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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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In March, the Republican Party announced they launched a new outreach effort based on what they learned from their “autopsy” of the 2012 election. We declared the GOP’s “Growth and Opportunity Project” as “dead on arrival” but that certainly didn’t stop Reince Priebus from executing his plan of reaching out to minorities and young people in fresh, savvy new ways.

Since we can’t know how Reince’s plan to build cooler websites and hire minorities to go into communities across America, all we can do is judge the GOP by the actions they’ve taken in public.

Here’s a look at how the GOP’s “outreach” efforts are going — with grades!

AP Photo/CBS News, Chris Usher

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21 Responses to The GOP’s Minority And Youth Outreach — A Progress Report

  1. As a moderate I usually can find something in most of the articles on National Memo that I do not agree with. Unfortunately, this article was right on the money.

    That being said the GOP has a long way to go to win back this young fiscally conservative voter. The GOP is abandoning whole segments of the electoral demographic to appeal to people it doesn’t need to appeal to.

    The writer of this article does well to state that any effort to win over youth and minorities by the GOP will be disingenuous, and for the most part we know it.

    NOTE: Another method of voter suppression is the discouragement of absentee voter which I have witnessed firsthand.

    • The thing is there is a difference between being a Conservative and a Radical. The GOP has moved so far to the Right that they have turn off most people. Historically, this Country has never liked extreme political beliefs like the ones the GOP has adopted.

      • I don’t know if it as much radical as much as trapped into ideological positions that it can’t break out of.

        I personally think they lose elections not by being radical, but by making claims that do not make sense.

        “Fiscally conservative, but we could always use a tax break. We love the US, but 47% of them are pretty worthless. We want to repeal the ACA, but we have no idea what to replace it with. Paul Ryans budget is not Romneys budget, but we have no idea what will be in Romneys. The President is taking money out of social security, but our plans call for the same changes”

        I could go on, those positions to me do not seem to be radical, they simply seem to lack any measure of common sense.

        • I agree that their claims make no sense; however, they are based on their need to support radical policies. What sensible reason can you give for tax breaks for rich when the Country is deep in debt or going to war? How do you come up with a sensible reason for choosing a pregnancy over the life of the mother? When you add in their stupidity of making up lies to undermine anyone who does not agree with them or to try and make the “Black” guy in the white house look bad, you have a deadly combination that is sending the GOP into a deep hole they will never be able dig out of.

          • Well the problem is with their belief system and ideology, not so much the policy itself. Rigid Party loyalty and intolerance for alternative brands of conservatism are what leads to these stupid policies.

  2. If Mr. Priebus thinks the GOP will be able to appeal to minorities by giving visibility to politicians like Rubio and Cruz, and to students by cutting education-related spending, he is not only naive, he is delusional. Add the insults and attacks they have directed at women in recent years and they have no choice but to sleep on the bed they made.
    It is going to be a very long time, probably a generation, before the GOP can correct the damage done by the Tea Party and what people like him are doing to the conservative themes of yesteryear. They will continue to enjoy the support of a base consumed by intolerance, hatred and greed. Beyond that, they don’t have a chance and, if anything, they are losing ground among the people whose support they are seeking. You appeal to people through positive deeds and by being sincere, kicking in the teeth and lying will not get them very far.

    • you’re funny. Tell me something King Obama has said that might be true. I hate to lower myself, but you asswagons on the left, wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face! The left gets votes because it gives everything to the lowlifes that don’t want to work. I still laugh about the black bitch talking about her FREE Obama phone.

      • How about those free gifts to the oil companies, tax subsidies, tax cuts to the rich, cutting EPA regulations, corporations are people. If you look at who does the real hard work, it always has been the field Negroes, not the plantation owners, who sit on their white porches drinking mint juleps and complaining about the lazy field Negroes. The GOP is for cutting the minimum wage and all for cutting taxes on the rich to zero. Bobby Jindal’s plan.

      • Scott Ladd, spoken like a true racist trailer park loser. PS Braniac, that Obama phone is just a rumor put out to get dumb jackasses like yourself to vote against your own interests and I see that in your case it was “Mission Accomplished!”

      • Stop hiding behind your sheet and hood. The truth escapes you guys on the right. It has never been your (the right) strong suit. It was from the right that this Nation went to two unfinanced wars over a personal vendetta. These same lies cost the lives of many soldiers unnecessarily.

    • The Republican party will never recover from the damage done by the Tea Party or their radical platform. I think they know it and are just trying to do as much damage as they can before they lose what power they have left.

  3. Pat Toomey’s campaign pandered to the teapartiers. Now he’s seeing how damaging that can be. For all those Republicans who would like to actually get something done, but aligned with the TP’ers, well–Ye reap what ye sow.

  4. This is a good illustration of the saying, “votes count.” The Republicans know they have lost the war and are doing everything they can to slow the final victory. They are clogging our courts with fights by reenacting laws that they know will never pass the Constitutional test. They use every power they can to stop the President’s agenda and have even started admitting it. It may not be a war of guns and bullets, but it is a war nonetheless. They care not what it cost in tax payer money to pass laws that will never be implemented or how their actions affect ordinary Americans. Like all radicals they are driven by some inner devil that keeps them from thinking logically or caring about anyone who is not exactly like them. Remember that the next time you vote. Your vote is needed; every vote is needed because this war will be won at the voting booth. It will not be won by polls or fancy, expensive outreach efforts it will be won by ordinary Americans who know when their way of life is being threatened and are will to stand in line to vote and are willing to make sure that their vote counts.

  5. The Priebus/GOP outreach to youth: We’re going to saddle you with enormous debt for higher education while we continue to outsource American jobs, limit your access to family planning and control over your body, work to suppress voting rights, engage this country in endless war and, best of all….. put the burden on you. Trust us, we know what’s best for you.

  6. The republicans are doubling down on what has chased them away from wining the national prize. Depriving minorities and students the right to vote only shows that they themselves feel their message is worthless. Instead of putting new ideas out there they rely on racism, sexism, and xenophobia to energize their base. Their biggest problem is that republicans at the state level are pushing an agenda that will scare the independents away forever. Having unfettered gun ownership is great for the base but again out of step with what the majority of Americans want. Having the new NRA president say he wants assault weapons to start a civil war is another great way to appeal to the base but no one else. Banning abortion or passing anti gay laws will only chase thinking people out of the state. It is like they are having a contest about which state can pass the most restrictive laws. This will not help them in swing states. The national GOP can say whatever it wants but the states are showing everyone what will happen if they take over the presidency and congress, and that is all we need to see.

  7. Now that’s funny. The Republicans spend money to reach out to minority voters—-you know, to ask them not to vote. I think, internally, they probably refer to this plan as ‘Operation pretend we like ’em’.

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