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Saturday, March 23, 2019

‘Tea Party’ Brand Now A Liability To ‘Tea Party’…And Republicans

Originally posted at The Brad Blog

Palm Beach Post’s George Bennet wrote last week about how so-called “Tea Party” groups seem to be running away from the “Tea Party” name in places like Florida.

The South Florida Tea Party, for example — the one that helped launch the national career of Sen. Marco Rubio and hosted Donald Trump while he was initially pretending to think about running for president — is changing its name to the National Liberty Federation.

“As Tea Party groups go,” observes Steven Benen at MaddowBlog, “the South Florida Tea Party was one of the bigger and better-organized outfits.”

But it’s little wonder these folks are running from the name. Their popularity, and their name brand, is now plummeting along with the fortunes of the congressional Republican Party. As Bennet notes, even right-wing pollsters like Rasmussen are finding that support for the Tea Party movement is absolutely cratering.

Rasmussen, a favorite polling firm of conservatives, found in a survey this month that only 8 percent of voters identify themselves as Tea Party members, down from a high of 24 percent shortly after passage of the federal health care law in 2010. The poll found 30 percent of voters had a favorable view of the Tea Party and 49 percent had a negative view.An October Rasmussen poll found 44 percent of voters considered “Tea Party” a negative label, eclipsing “liberal” as the most potent negative adjective.

And, again, he’s the Republican pollster. A NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds, according to Benen, that attitudes about the Tea Party are “abysmal.” “Just 9% have a ‘very positive’ impression of the so-called movement — an all-time low,” he writes, “while 32% have a ‘very negative’ impression — an all-time high. All told, the Tea Party’s favorability rating is down to just 23%, which is even lower than the GOP’s support and that of the NRA.”

“If the ‘movement’ still exists,” Benen argues, “it’s gasping for air — and relevance.”

But the problems for the Republican Party itself are much deeper than simply their association with the tainted Tea Party. Benen explains, for example, that “After discovering that there aren’t any Republicans left in the center,” the Republican Main Street Partnership, a D.C. outfit promoting moderate GOP lawmakers and policies, “dropped the ‘R’ word and became simply the Main Street Partnership.”

Little wonder about that. either. Democratic strategist Karen Finney noted yesterday at The Hill [emphasis added]…

As the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll indicated, 49 percent of Americans view the GOP negatively, compared to only 26 percent positively; additionally, a plurality says it will blame the GOP if [debt ceiling] talks fail. According to the latest CBS News/New York Times poll, 47 percent of Americans blame congressional Republicans [more] for the difficulties of the “fiscal cliff” deal than they do President Obama (31 percent); only 30 percent of Republicans approve of the job congressional Republicans are doing, with 65 percent opposed, versus 59 percent of Democrats who approve of the job of congressional Democrats are doing, with 31 percent opposed.

And remember, that the 30 percent of Republicans who approve of the job congressional Republicans are doing is based on those who self-identify as Republicans. Many of those folks long ago left the party to become either “independents” and/or hardcore Tea Partiers. So those are really some abysmal numbers for the GOP.

So with Tea Party approval at an all-time low, and the Republican Party’s approval numbers in the toilet — even among Republicans — along with them, why would the GOP be dumb enough to continue allying itself with this “movement”? To paraphrase Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman, they “got nowhere else to go!”

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68 responses to “‘Tea Party’ Brand Now A Liability To ‘Tea Party’…And Republicans”

  1. Lynda says:

    The GOP sucked up to the potties to obtain their majority in the House and dealing with them is their problem. The resulting mess is the nations.

  2. bigal953 says:

    Sort of like painting yourself into a corner.

  3. sleeve says:

    Tea party was a creation of the Kochs’ propaganda machine, highlighted by Murdoch, and the media bought in hook line and sinker. Did you think they found those nifty costumes at the Walmart? After GOP was humiliated during the election, Kochs cut off funding. Media will investigate this shortly after they figure out if Manti’s girlfriend was alive.

  4. At least we now know anyone who claims to be a supporter of the Tea Party is essentially a corporatist John Bircher with little sanity and a whole lot of terrorism under that tricorn hat. Like a giant billboard over their head “BEWARE OF THE RABID ANIMALS”

  5. It is hard to tell who is worst. The Tea Party austerity proposal, their efforts to marginalize women and ethnic minorities, and they overt hatred and intolerance are despicable, but the GOP’s failure, or complicity, to accomodate their most radical members is just as bad. The worst part of this issue is that highly experienced and pragmatic Republicans have been replaced by radicals whose idea of democracy is “my way or the highway”. Well, I have the feeling it is going to be the highway for most of them, but not the way they envisioned it.

