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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Big Lie: This President is overstating his role in capture of Osama bin Laden and leaking national security secrets in order to improve his foreign policy record.

The Truth: The President painstakingly gave credit to all who participated in the mission that he personally approved against bin Laden, while protecting national security secrets far more scrupulously than the previous administration.

How do you deal with a Democratic president who is responsible for killing Osama bin Laden and most of Al Qaeda’s top leadership, a president who — in the midst of a highly polarized election — earns a 58 percent approval rating on terrorism, according to Gallup?

Republicans only have one trick up their sleeve when it comes to attacking a Democrat with an impressive military record. It’s called “swift boating,” and in 2004, the original swift boaters disgracefully demeaned the war record of Senator John F. Kerry, a genuine war hero and Democratic presidential nominee.

In 2012, the GOP faces an even more difficult predicament, running against a president who undeniably played a crucial role in not only ending a war but ending the life of the man behind the 9/11 attacks. Worse still, the GOP convention is about to nominate a ticket with less foreign policy and national security experience than any Republican nominees since at least the 1940s. Leading the ticket is a man who avoided the Vietnam draft when his church sent him as a Mormon missionary  — to France! Which made the announcement of his vice presidential choice on a warship look just slightly ridiculous.

So Republican attacks on the President have to be even more outrageous to distract American voters from the truth they watched playing out before their eyes when bin Laden was dispatched.

A group calling itself Special Operations Opsec Education Fund has put together a short film and a website that attack the President for taking too much credit for the bin Laden raid and risking national security by approving intelligence leaks.

The claims are laughable in substance and originate from suspect sources — including many of the people behind the original swift boat attack, Republican partisans and members of the Bush Administration whose record when it comes to national security leaks was appalling.

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544 Responses to The Big Lie Of The Day: The Osama Swiftboaters

  1. The Republican party has to put a stop to the dispicable conduct of the Republican partisans. This must be accomplished before this country is ruined. The attacks on the president have stooped an all time low. There is no respect among them, there is no decency and I shutter to think of what will be in store for this country if they get into office.

    • That’s Shows We The People The GOP/Tea Party Are Racist, Money Hoarding THUGS!! Who Do Get A Damn About America Nor It’s People!! MONEY Control And Power Is Their Only Agenda And MONEY Come First!!!


        • A clue as to what? The Fact that lyin’ Ryan and Mittens are attempting to buy an election and destroy Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Maybe you have no empathy or forethought, but do you realize how fast a 401K can go broke? How fast your saving can vanish, and how fast you can be living on the streets. You might think about these things and maybe you wouldn’t be so anxious to put down people for not wanting the GOP controlling our Government.
          Have you ever know someone who has or had Cancer? Do you realize what treatment cost? So before you get too critical you might want to do a little more research and stay away from FOX News.

          • The Man Is Brainwashed!! He Thinks That Voting For The Very People Who’s Causing The Problems Is Going To Help!! LOL Hell Romney Hood Even Got A Lot Of Bush Old Staff In His Campaign They Are Ready To Finnish Where Bush Left Off!! Raping America And It’s People For All They Can Get Out Off Them!!! Listening To Fox Fake News And Rush Limballs!!!

          • I have not cast my vote yet! I am undecided at this point. I want to have a better tomorrow for my kid’s and so far this prez has showed me nothing but higher taxes and fuel prices thus raising the cost of everything I buy… Fern I think your the one who is Brainwashed!! I will decide who will win my vote before the election but so far I see more promise in Mitt Romney….!

          • If you are poor like you claim to be, you are certainly barking up the wrong tree with a vote for Romney!!

          • No You Are Sadly Mistaken I Know For A Fact That Trickle Down Bullcrap Only Works For The Rich!! GOP/Tea Party Are Doing Everything Under The Sun To Make Our POTUS Look Bad And If Raising The Price Of Gas Will Help Them Then They Are The Ones Who Done That !! PLEASE STOP TALKING TO ME CAUSE YOU ARE STUPID!!! GO VOTE FOR ROMNEYHOOD AND YOU CAN BET YOU WILL STAY BROKE!!! Why Aren’t You Working?? Did Romneyhood And or His 5% Rich Business men Ship Your Job Overseas???

          • Once again Fern you contradict yourself in the same thread …Let’s see Obama is not responsible for the record high gas prices and is powerless to do anything about them… Right ? Yet when Bush was President and gas was 1.80 / gal the high gas prices were nightly Liberal News . He was blamed for it …You know what he did he opened up some drilling permits and that eased the speculators minds and gas prices stabilized . Contrast that with the pass Sheeple and their media give Chicago Jesus . When he isn’t excusing himself and blaming Bush for everything his Sheeple are doing it for him …You crack me up …. Then on the other hand you claim that Congress is responsible for the rise in gas prices hahahahaha!!! Can you explain that ? How and why is congress to blame ? Name one bill they passed and Obama signed that effected that ? In fact congress is supporting increased domestic production and Obama fights it . Why ? The answer is simple HE WANT HIGH GAS PRICES TO TRY TO MAKE HIS GREEN AGENDA MORE APPEALING ….And your contradicting your own damn self ??

          • Higher taxes Han? The President lowered your taxes by 2% and provided a $250.00 tax credit for millions of Americans. As for gas prices, the president doesn’t have a damn thing to do with that because it is a world wide market. Additionally, gasoline is being exported to other countries from the gulf coast as we speak. All the Keystone pipeline would do is allow even more oil to be exported and the oil would come from Canada, which is another country. Stop the BS.

          • You are so right when you tell these clueless Americans who really rapes them. The same Old Big Business! If you take gasoline alone, why do we have to pay $4.15 per gallon? The answer is simple: the Greedy Fat Cats export American gasoline to make more profits for themselves and stash billions of dollars outside the USA. There’s more than enough gasoline in the country to satisfy the needs of this 300,000,000-strong population! But the Fat Cats won’t let you have it because they rule and demand more tax cuts.

          • Justin – Fern – Don’t waste your space on Han Solo and like him – Carl Sagan said
            “You can’t convince a believer of anything: for their belief is not based on evidence, It’s based on a deep seated need to believe”
            RP voted agains the stimulus but when it passed Congress he asked for 35M for his district and was boasting see what I got you. The money was suppose to be going to a corp. to improve entire ventilation/heating system and create 6K job. The money is gone God knows where and to whom and did not create any jobs. Now he is saying that the stimulus did not work etc. So did the others. They can’t see the double standards and backdoor deals. They see and hear what they want to hear.
            President have nothing to do with gas prices it’s commodity and trades like everything – speculation.
            He will cry in his beer when he will have to pay for Charter School (already on taxpayers payola) and his kids will be just as dumb as he is.
            Fern – tone it down with your language, it’s not much a ladylike. Don’t loooooose your coool. It’s not worth it. Cheers, I am on your side, however I do VOTE on ISSUES not party, never have and never will, but before I cast my vote I do RESEARCH. I check how they voted on issues IMPORTANT TO ME and MY COUNTRY. I would NEVER vote for any of the GOP Runners. NEVER.
            Romney is so desperate to be President that if a canibal would donate money to his campaign, he would promise him Han solo for dinner.
            And RP will drag his poor 78 yr old mother to Florida to LIE for him. SHAME ON BOTH OF THEM.
            For money and power people sacrifices their own mothers, that speaks for the mothers also, they are weak and can’t stand up for truth. Son or not.

          • Your misinformation on how fuel prices are set and why is funny as hell . You fell for those talking points and repeat them ? Obama has an offshore drilling moratorium here . A fed judge ruled it Illegal and your press wont even cover it . He has sent 4 billion of our dollars to Brazil so they can do offshore drilling there . You lack of factual knowledge on this issues is very telling of the people who support Obama . Zombies for Obama ..The dead vote goes solid for Obama …..Meanwhile Dogs for Romney …because in the Crate is better then on the PLATE

          • Actually the rail roads are positioned to do what the failed pipeline was going to do. I fail to see how shipping oil by rail is more environmentally safe than a pipeline.

            Canada is, one way or another going to ship that oil from the Bakken Field onto the world markets. We are fools for not taking advantage of it.

            Don’t confuse exporting refined gasoline as the same as exporting crude. In the end we import more than we export.

          • lies, canada now seeking to move pipeline west, sell tar sand oil to highest bidder. reading BS post’s from trolls, “tedious”, fact checking their pitiful lies, “priceless”

          • If that was directed at me: your post is pathetic. Whomever liked your post is stupid.

            The railroads are currently shipping Canadian oil to refineries via rail to multiple states right now.

            One headline: “Trains roll from Canada to Gulf to fill void left by failed Keystone pipeline”

            That ought to get you started on your education process.

          • I understand that you are hurting. Where I live still sucks too. I am going to give you something you’ll never get on fox no news. Facts. Lets start with Gov. Romney. I live in a bordering state so when I turned on the news, I got Boston. Romney really sucked as Gov. not just my opinion. Has infrastructure was very poor. Mass. was fourty seventh in the country in job creation, his transportation system was terrible. When he left office, he left Mass. eighteen billion dollars in debt. Gov. Ducasus says it will take Gov. Patrick two terms to straighten out the mess he got. So, very poor record as Gov. But you can’t see any of the records. He took them all with him when he left. Even the hard drives in the computers, that rightfully belong to the state. He bragged about “saving” the olympics until it got out that he did this with money from the government. Can’t see those records either. All been distroyed. You can get records for any other olympics though.
            Bane, he says he left Bane to do the olympics, so is not responsible for all the outsourcing, but he also said he flew back to attend board meetings.
            Paul Ryan: voted for both wars- unfunded,voted for tarp after saying it was a bad thing. Also unfunded. Voted for auto bailout- unfunded. Voted for medicare part D- unfunded. That’s five point one trillion dollars. That is what Obama walked into. Everyone blames Obama for all of that but it was already in place by the Bush admin. Parting shot!
            Now Obama: So far twenty nine straight months of private sector job growth. Has paid down the debt by almost fifty billion dollars. Has passed the affordable care act, which you will love when everything finally gets put into place. He has gotten us out of Iraq and is getting us out of Afganistan. He passed regulations to help people keep their homes. He trully cares about us!


          • Michael Stoll, He had a low unemployment rate because once HE sent the jobs away the people followed. Can’t work if your wonderful gov. sent the jobs elsewhere. I remember the ads gov. patrick had on tv asking the people to please come home.

          • Yea he did. He shipped out alot of jobs. Especially gov. jobs. If you called DMV for example, you got a call center in New Deli. He thought it would save money. What it did was cost more and really pissed people off. Mostly it was the younger people with familes that left. Living in a bordering state, we gained many families.

          • they don’t respond well to truth or facts, just mindless propaganda spewed from faux snooze.

          • Comrade Hans, taxes have not gone up under this President. In fact the payroll taxes taken from your paycheck by 3.2%.
            As far as gas prices, the President has no control over prices. Check the greedy oil companies who are exporting more oil than anytime in history.

        • Be careful your Bigotry is showing. I don’t imagine that anyone will be working for the poor people, except those that have enough empathy to understand what they might be going through. Your bucks can go in a heartbeat.
          Being critical of the poor doesn’t show much education, or intelligent thinking on your part. You keep those thoughts and one day you may find yourself among the very ones you so much hate.

          • Rick I am the poor! and I live hand to mouth. thus no poor person ever gave me a pay check except me!! maybe you could show your education and intelligence and write me a check to buy some shoes for my 3 kids while your at it my truck is broke down so I walk to work maybe I can get a new pair of work boots size 12 double E steel toe?!?!

          • Your GOP friends have some advice for people poor like you claim to be. Pull yourself up by your boot straps, get a better paying job so you can buy your kids some shoes. See it is simple if you use that logic.

          • I’m sure you could mow lawns at their country club or wash their dishes or be a nanny to their bratty kids. Gosh, yes, the rich do give us lots of jobs. 😛 Speaking as someone who did pull herself up by her bootstraps and who is no longer poor.

          • That sounds like a lot better deal than taking from those who have earned…and giving it to those who haven’t just because the lazy bastards think they have a right to have as much as those who work.

          • What is it the lazy bastard want work, or Obama have ship all the job over seas. Since 1980 over 20 millions jobs have have been outsourced. I’am sure Obama started shipping those jobs over seas way back then, the same time he sneaked in here from Kenya to hide his birth-c in Hawaii. The fact is that neither Bush or Obama had nothing to do with the lost of those job those were private company that just wanted to move their jobs over seas. Bill Clinton and the republican help make it easier with nafta.

          • Rather jobs have been shipped over seas or not is irrelevant in the face that we have a significant part of our society that thinks it’s okay to take from the earner and give to those who aren’t doing a damned thing. Economic Redistribution? Economic Injustice? Economic inequality? Whatever you want to call it…it is punishing success and rewarding failure.

          • Stop lying, NutButter. What you are really trying to say is that you are a greedy, selfish deadbeat, who slurped up the tax dollars of others all your life but now you are too stingy to pay your share.

            Why must greedy deadbeats lie so much? Aren’t you proud of yourself? Can’t you just come out and say “I’m selfish and I take all I can get from everyone else, but I squeal like a dozen piglets when I’m faced with paying my share because I am selfish.”

            Try it — it has to be easier than conjuring up whoppers that nobody will believe anyway.

          • Punish success and reward failure…you get what you reward.

            It’s interesting how those living on entitlements are elevated above those who have to pay the bills.

          • Guess He Rather Take From Us The Working Middle Class And Give To The Wealthy??? There’s No Talking Sense To These Fools To Much Butt Kissing Of The Rich Man!!!

          • In Which The Very Person Running For President Is Partly To Blame!!! ROMNEYHOOD!!! He Made A Living Stripping American Companies And Shipping Jobs Overseas!!

          • You do rrealize that in the Robin Hood story he robbed form the overly large govt who were stealing all the villagers money and calling it a tax . Robin Hood got it back from the govt and gave it to the people who earned it .

          • Thank the Republican bastar*s for being poor. They are the ones that shipped the good jobs overseas so they can put even more money in their fat bank accounts.

          • Sorry it was Barak and his economic policies that rewards China and Mexico and Finland and he has shipped our jobs to those countries and even pad them to do it

          • If we’re shipping all the good jobs over seas…and we’re bringing in Mexicans to do the crap jobs that Americans aren’t doing…then what jobs are the citizens of this nation doing anyway?

          • If you can get to Roseburg, Oregon on Sept. 14-16 (Veterans Standown) I can do it then, I’ll give you my boots granted they are not size 12 but I will turn down the ones that will be issued to me just to give them to you.

          • corporate slavemasters holding you back, they are willfully holding back hiring while pocketing record profits.

        • Next time someone tells you that Obama is destroying the economy, remind them that the stock market is close to an all-time high, as are corporate profits.

          When they tell you that hasn’t helped them any, remind them that they’ve just admitted trickle-down economics do not work.

          Take care of the middle class, and they will prosper and employ people. This notion that the only solution is to protect the rich, is a false one. Perpetrated by the right in a desperate bid to keep fleecing the rest of the country.

          • That’s My Point It’s
            Mostly The Middle Class That Makes America Work Not The Wealthy!! The Wealthy Once Was Middle Class Then They Lost Their Minds!! They Begin To Hoard Money And They Didn’t Care How They Got It !! Poison Our Air, Water And Food!! Ship Jobs Overseas And Start Wars Their Not Out Of Touch They Just Don’t Give A Damn!!! Ryan Own Church Said His Budget Bill Is IMMORAL!!! What Do That Tell You!!!

