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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Zachary Quinto came out recently.

Ordinarily, the news that “Star Trek’s” new Mr. Spock had told New York Magazine he was gay would barely register. It has become a rather ordinary thing, celebrities disclosing their hidden sexuality.

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2 responses to “Taking A Stand To Make It Better”

  1. MargaretGonzalezBauza-Rego says:

    As a 76 years old lesbian … a humanbeing that experienced the ignorance, prejudice and total rage of so called “Christians”, guided by the lies and complete deceit spread all over this planet by churches of all denominations based on lies and deceit in so called scriptures … I am disgusted and anguished by the passing of this 14 years old! Already too many have died at the hands of and as a conscequence of ALL THE LIES spreaded by so called “CHRISTIANS”. Jesus Christ must be turning in he’s grave (and other lies) … HE WAS A WISE AND LOVING SOUL THAT PREACHED LOVE ABOVE ALL THINGS TOWARDS EACH OTHER … not hate and judgements!! “Whith the same stick you judge … you will be judged …!!! What is wrong with you that teach your children to hate everything that is different from you… None of that IS REAL!! SHOW ME … Look it up and show me WHERE IN THE BIBLE (ANY ONE OF THE MANY REVISED BIBLES ,… is written anything about homosexsuals/gays/lesbians (Other that the mention of the Island of Lesbos … that has nothing to do with lesbians …just that it was supposed to be an island where women were the boss … nothing about lesbians, they had husbands in the island of Lesbos … PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELVES BEFORE YOU CONTINUE BEHAVING LIKE ANIMALS WITHOUT A DROP OF CHRISTIANITY INSIDE YOUR BRAINS … AND YOR HEARTS!!! ENOUGH … Ignorance is not a good excuse for behaving like non-christians … like just plain animals!!!
    Upon birth God, the Creator, blessed us ALL with everything we need to live the good life HE intended for all humans on planet Earth … a magnificent brain that no computer can equal … our bodies that are perfect for our brain … a beautifull planet … PLEASE APPRECIATE WHAT WE HAVE !!! Margaret G. Rego (

  2. dcole says:

    Such a tragedy. There is no excuse for bullying–religious or otherwise. Our country was established with high ideals and we should strive to live up to them. I agree with Margaret that there is nothing “Christian” about condemning this young man because of his sexual orientation. That is none of our business unless it infringes on another’s rights. Jesus spoke often about not judging others–“seeing the mite in another’s eye and missing the mote in one’s own eye”, “casting stones at another only if one is without sin himself or herself”, “condemnation of the pharisee who prays aloud about how holy he is and love for the sinner who humbly asks forgiveness”. Tolerance of one another is so crucial to the success of democracy. Respect for our fellow “man” is of utmost importance. Congress needs to work on this!

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