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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Big Lie: President Obama wants “take God off our coins.”

The Truth: Mitt Romney is using an invented attack in order ease fears about his religion and to agitate fears about the president’s faith.

During the Democratic National Convention, just one story interested the right wing press: “The Democrats booed God!” They were referring to an impromptu vote on the Democratic platform’s mention of God and a plank recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state. The voice vote was close and the chair accepted the “yeas” without any further consideration. The crowd booed.

This fictional booing of God was the headline of the Drudge Report on the day after Bill Clinton’s now-classic convention speech was the headline in most of reality. The convention was doomed! Or so the right claimed, because of those boos. A week later, the President is up by more than three percent in the Real Clear Politics average and by five percent in Gallup’s daily tracking poll.

As this bounce began to take flight, Mitt Romney decided to take the apocryphal Democratic razzing of the Almighty to a new level. Over the weekend he added a new refrain to his stump speech. “That pledge says ‘under God,’ and I will not take God out of our platform,” Romney told a crowd in Virginia Beach. “I will not take God off our coins, and I will not take God out of my heart.” Conan O’Brien wondered how Romney knew what a coin is.

Recognizing that no one outside of the right wing faux-outrage machine can summon much (or any) outrage about language in a party platform, Romney tried to make the issue concrete by suggesting that there is a concerted effort in America to remove “In God We Trust” from United States currency.

The Obama campaign responded, “The president believes as much that God should be taken off a coin as he does that aliens will attack Florida.”

Romney has continued to make  his pointless assertion about not taking God out of his platform or his heart – and leaving the coinage part out. This raises the question: Why – if Mitt Romney supposedly wants to make this election strictly about the economy – is he invoking God?

The answer reveals both the weakness of Mitt’s campaign and the cravenness he now regularly displays.

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  • This whole avenue of attack is utter nonsense.

    If Barack Hussein Obama were Muslim–which he isn’t–he’d be even LESS inclined to badmouth God.

    I will say this; the rest of the world is watching this continual effort at alienating the President, and I cannot help thinking it instead alienates the rest of the world, with the exception of Putin (who correctly sees this piker as a weak reed).

  • Romney has gotten it wrong. This election is not about God but the leadership of America in the economic recovery which has stalled. God is not impressed with the continuous citation of his name when politicians dont care a damn for the poor and helpless. If God is the objective of this election, then let us examine the beliefs of Obama and Romney and see which fits best into the word of God. Probably we shall disqualify both candidates… then Biden and Ryan can take over from there……

  • old_blu

    Is there any other stupid lies they can come up with? What’s sad is someone will believe it. Jeeez

    • neece00

      It is sad that many people will believe this line.

    • Old Blu, the Bible says that man cannot worship God and mammon. Mammon being money. So, it is funny that God’s name must be on Mammon.

      • johninPCFL

        In some folks minds, they are covered either way!!

        /sarc off

  • It’s clear who has God in their heart when they want to regulate voting to their benefit, fixing it so some can vote and some cannot. I believe it’s clear who believes in God and who doesn’t. Money is the only thing that is in Romney’s heart. He had plenty of it all his life according to his statement on stage before they knew he would be the one to represent Republicans, he said if your looking for a rags to riches story, it’s not me because he has been fortunate all his life, had plenty of money. What confuses me is that his wife said they lived in a basement apartment with very little luxury. Now this is kind of hard to believe, and oh ,they made it to where they are starting out there.

    • jarheadgene

      I assumed she was telling the truth….so I went on to presume it was the basement of
      “The Governor’s Mansion”(George). That failed to impress me as being poor and downtrodden. If she is lying, well no sympathy from me.

      • What Ann Romney was talking about occurred during the time they were in school. That’s hardly living in poverty or near poverty.

    • neece00

      It is all relative, when she said they had no luxury, then she might be right but her description of luxury is probably much different than mine. If feel luxurious if I get a new pair of shoes from the Outlet Mall but her description of luxury is a pair of Crown Glittered Fabric Pump in navy for the mere price of 745.00 from Neiman Marcus.

      • marriea

        Right on

      • Gammaanya

        Or the UGLY shirt with a UGLY fish on it for 1K. She doesn’t know how to dress, have no taste, no stayle and her hair is a mess.

      • Neec, Great post!

      • Right on! Weekend trips to do a little shopping in London, Paris, Rome or Madrid are definitely part of her concept of luxury, and a kind of lifestyle that Ann believes we all enjoy. I wonder what would happen to people like her and Mitt if they ever opened their eyes and noticed the realities of their surroundings, and understood that the only certainty in life is our mortality. People like them, obsessed with the accumulation of wealth, power and fame don’t realize, until the end, that what is important is not how much money or power we amass, but how we live our lives.

    • You would have to be a moron to believe that requiring a ID is somehow stopping someone from voting or racism! You had to have an ID to get into the DNC, I guess that makes democrats racist! Requiring ID is the only way to ensure there is no voter fraud! Pull your liberal head out of your posterior!

      • Voter fraud is a made up problem! So the republicans came up with a made up solution. There were something like 86 confirmed cases of votor fraud last election. That is hardly a problem when Millions are voting.

        • Actually, that number was 86 in ten years. Part of those were found to be felons who were not aware they had lost their voting priviledge.

          • old_blu

            Do you mean felons like bomasstinks?

        • The voter fraud issue was created to keep elderly people from voting because the GOP new that most elderly people do not and can not get the proper paper work to get a state ID if they were born before 1932, there was a case in Memphis and the elderly woman had to go to the Mayor to get the right to vote, even though she had voted in everly election prior to this one. It is a sad day when republicians have to stoop to this level for votes. They can keep trying to steal the election like Bush did, but it will not work, because “God” that we know is all up in this election and only he knows where the votes will come from. Rupublicians I am sorry to say that it will not be for “Mitt the Morman”!!!!!!

          • So in your opinion 1 case of a person having problems getting ID (and I doubt it is even true) is reason enough to allow voter fraud? As far as “God” goes, he would endorse neither of these candidates because both of them are not Christians! Glad “God” told you he is “all up in this election”, what ever that means!

          • jarheadgene

            There were at least 3 cases in PA where it would be difficult and have some cost involved (that is a POLL TAX) voting in the USA is supposed to be free. WE ALL KNOW the REPUBLICAN reasons for the sudden care of .00004% voter fraud. And the last ones to get caught as perpetrators were GOP…go figure. And FYI….the POTUS is a CHRISTIAN, do you need GOD to bang you on the head with something before you finally believe it…be careful what you call for.

          • Since the vote is a sacred right to all Americans, the poll tax was declared illegal. Is not forcing people to get a voter ID at their own cost a poll tax? One man, on television, said his 86-year-old mother was asked to return her non-driver license because of an error. Her son said it cost him two days lost work to finally get the mess straightened out. It cost $29. That is poll tax.

          • In person voter fraud is all but non existant and yes 1 persons vote is worth fighting for. again here are some actual facts and if you need more use your “Google Machine” to educate yourself. Try to stay away from psuedo-sources like wikipedia and fox news and msnbc and other completely irrevelent piles of steaming horseshit parading around as sources.

            To be fair wikipedia is not really making any claims as to the veracity of their articals, but it would not surprise me to find out that is where Fox and MSNBC go to do their token fact check.

            Anyway here you go the stats on what’s “killing America” the dark unspoken problem that is a looming deamon eating at the heart of our “Democracy” (actually we are a constitutional Republic based on a democratic model, but hey who bothers with facts) If this is the biggest issue repubs are willing to tackle I’m sure glad they got mitt cause this is about the size problem he is qualified to solve.

            “The fraud that matters is the fraud that is organized. That’s why voter impersonation is practically non-existent because it is difficult to do and it is difficult to pull people into conspiracies to do it,” said Lorraine Minnite, professor of public policy and administration at Rutgers University.

            •There is more fraud in absentee ballots and voter registration than any other categories. The analysis shows 491 cases of absentee ballot fraud and 400 cases of registration fraud. A required photo ID at the polls would not have prevented these cases.

            “Voter fraud at the polls is an insignificant aspect of American elections,” said elections expert David Schultz, professor of public policy at Hamline University School of Business in St. Paul, Minn.

            “There is absolutely no evidence that (voter impersonation fraud) has affected the outcome of any election in the United States, at least any recent election in the United States,” Schultz said.

          • Bombastic, you are loud in your opinions but sadly lacking in facts. The disenfranchised in Pennsylvania are estimated to be about 10% of the voters and, shockingly (sarcasm), the ones disenfranchised are mostly those who would tend to vote democrat. In addition, in the lawsuit Pennsylvania admitted they had no history of voter fraud and no expectations it would occur in 2012. Finally, one of the Repuk state legislators, listing their accomplishments credited the voter ID law with giving the state to Romney. Try doing something besides getting your facts from rush or faux.

            Then maybe you might not make such astoundingly stupid remarks!

