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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) needs conservatives to believe that shutting down the government to defund Obamacare will not hurt the Republican Party.

“The sort of cocktail chatter wisdom that, ‘Oh, the shutdown was a disaster for Republicans,’ is not borne out by the data,” the Tea Partying senator said last month.

If Republicans don’t buy his premise, then they might figure out that Cruz’s campaign to smear his colleagues as “the surrender caucus” and paint anyone who votes to keep the government open as an Obamacare lover is a blatant, reckless fundraising scheme for his 2016 presidential campaign.

In an effort to support Cruz and make it seem as if closing the government down to stop tens of millions of Americans from getting health care is a smart move, the political wing of the Heritage Foundation released a poll that they said proved Republicans should not fear a government shutdown.

“Americans — including 57 percent of independents in ten critical congressional districts — favor defunding Obamacare,” said Michael Needham, the CEO of Heritage Action. “House Republicans should be much more concerned with the fallout of failing to defund Obamacare than with the imaginary fallout of doing so.”

Salon‘s Alex Seitz-Wald took a closer look at that poll and found that the results actually prove that Obamacare is popular:

What Needham fails to mention, however, is that even this push poll that dramatically oversamples Republicans finds respondents are more likely to say that the Affordable Care Act should be kept than scrapped — and that a plurality would blame Republicans if the government were to shut down.


Here’s the question that Heritage Action was relying on to prove that people really want a shutdown:


“Who could possibly be against that?” Slate‘s Dave Weigel asks.

Well, maybe the tens of millions of people who will get health insurance on January 1, 2014. And probably the president of the United States, who risked his presidency to pass those reforms and just won re-election by 5 million votes.

But Weigel’s point is still a good one: What Republican would say “no” when asked, “In a perfect world with no consequences, would you like to get rid of a law that taxes the rich and corporations to help working families afford health care?” Unfortunately, not many.

As Seitz-Wald points out, even Heritage Action’s skewed poll of Republican districts found that 52 percent of respondents wanted to move forward with the implementation of Obamacare.

However, what the majority of Americans want doesn’t concern many Republicans right now.

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45 Responses to Ted Cruz Is Lying To The Republican Base, And They Love It

  1. If you want to stop Republicans from shutting down the government, I have a recommendation to House Democrats for an easy solution: Introduce a measure to rename Obamacare “Reagancare.”

    Because the G.O.P. isn’t opposed to anything actually IN the Affordable Care Act. They just don’t want history to record that a Democratic president ever accomplished anything.

    By 2020, they’re all going to be pretending the Affordable Care Act was their idea anyway. So offer to let them take credit for it now and just watch how bloody fast they line up to sing the ACA’s praises.

    • I think you have something there. Harry Truman had a do-nothing Congress. After WWII, he knew Europe needed assistance to re-build, but if it was called the Truman plan, would just die on the vine. At his insistence, it was called the Marshall Plan after the popular General who became Sec of State.

      • Michael may have been kidding, but there is a lot of truth to his statement. One of the things Republicans hate the most about Democrats is not the fact that we come up with solutions to problems that affect all Americans, but the fact that we don’t hesitate to tackle problems regardless of how controversial they may be.
        Democrats must find a way to get some moderate Republicans on board, such as those who are not planning to run for re-election, and present policy changes or proposals as bi-partisan initiatives. The problem is not so much that Republicans can’t come up with ideas, but that they need a cover to protect themselves from the ire of their constituents. I would not be surprised if they are more afraid of retaliation from the GOP rank and file than they are of Democrats or our proposals. They rely on the most ignorant and radical segment of our population to win elections, and they are paying dearly for it.

  2. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are running commercials fundraising for the “Senate Conservatives Pac” for this horsecrap on MSNBC. Yes, MSNBC. I see their commercials at least 4 times an hour when I turn over there. Do they really think that liberals are going to come over to their side, or more importantly, GIVE THEM MONEY with these commercials? I tell you, Meth is a hell of a drug.

    • Really ~you watch commercials? Biggest political scam ever is allowing “info commercials” or paid advertisements to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.
      None are 100% on the line…all skewed info.
      My advice: DO you own research

      • You missed my point entirely. My point is that Cruz and Lee are spamming the airwaves on a “liberal” channel with a commercial that is supposed to be about “repealing Obamacare” but is actually about them fundraising for the Senate Conservatives Pac, and how slimy they are for doing so. Ted Cruz looks like Frank Burns trying to sell snake oil in those commercials, and Mike Lee looks like Uncle Fester trying to sell broke down used cars.

    • I sometimes have the impulse to contribute to Crazy Cruz . . . can you imagine a better candidate for the Democrat running in 2016? He makes Goldwater look like a progressive . . . the more the American people actually hear these guys talking, the better chance we have to have them returned to under the rock they crawled out from.

