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Monday, March 19, 2018
Mexico, World, Farms, Workers, Agriculture, Agribusiness, Labor, Wages

Mexico Farm Workers Win Pay Hike In Landmark Deal, But Fall Short Of Goal

Farm workers gain a pay increase in Mexico, but at what cost?

June 5, 2015
Carly Fiorina, Environment, Politics, Time, Water Drought, California, Fish, Blame, Farms, Endagered Species

Carly Fiorina Right About Environmentalists And California Drought Woes, Farm Group Say

Carly Fiorina lays the blame for California’s water woes on liberals and environmentalists for wanting to protect the endangered Delta smelt.

April 9, 2015

The Best Thanksgiving TV Show Ever Is Not What You Expect

More than 50 years after it first aired, “Harvest of Shame” is just as relevant as ever.

November 26, 2014
Tom Cotton

Upside-Down Tea Party Dogma in Arkansas

What electing Tom Cotton means for Arkansas’ agricultural economy.

October 1, 2014

Wall Street Speculators Wall Off Young Farmers

How Wall Street is getting rich off of America’s farmland, without getting its hands dirty.

September 24, 2014

U.S. Congress Passes Huge Bill Reforming Agro Subsidies

Washington (AFP) – The U.S. Congress passed a massive, long-overdue bill Tuesday that overhauls agriculture policy, including halting direct payments to farmers. The five-year $956.4 billion measure, which also reforms the food stamp program for the poor to save $8 billion, marks a rare point of cooperation among bitterly divided lawmakers. It passed the Senate […]

February 5, 2014