            Finally, im my opinion, those who try to win elections by preventing citizens from voting, are neither patriots or real Americans. they want to rig the system.

          • Ron, Which party did the politician belong to who was enumerating what the party had done and said, “Voter ID laws to allow Romney to get elected – done.”?

        • johninPCFL

          Not 86 from the last election cycle. 86 across decades with some 300 million votes cast.

      • bomb, If everyone can afford and has voter ID that is okay. In Ohio it was so blatant. Early voting was restrictedf in Democrat voting districts and expanded in Republican voting districts. The right to vote is so sacred it should not be tampered with.

      • oldtack

        Hey – you know one “intelligent” word – posterior. WOW. But I like the more common word – so stick your head UP your posterior and slumber off down there in Brunswick, Georgia and pray for the South to rise again.

        • Old Tack, He is from Georgia? That explains a lot.

      • highpckts

        There have been maybe a few proven instances of voter fraud! It’s just a way for the GOP to weed out possible Obama voters! Now that is voter fraud!!

      • MANY elderly people who have stopped driving or have moved to nursing homes/assisted living facilities no longer have state-issued ID; many high-school juniors and seniors do not drive and do not have state-issued ID. Same for many poor people. As Mike said, there have been
        TEN documented cases of individual voter fraud in the past (I think) twelve years, and a few cases of people who mistakenly but honestly tried to vote and were found ineligible. MANY documented cases of fraud by election officials, on the other hand, do constitute a problem.

    • Mitt’s daddy gave him seed money of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! To Mitt and his wife; one million dollars is being POOR! talk about a disconnect with 90% of Americans?

  • bcarreiro

    theres two sides to every coin, heads, obama is our president and ya cant take that away from him nor the people…tails, u lose mitt!!!

  • fordneri

    Romney does not have to believe in God to manipulate those who pretend they do. You only have to judge these candidates and their followers against the seven heavenly virtues and the seven deadly sins to see who stands with Christ and and who stands with the anti Christ.

  • When a party has nothing to offer, the only recourse is lies, distortions and diverting attention from issues and problems that are hard to solve to ridiculous subjects that have no bearing on our daily lives or issues such as this, which is not being considered by anyone. Focus, pragmatism and courage have been replaced by immaturity; no wonder our economic and fiscal problems remain unsolved.

    • neece00

      and the closer we get to the election, the more desperate they will become to pull ahead. So we should look for more lies and distortions.

      • Absolutely, the closer to the election the more desperate they will become.

  • I am not a fan of conspiracy theories, but I find Mitt Romney’s reaction to the violence and anti-American feelings that are spreading throughout the Islamic World as a result of a film made by a Jewish-American that calls prophet Muhammad a fraud and a womanizer, with the support of none other than Terry Jones, the Florida Koran burning preacher, quite interesting. I don’t believe Romney had anything to do with the provocations that incited and caused the latest violence, which already cost the lives of four Americans in Benghazi and has endangered the lives of thousands of Americans living and working in the Middle East, but he sure did not waste any time seizing the opportunity to blame President Obama. I doubt Mitt Romney knows how to spell the words character, decency, and responsibility.

    • 13observer

      The “Arab Spring” WTF? Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood at work again!

      • old_blu

        You’re a liar and a fat mouth.

      • You aren’t exactly a rocket scientist so keep your stupid mouth shut. Because of radicals like you an ambassador is dead this morning.

      • howa4x

        That same Obama that killed Bin Laden and decimated the ranks of the leadership of Al Qeada? What did GWB do about getting Bin Laden-Absolutely nothing!! Except plunging us into another unfunded war where we borrowed the money from China.

        • Gammaanya

          He was on a ship with a banner MIssion Accomplishe – I jkilled 5.5K of our own and 13observer was cheering on. What a d…head.

      • DannyD100

        130observer where do you get this hated.

        • louisy8

          yes he was from a jack ass ass

      • Jim_Walsh2


        If you want to prove hoe ignorant you are, this is the right venue. At least verify your facts before you shoot your mouth off, bonehead!

      • 130bserver, you are exactly right! Notice when you disagree with the libs on here, you are called a “hater and liar”! You are wasting your time trying to say anything intelligent on this web site; only missinformed or blinded by ideology libs here!

        • awakenaustin

          What exactly is he right about?

          • About the difference in one’s definition of luxury being subjective….like if the airhead rich girl in LA doesn’t get the latest iPone immediately it’s a freakin tragedy but if that same kid grew up in Somalia luxury would be going to the market to buy food for her family and not getting raped on the way home. That’s a GREAT DAY for her.

        • oldtack

          Words of gibberish from a Right Wing Nut Idiot from Brunswick, Georgia.

          To the Good folks of this State – you have a cancerous growth among you -beware.

        • Gammaanya

          Intelligent??? Intelligent??? IQ level of -1 )MINUS ONE)??????
          Both of U are truly gifted MORONS.

        • Ridiculing the importance of millions of people putting their lives on the line to rid themselves of ruthless dictators, be free, and hope for a better future is not a sign of intelligence, at least not among rational people. The violence and anti-American feelings that led to the killing of Ambassador Stevens and another 3 Americans was the result of a hate film denigrating another religion. Religious zealots, and terrorist elements already inclined to exact vengeance on those they consider Western conquerors and enemies of the Faith, reacted as expected by those who made the film. Yes, there are radical and terrorists in North Africa, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf region. Guess what, we also have our share right here at home. At times like this it is important to remain calm and be objective. It was without saying that we have the right to demand justice, but there is no need to overreact and there is definitely no need to insult members of other religions or cultures just because they don’t share our values.

        • schmelltest

          Oops. A swing and miss. What is intelligent in “Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood at work again!”? It is a lie, and it does sound hateful.

          Smell Test:

          Rank, not quite putrid!

        • louisy8

          you are a second jackass too you two are brothers of hate

      • There’s a saying that goes, ‘put your brain in gear before you run your mouth.’ Looks like its more than the auto industry that needs to do recalls.

      • oldtack

        You myopic brainwashed idiot. It is your Ilk that will propel this nation into a War. Just remember ,idiot , when your ilk foments the attack on Iran you will find us fighting the entire Muslim world – over there AND over here.

        But – you and your Ilk will be the first in battle will you not? Or will you be a Cheney, Rove, and Bush and cower down while WE fight your War for you?

      • Don


        • And Romney’s father was born in Mexico because he was in a polygamous compound there. I guess the 47-year-old men who were marrying 15-year old girls didn’t like the scrutiny they got in this country.

      • louisy8

        jackass fool go read a book with you bullcrap

      • joyscarbo

        There you go again…you republicans using Nazi tactics! Tell a lie as many times as needed to get people to think it’s the truth.
        You’re a MORON!

      • 130dip, You are way out of your league, here. Even most opposing opinions have something to point back at. You just open your mouth and doo-doo falls out. You need to go on breitbart. You seem to get a lot of talking points from buttcheeks on fox news.

    • old_blu

      Yeah, I see where Romney jumped on that for part of his campaign, I think the President did the right thing by trying to defuse the anger, it seems that Romney would start another Republican “war” without checking to see if it is the right thing to do.

      • Shooting from the hip seems to be a prerequisite to be a Republican. Instead of expressing condolences to the families of those killed and explaining to the Islamic world that expressions of disrespect such as the latest one are the work of a few rather than the values of most Americans, Mitt Romney seized the opportunity to score some dubious points.
        The reaction of radical Muslims is despicable, and predictable; but the insidious work of our own religious zealots, designed to incite violence to achieve their narrow goals, is just as bad. I think it is unfortunate to see a candidate for POTUS tacitly endorse calls for violence by ignoring them and focusing instead on political gain.

        • Oh Mr. Romney made his comments on his own little news conference on Fox 6news. You would think he was the President. How disrespectful of our Commander in Chief. Perhaps in private life as he closed down coportaions and ruined many lives he thinks he can carry on the business for our Country. He took questions until he decided he had enough and then just walked off as if to say that’s enough.

          • louisy8

            I tell you these people on Fox are not better they lie just the sane as the GOPS

          • Yes on FOX as most new’s station’s but his word’s are taped recorded and non deniable .Mitt is for Mitt

          • onedonewong

            Your command of the English language is on par with baraks ebonics

          • onedone, are your comments to express your hatred or are you trying to change someone’s mind. If you are trying to get me to vote for Romney, you must use facts that can be backed up by reliable sources. However, your remarks shouts racism loud and clear. I suppose you are from the south.

          • onedonewong

            No I’m from NYC where we love the race and hate the individual. I’m waiting for just 1 source to prove that barak is competent to be president

          • It just happens that all the indiviuals you hate are not wasps

          • onedonewong

            No I detist those who can’t acrry their own weight and expect me to provide them with a free ride

          • onedonewong

            We don’t have a commander in chief W is no longer president all we have is the amateur

          • one done racist, and your proof is?

