in 1964, I doubt they started loving them when they switched to become Republicans six years later.

          • ObozoMustGo

            roz… your chat name gives no indication to your skin color. Nor do I care what your skin color is. Makes no difference to me or anyone that I know and associate with. And the stereotype you portray is an old and deadone from decades gone by, my friend. My comments were facts about what LBJ said was his motivation at the time.

            And the fact that the Dems were the party of slavery and segregation THROUGHOUT AMERICAN HISTORY. There is simply no denying this. For you to attempt to say that Republicans are somehow now, in today’s age, equivalent or the same as Southern DemocRATS who were clearly the race haters for most of American history is flat out wrong and disingenuous, and you know it! It’s no different than anyone else saying all blacks are shiftless sloths as you presume. BOTH are clearly wrong!

            Have a nice day!

          • rozlee

            I don’t get it, O. The large majority of Southern Democrats abandoned their labels as Democrats right after the Civil Rights Act was passed and became Republicans. The entire South since the 60s became Republican where just an election before, it had been Democrat. It’s Republican to this day. Southern Blacks had voted mostly for the Republican Party before the Civil Rights Act. They switched completely to the Democrat Party when Northern Democrats voted for Civil rights by 100% when LBJ pushed the Civil Rights Act. They’ve voted for Democrats by over 90% since then. It’s not revisionism; it’s fact.

          • ObozoMustGo

            roz… what puzzles me is this. If blacks have been voting 90% DemocRAT since the 1960’s, why is the state of blacks in America gone downhill? Why is it that the out of wedlock birthrate amongt blacks is nearing 70%? Why are places like Detroit that have been DemocRATic for 60 years turning into absolute hell holes and disaster areas? And it’s not just Detroit, look at the following facts:

            Interesting to say the least.

            City, State, % of People Below the Poverty Level
            1. Detroit, MI, 32.5%
            2. Buffalo, NY, 29.9%
            3. Cincinnati, OH, 27.8%
            4. Cleveland, OH, 27.0%
            5. Miami, FL, 26.9%
            5. St. Louis, MO, 26.8%
            7. El Paso, TX, 26.4%
            8. Milwaukee, WI, 26.2%
            9. Philadelphia, PA, 25.1%
            10. Newark, NJ, 24.2%

            What do the top ten cities(over 250,000) with the highest poverty rate all have in common?

            Detroit, MI (1st on the list) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1961.

            Buffalo , NY (2nd) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1954.

            Cincinnati , OH (3rd) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1984.

            Cleveland , OH (4th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1989.

            Miami , FL (5th) has never had a Republican mayor.

            St. Louis , MO (6th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1949.

            El Paso , TX (7th) has never had a Republican mayor.

            Milwaukee , WI (8th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1908.

            Philadelphia , PA (9th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1952.

            Newark , NJ (10th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1907.

            Einstein once said, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

            It is the poor who habitually elect Democrats, yet they are still POOR!

            “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperityby discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.”
            Abraham Lincoln

            I love Abraham Lincoln. You should, as well. And you should take his words very seriously. He is 100% correct.

            Have a wonderful, roz!

          • rozlee

            Since the moderators are holding my longer messages due to being a new user on this page, I’ll break my posts into different ones. Quotes by Abraham Lincoln:

            “Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital and deserves much higher consideration.”

          • rozlee

            Lincoln: “The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. The banking powers are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than an autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. They denouce as public enemies all who question their methods or throw light upon their crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of high corruption in high places will follow. The money power of the country will endeavor to prolong it’s reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of the few and the Republic will be destroyed.”

          • ObozoMustGo

            Daniel Webster on federal gov’t controls…

            “It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”

            Have a nice day!

          • rozlee

            Republicans can hardly say that they’re the party of tolerance when out of 44 African-American Congressmen, only 2 are Republican. As for the poorest cities, you really have to go by the template of the poorest states, most of which have Republican governors and Legislatures. The poorest states are in the South, which has the highest rate of poverty, the highest rate of unemployment, the highest rate of teen pregnancies, the highest rates of murders, the highest rates of divorces, the highest rates of government assistance and the highest rates of depression. And lest you come back with the old saw about blacks being more prevalent in those states and probably making up the brunt of those numbers, the University of Mississippi, hardly a bastion of liberalism, separated those statistic racially per capita and found that blacks only exceeds whites in depression and poverty, most they believe, because they earn so little taking low paying jobs few others will take.

          • ObozoMustGo

            roz…. you have got to be kidding me? 3 of the 10 top cities are in the south, the other 7 in the north. Further, for you to try to blame the Governor of Michigan, who has been DemocRATic the vast majority of the time, is a phony deflection that defies common sense. In other words, you didn’t see what you just saw” kind of excuse making. Also, your phony thesis flies in the face of a reality that ignores the fact that the rest of those towns in the very same states DO NOT look like the hell holes that each of them have become! Clearly, beyond all excuses, the cities that are the worst cities in America ALL have one thing in common — DemocRAT socialist policies and massive corruption that drive out decent people and businesses. Plain and simple. This is NOT arguable, except to the most committed partisan who refuses to acknowlegde the consequences of masssive failure that results from your ideology! There is NO other excuse! Sorry!

            Have a nice day!

          • rozlee

            O, do you know what else Cincinnati, Cleveland, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Philly and Newark have in common? They were major cities of manufacturing and commerce in the Rust Belt. The loss of steel plants, the auto industry and manufacturing jobs shipped overseas hit those areas hard. In Buffalo, Niagara Falls was the main provider of electricity and employed many. Just about all industries used transportation from the Erie Canal. But, trucks and the creation of the Seaway St. Lawrence, plus the rerouting of the electrical grid changed all that. And one can’t really blame these cities for electing Democratic mayors. It was Republicans that were at the forefront of sending their jobs overseas since steel companies, manufacturing and the auto industry contributed heavily to them and helped them change tariff and trade barriers.

            Not only that, but mayors don’t really have much say in how much money governors allot them for steering businesses their way, especially if those governors are Republican and aren’t in the mood to coddle Democratic mayors. Also, states get block grants that they disperse arbitrarily. It’s why dumps and toxic fills are normally found in poor areas of a state.

            As for Miami, all of South Florida is feeling the pinch right now. Miami is actually in the middle of a revival though. It’s main problem is a poorly educated populace with 24% not even having a high school diploma due to immigration from Cuba and it’s resultant language barriers. Not to mention that Miami has the second highest rent and mortgages in the nation. El Paso; well, what can I say about my beloved El Paso? It just sucks, that’s all. It’s geographically isolated and no one in their right mind would want to live there unless they like rattlesnakes and watching tumble weeds bounce by. Now, hold down the fort; I’m going to spend the night at my daughter’s house babysitting The Children of the Corn, a.k.a., my grandkids.