  3. Just think of how proud the majority voters in the Loon Star State must be of their newly-minted Senator Joseph R, McCruz and all his rightwing lunacy.

    • The blue dots in metropolitan areas of Texas are probably punching their pillows….

      The sea of spread out reds on the other hand probably are cheering him on…

  4. Sen. Ted Cruz is doing what most politicians running for higher office do, he is telling his constituents what they want to hear and, at the same time, he is trying to destroy his competitors. Unfortunately for him, that strategy will not work if his goal is to run for President. What he is ignoring, in addition to the Second Amendment, is that the audience for those aspiring to run for President includes ALL Americans rather than a small flock of zealots. I am convinced that most Americans are tired of unfulfilled promises, empty rhetoric, and scare tactics. What most of us want are credible solutions to the socio-economic problems we still have. We managed to dodge a silver bullet five years ago, but that does not mean our long term problems have been addressed or solved. Much remains to be done, from improvements in education with greater focus on hard sciences, to desperately needed investment in infrastructure, modernization, and R&D, to invention of new technologies and concepts designed to create jobs at home and move our nation forward.

  5. If the Republican fringe element actually manages to cause this “shutdown” nonsense, here’s my solution; 1) shake the fools’ hands, 2) lead them out of the building with comforting noises, 3) step back in, 4) lock the fucking doors, then 5) govern without the slackers.

  6. It’s fairly apparent from all the showing off, and air kisses, Ted Cruz is blowing to
    the T-Party, he wants desperately to be their steady boyfriend, from now until
    prom night, November 2016. But that’s a long ways away. And they are as fickle,
    as they are feckless. He really should ask Governor Rick Perry about this.
    Or, Marco Rubio, who made the mistake of thinking they were, “steadies,” until
    he tried something they will not tolerate out of any of their dates. Namely, trying
    to solve problems, offering solutions on immigration reform, (that didn’t include massive deportations ) But where actual conversations took place with the other
    side. And worst of all, sought consensus. Rubio should have known better.
    That just because they agreed to bring him to the dance. Doesn’t mean they
    were going to put up with a lot of groping, and mingling with the Democrats over immigration reform of all things, with a path to citizenship. Yes, it’s official, Marco got his class ring thrown right in his face, in the cafeteria, in front of the entire Freshman Class! Brutal. But, if that’s who Cruz has his heart set on, well, who am I to judge?

    • It’ll be interesting to see if the TP birthers will vote for the Canadian, now that he’s released his BC. I’m betting they’re hypocrits all and will invent new ways to claim that he IS a native-born citizen, while continuing to maintain that Obama was not.

  7. I think he’s playing a deeper game. Cruz is young, and he doesn’t have to run now. I suspect what he’s doing is bringing down the GOP in order to rebuild a party on it’s ashes, with him (and his Koch backed accomplices) in control. He’s actively and deliberately trying to talk the GOP into going on a kamikaze mission. He’s going to discredit the republican brand and make it unpalatable to the entire nation, most especially the RW base who will (I suspect the plan is) abandon the failed GOP and flock to the new banner of the Tea Party (or whatever other name they come up with).

    They can then claim to be the ‘fresh face’ of conservatism, unlike those losers over at the republican party, and they can then use the GOP as their whipping boy to affix the blame for the failure of conservatism in the past. It’s the ultimate etch-a-sketch moment . . .

  8. So—who gets your vote in the Race to the Bottom, for the state with the most clueless citizens in the union? They keep trying to out-do each other.

    • Two or Three of the top contenders must include:

      North Carolina, (Although, in all fairness, the vast majority of citizens are not actually clueless. We are merely the captive audience of a band of Right Wing puppets doing the bidding of the Koch brothers.)

      Texas (Largely the same as North Carolina.)

      Michigan (Largely the same as North Carolina.)

      Florida (I am not sure about them.)

      Okay, so that makes four.

      Then add a long list of other contenders, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, etc.

    • My vote goes to Texas. Voters in Texas have to not only be clueless but also have to be totally delusional in order to vote back into office 3 times as big an idiot as Rick Perry. And they’re not only clueless about the fact that Perry is a total idiot, they apparently are either clueless or really don’t care that over the past 10 plus years that he’s turned Texas into the cesspool of America.
      Although Texas ranks well with respect to job creation, it ranks in the bottom five when compared to the remaining states in America on virtually every measure that you can come up with – here’s just a sample:
      – Texas has the worst healthcare services and delivery in the nation.
      – Texas has the worst high school graduation rate in the nation
      – Texas has the highest highschool dropout rate in the nation
      – Texas spends the least tax dollars on state services in the nation
      – Texas leads the nation in teen age births
      – Texas leads the nation in paying its teacher the least
      – Texas leads the nation having the most unaffordable homeowners insurance
      – Texas is ranked as having the most polluted environment in the nation
      – Texas leads the nation in having the lowest percent of its residents voting
      – Texas leads the nation in having the least people with insurance, including children

      And these are only the measures where Texas is the absolute worst.
      Are Texas voters clueless or do they not care that they’re living in the cesspool of America??

