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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tea Party Absolutism: The High Cost Of Hating Government

Tea Party Absolutism: The High Cost Of Hating Government

The tourniquet applied by the outgoing Congress to the economy allows a two-month breather before we are consumed by the next deadline. The president and his party can allow themselves a brief moment of celebration for imposing higher taxes on the richest Americans, but the next stage in fixing the nation’s fiscal problems may not be as easy. By the end of February, lawmakers must find enough cuts in public spending to allow the debt ceiling to be raised. Two more months of uncertainty will prevent businesses and consumers from making spending decisions that would bolster the economic recovery.

The devil is not so much in the detail of the arguments to come as the big picture that frames the debilitating running debate. While the difference between the sides is ostensibly over taxes and public spending and borrowing, the more profound division is over where government should begin and end. For many of the Republican Party’s Tea Party insurgents, the choice is even more fundamental: whether there should be a government at all. Their unbending position, demanding an ever-diminishing role for the federal government, has levied an enormous unnecessary cost on everyone else.

Since Republicans regained control of the House in the 2010 midterms, when the Tea Party tide was in full force, they have attempted to freeze the size of government, coincidentally putting a brake on economic recovery. They have vetoed attempts at further economic stimulus, encouraged America’s economy to be downgraded by the ratings agencies by threatening not to extend the debt ceiling, and tried to veto any and every tax increase in the fiscal cliff talks. Their aim is to shrink government by starving it of funds. Such uncompromising absolutism has led to the dampening of business confidence and investment that would have created jobs.

It is not just the economy that has suffered from the absolute positions held by the anti-government rump in the GOP. Their insistence that the Founding Fathers intended us to be allowed to carry guns of any sort, including the rapid-fire assault weapon that killed 20 children and six adults in Newtown, CT, last month, continues to hamper attempts to curb the nation’s murderous gun violence. Ghosts from the 18th century are preying on our schoolchildren, abetted by those who believe that compromise on amending our gun laws is surrendering to the forces of big government. Such unbending absolutism costs human lives.

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138 responses to “Tea Party Absolutism: The High Cost Of Hating Government”

  1. charleo1 says:

    All that can be said of the disastrous job killing, and economy shrinking T-Party has been said.
    Just not loudly enough, or often enough. The Right is livid most of the time over a media they
    claim is biased to Progressives. So, when was the last NY Times article calling out the T-Party
    for extending the recession, and costing the Country billions providing unemployment benefits,
    Medicaid, and food assistance programs. While they continue to block efforts economists agree
    would boost the economy? President Obama last year, using the advise collected from business
    leaders, bankers, and the leading manufacturers. and put together a modest jobs bill, that these
    experts said would provide the best bang for the buck. And it was not just a case where the Gov.
    throws money at the problem. The bill invested in our infrastructure, most of which is in terrible
    shape. But, Boehner, and the T-Party did what? Stuffed the jobs bill wherever they put anything
    that might spark a glimmer of hope the economy was getting better. So, of course they could get
    in front of that, “Liberal Press,” and yell, “Where are the jobs, Mr. President!???? When was the
    last time you read an article on that? Well, I think it’s been too long.

  2. nobsartist says:

    Since they are a minority, the “stupid” in politics, lets ignore them.

  3. Sand_Cat says:

    I’m not an expert on the topic, but I believe there is quite a discernible difference between the US health system and those of France and other civilized countries: ours lag behind theirs in almost every category, in addition to costing more than twice as much per person.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    In the language of people on Main Street, hating government is like hating yourself because YOU ARE the government. What about that don’t right wing extremists and Tea Party Twerps get? So, instead of working for the greater good as the government of the people, for the people, by the people, the Tea Party works the back room agenda of the two Koch billionaires, Grover Norquist and Karl Rove. All of whom consider anyone beneath their income levels to be worthless human flotsam they barely endure the existence of. That’s NOCD (Not Our Class Dahling) attitude that they don’t admit is class warfare of the elitism brand.

    Now in 2013, Main Street has had enough of the stalling, the sob stories of the Poor Rich and the gaming of the system that hasn’t budged the economy one tiny centimeter. Baffled by our unwillingness to allow the Tea Party to become the only government in the US, they struggle now to continue Koch Bircher concepts like some wayward children lost in a wilderness.

    We all know that we can push push push for changes we want. It’s not rocket science. But, there are obstacles who must be removed in the genuinely Constitutional way…get rid of politicians who serve only their “party principles” and not the greater good of the good old USA. This means ending massive tax subsidies to corporations that don’t reciprocate by hiring our creating new jobs. Buying and selling small and medium sized companies isn’t business…it’s the business of unemploying millions more Americans who need jobs in order to make this country a viable member of the global community. The rich see hiring and job creation as a loss of their wealth. The rich also see any worker benefits like healthcare and safe work environments as a loss of wealth. They also believe every dime they have to pay of their fair share of taxes is loss of wealth. In other words, they only want to have a river of moolah flowing to them while they stiff everyone to keep that wealth growing.

    It’s our country, not just theirs; though they’d like you to believe their big moolah games give them a bigger and better stake than the rest of us. That’s nothing but a contortion of truth and they know it.

    • William Quigley says:

      Eleanore, right on! Gerrymandering congressional districts should be eliminated. Congressional distric should be determine by groups independent of political party affiliation. We currently have a congress made of a majority of Republicans who receive a minority of votes in the last election! So much for repesentative democracy.

      • kdlhouston says:

        I’m glad you Leftist agree with eliminating gerrymandering! You do realize that Democrats are the biggest supporters of this practice. In most of the South and many cities, the you would lose most of the majority black districts if you didn’t contort and carve districts. By insist on creating minority districts, you’re also creating majority white districts. The two go together.

    • Excellent post. I support our government and respect the contributions of our civil servants. However, there are times when it is not easy to support or even understand the rationale for some of the things our government does. Here is an example, I just read that Rep. Michele Bachmann may keeu her seat on the House Unintelligent Committee! No wonder the House takes one step forward and three steps backwards every time the convene after their long and frequent vacations.

      • MARK says:

        It’s easy to forget how to work if you don’t spend much time practicing.

      • kdlhouston says:

        I’m in my early 40’s and usually base my opinions on historical evidence and trends. Most of you make the same “informed” decisions,day. In my personal experience and after meaning what politicians promised vs cost to benefit. It’s clear that government programs are less effective and efficient than private initiatives. You can believe in government as much as you wish but the facts paint a picture of corruption, waste, cronyism and unresponsiveness.

    • montanabill says:

      Exactly what is wrong with wanting a smaller, less intrusive government rather than a government that tries to control every aspect of human endeavor? Do you have the ultimate gall of believing those who still respect individualism are just totally anti-government? Are you really so out of touch that you believe every successful person has ‘gamed the system’? Is every successful person simply of clone of that derogative mythical creature, ‘a Koch Bircher’? Didn’t you even notice or have a clue that the latest round of massive tax subsidies went to industries with strong Obama supporters?
      You are obviously not rich, not a job creator, or have even the slightest connection with any of them. It is obvious, because you don’t have a clue, just the usual off-the-wall demonization of a truly ignorant person.

      Your country, not theirs? As long as your government dole keeps up.

      • gahoof says:

        “latest round of massive tax subsidies went to industries with strong Obama supporters”

        You mean like the oil and coal industries?

        • montanabill says:

          No. Since you didn’t do your homework, I was referring to specific ‘green energy’ and railroads (Warren Buffett) and more.

          • No you mean NASCAR. the true story of how your mind works, going fast around a circle, wasting money getting no wheres!

          • montanabill says:

            Please don’t be a low information citizen.

            www dot dailydemocrat dot com/ci_22322665/fiscal-cliff-tax-package-loaded-breaks-hollywood-rum

            Just one of many sites with the real story.

      • Doctor T says:

        Well Mr Job Creator. How nice of you to think that everyone should look just like you. You sir, are the one out of touch. You are anti anything that doesn’t involve your allowing your own power/control to rule the world. You sir, are a Bircher and it stinks to high heaven. You demonize those who you employ as well as others of your ilk do. Excuse me, but where would your frigging business be without your employees, smart ass?

        • montanabill says:

          Just keep hoping people like me continue to fund the government sending checks to you.

          • Jim says:

            Just so you know, you red states get significantly more federal assistance than the amount of money you pay in. You need to look at your neighbors, not us blue staters that are paying more than we’re getting. (Montana gets between $1.47 and $1.92 for every $1 they pay in fed taxes, depending on whose figures you use).