    • Lorrellei

      You are a serious “nutjob” yourself. Talk about being radical!! No one reads your copied and pasted comments from 2 months ago. Get over it, there is a Black President. You know that is your beef. It’s all about the color of his skin, while you know perfectly well what the RepubliCONs have done to his Presidency. Yet still you hate.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Lor… Long time no see. I hope you are well.

        Re: Obozo being black…. ummmm…. last time I checked, Stanley was a white women before and after having Obozo. He was raised by white people. So I’d say he’s black… err…. no, white…. err…. black…. err….. white…. errr…. BOTH!

        Only to you leftist nutjobs that love to throw around the race card does skin color matter.

        Do you really think that anyone who opposes Obozo would like him if his skin was white? Are you that much of a racist to think that? Dont answer in this public forum, we already know you’re a racist because you WANT people to judge based upon skin color. That is clear. Just dont document it. For your own good.

        Have a nice day!

        • Lorrellei

          You are a CLOWN…hahah…but it’s all good.

          Have a nice day, I already have. 😉

          Thank you BTW for taking me back to when I was 6 years old. Good Time!!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Lor… seriously… I wish I could be 6 again, also! Those were the days!

            Have a nice day! 🙂

    • Mulligatonney

      These are very insightful comments, “disgusted” and “Obozo”… and this is a ground upon which both Republicans and Democrats can meet, I believe. The problem, as our founders warned, is with human nature, its tendency toward greed & corruption, and the design of a government that would preserve the sanctity of individual liberty – not because our government lets us live as freely only as its benevolence allows, but because it is the most fundamental right given to us by our Creator, according to the Declaration of Independence. The key, in my opinion (and the founders), is to keep the size, scope and power of the Federal Government limited. We have not done this. Period. Our government is preposterously top-heavy, as our corrupt “representatives” have learned that they can buy our votes using our own money. AND GET THEMSELVES RE-ELECTED REPEATEDLY!! Whatever argument one wishes to make, one cannot deny the indisputable fact that the present administration has plunged our country 5 TRILLION dollars further into debt and wants yet again to repeat the same, desperate experiment. This administration also campaigned upon many promises that have turned out to be colossal whoppers. The bottom line is this: OBama has already shown by his actions what he stands for. Anyone who votes for him again after his proven track record gives every corrupt, lying American politician the eternal right to keep on screwing him all the way to the gates of collapse. The uneducated and ignorant voter may have some small excuse for not knowing anything about politics, but the educated, aware voter – inclusive of a large percentage of the posters on this site – have no excuse. This man and his administration have failed to even make an effort to live up to the promises they made to the American people on the campaign trail. Therefore, they should be thrown out. This philosophy should apply on both sides of the aisle. Otherwise, it’s like two football teams playing for the same owner. The owner in that case, cares not who wins – so he deliberately creates issues to inflame the spectators, which will attract a much larger viewing audience and hence…MORE MONEY for him.

      Believe me, and I think everyone knows this – the game in American politics is not Republican or Democrat. The game is money and power. Incumbent Federal politicians are stealing our Freedom, piece by piece. Our founders warned us of this, and it is up to us to stop it. All of us. Especially the ones who consider themselves smart. And it has to be done by exercising the one thing we have – our vote. Throw him out. Now. The Democratic Party should not even nominate him for re-election. If Romney wins this upcoming election, he should be immediately thrown out if his promises turn out to be lies, or if his administration proves impotent, ineffective – or an outright failure. How many of us have the testicular fortitude to throw the lying bastard out, no matter which party he belongs to – Republican or Democrat? Now let us see who the real ideologues are.

      Keep thinking like this, you guys. It almost sounds like you could find some common ground… You both sound like you are honestly trying to get at the real Truth. And it is hidden under a sea of deception. By those who never tire of telling us that “they care”… and promising us “hope ‘n change…” But – doesn’t it sound an awful lot like “bait ‘n switch…?” This should not come as a surprise to any of us. Politicians have been doing this for centuries.

      Enough outta me – hope you find something here that gives you something to think about.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Another strong post…. More soup for you! 🙂 I’ve been singing this tune on The Memo for so long, Mulli, I’m not sure I can recall exactly how many times I’ve posted it. In large measure, to no avail. The people that come on here are very hardcore leftits, many of whom are likely seminar posters for the Obozo reelection propaganda machine. But someone, somewhere, with some objectivity will begin to see the light…. I hope. Otherwise, it’s too late.

        Have a nice day!

    • Mulligatonney

      You have done your homework, Mr. ObozoMustGo – this is, in my opinion, exactly what the Democrats must do in order to have a shot at Obama’s re-election. As a matter of fact, I believe that those are the only cards they have to play. It’s just as well that they have painted themselves into a corner. I cannot imagine the damage they will do if they get four more years of the same demonstrated incompetence. One has to imagine as well – if this man and his administration are as “smart” and “cerebral” and “intellectual” and “sophisticated” as they and their Hollywood Press Corps (pronounced “core”) are telling us, then the only conclusion can be that they are destroying our Constitution deliberately…. That is called treason. I would much rather think they are merely incompetent, although the evidence leads me to an entirely different conclusion…. And who would have the nutsack to call them “traitors”…?

      Write on, sir…

      • ObozoMustGo

        Mulli… point well taken, my friend. I personally think there is a mix of treason and incompetence. Obozo has been an anti-American radical since his upbringing and mentoring by renowned communist, Frank Marshall Davis, along with his mother, a committed socialist. I think Obozo wants to take down America and “fundamentally transform” it into a socialist democracy. To do that, must destroy our institutions and traditions of free enterprise and individual liberty. He sells his wares by convincing the leftist in America that he knows what he is doing with the same Keynesian models FDR followed. Problem is that many Americans dont realize what an absolute disaster FDR was. Obozo and FDR are similar in that they can soothe the listener they speak to, dazzling them with how wonderful they sound, regardless of the incompetence in their abilities. They both were leaders of a cult of personality. But Obozo is different. He, and many of his closest confidants, are intentionally seeking the destruction of our system with the idea in mind that they will rebuild it according to their utopian view of government. This is a dangerous game they play.

        Just remember… Obozo Must Go!

        Have a nice day!

        • Mulligatonney

          You are not alone in your suspicions… If it were different than you say, there would be some evidence to indicate otherwise. Equally as significant as the people he has chosen for his examples, mentors, friends, associates and idols – are the people he has NOT chosen. If he was a moderate, or even middle-of-the-road leftist, he would have evidence of at least 1 or 2 slightly-to-the-right moderate or middle-of-the road associates in his history…. But this guy does not have a single one. I certainly have not been able to find anyone in his history that looks like even a moderate left-leaner. They have all been pretty radical leftists. And believe me, I looked extensively during his 2008 campaign when I was trying to decide who to vote for. …it was inconceivable to me that McCain was the best guy the Republicans could offer the American voter. But an empty “hope & change” promise from a guy with only 1 year of experience in the Senate, a history of far-left associates, ACORN shenanigans and a stubborn resistance to un-seal his public record/history left me with only one choice – anybody but him. He simply ran on an empty motto: “hope ‘n change” – and our political system had so little to offer, America took a chance – and gave him a shot. But we have seen his record now. And there is no reason to give him another chance.

