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Monday, July 16, 2018

The Big Lie: President Obama cut $716 billion from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare.

The Truth: President Obama made Medicare stronger by eliminating subsidies that had no effect on the benefits seniors enjoy.

By picking a running mate best known for his plan to dramatically reshape Medicare into a voucher program, Mitt Romney has made Medicare the most important issue of this election.

Historically Medicare has been a losing issue for Republicans, who opposed it from the beginning four decades ago. In 1995, Newt Gingrich’s plan to encourage seniors to leave Medicare voluntarily by letting the program “wither on the vine” became a driving force in President Bill Clinton’s successful reelection campaign.

In 2010, however, the GOP used its own Medicare attack to win the House of Representatives. Republicans accused President Obama of cutting hundreds of billions from the program in the Affordable Cart Act, and Democrats struggled to rebut the charge — even though they’d actually added benefits to Medicare, including a $250 credit for prescription medicine and free preventive care.

But there’s a big difference between 2010 and 2012: They Ryan budget. Passed twice by the House of Representatives, the Ryan budget transforms Medicare into a voucher program that would give seniors a fixed amount of financial support to purchase from a variety of plans offered by private insurance companies. Experts estimate that seniors would pay upwards of $6,000 annually to receive the same benefits they have now.

Sounds great, right? That’s probably why the plan wouldn’t take effect until ten years after it passes.

8 Responses to The Big Lie Of The Day: Medicare Cuts

  1. Mary Matalin already stated that President Obama’s alleged cuts in MEDICARE will be used to defend Paul Ryan’s plan to dismantle MEDICARE and convert it to a personal account/voucher system. Savings have been achieved from MEDICARE by reducing the amount service providers can charge for their services and by eliminating subsidies to the pharma industry. In fact, Paul Ryan and all Republicans in Congress enthusiastically embraced that recommendation and approved $490B in spending reductions a few months ago. Those cuts, however, do not affect recipient benefits, in fact, the prescription drug benefits have been expanded and the doughnut hole, which costs some seniors as much as $2K a year will be eliminated. Ryan’s plan, on the other hand, will end MEDICARE as we know it, not only for people under 55, but for everyone since removing contributors from the system will deprive it of the funding it needs to function.

  2. Republicans have been seeking the religious right’s backing for long enough now that they routinely project their sins onto the opposing party.

    This article shows the rot has reached all the way to the Presidential campaign.

  3. So what else is new? Nothing like eliminating a benefit that the Great Outsourcer has no need for, so why have it for the rest of the people? That is how he got his money in the first place. Elect him, and pretty soon the main prerequisite for a Federal job will be the ability to speak Hindu.

    • Bear in mind that the MEDICARE cuts proposed by President Obama, and enthusiastically embraced and passed by Republicans in Congress, do not affect benefits. The cuts involve better control of service provider claims, and elimination of some funding that would be redundant once ACA is implemented in 2014. Rep. Ryan’s “solution”, on the other hand is to dismantle MEDICARE for people under 55, which would deprive MEDICARE of the funding it needs to function and would result in the collapse of the entire system. SS is solvent, and will remain solvent for decades to come with minor adjustments. Unfortunately, that is not the case for MEDICARE and changes must be made, but there is a huge difference between tweaking a system to make it more efficient and shutting it down, which is what the GOP is proposing. You don’t cure a rash by amputating the arm.

  4. Unfortunately in this election season I have not witnessed very much TRUTH coming from the Consevative Republican Cartel. It certainly seems that the GOP Syndicate does not have anything of TRUTH to offer.

  5. I urge everyone not to fall for the trojan horse being led into the public arena disguised as a benefit when in reality it’s clearly a potential deadly and quite harmful idea…

  6. Americans absolutel,y refuse to face the fact that Republicans want to destroy our present system of government and replace it with the haves and have not’s. There is no reason for this. The republicans gave not hid the goasl. They preach it all thre time. They have been working toward it for the last 32 years. “Reduce government until it is small enough to drown it in a bathtub”. “I want to see him fail.” Oboma must be a one term president. ” Actually this was the intent of the founding fathers. They thought that the requirements to vote were: Must be a GENTLEMAN of property, Not Female, Must have no debt.” Then Andy Jackson came along and changed the Republic into a Democracy! But it still took until `1920 that women were permitted to vote.

  7. Polls show that the vast majority of Americans do NOT want Medicare turned into a voucher system. And Americans certainly do NOT want Ryan’s budget plan of jacking up the income tax rates on the middle class while giving millionaires & billionaires huge tax cuts. Romney is an outsourcer & Ryan is too. Ryan voted AGAINST the “Bring Jobs Home Act” that would have given U.S. companies a tax credit if they brought back American jobs from overseas & would have closed tax loopholes that currently reward companies that send American jobs overseas — what kind of an American would vote AGAINST that? Ryan also voted against the recent farm aid bill that would have helped farmers and ranchers who are going through the worst drought in 50 years and need help to get through this catastrophy — otherwise many of them will go out of business. The Republicans want America to become a 19th century oligarchy where a small handful of the aristocratics own and run America, while the rest of us “peasants” scrape by as best we can.

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