          • onedonewong

            he retired in Jan 2009

        • onedonewong

          Not listening to the intelligence dept, not listening to the military, nor listening to treasury, not listening to ANYONE is the Obama style of govt. He’s the Messiah and smarter than anyone else. Can’t you tell look how peachy keen everything is going

          • And your proof is? However, michelle bauchman is in the intellligence department. I wouldn’t listen to her either.

          • onedonewong

            she doesn’t make the assessments. Barak thinks its like his life he’ll get by based on his color not ability

      • onedonewong

        Oh yea the Marines aren’t allowed to have live ammunition on their person to defend themselves or the embassy thanks to old Hilary and Barak.
        PS the Libya and Egyptian “war” were sanctioned by barak

        • Joseph Hemphill

          no ammo order issued by the Ambassador, a Bush appointee, your lies really make you look stupid.

          • His lies does make him look stupid and his comment about ebonics shows he is a racist.

          • onedonewong

            W is no longer president or haven’t you read?? Do you think this economy would be that bad if W was still president?? The recession would have been over and jobs being added if he was still in office.
            As for the no ammunition order its Barak and Hilary’s standing order But heck your a X marine and no one ever accused you guys of being smart

          • Joseph Hemphill

            if Bush were still president we would be living in anarchy right now, the economy was in freefall, and I stand corrected, there was no ammunition order, after fact checking including snopes, this was proven to be false. at least I admit when I am wrong, something the right wacko’s would never do.

          • onedonewong

            Seriously your using snopes as a source?? the husband and wife team that fact check out of their basement and don’t do any research…No one with an IQ over 40 would even use their site.
            The economy would be producing millions of jobs and the debt per year would be back to where it was less than $200B a year

        • onedone, as I said before, you are a Harvard graduate summa cum laud?

        • oldtack

          It is you and your sick ilk that has us in this present situation that resulted in the death of four Americans in the State department. It is your sick ilk that has the Middle East in flames with the Muslims uniting in a Holy War.

          You and your sick brain are on the same wave link with your sick “brother” in Hemet California Mr. Steve Klein.

          Steve is the one that directed “Innocence of Muslims”. No one bought tickets to the movie but 17 minutes of it did end up on you tube.

          Steve Klein – ex Marine. Founded “Courageous Christians” – a group that stages protests in front of Abortion Clinics, Mormon Temples and Islam Mosques. Founded “Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment” This group preaches against all Muslims and publishes volumes of anti-Muslim propaganda which he distributes.

          Helps train paramilitary militias at the Church of Kaweah southeast of Fresno, California – to prepare for “a coming holy war with Muslim sleeper cells.” Refers to himself as “an Unsophisticated James Bond”.

          His reply to the Reporter from the Associated Press:

          Do I have blood on my hands – NO!
          Did I kill this guy (Ambassador) NO!
          Do I feel guilty that these people were incited? Guess what – I didn’t incite them they are pre-incited – they are pre programed to do this!

          You and your ilk are so filled with bias and hatred that if you don’t manage to skew the voting booths enough to win this election you will do as one of your ilk stated on this forum last week “we will win the election either at the ballot box or by the gun – take your pick.

          You people are sowing to the wind and you are going to reap a whirlwind. what you see in the Middle East is just the tip of the iceberg as to what you will see here on our streets in America.

          By the way – the paramilitary is made up mostly of Klein is an Evangelical Christian.

          Jehovah God must be really proud of you all.

          • oldtack

            Corrections and additions to the above post:

            Steve Klein wasn’t the director or publisher – he was the promoter. Nakoula was the key man.

            According to the AP report, Media For Christ ,a nonprofit that raised more than 1 Million dollars last year “to glow Jesus light” to the world was listed as the production company for the film. Movie was shot in a warehouse that serves as offices of Media for Christ.

            All of this in the name of Jesus?

            Jesus -the way the truth and the light – sent from his Father to bring us out of sin and give us eternal life if we but believe and accept him as Lord and Savior.

            The Old Testament (The Law) taught retaliation “An eye for an eye” Hate your enemies” but Jesus said “Do not hate your enemies but pray for them…

            Seems the Evangelicals want to follow Jesus until they want revenge then they cast Jesus aside and dust off the Law that was done away with on the Day of Pentecost.

            And when you reap the whirlwind do you really believe that God is going to rescue you?


          • Oldtack, People in some Arab countries do not understand freedom of speech. When they saw the film on U-tube, they assumed it was the voice of the American people. Such total irresponsibility has cost the lives of four people and they may be more, later. There were 8 attacks on American embassies during the Bush years. And, when the Danish Cartoonist caused uproars, President Bush had the decency to chastise them. I am sure he would have chastised the so-called Bible thumping haters who made the film.

          • oldtack


            What makes this so despicable is that this was set up to appear that a Jewish-American produced this crude movie about the Muslims and denigrated their Prophet. Seems almost deliberate – stir up a Holy War between two traditional religious adversaries. What better way is there than this to get the entire Arab nations stirred up and destroy Israel.

            And – all the time it was “Christians” behind the whole thing.

            Are there Radical factions of the Faith of Islam?- Definitely

            Are there Radical factions of the Jewish Faith -Definitely

            Are there Radical Factions of the Christian Faith – Yes – we have just witnessed it in it ugliness.

            I support President Obama and Hiliary Clinton in the way both
            have handled past situations and the way they will handle this.

            One comforting thing is – there are many more sincere level headed members of all three of these Faiths than there are fanatics.

            Have a good day Maggie. And maybe we all should go to our places of worship and Pray for this Nation and this World.

          • onedonewong

            Did our ilk storm the embassies NO did our ilk kill the 4 folks in the embassy NO based on all I have read it was barak’s brothers fellow Moooslims that committed these atrocities. There was nothing in the movie that I saw that wasn’t true. Have you watched it?? Obviously not your writing with the Mooslim Brother hoods talking points

    • Dominick, how right you are. This morning, as a result of an anti Muslim film, we had an ambassador killed. We have to remember, with radical Islam (not all Muslims are radical) they are primitive and are going to do revenge.

      • Don


        • Don, Teddy Roosevelt was a great Republican. What you see happening is a group that wants to destroy one party and take over the other one. I think that is scary.

      • The sad part of this issue, besides some irresponsible politicians seizing the opportunity to score political points, is that thereseems to be a well orchestrated effort to minimize the importance of the offending film, which was released just before the anniversary of 9/11, ostensibly to incite violence and hatred,is the fact that we are now being innundated with propaganda suggesting this was a pre-planned terrorist attack that had nothing to do with the provocative film that has gone viral the last couple of days.
        I find the explanations an insult to our intelligence. Heck, we might as well be led to believe that Terry Jones was burning to Koran because he was freezing to death in Florida and was trying to keep warm!

      • You say not all Muslims are radical, then they are not real Muslims, Real Muslims are redical as per the Quran. USA should not have to beg for forgiveness because of a film that speaks the truth. They say Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth, but that is Ok, remember 911 was that Ok , they are killing christans everyday in the middle east. READ THE QURAN BEFORE YOU SPEAK, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. DON’T BE A FOOL.

        • schmelltest

          That is like saying, all Americans are murderous bigots because the KKK professes to be Christian. The point is that broad generalizations of peoples, no matter who they are or where they preside..IS DANGEROUS. The events of the last few days is proof of that fact, and ANY further escalation compounds the danger.

          Smell Test:

          In your face horrid!

          • if it’s brown,flush it

          • Smelltest, good post. Selma Alabama is erecting a monument to terrorists.

        • Bruce, I do have a Koran and I have read passages in it. It is like the Bible, there are personal interpretation that result in many sects. How many Muslims have you personally known? Hve you sat down with them and actually discussed the Koran? My English version calls it the Koran. My dear friends, who are Kurds, tell me that Jihad is the personal war within oneself. Other sects claim it is a war against all people who are not Muslim. It is not a religion I can believe in, but then there are many religions I can’t believe in. Also, how about walking a mile in their shoes before judging. You might find that they believe that Israel is a threat to them. If someone started settlements in your town and bulldozed your house down because their holy book said God had givin them your property, you might get a little angry, too. When Iraq was attacked it seemed to make some Arab nations suspicious of the United States. Not one Iraqi was involved in 9-11. The terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.

    • Don


    • louisy8

      Mitt will do anything to win even being a ass, he has not shame & he said he is a christian, he would lie ,cheat, hide his taxes so we don’t know how he hides money overseases to avoids paying his fair share of taxes, that the kind of person you want in the Whitehouse one who lies and cheats? How can a person take the lives of dead Americans to use as his campaign, all the GOPS know is war not peace. Mitt Romney shame shame on you

    • onedonewong

      No Romney does it every day that’s why its natural fro him and not for barak and clinton. I didn’t see Catholics burning down museums and capitols when Mapplethorpe used “TAXPAYER” to produce his master piece “christ in piss’ where he placed a crucifix upside down in a jar of piss.
      Why the Dems and libs and moooslims had a field day

  • gerflak

    Why is “under God” and “In God We Trust” on any official US pledges and money?
    The US Constitution prohibits “an establishment of religion”, and the Constitution is our foundational document. There is no reference to God (or Jesus, Mohammed, or even Joseph Smith) in that document. Inclucing such phrases on official US pledges, mottos, and money clearly establishes religion, so should be discontinued. Every person should have the freedom to freely exercise the religion of his/her choice, including none at all.