          And now, the only thing he has to add to his horrible history – is a demonstrated, horrible record of a huge lurch to the left and an absolutely dismal economic record. I have heard the arguments about what he “inherited”, and that the Republicans have “opposed him at every turn”, which is the same thing the liberal Democrats did to Bush, and some of that may be true… Other preceding presidents have accomplished quite a bit against the backdrop of a hostile Congress – remember Bill Clinton? And let me tell you, Barak OBama is not a Bill Clinton… If what he is doing to our country is not deliberate, then he is not nearly as intelligent as all of his supporters claim… One of those has to be true – and if either one is true, then he has no business being the leader of our nation.

          AND, that still does not account for the 3trillion debt reduction that he promised and the extra 5trillion he asked for – and got, with Republican consensus, I might add…. And the U.S. economy is slowing down yet again. How much longer can he ride this “bad inheritance” mantra before voters start realizing he has been in office going on 4 years and has only driven us ever closer to the abyss? The American voting public has never tolerated such a colossal policy failure. I don’t see how they can tolerate this one, either.

          He has got nothing to run on that I can see. My choice is still “anybody but him”…

  • disgustedusacitizen

    I believe we are already being “ruled” by the few rich in this country…what do you all think SuperPAC stands for? They aren’t after the best interests of the citizens of this United States I’ll bet you. Oh, and at least that DOT worker in the south has a job. I have two college degrees and can’t get work…don’t bemoan at least having a monthly paycheck; I don’t want to hear it.
    Dissatisfied with the present situation with the US economy? Totally dissatisfied with only 2 presidential candidates? You betcha! Having only two candidates to choose from in my mind is not a Democracy; its sounding like the lesser of two evils. From personal experience, only in communist countries did they have only two presidential choices for voters to choose from. Do you still think we are truly a Democratic nation? I’m beginning to believe we are far from it.

    • Sam

      Far from having a democratic form of government, we don’t even have a representative form of government, unless one counts ‘corporate shills’ as representative. Don’t see that changing so long as types like Mitt “Corporations Are People” Romney continue to acquire (Sic!) high office.

      • Mulligatonney

        Hi Sam,

        Our government was not designed as a democracy. It was conceived and founded as a republic. I do agree however, that we are not being represented very well. Which is also why I don’t believe in giving a guy that has put the country 5 trillion dollars deeper in debt and failed to even submit a budget his first three years in office a second shot. He has already made his intentions crystal clear. If they don’t do what they say, throw them out. Remember – his campaign promise was to cut 3 trillion from the debt by his third year. That is an 8 trillion dollar swing…. The economy will not be able to withstand another 4 years of that.

        • rozlee

          Republicans refused to allow the Bush tax cuts to lapse.That’s going to add 800 billion to the deficit. They’ve blocked Obama from trying to increase the tax rates of millionaires by even a lousy 2%. If just those two circumstances had been allowed, our deficit would go down drastically. In the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s–y’know, American’s “Golden Years” when the middle class grew and thrived, the marginal tax rates on the wealthy were between 70% and 91%. During Eisenhower’s time, it was 91%. But, now the mega-wealthy pay 14% in taxes, less than the middle class does and shriek when they’re asked to sacrifice 2% more. Republicans have blocked by filibuster every attempt at passing a budget or jobs bill that Obama’s proposed. Then, they cry that he doesn’t have a budget.

    • Mulligatonney

      These are very insightful comments, “disgusted” and “Obozo”… and this is a ground upon which both Republicans and Democrats can meet, I believe. The problem, as our founders warned, is with human nature, its tendency toward greed & corruption, and the design of a government that would preserve the sanctity of individual liberty – not because our government lets us live as freely only as its benevolence allows, but because it is the most fundamental right given to us by our Creator, according to the Declaration of Independence. The key, in my opinion (and the founders), is to keep the size, scope and power of the Federal Government limited. We have not done this. Period. Our government is preposterously top-heavy, as our corrupt “representatives” have learned that they can buy our votes using our own money. AND GET THEMSELVES RE-ELECTED REPEATEDLY!! Whatever argument one wishes to make, one cannot deny the indisputable fact that the present administration has plunged our country 5 TRILLION dollars further into debt and wants yet again to repeat the same, desperate experiment. This administration also campaigned upon many promises that have turned out to be colossal whoppers. The bottom line is this: OBama has already shown by his actions what he stands for. Anyone who votes for him again after his proven track record gives every corrupt, lying American politician the eternal right to keep on screwing him all the way to the gates of collapse. The uneducated and ignorant voter may have some small excuse for not knowing anything about politics, but the educated, aware voter – inclusive of a large percentage of the posters on this site – have no excuse. This man and his administration have failed to even make an effort to live up to the promises they made to the American people on the campaign trail. Therefore, they should be thrown out. This philosophy should apply on both sides of the aisle. Otherwise, it’s like two football teams playing for the same owner. The owner in that case, cares not who wins – so he deliberately creates issues to inflame the spectators, which will attract a much larger viewing audience and hence…MORE MONEY for him.

      Believe me, and I think everyone knows this – the game in American politics is not Republican or Democrat. The game is money and power. Incumbent Federal politicians are stealing our Freedom, piece by piece. Our founders warned us of this, and it is up to us to stop it. All of us. Especially the ones who consider themselves smart. And it has to be done by exercising the one thing we have – our vote. Throw him out. Now. The Democratic Party should not even nominate him for re-election. If Romney wins this upcoming election, he should be immediately thrown out if his promises turn out to be lies, or if his administration proves impotent, ineffective – or an outright failure. How many of us have the testicular fortitude to throw the lying bastard out, no matter which party he belongs to – Republican or Democrat? Now let us see who the real ideologues are.

      Keep thinking like this, you guys. It almost sounds like you could find some common ground… You both sound like you are honestly trying to get at the real Truth. And it is hidden under a sea of deception. By those who never tire of telling us that “they care”… and promising us “hope ‘n change…” But – doesn’t it sound an awful lot like “bait ‘n switch…?” This should not come as a surprise to any of us. Politicians have been doing this for centuries.

      Enough outta me – hope you find something here that gives you something to think about.

      • Lorrellei

        xx thank you.

        • Mulligatonney

          Hello, I’m not sure which comment you are responding to….