          • montanabill says:

            You might not be considering the physical size of these states (for Federal Highway maintenance), nor the percentage of the state owned by the Federal government, or whether you are counting money for Indian Reservations. I am well aware of how to use numbers to represent whatever point of view you wish to push. That’s why you need to look at the complete picture.

          • Jim says:

            How about the fact that red staters have a much higher per-capita use of food stamps?

          • montanabill says:

            Are those food stamp receivers in the red sections of the red states, or in pockets of blue?

        • kdlhouston says:

          Why do you insist on labeling people who don’t agree with you? Since the begin of this county, we’ve debated the role and size of our federal government. Your name calling is a common defense that most children use to automatically dismiss everything and one that challenges you. Sad!

    • Gladys5215G says:

      100% corruption and still see no end in sight!

    • Stephen says:

      You are insane. The government can only do one thing well and that is grow exponentially! Those who depend on our government only exacerbate the problem. The federal government has only exceeded it authority since they enacted the commerce clause that covers everything now! We have to lower taxes and stop spending or we will not survive as the United States of America. Our democracy will fail if we keep letting the government control our economy and our lives. Obama was very clear in his socialist SOTU speech. The King is right and all of those that oppose me are wrong! I say no to the king and his all inclusive government policies and now is the time to rid ourselves of his highness and those legislative cronies that support him. I feel for the next President that will have to clean up the 8 year mess he has created! Vote for anyone but a Democrat or Republican!

  5. gahoof says:

    Cut Spending?


    What spending?

    I have read reams of opinions and not one specific proposal for a spending cut. Are we talking about closing all of the national parks and laying off the National Park Rangers and support personnel? How about stopping border patrols? Maintenance workers for our roads and bridges? How about harbor pilots (let the ship captains dock their own boats). Give me some concrete proposed cuts to seriously think about!

    My taxes (and I pay plenty) go to support the many things that make this country a great place to live in this world (when was the last time you heard of somebody trying to sneak across the border to live in Paraguay or Egypt, or China?).

    I guess what it boils down to is that those who want to cut government spending would like us to sign off on a blank agreement to cut spending; they’ll decide afterward what programs and personnel to cut (when we’ve realized, too late, how important the programs or personnel were to our lives and lifestyles).

    I want to stress that I’m not against being more efficient in our spending; I just don’t want to buy a pig in a poke. Let’s discuss concrete proposals.

    • empiremed says:

      Here are some cuts. Eliminate the worthless bureaucacy bloated department of
      Energy, Commerce, Education, Interior, Housing, and at least half the state and defense
      departments. There are way too many government employees who have to be paid with tax money and not nearly enough private sector jobs that don’t. This government
      and it bureaucasy have become way too intrusive.

      • gahoof says:

        I think you ought to become familiar with just what jobs those departments do before you rush to cut them. You may be one of those who wail and gnash their teeth in anguish when things you’ve depended upon are no longer there.

        My suggestion: educate yourself to become a better citizen.

        • George says:

          I agree, gahoof! Anyone who says to simply eliminate a federal department clearly does not understand their functions. I would agree, however, that ALL government agencies should be scrutinized for efficiencies and possible elimination of some functions. But eliminate them altogether? That’s just ignorance!

      • Countrybumpkin says:

        This poster sounds like the voices in some of the local Tea Party meetings I have attended. Nothing but SLOGANS, (easy to remember for the age group and attention span of attendees) DETAILS not so much. Potential consequences, if those slogans were ever enacted, are never explained.

      • robertblair3174 says:

        Intrusive? When, where, and to whom? The Energy Dept. regulates safety at places like nuclear power plants, and (attempts) to oversee our nations hydro-electric, and petroleum industries. Commerce enforces the rules that keep the heavy trucks (and their drivers) on our roads safe. Interior opdrates our national park system… YOU may want to do without these things, but MOST of us don’t

      • robertblair3174 says:

        Intrusive? When, where, and to whom? The Energy Dept. regulates safety at places like nuclear power plants, and (attempts) to oversee our nations hydro-electric, and petroleum industries. Commerce enforces the rules that keep the heavy trucks (and their drivers) on our roads safe. Interior opdrates our national park system… YOU may want to do without these things, but MOST of us don’t

        • empiremed says:

          We had nuclear power long before we had an energy department. These departments are unnecessary and should be incorporated into
          other departments. Gorvernment is way too big and getting bigger.
          You asked where to cut and I told you.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Yes, and we had the AEC overseeing it. New name, same agency.

            By the way, the DOE oversees the US nuclear weapons complex. No more nukes? Maybe you should look into what the agencies do before you parrot more TP nonsense.

          • empiremed says:

            Jimmy Carter started the Energy Dep. i the 70’s. As I said, the important parts of these departments should be consolidated. Nuclear weapons should be handled by Defense.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Why? I like civilian control of the weapons of mass destruction. Had the military controlled them in the 1960s, Cuba and much of North America would be wastelands.

          • Jim Myers says:

            Replying to empiremed –

            That works fine, if you want another Chernobyl in your back yard.

          • I don’t trust for-profit entities to manage anything having to do with safety, education, prisons, etc. There would be a race to the bottom to see how much $$ can be squeezed out by reducing the number of employees or the quality of their jobs by paying them less. I want my tax money to go to well-compensated workers who are not living in fear of the next step down on the race to the bottom.

          • empiremed says:

            I said incorporate, , meaning cosolodate. Not privatize.

      • Ed says:

        WOW! I was going to reply to gahoof, but your rant stopped me dead. Do you really have any idea what the departments you want to eliminate do?Or are you just talking out your hatred? In a nation the size of ours we sometimes need referees, other times we need protectors. Both of these role mean that sometimes government must be intrusive to one view or another. What most people do not realise is that the REAL threat of government towards our freedoms are at the state and local level, not the bational. Every community has the potential to become a “Peyton Place”. OOOPS. Sorry, showing my age!

        • empiremed says:

          We are broke as a nation. We need to consolidate

          • Lynda says:

            It is pure fiction that the country is broke. The size of our economy belies such comments.

          • Given that over 30% of our debt is to ourselves, our debt to GDP ratio is about 67%. Most of the other idustrialized countries in the world like the US have debt to GDP ratios of 80% or greater; even Canada has debt that’s 85 Plus % of their GDP and I don’t hear a bunch of Canadians screaming abou they’re going broke. Japan in fact has debt to GDP of about 100% and they’re still function. The notion that America is broke is just one more GOP fear mongering fairytale!!!

      • johninPCFL says:

        And you’ve now saved about $50B. Good job. Only $1T more to go.

      • oldtack says:

        This is strictly Tea Party rhetoric – I heard this same theme of cuts from a TP “friend” at coffee yesterday morning. Do they pass this around like a war poster?

        1. Energy department – what can you tell me of the Functions of the energy Department? Do you propose to abolish the entire department or just part of the Department?

        Education – Are you cognizant of the function of the Department of Education? If so – please share with us.

        Department of Commerce – do you know the function of this Department?

        What is the job of the Department of Interior – what are their responsibilities?

        And what about FAA – we don’t need an intrusive government telling private enterprise when and how they should do maintenance on Commercial aircraft and we certainly don’t need AirCraft Control. Take your own risks while in the Air.

        From your perspective – while we’re at it why don’t we get rid of all Law enforcement Agencies – after all we all have guns and can protect ourselves. Get rid of all fire departments – -you have water hoses – put out your own fire. Get rid of all those street repairmen and speed limit laws. We don’t need these things they cost TAX money.

        Now – my proposals sound about as rash as yours.

        What needs to be done – every Government Department needs to be “Audited” so to speak to capture waste and to eliminate what is not an integral part of the whole. Is there waste in Government – Yes – a lot of waste – in all facets.
        But cuts in spending should be done where needed and in a methodical manner – Slash and burn doesn’t cut it.

        You bemoan Government employees -too many on Tax payer money and not enough private sector jobs. Well – we are not going to see private sector jobs until we address and close all the loopholes that allow outsourcing of jobs to other Countries. Have you checked the labels on your purchases? We have become a consumer Nation rather than a manufacturing Nation.

        These are items that have to be addressed and amended along with Income Tax loopholes.

        Social Security and Medicare are two programs that are not “entitlements” these were programs that every working American paid in to and both programs would be stable if the thieves (Govt) had stayed out of the store house.
        All other “entitlement” social programs need to be examined and either abolished or curtailed.

        This boondoggle didn’t happen overnight and not by one Party and it won’t be resolved overnight by slash and burn.

