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Monday, October 24, 2016

If President Obama wins Ohio and the election, much of the credit will go to this one ad:

It was so successful in framing Mitt Romney in the swing states during the summer that Priorities USA, the Obama-supporting Super PAC, brought it back for a huge spend when the polls tightened after the debate. Priorities USA’s Bill Burton explains why:

In our Ohio focus groups this week, we asked swing voters to name the television ads that stood out most to them, in all the welter of advertising they have seen. ‘Stage’ is the ad that most frequently came to mind: participants were able to describe it in detail and recall the emotional impact it had on them, despite the fact that it had not run in that market for over six weeks.

While this ad was hugely effective in defining Mitt Romney, it didn’t get nearly as much attention as this next ad:

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  • For all that the Republicans love to invoke Reagan as the Holy Writ, they seem very, very weak on his actual example;

    …much like no-context Bible-citers using the “Good Book” to excuse, promote, or justify whatever action or opinion is being espoused at the moment.

    • There are no Christian republicans!

      • Replying to Davekzy1


        However, there are many more Republicans in higher office pretending to be Christians and doing the exact opposite of the teachings of Christ.

    • Vladimir Vostokian

      Reagan was a great statesman compared to this know nothing narcissist.

      • NM

        Was he great because he gave green light to red ink in American economy?

  • Naaah, I’ve got to go with Lena Dunham as the funniest. Hell, I’M ready to beach myself from hearing Mitt’s singing again.

    • Sandra

      Romney trying to outdo Obama’s little performance at the WH singing Sweet Home Chicago was a massive flop and he must have been so embarrassed, he hasn’t tried it since. It’s hilarious and pathetic really watching Romney trying unsuccessfully to imitate Mr. Cool himself, President Obama at every turn. The man just ain’t got that swing.

      • Watching Romney try ti sing or tell a joke is painful. The man needs to have the pole reomove from his butt

  • Canistercook

    Everyone likes firing lazy overpaid workers! There’s a lot around these days.

  • tavliguy

    so this guy now builds coffins for a living. the world needs ditch diggers too.

  • Ivan Vollvik

    gObama 2012

    pic unrelated (Norway – October)