      • meworryalot

        Mulligatonney: Well written, and thank you for getting some of the issues clearly stated. This discussion should spend more time working the issues rather than trying to paint the other party / candidate / poster herein with the tar brush.
        However, your discussion fails to lead the way: “throw the lying bastard out” sounds like mob rule and not a measured response to a problem. I for one am waiting to hear some proposals other than “no new taxes” and “shrink the bloated government”. If this is to be the Republican policy and action plan should Romney succeed, then how about letting us ignorant masses know some detail of how these policies will lead us into the promised land?
        So far, the sole Republican objective seems to be to get Obama out of the Presidency without any enlightenment as to how this would solve any problem we have now. With our system, one man cannot do it all; it takes some will and some cooperation to get things started. Where is that cooperation?

        • Mulligatonney

          My apologies, “worryalot” I guess I didn’t answer your entire question. How does one get the foxes to stop killing the chickens if the foxes are running the henhouse, yes? And if no one will cooperate with each other, how does anything get done?

          Well, for one thing, the government was designed to make it difficult to accomplish radical things, but that sword has two edges… Its also difficult to accomplish necessary things as well, at times. In fact, that’s exactly where the president is supposed to come in. That is exactly what being an executive is all about. Diplomacy – “the art of telling someone to go to hell and making them look forward to the trip”… Obstinate and unyielding only when it is necessary to accomplish ones job, not as an artifact of some kind of “air of superiority” performance an actor might put on. This is where his lack of executive experience has really hurt him. In addition, his ideology is way too far left to get any cooperation out of more than half of the voters and probably more than half the politicians in Washington. And it is certainly difficult to expect cooperation under those conditions. It’s a political miracle he made it past his own primaries against Hillary Clinton.

          This is just a political reality. That reality may change sometime in the future, but it is certainly the reality of this election. And I think the polls are beginning to show it. (although I am skeptical of polls)

          I was not an admirer of Bill Clinton the man, but history will show that he was a shrewd politician. When he tried to turn the country hard left, the voters threw out his Congressional majority. Instead of digging in his heels, he recognized the facts and came toward the center and was immediately rewarded by cooperation on both sides of the aisle. Enough cooperation anyway, to produce a balanced budget, and even a surplus. He also raised taxes by 25%, but he was able to get people to see the value of it.

          The incumbent is not in possession of that skill, and his ideology, his bad-mouthing of his opponents in public and his own refusal to compromise have made a lot of people mad. And once you make them mad, you get no cooperation. He now has a lot of resistance from people that might have gone along with him had he turned from some of his more radical policies and extended his own hand of cooperation toward them first. My opinion: he has been his own worst enemy.

          He has put his own political future at risk, albeit unwittingly, perhaps – but he has no one to blame but himself.

          American politics have always been brutal. Even back as far as 1783, when the Constitution was being finalized, there was terrible infighting with enough anger and resentment and ill comments to last a lifetime. Hell, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams became sworn enemies for life, reconciling only at the last. And they died on the same day.

          Ain’t it great to be an American?

  • Mitt GOP Ryan Rove & whole gang use code words to inflame voters to hate Obama . Union workers are now UNION THUGS TEachers are somehow to be gotten rid of
    SS Medicare must be gutted – privatized even though we paid SS taxes for many years I paid double SS tax as self employed GOP Fox Hannity Rush TRump repeats lies so many times It validates the lies ,smears for many. GOP vowed to make Obama fail
    from day 1 If that takes a coup Thats fine with Bagger run GOP Mitt Ryan GOP plan to reform aka gut SS Medicare Education-fire needed teachers- repeal regulations,
    Wall ST reform , give even more fat cat tax cuts at expense of those who can least afford it . Why doesn’t media point out that These are . Same old anti middle class, pro wealth policies that led to worst crash in 80 yrs 2 long screwed up Wars based on lies- profits ? A few massive Corps own our 24 / 7 media That’s a huge
    Conflict of interest Fox is not even news Fox fans Rush ditto heads are most
    ill informed of all .

  • Jessy169

    Swing voters apparantly haven’t yet reviewed all of the volumes of information supporting the fact that Republicans are actively opposing and denying any reasonable measures the Obama admin attempts to implement to get the economy back on track. Those reasonable measures include legislation that Republicans themselves have created and proposed, but they now suddenly oppose because… well, because it might help the economy. Republican radical antics play very well with their neanderthal base, but won’t play well with swing/independent voters once the solid evidence is shoved in front of their faces.

    • Lorrellei

      They need to get off their a$$es and research… And become involved.

  • middleclasstaxpayer, It has been proven time and time again that the Rich do not create jobs, small businesses do and it has also been proven that tax cut for the Rich don’t create jobs if they did there wouldn’t be any people unemployed or under employed in this country. Reagan learned that lesson and raised taxes 6 times after his trickle down economic policy didn’t work. Clinton raised taxes and our Country was doing great then along came George Walker Bush and a Republican Congress that cut taxes 2 times and giving the Rich bigger tax cuts than they did the middle class and poor. What jobs was created from his tax cuts for the rich, none. If tax cuts for the rich worked the way Republicans are saying they do, where are the jobs that
    were suppose to created by the 2 tax cuts for rich? If any jobs was created by rich in the 11 years they have had the tax cuts they were overseas not in this country. The rich do not create jobs in the USA, small businesses do.

    • Lorrellei

      Does that not look like treason and robbery and trickery on GWB and Congress (R) part? It was.

    • middleclasstaxpayer

      You are TOTALLY missing the point! Any “small businessman” in America with any type of going concern has EARNINGS over $250,000, making him part of the “wealthy” in the U.S., per wizard Obama. This fact is despite the fact that in the long run, with the time & expense of running a small business (long hours, not much ‘family life) he/she is anything but “wealthy.” Most citizens would be disinclined to put in the hours, effort & heartache to earn this income.

      • rmarqua2921

        I have owned a business and i have worked for an owner of business! I’d much rather be the owner of a business than work for someone. Everything we do in life involves “puttin in hours, effort & heartache to earn this income.” I can’t believe that Romney’s struggles to make millions off the backs of workers worked any harder or suffered any more heartache than I have over the years and I don’t have millions in a bank in the Cayman Islands! Anyone who makes $250,000 a year maybe putting in as many hours as someone who earns my $20,000 a year. But I will tell you one thing he ain’t feeling the heartache and putting in anymore effort than they are! He doesn’t feel the pain of scraping together enough to pay the rent or the mortgage payment every month so the bank doesn’t come and put his family on the street. He has to decide this weekend to go to his home in the mountains or the one on the beach or the condo in Manhattan! He can go to the doctor and have the best medical care the county has to offer! The poor, can’t go to the doctor because they don’t have the money! Many of the poor work two jobs, and their wives work too just to LIVE and have the necessities of life. Your $250,000 buddies wife doesn’t even have to work! Your buddy can afford to send his children to the finest private schools while he is voting to cut funds for teachers, police and firemen for the poor and middle class!