          • Sorry barak has shipped MORE jobs overseas than any president in our history.
            He has subsidized more foreign companies and their products than any president in our history
            Hence he was earned his titled as worse president ever. Even Jimmy Carter has sent him a Thank You card for taking over that position

          • what companies ? what products ?
            You are making a false statement, knowing that the mental capacity of your fellow Faux news audience will believe you are telling the truth. Give us names , products, jobs numbers, that you can document…Yeah, onedonewong you are onedumbwrong LIAR.

          • GM built 4 new plants in China with our tax dollars GE shipped 26, 000 jobs over there after Obama gave them millions ( x ray div ) fisker the windmills in Kenya, giving Brazil over 4 bil so they can do their offshore drilling and giving them a competitive advantage over America in the process . shall I go on ???

          • if you would have done a little research… YOU would have found that What you say about Obama giving Brazil 4 billion … that is absolutely UNTRUE…

            This claim stems from a “preliminary committment” made back on April 14 by the board of directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. The bank intends to loan up to $2 billion to finance exports to the Brazilian oil company Petróleo Brasileiro S.A., known as Petrobras, over the next several years.

            The e-mail is false on two counts.

            The message falsely says the decision was due to an “executive order” by the president. No presidential order was required. Furthermore, none of President Obama’s appointees had joined the Ex-Im board at the time of the vote, which was unanimous, and bipartisan. The Ex-Im Bank states: “In fact, at the time the Bank’s Board consisted of three Republicans and two Democrats, all of whom were appointed by George W. Bush.”
            The message falsely claims that “we have absolutely no gain” from the loan. In fact, the loan is being made specifically to finance purchase by Petrobras of U.S.-made oilfield equipment and services. The mission of the Ex-Im Bank is to encourage exports by making such loans.

            The bank’s chairman and president, Fred P. Hochberg, underscored the purpose of the loan during a trip to Brazil at the end of July:

          • I’m Amazed about the utter lack of IQ on this web site its like trying to reason with a 3rd grader.
            Telsr Finland $500M
            Wind Turbines and solar cells China
            Deep sea oil drilling Brazil
            $6500 to Japan for every electric/hybred they ship to the US
            Do I need to go on or maybe you’ll do your own research so you don’t look so foolish

          • I thought that all the folks on welfare got free newspapers so they can job search?? So why don’t you read what’s going on in the world rather walking around comatose??

          • I Got A Great Job And Money In The Bank And Good Investment Way Don’t You Take Your Own Advice And Get A Job Fool And Stop Trolling On the internet And By All Means STOP Kissing Rich People Asses!!

          • your foul mouth leads one to believe that you are a nothing, a nobody and if you were indeed a nurse you are obviously hated by everyone around you. “Try a little tenderness”. It goes a long way.

          • Wow, you talk pretty! Dems over the top the ranting and raving with NO facts. This is what they do, cuss and put everyone down, make an ARSE out of themselves that does not agree with them. Lady…(and I use that term looooosley) I voted O-assshole and he has done NOTHING for me, my family or my country. You really need a reality check. I sure did and 3 1/3 years of this superstar was enough for me.

          • Wow, You talk pretty! This is what Dems do to try to distract from REAL issues. They scream, rant, rave, lie….try some facts for a change. Hey I voted for O-IDIOT, and regret that decision everyday for the past 3 1/2 years. Mr….superstar has done nothing for this me, my friends…my family, or my community. Big Fat FAIL Ms Fern. (I assume your not married with a mouth like that?)

          • back with your lies again ? what a tool, how do you feel being nothing but a meat puppet to the wealthy ?

          • You are mis informed.The Republicans have lied about WMD in Iraq,Social securit,Medicad,trickle down economics,the Presidents birth certificate , and most of his policies.Get informed before I’ts too late.If they win we are all done!!

          • Lied about WMD’s gee if I recall correctly Bill Clinton agreed with their assessment.
            Social Security pleease don’t go there its been the Dem’s that have RUINED it

            Of course you offer NOTHING to support your opinion much like barak offered nothing to fix the economy or reduce unemployment

          • So in your mind, Barack Obama is a multinational corporation? Then that should make him business friendly too right?

          • No totally incompetent that is using tax payers $$ to send jobs overseas. Just take his green initiatives all the wind turbines are made in China, he’s paying japan and Korea $7500 to ship their cars here. He paid Brazil $2B to do off shore drilling. Read a i-unbiased newspaper and maybe you learn how dumb he really is

          • When you went to school did they teach math?? YOu know addition and subtraction?? There are FEWER americans working today than at any time during W’s 2nd term term. There hasn’t been 1 new job created since he became president

          • That’s a funny comment coming from you Fern .. Wasn’t it yesterday that you were saying that only 10 white guys control all the wealth ? So which is it ?

          • Is your own reality conflicting with your own reality from yesterday ? Good you are in the right Party Fern . A place where you can change your thinking and view to fit DEAR LEADERS on a daily basis

          • Careful, MichaelStool — I’m pretty sure that Fern could whup you ass in a heartbeat. Judging by the cowardly sexual innuendos that you post toward her, you deserve it.

          • WhutHeSucked uh you talk about what I write after the swearing name calling and threats coming form the irrational Liberal woman fern ???1st off no she couldn’t and you are the only one who deserves it .She could probably do you that way as Liberal Woman tend to be more masculine then the men

          • MichaelStoolSample,

            Listen here, little fella — ANYONE would qualify as more masculine than you. I have to say, though, that you appear to have the longest PMS cycle I’ve ever heard of. Better go to your doc and get that checked out. I hope you and Obozo were using protection!

          • Fern – if you want to do battle, I’ve got one for you. This one is the T-party parasite gov. Brownback in Kansas. I’m on oxygen 24 hrs. a day. It costs 300.00 a month. It was paid for by my medicare. Surprise! He cut me off medicare 2 weeks ago. I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I guess you could call it the republicans new healthcare plan. Just pull the plug.

          • Yes, I am going to talk to a lawyer. I know several people that are in a bad way over this. Were all going together. I don’t know how far we will get, but it’s worth a try. This tparty bunch is seriously going to turn this country upside down. We have got to stop them.

          • No it means trickle up doesn’t work, nor does bankrolling your campaign contributors. Nor does forcing banks to make loans to people who could never afford to pay them back. After squandering $10Trillion there are fewer people working today than at any time during W 2nd term. It shows than Keynesian economics is DEAD
            Barak is the poster child for why quotas are never a good idea

          • I see that you put on your pointy hood again, OneDingDong. Why do you like to lie so much? Do you get anything out of it?

          • Can’t stand FACTS??? that’s the problem with libs they can’t think for themselves or make it on their own, EVERYTHING has to be supplied by the govt

          • Hey Moron,
            If all you have to say positive is the stock market, then you are nuts. Not all people own stock. But all people do have to work, all people need to buy food, all people need housing, all people need to buy gas. Nobama is a complete failure. Wise up and stop drinking the Kool-aid.

          • If President had a plan he would have put it in place three years ago when he had the White House and Congress. If he had a plan and saved it , well I won’t even go there.
            If Mitt can not get us going in four years we will fire him, not hold on like some poor loser afraid to admit the guy has no clothes.

        • FY, Han, Most jobs are from small business and 98% of these businesses are owned by people that are not rich. I know this because I own a small business. Stop the BS.

          • You And Your KKK D Crew Members Had No Business Here In The First Place!!! You And Your Bitches Are Just Low Life Thugs Just Like Your GOP/Tea Party Terrorists Party Always With The Lies And The Bullshit!!! Spreading The Fear Factor!! Nobody Buying Your Bullshit So GO!!!

        • How Many Tax Breaks You Think The American People Should Give Rich People When After All They Have Already Got They Have Not Create NOTHING!! Cause Most Like Romney Are Shipping Them Overseas!!! Yeah They Create Jobs In China, Korea, And India!! The Middle Class Are The Most JOBS CREATORS!!

      • The only racist in the contest is old Barak, he wants everyone in chains. Barak has 1 problem low self esteem, he knows he never earned anything in life, if it wasn’t for quotas he’d be back shining shoes in Chicago


    • We cannot count on the Republican party to discipline its own or its message machine. Its dishonor could well cause the creation of other political parties in the U.S., which might be a good thing, but can’t help reign in its many indiscretions right now. That will have to be up to the Democratic party. As the Democratic party continues to operate on offense, its members have to counter these lies effectively and relentlessly emphasize the stark contrast facing voters in November. We cannot keep messing around just batting down lies, or count on the public taking seriously scorecards created by newscasters hyping up political discord just to bolster ratings.

      When it comes to pointing out the difference between Republican plans and Democratic, the effectiveness of the Bain ads, particularly the latest that has caused such controversy, cannot be underestimated. For the average Joe and Jane, they offer searing insight into the future for the 99% under a Romney/Ryan administration, where millions will fall not just into poverty but into destitution. The Republican plan is INTENDED to create so awful a status quo that they don’t want us to see it, because of course we’d reject it. Since any prediction about the future is by nature fictional, when Democrats point out the contrast between a U.S. with heart and heartless Republican rule by the 1%, Republicans squeal that those who show this contrast are lying. They just hope the electorate will not catch on to what they are actually up to, until after the election, when it will be too late.

      Just as important as fighting lies and emphasizing the contrast between the two parties is the fight to get out the vote, because Republicans are counting on Democratic complacency. Just to hedge their bets, they have set in place voter suppression laws nationwide, many of which have yet to be struck down by the courts. This is indeed hand-to-hand combat, helping people to register, to put together ID if necessary, and then to get to the poles. Having polling judges in place representative of both parties could draw on the huge number of highly competent seniors who have been put out to pasture in this economy, who could oversee the counting of absentee ballots, early votes, and votes on election day. The party that does not want fairness in the economy will not hesitate to destroy fairness in the voting booth. Republicans think we will never catch on. We will have to disabuse them of this fantasy.

    • Looking at the past two years should give us a pretty good idea. Imagine if they had control of the House and Senate. Now that’s a scary thought.

    • Suzanne, the easiest way to shut the Swiftboaters is to ask them who was in the White House and who controlled Congress when 9/11 took place. President Obama ordered a raid that, had it failed, it would have ended his presidency the way the Iranian hostage crisis and failed rescue attempt ended Carter’s. He took additional risk by keeping the Pakistani government out of the loop to minimize risk to the NAVY SEALS that executed that operation. President Obama went out of his way to give credit to the men who carried out the raid, but he deserves credit for ordering it and for making tough decisions that most politicians would rather avoid…the way W did.

    • This is a thin skinned president who thinks he’s a KING. Lets be honest Barak is the worst US president even beating out Jimmy Carter an his ego can’t take it.
      When Romney wins the WH one thing is certain the economy will come roaring back and US will once again be respected and feared

    • Tell your socialist party bigwigs to stop calling Republicans nazis and we might get somewhere.

      Obama is a socialist. Stalin was a socialist. Hitler was a socialist. If anyone should be compared to the nazis….

  2. It’s “Typical”…Romney/Ryan come across television/radio as rhetorical…Merely…nothing of merit, only words of cash, promises that they cannot substantiate and yet they “Think” they can run the Country on those principles!
    There are to many American’s who think that they “should be” Republican!

      • I would worry what Obama is doing with OUR money instead of what Romney is “legally” doing with his. Let’s focus on the terrible economy & national debt, leaving our children the burden, while letting Medicare & S.S. go bankrupt instead of responsibly facing this serious issue.

        • The terrible economy caused by the deregulation of wall street and the increase of debt caused by the two unfunded wars and the bush tax cuts and the deregulation of wall street. I don’t why you consider the 700 Billiob save in medicare calling it letting medicare go bankrupt. By the way Social Security is not going bankrupt.

          • 2 wars on the books now, not under Bush.
            Medicare part D on the books, not under Bush.
            Income tax cut by Bush still adding to deficit.
            Recession caused by Bush, increased govt. spending for unemployment benefits and no payroll/income taxes collected as a result.

        • Here’s My Memo STFU Talking To Me When You Know Damn Well Obama Has Done Nothing With Your Money Your Low Life Party Is The Blame For This Mess We Are In So You Can Stop Talking To Me With Your BULLSHITTING ASS!!

          • really? how many vacations did you take last year and at what cost? the BHO family took 11 at a cost of around $457,345,989.27 to the tax payer. your welcome Michelle Obama

          • Did you know that it is a fact that GW took more vacation days while in office than any other president in history?!

          • Liberal Lie and misinformation . When Bush did take some time all he would do is go to his texas ranch and cut trees and ride a Mountain bike . He wasn’t trapsing all over the globe on our dime

          • Where did you get that from, I would like to fact check that one. HALF a billion dollars is an awful expensive vacation. They could have bought a dancing horse for that much and written $77K off their taxes for care of it.

          • then or than…..which is it? How exactly did it create more jobs……facts Mr. Stoll, just the facts Is that RUSH LIMBLAH …..blah…blah….blah…..blah in the background.

          • Hey Solo, Just how many vacations/AWOL/not on the job days do you think G. Bush took in his 8 years.
            Look it up, it is astounding!!!!
            By the way, Bush was not even on the job on 9/11/01. Look it up you Idiot…..

            By the way you will not find this info on Faux Not News

          • Fern, I am having a problem as to who your comments are directed. Please put the persons handle in your comment.

        • O.K., let’s do that! Instead of Pres. Obama, who cares about the middle class, the poor, woman, children, gays, Latinos, Hispanics, and well, just everybody, let’s elect Mitt Romney who ONLY cares about the rich and will either change (not for the better) Medicare and SS, and get rid of Medicaide and food stamps. And besides those things, he will put us at war again…he is just itching for that chance! That all sounds like a great idea to me!!!

      • Yeah show the tax returns and while were at it open the books on BHO’S education and true birth place! Really what does it matter where he hides his money, or where BHO was born! we need a strong leader not a cheater!!!

        • Oh geez… another birther crackpot. The irony in your last statement is entertaining – your leader is a cheater – that’s why he hasn’t shown his tax returns. If it is as he says, he pays at least 13% of his income in taxes (careful not to say income taxes) then what is the big deal in showing them? 13% is at least something… But there is something in those tax returns that are either more embarrassing or criminal. Mitt is a big boy – he can endure embarrassment, so if he is hiding something, that leaves criminal – simple deduction. Or maybe this slow walk though logic was too hard for you…

          • Birther? I don’t care where he was born! I think we should see everything form both sides where a question has been raised. also you attempt to insult me was lame. I was told a man (or woman) who raises his voice does so when he can’t reinforce his argument. Maybe this slow walk though logic was too hard for You…

        • I see that you removed your pointy hood for your photo. Hey — it’s not against the law to be a bigot, so instead of coming up with ridiculous birther attacks just have the sack to admit what you are. Nobody believes you’re really worried about where Obama was born — trust me.

        • Leader not a cheater…..that is why you have to let ROMNEY go. Give it up already….stick a fork in him….he’s done.

        • It matters because Romney says he has magic answers to all of the problems in the country. Specifically he says he will create 250,000 jobs per month for 48 months but won’t tell us how.
          I would like to know how this guy only pays, in his terms, 13.9 % taxes on millions in income when the guy making $75,000 pay far more,
          Screw the rich prick he doesn’t care about anuthing but himself. You do remember his wife queen Anne telling us they would show their taxes returns to YOU people. Like we were vermin or something. Then she went on to say the Democrats would use the information against them. Romney is hiding something.

      • Hey Fern- Did you drink the Obama koolaid?
        Show us the Obama college records! Obama is
        not quite a producer of stellar results for us the
        middle class. 8.3% unemployment, etc. etc. etc.