      • Doctor T says:

        There seems to be a disconnect with your views and reality. What other social order do you propose? Anarchy perhaps? Everyone locked and loaded with high powered assault weapons? Chaos? What are you? An idiot?

      • Lynda says:

        For your education here a breakdown of total Federal Spending.

        Social Security/Unemployment & Labor 32%
        Medicare/Health 23%
        Military 20%
        Interest on Debt 6%
        Vet’s benefits 3%
        Food/agriculture 3%
        Housing 3%
        Transporation 3%
        Education 2%
        Energy/environment 2%
        Int’l affairs 1%
        Science 1%

        Your idea of cuts is less than a bandaid approach. Those you would close besides causing a great deal of harm would do very little to reduce spending. Certainly there is agreat deal room in defense for cuts, so we at least agree on that.

      • grammyjill says:

        Since congress is only working 126 days this year, why don’t we pay them for just those days? That would be a big savings. And if we paid them what they are worth that would be even more.I feel they have barely earned minimum wage.

      • Jim says:

        Exactly why I could never be a card-carrying Libertarian, despite my agreement with you on most social issues. You propose simple-minded solutions without seeming to understand the law of unintended consequences.

        Firstly, these agencies provide critical services that keep us safe from those who would take advantage of the public trust with no hesitation.

        Another consequence of getting rid of those departments: You’re going to add a ridiculous amount of people to the unemployed roles just from the federal employees, not to mention the ‘job creator’ contracting companies such as DynCorp, Locheed Martin, CSC, BAH, Accenture, SAIC, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, etc. I’ve worked in DC and Northern VA for two decades, and in many offices contractors far outweigh the numbers of actual government employees. (Not to mention deeply embedded the cronyism that allows retired military officers and high-level .gov executives to collect insanely high contracting fees while not being required to provide any value on DoD contracts).

        There’s plenty more. Abolishing something that may be bloated and in much need of streamlining is the reasoning of a child. Your comment shows a lack of understanding of how complex the current systems are, not to mention what they do. You listen to Ron Paul and Tea Party doorknobs that don’t actually have a plan to fix anything… they just simplify it to the point where the the angry blamer nation can grab onto that soundbite.

    • emadis41 says:

      Cutting Fed spending will result in a loss in GDP by ratio of 1/5 cuts/loss. The Fed spending circulate in the economy and the $ generate more than what you think, it is handed to the gas station, the grocery store, the malls, the theaters, etc.. get the point.
      Second: listen carefully when these people speak, what they want to cut is SS, Medicare and other social programs, that thereis not one single advanced country live without.
      The Question would you like to have your retirement SS evaporate or spent on their pet projects, like highways to nowhere, and airport never used everywhere were the GOP dominate?
      it is not the port pilots or the NP rangers that cost us the most, to the contrary, eleiminating these jobs may cost more.. that is why some ports close during high wind, for example.
      Also, you picked the wrong country, Egypt is also a magnet to the people of the countries around it too, and it causing the Egyptian folks a lot, as they can not find decent housing and lack of Jobs also.

    • (1) Leave Afghanistan by the end of FY13. (2) Suspend all foreign aid, except humanitarian aid. (3) Close all foreign and domestic military bases rendered obsolete by technology. (4) 5% across the board budget cut for all Federal Departments and agencies. (5) Merge agencies with similar charters, such as NASA/NOAA and the CIA/FBI, to reduce overhead costs and improve efficiency. (6)Terminate all tax loopholes and subsidies to the oil industry, pharmaceuticals, insurance industry and the agri-business. (7) Effective monitoring of charitable contributions by the IRS to eliminate fraud and abuse. (8) Curtail civil servant travel by increasing the use of telecons and video conferencing. (9) Raise the Social Security contribution cap from 106K to $250K to ensure the program remains solvent for decades to come (admittedly, this is not a spending reduction, but it may eliminate the need to use general funds in the future). This is just a quick sample of areas where savings could be realized without impacting senior citizens, students, or compromising our national security and standard of living.

  6. Charles says:

    do not increace the debit cealing.. Leave as is. Stop sending . The people of the USA FUCKING MONEY.Our congress is no better than a con man.

  7. ORAXX says:

    The under reported aspect of taxation is……tax money gets spent. Virtually all of it. Keeping money in circulation is a good thing for the economy and taking money out of circulation isn’t. Far more of the Bush tax cuts went into off shore trust accounts than ever went into job creation, which was the goal all along.

  8. clarenceswinney says:

    WHOSE FAULT? R or D? Or both?
    1. Outsourcing industries—R & D
    2. Flush Wealth to top 10%–R tax codes
    3. Bush 1900B Tax Cuts—43% to top 5%–16% to bottom 60%
    4. Bush two war=cost2000B over a decade—ruined our reputation as a caring Christian nation
    5. Bush Part D Medicare
    6. The Middle Class has been gutted while top 10% own 73% net wealth,, 83% financial wealth-get 43% individual income paid 18% tax rate—25% get 66% income paid 15% tax rate—top 50% got 87% Income paid 12.5% tax rate—70 Million got 13% of the income.
    7. Redistribution of Wealth our biggest problem. We must tax wealth to get a balance and pay down debt. It is a sham when we tax 2100 Billion—spend 3500B—and borrow 1400B.
    Let the rich off. 14,000B Income cannot pay 3500B budget??? 37Mm tax returns paid 11.06% Tax Rate in 2009. Will we awaken?
    8. Repeal Glass Steagall allowed 10 big gambling institutions to buy up 80% of 7000 Banks.

  9. 13observer says:

    When taxpayers find out they were duped by Obama and their great grandchildren will be in debt for the rest of their lives, 2014 will see a revolution against the tax and spend democratic party similar to what happened in 2010! When all Obama wants to talk about is gun control and giving amnesty to people that broke the law (CRIME PAYS), and the burden put on taxpayers when they all figure out the so-called “rich” can’t pay for everyone that is here illegally and their extended families, when our welfare programs are compromised and LEGAL citizens can’t get the help they need, and Obama wants to strip gun rights from law abidding LEGAL citizens and the streets are no safer, when it is discovered that Obama BOUGHT the votes of hispanics and the poor by PROMISING them special treatment on welfare and immigration………………….then………………. the democrats are in a world of hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to 13observer –


      I don’t get enough roll on the floor, gut splitting belly laughs during the day.


    • Dmullins84 says:

      Observer, do you have enough money crammed up your ass to save you from trouble. They were already duped by G.W. Bush and his Republican crazies. Quit spreading your bull shit on this site.

      • 13observer says:

        No I don’t! So you won’t get much! But I do have enough to give you this great parting gift for playing on today’s show! It’s a lifetime membership to the NRA. Have fun.

        • Dmullins84 says:

          I have four guns and don’t need the dam NRA Membership to tell me a dam thing. I learned to be an expert before I entered service down in the mountains of ole Kentucky. I could at one time shoot a squirrel out of the top of the tallest tree in the state. I made a habit of making expert during my 22 years of military service. So, who needs the NRA, not me. I30bserver do have a wonderful day Sir.

          • 13observer says:

            With all due respect Sir, we need the NRA just to keep our Second Amendment from non-existance. The people on the other side of the NRA want to take your single shot rifle from you. They don’t want civilians to have guns at all period!

          • Dmullins84 says:

            I hope you are wrong, but we cant say never will. I use to be an NRA Member, and drop my Membership several years ago. I don’t believe their intentions are to violate the Second Amendment. I believe they will tweak it around the edges in such a way not to violate it, but make it much more safe for society to own a gun. Nice talking to you and sharing our beliefs.

          • 13observer says:

            We are better off able to defend against who knows what for sure. Take care

  10. John_Medlin says:

    For over forty years the republicians have been buying votes with tax cuts in an effort to undermine our government, only during the Clinton administration with tax increase , welfare and defense spending cuts did government not increase the dificit. All is not lost even thought Bush tax cuts have survived amounting to a lost in revenues of 3.5 trillion. Progress can still come with closing tax loop holds, losing oil and farm subsides, raising the cap on SS payroll tax to $2,000,000 , then adjust the rate, extending medicare to all, primary care only, build healthcare data base, analyse data, reduce cost, adjust rate and changing Obamacare to single payer available to all.

  11. Annemb says:

    I highly recommend the book, “Conservatives Without Conscience” by John W. Dean.