        He got rich because he lived in our country where he had to pay little for infrastructure which allowed him to make that money. People who bought his products and services, and now he is sh**ing on them. Sorry, you won’t get any sympathy from me is you have to pay your FAIR share of taxes to make this country a great place for all of us, not just you and your buddies with yachts, 5 cars, a car elevator, and three or four homes!

    • rmarqua2921

      My response to you is this, because I agree with you that corporations do not create jobs and neither do small businesses. In the USA the middle class creates jobs with its demand for product and services! No business hires more workers unless there is a demand for its good or services! They are in business for profit and rightly so…demand for products and services forces business owners to create jobs! Any small businessman who hires more workers if he has little or no greater demand for his product or services is destined for disaster! I have never seen a company that decided to increase jobs because of some sympathy for the community or because of some tax break from the government! Eight years of jobs losses and tax breaks for the rich and corporations should be ample evidence that this is true!

  • Sometimes, it’s better to go with the Devil you know; rather than the Devil you don’t KNOW! I don’t know anyone that is happy about the economy; but, what I do KNOW, is that the Republicans have made NO EFFORT to support any of the President’s proposals; nor, have they presented any of their own. They have also placed Party Politics ABOVE the Welfare of the Nation, when they took the Government to the Brink last June, over the Debt Ceiling. In so doing, this Nation had it’s Credit Rating Lowered; and, we became the, “Laughing-Stock,” of the World.

    I also KNOW, as YOU should; that, the Radical Conservatives will go after Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, the first opportunity they get.

    Further, I also KNOW, that more Layoffs are coming in the Public Sector, if Romney is elected in November. What else should one know? One should certainly know, that the Bush Tax Cut Extension a couple of years ago; did, NOTHING to encourage Business and Industry to create jobs. What those tax cuts did do; was further enrich, the one percent; who helped craft the original Bush initiative back in 2002. Do the Math: a LOSS of REVENUE – – AT LEAST $600 Billion a year – – for TEN YEARS! That money was/is, desperately needed to fix our Infrastructure, maintain Social Programs for the Needy; improve our Schools; reignite, R & D., keep our Space Program in tact; and, if nothing else – – start to relieve future Generations from the Debt that has been accumulated, because all of us, have enjoyed a life-style that we neither earned – – or paid for. So, we dump it on our Kids and Grand Kids. Our own Parents and Grand Parents would be ashamed, if they were living today – – as would the Founding Fathers.
    We KNOW too, that Romney is a Corporate Raider, who buys Companies on the Cheap – – with borrowed money; fires people, and strips the Companies of their major assets, for profit; then, defaults on the Loan, and walks away – – pocketing millions. In fairness to Mitt, his other rich Republican Friends have been doing the same thing for years.

    Only Voters who do not mingle in Romney’s Circle of Rich Friends, would Vote for him, because, the Voter was either completely uninformed; or, had a DEATH WISH!

    Be forewarned: The Greedy Radical Conservatives are coming after it all! That what Predatory Capitalism is – – that’s what Predatory Capitalists do – – and, that’s what Romney Demonstrated, when, he, and his Blaine Capital Cronies made millions by killing, both jobs and struggling companies.

    And . . . this, all being said by a former 35 year Republican, who was Betrayed by his Party. America, and the rank and file of the American People, still stand for something, other than screwing others to Enrich themselves! I have, but one question for theses Predators: Just how much is enough!


    • Lorrellei

      Thank You, Sir! For actual FACTS WELL SAID. 😉

    • Well stated. This statement needs to go on the Times Square Ticker in New York. Everybody who loves this country and is humane and decent needs to read this. I think President Reagan must be turning over in his grave. I didn’t like all of Reagan’s policies, but he was a decent human being – a far cry from the right-wing social engineers running the republican party now.

  • What has halted a lot of President Obama wanted to do in the last 4 years is the Repub controlled House of Representatives. To pass anything it goes thru them first and they have rejected EVERTYTHING the President has tried to do! If (when!!!) Pres. Obama is reelected we have to also vote out the Repubs in the House and put in Dems…That is where the battle is!!!

    • Lorrellei

      And I am there. Yes that IS where the battle will be…
      Mary, you are correct about the Republican House of Representatives yet.. HOW DARE THEY? DO THEY NOT WORK FOR THE COUNTRY?!! NO? Then we must all vote them the hell out! Otherwise we will be very sorry if Mitt makes it in there. I have never liked him, he is a sneaky, alienlike manikin. We must glean every fact leading up to this candidacy and cast our votes. We are in the midst of government reform and need to make certain that our votes go for a candidate for the right reasons.

      Do your research, peoples. 🙂

      OBIWON 2012! OBAMA 2012!! TWENTY TWELVE!!

    • I hope and pray you are right !

  • greghilbert

    Ironically I’m relieved to read that “swing voters” are unhappy with Obama and distrustful of Romney. They are awake to the failure of both parties to effect policies serving the common good.
    The wealth and power of a few continues to grow at the expense of the many, and in a single generation the combined effects of their policies have trapped 80% of us in a uniquely American Nightmare.

  • John_Boner

    He’s a CEO from the FINANCIAL INDUSTRY, remember them? The guys who fucked everything up and got paid MILLIONS to do it?

  • OMG!!!!! Someone intelligent enough to spell it out! THANKYOU!!!! (of course the it won’t sink into the brains of the ones you were repsonding to!)

    • I did not pay much attention to elections , when I was in my 20’s. I hope with all the information on the internet 20 somethings are getting more information and the right information !

  • Obama has had to walk through high grass and quicksand with the Republicans. He has still had success. If voters will open their eyes they will see that he has had a lot of success IN SPITE OF THE REPUBLICANS and will free him from them by getting all teapartiers, at minimum, out of office.

  • My pastor pointed out recently that the biblical means of improving the economy is what Obama and the Democrats have been trying to do. You save money (balance the budget) during good times and spend during bad times. Clinton and Obama are following this model which was set for in the book of Genesis by Joseph (son of Jacob and grandson of Isaac) in the Bible when he became governor of Egypt. During the 7 years of plenty, he built up the economy with grain supplies and animals. Then when the 7 years of famine came, he had plenty of food for everyone and stimulated the sagging economy. The Republicans do the opposite. They waste money during the good times and tighten up during the bad times. The Bible is right again!

    • What is your pastors position on abortion and birth control ?

      • rmarqua2921

        And gay people?

        • rozlee

          The bible hates gay people. And people who wear two different fabrics; and people who get tatoos; women who have short hair; dwarfs; guys who are missing a testicle (doesn’t say anything about two); humpbacks; people who plant two different kinds of seeds close to each other; eating shellfish; cleaning your rear after defecating with your right hand; gimpy people; mentally handicapped people and asthmatics. And dogs. They’re considered unclean. Jesus never had a puppy.