    • TheSkalawag929 says:

      It is , I imagine, like watching a star about to go Nova. The question is: “How do we deal with what’s left?”.

      • Vote every single Republican in blue states out of office in 2014. Unfortunately, Republicans are planning to do the same to us in red states, and are engaging in redistricting efforts to ensure they keep control of the House and influence the outcome of future elections.

        • InsideEye says:

          The state of Chris Christie is heavily Democratic but they vote, anti tax , a la “Tea Party”if you will. These people are strongly antigovernment . They voted out a previously notorious taxing Democratic governor, James Florio, virtually recalled, for wanting to tax toilet paper, and make citizens use both sides as well. There are at least 50 percent of citizens in the country that vote this way, party affiliation is not honored when middle class is used to pay for the bottom and top feeders. This Is the group that is silently out there and will revolt against the bottom and top feeders. The top feeders are at least working. There is a cutoff of $ 40,000 dollars according one source that says, it is better to be on “welfare”then to work…….is this acceptable?……

        • TheSkalawag929 says:

          As long as the republicans continue to ignore women, minorities, the gay community and moderates they will remain on the path to their self-destruction.

          We need to reach out to the moderate republicans that the extremist are alienating. If we can do that we can render their attempts to rig elections moot.

          I believe that when the American People are given the facts they will come on the side of Right every time.

        • joeham1 says:

          They voted the GOP out in California! Raised taxes like crazy to compensate for their spending! We will see how that works!

          • They raised taxes like crazy because that’s what the voters said they wanted to do – they were tired with living with humungous deficits and having every government service axed to the bone. Get a life and wake up!!!!

          • Don says:

            Our local democrats in NJ are always raising taxes as we are one of the most taxed states in the union and part of us in Cape may in below the Masson-Dixon Line.

          • joeham1 says:

            They were not voted in to raise taxes! Are you crazy? They already had the highest state income tax in the country at 10.3 % now it’s 13%

            They were voted in to fix the problems. Of course they went the Obama route and increased taxes and spending! When will you idiots realize that raising taxes doesn’t fix a spending problem!

          • armynod says:

            It’s clear you haven’t been paying attention, or you’re not a resident of the State. Davis was recalled due to the energy scandal under his watch. Schwarzenegger was elected on a promise to balance the State budget and fix the energy fiasco. Arnold was a complete and utter failure. He left the State in worst shape than when he took office. He learned that business expertise means nothing when it comes to politics. A fact not lost on the voters as they rejected Meg Whitman in favor of Jerry Brown.

            Governor Brown was elected to fix the mess left by Arnold. State spending was drastically cut and taxes increased with the approval of Prop 30. The income tax portion of the measure is scaled depending on income bracket. So while your post is mostly false, you did get one of the bracketed increases correct. Your omission of the fact that 13% rate only applies to $1M or higher is misleading and irresponsible. Trying to make people believe that 13% is an across the board increase makes you either a liar, or ignorant. Your post, your choice. Liar? Ignorant? Probably both.

          • joeham1 says:

            Of course you missed the point of my post. Your obviously not sharp enough to read and comprehend. Calling me a liar may make you feel good but the point that you of course missed is that your hack friends in the California legislature already had the highest state taxes in the country. The debt was pushed down the road and of course the Unions got a pay increase for helping get Prop 30 passed. Another pay increase to the people that caused a lot of the problems in that mess of a state. City after City goes banrupt because the unions have demanded more then the towns and cities can pay. Arnold was a social liberal. He didn’t have a clue that the Democrats and Union were in charge no matter what he wanted.

            Then we have people like you saying “all is good”! Get a clue goof ball!

          • You don’t have to wait too long, they already balanced the state budget for the first time in decades, without impacting senior citizens, students or the poor.

          • Plznnn says:

            What?? California is quite broke, and by them raising taxes even more on those that have money, they will just leave the State, like Phil Mickelson. Then where will the “revenue” come from, the Federal Government?

          • joeham1 says:

            Why don’t people like you tell the whole truth? Why do try to paint a rosy picture but leave out the facts?

            First of all Billions in unpaid bill were pushed down the road. Second: What’s not counted is the effect of the the highest state tax rate in the country and adding 3% and giving raises to his union pals will have a huge effect of revenue.

            Virtually every country and some states have tried to tax their way out of trouble. California did cut some spending but most of the problem was pushed down the road! It will impact the poor, sturdents and the elderly

          • What are you talking about? The Democratic governor is raising taxes like crazy and the state is flat broke. THe whole reason GOP won before was because the outgoing Democratic governor came up snake eyes on the money for any budget, state was broke and broken.

