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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ted Cruz To Appear At Virginia Dinner With Ken Cuccinelli

Ted Cruz To Appear At Virginia Dinner With Ken Cuccinelli

The Richmond-based “non-profit” and “non-partisan” Family Foundation will host two high-profile Republican politicians at its annual gala dinner Saturday night: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), and the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli.

The Family Foundation is a group that seeks to “strengthen families in Virginia by applying founding principles and faith to policy and culture.” The chairman of the group, David R. Barrett, was appointed a senior advisor to then governor-elect Bob McDonnell. After the Republican governor’s election, Barrett was appointed by McDonnell to the board of directors of the Virginia Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program.

The dinner has not gone unnoticed by Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia Democratic candidate for governor. The McAuliffe campaign seized the moment in an effort to link Cuccinelli with the Texas senator, who played a large role in shutting down the federal government and furloughing federal workers. Virginia — northern Virignia especially — is a state with a high number of federal workers and contractors.

Governor McDonnell said the state government will know how harshly the shutdown will affect Virginia workers on Friday of this week, but the estimates are not encouraging. There are approximately 172,000 defense department employees in Virginia; McDonnell estimates a third of them will be subject to furlough. In southern Virginia, 3,600 workers were furloughed after the Navy shipyard was closed.

“Ken Cuccinelli has made it clear that he cares more about Ted Cruz and the Tea Party than he does about Virginia’s economic well-being,” said McAuliffe spokesperson Josh Schwerin. “With the majority of Virginia’s congressional delegation and Bob McDonnell rejecting the continued use of shutdown as a bargaining chip and Republican senators turning on Ted Cruz, Ken Cuccinelli is standing alone in support of the architect of the shutdown.”

The McAuliffe campaign further hammered Cuccinelli for his ties to Senator Cruz with the attack ad below.

The Cuccinelli campaign then downplayed the link between its candidate and Cruz.

“It’s not a campaign event,” said Richard T. Cullen, a spokesman for the campaign, told the Washington Times. “We work with Ted Cruz. We work with a lot of conservatives who are coming to the state and campaigning for Ken.”

With the election just a month away, Cuccinelli can use any help he can get on the campaign trail. A Real Clear Politics poll average shows McAuliffe leading the Republican by 4.2 points.

Whether or not Cuccinelli’s appearance with Senator Cruz tips the polls further in McAuliffe’s favor still remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: The McAuliffe campaign is betting that Virginians have a distaste for both Cruz and the government shutdown.

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7 Responses to Ted Cruz To Appear At Virginia Dinner With Ken Cuccinelli

    • The campaign staff reflects the Candidate. Look at the chaos associated with Michelle Bachmann’s staff during her last campaign.

  1. Ted Cruz acting like their is nothing wrong in Washington and feels he has free time to go campaigning for Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia. Ted Cruz needs to get this government up and running and end this shutdown not attend lavish fundraising dinners. Their are no dems from Washington campaigning for their man.

  2. It’s probably just a case of President-elect Cruz being in the neighborhood to
    review the troops. and report back to T-Party headquarters his preliminary
    damage assessments, after the initial attack. Cruz will most likely report a bit
    of a mixed bag. With bright spots, like the Navel Shipyard in the South. Put
    entirely out of commission, with an encouraging 3,600 jobs lost there in only
    two days! However the sprawling Department of Defense facilities, in the
    target rich North, are much more dug in. And damage reports there are so
    far disappointing. With only about 5000 of the Federal parasites idled so far.

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