    • Gerflak, when there were people who wanted God in the constitution, Thomas Jefferson said, “I don’t care whether people believe in one god or many gods or no gods.”

  • RickJake

    Good Grief! Now he’s suggesting Obama wants to take God off coins? Is this man even stable or is he a phony, two faced, flip flopping weasel who’s only concern is hiding any evidence that he may be a multi billionaire who’s wealth was acquired by sucking the life out of struggling companies?

    • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

      Last month I was told that the Knights of Columbus were spreading “word” that Obama wants priests to take off their collars when on public property. Yesterday I was told that he wants to remove crosses from churches and have his picture put up. This is after he tried to make Catholic hospitals give abortions. And people believe this crap.

      • Gammaanya

        I am member of Ladies of Auxilary and we work with Knights of Columbus, my late husband was a Grand Knight and what UR are saying is BS. Knights have all political parties members and they laugh at all this circus. They are pro-life (I am myself ), and do separate church from the state. We do fundrising together for the common good, food pantries, help the down syndrome children and adults, as some work in supermarkets and need help to get to work, manage their money,help with anything that poor people need. As a matter of fact, we had a discussion about raising money for our food pantries and we had gone out on the streets witha buckets to collect donations. Guess what, the ones that drive BMW, Mercedeses. Lexuses and Hammers did not donate a penny, some get annoyed that we dare to ask for dollar for one Tootsie roll candy. The one’s that drive the beaters, Kia, Fords etc gladly give whatever they have, Same goes for KIWANIS, the one with money sometimes tells us, get a job, because they have their head so far up their own butt and don’t even know what Knights of Columbus or Kiwanis is all about. We were standing at one stop light, helping the Veterans with their fundrising and passing the poppyseed flower, when a guy drive’s up in his 2 seater Miata conv. and said WTF now you begging for. On his bumper he had R/R sticker with big $$$ signs, Money is power vote R/R. He did not give a even a quarter for a VETERANS. I say WTF. Usesless piece of s….

        • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

          I think you misunderstand me, I am not saying this, people are saying it to me. Last month someone I met at work told me he had just been to the KOC convention and that was what they were telling him and he believed it. This guy yesterday is a nieghbor and thinks we “need to get that muslim out of the White House” . I have no beef with the KOC, you could have knocked me over with a feather after I heard that.

    • I don’t belong to a political party because I don’t believe in them. The blatant lies of the so-called Republican party had convince me that I should vote straight Democrat.

  • oldtack

    This is totally divorced from this subject but will have bearing before the week is out.
    Romney has made the statement “Obama is throwing Israel under the bus” by not taking more positive action against Iran and setting a deadline for compliance concerning Nuclear power.

    This week, the Israeli Prime Minister requested a meeting with President Obama to discuss the US position on Iran – again. When his request was denied because of the election and full schedules he made the statement that by this refusal for a meeting the President and the US Government has “forfeited any right to keep Israel from taking punitive action against Iran.

    I posted this several weeks back after the last meeting between the PM and Obama that Israel would strike Iran in the fall. I hope I am in error -but- I look for an attack in about 4 weeks -just in time for Romney to lay the blame for this debacle at the feet of Obama. Conveniently – just before election.

    Sure hope I am in error. BUT?

    • As has been made clear today, The Israeli Prime Minister did not request a meeting, nor did the Obama admin deny a meeting… perhaps there were expectations, but your assumptions were totally wrong.

      But then, as far as I am concerned, I believe that the US should just get out of the middle east, entirely… If anything, it is Europe’s issue. We should be spending the money and committment to our own continent at this point, not in propping up our “friends” in the middle east.

      I am convinced that if it is clear that Iran is clearly close to developing nuclear capability, there will be consequences. But there should NOT be another ‘war’ where our blood and money support our ‘friends’ in Europe and the middle east.

      • Bruce, that is clear-headed thinking. I believe Iran is doing a lot of posturing because they are afraid the US might help Israel attack them. After Romne’y’s trip to Israel where he said if her were president we would help Israel fight Iran.

    • Oldtack, Are we ready to start another war? Can we afford it? Will romney’s kids be willing to go fight for Israel? Will Liz Cheney? You notice the people who start these wars don’t send their kids off to fight them.

    • Gammaanya

      You mean Halliburton is already broke?? Koch Bros. will be broke too?? Cheney needs a cash infusion?? “ONCE WE SQUEEZE ALL WE CAN OUT OF USA IT CAN DRY UP AND BLOW AWAY” Netanyaho said that in one of his speeches.
      Republican’s cheered. LOL

  • When I worked in the corporate arena I noticed that the biggest shysters (CEO, Chairman, etc) bragged about their attendance at church on Sunday, how they loved God, etc. Romney is cut from the same cloth. His religiosity is a red herring. His Mormanism, everything is a pile of crap.

  • Romney is dangerous. A vote for him is a vote for higher taxes, lower employment and new wars in the Middle East. His election would see gas prices rising through the roof.. which in turn would increase deficit spending for not on the United States government but the citizens as well.

    When Oil prices go up, so does everything except wages.

  • tax payer

    Change it to dog and see how people will react.

  • One lie after another!!Just like lyin Ryan.How can you believe what they say, even If they should tell the truth, wich is’nt likely. And don’t tell me the Democtats do the same.I think If they told the truth they would get violently ill.

  • Future generations are going to hate us because of what we’re doing to this country. Two, and ONLY two things are important to the future of the United State, the unemployment saga , and the economy. That’s it. Do you actually think they’re going to care about who can get married, or whether abortion is legal or not when they’re living in a third world country, I don’t.

  • coxel

    Romney should omit Romney, do all of us a favor…

    • It is up to us, the voting public, to “omit” Romney – and I truly believe that there are more rational Americans than there are narrow-minded racist bigots….OBAMA will prevail and then Mitt can go back to the Promised Land and repent to his Bishop.

  • There’s in nothing in the Constitution that says they have to tell the truth, if there was, they couldn’t even open their mouths.

    • Richie, actually freedom of speech allows for all kinds of crazy rhetoric. And it allowed a fanatic to produce a film that caused an embassy to be destroyed and 8 Americans to be killed. And then, stooping low, Romney used the attack as a political slap to the present administration.

      If you were facing and angry mob whose fire power could overturn yours, wouldn’t it be prudent to try and diffuse the situation? And yet, those wingnuts use the person who was facing death’s remarks as a political ploy. As Chubby Checker said, in the Limbo Rock, “How low can you go?”

  • I know there is a God, and i believe there no way god would ever support a liar such mitt, Mitt Romney has broken as i see a few of Gods Commandments in his own words. You shall not misuse the name of God, your God, You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. I judge myself with the measures as i see Mitt Romney. Also Mitt Romney may of cheat on his Taxes. I also believe in my own heart God would never Support a Mitt Romney for a president of this great nation the USA.

  • hermanvan

    The only reason the republican party has support, is that his country

    is still full of racists who do not like the president because he is black.

    I happen to be white, but MANY of my GOOD friends – who sit in church

    every Sunday would like to put him on a ship back to Africa and than

    express the hope it will sink before it gets there.

    I was brougt up by a very religious mother – who took me to church every Sunday

    and made me read the WHOLE bible – I went to cathechism, etc. you name it.

    I lived through world war II – when Hitler killed more than six million Jews and

    saw my friends, classmates and neighbours hauled off like cattle to concenration

    camps by a catholic nut in Berlin and the damned pope never opened his mouth.

    As I grew up I began to change mind – why -IF there is only one God are there

    so damned many religions – many of whom would like to kill you if you are not

    part of theirs. This started over 2000 years ago when some virgin had a child

    without having sex with her husband – what a nonsense and where were the

    gynocologists in those days. Then later on when this man became a pain in neck

    to the Romans – they put him on a cross and when he still got too much

    attention – they took him off overnight and buried him somewhere else.

    That is much more logical explanation than all the nonsense in the bible.

    The only good thing in the bible are the ten commandments = Thou shall not

    kill – Thou shall not lie, Thou shall not hate, etc. etc. Start living up to this.

    The best friend I ever had in my life, was a minister. He always respected my

    thoughts and thinkings and I respected him the same.

    I have never been in trouble with the law, with one exception – I had a parking ticket

    about 20 some years ago for not geting back on time to my car – so I paid the 2 dollars.

    Sorry if I offended anyone of you. Best wishes and may you all live a long and happy life.

    Look at the pope – one of most ?? religious people in the world – he is dying of cancer.