          • heyuoutthere says:

            You Libs always trying to confuse the issue with facts;shameful.

          • Dominick, I hate to disappoint you, but I live in California and the balanced budget definitely impacts senior citizens, students and the poor. It was part of the deal. Jerry Brown agreed to massive cuts to social welfare so people would vote for tax increases. It was called a compromise. I’m a hardcore California Democrat and it’s probably the only way he could get the increases, but the deal has huge impacts on the poor and everyone else. Still better than the Republicans idea of cut, cut, cut, though.

          • “Raised taxes like crazy”? You just let the world know you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • joeham1 says:

            You freakin idiot….13% in state taxes when they were already the highest in the country is raising them like crazy!!!! So Angela you moron, you have proved you haven’t a clue!

        • Don says:

          Most people don’t know who they are voting for. Me a Democrat will be voting for Christie, a Republican in New jersey liked by 76 percent of the people.

        • RobertCHastings says:

          Redistricting is exactly how they got control of the House in 2010. When the Democratic essentially blew at least their House majority in 2010, that allowed Republicans around the country to gain control of state legislatures, which in turn allowed the Republicans to redraw voting district lines. The damage has been done and cannot be undone until 2020, when the next Census leads to the next round of redrawing of voter districts.

    • InsideEye says:

      You are right, we should all pay a little more taxes as was imposed on us of late. Did the democrats opposes taxes on the middle class.$ 2500 is only small some it seems.

    • joeham1 says:

      Are you describing Obama?

    • Don says:

      Tea party membwers need to be dumped into Boston harbor in anniverary of the first dumping of tea for taxation w/o representation

    • lozone says:

      Republicans are really sick! Most of them can’t even figure out why they lost the last two elections. Now Boehner says the president is on a mission to annihilate the republican party! Well mister Boehner! Your party have been self destructing for the last 12 years now and it’s not going to change, unless you start doing what’s good for the country, instead of your own ambitions and the top rich 2%. Yes Mr. Vila, your absolutely right!

    • Plznnn says:

      I really don’t understand where you get your biased ideas about the Tea Party. From MSNBC? People that consider them Tea Party members are almost completely patriotic Americans that want the Federal Government to live within their means, (our means). They want taxes decreased to quit burdening ALL Americans with them. They want a balanced-budget amendment to keep Congress to live within (our means). It is Obama that is “My way or the Highway as was so obvious during the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling mess. It was Obama that said “Dead-on -Arrival all the budgets the Republican Party put forth (before) the election, while the Democrats refused to pass any budget for political reasons. An All-Powerful Central Government is also a Government that can control you and take away your freedoms.

      Look at which Parth wants to keep Spending & taxing with absolutely NO discussions of any Spending cuts, only more Spending. Look at which Party which has ignored the collapse coming to OUR Medicare & S.S., while taking Billions from Medicare.

      • InsideEye says:

        You are not with it. The Tea Party actually has a 10 point platform that says they are advocating bigotry, eliminate women…except all of mine….., racism …I am multi racist myself, love all women though, including white ones, but they smell like chickens ( white only) when they are wet…some say. Everyone must look up their platform…it is quite democratic. The characterizations of Tea Party group are made up by Chris Matthews and Big Ed. It seems they keep saying these talking points….it is quite amusing…it must be written for them to mention, and it is mentioned on Meet The Press, CNN, WABC ALMOST VERBATIM, seems journalist can not say anything else or no job….tell me it is not so…… Is this bigotry also…by definition?..

      • grammyjill says:

        You need to get your information from somewhere else. 1. The President has cut spending by 1.2 trillion dollars already. Wouldn’t know that by listening to the republicans whine. 2. The republicans want to cut… Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, Food Stamps, WIC, Headstart, Reduced meals in schools,etc. Yes, they do want to reduce taxes, but only for the top 2%. 3. They also want to take rights away from every woman in this country. And it has always been the republicans that have said “my way or the highway” And comprimize means “do it our way”.
        No the President would not play their stupid games when it came to the fical cliff or the debt limit as he should not.
        And the billions that Obama SAVED from medicare was a deal with insurance companies and hospitals. Not from the people!

  6. WhutHeSaid says:

    They can run but they can’t hide. The vile and despicable bigots who call themselves the ‘Tea Party’ are largely just the latest incarnation of the KKK and/or John Birch Society (a/k/a Koch Brothers). While a few Tea Partiers actually have small-government beliefs, the vast majority of the current brand are simply sordid bigots reacting to America’s first black President.