      • Good morning Independent, I seen something the other day that said Texas has more people per capita on food stamps as well, at least more than California, and it is a lot easier to get them in Texas than in any other state, I’ll try to find the link, if I do I’ll find you and let you have it as well.

        • Thanks old_blu! I think Democrats that campaign for the 2014 elections and maybe even 2016, need to use facts about Texas to wake up voters to what America will look like down the road if the GOP is allowed to do whatever it wants. George Bush and Rick Perry governed Texas for more than 15 years in a way that let them get away with doing virtually everything they and the GOP’s idiot agenda wanted.
          So it’s clearl that Texas today, by being the 2nd largest economy in America behind California, has become a perfect example of just what America would look like down the road if the GOP is allowed to mismanage America as Georgie Boy and Ricky Boy have mismanaged Texas. Aside from job creation which Texas seems to be doing well, there are just tons of examples of how disasterous a state Texas has become under the GOP’s total mismanagement. IT HAS CLEARLY BECOME THE CESSPOOL OF AMERICAN STATES!!!

          • And if we keep heading in the direction the “progessives” are taking us in, the whole country will be like Detroit — BANKRUPT

          • Really!! Is that why America’s deficit spending has fallen faster over the past 4 years than at any time since WWII?? Is that why every Democrat that’s been in office since Nixon has inherited deficit spending from drunken-sailor-spending Republicans and each of them has actually reduced the deficit spending?? Do you realize that Carter (a Democrat) is the only president since the Big Depression that has reduced America’s debt below 50% of its GDP?? And he got it all the way down to around 35% of GDP at 800 billion, just to have Reagan triple the 800 billion he inherited from Carter to 2.3 trillion in 8 years – all the while spending more money during those 8 years than all the presidents before him since the Big Depression had spent combined!!! Detroit got the way it was not because of excess Democrat spending – it got that way because George Bush allowed the economy to run amok and virtually destroy all the businesses in the detroit area that were supporting its economy!!!!!!

      • Yes, and as I have said so many times, Texas has absolutely no grounds for its citizens’ swaggering hubris and braggadocio. Its majority voters persist in their seemingly proud tradition of political ignorance through their sending to Congress the worst of rightwing mediocrities deceitfully to advocate for the best interests of the plutocracy through exploiting religion and patriotism and thereby keeping the dupes cheering.

        • The only thing I can gather from Texas’ high rate of high school dropouts and the low percentage of Texas people voting that may explain the scenario you describe, is that the extreme views of Texans who actually get involved in politics turns off the Texans who have graduated from high school and have at least some degree of intelligence; while turning on the many who have dropped out of high school and really don’t know any better than to believe the idiocy of their extremist politicians. (I think Texas has the lowest voter turnout in America because the state has been leaning conservate and the GOP has been fielding such extremist, dumbed down candidates – that the Texas voters who graduated high school and college are so embarrased by the quality of the candidates available to vote on that they skip going to the polls on voting day; which unfortunately allows these extremists to be voted into not only the state but also federal office.)

          • ,,,,that the Texas voters who graduated high school and college are so embarrased by the quality of the candidates available to vote on that they skip going to the polls on voting day; which unfortunately allows these extremists to be voted into not only the state but also federal office.)

            It is unfortunate. The problem in Texas, which is apparent in all of Dupedom South so dependable for the plutocrats, is that the tsunami of rightwing wealth inundating the region is simply stopping in their tracks most of those rare, reasonable candidates who want to do something about the crazies perpetually going into office. Money and widespread corporate plus media’s misleading, mendacious but unfortunately effective propaganda are seriously undermining our Constitutional democratic republic, thanks to the robed rightwing politicians on the Supreme Court who made it possible. (This is not to mention the now often barring of the courthouse doors to consumer plaintiffs under new Federal rules concerning class action litigation; and rules concerning the sufficiency of civil action complaints filed in Federal District Courts tested under early motions of defendants, such as insurance companies and corporations, to dismiss those actions even before discovery procedures begin). It seems that we are surely headed in the wrong direction.