        He spend more time campaigning and playing
        golf than he does with the Jobs Council ( no Meeting
        in how long?) He is a dismal disgrace to the office and
        a failure to the people of the country.

        all talk and NO walk. America is finally calling BS.

        • No But I See You Been Drinking The Venom The GOP/Tea Party Snake Oil Salesmen Been Selling You !!! You To Can STFU Talking To Me You Just Another Koch Brothers Ass Kisser Like The Rest Of Your Damn Ass Troll Friends Here !!

        • Why should President Obama show his college records when no other President has been asked to do so. For that matter, why was he asked to produce the long form of his birth certificate when no other President or Presidential candidate was asked to do so? Did you ask Sen. McCain for his Panamanian birth certificate when he ran for President or his Bethesda Nval Academy transcripts? If you had done that you would have learned that he was not born in the USA (he was born in Panama’s Canal Zone which at the time was administered by the USA) and he finished second from the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy. How about Romney’s Mexican connection? Are you sure he was not born in a Mormon commune in Mexico? Why do you want to look at the transcript of a man that graduated Magna Cum Laude? Are you a masochist?

        • Go talk to Congress about the jobs bill that is sitting on Boehners desk and would put millions back to work! And it’s funny, I don’t remember ever hearing anything on the news about the president going to play golf! I think you have him confused with Boehner!

        • PL EASE…..enough about his college transcripts already. “We the People” don’t care. I don’t care if he sealed them ’cause he was inserting cigars in his female professors vagina and she has a semen soaked dress. Do you get that reference? What I care about is a TAX Cheat, draft dodger, plutocrat, chickenhawk wanting to run MY COUNTRY…the Country of “WE THE PEOPLE”.

      • Most of the KKK were DEMS and your Party had Senators like Byrd who were respected members of both the KKK and the DEM party ..Fern you are one of the least informed people Ive ever seen that posts .It’s amazing with your utter lack of knowledge and the way your thoughts get destroyed that you have the balls to post anything . I admire your persistance though … Keep it up please because you illustrate perfectly the low information people on the left …By the way the Republican Party in contrast to your party of hate and racial divisiveness was founded on the Abolitionist Platform .

      • Once again you show your utter lack of knowledge for anything but dirty dirty mouth . The Republican Party was founded on a platform of being Abolitionists . A Republican President ended Slavery not a DEM . While he , Northern Whites and freed Black volunteers fought a war to end Slavery DEM congressmen were lynching Blacks in NYC …Check it out before they re write the history books …You know kond of like Barack is trying to do in saying trickle down didn’t work . I wonder how long it will take for Liberal Academia to trot out new books in our Union trainng and indoctrination centers in our Public schools . By the way your party endorsed the KKK and had an active member representing their concerns for decades …SEN BYRD …Rascist Ignorant bitch

  3. Bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!! Bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah!!!!! Bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!! Bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah!!!!! Bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!! Bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah!!!!!


    Who the heck are you kidding with this crap? Obozo was pushed into action by DoD and Panetta, at the objections of commie pig Valerie Jarrett. Not only that, but look at the picture. What’s Obozo wearing? Can you see it? A golf shirt. That’s right, Obozo the wimp is wearing a golf shirt. He put a jacket on for the photo opp, that’s all. Just to make himself look important. Do you know why? What do you wear golf shirt for? That’s right. To play golf. Sorry to inform you all, but Obozo was playing golf while the raid was going on. They had to pull him off the golf course to tell him what was going on. He showed up late so he could get a photo opp acting like he was all serious and involved.

    OBOZO IS A FRAUD!!!! He is a fraud in every aspect of his phony existence.

    What is Obozo’s favorite word? Take a guess… wrong! His favorite word is “I”. Break down his announcement of the killing of OBL and it littered with the “I”. Practically every sentence begins with “I”. Taking credit for himself, like any low IQ, immature narcissist would do.

    And when word comes out about the truth of just how little Obozo was involved in the whole thing, what does he do? He puts the men and women of our armed forces and intelligence agencies at risk by leaking information to make himself “look tough”. What a self-centered piece of garbage he is. Truly disgusting!!!

    One other point: ….”John F. Kerry, a genuine war hero.” …. bwaaaaahahahahahahhaha!! Bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!! Bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah!!!!! Bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!! Bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah!!!!! Bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!! Bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah!!!!!


    Oh my lord… you’re killing me… cut it out….

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    John Kerry a war hero? What the heck is wrong with you? JOHN KERRY WAS/IS A COWARD!! He came home from Viet Nam and LIED about his brothers for his own political gain! He is a small man, if the word “man” and John Kerry can be used in the same sentence.

    You are really grasping at straws on this whole piece.

    Have a nice day!

    “One way to make sure crime doesn’t pay would be to let the government run it.” – Ronald Reagan

    • OMG…..BEST thing you can do on this one is remain silent and let it go……..I don’t want to have to defend your right to free speech on this one….because it does make my blood boil.

      • Gene… the truth about Obozo, his narcissism, and his leaks of national security secrets for his political gain SHOULD make your blood boil my friend. It does mine as well.

        Have a great day, Gene!

        “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.” – Ronald Reagan

        • I see you have learned a new word: narcissism. You probably picked it up from the piece in the “National Memo” describing the many charms of your presumptive vice-presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan. Narcissism sounded pretty negative, even though a liberal essayist had used it, so you added it to the list of insults you trot out when the spirit moves you, not necessarily when they apply.

          Also, I see you have added quotations lifted from a handy book of quotations, the go-to source for political hacks and lazy high school students scribbling an assignment fifteen minutes before class.

          Yet even these school boy tactics might have the unintended consequence of opening your mind–a little. What will you have to give up if you really start to think about the things you and others write in this column, in this journal?

        • I see you’re out here wearing your pointy hood again. It really infuriates you that a black man whupped your ass in 2008. Well, get ready, because you’re gonna get whupped again in 2012. So you just be a good little bigot and behave yourself — and for God’s sake clean up your trailer park a little.

      • Easy JHG – when you get angry he wins. Best not to pay him any attention. I’ve heard, that in some of the fundamental religious sects in the Northeast (Amish, Mennonites, etc.) that one of the worst punishments that could be meted to a member of the community is “shunning” – which essentially is lack of acknowledgement that the member exists. That’s how I treat this idiot – I pass over anything he posts and if I slip (and read anything he writes) I always fight the urge to respond. It works pretty well… (except when I’m really, really bored…)

    • Obozo, You should save your

      Oh my lord… you’re killing me… cut it out….
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      for November 7, 2012, you will need all the

      Oh my lord… you’re killing me… cut it out….
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      your little Pin Head can muster……

      By the way, Have a nice day, Idiot…………

      • I suppose Friday afternoons are your turn on the PC in the prison library, Duke?

        DukeDacat…… what is that name? Isn’t that Ebonics for “moron”? I think it is. Of course, “duke” could come from the expression of my college roommate whom, every time he had a bowel movement, referred to it as “takin a duke” or “droppin a duke in the pool.” Either expression is perfectly relevant in relation to you, though I’m certain what he was “dropping” had a higher IQ than you!

        Below is pic of “takin a duke”
        [click image to enlarge]

        Have a nice day, dope!

        “One way to make sure crime doesn’t pay would be to let the government run it.” – Ronald Reagan

    • Your right, Obama was playing his usual Sunday golf game. But let’s state the facts; He plays golf every Sunday, He cut his game short, He did this so as to not arouse suspicion or endanger Seal team 6, He was wearing a golf shirt under his COMMANDER IN CHIEF blazer because he went from the golf course to the situation room.
      Prior to the raid half of the General Staff believed the operation should not go forward. Much of the staff advised using a missile strike.
      OUR President made the decision to go and use forces so his capture or killing could be confirmed.
      Only facts, not your biased opinion.

      • URNA$$HOLE…. you mean the “facts” as you got them from the Obozo propaganda film done by leftist freak Tom Hanks? Or the real facts from those with access to the inside and who know otherwise? Like the brave men who are putting out this wonderful and precise account of what really happened. You know, the people that ACTUALLY DID THE WORK, and were not playing 4 rounds of golf every week.

        Obozo said “go” and that was good. But that’s where it ends with him. ANY president would have done it. Shoot, any first level soldier would have said “go” for Pete’s sake.

        Since it’s his only accomplishment, it’s funny to watch you leftist freaks rally around it as though he cured cancer and can walk on water.

        The odd truth about the whole thing is that the intelligence that led to OBL’s killing was gotten from waterboarding KSM, and interrogation of all the muzzie terrorists that we captured. Maybe killing OBL is the ONE THING that Obozo SHOULD blame on Bush! Instead of capturing them, now we just kill them, which is much more prefarable than being pampered in a resort like place like Gitmo, or taking some loud music and bright lights for 3 days before they spill the beans, right? Of course, our intelligence aparatus has been nearly completely neutered under Obozo.

        Have a nice day!

        “A wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities.” – Thomas Jefferson

        • Again anyone who doesn’t agree with your childish, baseless rants is tarred as a leftist freak and sworn at. Foul language, name calling, the use of profanity is a sign of ignorance. Your continued rants is a sign of mental health problems. Luckily for you our President (Obama) passed the Affordable Care Act which mandates health insurance companies cover mental health counseling. So you can seek help with your anger issues and delusional theories you spew. Good luck, get some help. God bless.

          • RUKI…. I didn’t use any foul language…. I called you a money hole… I figured you’d take that as a compliment! LOL 🙂

            Have a nice day!

            “I’ve never seen a vice president that has made as many mistakes, said as many stupid things. I mean, there’s a real fear that if, God forbid, he ever had to be entrusted with the presidency, whether he really has the mental capacity to handle it. I mean, this guy just isn’t bright.” – Rudy Giuliani

          • You always use foul language. Denial is part of your mental health issues. Use the new ADA and get some help. Then you can return to the board and act like an adult.

  4. Out of all of Obama’s accomplishments during his first term, the killing of Obama Bin Laden should be an achievement that any American would heartily approve. Although the efforts of a great many people were involved, Obama alone made the decision where and when to launch the mission. Doing so was a great risk to his very Presidency should the raid have failed.

    By using this achievement by trying to politicize it in a negative light, the Republican Party is now risking any remaining credibility they may still have. This, more than any other single tactic, clearly proves that they are willing to lie and demagogue any act by President Obama no matter how much they themselves wish they had achieved it. If Obama invented a drug that cured cancer, I have no doubt that the Republicans would immediately sponsor a bill to outlaw it.

    This is a new low — even for a party that we thought couldn’t stoop much lower. Does anyone doubt that getting elected to power is their only concern?

  5. Why should anything said about the President surprise anyone who has been watching politics since he took office? the republican party has not shown him one ounce of respect since he took office their main mantra has been make him fail and they have not taken notice of the public because we don”t matter to them and they do not carewho they hurt !

  6. Karl “PIGLET IN A SUIT” Rove is back ! My youngest daughter loves PIGLET in the POOH Stories. YOU F***IN’ coward ROVE….YOU HAVE NEVER PUT ON A UNIFORM IN YOUR LIFE….unless it is a Brown shirt for HERR RYAN…….YOU SIR……ARE a douche….I think I am older than you ….but I wish you would step out in the street so I CAN KICK YOUR ASS!!!!!!

  7. The Republican Party has no Ideas…They obstructed the President from the first day and kept it up even though it was hurting the American People and even the credit of the American Government just to gain political advantage. Their actions were borderline treason. Now they are saying that Obama’s program didnt work and just like this lie are all they have

    • uhhhh… mj…. uhhhhhh….. what about Obozo’s control of the whole congress for 2 years? Did that NOT happen? Where were you, you dope? November 2010 was EXACTLY for the purpose of obstructing Obozo’s Marxist agenda.

      What is Obozo’s program? It’s called Rob Peter to Pay Paul Economics. And it NEVER works. Never has. Never will!

      Have a nice day!

      “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

      • BOZO – I suppose we must endure the ravings of a village idiot because this is after all a free country which celebrates free speech. Our acceptance of your right to post your opinions, however ludicrous and discredited, is what makes this country what it is. But all should recognize that the modern GOP’s misuse of these freedoms to slander and mislead gullible Americans is no virtue.

        • Bigblunder! How are you buddy? I hope you are well today. I’m doing well and looking forward to a long weekend.

          Thanks for your allowing me to post here and giving me the freedom to express opposing viewpoints. That’s quite generous of you. The odd thing is that you consider truth about Obozo to be “slander and misleading.” I am sorry to awaken you from your fantasies about your messiah, but it’s what I do. [shrugging shoulders]

          Have a great day and nice weekend, Bigblunder!

          “No man’s life, liberty, or property is in so much danger as when the legislature is in session.” – Mark Twain

          • As to your Mark Twain quote there…..I’d add especially when it is a GOP legislature and you are not rich.
            OMG I think you need to find the Obama announcment of UBL on youtube somewere…an uneditted version and watch it with an open mind. I will defend your right to say what makes me boil with anger……I already did for 4 active years….Your Candidate would not and never will….NOR will any of his sons. Nor did PIGLET IN A SUIT and he certainly never will. NOR will DICK CHENEY and he certainly never will. All were draft age eligible during Viet Nam…..all are COWARDS.

          • Obozo, I hope the pay is good from your Republican masters because you are selling you soul to earn it.

          • Thank you for the kind words BOZO — and you’re right that I am overly generous to you. I only allow you to post on this site because its important for the rational people to see just what the enemy looks like. However, I must again remind you not to encourage the weakminded as you often like to do. There’s really only room for one village idiot. Any more just tends to piss people off.

          • Hey Bigblunder….. question… If there’s room for only one village idiot, how do you explain your presence here along with all of the other leftist freaks and useful idiots?

            Have a nice day!

            “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

      • Hey Obozo, Republican shill. I see they are still paying you to post stupid comments.
        Obama did not have complete control of congress because the Republican filibustered everything they could. He has accomplished many things in spite of that including the doubling of the stock market in the last 40 months.
        Obozo – shill, please go away, no one believes anything you say.

    • Once again you show your ignorance of the way that govt works while at the same time repeating the talking points like a Cult member …when do they pass out the cyanide cool aid ? You do realize the GOP was pwerless to stop anything Obama wanted for the 1st two years of his regime ? right ? The DUMBS had super majorities in both houses . Did they pass immigration reforn then ? No our Dictator did it by executive fiat in an election year to pander …Did they close gitmo end the wars I could go on and on but the ONLY thing they did was pass the LARGEST TAX INCREASE in American History in a Socialist takeover of 1 /6 of the US econonmy called ObamaTAX

  8. Suzanne…It is “Pathetic”, to say the least! Respect for the Commander In Chief by those (2) is non-existent. Can we imagine, the kind of respect Romney/Ryan give to anyone behind closed doors?

    One would have to wonder also, about the kind of respect Romney/Ryan will “actually” give to those who voted for them! If… they get into office, I really don’t see that happening!

    Even more shocking, is, some American’s would guess/think, they are being “Patriotic”…obviously those (2) do think that way, in public!

  9. It’s easy to counter this Lie, and others. These Hawks just can’t get over the fact, that it was a very smart Black Man; and his capable Military Staff – – especially – – the young men and women of our Armed Forces – – that got the job done! Clinton was too, “Chikin,” to do it; and Bushy couldn’t find his A . . , let alone the Bearded One.

    Sorry to hear that some of our Former Military Personal have finally succumbed to the Dark Money Cartels, AKA, SuperPacs. They failed in their Mission to get the job done, while they were in Government Service. The present Administration certainly has earned the, “bragging,” rights for accomplishing something the previous incompetent Administration was unable – – or, unwilling to do.

