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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

President Obama has a 15 point lead over Mitt Romney on health care.

Scientists have finally discovered the “God particle.”

The U.S. is adding forces in the Persian Gulf, possibly to warn Iran.

It turns out that U.F.O sightings are more common than voter fraud.

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  • My hat is off to the scientists who worked on this giant theory for so long….No, it does not mean there is not a God, as a matter of fact, it increases my faith! It is just like a new medication that cures a disease…God put everything here to help us discover what ever we can to help humanity. Wonderful news and great scientists and God got together.

  • It’s not yet a discovery. The particle that gives mass to other particles, the Higgs bosom is still a hypothesis but new data from the LHC in Geneva points in that direction. «God particle» is journalist term for a physical denomination. Don’t be confused.