          • What BS!! 12 of the 15 states in America that are the most dependent on the feds are all RED STATES. 19 of the 23 states in America with more than 15% of their residents living below the poverty level and needing federal help are all RED STATES and of the remaining 4, two of them are run by the GOP – Michigan and New Mexico – only Calif. and NY of the blue states have more than 15% of their people living in poverty. And to top it off – of the 10 states where the most percent of their residents use Food Stamps, 10 of them are RED STATES and its the low population RED STATES which have the most people using food stamps, such that more than 75% of food stamps are used by residents in RED STATES.

          • There is and has been class warfare throughout history and especially in the political/legal scene from circa 1877-1937. As to the modern version, Warren Buffett said it best and accurately:
            “There is class warfare in progress: My side started it and my side is winning it.”

            Speaking of weak, simple minded dupes, you have through your post demonstrated that you have lapped up the plutocratic bilge. Of course, you may be a thoroughbred plutocrat or perhaps an overpaid propagandist yourself; and if that be the case, your fellow plutocrats are delighted with your viewpoints. I note that your phrase nomoretraitors suggests that as a soi disant patriot, you are armed with the talent for identifying them and attacking them with flag-waving fury for their dissents.

        • Yeah! And you don’t realize how fortunate you are that corporate puppet Romney didn’t get elected – had he been, America would have become the planet’s 1st CORPORATE RUN NATION!! Are you aware that a little over a week before the election in 2012 that Romney met with a group of CEOs for fund raising and while there he convinced a number of CEOs to send letters to their employees to intimidate them into voting for him?? Yup! Romney got the Koch Bros, the CEOs of GE, BofA and some others to write letters to their employees saying that many of
          them may be laid off if Obama got elected – he was pushing for corporations to start influencing the results of elections beyond contributing millions to lying TV ads that even Gingrich complained about during the Republican debates – Gingrich complained to Romney that the TV ads being run by SuperPacs supporting him were spewing lie after lie and Romney responded: It’s okay to lie if you’re trying to win votes. Well, if that’s the kind of guy you want as president, not only a pathological liar but also America’s most prolific job destroyer ever – YOU CAN HAVE HIM!!!! AND KEEP HIM OUT OF AMERICAN POLITICS!!!!!!!

  9. Hey, if Sen. Cruz doesn’t think shutting down the government won’t hurt the Republican Party then why not let him do it. Sure way for the Dems. to win most national elections for at least a decade.

  10. Regrettably, we have reached the point where no politician of either party can get elected without lying, or at least exaggerating and “spinning.” I happen to think one party does this more often, more flagrantly, and more willingly than the other, but the American people don’t seem to want to hear the truth, whatever that might be.

  11. love the way Cruz has the obamamob of America haters shaking in their boots and bringing out the hate and lies …………… GOOD JOB, SENATOR CRUZ ……….. America needs YOU now more than ever, obamastan is getting closer each day

    • My guess is you may live in a state that has refused to make an effort to create the insurance exchanges specified by ACA – that’s too bad because the majority of the states that have worked on exchanges are claiming that starting 10/1, people looking for insurance will be able to purchase it for as much as 50% less than what they’e paying today. And there’s something wrong with that?

      And not only can people purchase insurance for 50% less but they will also be getting much better insurance coverage – such as, free preventive checkups each year without a deductible; the assurance that they can’t be refused coverage because of a pre-existing condition; and if they have kids, they’ll be covered until age 26 under their policy and more.

      And even more than that is the fact that people who are insured today, are paying less than they would be paying if ACA had not been enacted – 25-45% more. An insurance study group has projected that if ACA had not been enacted that insurance premiums today would be 25-45% more than they are, because the premium increases over the passed 3 years have increased at the slowest rate in 15 years. Oh well! I guess saving money and getting better insurance doesn’t matter to some people.

  12. When a party wants to commit political suicide, I am not sure if I should try to stop them or just let them do it and watch with popcorn in hand….

    If it wasn’t for the collateral damage to the economy with the shut down, I’d already be making popcorn really..

  13. Cruz’s very existence here is based on a lie. His father bribed a Cuban official to get his exit visa stamped. He should be prosecuted, and his stupid son lashed with him to a raft I volunteer to kick toward Cuba from Key West, after I break their noses.

  14. Oh what we have become. Knee jerk reactionaries. Extremely polarized. And since it’s between 2 poles for the most part you could say that as a Nation we are officially Bipolar. Alcohol, drugs including Prozac and related pharmaceuticals. Many of our leaders and followers are medicated 24 hours a day. Only a fool would place their faith and lives in the hands of a politician. Be independent. Try, just try to think for yourself. You can do it America. There are many extremely wise and talented people in America but you will find few in Politics. They are mostly controllers and brown nosers take your pick. Think, research and think some more. Demand better and you just might get it.

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