  12. wolfboi1970 says:

    Well we could cut “defence” spending, really empire building, by 75%, end our illegal wars, get out of africa, get out of middle east, get out of pacific, GET RID OF HOMELAND SECURITY, which has done absolutely nothing but errode our freedoms and bring us closer to a police state, audit and eliminate the fed, and all the SPINELESS democrats need to stop supporting obama. Whos a war criminal. Hes spends more money and all on things dems normally would be against, also, this grab for guns over such minimal deaths per year is all media and govt hype, GET OVER IT, and end every single tax break on companies, there are billion dollar profit corperations paying 0….0% tax, if they are supposed to be counted as people, then pay their damn taxes like everyone else….also giving millions and billions of dollars as subsities to companies that are making billions, ie corperate welfare…must stop…if this is done we will pay off our debt, be paying lower taxes have more freedoms and privacy, and you dems are as bad as the repubs at the guilty crimes ive mentioned, so quit whining and blameing each other, and start holding ur looser elected officials accountable, or start supporting Ron Paul and the LIBERTARIAN party…you both D and Rs make me SICK

    • awakenaustin says:

      Ron Paul is a fool and Libertarians are simply free market anarchists. People began to create the foundations of government when they started to clump themselves together in groups larger than a family. Even families have an internal governing structure. Governments are not only necessary, they are desirable. Governments perform necessary functions and fill roles for society as a whole that individuals and groups cannot. Libertarians are only marginally different from Tea Partiers when it comes to ideas of dismantling government. They are utopians who believe a free market cures all ills and solves all problems. There is a reason why folks in the Tea Party are so fond of the Pauls.

      • wolfboi1970 says:

        Yes governments are necessary. ..ur right…but larger local and state, where its a more direct reflecrion of the people living in that state…where the govt, actually lives among the people it governs. ..there by KEEPING THEM IN TOUCH with reality….nott some non state bubble in some cases 1000s of miles away. Also u seem to have a very strong need to be told what to do and how…thats sad….you should be able to live your life with enough sense on what hurts otthers or not….we. dont need govt buracracy telling us where ur seatbelts, no pot smoking in your own home, on a road in montanna thats flat ans goes on for 100s of miles with nothing u mist go this fast only, your kid must be in a car seat till so many pounds, only this person and thiss person can get married…these are things we can all figure out ourselves…I dont know where anarchys line is for you….but freedoms and basic liberties ARE NOT ANARCHY.thats how all humans should live…you cany have a group micro manage the masses lives…u will have half in prison and half boreing clones that dont think for themselves….its not natural….govt. like all things, has its place and limits.

        • awakenaustin says:

          The government in this nation is not just the buildings filled with workers who live within the confines of Washington, D.C.. Approximately 2.8 million people work for the federal government. About 85% of these work outside the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. This means, of course, that the functionaries/bureaucrats of the federal government mostly live in communities all around the nation. (The Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs employ the most permanent full-time civilian employees.) Most of these are clustered in large urban areas and in State Capitols. As of sometime in 2011 State and Local government employed approximately 14.5 million fulltime employees. The vast majority of people working for all the governments live in the local community. Legislation though proposed by different sources is passed by Congress. Senators and Representatives live in State and Local communities (although because the U.S. Legislature is in session full-time most have homes in the Washington D.C. area) and are elected on local and state-wide bases. Most of the legislation/laws which directly impinge on your daily life and regulate your day to day actions are state and local legislation/laws. States regulate driver’s licenses, pass seat belt laws, make pot smoking (with a few exceptions) illegal, establish speed limits, have car seat laws, regulate marriage, and pass those pesky motorcycle helmet laws, if your State has any. Does that mean according to your analysis these laws reflect the will of the people living in those States? If so, it means people want the government to tell them to wear seat belts and so on.
          You don’t have a natural right or constitutional right to drive automobile or not wear a seat belt. You may dislike these rules and chafe under them, but it is not a matter of you having the right or freedom to drive where you want, when you want, how you want and however fast you want. Other people have an interest in you knowing how to drive and not being run over by you and not having to pay for having you or your children scraped off the pavement or providing you or your child long term medical care. Many laws are not so much designed to protect you as to protect others from you and to limit the amount of damage you may do to others.
          If we should all be able to live our lives with enough sense to know what hurts others and can be counted on to know that and follow those prescriptions, then we have no need for any laws at all. If you have a contract dispute with your home builder, I am sure you don’t need any damn law telling you how to work it out. I am sure everyone see reason and will do the honorable thing. Who needs those silly building standards and codes anyway? Those are for cowards and wusses. Caveat emptor. Every man woman and child for his or herself.
          Let the games begin.

          Our choices are not so stark as freedom or prison and boring clones. Of course government has its place and limit. I thought the question we were discussing was what the proper role and limit of government was.
          Maybe you could solve a mystery for me. What did I say that provided any basis for your assertion that I must have a strong need to be told what to do? Maybe it was just a casual effort to insult on your part?
          I understand that spelling, grammar and punctuation are rapidly falling out of favor, but people might take you a bit more seriously if you made an effort in that area. What is with all the points of ellipses?

          • wolfboi1970 says:

            First of all austin, its totally lame to rag on spelling and grammar. Especially when people use phones to post, its WEAK, secondly, if I were to insult you, which I didnt, YOUVWOULD KNOW IT, I dont come on boards to put others down, like you, I share my views and enjoy hearing others views, and their thoughts on mine, so long as they are respectful. THIRD I was AGREEING WITH PART OF WHATU SAID and u still feel threatened by my view points…saying you like being told what to do isnt an insult, its an observation, u seem to love buracrocy, and big govt, micro managing your life in every aspect, its not an insult, its sad. I agreed with you onbthe importance of state and local governments, just because I refuse to agree with ur views on the feds, u have to get assy with me, therefore our discussion is over, I choose to debate, share and discuss viewpoints with people who arentt so insecure, and self righteous. …and again, not saying this as an insult, merely how ive percieved you to be by your posts, as well as refusal to hear other people whos views may differ SLIGHTLY from yours. Its sad you need 2 choose grammar and soelling as a way to somehow discredit my view points, which by the way if you look at my profile, im “liked” or agreed with quite often. Its people like you that are causibg no progress to be made in our govt…refusal to compromise, refusal to see other perspectives and refusal to accept that MAYBE…JUST MAYBE u might be wrong. Good day to you try working on your personality, realize when people partially agree with you, and learn the difference between insults and observations about you.

          • awakenaustin says:

            I would simply refer you to what may be your 7th sentence, it is hard to tell because one is unsure of what you view as punctuation. You statement and I quote, “Also u seem to have a very strong need to be told what to do and how…that’s sad….” . All of that seems like a pretty straight forward slam. You have no evidentiary basis for arguing that observation was based on anything I said. I said nothing in my statement which suggested I had taken any position on liking or not liking to take orders. What exactly am I missing here? When you accuse someone of having an “authoritarian personality,” you are insulting them. Had I presumed to assert something like that about your character, I am pretty certain you would have accused me of putting you down.
            If it is understanding and the transfer of ideas that you are interested in, then you underestimate the value in paying attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation. They are central to understanding. One could easily presume that your refusal to pay attention to such things is a result of laziness and sloppiness on your part and that it extends to the nature of your thought as well. One might also presume that your disdain for and disregard of the opinion of others leads you not to care how you present yourself to them. Writing which does not concern itself with spelling, grammar, and punctuation shows absolutely no respect for the reader. You wouldn’t send in a job application with so little attention to detail. Maybe if you were more concerned about spelling, punctuation and grammar, you would have realized that the “you” I referred to throughout the first two paragraphs of my missive was used in the third person form. I was not speaking of you as you personally.
            Maybe I was and am merely making “observations” about you. Maybe when people make uninformed and unfounded “observations” about someone it is an insult. As to my last sentence in that previous response, you are free to consider as a gratuitous insult if you wish, maybe it was an insult and not an “observation.” I offered it in return for your “observation” which was intended by you to be a put down and accepted as such.
            Your major problem is that I disagreed with you. In all disagreement there is a tension between what may be said in disagreement, before it is considered an insult. Kings used to behead people who disagreed with them, Popes excommunicate people who disagree with them, fundamentalist Muslims shoot, behead and blow-up people who disagree with them, and fundamentalist/wing-nuts in this country tell you that you are un-American, socialist, a baby murderer, and going to hell, all the while arming themselves for insurrection and secession, when you disagree with them. My discussing the merits of spelling, grammar and punctuation with you seems to me to be mild by comparison. It was never offered to discredit your argument. I did that before I added the “observation” at the end. Yes, I get a little excited about folks who suggest throwing the baby out with the bathwater. You lauded the benefits of State and Local government, made several complaints about laws and bureaucracy clearly directed at the Federal government and Federal government overreach. These are not new arguments. They are arguments which have been around for years. Maybe they are new to you, I don’t know. Because you or I “believe” something doesn’t mean it comes automatically possessed with a sound reasonable, rational and factual basis. It hurts sometimes when people point that out. Every one of those examples dealt with an area of law making controlled by and extensively legislated in by State and Local government. They were not arguments against Federal government overreach. They were arguments against governments in general telling people what to do. You may have started out saying you agreed with me in your first paragraph, but you ended up not agreeing with me at all.
            I am uncertain what kind of life you live, but as an ongoing part of my life in general and my occupation in particular, people disagree with me and tell me I am wrong all the time. Since I learn new things every day, it turns out that, not infrequently, I am wrong, partially wrong and partially correct, and correct about different things. I will see what I can do about working on my personality.