    There is good reason for Americans to despise the Tea Party. Since their appearance on the national political scene they have accomplished nothing whatever that can be considered useful for the country. What they do offer is racist hate, religious zeal bordering on militant fanaticism (similar to the Taliban), obstructionist political tactics, and plain old lunacy. These are the same old people who we all know about — people who’d rather cheat and steal than earn, lie rather than tell the truth, fight rather than cooperate, and hate rather than respect the differences of others. In other words, these are the people that your mother would use an example of how to not live your life.

    Sometimes you will hear a Tea Partier object that they aren’t a bigot. While that’s possible (though not likely), it only underscores the questionable intelligence of anyone who would associate themselves with known liars, racists, and cheats. Many Republicans are learning about this the hard way.

    Eventually the Tea Party will disappear on it’s way to re-branding under some other name. It’s inevitable, really, because what they stand for has always been considered despicable by most people. The only way they can manage any credibility is to build a facade and lie about who they are and what they believe in. As soon as ordinary people find out the truth they once again lose all credibility and public support.

    In 2010 these characters managed to get a few of their sordid kind elected to Congress and local government positions, although many more of the more obvious nut-cases (Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, etc.) were rejected by voters. We need to root out each and every last one of these bad actors and remove them from any position of power. This process has already begun (Alan West, etc.), but the sooner it is completed the better off America will be. Of course the Tea Party will just slink away and re-emerge from their hateful sewer under some other guise, so we have to be vigilant.

  7. stcroixcarp says:

    TEA party = Taliban Evangelical America.

  8. joeham1 says:

    Who would want to be called a tea partier. To stand for lowering the deificit and less government is radical. With the way our President is spending we should all be rich!

    • InsideEye says:

      Joe, you should be glad you can pay more of our middle class salary to bring financial equality, fairly soon they we will all be getting 100k /yr from the government and not pay any more taxes. WOW, I can relax in retirement, but the government will then probably tax us on the 100k about 90 percent to help the lower classes achieve the same level of taxation that we all enjoy….this is getting circuitous. I want to start a state for workers only……and one for non- workers only. Toooo Utopian.

      • joeham1 says:

        It’s a formula that can’t work and has never worked. But as long as we blame the GOP for everything we will all feel better!

  9. frida says:

    Both stink. I do not see which side is better than the other. They are crazy (look at the picture) what is this man wearing? Thanks to Obamacare. At least a lot of them will get help they are now missing.

  10. solver04 says:

    The Tea Party is simply nothing but an incarnation developed by the 1% (Koch bros. and alike) to try and “pad” the GOP with more of the NeoCon type voters they need for their ultimate play for Plutocracy. There is nothing patriotic about them, no big message they offer, nothing but FOX and Flush filled vitriol and consternation. I have spoken to them, have some that are friends; I will tell you that what I have found is that they are mostly not very bright, broad thinkers or offer anything to us but useless noise. They are middle aged and looking for a “place” in politics that they never had before, a place they feel they now need because a Black President was elected. Am I saying they are racists ? Yea, probably, I have the the “N” word plenty when discussing our POTUS. They are scared, the race they grew up fearing and hating now has one of “them” running the country and they can’t wrap their heads around it. They listen to the 1%ers, the ones they should really be wary of, they listen to Flush and Beck and watch FOX like it was a TV station God runs and the words are gospel, they read Dredge and NewsMax; Anything that spews lies. Rhetoric and hatred is their fuel. There are no happy Rightys, their world is always a conspiracy and every government in the world (including their own) is out to get them. The elected Baggers however are making all of our lives difficult, how much better off would we be if they were not in Congress and the Senate ? The Jobs Bill would have taken effect, we would not have all of these conjured up “cliffs” and “ceilings”, commitees to investigate everything they think they don’t like, it goes on and on. We the thinkers can only hope that in the 2014 Mids, most of these will be thrust from our payrolls and left to give their misrepresentations to the brethren at the local Bar and coffee shop. The GOP is the architect of our deficits and bad economy, the Tea Baggers have been hired as the mouthpieces to try and keep it that way. A liability, yes. – Traitors in patriotic clothing, Absolutely.

  11. highpckts says:

    National Liberty Federation, Tea Party, same thing! The policies haven’t changed so why bother!! You can call Skunk many different names, but he’s still a skunk!!

  12. highpckts says:

    Joe – you wish! No, I would say Bush who put everything on credit and now they don’t want to pay for it!!