      • rozlee

        Hopefully it’s nothing like in the bible. Like when Tamar got sentenced to death for being pregnant out of wedlock and she and her fetus were sentenced to die. Or in Numbers, when women who were suspected of being pregnant through adultery were given the Trial by Bitter Waters, where they’d abort if the child wasn’t by their husband. Or like the Prophet Hosea who told the Israelis to “rip open” the pregnant bellies of the Samarian women and dash their babies heads against rocks.

  • The Republicans are intentionally sabotaging the job market. The so-called job creators are refusing to create jobs despite the tax cuts the Republicans are keeping going for them. They don’t want to help the working and middle classes because they are focused on one thing, making Obama a one-term president. And they will do it by any means necessary including turning America into a third world country. They do not care about democracy or a republic. They want a theocracy ruled by rich males with submissive wives. They would be perfectly comfortable in a Christianist version of Saudi Arabia.

    • They want a theocracy ruled by rich white males with Stepford wives! The rest of us can shine their shoes (again).

      • Lorrellei

        Oh No! Not again please…

    • Thanks for your comment, Rhonda.

      It’s nice to see that someone has been paying attention.

  • EdC

    Bozo you asked where does the money come from, and as a leading question, I will give the answer that you only want half of. Yes the money comes from taxes, but who pays those taxes, you do, I do and so does everybody but the extremely wealthy, that includes all the blue collar state workers, that includes all the grocery store clerks. However your republican hero’s keep cutting the wages of these people, so that their wealthy stake makers will keep them in office, In doing so the wages cut means that product is not bought, and more jobs are lost. the cycle has been proven time and time again. The leaders of the Republican party are doing this knowingly to destroy the country, It was proven here in 1929, It is being proven in europe as we speak, thaqt is what happened in Greece, it was what happened in 1919 in Argentina. The Trickle down theory, was and is a way to return to a fuedalist/fascist government and the people of the Republican Party know it. The real problem is that people who like yourself actuallly believe that you will be part of the ruling party. so I will tell you now, have you got your inch thick solid gold invitation to the Romney Western White House, or to the Sweetwater Bush Ranch, if not start looking around you will be in the same boat as the rest of us.

    • Well stated EdC! A lot of these people who vote against their own interests think that somehow they will be part of the ruling class. You are dead right – those folks will never be invited to play in Romney’s reindeer games – they won’t be rich enough!

      • rmarqua2921

        After all, firemen, police and teachers are not the American people? I am confused, Who the hell does Romney believe are the “American” people?

    • I doubt if Boso will ever get it,but you get an A for trying !

  • For Petes’ sake, why do people blame Obama? He inherited a disasterous economy, nad the House and Senat Republicans block anything he proposes to improve things. What is he supposed to do -he’s not a dictator?

    • rmarqua2921

      Even though many Republicans call him him just that! The question I want republicans to answer is: “What is the difference between the financial policies of Romney and those of George Bush?” I can’t seem to find any, and i sure don’t want to go back to the Bush financial policies!


    What! Surprise of surprises! Stop the presses!

    Do you mean to say that people are taking their smart pills and are beginning to learn what a fraud the American Taliban Party candidate Mitt Romney is in actuality.

    Bless us all and donate to Obama just to tick Mitt off.

  • KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: THIS ELECTION RESULT REFLECTS-WE CAN NEVER ALLOW THIS AGAIN IN AMERICA! The historical facts are in regarding what happened to our American economy as result of the eight years of Bush the presidency and the Republican policies! The net median worth of Middle Class American families lost nearly 40% after adjusting for inflation! “The drop, much steeper than previous Fed quarterly reports have suggested, underscores the severity of the 2007-09 recession that decimated the housing market and resulted in massive layoffs that slashed people’s incomes.” THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH IS: And if anyone has forgotten, this recession was the direct result of Republican created policies such as: Starting two Wars: Giving Tax breaks that gave obscene benefits for Billionaires and Millionaires; providing bailouts of hundreds in Billions of tax payer funds to the Wall Street Bankers that nearly created a depression due their greedy money gambling policies; Creating a Medicare Drug bill that gave Billions in profits to the Pharmaceutical companies: Continue providing tax paid subsides to Oil companies that were making billions in profits; Continue providing tax break subsides to large corporations to export tens of thousands of American jobs (unemployed Americans) to China to create cheap labor jobs there to make billions in profits; AND ABSOLUTELY PAID FOR NONE OF IT! to create a such horrendous deficit and put it on the backs of future young Americans! The SECOND INCONVENIENT TRUTH IS: American voters need to assess more about these financial condition changes, the new Fed data supports frequent objective statement that the terrible economic situation was INHERITED when this President took office in 2009. At the same time, the slow and halting recovery since mid-2009, when the recession officially ended, has been influenced by republican obstructionists with record filibusters in the Senate to make sure NO new American jobs are created and how the eight years after Bush left the presidency and the Republican policies who are literally lying about their past role to leave this President vulnerable so they can to win the elections in November to re-continue the their dangerous policies!

    • Lorrellei

      Exactly. Thank you for laying out the truth.

  • “I don’t remember what I said on that particular occasion. But whatever I said, I stand by it now.” — Mitt Romney.

    In truth, how can Romney be expected to remember anything he’s said in the past? As a serial liar, Romney makes up his stand on issues to suit his audience of the day. Since he holds no firm views on much of anything, he can easily shift gears as needed. Fortunately for Romney, his core constitutency is unconcerned about the truth so he’ll be just fine.

  • howa4x

    Obsma has been too cautious and has to get out there and start slugging it out for the middle class. He has to propose a middle class tax break and cancel the bush tax cut for the wealthy. He has to show how is health care plan benefited the middle class and is deficit neutral. He can’t keep comprimising wiht the reopublicans unless they put revenue on the table. He also has to show that his regulations of the banks saved a meltdown by making them keep larger reserves of capital on hand so a 2 billion loss at Citi didn’t bring down the bank. he also has to champion green jobs again and move past solyndra, which he needs to point out was 1st funded by Bush. He needs to pound Romney for the very thing the 1% are doing which is sitting on their money and not creating jobs. Romney placed 250million in off shore accounts and didn’t create any jobs. He needs to talk about how closing old coal plants is a smart enviornmental move and a good economic one because those plants were not efficient . Talk about Keystone and why they want it to go to the gulf instead of refining it in Canada, because its for export to other countries and not meant for here. He needs to get out there and kick some republican ass!

    • Have you been living on another planet? How is it that there are so many uninfoormed people in this country.

      Someone living in the jungles of Borneo knows more about what is going on in this country than the people living here.

      So sad. And it makes me very angry.

  • EdC

    ONce again the BS meter is running

  • EdC

    Sure at $8.50 an hour.

  • EdC

    Thats why under “W” they cut the veterans benefits three, and are now trying to cut it again, not to mention privatise, tri-care.

