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Monday, October 22, 2018

Tagg Romney Defends His Father’s Reputation

Tagg Romney Defends His Father’s Reputation

22 Responses to Tagg Romney Defends His Father’s Reputation

  1. You mean he doesn’t need his brothers to hold the President down? I would be impressed if the bopper didn’t have a tendency to come back and nail him.
    Of course, if this was Dick Cheney he was talking about, guys in dark suits and sunglasses would have visited Mitt and Anne and explained to them how Tagg never existed, having removed all record of him and having his ssn reassigned to some guy in the witness protection program.

  2. With all the lies MITT tells TAGG his son must be really busy trying to protect his daddy!
    what kind of name is Tagg anyway? Tagg sounds like a rich spoiled brat. Who has no respect for the president of the united states.

  3. Did anyone see The Bill Press show Friday? He reported that Tagg had puchased through Bain voting machines for Ohio. Is that a conflict of interest or even legal? Why do that?

  4. This is typical behavior from a rich sheltered frat boy (even at 42 he’s still acts like a little boy). Bravely talks bs but would never do anything to back it up. Tagg and his 4 brothers are just little punks who can only talk tough. Tagg I’m in my 60’s and think you father is a liar. Come take a swing at me.

      • I am a 62 year old liberal and dam proud of it!! I did 6 years in the Marines and 2 tours in ‘Nam. I’ve never been afraid of standing up for my liberal beliefs, I never back down, and I’ve have been pressed into a number of fights with big-mouthed conservatives like you! So, YOU bring it on AS-HOLE!!

      • James, I’m in my 60’s too, you talk the talk, how are going to walk the walk with a post on the internet. Maybe with a driveby shooting(at a campaign office) while you are wearing a white pointy KKK hat. We have all heard your blustry BS before go back in your hole. We have heard your B.S. before from: W, Cheney, Rumsfield, Wolfowitz, Senor and all the other draft dodging neocons.

        Semper Fi

      • This stuff is silly but your statement is far from accurate. You would only need to meet my special forces vet husband who always voted Republican until Bush. This is not his Republican party. It is a party of extremists and basically mean mouths like you appear to be. He voted Democrat.

  5. This just shows what kind of upbringing the Romney boys have seen all their lives. Did any of them every once consider how President Obama’s girls felt when their Father told lies about the President? I think not….but then they have seen the disrespect their Father has show to others all their lives. They are a good example of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. It just shows….money doesn’t buy you manners or respect.

  6. Tagg is that his real name, if so what do you expect from him with a name call Tagg. he is a little rich what ever smarty pants. trying to play tough and mad a fool of himself .poor little rich guys are whimps anyway.

  7. I think Romneys’ sons are very rude but not too long on brains for real thinking. I am certain the boys feel they must back their father, but have no need to look so superior….they give the same look as their mother and that is not good. I pray, given time, these boys become men and balance thought. In the meantime, they just sound immature and just plain stupid sometimes. Mitt, keep those boys home with their babies and wives. We certainly have not need for them.

  8. Obviously the Romney boys have not been taught proper manners, and think themselves above the law in regard to wanting to incur a President harm. What a shameful display. Bullying must run in the family.

  9. James,

    Looks like you are out numbered. What do they say? Sticks and stones…… Let’s stick to the facts, all of us. We each get to go into the voting booth alone.

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