    Speaking of the Bush Administration; he/they started two Wars with no way to pay for them; and no Exit Strategy; leaving it to this President to clean up the mess – – along with a Severe Recession brought about by Predator Capitalists on Wall Street. Clearly, it was Bush’s ineptness that brought about the Great Recession. What a record of RAIDING! First, Corporate (aka Bain Capital); then raiding of the Government Coffers (aka, large tax cuts for the Rich, and a $100 Billion a year paid out in Corporate Welfare); then, WORST OF ALL – – the Great Wall Street Heist – – and the Trillions Raided from the accounts of the Moms, Pops, Grands, and College Kids . . . These people have nothing to offer the American People. What they want to do, is still MORE, Extracting; and, “Rent Seeking,” as noted Nobel Economist, Dr. Joseph Stiglitz, has said in his book, “The Price of Inequality.”

    When a group of sleaze have nothing to crow about regarding the previous Administration (in fact, best keep Bush’s Record quiet); the only thing that these disingenuous Bastards can do is pour money on a whole host of, “BIG LIES!!


    What in the World could be more disingenuous, than landing a plane on an Aircraft Carrier, and bragging, ” Mission Accomplished,” when, Thousands of American Soldiers have been killed and maimed, since then; and, at a Cost of Trillions of Dollars? What kind of President leaves office with a Mess the Size of the One Bush left the Current President?

    • Mr. Larson that was AWESOME. Let us not forget the Congressman (Yes man) helping pass the chickenhawk budgets CHENEY was getting rich off of… got it PAUL RYAN. Why should Romney show us his taxes when he can divert with lies.

    • Look Panetta and the generals all said that they never would have found Osama without the intel gained under Bush from enhanced Interrogations at Gitmo …By the way I thought Obama was shutting that down .hahahahaha

    • Look Panetta and the generals all said that they never would have found Osama without the intel gained under Bush from enhanced Interrogations at Gitmo …By the way I thought Obama was shutting that down .hahahahaha

  10. The only problem with the arguments in this article is that THEY ARE A BUNCH IF LIES. The only place that could be leaking secrets that are getting people killed is the white house. There is no one else that has any access to these secrets.
    The Swiftboat veterans who served with John Kerry told the truth aboiut the man that caused us to lose the Vietnam war. If you ever get the time, go to the hall of the people in Hanoi. There you will see a portrait of John Kerry as the man Ho Chi Minh crerdited with making the victory for North Vietnam possible. His greatest defender in the Swiftboat corps had his medals stripped from him in 2010 because it was finally proved that he had LIED about his service that got him the Silver Star.
    Mitt Romney has more foreign ploicy experience than Barack Obama had when he ran for office, just by having been good friends with Benjamin Netenyahu since 1972. He has also done business with companies in CHina and other countries, both as a business owner and as governor of Massachussetts. Joe Biden may have some foreign policy experience, but all his solutions have been wrong.
    I could go on for pages, but this BS just isn’t worth my time

    • If Netanyahu is Romney’s “good friend,” then the United States won’t need enemies if Mittens is elected. Netanyahu is an obnoxious snit who thinks that he owns the United States Treasury. If Obama wins a second term, I hope that he uses it as a pulpit to show the world that the United States isn’t the junior state in this relationship.

    • Business with China and other countries? You are correct — he has been outsourcing American jobs for years. Anything for a buck no matter the consequences to the rest of America.

      You should try your hand as a standup comedian, because claiming Mitt Romney has foreign policy experience is the funniest thing I’ve heard in years. Romney couldn’t even visit our best ally (England) without pissing them off and causing a media uproar.

  11. The ONLY TOOL the REPUBLICAN CARTEL can MUSTER is, LIE, Distort, deceive, LIE and present FALSEHOODS.

    Romney LIED to the people of Massachusettes about the residence he claimed on his taxes and he refuses to document his assertion about his INCOME TAXES, which leads one to beleive Romney is LIEING again.

    Ryan LIES about the IMPACT his OUTLANDISH PROPOSALS on governing would impose on those most vulnerable and needy. Ryan’s answer is just get a job, when he and his accomplises in Congress and his former Cheif Executive destroyed the economy and created a jobless nightmare for all.

  12. I was a proud Swift Boat commander during the Viet Nam conflict and I strongly resent a few members giving the whole group of proud veterans a nasty reputation. The so called Swift Boaters did not and do not represent the majority of our organization and tend to denigrate all of us.

    • Thank you for your service, Mr. Streuli. 8 Years ago I now wish Senator Kerry had gotten in CHENEY’s and PIGLET’s faces and just flat told them something like, “Maybe my military career might be puffed up by some ….BUT I WAS there…where were you and where was BUSH?” That would have ended it right there.

  13. This was a prodictable Republican lie. I knew that they would come out with some kind of a lie. They can not win on their own record so they try to lie about their opponent Obama. Real honest Americans are tired of this and I think that this will help Obama more that it will hurt him. If the Republican voters keep on electing these crapy people we wan ill not have any country left. This is treason and worse than anything that Ben Laudin could do to our country. Voters step back and look at what these people are doing. They are trying to poision your minds. Please do not let this happen. Vote these idiots out of office NOW!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Hopstein…..I agree “WE THE PEOPLE” must vote against THOSE Plutocrats. Hurt them by vote(this time) before they hurt us more than they already have.

    • Brett, go back and read the minutes from the trasition team meeting in January of 2001. The Clinton transition team advised the Bush trasition team that the biggest inmmediate threat to The United States was Al Queda terrorism. Richard Cheney, a member of the Bush transition team, told the Clinton team “you’ve had your turn, it’s our turn now”. The inference being that they did not need any advise from the outgoing administration. Nine month later almost to the day: 9-11 attacks acurred. Now tell me who was asleep at the wheel!!!!

      • Well you see, DICK CHENEY (draftdodger superchickenhawk) was busy setting himself up as the “REAL POWER” of the white house and making sure his defense contracts and lobbyist money was flowing properly. And making sure his life link was set up with Rumsfeld, while Bush was chainsawing trees and brush on his Texas Ranch. Kinda like CHENEY was at the Pentagon while ROMNEY (draftdodger elite) was making an ass out of himself in England….same thing. He said, “We have to prepare for the next war.” I am as serious as a Dick Cheney heart attack. Check the news from a couple of weeks ago.

  14. Republican’s hypocrisy and visciousness takes my breath away. But sadly, it works with those who think “They wouldn’t lie about such serious things, would they?” People can’t believe the lengths (and depths!) that this party has stooped to, and thus, the lies become “truth” and the electorate makes a huge mistake in voting in such as George W, who, with the help of his fellow liars, nearly destroyed the American economy. And the beat goes on.

  15. It is time for Democrats to fight back against these shameful attacks!! I believe Democrats can find more stones to throw back without resorting to lies and distortions. Of course, it will be inevitable that the republicans will cry foul and whine that the Democrats are not playing fair!

      • You are absolutely correct. We need to get to that voting booth come election day in November, ID and all. Just Bellyaching about these politicians will get us nowhere. Can’t wait to cast my vote!

  16. Personally, I applaud anyone standing up to the liberal regime, just as the TEA party did in 2010. Here are my reasons:
    1) Obama spent $1.7 trillion to keep unemployment below 8% — didn’t happen – we’re broke – as Obama still wants everyone to believe its GW Bush’s fault, still after four years.
    2) Forced Obamacare on the people when most citizens said “no”.
    3) Like a bookie, picked winners from losers to award tax $ dollars to enviro companies – what a big flop that was. Solyndra got $535 million and today bankrupted.
    4) Obama feels that any extra money a private citizens “EARNS” belongs to the government — Socialism 101 at work here – making Obama a Socialist in the company of other losers.
    5) Apologized for America’s successes while bowing to foreign dictators — that’s embarrassing to me.
    6) Got caught in “gun trafficking” the same laws Obama is trying to confine the USA through international treaty with the UN, thus violating the Amendment II we hold dear.
    7) Obama feels he can spend the USA’s money on international investments like, investing $2 billion in Venezuela for their offshore drilling but, won’t do that for American workers in need of employment.
    8) By Executive Privilege, Obama won’t have anything to do with revealing facts regarding Agent Brian Terry’s death at the US/Mexico border. Using the Chief Law Man in the USA to respond contemptuous with the 112th Congress investigating this.

    There are more but, transparency is not what this president can claim any longer as, he has single-handed and purposely took action to break every campaign promise from his 2008 campaign.
    To those of you that might consider refuting what I’d written here? I only ask that you stop and take a look at yourselves, “are you better off today than you were in 2008”? And if your honest and sincere – and not a business that received “free $ from Obama”? Most likely will answer “no”.

    Have a nice day, as I will now believe we need a change in the Oval Office regarding leaders.

    • Andy.. great post… looks like y0ur stealing a page from my book. One correction for you. In #7, you cite $2B to Venezuela for offshore drilling. It’s actually $2B to the Brazilian oil company, Petrobras. Not a big deal. We all know the truth behind the liar-in-chief, Obozo.

      Obozo’s economic plans = Rob Peter to Pay Paul Economics

      Keep fighting the good fight.

      Have a nice day!

      “A wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities.” – Thomas Jefferson

        • Enough, are you two through kissing each others ass?
          Give us a break….

          By the way, have a nice day you two Idiots.

          Boy that must be one empty Village now, with both of you gone.

      • I want to correct two of your recent posts.
        Yesterday you claimed that the First Lady has 22 staffers while no other First Lady has ever had more than 2. This is simply not true.
        Laura Bush had between 24 & 26 staffers.
        Lady Bird Johnson had 30 staffers.
        Betty Ford had about 30 staffers.
        Jackie Kennedy had about 40 staffers.

        And in this post you and Andy seem to think the President authorized $2B to a Brazilian oil company. Again, not true.

        President Obama did not sign an executive order to loan 2 Billion of our taxpayers dollars to a Brazilian Oil Exploration Company
        President Obama signed no such executive order. On 14 April 2009, the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im), an agency whose mission “is to assist in financing the export of U.S. goods and services to international markets,” issued a preliminary approval for a $2 billion loan to Brazil’s national oil company, Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras), to help fund offshore oil exploration and development.

        The approval of the loan was an action undertaken not by officials who had been appointed by President Obama, but by his predecessor, President George W. Bush, as Ex-Im itself stated:
        The Bank’s bipartisan Board unanimously approved the preliminary commitment to Petrobras on April 14, 2009, before any Obama appointees joined the Bank. In fact, at the time the Bank’s Board consisted of three Republicans and two Democrats, all of whom were appointed by George W. Bush.
        Despite the claim that the money committed to Petrobras is “taxpayer dollars,” Ex-Im notes that “the vast majority of our financing consists of guarantees of loans made by commercial lenders,” that “the bank is self-sustaining and does not receive any appropriated funds from Congress,” and that “the Bank’s activities do not cost the American taxpayer a dime.”

        • Thank you for always presenting clearly laid out facts, that can be checked.
          Ranting the same old “lies” won’t change anyone’s mind!

    • Another nutty Tea-Bigot, eh? Don’t you realize that America is sick and tired of you nutty people dancing around in the rhetorical dog-poop wearing stupid hats? We know when we hear your ridiculous jaw-flap that it’s only because you can’t stand a black man in the White House. Please do something useful, like polish your beer can collection or clean up the old cheeseburgers from your pickup truck’s floor.

      • You G@d D@mned Liberal F*#king racist are wearing me out with your “he’s Black that’s why you don’t like him” the color of his skin has nothing to do with it!!! the fact is he is a shitty Prez! He and his wife has taken more vacations this year alone than I have in the last 20 years and I just don’t like paying someone to goof off…. did you see the big shin dig he put on for his friends in Hawaii? we that is you and I paid for it NOT HIM!!!!

        • Oh-oh — somebody got too heated and blew their ‘bigot spigot’!

          So you are a bigot AND a liar, eh? It would be one thing if you said you disliked something that Obama actually did, but you, like the other bigots, go over the top with ridiculous whoppers that nobody would ever believe. We all know why.

        • Wait but you don’t have a problem paying $77K to feed and stall a dancing horse….that was a tax deduct….taxes OUR govt’ was entitled to. As for goofing off…..”WE THE PEOPLE” have paid the paychecks of our Congress to sit and vote 32 times on “ROMNEYCARE gone National” and to block anything and everything….except the ROAD Construction Money RYAN made a mint on……that was against the President. I can’t blame you for being tired of paying for that. I wholeheartedly agree with you on that one.

        • Ok han, I will try one more time. First, the president is never on vacation because the job requires 24 hour 7 days a week effort. No matter where he goes the office goes with him. There is no time off to speak of. If he plays golf it is with people along who can and do interrupt him with every conceivable event happening anywhere in the world. I would guess that since your posts are so trivial and infantile that you are totally clueless about just about everything. Do not try to criticize a job you could not possible do or even understand because it makes you look like a fool.

        • Oh, Hans keep spewing your hate and take your ball and go home. The President has taken fewer than Bush or Reagon. Check it out for yourself. Facts don’t lie but lairs lie. What kind of name is Hans, r u from the superior race?

        • What do you want me to say about an entire post filled with whoppers? There isn’t a single point that you made that is actually true, and it’s just plain obvious to anyone. What do you expect when you post a lying bag of crap?

          • What part?
            1) Obama spent $1.7 trillion to keep unemployment below 8% — didn’t happen – we’re broke – as Obama still wants everyone to believe its GW Bush’s fault, still after four years.
            2) Forced Obamacare on the people when most citizens said “no”.
            3) Like a bookie, picked winners from losers to award tax $ dollars to enviro companies – what a big flop that was. Solyndra got $535 million and today bankrupted.
            4) Obama feels that any extra money a private citizens “EARNS” belongs to the government — Socialism 101 at work here – making Obama a Socialist in the company of other losers.
            5) Apologized for America’s successes while bowing to foreign dictators — that’s embarrassing to me.
            6) Got caught in “gun trafficking” the same laws Obama is trying to confine the USA through international treaty with the UN, thus violating the Amendment II we hold dear.
            7) Obama feels he can spend the USA’s money on international investments like, investing $2 billion in South America for their offshore drilling but, won’t do that for American workers in need of employment.
            8) By Executive Privilege, Obama won’t have anything to do with revealing facts regarding Agent Brian Terry’s death at the US/Mexico border. Using the Chief Law Man in the USA to respond contemptuous with the 112th Congress investigating this.

            I’m waiting to hear what you find false with this list?
            And be truthful.

          • Every single point is a lie. What else do you want me to say? Oh, I get it — you want me to address your bag of lies point by point. OK, I’ll play just this once.

            1. TARP and the Auto Bailout were started by Bush — remember him calling the candidates to Washington to discuss it?
            2. The public never voted on the Affordable Care Act — Congress did. That’s how laws get usually get passed; nothing new here.
            3. Federal grant recipients have to get ‘picked’ by somebody — that’s how it works. So you personally watched Obama make the choices with your own beady little eyes? No — I thought not.
            4. Telling us how Obama ‘feels’ is too stupid to even argue with.
            5. Cite the apologies Obama made for America. When you can’t do it, apologize to this forum for lying.
            6. Obama never trafficked in any guns — Fast and Furious was a program in place before Obama even took office.
            7. Once again, only a nitwit claims he can say how Obama ‘feels’.
            8. First of all, this is the purview of the Justice Department — not the Oval Office. Second, Eric Holder has released quite a bit of information. This is a witch hunt — nothing more. The only thing new about the Justice Department withholding some information from the general public is the extent to which the Tea-Bigots are squealing about it (because Obama is black, of course).