    • Dmullins84 says:

      Wolfboli1970, you were doing pretty good until you mention the fool Ron Paul the so call Liberterian. He’s a dam fool him, and his Son a senator from Kentucky voted in by a bunch of fools in that state. Father and Son both Tea Party fools.

  13. 13observer says:

    Tea Party? The next big party will be in 2014 when change comes after the American public figures out the Obama administration lied about taxes. Already the middle class is paying more in 2013 with more to come because there will be no talk of spending cuts now. All these ignorant fuckers think the key is taxing the rich, well I’m not rich but I don’t let my wife buy shit we can’t afford either so………………… why are Obama and the dem permitted to do it? Because they promised free shit to everyone who would vote for them? What a hustle trying to put all that “pork” in the Sandy Storm relief, just like a sleezy liberal democrat!!!!!!!!!!! Democracy today has been reduced to buying votes from hispanics with the hopes of reuniting them with the rest of their family……you know, like the “organized crime” families of yesterday with all their MS13 gand bullshit. Welcome!

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to 13observer –

      But, it was okay for George the Second to promise candy for everyone without question?


      • 13observer says:

        In your opinion!!!!!!!!! …………Oh, by the way, did I mention we just loved having you on today’s show? What with all your bullshit, we get quite a laugh from your stupidity and all.

        • Dmullins84 says:

          130bserver, look ho’s occupying the front office. I doubt that a Republican will be setting in that chair for a long time to come. The Republican Party is sinking fast. I rest my case!

  14. jarheadgene says:

    Four Places to cut… 1)TSA….why are they so overblown, overbearing and intrusive? Does anyone seriously think, post 9/11, a terrorist would last 10 seconds on an American airplane? 2)Why are we housing so many people on marijuana arrests? Does the the DEA, DOJ, and local cops and sheriffs, really need to “hunt” down marijuana users as ‘criminals’ and then prosecute and jail them? So we, the tax payers, will have to pay to house and feed them to the tune of how many billions? 3)DOD, do we really need to keep feeding that Beast so much stinking money? If we do, give it to the troops more and the Halliburton/KBR/Lockheed/Raytheon..etc…CEO’s and board members less. Enough is enough already. How rich do the Dick Cheneys, of the world, need to get? Are we really afraid of a troop attack from another nation? Our private citizens are so well armed, even schoolkids and movie goers don’t stand a chance, much less a military, boots on the ground, attack. 4)Congress, THOSE IDIOTS cannot do their job and they keep voting themselves raises….$174K a year to do what try to repeal, yet again….attempt 34…the affordable health care act…or once again overturn Roe v Wade…..(after how many years?)…what about JOBS !?!!!! Give me a break. Both sides make me sick, but will that ever make me a TEA Party IDIOT?……HELL NO!!!!! I just want Congress to do their job…..PROPERLY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. lockewasright says:

    Wrong. There is nothing anywhere that says we have to cut a single dime in order to get the debt ceiling raised, not one red cent. Stop giving in to the teanderthal framing of the debt ceiling. The cuts are to avoid the sequestration. That is a separate issue from the debt ceiling. In fact, the 14th amendment says that it is illegal to even question US debts. There is no need to negotiate with these hostage takers. Don’t even answer the phone when they call. Their corporate task masters will not allow them to shove the world back into recession by refusing to raise the ceiling. Besides, there is a sword a Damocles hanging over the teahadists head anyway. If they don’t raise the debt ceiling, the government may not be able to issue tax refund checks. That should go over like Robert Plant’s old band.

    • Justin Napolitano says:

      Your stupidity is showing lockewasright. The 14th amendment, section 4, of the Constitution of the united States says that the validity of the public debt of the United States authorized by law, shall not be questioned.

  16. Plznnn says:

    The title of this topic should be, The High Cost Of Loving Government, BIG Federal Government. A big, powerful Federal Government, more worried about political gain that actually helping people. Government works best when it’s at the State & Local level, not an out of touch Federal level. The Federal Government is only allowed few responsibilities, the rest is for the States, or to the People.

    • Unadulterated nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!

    • johninPCFL says:

      Cool. No more army (mentioned in the Constitution only as to limiting funding for it), no FBI (so criminals can once again run across state borders to escape prosecution), no Post Office (so FedEx can collect $10 each to deliver letters, thus eliminating junk mail), no FAA (so we can triplr our air casualty rate), no NTSB (so Toyota and Ford can hide their death rate due to mechanical failures), no DOE (so no nuclear weapons), no court system (so no nasty defense of rights at trial).

      Take a look at Somalia. That’s the model you’re advocating.

  17. m8lsem says:

    The Tea Party worship, adoration even, of the Great God Market, akin to the Great God of the John Birch Society, the Great God of the brothers Koch — is exactly the sort of Capitalism which Karl Marx predicted and described, a Capitalism of overlords that control the State and hold the worker to be one more cog in their machine. Unfortunately, Marx’s remedy turned out to be as bad as the problem he sought to destroy. What the Welfare State sought to create was a sort of Capitalism of the people, by the people, and for the people. The Welfare State is far preferable to Marxism. The Welfare State is also far preferable to over-zealous individualism, selfish individualism, ‘I got mine you go get your own’ individualism, Ayn Rand’s ‘Objectivism’, the creed of the John Birchers like the Kochs, the creed of Libertarians. Extreme wealth for the rich is virtuous; sharing profits with the workers through a working wage is to coddle the lazy … endless reams of BS come out of the mouths of these Libertarians, every last one of whom should be dumped into Harlem or Watts or Appalachia, or some other broadly poor neighborhood/community, dumped there without any access to any assets of their own, each alone, each alone with that state’s minimum wage for one 30 hour week in their pocket, and told to ‘make a success of yourselves without leaving this place and without using anything not generally available to people there.’ After they’ve made do one way or another for 3 months using nothing not available generally in that community, they can go home.

    • Jerry Beck says:

      I love it,said something like that myself once. I did see where a congressmen or some official said they could live off food stamps for a week…..a week???? Thats no problem,now make it a quarter, now that would be a test. Or as you have stated above.

  18. When are commenters here going to realize that the big problem now is not spending, it’s the loss of more than a trillion dollars/year in the tax revenues needed just to keep the country running at a reasonable level without driving it back into recession; as virtually every country in Europe has done with their austerity programs. Obama has already cut spending more than 200 billion dollars each of the past two years; he’s actually cut spending faster than any pres since WWII. And by getting us out of Iraq and winding down the Afghan war, and by actually implementing improvements in many government agencies, he’s been able to downsize government the past 4 years by more than 565,000 workers.

    If we could get the more than 10 million workers still out of work from the debacle that Bush allowed to happen to the country, and recreate some of the hundreds of companies that have gone belly up, the increased tax revenues from these people would mean that instead of Obama’s budget running a 1.1 trillion deficit, we could easily be seeing like under Clinton, a 200 plus billion dollar surplus. It’s absolutely critical that the GOP stop being obstructionists; and imperative that Obama not cave in to any of their demands for large budget cuts that will only drive America into recessions similar to what Europe is seeing. Virtually every sector of the world but Europe is seeing better times, and why? Because Europe is the only sector of the world that has tried to solve their economic slides with austerity (budget cuts).

    And just look at what the GOP has done in many of the red states; yes, they may have balanced their budgets and are feeling good about themselves, but at what cost? They’ve cut budgets and services so fast that they’ve thrown millions of their citizens onto welfare. Millions of Republican households today (a larger percentage than those in Blue States) have one or more of the breadwinners out of work. That’s why more than 70% of food stamps go to Republicans in red states. And that’s why the six states that lead the nation in sucking welfare dollars from Washington are all red states from Louisiana to South Carolina. While in contrast, all 8 of states that lead the nation in supplying tax dollars to Washington to be given out for aid, while they receive the least amout of welfare dollars for the taxes they pay, are all Blue States.