  • The important thing people really need to understand is that Mitt Romney’s god is not the same God as defined in Christianity. Mormonism is a cult – hell bent on taking over the US government by any means necessary – so to even consider this devil for the most powerful office in the world illustrates the ignorance of his non-Mormon supporters. It would be in all of Americas best interest to research the cultist and racist teachings of the Mormon scriptures before you plop down your vote!

    • Louis< I don't know about Mormonism being a cult, but it is in their predictions that the United States will be in deep trouble until a Mormon is elected president.

  • it’s just pandering to the Jesus phobs

  • AlfredSonny

    How can we trust Mitty who tends to fantasize to lead our country, if elected?

  • AlfredSonny

    Normally, one could fool some sometimes but should not fool all all the time.
    Should Mitty be elected, would that make us the Americans fools?

  • I doubt that any commentators on this liberal progressive web site, know anything about God or what a lie is!

    • old_blu

      What a well thought out comment, I think you have changed my mind and I will join you and your blow up doll Rush and the rest of the tea baggers, thank you for opening my eyes. NOT!

    • bomb, and you can prove that, how?

  • SaneJane

    Isn’t there something in the Bible about taking God’s name in vain? Wonder if Romney has read that part.

    • SaneJane, I like your avatar. It was explained to me in Sunday School that taking God’s name in vain was not using profanity but using it for gain.

    • Gammaanya

      Mormons don’t read Bible, , they have Book of Mormons, totally different that Bible. Bible was written thousands of years ago , translated zillions times to fit current power therefore don’t take Bible at it’s entirety. It’s just a Book and should not have been used as map to your destination. Book of Mormons clearly define that they are chosen breed. Yes Mormonism is a cult. Just as believers of Saint Germain that his followers still believ that he is immortal, still alive, and took a part in signing US Constitution. Just Google it and U will find out a lot of stuff out here, and what people believe and follow. Don’t take anybody word, just do your own research and draw your own conclussions. It’s very simple.

      • I loathe Mitt Romney, but Mormons do read the Bible…that is a fact…just keep in mind, I am voting for Obama – again!….just wanted to straighten out that point…so, while I am here, I will say this – Mitt Romney is a BAD Mormon….the worst of the worst.

  • joyscarbo

    I really don’t care what phrase is on our coins. While the phrase, “in God we trust,” is a nice phrase and it lends a sense of reassurance or give others some sort of spiritual/religious protection, it really isn’t necessary it all. God’s pressense in an individual’s life is a relationship between that individual and God. But I digress….
    Mitt has to be pretty worried about his chances of winning if he’s trying to get voters worried about Obama’s religious beliefs. The man is a protestant christian and that’s all anyone needs to worry about. Obama- unlike Romney- respects that others have have differing religious beliefs and doesn’t disparage them or make them feel as if they are any less American because they are Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, etc. In many American minds, Mormonism is a cult. I personally see the Mormon church as a fringe off-shoot of the christian faith.

  • oldtack

    I hope you are right Bruce. Early this morning (0530) there was a bit on CNN that said the PM had made the statement that the US had forfeited any right….
    That’s what my assumption was based on.

    What infuriates me most at this time is the provocation by “religious bodies” for all out confrontation with the Religion of Islam. We have just lost an Ambassador and three aides plus all the burning and plunder and every Serviceman anywhere in the Middle East is a death target solely due to this 2 hour film “Innocence of Muslims” written and directed by Sam Bacile – a Jew , and consultant Steve Klein – a Jew ,with support of a Cast of over 200 Jews , slandering the Prophet Mohammed and the religion of Islam.

    Bacile is in hiding in fear for his life and well he should be. If I were a Muslim I know he would be my target. Also – if he was a Muslim and wrote this about Judaism and the Christian Faith based on the Trinity – there would be Hell to pay and war in the streets.

    These religious idiots are stoking this fire and in the end it will be we – the innocents , that will pay the supreme sacrifice.

  • Tee-hee, hee. Mitt you so crazy!

  • Melvin Chatman

    Only a “CULT” would allow one of its “ELITE” Members to LIE on a DAILY BASIS!!

    • Melvin, maybe he plans on getting rebaptized after the election, thus wiping out all his sins. Maybe Ryan plans on going to confessional and getting absolved.

  • Obama has no plans to remove “In God We Trust” from money, but why does Romney even care? Hes a Mormon and we all know that for the Mormons, Joseph Smith supersedes God. Romney will probably want to put “In Joseph Smith We Trust” on the money!

    • neece00

      Then everyone will be wearing magic underwear.

  • latebloomingrandma

    Using “God” as a tool, is very Pharisee-like. Considering that one of the few times Jesus was very angry was whene He expelled the money changers from the temple, I’m not sure God is delighted over having His name on our currency. Officials engaged in this kind of crowd baiting just make themselves look very small, in my book.

    • Lateblooming, also remember where he told people not to pray in the synagogs where they might be seen of men.

  • howa4x

    How do you know Mitt Romney is lying-his lips are moving in sync with the words

  • This man is no more a God fearing man as Bin Laden was. He is a liar and a fraud. He makes up stu-ff as he goes along. He is losing the election because of all his lies. One minute he hates the Obama health plan, the next minute he wants to keep parts of it. This man shits in one hand and throws it out of the other had. He is not a trust worthy person. He can not make up his mine where he stands. He made up the story about God in the first place; the vote had nothing to do with God. He is an idot…….

  • Who wrote this article? Must be drinking too much coolaid

  • docb

    Romney is a godless liar with no class nor ethics! His inept attempts to smear someone who lives the life of honor and yes christian crude and divisively disgraceful! Romney is Criminally inept!

    Nasty piece of work willard is..Thank god he is still working to get his base to like and trust him..otherwise we would be saddled with this vacuous aspiring dictator who does not want to lead and can’t only wants the title!

  • ykhalim

    See, God has driven that demon, Mitt Romney, mad/insane right before your eyes. His heart is filled with lies, deception, and evil. And he thinks there’s room there for God. In Mitt’s world, up is down, lies are facts, and he thinks Satan is God. Mitt Romney is a Delusional Sociopath. Where are your Medical History Records and your Income Tax records, Mitt?

  • 13observer

    I thought Mitt Romney was running against Obama? Not that it matters but GWB did get Saddam Heusan, another middle eastern killer.

    • 130 kind of ill informed and frightened. Little history lesson here:

      The first President Bush sent troops into Kuwait to run the Iraqis out of Kuwait. Kuwait has big oil fields. So does Iraq. Cheney and Rumsfield urged President Bush to go after Saddam Hussien. The first President Bush, being intelligent, said no the job of pushing them from Kuwait was finished.

      In a corned of Iraq are many Kurds. They decided that Iraq was actually infringing on Kurdistan and fought for independence. They may have been right, but this was none of our business. The uprising was put down and many Kurdish lives were lost.

      A fact that might enter into this, is Iraq has some of the largest oil fields in the world.

      Cheney and Rumsfeld did manage to convince the younger President Bush to attack Iraq. Iraq was no threat to the United States. If you were a reader you would find out there were no weapons of mass destruction, no yellow cake unranium and no chemical weapons found in Iraq.

      While we were zeroing in on Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Ladin managed to sescape the hills of Bora Bora and go free.

      After the attack and the lack of evidence for attacking, The Bush Administration said that Hussein was a bad actor and should have been killed. The after-the-fact reason does not hold water. There were far worse bad actors committing genocide and rape daily in Sudan and other countries in that area. They still are. However, we can’t go in to protect those people as there isn’t any oil fields there.

      • Gammaanya

        Don’t forget REAGAN gave Saddam the chemical weapons in our war with IRAN and used Saddam to overthrow Shah. Iran used to be Persia under Shah or Emperor – Reza Bahlavi (??) (his family memebers live in New Jersey now).
        For 7 yrs 1982-1989 . Later Iraq had none of WMD but like you said all was fabricated and we lost 5.5K lives because of lies and gullibility of population and stupidity of our leaders who are bought by big money. Obama was against the war from the start. Saddam kept some order within Iraq – now we see the results of his death. Tribal wars will go on. We can thank the English, French and Italian’s splitting and making Kingdoms and creating kings and idiots. Let them deal with it. Some people have more dollars than sense, and some have no money and no sense.

    • Gammaanya

      He killed a man for nothing, he had nothing to do with 9/11 -nor the WMD
      Will you fight for Israel now?? IRAN NEVER invaded ANY country, NEVER, we did. Got us nowhere except we lost money and lives. U R warmonger and a COWARD. Just like your leaders – including McCain. For you, lives of your own country men and women worth oil and money. Do you have any??? Expect any???

  • Yachachiq

    Given the Mormon belief in “God” I am wondering if Mitt can clarify his concept of God for the rest of us. Are we working with a common concept or is he going after the Mormon god on planet with wife etc? The man is so far off, grasping, criticizing and slamming but offering NOTHING solid to counter.