            Not one of your points is true. You spew out one lie on top of another. Why would somebody do that? Because you hate Obama. Why would somebody hate Obama? Because he’s black.

            You aren’t fooling anyone.

          • DukeDacat, still can’t complain about any part of my post nor refute, so name calling will refute my writings? Is that what I’m reading from you? LOL that’s a good one.
            Try to have a nice day 🙂

    • Andy Jr. — you should understand that seeking the blessing of BOZO the clown is actually a mark of derision, not of approval. In point of fact, nothing you wrote above is true. Not even close. Your pompous diatribe reveals only ignorance of fact and a willingness to buy into the slanderous rhetoric of the unbalanced far right.

      • Bigspender, I seek no one’s approval
        I cling to my guns, Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
        As I thank you for revealing that you “also” can not refute anything I wrote.

    • Andy, Are you the second string for Obozo? If so, go back to the bench, you are out of your league.

      By the way, Have a nice day!!

      • DukeDacat, thanks for writing to let me know you can not refute anything I’d wrote as well. I’m sure you’ll find a league to belong eventually, for yourself.
        Obama does have to go with that kind of track record.
        I will have a nice day and you do the same.

  17. maybe bin ladden isnt the one that is more troubles to this country seems to be the GOP would be on bin,s side and thy now are the true problem this country has now that bin,n gone

  18. well ppl. and the GOP DING DONG LOVERS its only a matter of time before you and the GOP get the real ppl. of this country mad and then watch out seem to be that the GOP is the ones ppl. should go after BIN LARDHEAD AND THE GOP DING DONGS THE SAME THING the both of them want and wanted the same thing to bring down the USA

  19. President Obama never took credit for the raid the ended the life of Osama bin Laden, on the contrary, he praised and thanked the NAVY Seals for their courage and skills. We, the people, owe President Obama for having the courage of ordering a raid that, had it fail, it would have ended his presidency the way the hostage crisis and the failed rescue attempt ended President Carter’s. I guess it should not surprise us to hear the people that took the eyes off the ball with distractions such as Iraq, and those who allowed Musharraf to play cat and mouse with us for years while allowing OBL to live in comfort a hundred yards from Pakistani security facilities, to now try to minimize what President Obama did, which in addition to taking a big political chance also included his decision to keep the Pakistani government in the dark to guarantee the success of the raid. Tea Party Republicans can say whatever they want, most of us prefer to have a president who is focused, honest, and brings justice to those that harmed us, instead of one who ignored the warnings of an implending attack on U.S. soil, and who instead of going after those responsible for the attack gave Saudi Arabia aMost Favored Nation status and got us involved in a war designed to transform him into a “War President” to guarantee his re-election, while allowing his sponsors to enrich themselves with sole source contracts and tasks that were never completed.

    • What are you talking about the words I Me and Mine were used I think 35 times in his address to the Nation and his spiking of the football . Meanwhile he gave no credit to Seal Team 6 or the intel that made that mission possible . That Intel was gleaned from the Bush admin ..Panetta and the Generals made that clear ….What Obama did do was commit treason by outing Seal Team y6 to furhter his own reputation and Campaign . That was totally irresponsible arrogant and narcissistic .

      • Wow, MichaelStool — you really enjoying looking like a fool in public, don’t you? Treason?

        Come on now — fess up! We know that you have all those extra white sheets hanging in your trailer’s closet! Why do you need to tell all those whoppers to express your hate?

  20. It is time to show the Commander in Chief some respect. Sure, he did not pull the trigger, but her was in charge. If it had gone terribly wrong, he would have been held responsible. Standing up and yelling “liar” to the President or wagging a finger in his face should not happen whether the President is of your party or not. Accusing him of being a Kenyan has replaced the use of the “n” word. It is time to show the position of the President and Commander in Chief some respect again. To do otherwise is simply not American. Start acting like Americans.

  21. It is funny to hear the radical right complaining of dirty campaign tactics by Obama’s campaign. They have offered nothing but negative campaigning and lies and deception for the last 3 plus years. You can always tell what they’re guilty of, because that’s what they claim the other side is doing.

  22. It’s time to “swiftboat” the “Swiftboaters”. I’m sick and tired of the stupidity these people conjure up. These people are bigots and don’t deserve the attention they are receiving…unfortunately they are people that will believe any lie told about this president because of their own hatred…sickening.

    • I agree. These people need to have their names named… They need to have their motives exposed for all to see… Their lies need to be squelched before they convert to perception. I’ve heard that perception, not truth, is reality and everything must be done to align truth with reality.

  23. WHY is Bin Ladens face STILL being used, to “sell” 9/11 to the public. Bin Laden was nothing more than a “scape-goat”. A convenient face, for an “enemy”, which we, seemingly, could not touch. Bin Laden was no more “evil” than his counterparts, ALL over the world.

  24. Really if he were Liberal Baptist would any of this be an issue? I don’t care that he served a 2 year mission in France and not a 1 year tour in Vietnam! Mitt Romney is a strong Leader, skills he very well may have learned on his mission to France! you can spin it any way you like. Fact is that with out my boss willing to risk his own money I would not have a job! Fact is the only people with jobs that are not created by some wealthy person are the people trying to tell them how to run their company’s (the Government) Guess what my boss built this company with his money and my Labor!!! lets open the books and see it all Mitt, Barry or BHO as this is the name you use today! lastly someone please tell me how much money can you make working for a poor person?

    (in today’s world you can not just live off the land, you have to earn an income to pay taxes so that welfare checks can go out every month)

  25. Can the WH litigate for defamation? I’m not advocating suppressing freedom of speech but litigating an organization for defaming the POTUS with malicious lies that don’t stand up to historical facts.

    • Can a business owner Litigate for defamation? ” you did not build it” clearly is a malicious and defaming lie. I have never got a pay check from a poor person! just saying…

      • Taken out of context. I hope u have a better business sense. Stop watching FOX and see the whole speech which clearly states the US has free markets, trained workers, infrastructure, and yes Seal team 6 to protect us and your business interests. I’m sure you don’t have your own armed services, police force, fire dept., interstate highway system, hospital, schools for your workers, or do you?

    • HEY sweetpea, JUST saw that movie all true and will help get Obama thrown out on November 6,2012! The movie portrays Obama EXACTLY as he is, an American hating, meglomaniac out to DESTROY this Constitutional Republic! He will NEVER do it, as WE, the PEOPLE who love America will ensure his landslide DEFEAT! People like u r off the wll, and need to move to a commie state!

  26. Joseph, back in the 2004 general election between Kerry and GW Bush, Kerry gloatfully called himself a “swift boat hero” and that’s how this whole thing got started.
    It took other “swift-boat veterans” to make these commercials to refute Kerry’s “self-proclaimed” hero status as a “swift-boat-veteran”. Yeah, no one liked it, but no one liked a politician making unfounded claims, either.

  27. That’s true of Clinton advice to GW Bush.
    What is also true is, Clinton had the opportunity to take out bin Laden but, his liberal traits would not accept that death of an enemy combatant. But, as history now records, Clinton is seen with a serious lapse in judgement regarding US Foreign Policy for National Defense, as well.

    Yeah, Obama gave the command for Seal Team 6 to take out bin Laden but, it was [badly criticized] GW Bush tactics that gave Obama that shot. As to which Obama ran many victory laps over what the Bush II tactics presented.
    Something Obama was “dead against” but, gloatfully used with the Seal Team 6 as, we now know that Obama has been on the wrong side of history, repeatedly.

  28. The Commander in Chief said GO, therefore he had nothing to do with the success of the mission. Sounds reasonable in GOP speak. Reminds me of when Ike said GO and Europe was saved. I suppose that in GOP speak Ike had little or nothing to do with the invasion since he was still in England. Bazarro world twisted further.

  29. Whether Obama “takes too much credit” or not, you can only revise history so much before it becomes ridiculous. The repubs & the tea party in particular have been revising history ever since Nov 2008, from TARP right through to the present Medicare debate. And it has gone way past ridiculous. At this point, the Obama-haters are going to believe every lie told about him [and vice versa for the Anti-Romneys]. The main advantage that Obama has is that history and the public record don’t lie. If you care enough about the truth to do a tiny bit of research it’s easy to see who the biggest liars are.

    Bin Laden IS dead.
    The Iraq [part of the] war is over.
    The economic crash started under Bush and so did the bailout.
    The Tea Party by their own admission and signed statements are more interested in destroying Obama’s presidency than they are in doing the country’s business.

    The lines have been drawn for some time now and my mind has been made up since before this 2012 circus left the station.

    • IDIOT! He’s got a record of putting US into debt that our Grandchildren will have to pay off, having our fiscal AAA rating downsized, as NO other president before him NO budget in 3+ “annus horribiblis”, and he’s divided this Great Constitutional Republic by race, religion and financial status! This marxist-maoist commie shill is OUT to DESTROY America, and WE, the PEOPLE plan to kick him out on his ass on November 6,2012!

      • Do you realize that the past 5 republican presidents have never, in all the years of their term(s), balanced the federal budget?

      • Try facts for a change carsrus:

        Here are the facts, according to the official government statistics:
        • In the 2009 fiscal year — the last of George W. Bush’s presidency — federal spending rose by 17.9% from $2.98 trillion to $3.52 trillion. Check the official numbers at the Office of Management and Budget.
        • In fiscal 2010 — the first budget under Obama — spending fell 1.8% to $3.46 trillion.
        • In fiscal 2011, spending rose 4.3% to $3.60 trillion.
        • In fiscal 2012, spending is set to rise 0.7% to $3.63 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the budget that was agreed to last August.
        • Finally in fiscal 2013 — the final budget of Obama’s term — spending is scheduled to fall 1.3% to $3.58 trillion. Read the CBO’s latest budget outlook.
        Over Obama’s four budget years, federal spending is on track to rise from $3.52 trillion to $3.58 trillion, an annualized increase of just 0.4%.
        There has been no huge increase in spending under the current president, despite what you hear

        As far as the country being divided, it certainly is, the one percent against the 99%.
        Did you know that the Walton family alone has a net worth more than 100 million Americans. The rich aren’t done until they own every single thing and then they will want your life.

      • More names. The reason the AAA fiscal rating was downgraded was due to Republicans efforts to not increase the debt limit. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence understands this. The US debt has increased due in a large part by rightfully including the 2 wars and Medicare Part D on the books as debts. U see under President Bush these were not calculated as part of the debt. The tax cuts also created a large portion of the debt.

      • Now there you go again revising history again. Golly Gee Willikers! You must be one of the instant-gratification-everybody-has-ADD-generation.

        Now pay attention, I’ll go slow and leave lots of white space:

        The Debt was created in large part by a 2 front war whose expenses were “off the books” from 2001-2009. This was combined with “the Bush era tax cuts” (still in effect by the way). Net effect: Revenue down, Spending up, Bye-bye Clinton era surplus, Hello crippling debt.

        The debt was increased by the bailout of the banks and the auto industry in 2009. This was begun under Bush and continued under Obama. All of the bailout and stimulus money was taken through the legislative process with bipartisan support (even Mr. Ryan’s)

        Loss of AAA Rating lies squarely at the feet of the Tea Party who refuse to raise taxes [to cover the above] despite being met at almost every level by spending cuts on the democrat side. But their objective was never to govern, it was to defeat Obama (it’s in writing).

        Part 2 of the Loss of AAA Rating – poorly timed brinksmanship to force unrelated riders through congress. “Gee this won’t go through on merit, so, we’ll just blackmail the public” Now that’s what I call integrity!

        The dividing of this “Great Constitutional Republic”? We’re doing that to ourselves! The President has nothing to do with states modifying their own constitutions with Bible verses. The religious divide is coming from the extremes – sort of like the Taliban or the Shiites who prefer theocracy over democracy. The racial divide has never gone away in some places (where they will never forgive Lincoln).

        But I fear I’m wasting my time here. Your post lacks fundamental reasoning and any sort of critical thinking. So I doubt that any of what I wrote will make any sense to you – but maybe it will make you look up what you have forgotten over the 4 short years – Happy Reading!

        • Well done John… Well done. Maybe the more intelligent of the fascist Talipublican nut jobs hanging around here will get it, but I wouldn’t count on it. At the very least, know that your effort wasn’t wasted – that’s the way I see it/saw it and you saved me from a bit of typing.

  30. the republican party as it stands, is not fit to govern. they have more in common with the brown shirts than American ideals of fair play and simple truth. Eventually they will cause their own decline and fall.

    • More commie, marxist LIES! Take ypur 21st Century commie party, aka democRATS and move to commie cuba! Y’all will find ur ilk there!

      • U say, “commie, marxist LIES, 21st Century commie party, aka democRATS, commie cuba”. What did I miss? U don’t like President Obama or that he gave the go ahead to take out Bin Laden?
        Both seem to turn your stomach. Is that right?

      • WHAT?

        This from a political party who hasn’t had a qualified candidate since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

        All since have been draft dodgers, liars, and for-show figures who were fronts for the rich, old, white guys.

        And, they are still searching for George W. Bush’s reserve squadron muster records. A reserve squadron fighter pilot during wartime when they were hurting for jet jockeys. Now there is an apt tag for a looser.

  31. Osama bin Ladin engineered the World Trade Center bombing killing 3000 of our people.
    The people screamed, we want revenge!
    President George Bush Said, …I Don’t have time to look for him…
    The people in lower Manhattan said, … don’t bring the terrorist to trial here…go over there.
    President Obama nailed bin Ladin dead.
    So what is it you don’t understand about this issue?

  32. I have commented on this on other forums but it bears repeating here. Swift boating rears it’s ugly, dishonest, lying head again!! Fortunately, most clear headed people recognize the selective editing and taking quotes out of context as manipulations of the truth. Attacking the president so blatantly and disrespectfully is so unAmerican. Please don’t be swayed by the lies of the so-called unpatriotic “Opsec” group. The president was very public and forthcoming in his praise of the Navy Seals, their commanders who planned the raid and the countless intelligence professional and analysts who worked so tirelessy and meticulously on the intel. He even gave credit to the work of those same people who did their work during the previous administration. It’s all in the public record. If you’ve forgotten all of this look it up for yourself, take some initiative and don’t listen to those “swift boaters”. They call themselves by some bogus name “Opsec Eductation Fund” or some such nonsense but make no mistake, they’re Swift Boaters.

  33. So you criticize a man who devoted himself to missionary work instead of military service.
    Mr Obama has done NEITHER….all his campaign has done is try to demonize the well-to-do.
    Obama likes to quote Abe Lincoln…well Abe Lincoln said: “you CANNOT help the poor by destroying the rich.” “You CANNOT further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.” Obama may have said “go” to get Bin Laden, but BRAVE men risked their lives to make it happen…..if you read the account from Obama’s narative, there are MANY TIMES more “I’s” in his speech than “they”….meaning HE is taking credit for everything while the real heroes were simply “under his direction.” The only “risk” Obama had was if brave men were killed, HE might look bad in an election year. Some “risk taker!!!”

    • Brave men are lead by even braver men. The President had a lot to lose but put the country first. Of course he had faith that the men and women in the military, of which he is the leader, could do the job but nothing would have happened, concerning Bin Laden, unless the President gave the word. Do not forget that…ever.

    • Yo! MCT… how are you? I trust you are well.

