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Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Big Lie: This President is overstating his role in capture of Osama bin Laden and leaking national security secrets in order to improve his foreign policy record.

The Truth: The President painstakingly gave credit to all who participated in the mission that he personally approved against bin Laden, while protecting national security secrets far more scrupulously than the previous administration.

How do you deal with a Democratic president who is responsible for killing Osama bin Laden and most of Al Qaeda’s top leadership, a president who — in the midst of a highly polarized election — earns a 58 percent approval rating on terrorism, according to Gallup?

Republicans only have one trick up their sleeve when it comes to attacking a Democrat with an impressive military record. It’s called “swift boating,” and in 2004, the original swift boaters disgracefully demeaned the war record of Senator John F. Kerry, a genuine war hero and Democratic presidential nominee.

In 2012, the GOP faces an even more difficult predicament, running against a president who undeniably played a crucial role in not only ending a war but ending the life of the man behind the 9/11 attacks. Worse still, the GOP convention is about to nominate a ticket with less foreign policy and national security experience than any Republican nominees since at least the 1940s. Leading the ticket is a man who avoided the Vietnam draft when his church sent him as a Mormon missionary  — to France! Which made the announcement of his vice presidential choice on a warship look just slightly ridiculous.

So Republican attacks on the President have to be even more outrageous to distract American voters from the truth they watched playing out before their eyes when bin Laden was dispatched.

A group calling itself Special Operations Opsec Education Fund has put together a short film and a website that attack the President for taking too much credit for the bin Laden raid and risking national security by approving intelligence leaks.

The claims are laughable in substance and originate from suspect sources — including many of the people behind the original swift boat attack, Republican partisans and members of the Bush Administration whose record when it comes to national security leaks was appalling.