    Cutting budgets and taxes during a recession is the worst thing you can do. And you would think that Republicans would have learned this. Because they tried just the same failed tactic back in the late 1920s after they muttled the economy so bad the stock market Crashed. They cut budgets then, assuming the private sector because of the cuts would spur the economy, well we all know how that turned out – they drove America and the world into the Big Depression that took FDR 13 years to recover from – actually adided by WWII spurring the economy. And just think, the downturn that faced Coolidge, was childs play compared to what faced Obama. America was still a bit agricultural country back then, there were no where near the companies to go bust and employees to lose their jobs. There were no where near the millions of homeowners to lose their houses in foreclosure. And a GOP president couldn’t even handle properly a much less catastrophic downturn than what we saw in 2008.

    • empiremed says:

      The facts is, more revenue went to the U.S. Tresury during the Bush years than
      any time in U.S. history due to his tax cuts. The problem is spending. Look it up.

      • I just did what you said and you’re drastically mistaken!! As a percent of GDP, tax revenues hit the highest they’d been in 1999/2000 (at about 37%) and then plunged for the next 3 years bottoming out at about 30% of GDP, gradually working their way back to about 35% of GDP toward the end of 2007 only to plunge to 28% of GDP at the end of 2008/beginning of 2009, rebounding in 2010 to about 32% and gradually working their way up to 34/35% in 2012. As I mentioned in my post, revenues from the slow economy, 10 plus million unemployed and hundreds of companies gone and slowly rebuilding are down about 1 trillion per year. Sorry but during the bush tax revenues were a disaster being all over the place – you have to be very confused or demented to think that tax cuts are going to drive up tax revenues. Good Ole nitwit Reagan’s tax cuts increase tax revenues fairtale just keeps on agoing!!!! Just like the fairytale about trickle-down economics!!!

        • empiremed says:

          Please go to u-tube and look up John F. Kennedy’s ( A Dem) 1962 tax speech. He tells you that cuts in tax rates increase tax revenues. There was a robust economy when he cut the top rate 25% and there
          was another robust economy when Reagan cut the top rate another 25%. And, it happened again under
          Bush. Unemployment was less than 5% when the dems took control of congress in 2006. It’s no fairytale.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Your post so eloquently explains how both the Republicans in congress and Republicans in red states have unwittingly adopted policies set to make them self-destruct, along with the rest of us if we let them have their way. We would not let a child in a classroom tear it apart and then start cutting himself or herself. The teacher’s way of controlling such a situation is three parts confidence: this is not how education works, and this is not how a child in my class behaves. It is a prevailing confidence in education, that helps everyone in the classroom find their way back to a normal school day. The fourth part is skillful manipulation to disarm the angry child and restore control.

      Like the out-of-control child in my analogy, Republicans in the House threaten to overturn the institutions we all depend on and the economies of other countries worldwide who depend on ours, by refusing to pay debts on time that they themselves have already authorized. This is a tantrum, brought on perhaps by angry xenophobic white men who hate the president and cannot figure out what to do about their bigotry now that he has been re-elected.

      The Democrats and the president (and the media, please!) will have to treat this like the kind of emergency it is: not a legitimate difference of opinion about how to meet our obligations, but a violent tantrum, building over time and becoming more and more threatening, without any concept of its outcome. Republicans are on such a rampage that once one classroom is destroyed, they will just go on to destroy the next one. They proved that during the controversy they cooked up over the debt ceiling in the summer of 2011 and over the Fiscal Cliff just a week ago.

      Democrats and the president must exert a teacher’s calming, skillful manipulation to protect faith in the credit worthiness of the USA, whether via minting a platinum coin or acting on the Fourteenth Amendment, unless Republicans in congress see the light and quickly vote to raise the debt ceiling. Period.

      We the people must provide the three other parts of the equation, by standing firm against the hysteria rolling over us in waves, stemming from the far right. We have to be rock solid in our faith in the U.S. government and its strengths, knowing full well that we have the where-with-all to protect the land from enemies, whether they come from within its borders or from without, and live here in peace.

    • Justin Napolitano says:

      Great job explaining the situation, thanks.

  19. Tommy Ryan says:

    I’m not liberal, Tea bagger, gun owner anti gun fanatic, economic guru, or expert on any of this. As I see it, the banksters should have been imprisoned in ’03/’04, We shouldn’t have gotten involved in

  20. sarahg says:

    Well, first off, I think we should not make blanket statements, which are without a doubt implied in this article, that disliking the government is the exclusive preserve of weirdos and extremists. That, on its face, is an extreme and very un-American position, not to mention is a fallacious and therefore untrue argument. Regular Americans have come to dislike their government because of their government’s overwhelming corruption, which exists at the highest echelons between financial and political elites–which has the effect of subverting the will of and undermining the well being and financial health of the people of this country. Americans increasingly find their government distasteful, if not treasonous, not because there is something wrong with Americans, but because there is something deeply wrong with their government and that something is directly tied to greed, selfishness and allowing wealth unfettered entre into our legislatures–an unelected shadow society of wealthy elites who are accountable to nobody. Sounds to me like a silent coup d’etat has occurred.

    This is why things are outrageously uncomfortable and expensive here–and both sides of the political aisle benefit from this and are equally responsible for it. That evil nexus that exists between the elites of finance and that of the political leadership in this country is the disease that must be excised, from which so many of America’s ailments directly flow. It is impossible to have a democratic government that is responsive to its people when such undemocratic machinations occur behind the senses. The people of this country are being deceived, lied to and defrauded.

    I do however think that extremism is on the rise in this country, there can be no doubt. It is very dangerous and it is not going away, but getting worse. There are numerous, considerably complicated factors involved, but the author of the above article wants us to believe that all the problems of America, such as the fiscal irresponsibility of our elected officials and the attendant negative economic impact, gun control (or our inability to effect such), home schooling that leads to massacres (massive fallacy) and survivalists are all the fault of the republican party. This is obviously an extremely skewed and biased chain of thinking which results in missing the mark, big time. The net result of this thinking is we will not solve a damned thing, as per usual, because of the tremendous dishonesty problem we have in this country, which is motivated in part by ideology. The goal should be to solve the problems, not defeat your political adversary.

    • Justin Napolitano says:

      The problem is that the average American is extremely selfish. They have no problem with going to war as long as they don’t have to pay for it. They have no problem with a huge military that employees millions of people as long as they don’t have to pay for it. They have no problem with anything that benefits them personally as long as someone else pays for it.
      The days of we want all of this stuff but don’t want to pay for it is ending.
      If government spending is greatly curtailed then the average American will find it very painful and will scream their head off and just like little children they will pitch a fit.
      That day is coming very soon, count on it.

      • oldtack says:

        In my experience this all falls on deaf ears. The average American will have to feel the pain before their plight sinks in. It will come this year.

  21. William Deutschlander says:

    The Republican Cartel, which includes the Tea Party, is incoherent, incapable, intolerant and ignorant, they do not know how to GOVERN a DEMOCRACY.
    Their base lacks inteligence and their zealot beleifs are corrosive to our nation.

  22. elw says:

    I for one would like to give the tea party its own State. I would suggest Texas since it wants to secede anyway. I would also suggest building a big fence around the State we wouldn’t want those uneducated, lazy tea party people sneaking into our Country because you know they are all crooks who want free stuff.

  23. Doctor T says:

    You are full of your own wild ass imagings…

  24. (1) Leave Afghanistan by the end of FY13. (2) Suspend all foreign aid, except humanitarian aid. (3) Close all foreign and domestic military bases rendered obsolete by technology. (4) 5% across the board budget cut for all Federal Departments and agencies. (5) Merge agencies with similar charters, such as NASA/NOAA and the CIA/FBI, to reduce overhead costs and improve efficiency. (6)Terminate all tax loopholes and subsidies to the oil industry, pharmaceuticals, insurance industry and the agri-business. (7) Effective monitoring of charitable contributions by the IRS to eliminate fraud and abuse. (8) Curtail civil servant travel by increasing the use of telecons and video conferencing. (9) Raise the Social Security contribution cap from 106K to $250K to ensure the program remains solvent for decades to come (admittedly, this is not a spending reduction, but it may eliminate the need to use general funds in the future). This is just a quick sample of areas where savings could be realized without impacting senior citizens, students, or compromising our national security and standard of living.