    • DurdyDawg

      Well I say we’re merely in the rags of this loony tune.. Rumors, innuendos and spotty information will decrease as we get closer to the big top where confirmation with proof must be utilized else the presidential debates will be a scam. We’ve heard this about one and that about the other from talking heads without a lick of sense.. Let’s put all this crap that we think one or the other is and demand that during the real race, truth, proof and evidence prevail THEN we’ll know who’s worthy of donning the old dunce cap. We keep accusing because we heard it from obscure sources, in my opinion that’s like trying to capture farts on a windy day.

  • EdC

    Government jobs are down not up and private sector jobs have increased by 4.3 millionn in twenty seven months, stop getting you miss faxts from Faux News.

  • EdC

    Thats why they want to close three hundred post offices, and pput 42,000Veterans out of work.

  • jerder

    I am one of those Swing Voters. Mitt Romney is also too much of a pretty boy in the sense there is never a hair out of place, his smile lacks the personality and openness and is more of a posed smile, for effect rather than genuineness. I won’t be voting for the man. I do feel that Obama could do better with the economy, however it is showing signs of recovery, and is quite a bit better than it was when he took office, and for me that counts for something. And I find I cannot blame the president for everything, the current G.O.P. and tea party (also G.O.P.) has not helped any with their “our way or no way” right wing policies. I am in my fifties and even I know you have to temper budget cuts with tax increases and tax reform regarding corporations in order to bring in tax revenue in order to lower the deficit, one or the other along won’t cut it.

    • Mulligatonney

      Hi jerder,

      A 5 trillion dollar increase in our debt does not indicate an improving economy…and the economy is in fact slowing down again. And the president is asking for another almost trillion dollar increase in the debt ceiling. We all know what that is for, yes? And you are measuring that against Mitt Romney’s smile?

      You do know that one of OBama’s campaign promises was to reduce the national debt by 3trillion dollars by his third year in office, right? And the additional debt of 5 trillion he has piled up without any spending cuts amounts to an 8trillion dollar swing….

      If this indicates an improving economy, I fail to see it. It’s the old Keynesian economics shell game at work by the spin doctors in Washington – again. Don’t misread me – I blame both sides of the aisle.

      But what else would one expect of a politician? He promised transparency in his administration, and to post all pending and proposed legislation on television 72 hours in advance of it appearing on the floors of Congress.

      His administration has been anything and everything but transparent.

      I’m a swing voter too – and I am going to give the smiling Romney a chance, because the incumbent is definitely a colossal liar. At least Romney has yet to prove he has no intention of keeping his campaign promises. OBama has already proven he had no intention of keeping his campaign promises.

      Unless the voters punish the lying politicians by not rewarding them with another 4 years in office, they will continue to do the same thing. They even laugh at us and tell us with smiling self-confidence that we are going to re-elect them, even after they have lied to our faces. And you know what? Most of the time they’re right!

      Its who they are. Its what they do.

  • Mulligatonney

    Not mob rule – simply do not give someone who tells you a lie a second chance to do it again. You already know that he is willing to do it. Just throw the lying (if bastard is too strong a word for you) ‘Liar Pants On Fire’ out. That’s all.

    Think about your relationships – when someone demonstrates they are perfectly willing to lie to you to get you to do what they want you to do, do you invite them back in for 4 more years?

    As to measured response – the measurement has already been made by his four years in office. Remember this is not a Democrat/Republican issue. If Republicans continue to blame Democrats and vice versa, the lying politicians win.

    It is about a politician who has lied to you to get himself elected.

    While maybe not the sole objective, throwing out a liar should at least be the main objective. We may speculate what the other guy is going to do. But we know what the incumbent intends to do. H

  • It is not Obama’s economy. You can’t wipe out 8 years with 4 years of fighting the GOP. Blame G.W. for the hole he dug us into. Give the President the same amount of time to dig us out.

  • raybaguilat2

    Using facts & logic or common sense … Illegal immigrants will be afraid to expose themselves to >>> arrests, penalties, lose of jobs & salaries, and deportations — (1) by registering to vote and (2) by voting — which are both crimes? To me, the Republicans move to purge the voter’s registration is to make it difficult or even to deprive as many Democrat Voters to vote in order to lessen the votes of Democrat Candidates — similar to what was done in Florida during the 2001 Bush-Gore election. And majority of the poor and middle class voters generally vote for Democrat Candidates. And maybe that is the reason the Democrats generally fight for the well-being of the poor and the middle class. On the other hand, majority of the wealthy, rich and moneyed voters generally vote for Republic Candidates maybe because the Republicans generally fight for the well-being of the rich, wealthy and moneyed voters. Just my observations & personal opinion of which I am also entitled.

  • Mulligatonney

    Again – think “politician” rather than Republican/Democrat. The truth is easier to see there. What is true for the Democrat president is true for the Republican president… Both sides have split the issues up so precisely, they can almost guarantee their re-election in their respective districts.

    The truth really is that the government could tax the “rich” 100% and the resulting income would probably run the government for a few days only. The numbers simply are not there. I have done that calculation many times myself. Whether the rich “pay their fair share’ is an arguable issue, but a rather insignificant one compared to the debt that must be addressed. It is also true that over 40% of the people pay no tax. And that there are also millions of government employees who are paid with tax money. And 10,000 baby boomers a month are seeking retirement. Like it or not, a shrinking middle class will be forced to pay this debt. That’s why stimulus won’t work. Stimulus money has been taken from taxpayers, borrowed from foreigners, and printed by the Fed. All of the stimulus then, is taken almost exclusively from the middle class. Do you see? The politicians are taking money out of our pockets to pay for the debt they incurred by spending too much of the money they have taken from us without our consent! And they will promise more, borrow more, and print more until we make them stop this insane spending and appropriation. If what I am saying is not true, why is the economy slowing down and the debt still going up? And it is going up almost exponentially during this administration’s watch.

    Most economists agree that allowing the “Bush Tax Cuts” to expire at the end of this year would be the piece de resistance that would finally bring the economy to a grinding halt. Many businesses across the country would have to cut back even more and cash flow would become constipated. That is a formula for another recession, or worse… There may be a future need for a tax increase just to bail more water out of the sinking ship, but the holes in the ship need to be repaired. Politicians have promised more crap to more people using their own money, it is astonishing we are even arguing the point at all. There should be no argument. No time to blame the shipbuilder or the captain… time to plug the holes and make the vessel seaworthy enough to get it into port for repair.

    Or, if you prefer a different metaphor, the patient is bleeding out (money and debt). Put direct pressure on the wound (st0p spending) and transport him to the hospital. Stop arguing over which ambulance has dibs on him. Give him a little water and a little plasma (de-regulation and tax breaks) and let him rest until he is back on his feet again. Then he can be productive and contribute again. Stop spending so much money. It is eventually taken from our pockets, no matter what the lying politicians tell you.