      Reading your post brings to mind the despicable fact that Obozo is such a narcissist that it should make everyone puke. Who the hell thinks like this? What kind of narcissistic idiot thinks of the “risks to his presidency” before thinking about the risks to the lives of the men executing the mission? It’s absolutely sickening to see such a fool “occupying” the White House.

      Have a great weekend!

      “I’ve never seen a vice president that has made as many mistakes, said as many stupid things. I mean, there’s a real fear that if, God forbid, he ever had to be entrusted with the presidency, whether he really has the mental capacity to handle it. I mean, this guy just isn’t bright.” – Rudy Giuliani

  34. BS! This group have every right to call Obama on his BIG LIE! He did Nothing, it was the great Hero Seals! AndKerry is another bold faced democRAT liar, GLAD the Swiftboaters GOT him in that lie! Kerry a hero, my backside, another lying lefty loon!

      • Kd… DemoncRATS almost make me want to change my mind on abortion, partially that is…. abortion should only be legal for DemoncRATS if you know what I mean!

        Have a nice day!

        “I’ve never seen a vice president that has made as many mistakes, said as many stupid things. I mean, there’s a real fear that if, God forbid, he ever had to be entrusted with the presidency, whether he really has the mental capacity to handle it. I mean, this guy just isn’t bright.” – Rudy Giuliani

  35. The behavior of the republican party proves they are lying cheats who care about themselves and money. It is the only two values they have.

    • You are truly a misinformed, clueless, ignorant, brainwashed person. It is you libs that put yourselves ahead of our country !!!!!

        • Is it really? Not from where I sit. And I’m not Anti-American at all, I’m anti- oBOZO and all his lies and deceit. He is the most self absorbed, egotistical, undermining the Constitution at every turn, FIDIOT and has SHAMED the office of the President. AND IF YOU VOTE FOR THIS FIDIOT AGAIN, IT IS YOU SIR that are the STUPID one !!!!

          • In Reality

            How can you avoid the FACT that George W. Bush passed off a large load of crap after eight years of doing nothing but make wrong decisions for all the wrong reasons.

            So what you are witnessing now is the shoveling off of eight years of male bovine fecal matter that has taken longer than four years to clean up and will need another twelve to complete the job.

          • Reagan clened up jimmy’s crap in less than 2 years !!! Why couldn’t oBOZO do the same. BTW, what mess did Bush actually start that oBOZO can’t clean up ? Hmmmmmm ??

          • And another BTW. I don’t know if you’re a veteran or not but I am ASHAMED that any Veteran would vote For FIDIOT oBOZO the way he has cut defense spending and attempting to minimize our forces Whatcha gotta say to THAT???

          • Actually, Obama has a stronger foreign policy record than any Republican in decades. I know you hate it, because you’re a bigot and Obama is black, but that just the facts ma’am (?).

            By the way, your pointy hood doesn’t make you look pretty despite what you may think.

          • You are SOOOOO wrong. He has left this military basically defenseless and vulnerable and the FIDIOT wants to cut more. Where do get your so called facts?? From the LAMEstream media???? Yeah, that’s reliable as they try to kiss oBOZO’s butt any chance they get !!!!

          • WHERE TO START

            Crooked bankers, jobs farmed out overseas, collapsed housing market, two wars (Iraq was a sham job), kissing Pakistans’ butt, Osama still alive, Dow Jones Average at 8,000, oil barons running the industry, Afghanistan poor planning and execution, and low international image of the country.

            You want more or are you bright enough to catch on?

            He wasn’t chosen as the worst POTUS in last 100 years for nothing.

      • What is it with you hardcore republican/conservative posters that call anyone with a different point of view names, insults, and profanity? You are showing your lack of intelligence.

  36. The GOP have no decency in what they said and do. After the last 8 years of previous administration they are still ready to put America into a deep hole. please American let us unite with the president and work with him as the president is doing his best to bring us back from the economics hole the GOP has put America in. America is out from the hole we don’t need another worse administration that will send us back to last administration. i begining to stand on my foot now, please American let us joint hand to re-elect the president and our economics and job will come back to us again but not Romney and Ryan which will use the Wall street to put back America into a deep hole agin and i know the pain i go through. please America let stand with the president and re-elect him because the GOP need to fix their house before they can come back again. they will used scare tactic on you and i to get elected, we will not let they take control of us.

    • WHAT?

      Anyone who served in Vietnam (including this writer) IS A WAR HERO. Not someone who used his Daddy’s influence to flee to Le Havre, France, in an attempt to convert street walkers to Mormonism.

      Now what Mittens did is a load of CRAP as you put it.

  37. What the hell experience, never mind foreign experience, did oBOZO have before becoming prez. NONE, ZILCH, NADA, ZERO. and you have the nerve to say Romney has less experience than the FIDIOT in the WH right now. That may be the most ignorant, stupid and meaningless syatement I’ve ever heard. For once, why don’t you lib idiots stop kissing this FIDIOTS AS* and do your own thinking !!! HE’S BEEN A LIIIIIAAAAAAARRRRRRR and SELF ABSORBED since day one, and the sooner you libs realize this, the BETTER OFF we’ll ALL be !!!!!

  38. Fern, I am sorry you are such a ranter and you add nothing to the conversation. Gas prices would be much lower if we could mine, drill, extract our own wealth from the ground. All Americans will benefit from true energy independencce.

  39. Here is an issue that I know almost ALL of us can agree on. The NDAA that Obozo signed last December allows the President to have the power to detain any American anywhere with charge, trial, or representation. For all of you guys on the left that were screaming about the Patriot Act and George Bush’s overreach, I find it odd that I hear nothing but crickets from you on this one. The law is being challenged in court right now and neither The Memo or any other media outlet in the US is talking about it. Gotta go to the UK to find this…

    Hat tip, Tangerine Bolen at TheGuardian UK:

    What makes our NDAA lawsuit a struggle to save the US constitutionTime after time, Obama’s lawyers defending the NDAA’s section 1021 affirm our worst fears about its threat to our liberty

    I am one of the lead plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit against the National Defense Authorization Act, which gives the president the power to hold any US citizen anywhere for as long as he wants, without charge or trial.

    In a May hearing, Judge Katherine Forrest issued an injunction against it; this week, in a final hearing in New York City, US government lawyers asserted even more extreme powers – the right to disregard entirely the judge and the law. On Monday 6 August, Obama’s lawyers filed an appeal to the injunction – a profoundly important development that, as of this writing, has been scarcely reported.

    In the earlier March hearing, US government lawyers had confirmed that, yes, the NDAA does give the president the power to lock up people like journalist Chris Hedges and peaceful activists like myself and other plaintiffs. Government attorneys stated on record that even war correspondents could be locked up indefinitely under the NDAA.

    Judge Forrest had ruled for a temporary injunction against an unconstitutional provision in this law, after government attorneys refused to provide assurances to the court that plaintiffs and others would not be indefinitely detained for engaging in first amendment activities. At that time, twice the government has refused to define what it means to be an “associated force”, and it claimed the right to refrain from offering any clear definition of this term, or clear boundaries of power under this law.

    This past week’s hearing was even more terrifying. Government attorneys again, in this hearing, presented no evidence to support their position and brought forth no witnesses. Most incredibly, Obama’s attorneys refused to assure the court, when questioned, that the NDAA’s section 1021 – the provision that permits reporters and others who have not committed crimes to be detained without trial – has not been applied by the US government anywhere in the world after Judge Forrest’s injunction. In other words, they were telling a US federal judge that they could not, or would not, state whether Obama’s government had complied with the legal injunction that she had laid down before them.

    To this, Judge Forrest responded that if the provision had indeed been applied, the United States government would be in contempt of court.

    I have mixed feelings about suing my government, and in particular, my president, over the National Defense Authorization Act. I voted for Obama.

    But the US public often ignores how, when it comes to the “war on terror”, the US government as a whole has been deceitful, reckless, even murderous. We lost nearly 3,000 people on 9/11. Then we allowed the Bush administration to lie and force us into war with a country that had nothing to do with that terrible day. Presidents Bush and Obama, and the US Congress, appear more interested in enacting misguided “war on terror” policies that distract citizens from investigating the truth about what we’ve done, and what we’ve become, since 9/11.

    I, like many in this fight, am now afraid of my government. We have good reason to be. Due to the NDAA, Chris Hedges, Kai Wargalla, the other plaintiffs and I are squarely in the crosshairs of a “war on terror” that has been an excuse to undermine liberties, trample the US constitution, destroy mechanisms of accountability and transparency, and cause irreparable harm to millions. Several of my co-plaintiffs know well the harassment and harm they have incurred from having dared openly to defy the US government: court testimony has included government subpoenas of private bank records of Icelandic parliamentarian Birgitta Jónsdóttir; Wargalla’s account of having been listed as a “terrorist group”; and Hedges’ concern that he would be included as a “belligerent” in the NDAA’s definition of the term – because he interviews members of outlawed groups as a reporter – a concern that the US attorneys refused on the record to allay.

    Other advocates have had email accounts repeatedly hacked, and often find their electronic communications corrupted in transmission (some emails vanish altogether). This is an increasing form of pressure that supporters of state surveillance and intervention in the internet often fail to consider.

    I’ve been surprised to find that most people, when I mention that I am suing my president, Leon Panetta, and six members of Congress (four Democrats and four Republicans), thank me – even before I explain what I’m suing them over! And when I do explain the fact that I and my seven co-plaintiffs are suing over a law that suspends due process, threatens first amendment rights and takes away the basic right of every citizen on this planet not to be indefinitely detained without charge or trial, their exuberance shifts, and a deeper gratitude shines through newly somber demeanors. But this fight has taken a personal toll on many of us, including myself.

    My government, meanwhile, seems to have lost the ability to discern the truth about the US constitution any more; I and many others have not. We are fighting for due process and for the first amendment – for a country we still believe in and for a government still legally bound by its constitution.

    If that makes us their “enemies”, then so be it. As long as they cannot call us “belligerents”, lock us up and throw away the key – a power that, incredibly, this past week US government lawyers still asserted is their right. Against such abuses, we will keep fighting.

    • This article was commissioned by the Daily Cloudt and appears here by permission of the editors

    • Editor’s note: the article originally stated that the administration lawyers filed an appeal against the injunction on 9 August; this was amended to 6 August on 10 August, at 1pm ET

  40. Barak stop the raid on BinLadin on 4 separate occasions, not because of any military issues but by Valerie Jarett. The reasons were varied one was Ramadan, 2 it would reflect badly on Barak in the Mooslim world. The quotes left out all the I, I ,I me me me.
    Did the Obama adm get Bin Laden Yep. But he outed the Seals involved and many lost their lives later because of his leaks and that can never be forgiven

      • I don’t think so Pukic. And you guys hate Rove so much, it’s actually entertaining because he’s so more brilliant than anyting the dems have to offer lmao

        • That depends on your definition of brilliant? Clearly, to me liars and deceivers are not brilliant people! You must think he is brilliant because he can lie so good! LOL

          • He’s only a liar and deceiver because you don’t agree with him. Stop listening to the leftist media and start thinking for yourself….. if that’s possible !!!

          • kdiity… if they could think for themselves, by definition they would not be leftist freaks!

            Have a nice weekend!

            “No man’s life, liberty, or property is in so much danger as when the legislature is in session.” – Mark Twain

        • WHAT?

          That is your imagination gone wild. Every credible news source says this is male bovine fecal matter. Don’t give me the Wash. Post crap.

          What are you a Karl Rove fan. This smells as bad as the Swiftboating of Kerry by guys who never saw a swiftboat or know what one looks like.

          • Another unwashed dem trying to refute the irrefutable. Its folks like you that give the dems a bad name if that’s even possible. Kerry never saw a swiftboat either he was too busy typing up his own citations and waiting for his bosses to rotate out to get them approved

          • NICE TRY

            You American Taliban Republican whackos think you can adjust the body of fact for your own purposes since you have been doing it since the Reagan years.

            As a Vietnam veteran I can assure that Kerry was in the Mekong Delta on that river and that many who had disparaging things to say about him NEVER SERVED IN VIETNAM.

            Like in the current case of Ryan applying for Recovery Funds and RoMoney hiding his tax forms, these are indications of the ATR party sliding out of sight and contention with less than acceptable buffoons and slicksters.

          • adjust the facts??? The guys who outed him served with him old splinter Kerry who thought he should have earned the MOH for the incident.
            Are you saying that the folks in Ryan’s congressional district should pay gas taxes and not get their share of the proceeds???
            Romney isn’t hiding his tax returns he’s released 2 years worth which is sufficient, Barak on the other hand has refused to release his college records his Selective Service records or an unadulterated BC. His children’s crude attempt to photoshop it didn’t work. Coupled with the fact that a guy who has never lived in Connecticut nor has his mother has a Connecticut based Social Security


            The Swiftboaters who bashed Kerry were based on a phoney premise with several bogus participants’ who NEVER SERVED IN THE CORPS AREA.

            Ryan bashed the Recovery Funds then applied for same. Isn’t that being typically American Taliban Republican? Bash the premise then go grab your pot full.

            And the ATR wants to run the country. Yeah, into the ground like Bush tried to do.

          • Baloney it was the guys who served on swift boats that brought out the truth. Kerry felt he would never be caught or called to task and they outed him.
            As for Ryan NO his constituents paid the federal gas tax are you suggesting that they should get no benefit from their taxes???
            Lets see 15% unemployment, $10Trillion in new debt the laughing stock of the entire world…yep barak is doing a heck of a job

          • ONE

            Unwashed? Yuck Fou, I have more listings in my curriculum vitae than your entire family does.

          • You’ll find that society doesn’t value Unemployment insurance 2 years, welfare 5 years, food stamps 6 years, 9 children that your not paying child support for aren’t what’s valued even though Barak would have you believe that it is on a bio…

    • One… these leftist freaks around here don’t like anyone who shines the light of truth on their fantasies about their messiah, Obozo The Incompetent. Keep up the good work!

      Have a nice day!

      “One way to make sure crime doesn’t pay would be to let the government run it.” – Ronald Reagan

      • Why should any of us believe anything you say? You can’t even spell the name of the President of the most powerful country in the world, and supposedly your country! His name is spelled O-b-a-m-a! You must be learning challenged! I think I have told you on several occasions how to spell his name!

      • I’m amazed how ill read and unable to do the modicum of research on every topic. Its like you have to be stupid to post here

    • Which seals did Obama out? Which seals lost their lives? Either I missed something or you have been listening too much to Fox News! If you have any intelligence I suggest you back up your wild accusations!

  41. like I said…onedumbwrong. You are absolutely clueless as to what is going on in the world. READ the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor. Two Conservative publications but at least they report using facts and not lies….

  42. As I Republican I find no fault with Mr. Obama’s handling of the Iraq drawdown and matters regarding Osama Bin Laden. I also think he has behaved with the proper degree of public restraint. Killing a man or having him killed, however necessary, however bad he was, should never be a thing to regard with either joy or to be the subject of bragging and to the extent I am aware Obama has behaved properly. I detest the whole Swift Boat phenomena. That is not the sort of trick to play in a campaign. Politicians who served get to mention their war record and unless they did something really bad (which Kerry certainly did not) I think that is something we need to let them do. After all they did put themselves in harms way for their country. I don’t think we can quite call suggestions that Obama somehow mishandled the Bin Ladin matter “Swift Boating” because he was not in military service (and no, I clearly do not hold that against him and I am glad he did not have to experience getting shot at etc as a young man. It is not an experience I would wish on anyone. I do feel appreciation for the Vets, including Kerry, who have done that for us but that is another thing) Now, having said all that, National Memo, Mr. Itzkowitz, I will also say that your reporting of this matter does nothing but make it worse. Whatever reprehensible exaggeration or misrepresentation Fox or other rightwing media attempt, you seemed determined to try to outdo in terms of sleaziness or the degree to which you mislead. Fortunately I do not think you represent “liberalism” in any real sense or I would consider it a great danger to our Republic. You would do us all a great favor by getting your mind out of the trash and helping bring the dialogue back to a point where responsible people can bear to listen to it. You may think winning justifies anything. But then if you reflect honestly and intelligently you will realize you have lost your way and are part of the problem. “Journalists” like you all drive more people away from the causes you espouse than you attract. Better yet. Don’t listen to me. Keep up the good work. Go National Memo! (And yes I am as severe in my exhortations to your disgusting counterparts on the other side.)