    • Justin Napolitano says:

      Dominick, I usually respect what you write but I think you had a brain fart when you wrote this comment. If we adapted your ideas the US would be in a great depression in 6 months and the Chinese would rule the world. Nice try but no banana.

  25. Doctor T says:

    By gum, you are so right! I wish I had said it myself! I am so tired of hearing this antiquated bs by these people who think their “rights” are being trampled on. How about they go live in a third world country to see how bad it can be? I was once a capitalist in the purist sense, but these idiots use the vocabulary of free enterprise to scald the rest of us into thinking we are pervented idiots, commies, socialists, fascists, marixts, and any other word they want to toss at those of us who care about our fellow man. It now turns my stomach because they don’t really give a crap about anyone except their own wealth accumulation and greediness.

  26. Doctor T says:

    …they hate Obama and wish him ill and don’t want him to succeed with anything. Why? I think we all know the answer to that. We are dealing with a bunch of soicopaths trying to either make a name for themselves or keep the job they have. How many billions of dollars have been wasted by Congress in the last two years alone for their stalling bs? Give me a break!

  27. Doctor T says:

    Idiot. Check out the cost of war in the Mid East and for what? Hello???No WMDs right!

  28. lana ward says:

    Hey, how is everyones’ paycheck looking? You voted for big Government, how you like it?? Santa omuslim is taking back your gifts. Damn indian giver anyway

    • Justin Napolitano says:

      Lana, the 2% payroll tax was temporary just like the Bush tax cuts were supposed to be temporary but went on far too long. Social Security is very important to 99.9% of American so it must be funded. Consider the 2% cut a gift and not designed to last forever.

  29. truthhunter13 says:

    The Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist want to run the country. Problem is, our government keeps getting in the way. So, what do they do?. They create the Tealiban Party to disrupt everything our President is trying to do.
    They don’t care what the consequences are to the economy and to the well being of our country as a whole.
    We, the little people cannot go toe to toe in a fight with these corporate monsters. However, since we live in a democracy, we have a powerful weapon that we all have access to.
    Its called: OUR RIGHT TO VOTE.
    Let’s use it in 2014 to vanquish all Republican and Tealiban Party obstructionists who are doing more harm than good to our country.

    • sigrid28 says:

      See my longer post above, please. Voting and getting out the vote in 2014 is vital, but I would add that we can do a great service right away by refusing to let right-wing hysteria dominate the discourse and by shoring up our own confidence in the U.S. government. If Republicans make us afraid with their destructive rhetoric (which is all it is), they undermine the stability that the Democrats in congress and the president count on from us. We need to be a united front, expecting them to defend the credit-worthiness of the U.S. without the congress if necessary. Only then will sense prevail and the Republican House members join the Democrats in voting to raise the debt ceiling.

    • Jerry Beck says:

      Its going to be hard to rid ourselfs of the tea people,one they are in the red states and the voters there are the ones to vote them out. Guess what? As the biggest users of government hand outs,they(the voters) will see them(tea party) as saving them,not knowing other parts of the country don’t have to live that way. Going to be a hard road.

  30. ObozoMustGo says:

    Nicholas Wapshot, useful idiot dujour. You must have spent all of 3 minutes writing this crap. At least that’s 2 minutes more than most of the propagandists posing as journalists in this septic tank called The Memo. This is nothing more than a listing of old, trite cliches strung together in an attempt to make the other useful idiots that read your tripe believe that the Tea Party is to blame for everything including the poor economy, the bloated federal budget, and dead kids in CT to name a few. What a moron you are, Nicky! No intellectual thought required to ramble on in this article, eh?

    I’ll take a few of the more stupid cliches and lies apart for you below.

    >” For many of the Republican Party’s Tea Party insurgents, the choice is even more fundamental: whether there should be a government at all.”<—– Outright lie. The Tea Party does NOT advocate NO government. That would be advocating anarchy, and you will find those people at the OWS protests, not Tea Party rallies. Rather, the Tea Party advocates Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free market economics. That's a far cry from the lie you have posted here, Nicky.

    <"Their unbending position, demanding an ever-diminishing role for the federal government, has levied an enormous unnecessary cost on everyone else."< —- Tell me exactly which way the government has shrunk since Jan. 2011. It hasn't shrunk one bit in either spending or size of government. Either you are a complete idiot, Nicky, or you think your readers are. Oh, wait… that's right, most of them are complete idiots. It's how you get away with writing this crap.

    <"Since Republicans regained control of the House in the 2010 midterms, when the Tea Party tide was in full force, they have attempted to freeze the size of government, coincidentally putting a brake on economic recovery. They have vetoed attempts at further economic stimulus, encouraged America’s economy to be downgraded by the ratings agencies by threatening not to extend the debt ceiling, and tried to veto any and every tax increase in the fiscal cliff talks. Their aim is to shrink government by starving it of funds. Such uncompromising absolutism has led to the dampening of business confidence and investment that would have created jobs."< —- This one is one big mouthful of horse sheet. First off, for anyone to believe this lie, they have to first buy off on the lie that the economy originates with the government. They must also buy the lie that government taking money from the private sector for government spending is somehow going to grow the economy. What kind of idiot, other than you Nicky and your 7 or 8 followers, actually believes such a lie? Who believes that limiting the size of government puts the brakes on the economy? The alternative statement would be to presume that expanding the size of government would make the economy grow faster. What kind idiot thinks like this? Finally, only the most stupid of stupid people think that spending within our means is what made our credit rating go down, and not the increasing debt to GDP ratio that is extended when the debt ceiling is raised. That's problem with you leftist freaks. There isn't a drop of common sense among all of you combined.

    Have a nice day!

    "There is all the difference in the world, however, between two kinds of assistance through government that seem superficially similar: first, 90 percent of us agreeing to impose taxes on ourselves in order to help the bottom 10 percent, and second, 80 percent voting to impose taxes on the top 10 percent to help the bottom 10 percent — William Graham Sumner's famous example of B and C decided what D shall do for A. The first may be wise or unwise, an effective or ineffective way to help the disadvantaged — but it is consistent with belief in both equality of opportunity and liberty. The second seeks equality of outcome and is entirely antithetical to liberty." – Milton Friedman

  31. 1standlastword says:

    The Tea Party never promised to help govern America but they did promise to disrupt governance that they perceived as preferential to big business–but, we all know what happened….they got hijacked by big business!

    They were nowhere to be found during GW and why???

    Because “my base” big business was having its heyday as Bush and friends handed out scads of no-bid contracts to help build-up his huge “disaster economy” enterprises here and abroad.

    While all that dealings and big government spending was going on NOBODY complained because business was GREAT during the Bush years.

    But afterwards nearly the whole country soured on Bush when the cloak was pulled back on the gaggles of high-class white collar fraudsters and the greatest economic crisis since the great depression came down on the world…it was time to do the tighten up!

    Republicans suddenly became responsible because a Democrat was now in the house….Very sobering moment here!

    In retrospect, conservatives had a devilishly clever strategy because after Bush it was SO easy to get every dog and its brother to HATE government! Hell…even I hated government after Bush!

    Conservatives hated government so much Bush’s name became sacred in a negative way…”don’t blame Bush…don’t talk about Bush…It’s Obama’ government damn it!!!!!!!!!.

    So it was easy to make Obama the face of hated government (for things he inherited from that other fellow…hollow be thy “blackened” name, and for aspects of Obama’ person that he can’t change).

    Big business and bought-off “r”epublicans hate Obama government because it wants to make them accountable for how they mistreat workers and abuse the environment. The constituency of “r”epublicans hate because republican operatives and their noise machines scare low information conservative about how Obama’ initiatives “are” immoral, hostile to life, religion, guns, and “normal family values”; issues modern republican have accused every Democrat of defiling.

    The last time I can recall so much fear and hate in this country it was during the American Indian Wars!!

    But what is the driver for all this fear and hate? I have to say it’s a changing demographic: We are older, racially blended, more urbanized and highly technological. The old memes of Anglo-Saxon Protestant parochial America are dissolving into the annals of time gone by.

    Because the demographics are changing, people’s needs for a different kind of leadership is evolving. And frankly, I can’t say what a new more inclusive government looks like but I can say for sure it is not the Tea Party vision.

    The Tea Party and it war on “government of the people-by the people-and-for the people” is winding down and in its ashes will be something new…not like Bush, not like Obama, not like any administration we’ve know before now.


    Progressives are not enthralled with Obama and conservatives certainly aren’t happy with Obama but most all of us tolerate Obama because he’s sensible!