    We are spending WAY more money than we are taking in. This is a fact, and it is really as simple as that. And people are saying that the way to fix this is to spend another trillion dollars? We won’t be able to take in more money until the government stops putting restrictions and tax increases on the businesses. No one in their right mind thinks about expanding their business with huge government regulations and tax demands looming. So the economic growth will be anemic under those conditions, as we are seeing right now. It is also not a good idea to cut spending too drastically now either, but it must begin now. Once the businesses start expanding, their income increases and tax revenues automatically increase dramatically. That’s the idea, anyway. Stimulus money is only a temporary transfusion of dollars to get cash flow going…to “prime the pump”, as it were. But it makes the problem worse in the long run, because the debt has to be increased to do it.

    There is no way around it. We have been living off the fat of the land for too long. The government has been bribing us with our own money and getting themselves elected with the deception. And now they are going to ask us to make sacrifices.

    But ask yourself, “Where are THEIR sacrifices?” Why aren’t they volunteering to cut THEIR benefits? THEIR salaries? THEIR perks?

    Make no mistake. It’s the politicians. Greed, ambition, selfishness and power. Republican and Democrat is simply a shell game to distract us from where the pea really is. That’s what our founders understood. That is the entire idea behind limiting the size, scope and power of the Federal Government.

    And that is where the truth really is.

    Nice talking to you.



    You American Taliban Republican whack job. I hope you show up after the debates and after the election. It will be a pleasure to see you eat your words after watching your convoluted misinformation and male bovine fecal matter grace these pages.

    In the meantime be sure to pop your Prozac and whatever other chemical augmentation in which you obviously indulge in an attempt to control your antisocial behavior.

    Enjoy a good case of heartburn or acid reflux.

  • ijac234

    Many of the Presidents ideas of improving the economy by creating jobs and putting people back to work have been shut down because of the Senates refusal to push through the bills that would have done so.People will say that the Democrats had control of congress during the first two years of his presidency but forget that the Democrats did not have the super majority that would stop the filibustering that happened.Now with five months to go the Republicans in the house will not bring to the floor any bill that has to do with the economy.Even if they did it would be so loaded with pork that the president will have no choice but to veto the bill,then the republicans can say we tried to work but look at his veto.I have no choice but to say either the republicans are angry that Obama won the presidency or they are bigots,take your pick,it’s one or the other.

  • If that is what they feel, then they need to vote a straight democrat ticket. The teaparty is the reason we are not further ahead right now. Get those uneducated Grover Norquist puppets out of office; put some people in there who will cooperate with each other. Forget austerity and tax cuts for the “oh, so, wealthy,” they have not created jobs with the one they got and they will not with more. Start hiring or get the hell out of the country, go live in one of the 3rd world countries where you hire people. Fix our infrastructure or people will be dying on unsafe bridges and highways. Get some common sense, America! Most of all hire the democrats and let the wealthy fools who have poured so much into this election, but are not willing to pay taxes for the country, lose, lose, lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the economy is not fine!!! We need a leader who can save america’s worsening economy.
    If we continue blaming Bush, Bush, Bush, it only proves there is great lack in leadership and spirituality in the man.

  • That sums up how I feel. Obama has embraced the Buffet Amendment and I’d like to see that as his central message. Not just the raising taxes part. But the entire package, unchanged in any fashion. It works as an integral whole to return influence to the average voter and away from well funded special interests.

  • Demand drives the economy. Laying off workers to balance the budget restricts demand. Our country needs to invest in projects here at home to improve our infrastructure and stop our dependence on filthy fossil fuels.
    The multiplier effect, where the economy is strengthened more and more each time money changes hands, is best felt when our investments are here. Wars stimulate the economy for the lucky few, but then the products, goods and services are transferred abroad. They do no good here.
    To call it an Obama economy is unfair, because many of the projects he sent before Congress were blocked. Some opponents were well-meaning but are simply ignorant about economics. They think it’s like balancing a checkbook, which is not. Others are deliberately dragging their feet so they can get Mitt in. This flip-flopper will do whatever they pressure him to do. That will soon result in another war profiteering fiasco with trumped up charges in Iran.

  • JPS

    Doesn’t any of you remember we are still in a war with an enemy call Al-Qaida? While Bush wasted thousands of American lives,and miullions of Iraqi to the tune of trillions of dollars instead of focusing his efforts in Afganistan/Pakistan going after our real enemies, President Obama systematic and relentless program of wiping out top al-Qaida leaders (the enemy) around the world through unilateral covert strikes claimed, aside from Osama bin Laden, (1) Anwar al-Awlaki, the U.S.-born radical cleric identified as “chief of external operations” for al-Qaida on the Arabian Peninsula, (2) al-Qaida’s No. 2 official, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, (3) Baitullah Mehsud, overall leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan; (4) Mustafa Abu Yazid, al-Qaida’s leader in Afghanistan and top financial official; (5) Qari Mohammad Zafar, a leader of the Qaida and Taliban-linked Fedayeen-i-Islam wanted by the U.S. for attacking the U.S. consulate in Karachi in 2006; (6) Abdul Haq al-Turkistani, a member of al-Qaida’s Shura Majlis and the leader of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Party; (7) Abdullah Said al-Libi, top commander of the Lashkar al Zil, al-Qaida’s shadow army;(8) Tahir Yuldashev, the leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and (9) Fahd al-Quso, a top al-Qaida leader. (9) A top al Qaeda leader and longtime Osama Bin Laden confidant Abu Yahya al-Libi. His actions led to the demise of Muammar al-Gaddafi in Libya. The picture in my head of Osama Bin Laden’s body lying on the bottom of the deep, cold, dark, ocean floor as food for the fish and crabs, just gives me a tingle. God Bless our Troops and President Obama.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Nice bird! But…… hmmmmmmm………. not a bad idea….. bring parrot to beach… have him land on hot chicks’ shoulders….. hmmmmmm…… maybe that guy is onto something???….. hmmmmmmm…….. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    Have a nice evening, Lor! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • hukaluka

    Not sure where your polling data was sourced- but – for me and so many other democrats I know-who in the past supported the president- It would be foolish for us to do so again-

    Incompetent-& – untrustworthy- Pres. Obama asks for 4 more years – Why ? So he can continue to lie to us-(too many to mention) ……Or maybe we want him to continue to waste trillions- or line the pockets of his political alies with our tax dollars…..- Maybe he can find new people to blame – or embark on a new round of sewing division – class envy & failure? …….. If we continue on this heading he will destroy the country-

    Like most of us, I was hoping we might see some change- from hate the rich and Republicans are evil- But it is the same tire old stuff- NO IDEAS of any merit….. What he does propose is re-hashed crap – the kind of stuff which characterizes failing 3rd world countries, and Greece……

    Say no to the hate, no to he lies, hold your nose and VOTE FOR ROMNEY