    God of Christians, Jews and Islam help us…

  • Yachachiq

    complete and total Bull*$!t

  • 13observer

    “Free at last” the Arabs are free to kill whoever they please. I thought Obama had such great “foreign relations”, or is that just with his Muslim brothers. Mitt don’t got no Muslim brothers. Obama’s democratic “Party of the Poor”, he will show you how to be dependant on the government and thus POOR, while he and Michelle are living it up! The difference is; one is using his own money and the other is using “taxpayer” money.

    • Like I said, 130, scratch hate and you find fear. All the lying and screaming does not make you right.

      My philosophy is: Greed and ignorance are the two greatest failings and greed feeds off ignorance. So, if the NRA tells you that your gun ownership is in danger, that is greed and if you get scared that is ignorance.

    • Gammaanya

      Romney is living up on taxpayers money and if gets in the WH will living it up even more.
      At least Michelle is a classy lady and know how to dress, while Ann look frumpy, dumpy and with bad hair and so old and wrinkled that no make up can help her. By the way, in Europe (a fashion plate and place of all designers) she looked like a homeless person. No style, no taste and horrible make up. Wash that stuff of her she will need a paper bag over her head. Zero Intelligence and most of the time she kept her mouth shut, nobody wrote her her speech so she just smiled. Same for Romney when he get of the script he talks nonsense, nonsense, nonsense. Every hour on the hour he changes his view it depends on who is telling him what to say and write the check. HE did not spend a penny of his own money on his campaign, it’s all somebody’e else moolah, including your dollar that you could afford to donate. Keep cheering on, when R/R gets to WH you will cry later when you will have to pay more in taxes yours and theirs. For them, they entitled to no taxes but for you will it be mandatory to pay it. At least I can move to Europe and live in my little apartment in Paris and pay no taxes. Hurray. Only in America.

  • Romney simply proves day in and day out that he is not only bereft of any common decency, but that he will stoop to anything in an effort to be elected….if the Mormon church does nothing to castigate him after he loses to Barack Obama, then they are complicit in his corrupt and contemptable behavior…they should excommunicate him for his evil deeds, but they won’t because he pays his tithing of 10% of ???????? (whatever that figure is that he has absconded with to “earn” his multi-millions).

  • 13observer

    It is not hatred, but two things drive my anger…..”political correctness” and trying to take our guns……only because; if you DISARM the public, we have no means to defend against an unknown enemy. If you think there is too much killing, then address the issues that lead to killing! Guns are only tools used to carry out the hatred. Why should law abbiding citizens be forced to give up their guns for the actions of others? We don’t take driving priveileges from drivers that don’t drive drunk!

    • 130, oh you poor paranoid. Who is trying to take your guns? Some people are so afraid and hateful it is dangerous for them to have guns. Who actually said they were coming to get your guns ha,ha.? And, if you just throw out radical rhetoric that is not proof. As for political correctness, I think you just let the cat out of the bag. I think you are a racist.

      People who are justifiable angry don’t throw out the hateful words that you do. Often when you scratch hate you find fear.

  • I think he was using “take God off coins” meaning that would probably be the next issue with the Dems. This is not a new story, it is a very old one regarding the use of the word “God”. I have had friends for many years going to Washington to fight having it NOT removed, so this is not a new issue.

    • not new …it’s as old as the “shit I’m losing what can i do to wake up some idiots and get them to vote for me” mentality which started with Nixon and his “Plan” to lie to the south and turn them republican using fear. and it has been a calling card of right wing fanatics ever since.

  • 13observer

    Maybe if the Arabs came here Obama could give them citizenship status if they promised to vote for him just like the Mexicans did. He is getting about as corrupt as the Mexican government!

  • Obama may not be a muslim but he’s certainly no Christian. Do you see any Christian values with the people he’s appointed as his czars?

    • Dave religion does not belong in politics….you pick the best men for the job period…not the one who goes to the same church as you…thats called cronieism..not politics

    • Dave, if you biased and hate-filled people are examples of Christianity, I don’t want to be one.

  • 13observer

    If no one is trying to take our guns then check out Hillary Clinton’s proposed United Nations Small Arms Treaty. Is she not a representative of the Obama administration? The “Treaty” allows those other countries to decide if we should have our Constitutional Right to bear arms or not! As for you hiding behind “race”… folks have played that card to death and to the point it is non-significant. I don’t like anyone getting “special” treatment! You better research a little more before you make foolish commnets on these blog strings.

  • desertdustoff

    I heard there is a secret memo somewhere that nit wit mitler and his clan of rethuglicans are mad because they have already promised the kochs that their face will be put on American coins. Surely I jest, but having the kochs on repugnicans, tea baggin (kkk), American taliban coins would be a lot more honest than an image of this god they claim to represent. Let’s see…supposedly christ loved the poor people, kicked the money changers (mega rich) out of the temple… I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

  • oldtack

    No – WE THE PEOPLE are not ready to start another War. Our present Government is not willing nor ready to start another War because of the tremendous expense (on borrowed money) and the total decimation of our already over-extended and exhausted All Voluntary Armed forces.

    But the Tea Party Republicans and the radical religious nuts are chomping at the bit.

    And no – none of the elite will have children serving in harms way. That’s the reason they worked so hard to have a totally Volunteer force in the ranks. The were embarrassed at the attention they received when they had to “lie cheat and steal” to get deferments for their “precious ones”.

    This present situation was fomented by radical Jews but the Radical Christians have their “Champion” in Terry Jones and his ilk. I don’t know about you town but my town is full of “Terry Jones” idiots screaming “Burn the Quran” and bomb the hell out of Iran and all the rest of the Muslim world.

    We are fast heading for disaster unless our Present Leader can prevail. If Romney/Ryan prevail we will see Hitler/Himmler all over again.

  • 13observer

    At least the NRA lobbys to keep the Second Amendment of our Constitution sacred. The “Tea Party” only exists because Obama and company have threatened our country’s values, Constitution, immigration laws, the existance of any reference to GOD and so on. How do you think our population feels as a whole when their established religion of the states is threatened by COMPROMISE? People are pissed and not willing to allow some to take from others through taxation! If you want to sit on your ass and have ten kids, I don’t want to pay for them! I had the two I could afford and gave them a decent lifestyle. The illegal aliens want to have all these kids on our dime and Obama thinks it is fine. As for being afraid, I call it being AWARE of the threat…… one day we all woke up and wondered how 12 to 20 million “illegal aliens” got in here too! That happened because people didn’t make themselves AWARE of the potential THREAT.

    • Have you read the constitution?

      “established religion of the states” is what is experessly forbidden in the constitution, and so according to constitutional LAW there is no “established religion” and I don’t know for sure who you refer to when you say “OUR population” but all great endevors are built on compromise and cooperation and yeah it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a nation to raise the world. A bunch of whiny baby pee pants let’s go back to the good ol days fear mongers are not going to raise anything but a body count.

      so here it is …again only one click of your google machine would have helped you avoid once again looking like a total dumbass.

      tha first ammendment to the constitution… no lie …really …here it is….read it if you can.

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  • 13observer

    Another “shinning star” from the dems party.

    • Once again completely off subject un vetted BS and btw freedom of religion includes Islam and should include it…and millions of muslims are just as disturbed by the zealots as we are. So yeah “armed to the teeth” and ready to shoot anyone in disagreement with you, is that the new NRA stance cuz if so I’ll have to cancel my membership….oh wait it’s not the NRA stance it’s the rightwing nutbag stance. The National Rifle Association (NRA) was started by hunting enthusiasts not assault weapon enthusiasts, but like most organizations that seem to be included in the rights camp it is being completely overrun with morons who want to shoot people and are really looking forward to the zombie appocolyps so they can.

      I don’t believe guns kill …people who are “too stupid to own a gun but do anyway”…those people kill, and if they didn’t have a gun they would use a knife, so WTF it’s like blaming a hammer for something a contractor did.

      And your armed to the teeth and ready for the muslim uprising comment puts you squarely into the people to dumb to own a gun catagory.

  • 13observer

    So Saddam didn’t kill any Kurds? I suppose the Jews resent us ever getting involved with the Nazis, or maybe Hitler didn’t really kill six million Jews? I’m confused here. There was no “Big Oil” in Germany or Poland. Please help me figure this all out.

    • Yes Saddam killed Kurds, and Hitler killed Jews and Stalin killed Russians and Pol Pot killed Cambodians, and Andrew Jackson killed Americans….and they were all wrong and so is anyone who still advocates violence as a solution.

      • Joel, and Americans wiped out entire nations of Native Americans.

  • 13observer

    Your comment about the Muslims “here” only fotrifies my strong position against GUN CONTROL. If all citizens are armed to the hilt, then those of the Muslim faith dare not to fu*k with the true patriots of our country.I appreciate the fuel for my fire against gun control!!! and now you know why I am on here….for all the good ideas! Thanks again.