  13. Don says:

    I think the Democrats need to stasrt a new party ex.pofacto, the Coffee Party

  14. Bob Shipp says:

    Did you forget the role of Glenn Beck and other media crazies in the expansion of the tp brand?

  15. london717 says:

    One thing is for certain the Tea Party is no party – just a Bagger Mob — to cowardly to form their own Party and calling respectable Republicans RINO’s. Remember true Patriots drink Coffee.

  16. fidel says:

    Thank you Republicans for Divide your self, Both Tea Party and The GOP ,they are going to Self Destroyed in 2014,Both are Worst,They are Living in the 19 Century and not in 21 Century. With the Wealthy Behind them ,never Get the Popularity like Democratic party. Is Better to come Back to the College and Get some Classes of Human Relations .

  17. quasm says:

    Mr. Friedman;

    Know the things for which it stands, I’m proud to be called a Tea Partier.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

  18. Rex H says:

    They might as well be the Tea Bag Party…worse urban connotation.

  19. InsideEye says:

    There are crazies n every home, of O’Bama even, bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn, weather underground, bombing government facilities, Tony Rezko, OBAMA,s housing director, killing of Brian Terry ,by fast and furious, Solyndra kickbacks, Nancy Pelosi” sign it first and see what’s in it later”

  20. onedonewong says:

    I don’t here anyone claiming to be a liberal, socialist or communist so the base of the dem party is gone

  21. Vince S says:

    I knew the Tea Party was in trouble when a certain Republican incumbent House member from IL had a political commercial against him and supporting his Democratic opponent and future victor. That’s nothing new but what surprised and pleased me was that the commercial used the fact that he was SUPPORTED BY THE TEA PARTY AGAINST HIM. & for that, he lost, thank Goodness!!!!
    You see the Tea Party had it backwards when it started out. It’s a well known fact that the Koch Bros. and other plutocrats of their ilk, threw millions & millions of dollars at people and then the movement grew. They had it backwards, b/c you need the people, NOT THE MONEY, that need to play the most important part !!!!

  22. I’m going to have to disagree with you on this being bad for progressives, at least in the long-term. What the Tea Party is effectively doing is giving America a full view of what hardline conservatism truly entails and, by extension, removing it from consideration.

    As many a tea-bagger will be quick to remind you, the Democrats were once the pro-slavery party, but after THEIR brand of far-right extremism drifted far out away from the mainstream, the party was effectively starved for support until it was weak enough to be taken over by what were then called far-left extremists with these crazy socialist ideas like “social security,” “welfare” and “medicare.”

    The same, I believe, will eventually happen to the G.O.P. And until then, just as moderate Republicans will have to compete against crazy candidates for primaries of crazy voters, so too will moderate Democrats have to compete against genuine progressive candidates for the votes of increasingly progressive-minded voters.

  23. johnygo says:

    I am a Christian and I believed the Bible on 75% . and there is only one God.
    the Republican party hijack the Christian religion ,just like Hitler did in Germany. as this message There is not one redeeming feature in our superstition of Christianity. It has made one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites.” ~Thomas Jefferson. the reason we have separation of church and state.
    Hitler unite Germany to kill the Jew.
    “The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life” 700 club , Pat Robertson, G W Bush , Glen Beck, Rush Limbooo. – Adolph Hitler – Proclamation to the German Nation at Berlin, February,1935

  24. TheSkalawag929 says:

    What free stuff?

  25. bpai99 says:

    Haters and unreasoning fanatics never go away, they just change labels. The KKK, the John Birch Society, the Tea Party, whatever they call themselves next – it’s the same foul wine with only a new label on the bottle.

    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser men so full of doubts.” ― Bertrand Russell

  26. Gilbert says:

    Both political factions are obsolete… The republicans are a dying brand. We no longer live in a country where those who are other than W.A.S.P. are completely un-educated and, therefore, relegated to the social position of slavery or colonial servitude. So support for the “privilege” this group has taken for granted over the past few hundred years is not what it once was. The tea party was nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to resurrect and energize the klan mentality under a new management team and a different name. Everyone sees this and recognizes these initiatives for what they are… lingering vestiges of bigotry and racism that will die with their advocates… and so it is no longer possible to hood-wink the majority of voters into falling in line. The fact that the members of these political sub- cultures have not grown, have not evolved with the demands of changing times, but have either stagnated or retrogressed, dooms them to obsolescence, alongside the Dodo bird and the dinosaurs. The smart thing to do, the politically sophisticated thing to do, is to learn how to work with the new majority to reach mutually beneficial goals. Time cannot be turned backwards.

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