    He gives and he takes. He really tries to be as fair as possible in a world of selfish children. He’s not perfect. However, I think he is the introduction to a new style of governing that will change again when the first woman or Hispanic POTUS comes on the scene…remember we are bending the turn on a paradigm shift.

    I think the hate of government is really a deep grief response and yes it is expensive!

  32. Diana C says:

    what an oxymoron; teaparty wants a much smaller govt yet they are politicians in govt. So Let us Start Reducing govt. by kicking them OUT

  33. howa4x says:

    The tea party is not made up for the brightest lights in politics. there will be no statesman coming from that group. These are people who are manipulated by people like Dick Armey, Karl Rove and the Koch bros.. The founder of the Cancer centers of America helped fund them, which is odd since the ACA actually helps his business, unless of course he has a health insurance intrest. These rich an powerful people went out to find the dumbest people in this country, and helped them form into a movement. The wealthy don’t need services, and want to cut them all to fill their coffers even more. We are watching people with severe mental illness act out in this drama. The tea party is so idiologically blind that they would take away programs that help children in the name of religion. They have invented a pretend Christainity that rewards the richest while taking from the poorest. It is almost like Jesus never existed. They seek to eliminate enviornmental safeguards that will affect the health of their own children. They do this for people who have a naked obcession for wealth. The kind that was once ranked as one of the 7 deadly sins when religion was followed. People like the Kock bros who have 31 billion a peace, or the 3 surviving Waltons who have 25 billion each, suffer for a midas complex where unions are demolished, and health care is denied. They suffer from dellusions of grandure. America’s new royality who shout “let them eat cake” as they laugh and scorn at the poverty of others. We used to lock these people away as a danger to society, now we just call them republicans.

  34. robert says:

    Let’s allow Republican/Tea Bag/Yellow Dogs to cut all of the safety nets such as public education, Medicade, food stamps, health care, mental health, disease prevention, social aide to the destitute and the homeless, aide to the elderly and infirmed to lower the deficit and jump start a struggling economy. Let’s allow the Republican/Tea Bag/Yellow Dogs to deregulate financial and lending institutions, cut the checks on free-enterprise, loose oil and mineral exploration, coal and ore mining, and shut down environmental protections. Let’s allow them to shut down unions and the fairness in wages, to raise taxes on the lower, middle, and upper-middle classes and let the upper class and the 1% to keep milking the economy to preserve their wealth, allow big-box stores to overtake small retailers and corporations and industries to overtake small businesses. When we allow that, what America will we have?

    • oldtack says:

      Good Morning Robert

      If the R’s, TB’s and YD’s do a wild eyed slash and burn as they advocate and as you described in your post our America would cease to exist and become just a large third world Nation. The scary thing is – this is exactly what some of these “politicians” would like to do.

      We need increased revenue but at the same time we need to rein in some of the out of control spending. The Government is composed of a myriad of departments – some are vital and some have outlived their original purpose and all of them have bloated budgets for pet projects. If it is done in a methodical manner there is a lot of fat to be cut without weakening the operating function of any Department. Just get rid of the “pork”.

      Yellow Dog ?

      We seem to differ on this term. Out in this part of the Country a Yellow Dog democrat was one that would write -in vote for his old yellow hound dog before he would vote for a Republican. Now I will admit that I am indeed that type of Democrat – but I’m not the type of Yellow Dog that you perceive.

      We need to be as one to oppose these people that would destroy our country and we all need to work with our local organizations to begin right now finding viable candidates to groom for 2014 elections so we can root these people out of power and take back our country.

      Have a good day – and send us some New Orleans rain!


      • robert says:

        Grow up, pussy, and get a life. Your cover is blown. You have two faces, but you are too cowardly to be one or the other. You’re a Yellow Dog Democrat with a yellow streak up your hairy back. Just like a flaming homosexual, you don’t know what you are, whether you’re a man or a woman, a Republican/Tea Bag or Democrat, so you swing in the middle just like a sissy little panzy ass calling yourself a Moderate Democrat.

  35. edmund m says:

    May they be the dwindling opposition for 50 years! And earn the disdain of the voters they deserve!

  36. alumahead says:

    It is time that Democrats start painting these fiscal battles as the Republican’s War on America. For four years now they’ve stood in the way of any and all proposals to move America forward and a a result, millions continue to suffer. Look at the recent battle over money for Sandy recovery. Why must they always be backed into a corner and forced to do the right thing?

  37. ivory69690 says:

    For many of the Republican Party’s Tea Party insurgents, the choice is even more fundamental: whether there should be a government at all. /// thy cry so much about the government untill thy need the government for something . thy dont want taxes but want every thing else and anything thy can get . what the country needs is them to stop all their B/S and start working for a better government . and we cant have one with them stoping every thing every time thy can

  38. Well I have said the beast thing that the Republicans has ever done is when Mitch went to Bowling Green Ky and put Ron Paul and the Tea party under his arm & in the Republican Party in 2010 I told my wife wait 2012 they will be just as glad to get rid of them as they were to get them & boy have they got the GOP all folded up

  39. oldtack says:

    I agree.
    The Defense Budget should be #1 on the list.

  40. Let’s not forget this haters in government were elected into office by maybe the same voters that are concern. What’s the saying, what goes around, comes around

  41. The left spew their twisted facts and blend in their tried and true lies to make you think that the right is totally wrong. The left are the liars. They lie to cover the true facts. They want everything they have and everything you have. When they are done with robbing you of all you have they will tax you for having nothing.

  42. “Similarly, suspicion of government is behind the growth in homeschooling, that narrows the education of children, deprives them of a sense of community, and diminishes their social skills.” I’d like to see statistics and studies on these statements. What a load of opinionated crap.

  43. OK I have to chime in.. Home-schooled children are not always antisocial, socially deprived and unstable. I know many kids that are home schooled and they are just like any child their age. Except they can advance at their pace, they can be involved in many extra activities such as dance, politics, dramas, and so much more. Please stop painting kids schooled at home as deprived, because that is not the case normally. While my daughter is not school age, I have attended home school conventions and looked at the curriculum that they have to choose from as well as all the different teaching aides to help those children who learn differently.

    The convention also had a graduation ceremony for the kids that were moving on to college, though I met some that were already taking college level courses. Please do some research before painting a whole community as one “that narrows the education of children, deprives them of a sense of community, and diminishes their social skills.”

  44. Kathleen Rector says:

    I’m not against government at all – in fact I actively campaigned for President Obama in 2012. However, I would like to see the sources for your statements that homeschooling “narrows the education of children and … diminishes their social skills.” and “Hostility to government also ensures that healthcare is unnecessarily expensive.” as they strike me as too simplistic to be anything but uninformed. I don’t think we do ourselves a favor by promoting blanket statements such as yours without providing the facts to back them up. As with most of our problems, the issues are complex and we need to objectively research the problems at hand and engage in meaningful and respectful dialogue to determine viable and fair solutions.

  45. Too bad you tanked your entire article by making an asinine, sweeping generality regarding homeschoolers. Why don’t you ask a few what their reasons are. You will find very few that list “fear of government” as their reason. It is clear that you don’t know any homeschoolers. You fell right back into the old stereotyping that plagues modern homeschooling families–that we are raising sheltered, socially awkward and isolated children. Get a clue. Do some research–I don’t have time to paint the picture and fill in the blanks for you.

  46. Wow, there is a lot to be said about shutting down the Federal Government for a time and allowing the states to sort out this mess. We have created a elitist class of socialist spoiled rotten “gimme” brats. Keep your hands off my country!

  47. Gloom and doom is the republican theory, strange things are coming out of the woodwork to destroy them, they are all applying for gun permits. The meteorite over Russia should scare the pants off them. The tea party is drinking to much something don’t think it is tea. One thing they will be shooting on another with their hand guns. The only thing to fear is the living God.

  48. If someone wants to know what the TEA Party is about, show them this:

  49. kdlhouston says:

    July 3, 2008: (Barack Obama,At a campaign event in Fargo, ND)

    “The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion dollars for the first 42 presidents — number 43 added $4 trillion dollars by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child.

    That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.”

    Evidently, our president doesn’t agree with himself regarding this issue. His hypocrisy and partisan spin calls into question you motivations as well.

  50. kdlhouston says:

    I’m in my early 40’s and usually base my opinions on historical evidence and trends. Most of you make the same “informed” decisions,day. In my personal experience and after meaning what politicians promised vs cost to benefit. It’s clear that government programs are less effective and efficient than private initiatives. You can believe in government as much as you wish but the facts paint a picture of corruption, waste, cronyism and unresponsiveness.

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