  • Commandment #3 – Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

  • Ed

    There has been a 3-3/4 year atteck on evefry thing the president thinks, does or says. The Repubs have made no secret that they would rather see the country go down the drain than see Oboma relected. Or even see one of his policies succed in making life a little better.

  • Polygamyman

    Romney is a member of an anti christian cult that believes his group are the only true Church. He finances the prozelytizing of right wing evangelical christians and jews to his true Church. He is not a christian but a card carrying cultist that follows a Jesus that is not God’s Son. believes that you must follow specific church ordinances and secret temple procedures to make e it to one of their three heavens (celestial,terestial or telestial) No one really goes to hell except fallen angels because they practice proxy baptisms (for those who died without faith). Woman are third class citizens ..that if they dont marry they cant go to the best heaven..the y can bear multiple children but they cant sit with their husbands in the temple (not good enough). Everything is compulsory in their cult..if you disobey you can get kicked out. Romney if elected will bring his Mormon Cult agenda to the white house..they did it before when they used government to protect their polygamy and marriage to underage children. Romney will lie,cheat and steal to get elected and then he will combine church and state to get his cult agenda advanced…if not he will get the koolaid out.

  • Don

    I guess the government now has to recall all of its money that says IN GOD WE TRUST and put on it IN MITT ROMNEY WE TRUST. Such gall, such gallstone from a rich man who is supposed to know better. Obama could have never said such a thing, yet the Republicans like to tell these lies all over the place. LIE LIE LIES AND MORE LIES.L SO MITT, GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND TELL GOD YOU ARE SORRY FOR TELLING THESE LIES TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • Landsende

    The United States has it’s own home grown terrorists that represent just as much a threat to our country as the conservative Muslims. The tea party religious zealots use intimidation and violence to achieve their goals all in the name of religion. The advocate violence to anyone that performs abortions and see nothing wrong with that. They use violence and name calling to disrupt meetings if someone doesn’t agree with them. They try to force their beliefs and values on others but make no effort to listen to other points or view. They are trying to pass laws that will take away individual rights. Any religion with religious zealots is a threat to democracy in our country, you just don’t expect it to come from within.

  • riobob111

    I am religious, YES, but religion should not be a political factor. We all have a right to our religious beliefs but the American people as a United Nation should all be equal to freedom and not have MAN MADE RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION Rule Government.

  • By now it should be clear to anyone who cares to know, and who can also “READ,” what the origins of the conflict in occupied Muslim lands (or formely occupied) is all about. Mitt Romney is trying to package misinformation the way he might package a junk-bond or letter-stock offering in order to finance a profit for himself at the expense of others. This is what Mitt Romney is, plain and simple. If it were not for his privilged background he would resemble a 42nd Street hooker running from car-to-car trying to reel-in a john. Romney is FOR SALE. Only this time, since he has enough money, he is after the prestige of high office. He wants the position… not the responsibility of the job, as Governor Deval Patrick so eloquently phrased-it. He did nothing to help MA when he was governor, left the state teetering on bankruptcy, and he would do worse as President of the United States. Having made some money is not a convincing argument. Look how much money Pablo Escobar, Al Capone, and the current Mexican Drug lords are making… in real cold cash… not paper profits that can be manipulated! Does this mean we should vote “El Chapo” current head of the Sinaloa Cartel into office? I am sure he has created more jobs than Mitt Romney. Romney should be ashamed of himself… to allow himself to be used like a whore for the likes of the Koch brothers whose family built Nazi Germany’s war machine. What good are his business accomplishments if he picks up where Bush left off and finishes-off the country?

    • neece00

      Very well said…

  • RickJake

    Mitt Romney’s thoughtless comments may give a new meaning to “two faced, flip flopping, weasels of no character and no honor. Shameful and reckless!

  • phillips1

    let me tell you mitt, i could care less. at least for me god and money don’t mix. i wish i could say the same for Republicans. please, stop leading “christians” around by the nose. it stinks of a charade. you are muddling the already low levels of spirituality out there with static. obama is saving us from your ilk.

  • highpckts

    The only God Romney has in his heart is on the thousand dollar bill!

  • smartdee

    Any kind of lies to try to gain the vote of the uninformed. We all know that when the Republicans are in office, that there is always war for the sake of war as we witnessed with Bush.

  • 13observer

    Boy, are you all over the place! So Saddam never killed anyone? How about Hitler, did he kill anyone? By the way….I have NO leaders! I am my own leader, unlike the dems with their “hail Obama” bullsh*t. I used to belong to the democratic party…but when I realized that Iwas standing right in the middle of a bunch of first class fu*k ups I couldn’t clear out fast enough. I think it was how they thought how stupid everyone was that didn’t agree with them, or was it their huge appetite for GUN CONTROL or possibly their support of “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION”?

  • Lela22

    I hate conspiracy theories but, would’nt be suprised if Romney and the Zionist billionaires
    have a lot to do with this. They are leaving NO stones unturned
    But thats just my gut feeling…I am glad the FBI is getting

  • 13observer

    From your comments I see that you discriminate against the elderly and you are opposed to taxes!

  • Why would you vote for a liar like Romney and Paul Ryan to be president?
    As the candidate for president, Romney must have some class than just running around looking in all the garbage cans trying to find dirt on his own country.

  • lavorne46

    Mitt has “A Bad Case of I Cant Help It” Romans 7: 19-20 describes Mitt to his bones.
    19Verse-For what I do is not the good I want to do; no the evil I do not want to do- this
    I keep on doing.
    20 Verse- Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin
    living in me that does it.
    So Mitt, as a man thinks in His heart, so is He. Mitt, oppression actually conditions people
    to be unproductive and laziness become a lifestyle. Mitt tries to use that fear factor cause he
    knows fear comes from not knowing what your oppressors are going to do to you.

  • What is going on with Mr. Romney? Is he going to keep making things up as he goes along? We stopped talking about his religion but all of a sudden he is talking falsely about the President. Does his campaign committee see what they are doing?

  • Excuse me but doesn’t your faith teach thou should not lie.

  • I’ve just got one thing to say, Romney/Ryan must be working for “Satan!” Because everything he is saying is a lie, and or evil. Anyone with common since and a little knowledge about the “Holy Bible” already know that he and his side-kick is raciest and believe strongly in a false Bible; 13-ARTICLES OF FAITH,which includes polygamy. Well, I’ve got news for you Romney, you will lose this election! And all of your Sadist kicks will not help!!

  • 13observer

    Perhaps you are not aware of “Castro’s Cuba” ask his countrymen how they like to be oppressed or Hitler’s jews he killed. At least one thing is FOR SURE if everyone has a gun….everyone is square! The people that claim to just want your “assault weapon”…..ya ya …..really….ok….hear is the revelation…..THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO HAVE ANY WEAPON!!!!!!! Are you starting to get it dumb*ss? I’ll bet if the Jews had known that Hitler was going to kill six million of them and they were ARMED, a different scenario might have resulted.

  • 13observer

    I like what you are saying about violence, and you must admit that guns don’t START the problems but get blamed for their active roll in the attempt to FINISH them. Guns are part of our history….good or bad! So much so that they are also parof our Constitutional right to bear arms and the sole reason foreign powers never tried to enter U.S. soil looking for a fight.

  • 13observer

    So why has GOD been on our currency and in our Pledge for so many years? Some people are quick to eliminate our heritage while adopting every illegal foreign one. This is a problem for more than just me my friend!You people piss all over the Second Amendment (nothing is sacred) after our veterans fought for those freedoms and you resemble nothing of a true PATRIOT!

  • AirmanFirstClass

    It is apparant to me that the Republican Party has given its title and reputation to a faction that is desireous in dividing our nation and establishing a dictatorship hidden behind a noted figure Mr. Mitt Romney.
    I beleive that Mr. Romney doesn’t understand the premise of his super-pac backers and the depths that they will seek to gain control of our nation.
    History is repeating itself. The exact same political agenda was put in place in Germany in 1933.
    Today, Iran with its long range missiles could seek to erase our nation in the near future.
    They constantly bombard Israel with them and are bent on the complete destruction of Israel.
    Iran exclaims to erase the western cultures as well.
    Mr. Romney can be considered the PAWN in this game of chess.
    The manufacturing of armament in our nation has been the backbone of our economy.
    Should the republican Party win the forthcoming elections, we will be at war for the next decade.
    For every representative that has a son or daughter in harms way, I thank them for the sacrifice they are making in the defense of our nation.
    Peace on Earth is fleeting. Every Christian Sect, Jewish Sect, Muslim and Catholic reads and understands what is at stake.
    Mr. Romney has shown his colors already.

  • blueclouds123

    I really, really hope that the entire country will take a deep breath before voting. Please do NOT vote for Romney unless you want to be involved in another war and loose and cause injury to all the young people again. Maybe that is why the Koch brothers and Haliburton want Romney to win. Romney does not know the fear of going to war, as he made sure he was not sent,probably said the Mormon church does not send people to war and he has never experienced the loss of a child, husband, father to war as his five sons have never had to go to war.
    It is easy to talk about taking the U.S. to war but its a lot harder to walk the walk. If he is elected I would not be surprised if the country was involed in a war within his first year. Think about it.

