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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

IMAGE: Anti-abortion activists (L) rally next to supporters of Planned Parenthood outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. February 11, 2017. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

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12 responses to “Texas Legislators Double Down On Next Abortion Fight”

  1. dbtheonly says:

    We’re at the crux of the problem. One can protest. One can picket. But as long as the Republicans win consistently the State elections; this simply isn’t going to stop. If these efforts fail constitutional muster, then the next batch will be brought out next year.

    There is only one way to end this.

    • dtgraham says:

      I know what you mean. I’ve often thought that there’s a really simple solution here. This doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s actually quite simple. Just: A) go to the polls on election day, and B) when there, don’t vote for the Republicans. Give that a try. See how that works out. The protests are good to see, but they wouldn’t have to happen if A and B were done.

      That being said, one must also remember that some of the state legislature districts are as badly gerrymandered as the federal Congressional districts. One example being Wisconsin, where a fairly recent election had the Democrats winning 51% of the popular vote, but received only 36 of 99 state legislature seats for it. That doesn’t explain the Governorships though.

      • dbtheonly says:


        I’ll point out that not voting allowed the Republicans to gerrymander in the first place, but that’s past and we should look forward. We can undo the gerrymandering. It won’t be easy. But fixing it starts today.

        • dtgraham says:

          Yes. I don’t know what the numbers are on the state elections insofar as voter turnout, but the federal mid-term Congressional and Senatorial elections are just simply ridiculous for voter participation. Only 36% of voters even bothered to vote in the 2010 mid-terms, and that’s not an unusual number. Better for Presidential elections though.

          • dbtheonly says:


            And because of that 36% we’ve got many of the problems we see now.

            And yet the TPL tells us that millions would have come out for Sanders.

          • dtgraham says:

            In the end, who knows? Hillary’s total numbers were down from Obama’s 2008 and 2012 numbers, including even among African-American voters. Some of the white working class voters in the rust belt who voted for Obama twice, voted for Trump this time. That’s now known. Would that have changed with Bernie Sanders? We’ll never know.

            I think it may be Trump who finally drives a bigger turnout in Democratic mid-term numbers in 2018.

          • dbtheonly says:

            And you’ve hit our core problem.

            Compare the turnout and results fro 2006 and 2010. Just imagine life today if the 2010 results had mirrored 2006.

            Rightly, do you hit me on assuming a negative which can’t be proved. In my own defence though, I’ll point out that the “Youth Vote” has been the Holy Grail of politics for at least 50 years. Sought but never obtained.

            Flagged your spam.

    • FrancEs 4 Chin Cuffy says:

      Good points DB. 1700+ more days. Boy it’s great to be King.

      • dtgraham says:

        It sure is. I know that Esmeralda (Rush, Sean, Alex, etc…) has captured your conservative heart, but as Captain Phoebus and Frollo pointed out, the King of the Clowns and Lord of the Idiots should be enough for the American right all by himself…no matter who’s propping him up.

        Long live the bell ringer, Donald Trump.

      • dbtheonly says:

        New “nom de blog”? Saw where Oliver banned the last.

        “Great to be the king”?

        Tell that to Louis XVI. Or Edward II, whom I consider a better parallel for Trump.

  2. dtgraham says:

    I suppose that women seeking abortions will be the next wave of people that Canadian border communities will see suddenly showing up. There are already undocumented migrants (illegals) showing up in those communities, from the U.S., in numbers reportedly never seen before. They’re actually walking all night through frozen snow covered fields. Amazing. This just started with Trump.

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