  43. the president was so good in the raid that he left the Pakistan Doctor who we relied on to confirm Bin Laden was there hanging in the wind and if the Paks have their way litterally hanging. With friends in high places like this do we really need four more years.

    • You have no clue about what happens in Pakistan! You have no clue what the CIA did to protect this man and is continuing to do! I suspect you want this administration to give you a daily account of what happened in Pakistan and what they did there! I suspect you would also blame this administration if they did not get the job done! I doubt Bush didn’t try to get bin Laden!

      • rmar… do you live under a rock? The dentist that opened the door for us was left for dead in Pakistan. He was tried and convicted by a tribal “court” and is now rotting in a rat infested jail, if he’s alive at all. I am sure his wife and daughters are now sex slaves to the animals over there and his sons are likely slaves as well. What the hell is wrong with you? Obozo left that man to rot, and now who the hell is going to help America knowing we use them and discard them like bone to the dogs? You idiot!

        Have a nice day!

        “No man’s life, liberty, or property is in so much danger as when the legislature is in session.” – Mark Twain

  44. I am so tired of all this madness when the turth of the matter is that George W. Bush was in office he never made an attempt to capture or kill Bin Laden because it was not in his beat interest to do so. There is a book that was publish called the unholy war get it and read it and you will all see why it was not in his best interest to do so. The President an his adminstrattion deserve the credit to get Bin Laden. We need to never forget that the situation that we are in is not because of this adminstration it was the Bush adminstartion who put us there the same his father did when he was President and President Clinton got us out.

  45. No one with a lick of sense does not believe that the White House leaked secret information that put ouf forces in jeopardy. Outing a double agent puts him and is family in peril.
    telling methods used preevents those methods from being used again. This is not a partisan attack. This administration does not understand that some information is vital and must remain secret. To leak it is the partisan act.

    • Where is your evidence? Sorry, but me and my friends loyal American citizens do have a lick of sense! What evidence did the White House leak “that put our forces in jeopardy? Which double agent and his family were put in peril? You sure got a big mouth and make some very serious allegations! In American people like you who make outrageous allegations are expected to “put up” the evidence! Are you American enough to do it? Do you have the ba**s it takes to be a man?

    • Yes the White House leaked secret information outing a double agent. But you have the wrong administration. That was done by Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rove during the Bush years. They were guilty of treason and suffered no consequences. The Navy Seals accusing the President are associated with the teapublicans and even share office space with them. I would take their allegations with a grain of salt considering their political agenda. Just more swift boating teapublican dirty politics courtesy of Karl Rove.

  46. No, the men who served with Senator Kerry demeaned Kerry’s record, but only after Kerry demeaned and slandered these men.

    I am truely sorry but it is not slander if it is true. And the preponderance of the evidense all says that Senator Kerry is a sniveling ticket punching coward, as well as a fool.

    • Ken.. you are spot on correct!

      Have a nice day!

      “No man’s life, liberty, or property is in so much danger as when the legislature is in session.” – Mark Twain

  47. There is no denying that the Obama White house did not maintain “OPSEC” (operational security) and politicised the mission. The New York Times and NBC news, as well as Hollywood movie producers were given access to the mission details. Moreover, Obama himself announcing the death of Usama bin Laden was DUMB because it compromised operational integrity and precluded the proper exploitation of the intel garnered by Seal Team 6. Indeed, no mention of that unit should have been made by anyone in the administration.

    The facts about the Obama politics in proclaiming bin Laden’s death are unassailable and they are disgraceful.

    • Foxy… facts schmacts… who cares about facts? Why let the facts get in the way of a good story? Especially when Obozo is coming up for reelection. I mean really… don’t you know that reelection of Obozo the messiah IS the most important thing? So a few soldiers died. So our intelligence efforts and national defense are compromised. So what if Leon Panetta goes to the White House to tell them to SHUT THE *&^% UP! Really… the most important thing is that Obozo be reelected. Don’t you get it?

      Have a nice weekend!

      “No man’s life, liberty, or property is in so much danger as when the legislature is in session.” – Mark Twain

      • To ObozoMustGo:

        Actually, it was former Defense Secterary Robert Gates who was first appointed by G. W. Bush that told corrupt NSA chief Thomas Donilon to “shut the f up.” Donilon is a political hack who should be investigated for multiple federal felonies if the Repubs gain office. If charged and convicted he should get to serve time in Lewisburg or Alanta, not any of the Club Feds such as Lompac, CA.

        • Foxy… right you are. I did hear about Panetta delivering the same message to the White House, though it was Gates that went there to tell them to STFU.

          Have a nice day!

          “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
          the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
          its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
          — Winston Churchill

  48. Isn’t it amazing that, within only one week of Tiger Woods crashing his Escalade,

    The press found every woman with whom Tiger has had an affair during the last few years?

    And, they even uncovered photos, text messages, recorded phone calls, etc.!

    Furthermore, they not only know the cause of the family fight, but they even know it was a

    9 iron from his golf bag that his wife used to break out the windows in the Escalade.

    Not only that, they know which wedge!

    And, each & every day, they were able to continue to provide America with updates

    On Tiger’s sex rehab stay, his wife’s divorce settlement figures, as well as the dates &

    Tournaments in which he will play.

    Now, Barack Hussein Obama has been in office for over three years, yet this very same-press:

    Cannot find any of his childhood friends or neighbors;

    Or find any of Obama’s high school or college classmates;

    Or locate any of his college application for enrollment, papers or grades;

    Or determine how he paid for both a Columbia & a Harvard education;

    Or discover which country issued his visa to travel to Pakistan in the 1980’s;

    Or even find Michelle Obama’s Princeton thesis on racism.

    They just can’t seem to uncover any of this.

    Yet, the public still trusts that same press to give them the whole truth!

    Don’t you find that totally amazing ?

    • uhhh…. Mike…. if Tiger was an “important” DemoncRAT politician (I know.. is there such a thing?)… that incident would have been Elan blissfully chasing after Tiger because he forgot his golf club and we never would have heard another thing about it. Rest assured on that. Just like they completely blow off Fast & Furious and all the other scandals of this corrupt man, Obozo, and his cadre of Chicago thugs in his Regime.

      An objective person may ask, “why does the media ignore that stuff?” The reason is because the goals of the leftists are more important than their own professional integrity. In other words, ideology trumps honesty every time. And the more of them that are like that, the easier it is for them to continue without consequence.

      Have a nice day!

      “No man’s life, liberty, or property is in so much danger as when the legislature is in session.” – Mark Twain

  49. How sad. Maybe some of this great writings by two GREAT PRESIDENTS- Teddy Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson. How they felt about America – Here it’s written in 1915.

    “We cannot afford to continue to use hundreds of thousands of immigrants merely as industrial assets while they remain social outcasts and menaces any more than 50 years ago we could afford to keep black man merely as an industrial asset and not as a human being. We cannot afford to build a big industrial plant and herd men and women about it without care for their welfare. We cannot afford to permit squalid overcrowding or the kind of living system that makes impossible the decencies and necessities of life. We cannot afford the low wages and the seasonal industries, which mean sacrifice of both individual and family life and morals to the industrial machinery.

    All of us, no matter from what land our parents came, no matter in what way we may severally worship our creator, must stand shoulder to shoulder in a united America for the elimination of race and religious prejudice. We must stand for equal justice to both big and small. We must insist on the maintenance of the American standard of living.”

    I rest my case And GOD HELP AMERICA

  50. The rage that I see out there scares me. I see it on the right and the left. At this point in time it doesn’t much matter how it got started. My concern is how to cool it off, because we as a country just can’t go on like this. Lincoln said it best, “a house divided can not stand long.” If that’s not exactly right, the sentiment is. We are all Americans, not just those that see things in the same way you do. Cool down!

  51. Just another slippery product out of the Republican and Tea Baggers’ Acme Bag O’ Tricks before an anvil or a paino falls from the sky and drops on their heads!

    • To Bear 47:

      What lies?

      The group may be composed of partisans, but their facts are the true facts. I am voting for the Republicans because of this incident. The only other times I voted for a Republican was in 1980 when idiot Carter thought boycotting Moscow was more important than responding militarily to Iran’s act of war in overrunning the US Embassy in Iran and taking hostages. (Reagan got my vote and the hostages left Iran on 1/20/1981, within a hour of his swearing in because Jim Baker told the Iranians that the City of Qum would be carpet bombed by USAF B-52s based on Diego Garcia for at least 30 days upon Reagan’s inauguration.) I voted for Ronny R. again in 1984.

    • How so? By proving how brain dead you libs are? Why do you like the FIDIOT in the WH anyway. oBOZO and his union thugs are the real gangsters !!!

  52. These dudes are idiot losers!!! I guess Karl Rove is at work again.

    “REAL heroes don’t produce a 22 minute self serving video denouncing their Commander in Chief and then show their outright stupidity by saying that their actions aren’t Political and try to make us believe that! How long ago was Bin Laden taken down? And NOW these cockroaches come out of the woodwork just several weeks before a Presidential election???

    The absurdity confounds anyone’s sensibilities! These rats give the real heroes, who fight and die for OUR country, a bad smell. I, for one, am glad these cockroaches are EX officers. Maybe they can get a fill-in job with the Putin government or perhaps Hugo Chavez’s regime to fill the holes in the.”

    • To Joe:

      There is no denying that the Obama White house did not maintain “OPSEC” (operational security) and politicised the mission. The New York Times and NBC news, as well as Hollywood movie producers were given access to the mission details. Moreover, Obama himself announcing the death of Usama bin Laden was DUMB because it compromised operational integrity and precluded the proper exploitation of the intel garnered by Seal Team 6. Indeed, no mention of that unit should have been made by anyone in the administration.

      The facts about the Obama politics in proclaiming bin Laden’s death are unassailable and they are disgraceful.

  53. I see a lot comments about money, when the story does not even deal with money, lets all stay on topic please. Is what the these men and women saying true that is the question. Now for most of us not living in Fox land, we know exactly what the president said, those who only get their news from Fox, heard something entirely different that’s for sure. The president is entitled to take credit for this, simply put if it had gone wrong these so called men would be singing a different story, we all know this, it would go something like this. ” The president with his radical policies have cost the lives of service men”, there is no use in denial this we all know they would have saying this. ”

    Case close

  54. You know why the Republican/tea party and the Special Operations Opsec Education Fund are against the President handling the killing of Osama bin Laden. Because they did not come up with the plan. We could have gotten him a long time ago. He went to school here and probable took out student loans to cover it. Bushes had him over to their ranch several times. He did not take the credit for killing him, he gave to everyone who was involve with the mission the ground, and though intelligence He thought long about sending the Seals to get him. Special Operations Opsec Education Fund is full of shit anything to make Obama look bad.

    • To ladyj;

      Most of rational people withi intelectual integrity disagree with you because the complaint is not in the “President handling the killing of Osama bin Laden” as you state as your major premise.

      The complaint is about how classified operational details were disclosed well before our military and CIA could exploit the intel garnerd by Seal Team 6.

      The complaint is not about thr handling of the killing, THE COMPLAINT IS ABOUT THE WHITE HOUSE NOT PROTECTING “OPSEC” (OPERATIONAL SECURITY).

    • concerned… I am concerned that you are so stupid that you may wander out into traffic one of these days, and one of those Chinese made GM cars will run your a$$ over.

      FACTS about GM:

      It is truth that GM is building many plants and engineering centers in China. Their CEO admits it. In an address to reporters in China in Feb. 2011, he proudly proclaimed that they have 11 joint ventures with SAIC and FAW, manufacturing, distribution, engineer & design, they operate 11 assembly plants, 4 power train plants, 2700 dealerships, and regard their Chinese operations as the focus of their future. Further, 7 out of 10 cars they make are made overseas, and more and more in China. We gave them $80BILLION taxpayer dollars and they are shrinking US operations and growing Chinese operations. What the hell is wrong with you?

      You leftist freaks dont like facts, do you? Don’t believe me. Go to YouTube and see it for your self. Search on this term “General Motors becoming China Motors” and watch the video.

      Have a nice day!

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
      the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
      its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
      — Winston Churchill

    • Is Obozo paying your rent or buying your food? Do you think Obozo really gives a damn about whether or not you eat? Only a fool believes that clap trap.

      You should be voting for politicians that tell you NOT to depend on them. The ones that tell you the truth that you’re responsible for yourself.

      Obozo’s “Rob Peter to Pay Paul Economics” is a lie.

      Have a nice day!

      “A wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities.” – Thomas Jefferson

  55. that is trickle down does not work, and if it was 10 trillion that Obama spent i would agree with you there, but he has not so you fail. Banks were not forced to make loans, they made them because of greed,

    • PLUS

      The banks control matters for their own interests. For example, banks hold $2 trillion in individuals’ deposits which they would not lend until “after the election.”

  56. As a Vet myself, I was disgusted by the erronious “Swiftboat Captains for Truth campaign against John Kerry. Bush rewarded the person who initiated it with the Ambassadorship to Belgium hg of Shape Europe where he did not make himself very popular. Europeans were relieved to see him go.

    The issue is “Sweftboating” here and I notice the debate below drifted away from the topic.
    I am an aging progressive,Vet. To Fern Woodfork. Lady, I don´t know what you are drinking, swallowing, inhaling, but I suggest you sign into a clinic and get some needed therapy.
    Or are you really a Brown Bagging, tea-bagger only faking being a “liberal” being as oboxious as possible to discredit the liberal-humanist cause. The French phrase for that is “agent provocateur” and you certainly seem to be behavig like one. I find you hard to fathom. –

    Fern – you really don´t do “the cause” any favours by writing the way you do. The topic of discussion here is the very real “nether world” of international intelligence gathering which was politicized by a few on the right for their own advantage. President Obama did not take credit for locating Bin Ladin before he ordered the SEAL strike which could have gone awry. He thanked the anonymous people who worked hard to coordinate the information
    Loudmouthed bar-room brawlers are not appreciated very much in the real world of intelligence and psy-ops. – they are security risks.


      The American Taliban Republican little piggy Karl Rove is to be credited with the tact to cover your own misgivings by discrediting the achievements of your opponents.

      This fat little pig-weasel is reading right out of Dr. Joseph Goebbels’ manual of deceit. Too bad Rove’s ancestors made it to America so that he could screw it up.

    • If you truly are a VET as you claim, then you ought to be ashamed of yourself for voting for libs/communist who want nothing but to destry our military the way they DO !!! I, for one, am disgusted by tour comments. BTW, in case you didn’t notice, oBOZO is the most egotistical, maniacal, I, I, me, me prez that ever occupied our once sacred WH !!!!!

  57. We all know that the President gave credit to everyone when he announced the death of Bi Laden. The Republicans are shameless and they are desperate. They have a weak and feckless candidate with stupid-pacs who think that they can buy and lie their way to the White House. What they don’t is that our President has been anointed. They are wasting their money. This is the money they should be using to create jobs. I feel sorry for them!!!