  • blueclouds123

    Dominick, Romney does know how to spell character, decency and responsibility – MONEY! He has proven he will do just about anything for money.

  • right maggie !!!! have the thumpers (bible) thump less and read more,start with matthew 19;23-24

  • nomaster

    Willard the Rat man has a lot of gall to talk about God, the Mormon whose God was born on a far away planet called Kolab. Her comes the cult disguised as Christian to proclaim that anyone else doesn’t believe in God. Maybe they will show up like Superman with the power that only Krypton could destroy.

  • During one of the GOP candidate debates at the time of the presidential primary season, Representative Ron Paul, who was then a candidate for President, suggested that the Golden Rule – the admonition by Jesus to do unto others as we would have them do unto us – should be the basis for US foreign policy. He was roundly booed by the audience when he said that, and none of the other candidates were heard coming to his defense, or even coming to the defense of the Golden Rule.
    If you claim to be worshiping God but discard the Golden Rule as a guide for your actions, you are contradicting yourself. That is equally true whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian, or an independent.

  • 13observer

    I think I know why Obama wants to “DISARM” America……. but Americans won’t allow ourselves to be slaughtered like the six million jews Hitler killed after he “DISARMED” the population!

    I’m sure the Jews thought at the time “don’t be so paranoid about losing your guns”….. but I’ll bet they think different today! So don’t ever tell me about being paranoid.

  • Doesn’t Mitt Romney know anything on his own with out taking word’s out of what was actually said .I don’t believe he has a single thought of his own .What has his wife got to say about that .You all know Clinton was verbal brought up on his action’s by the republican’s for sinning what is Mitt Romney think he is GOD himself and every one will bow to his lie’s We all know he has a habit of shooting with out aiming .If I were him I would go and have a long talk with GOD as he see’s him the position he is in is also being seen by our children a real leader in the making Ha. And for Mr Dominick Vila he did not say anything that started it he was not their but before it was over he had already tried to shoot us down for trying to stop it before it got worse HE SHOOTS BEFORE AIMING we now are defending us in a more humane way some thing he know’s little about and those pushing your like button are in the same boat .

    • Johnny, We don’t know the real Mitt. And the fact that he can be easily swayed is not comforting. One day he will make a statement and the next day the base makes him retract. He is trying to be all things to all people. Like a couple of poster, on this board, he doesn’t have a thought of his own.

  • dljones

    Here is the great Obama Clinton show. Big on defining problems but far short solving problems. Which one is running for president?

    Obama “the sympathizer”should use the adjectives employed on the golf course and swig a couple beers to garner the guts to emphasize his detest of the slain ambassador in Bengazi.

    • John Prescott

      if you get your “guts” by “swigging a couple of beers” then you are more pathetic than your unintelligent & misinformed rantings! stick to watching cage fighting & tractor pulls–or real housewives…..

      • dljones

        Your way over your head Mrs. Prescott. I’ll do the man things, and you can continue knitting with your ignominious impediment and apologetic president with out a spine.

  • jrg973

    Doesn’t look like Mitten’s head is imploding?

  • 13observer

    Sorry bro, but my talking points come from FACTS only. I am out of my league, if you only knew! You are a funny guy. I think it is great that I can educate you along with the rest on this string. I don’t listen to Fox News because unlike most liberal democrats, I make independant decisions rather than march in lock step with people that rely on fabrications and “spin”.

  • It frustrates me when I watch educated commentators/journalist who I know do research on their subject matter; but yet, I know they know but they won’t say it. Now if it was Obama “point in question” was he born in America, then after you research, his daddy is from africa, who he married and so on right down to being a decentant of the first official slave in america and this will be all over the news talk talk talk. But yet you sit there and say nothing about Romney and Mormonisn “WHY” is it because Mormons would not except blacks until 1978 and believe that Black people are the “Curse of Cain”. Now Romney was 31 years old when the Mormon Church broke down under pressure and let blacks in. Are we to believe that he no longer believes that Blacks are the “Curse of Cain”? Plus you know are at least heard that Mormons practice POLYGAMY, YES? And Yes, it was banned by the government in 1890; but, there have been recent cases of POLYGAMY right in Utah were it started. If that were Obama the Black President the media would not be able to keep your mouth shut.

  • onedonewong

    Fictional booing, only if you only watched the state run media’s coverage of the election on any other TV feed it was a bold and ugly.
    As for barak and God on the US $$$. he wants to remove all the presidents faces and replace them with his own and the reference to God will be changed to Alley

    • onedone racist, you are out of your league here. Most of the posters are literate.

      • onedonewong

        If they were they wouldn’t be pro obummer. The only ones in his court are the welfare queens , illegals and thos who don’t pay taxes

        • onedumb, When I read your posts, somehow, I hear “Dueling Banjos” in the background.

          • onedonewong

            You should be hearing the star spangled banner. Something that hasn’t been played since Jan 2009

  • John Prescott

    Willard & Ryan would lick a dog’s butt to get elected…if they have the same God as me, then I’d change my religion/philosophy. The only God they trust is the God of Money!!!

  • There are a couple of racists on here. Their remarks about ebonics and political correctness gave them away. Like the little boy who farts in the lunchroom, they think their remarks are cute. They are so hateful, I can almost see the spittle drooling out of the corners of their mouths. Using thier paranoia, certain nut groups can scare the living daylights out of them. They are not adding anything to the mostly intelligent exchange that comes from this board. They should go on the brietbart blog or the faux news blog. There they will be appreciated as they spew their greenish brown hate from their mouths. Other people on the blogs will also being spewing this crap and they can pat each other on the back when you come up with something especially hateful.

  • Sir: It was heart warming to find out that Willard believes that when the Messiah finally comes, or if he comes again, and if perchance it is der Yoyz’l, then he’ll rule from Missouri, whose state college football team is now in the SEA. This is truly earth shattering

  • ir: It was heart warming to find out that Willard believes that when the Messiah finally comes, or if he comes again, and if perchance it is der Yoyz’l, then he’ll rule from Missouri, whose state college football team is now in the SEA. This is truly earth shattering

  • r: It was heart warming to find out that Willard believes that when the Messiah finally comes, or if he comes again, and if perchance it is der Yoyz’l, then he’ll rule from Missouri, whose state college football team is now in the SEA. This is truly earth shattering

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  • from Rodney. mitt said that the president did not stand up for our values as a nation.and that he will stand up for them. Well forgive me but my values does not allow me too uphold bigotry when it comes from any one. For mitt and paul to make a statement before the family was told of their death of their family members shows their lack of understanding about real values. That we as a people of these united states hold dear. We may disagree and not understand why someone believe as they do. But as a people we will not bare false witness . We will not burn their holy book,s nor make statements that are hurtful to anyone because of their faith. We leave that to GOD!!!he is the sole judge. .Mister romney before you say your going to stand up for my values why not find what they are

  • one dog sh oh sorry wong dong dong wong ding dongwong whatever how do you think we got into this mess oh yeah it was W. AND THEY DRUM ROLL please the rep party.i mean spending 463 million dollars on abridge that the people of the state of Al. said What and then he died after he was convicted.not only is your hate showing but also your stupidity but hey you do make my day because guess what white women are dateing black men white men are dateing black women and you are dateing your hand

  • as just had a thought guy if we don,t respond to ding dong wong dong one want a dong he,ll go away

  • This is because Mitt is not a real Christian. He is a tool of the Religious Right as is his church. If you ask any conservative evangelical they will tell you flat out that Mormons are not Christians and are going to hell. They will tell you the same thing about Catholics. This world is full of political christians, those who use the church and God to further the conservative agenda that does just the opposite of what Jesus would do. Conservatives are very strange bedfellows. They would hate each other if they did not all have the same political goals. Real Christians follow the walk of Jesus, accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and are dedicated to the social justice He espoused because He said to love God, your neighbor and yourself. Political christians follow a bunch of man made rules and call it religion. They hate those who are different from them and don’t believe as they do.

    It is a good thing to mention God on our money. However, whether God is on there or not does not matter because God looks at our heart, not at our pocketbook. You could put “In God We Trust” on every coin and bill and a picture of Jesus on every street corner and if he is not in your heart and you are not loving Him, others, and yourself, you are not a Christian.

  • We have right wing so-called “Christian” extremists who would riot just like the Muslims if they would not get in serious legal trouble. Actually they have already when they did lynchings, beat and killed civil rights workers, and burned black churches to intimidate people into not standing up for their rights. To this day they bomb abortion clinics and asassinate abortion providers in the name of God. How is that so different, albeit on a smaller scale, than what the Muslim extremists are doing in the name of religion? It is just that the Bible does not promise 30 virgins for dying in a jihad like the Quran does so their aren’t any rewards in heaven for being a “christian” suicide bomber.