  58. Hey, Nutcutter
    Why do you demonize people who just want to improve their life? And some of the worst tax dodgers are people like Romney. Why shouldn’t they pay their fair share?? Why, Romney is so chicken-shit he won’t share any info about his private off-shore accounts. Definitely wouldn’t trust him to run the country (run it into the ground, that is!)

  59. It’s shameless to try to always try to win by deceit. Had Obama not made the choice to go after Bin Laden they would never have had the opportunity. I am not democrat or republican but I see it as a disgrace. If want to support Willard the Rat man and his mate Ben the Rat Ryan, then do it not be deceit.

  60. These supposed seals, need to understand how the military works. The commander in chief gets credit for failures and when they succeed. For a mission such as this, the authoriozation comes from the top. If it failed Obama would definitely have taken the critisisms from the same people.

  61. obama only takes I,I, me, me credit when something goes well and blames Bush when everything else goes wrong !! He probably would have blamed conservatives if the missio failed so get your head out of your butt !!!

  62. Can someone explain to me what exactly President Obama has done for this country so far? All I’ve seen is high unemployment, more welfare and foodstamps being distributed and people giving up trying to find a job. I voted for him the last election and I must say that I’m deeply sadden that his hope and change has not come to fruition. All I see now is each side fighting against each other, racial tension, and the middle class falling fast. I can only hope that if he wins this election again that our country is not destroyed by his greed for power. We need a true leader that really cares for our country and the people (all people). God help us all!

  63. Heaven (if there is one) help us all if Romney/Ryan get to the White House and the GOP gets both the House & the Senate! I better start looking for another country to move to. We will be worse than third world countries; i.e. rich and poor; oppressed and the oppressors!

  64. Mr. Bush dismal failure to capture Bin Laden in the Toura Boura should have set off alarms
    about the inefficiency of the former adminstration and incopetence Mr. Bush himself!

  65. Mr. Bush,s failure to capture Bin Laden in the Toura Boura in 2001 should have set off all the alarms about the inefficiency of the former Adminstration and the incopetence of Mr. Bush himself.
    Had Bin Laden been around to this date,he would have found a way of striking again!

  66. The NY Times, July 11 2002
    Osama bin Laden is dead. The news first came from sources in Afghanistan and Pakistan almost six months ago: the fugitive died in December and was buried in the mountains of southeast Afghanistan. Pakistan’s president, Pervez Musharraf, echoed the information. The remnants of Osama’s gang, however, have mostly stayed silent, either to keep Osama’s ghost alive or because they have no means of communication.

    CNN, October 11 2002
    KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) — Osama bin Laden is “probably” dead, but former Taliban leader Mullah Omar is alive, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said.

    BBC News, 18 July, 2002
    The US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s counter-terrorism chief, Dale Watson, says he thinks Osama bin Laden is “probably” dead.

    Fox News, December 26 2001
    Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader.

    “The Coalition troops are engaged in a mad search operation but they would never be able to fulfill their cherished goal of getting Usama alive or dead,” the source said.

    Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief.

    About 30 close associates of bin Laden in Al Qaeda, including his most trusted and personal bodyguards, his family members and some “Taliban friends,” attended the funeral rites. A volley of bullets was also fired to pay final tribute to the “great leader.”

  67. Re: Bush won and Kerry lost because of Swiftboating:
    a) Either the Swift boat perspective was a truth or it was a lie
    b) If it was a lie, how stupid are the American voters who bought the lie wholesale and hence rejected Kerry?
    b) If it was the truth how discerning are the American voters that they were able to see through the Mainstream Media’s smokescreen laid down in favour of John Kerry?
    Since Bush won by a greater margin than he did against Gore one has to come to the conclusion that the American voters accepted the SwiftBoat perspective as true, and hence rejected Kerry.
    If you disagree then tell the American voters that they are gullible fools…but please do so loud and clear and be prepared to take the consequences!

  68. Why don’t you add a “don’t like” button here, instead of just “like” and “reply”? Are you biased or something?

  69. As most of the people in the world know that the whole episode of Osama Bin Laden`s killing by American Navy Seals in May 2011 has many missing links and holes in the official version. Besides USA government has never come clean on the actual events of that perceived day of raid.
    What is missing?
    1. USA claims to have recordings of the whole operation except the execution of Osama
    2. He was unarmed. Why not capture him alive, take him to USA and put him on trial and let him tell his side of the story? That would have been justice.
    3. How did USA mange to fly his dead body to Arabian Sea, nearly 2000 kilometer away in such a short time and dump it in the waters, without Pakistani or Iranian government’s notice?
    4. Why USA is refusing to publish the pictures of dead Osama, which it claims it has and why did it withdrew the ones it published right after the killing?
    5. Osama had severe kidney problems, which required dialysis. No such machine was found in the compound.
    6. There are written and recorded testimonies from the neighbors, which tells the story that Pakistan police came to the area before the raid and asked people to stay indoors.
    7. According to the former ISI director Hamid Gul, PM. Benazir Bhutto and many other sources, that Osama died in 2003 of kidney failure and was buried quietly in Afghanistan Mountains.
    So what is the truth and when it will be told is very difficult to predict, keeping in mind the murders of J.F.Kennedy and Olaf Palme are still unsolved!
    Bashy Quraishy

  70. Less foreign policy and national security experience than Obama/Biden in 2008? Now that’s laughable! Barack “Rambo” Obama! Has a nice ring to it don’t you think? Of course, Obama never stepped off his left foot either (and if you don’t know what that means, then neither have you). Any leader who can “fog a mirror” would have made the same decision to kill UBL and a halfway decent one would have made it MUCH sooner. If the best you’ve got is taking credit for getting out of a protracted war in Iraq that began in 1990 (a war that Clinton “kicked the can down the road” on for 8 years) AND ordering a no-brainer raid to kill UBL (a man who Clinton did NOTHING effective about for 7 years and 11 months, from the FIRST World Trade Center attack, through multiple fatwas declaring war on America, an “ignored” opportunity to wrap him up in Sudan, multiple East African US Embassy bombings and the USS COLE bombing, not to mention the FACT that the first 9/11 hijacker team entered the country over a year before Bush even took office – they were trained and ready to go, they only pulled the trigger on Bush’s watch) then you are truly PATHETIC. Give it up, you’re going to lose. The American people see through your self-aggandizing “hype” and your infantile “blame” game.

  71. We the conservative right, who were Dem’s when younger and gullible, are finding it harder and harder to find a true news organization that states the facts without spinning the authors personal opinions. If you track all the papers Obama has signed, and personally felt the sting of any of the controlled consumer demand, you too would see just what a disaster he is for our economy. And just because I strongly disagree with his leadership, do not call me a “thug” a “racist” or any other divisive names… I read the papers, including the Health insurance and administrative bill known as Obamacare. Until you have read what he has signed, do not attempt to label me or my conservative compatriots.

  72. The Big Lie: This President is overstating his role in capture of Osama bin Laden and leaking national security secrets in order to improve his foreign policy record.
    thats where the article should have finished, all the rest of it was Democrat Quack Speak, ie Soviet era Agit-Prop

  73. Its truly farcical that the whitehouse calls it “Disrespectful” when someone says anything about the president when President Obama is entirely responsible for countless lies, an economy in the toilet and near fascist, police state behaviour of those under his orders. “Disrespectfull” is what HE has done to the US.

  74. Yes it was very brave of him to order them to attack that compound. Seriously Admiral, don’t you think there should have been a standing order to find, fix, and engage this target all along that would not require the President’s approval as long as certain qualifications were met?

    The fact that he had to order it tells us that, despite the use of kill lists, OBL was less an enemy than a political prize.

  75. Except that the Empty Chair’s version of what REALLY happened and what REALLY happened in Pakistan by the Navy Seals is as different as Night and Day !!! Just go to 60 Minutes web site and view the video interview they had with one of the Navy Seal’s that killed Bin Laden. HE states that what happened and what the White House says/LIED about what happened are VERY different !!! The FACT that HE was ACTUALLY there, I believe I will believe HIS version over that of the Empty Chair !!!
    The LIAR in Chief LIED with HIS Politically Spun Version of what happened during the raid on Bin Laden, not giving due credit to the brave Navy Seals that conducted the RAID !!!
    Why doesn’t Romney bring out those details to HIS advantage ???
    The Empty Chair is a chronic, habitual obvious proven LIAR !!!
    End of discussion.
    Next LIE !!!

  76. Yes, I agree Obama deserves credit for raid that killed Osama. I don’t agree with fringes on either side that attack every thing on the other side. That being said, I believe in the Republican appraoch to economics and that is how I am voting

  77. “Ah yes, “chickenhawk Romney”. While he was off getting American tourists into the missionary position in France, including one fatal car accident, I and a lot of others served two to four year terms of active military service. The vets are not fond of Repub “chickenhawks”. This guy Walsh in Indianna, smearing women in General ad his veteran opponent who lost both legs in Iraq is especially vile, as a deadbeat dad behind on his Teapugs are bearers of false witness. Thus they should be voted out of office- and severely warned that they could rot forebver in hell for their slanders.

  78. I wonder what Osama Bin Laden could have told the public about 9/11, if he would have had to defend himself in court. He easily could have been captured alive. Not trying that was a clear sign that a huge cover up had to end with his death. I call that murder.

  79. Look at all of you hating for the sake of it. American political rivals can’t even agree on facts, citizens are whipped into blind rage, and turned against each other. Blind. Both parties are responsible. Shameful.

  80. Originally the Tea Party Group was supposed to be bipartisan and it still is to some extent. It is aimed at getting the socialist Obama out before he and his cronies destroy this country.

    • The original Tea Party was Ron Paul supporters, who were anti-war and anti-banks. Today’s Tea Party, coopted by the Republican party, is pro-war and against regulating banks and ending their huge subsidies. The Tea Party cost the Republicans the Senate in 2010 and, with Ryan, will end up costing them the Presidency.

      That may explain why the Tea Party has steadily lost public support and has only disasters (including the credit downgrade) to its “credit.”

      The current Tea Party is 100% the opposite to the original Ron Paul Tea Party. It is a corporate facade for billionaires, who think they can buy anything, including a popular movement. Since the Kochs took over the Tea Party, it has reversed all its original positions and now serves its owners.

      I can’t think of any Democrats who work with the Tea Party…so I think it is absurd to claim it is bipartisan. It is Republican to the core. The Tea Party destroyed bipartisanship by raising the banner of No Cooperation.

      Most Americans are sick of the phony Tea Party. In 4 yrs of Obama, the stock market is up over 100% and we have gone from 800K job losses a month to 150K job gains a month. Unemployment is down from the high of 10.3% to 7.8% and it is below 7% for those between the ages of 25-54. This is not robust recovery but it is certainly not the destruction of the country. That was with doubling the debt, 2 criminal wars, and economic collapse losing 8 million jobs.

      And if Obama is a socialist, why is the left media constantly criticizing him for being too centrist? And why when he continued Bush policies (bailing out the banks, funding green energy corporations, etc) is he called socialist?

      I wish he were a socialist…but there is only one socialist in power, and that is the Independent Bernie Sanders.

      Liberals want to fix the system.
      Socialists want to replace it.

      Obamacare is a Heritage Foundation designed program, promoted by Gingrich and instituted by Romney. If that is socialism, so are Gingrich, Romney, and Paul Weyrich of the Heritage Foundation.

      Rescuing GM? Socialists nationalize the assets of industries (as in Alaska or Venezuela, where the natural resources belong to the people). When a government takes on the liabilities of a failing industry, this is not socialist appropriation but an effort to rescue the industry as a private enterprise. The proof of this is that GM has paid off most of its government bailout money. Taking on liabilities is not socialism; it is capitalism using Big Government to rescue itself from its own failure.

      As Bush said about the TARP program: “We had to abandon free market principles to save the free market.”

      If taking over and bailing out failing businesses is socialism, it is socialism for the industry. And if free market dogma has failed (the market corrects itself), why do we continue to act as tho socialism is a foreign, unworkable doctrine.

      Reagan tripled the debt and blew up the federal government…….that is socialism for the Military/Industrial industry. And 220 billion in subsidies to rich industries like the banks, energy, and telecomm….that is socialism for the rich, otherwise known as fascism, the merging of the interests of the state and the corporations (Mussolini).

      And when the Founding Fathers unanimously created a mandatory healthcare plan, run by the government, for maritime workers, with govt hospitals and doctors in 1796, that was socialism by the authors of the Constitution. Even today, the VA is socialized medicine.

      By demonizing socialism and using it loosely as a term of condemnation, defenders of the myth of free enterprise have made what is just another political party in almost all nations a pariah. But this is based on misunderstanding of the hundreds of varieties of socialism and of the American economy, which has used socialism (as with the early healthcare act) and socialism for the rich a standard part of our economic history.

      Of course, old school socialism was both anti-corporate and anti-state, in which the employees owned and controlled the enterprises they worked in…….but most vulgar critics of socialism do not even know its history or its many forms, from authoritarian to libertarian. I personally embrace socialist libertarianism, whih rejects both the tyranny of the state and the tyranny of the corporation, to be replaced with a new system of worker ownership..or at the very least, with a strong worker voice in the management of both the workplace and the economy.

      This concept of socialism goes back to the old idea that democracy in politics without democracy in the economy would be a charade, leading to plutocracy.

      Economic democracy, then, is the core of modern socialism…..and Obama’s policies have been far from that goal…he wants to fix the system. Socialists want to change it. Therefore, calling him a socialist is just a form of trash talk with no real understanding of what is at stake.

  81. A President taking too much credit for a successful order to kill Bin Laden has become an obsessive mantra for the hands on ‘executioners and the President’s political foes of this order from their Commander In Chief . So what ?

    Only in America can there be such insult to their President /Commander in chief by a bunch of soldiers, doing a paid job to serve their country . So what if he ‘ over claims’ any credit to the death of American wanted man ?

    After all , the buck stops with the President . Like any other politician , why should he not see it as an achievement under his political belt and if needs be use it as an advantage in his political re-election Campaign .

    Seems like a case of the green monster attack on a section of the Republican Party who have been deprived of the advantage to have been gained if Bin Laden was killed on a Republican President watch . That alone would have been pivotal to any Campaign issues the Republican s would have latched to .

    Obama’s political foes would have liked to accuse him of not fulfilling his 2008 campaign promise to kill Bin Laden ; now that he ‘s laid ‘him’ to rest , he is being ‘laden ‘ with ‘over claim of credit ‘ . Catch 22 .

    * Why do I feel a world war 3 coming if Romney becomes President . GW Bush 2 or is it 3 ? Either way … not a good omen . Must remember this is a political competition of ‘ you never know who the voters might decide on . Like the law , politics is an ass . If pro gaffer and chief war monger GW Bush in America’s worst political moment can secure a second term in office , there is hope for Mitt Romney .

  82. Give me a break. This president has been disengaged since he took office. I give him credit for finally saying yes to killing Bin laden but it has been reported in the MSM that he had two other chances and he said NO. Of course the only reason he had the chance was because we got the name of one of Bin Laden’s runners by water boarding Kahlid Mohammed at Gitmo. If the president had had his way we never would have got that information. BTW I have been water boarded and you are right it is not pleasant, but I did not die and had no lasting problems. Tell me if your daughter was being held and was going to be killed and you knew that a person you had caught knew where she was are you telling me you would let her die or water board her??
    Save your nasty coments, I am just passing by 🙂

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